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Monday, June 11, 2012

Fracking in Ohio Brings a Real Estate Rebound

Bloomberg has a lengthy article which I encourage you to read especially if you doubt the significance of the Utica Shale's impact upon Ohio's future. This blog has sought to articulate in the strongest possible terms the positive impact the Utica Shale will have on Ohio's future since before the first well was drilled. Now as the number of rigs working in the state has increased to 21, well on its way to 100 or more we feel some vindication and we are happy when the mainstream business media sustains our optimism.
A few points from the Bloomberg post;
In Ohio commercial real estate is rebounding as the supporting infrastructure for the drilling operation expands. Delinquency rates are declining.

Youngstown which has lost more than half its population since the glory days of the 50's ( 168,330 in 1950 to 66,982 in 2010) is seeing a rebirth. As one resident puts it, it's the first time in his life he has been optimistic about the area.

Trumbull County’s economy likely will get a boost from landowners leasing property. BP Plc (BP), Europe’s second-biggest oil company, agreed to lease 84,000 acres in Trumbull in March. Parenthetically Trumbull will see its first well drilled shortly as ODNR has issued a permit to Consol Energy.
Again I encourage you to read this post while you ponder having a sitting senator who has opposed development of this resource.


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