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Monday, December 31, 2012

Leftist Hypocrisy EXPLODES!

  With assploding hypocrisy, we've noted several times that celebrities/journalists/politicians/comedians but-I-repeat-myself want gun laws for YOU, not them.
  Now a citizen journalist has done a service for the public by coordinating actor testimonials with the reality of uber violent Hollywood. This video's making the rounds, even hitting Drudge's front page. We hope it stays there as it perfectly exemplifies the pious, over the top sanctimonious hectoring Leftists feel comfortable with complete ignorance of their own lives and careers.
  Most astoundingly, the lead is done by Jamie Foxx, *star* of Quentin Tarantino's latest blood and guts  extravaganza.
  Also notable, in addition to the heartfelt plea to do away with your guns, is Mayor Nanny Bloomberg's urge to keep Newtown in perspective as gun murders are down overall admonition to not take too seriously the subway murder, even as he calls for immediate action on the guns that haven't been used as frequently this year. Still.
New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said Dec. 28 in a statement that 2012 also saw the fewest number of shootings on record, with 1,353 compared with a previous low of 1,420 in 2009. Shootings have decreased by 8.5 percent so far this year compared to 2011 and 14.5 percent since 2001, Bloomberg said. The mayor is majority owner of Bloomberg LP, parent of Bloomberg News.
   And Mass Live:
As police sought on Friday to locate the unidentified woman, Mayor Michael Bloomberg urged residents to keep the second fatal subway shove in the city this month in perspective. The news of the horrific death of 46-year-old Sunando Sen, who was from India and lived in Queens, came as the mayor touted drops in the city’s annual homicide and shooting totals.  
“It’s a very tragic case, but what we want to focus on today is the overall safety in New York,” Bloomberg told reporters following a police academy graduation.  
  And Occupy Wall Street has metastasized, apparently with the privileged feeling put upon to blow up the not so privileged.
  It all makes sense.
  The video is NSFW:

Friday, December 28, 2012

Obamabots still working on ruining "holidays"

  It's hard not to be cynical this week, in spite of our celebration of Christ's birth. I promised myself I would try to stay positive, in light of my friends' despair over the results of the last election.
  I now revoke that promise, considering there is much to do, times are pretty dicey and even the random Google hits this little page gets every day are better than staying all nicey nice in hopes of raising our spirits.
  After all, what the Left does best is Hate.
  Shouldn't the Right do Truth best?
  In the news today, particularly, is the concern over DiFi's bill to restrict hand guns, etc. Now, she's admitted she's been working on this bill for over a year, so it's no surprise that she should exploit the Sandy Hook nightmare to get this passed.
  The elitism of these idiots is overwhelming, as we've documented previously.
  Remember Dianne Feinstein  who saidI made the determination that if somebody was going to try to take me out I was going to take them with me" but who apparently believes YOU would never have those same concerns.
  Yet she now is overreaching, as all Leftists do, just as I predicted a few weeks ago. Legal Insurrection's Jacobsen says there's a cure for the mess Obama's created:
The way you puncture this Potemkin President is to show there’s nothing behind the facade —Pass Plan C and you take away the crisis he craves, and you put it all on him (but I repeat myself).  He either agrees to a 90 day extension (a pin prick in his bubble of invincibility) or he doesn’t (in which case he seems to be the unreasonable one, not allowing more time for negotiation).
  Jacobsen says the legislation is doomed  (we can hope) because it's classic overreach, a point supported by the RedEyeRadio guys, who theorized that putting Joe "Obama ain't takin' my shotguns" Biden in charge of the gun re-education camps, and the "Obamacare" of gun legislation.
  Then the controversy erupted over David Gregory's foolish exploitation (I seem to be using that word a lot, don't I?) of waving around an illegal gun feeding device that he did or did not have legal permission to do.
  What was Gregory's point? Simply that he could get it? 
  The People are not amused.
  Instead controversy erupted over the fact that Gregory considers himself an "elite," a member of the press corps not subject to the same restrictions as, say, silly bloggers like us.
  Journalists leapt immediately to defend Gregory, claiming it was obvious he meant to commit no crime, as apparently do all the legitimate and responsible gun owners in this country by owning weapons and practicing at the range.
  Journalists would like to see some sort of licensing for themselves, enabling them to be exempt from prosecution for things like this, or, like seeing a crime and not being forced to testify against the perp because, you know, shut up. They're special and only need to report on the crime, like YouTube doesn't exist, much less actually fulfill some sort of archaic civic duty or something.
    While Americans face the "fiscal cliff" Obama and the Senate and the Congress arranged for the holidays, old Obama's flown back from Hawaii to DC for a day or two to posture while Michelle keeps her perfect (cough) daily fitness trainered and personal chef-ed body  under the cabana for a few more weeks, y'all can rest assured that their little vaca is costing you in the millions, particularly with the poseuring of flying back and forth to Hawaii between Reggie Loving or at least prostitute soliciter Titcombing, golfing and stern warnings to Congress that they'd better get their acts together because Obama's not willing to deal on much even though this spendthrift POTUS has never had a budget passed or even seriously considered. 
    You'll be glad to know, however, that The Prince Obama has granted a raise to federal employees, cuz, you know, they deserve it or something, fiscal cliff notwithstanding.
  You'll recall that federal workers already make more than private sector employees and the Washington DC "Hunger Games" area is far more affluent and prosperous than the rest of the country due to frequent raises and insanely prolific governmental hiring procedures.
  "Obamacare." "Guncare." Fiscal ruin.
  Gosh, these people really know how to spoil Christmas, don't they?

