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Monday, June 25, 2012

Arizona: a win or a loss?

  Having been gone all day and only hearing snippets of the Supreme Court's ruling on Arizona's immigration law, it was pretty confusing when I tuned in to hear a few minutes of Rush angrily denounce the ruling and then later to read all the disturbance in the conservative blogosphere.
  A look around the web reveals that many liberals too are upset and think the ruling was an affirmation of the demand to "show your papers" if authorities believe you are an illegal immigrant.
  Here's a rundown:
The Supreme Court’s decision strking down, on preemption grounds, major portions of an Arizona law designed to help that State cope with the massive and unlawful influx of aliens is an affront to federalism and to common sense.
  Legal Insurrection:
While it is true that the feds want to undermine Arizona as completely as possible, as they always have since SB 1070 was passed, I think the more correct headline should have been:
Keep in mind the Supreme Court’s holding.  The Court unanimously held that there was nothing unlawful on its face with §2(B), and based on what currently was known, it could not be presumed that the law would be applied in a manner which would conflict with federal law (emphasis added):
In doing so, he might have given us a glimpse of some political gamesmanship behind closed doors at the court in the run-up to Thursday’s expected opinion on President Barack Obama’s signature health-care reform law.
  Washington Times is most impressed that the court upheld the section Obama was most eager to banish ("Obama loses on issue of police immigration stops"):
But all eight justices upheld the provision allowing police to check the status of those they had “reasonable suspicion” were in the country illegally, and then report their identity to federal authorities. The federal government could then decide whether it wanted to pick up and deport the illegal immigrants, or let them go.
In 2010, when Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed the law, Mr. Obama andMr. Holder both said they thought that provision would lead to racial profiling. 
Newsbusters reports that ABC went for the propaganda:
The Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the law requiring Arizona law enforcement to check the immigration status of those they suspect are illegal is “very disappointing and very dangerous,” represents “a very sad day for the Hispanic community” and “will only create more persecution and discrimination” while “the last hope is gone.” 
  For me, it is clear that...nothing is clear.
  Let's just hope for a clear win on Obamacare. 

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