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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Stephanopoulos; Could Clinton Be Right About Extending The Tax Cuts?

Don't tell me there is not a civil war brewing in the Democratic Party. This list is too long to be coincidental. Booker, Patrick, Rendell, Davis, Rattner Ford and of course Clinton. Now the latest Clintonista to enter the fray, is George Stephanopoulos. No, it's not just about tactics as Lanny Davis claims it's something deeper. Either this is the beginning of a dump Obama for Hillary movement or just the feeling that another four years of Obama will leave the country in such dire shape that no Democrat will get elected to anything for a long time.
"Might not he be right on the issue of extending the tax cuts at least for two or three or four months into next year to get over that uncertainty that’s going to come right after the election?"


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