Monday, December 24, 2012

Obama's FAIRNESS=he gets everything

  You wonder when Leftist hypocrisy will suddenly dawn on the media cult members and Obamabots.  It's painful, really, to watch as they implode.
  The LSM loves to propose that conservative thinking is on the wane but it is simply not true. A reorganization is taking place; hopefully John Boehner will be replaced and we can get someone in at least the House who wants to show some fiscal responsibility rather than golf with the Big Dogs.
  At some point soon, I predict, the media will begin to turn on Obama, perhaps not in the same way that they were consistently evil against any Republican, but there's a future to be made by some exposures of wrongdoing.
  A good example of the ludicrous nature of Leftist thinking is the desire to shut down charter schools, cut off federal tuition programs for poor children in lousy schools and take away the ability of citizens to defend themselves.
  It is becoming increasingly clear that there is some sort of Leftist Utopia  these commies are trying to build, with one bad result after another.
  David Gregory's children attend the exclusive Sidwell Friends school, which Obama's children also attend. You'll recall Obama's daughters travel--without parents, escorted by taxpayer guardians--to far away places like Mexico for vacation. 
  Sidwell Friends is really something of a school, yet Obama did not want inner city kids receiving grants to attend it.
  Now prominent MSM personality Gregory mocks citizens for wanting to put armed guards in all schools, yet, as the Weekly Standard points out, sends his own children to a heavily armed school.
  This is the fairness Obama likes to boast.
  What's fair is that these people want to have THEIR kids in safe schools and THEIR armed bodyguards but not YOUR kids in safe schools and no ARMED citizens to protect themselves.
  Update: As in, he gets protection by armed guards while 440 children in Chicago are wounded by gunfire, 60 of whom are killed, this year alone.
  Cornell West has criticized Obama for only caring about White children's deaths, while the numerous deaths of Black children go unremarked, as in the Fast and Furious Mexican deaths.
  Remember Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, just as Obama and his ilk want.
  They get everything; you get what's left.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Leftist hypocrisy: guns, money and promises

  Funny how it's protocol for Obama and his ilk to mention God and Scripture in their speeches when a national tragedy happens; funny how the same pols can call for restrictions of freedom.
  Also funny is the absolute hypocrisy of the folks now calling for gun control. Let's remind ourselves that these hypocrites will not restrict themselves from weapons for their own self defense and enjoyment.
  I see Drudge is already on the story but let's take a comprehensive look at the hypocritical liberals, many of whom are now advocating gun control in the heat and aftermath of Newtown, even though school murders are down statistically:
From Hot Air: Harry Reid: How would a politician who argued today that guns “bring us together” and gave personal testimony to using handguns for personal protection be greeted by Democrats like Harry Reid?  Why not ask Reid himself — or at least the 2010 version of Harry Reid, discovered by BuzzFeed’s Andrew Kaczynski?  Appearing with then-NRA VP Wayne LaPierre at an opening of a shooting park in Clark County, Nevada, Reid fondly recalled the days of sport shooting with his three brothers, and how Reid protected himself against “a lot of bad people” while serving on the Nevada Gaming Commission:
From Hot Air: Dianne Feinstein, who's been working on a gun control bill for a year: “I know the sense of helplessness that people feel. I know the urge to arm yourself because that’s what I did. I was trained in firearms. I walked to the hospital when my husband was sick. I carried a concealed weapon and I made the determination if somebody was going to try and take me out, I was going to take them with me.” 
  From Virginia Gun Owners' Forum: 
[Violence Policy Center] Josh Sugarman,  "Take for instance Josh Sugarmann, executive director and founder of the Violence Policy Center and supporter of the now overturned handgun ban in the District of Columbia. For years, Josh Sugarmann has held a Federal Firearms License in D.C. making it legal for him to buy and sell firearms, the only exemption for civilian handgun possession under the old D.C. handgun ban. "
[Brady activist] Joseph McNamara: Back when the Brady organization was known as Handgun Control Inc., one of its prominent members, Joseph McNamara, wrote a book in which he espoused the idea that only corporate executives and Hollywood celebrities should be allowed to own firearms. This "rights for me but not for thee" elitist attitude isn't just restricted to activists; many anti-gun politicians seem to believe they are uniquely special as well (alright, that's likely not much of a surprize to many people)
Senator Chuck SchumerAnd Senator Chuck Schumer recently led the effort to defeat national concealed carry reciprocity, yet he currently holds one of the few unrestricted gun permits in New York.
The late Senator Ted Kennedy spent many years legislating for stricter gun control, yet he had a privately-hired armed bodyguard.  
Michael Moore, whose film Bowling for Columbine criticized American gun culture, also has an armed bodyguard -- who incidentally does not hold a gun permit for New York City, the primary residence of Michael Moore. goes on to discuss the Million Mom March organizerS' anti-gun and subsequent personal arrest histories, imprisoned Illinois Congressman Dan Rosenkowski, columnist Carl Rowan who shot a kid in his yard, political activist Ben Gelt violent arrest record and former Black Panther, ex-con, gun owner Congressman Bobby Rush.
  Then there's Leftist hate group Soros funded Media Matters' David Brock, who repeatedly decries gun ownership in America while at the same time made sure his personal assistant carried an illegal hand gun in case Brock needed protection. 
  And Jane Fonda who said, " "Gun control? That’s for other people, not for us."
  And Sammy Davis, Jr., and NYT publisher Arthur Sulzberger and actress Jennifer O'Neill, all of whom seem to think (or thought, as in the case of Davis) that only their lives are worth saving, not yours, because they are the only ones important enough to be threatened.
  Of course, Rosie O'Donnell comes to mind. Eh. 
  John Kerry's willing to pose with a hunting gun but the reality is that he's also willing to vote in his own self interest and anti-gun legislation.
  And terror city Chicago is filled with pols like Donne Trotter who actively campaign against guns but get caught with them because apparently their lives are worth something and that, hey, Chicago's a dangerous city.
  Or how about loony loon in charge of grabbing our guns Vice-POTUS Joe Biden, who claimed in 2008 Obama would never get his gun.
  My, how political expediency and opportunism changes opinions practically, well, overnight.
  But Leftists are just hypocritical about guns.
  They also are willing to say and do anything to get elected (well, that's Repubs and Dems alike), like Barack Obama who campaigned on transparency but has become the most deceitful, opaque POTUS in history.
  Or like Barack Obama, who campaigned on fiscal sanity but has proven to be the most spendthrift POTUS in history, spending more in his administration than all presidents combined.
  Or like Barack Obama, who said if you want your health care provider and doctor you can keep them, even as we watch the destruction of the health care system.
  Or like Barack Obama, Nobel Peace Prize winner, who's running drones over this country watching all of us, invading our privacy in every technological way possible and presiding over the greatest attack on civil liberties in our history. 
  The whole "fiscal cliff" theater is a joke, a play for political points, not a serious approach to a budget, which Democrats haven't passed since Obama got into office.
  And when Boehner accepted Pelosi's May plan, she admitted it was a "ploy" to "smoke out" Republicans, to God only knows what.
  Obviously you can't reason with people like this, who aren't serious about fixing the fiscal problems of this country. One wonders if, when the financial tsunami hits, Dems will try to pin it on Republicans who admittedly appear to be as witless and hand-wringing as the hapless Boehner.
  I say let hypocrisy reign. If you're too stupid to see how hypocritical these bozos are, you deserve what we'll get. I just wish I could move to Belgium to avoid what's coming.
  But dear GOD where are the Republicans to decry what's happening here and set the stage for BLAMING THOSE WHO ARE RESPONSIBLE.
UPDATE: Use tragedy to promote tax increase????....only an opportunistic political hypocritical hack lying liar would do that, right?

Some thoughts after Newtown

  I had the privilege of attending an elementary school's Christmas program the other day. Even the wheezing, out of tune( and sync) band was a sweet reminder of what childhood is supposed to be. 
  The  room was packed with doting parents and wide-eyed children surprised by their own ability to hold (positive) attention but a sweet melancholy blanketed the room and mantled the shoulders of every adult in the room who couldn't help but remember how quickly life can change.
  Pictures of children we've never met have begun to emerge in the news lately, one of a little girl who wore pink cowboy boots, just like the little girl at this Christmas program.
  Today the politicians shamelessly quote Scripture (though that is something we peasants must not do, either in the public square or schools), whip the tragedy of insanity into new laws and regulations and piously pose for the cameras, wiping tears carefully aligned with the clicking of camera shutters.
  For all the bluster, the promises and threats of "change" (as we have suffered the devastating "change" in this country promised by the 2008 election), hate remains the motivating force of Leftists as they attempt to build their carnal Utopia.
  A movie star wishes death on responsible gun owners.
  A wealthy bizarre writer wishes for multiple shootings.
  It is revealed that yet another Fast and Furious Obama gun is found at the shooting death of a Mexican beauty queen, but no melodramatic pompous news conferences are called in which the politicians promise to "change" themselves or their policies.
  A professor tweets profanities and death wishes, deletes account and then whines that he himself is getting death wishes. How could it be.
  A liberal journalist actually laments the death wishes the professor received because, you know, it's ok for Leftists to threaten people but not the reverse.
  But then with lying liars, how do what know what is Truth, since lying liars do not believe in such an odd thing as Truth?
  There's much more recorded by the Watchers, but it won't cheer your heart. 
  We've seen it before, such as every time there's a tragedy the finger pointers come out to blame Republicans/conservatives/gun owners/Christians/Catholics/Jews/whites/Judeo-Christian culture/? for whatever happened.
  The hate builds on the hate and the Left spins its wheels, unable and unwilling to understand the true causes of the evil, slobbering in their eagerness to create their "utopia" in which everyone is the same, no one runs with forks, we all worship the current celebrity and they are free to "create" creatively with no sense of responsibility to the spiritual, the lack of which is the root cause of all that is evil that happens.
  They seek to ban guns, yet did you know the worst school massacre occurred not last Friday but in Michigan in 1927?
  A school board member used dynamite to murder 45 people in Bath Township near Lansing. 
  Dynamite. Not guns.
  Were 9/11 or OKC caused by guns? No.
  Are guns the cause of more children murders in this country? No. Hands and brute strength cause more deaths.
  Are massacres statistically up in recent years? No.
  Are there fewer mass murders in states where folks are allowed to carry guns to stop the murderers? Yes. 
  Do strict gun restrictions in places like Chicago and Washington DC reduce injuries and murders by guns? 
  Did you even HEAR about the off duty sheriff who four days ago stopped a theater shooting in Texas because she pulled her gun on the perpetrator and stopped him with a bullet?
  Of course not, because it doesn't fit the narrative.
  Yet Leftists, spinning and spitting and hating, want to take your right to defend yourself. The exception would be for the wealthy, doncha know, who can afford to hire guardians to bear weapons but you, the commoner, the peasant, should have no accessibility to guns.
  Back to the elementary school Christmas program I attended.
  We sang--together--Silent Night. 
  We said the word "Christmas" and someone wondered how long we'll be able to say that word or sing that song. Jesus, Lord at thy birth.
  I noticed I wasn't the only one who slipped a tear when the children sang "let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me" because we remember what happened last week.
  Was it because we, the gathered family in the room, know there is no peace
  That the human heart, however it protests and claims to long for "peace," can never, ever solitarily resolve the struggle between good and evil?
  In 1864, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow heard the bells on Christmas Day and felt the same as we do now. 
  He had lost his wife in a brutal fire in which he had sustained terrible burns himself, his eldest son was terribly wounded in battle (thought to die) and our beloved country, ripped in half philosophically, politically and spiritually, was still at war.
  We feel what Longfellow felt the day he wrote these words and then concluded this:
And in despair I bow'd my head; 
"There is no peace on earth," I said, 
"For hate is strong, and mocks the song 
Of peace on earth, good will to men." 
Then pealed the bells more loud and deep: 
"God is not dead, nor doth he sleep; 
The wrong shall fail, the right prevail, 
With peace on earth, good will to men."
  I know how this story ends. God does not sleep, though it surely seems that hate prevails just now. This life is only one level of existence, though some may mock such a naive thought. 
  Unimaginable hate and illness--hearts injected with poison--always stun, whether in Connecticut or the Middle East.
  We do not know when, but believers know that the hate will end one day.
  But for now, Sleep in heavenly peace, dear children. 
  Sleep in heavenly peace.

Monday, December 17, 2012

FBI: firearms NOT primary reason for child deaths

  As Obama and Leftists move forward to ban weapons from responsible gun owners, we learn that the clear approach to do this will be to save the children, a rationale Leftists use for just about every nanny state new regulation they can think of.
  From the FBI's website, we can find the number of children between the ages of 0-5 who have been murdered with firearms.

  A clear reading reveals that children's deaths are not primarily by firearm, but rather from personal attack or "unknown."
  To save the children, we probably should ban all knives, blunt objects, personal items that could be used to hit like, presumably, hands, since hands are a weapon used to beat a child.
  Probably the best way to save the children is to not have any.
  But the abortion friendly crowd is already working on that angle.
  Funny we've yet to hear the save the children rationale used to prevent abortion.

  Here's the chart from the FBI website:
FBI's Supplementary Homicide Reports: 1980-2010 Table: Year of incident by Weapon used for United States Selecting: Age of victim = 0 to 5
Count Firearm  Knife BluntPersonal Other Total 
1980   63      38      40   272     200   614 
1981   49      34      56   264     192   595 
1982   79      38      56   307     190   670 
1983   47      41      41   300     200   629 
1984   68      40      43   288     154   593 
1985   65      56      35   266     175   597 
1986   64      39      48   352     222   725 
1987   54      34      44   289     224   643 
1988   77      30      46   334     217   704 
1989   84      41      37   313     236   711 
1990   86      25      40   360     205   716 
1991   82      27      46   390     266   810 
1992   83      28      62   355     204   731 
1993   99      24      61   394     236   815 
1994   74      29      37   417     245   802 
1995   90      21      38   376     235   760 
1996   75      27      44   428     239   813 
1997   67      18      39   358     207   689 
1998   67      22      51   337     227   704 
1999   66      23      52   298     211   650 
2000   55      24      59   315     172   624 
2001   71      19      39   341     212   681 
2002   69      16      35   310     189   620 
2003   56      22      43   324     201   645 
2004   50      23      51   291     194   609 
2005   48      25      48   294     191   606 
2006   54      21      50   295     205   625 
2007   56      18      48   317     202   642 
2008   60      23      60   310     225   677 
2009   68      15      66   278     161   588 
2010   58      29      55   275     193   611 
Total 2084     868   1473 10045    6428  20898 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ten reasons for the Newtown massacre

  As usual, the minute a disaster happens, the Obamabots jump onto their blogs and newspapers to proclaim a cure by:  
  1)  getting rid of conservatives  
  2) banning guns   
  3)  offering new legislation that will restrict freedom in a country of over 300 million people, some of whom are mentally ill and many of whom are on some serious medications that cause aberrant behavior
  Let's just get something clear about the causes of hideous events like Friday's shooting of innocent children.
  The problem isn't accessibility to guns. A determined individual can find many ways to kill people if he wants to and getting illegal guns isn't a problem for the criminal so banning weapons from the hands of responsible folks won't solve the problem.
  IMHO, here are the roots of Friday's massacre:

1) Liberals are the ones who passed laws for the least restrictive environments for the mentally ill citizens who used to be locked up in mental institutions. Back in 1984 when the New York Times was closer to actually being a paper of record, this article chronicled the deteriorating mental health industry. False promises, an overconfidence in the abilities of psychiatrists, financial cutbacks and a belief in new drugs being developed for the market led to most mental centers being shut down or greatly minimized:
THE policy that led to the release of most of the nation's mentally ill patients from the hospital to the community is now widely regarded as a major failure. Sweeping critiques of the policy, notably the recent report of the American Psychiatric Association, have spread the blame everywhere, faulting politicians, civil libertarian lawyers and psychiatrists.
[SNIP] and
Charles Schlaifer, a New York advertising executive who served as secretary-treasurer of the group, said he was now disgusted with the advice presented by leading psychiatrists of that day. ''Tranquilizers became the panacea for the mentally ill,'' he said. ''The state programs were buying them by the carload, sending the drugged patients back to the community and the psychiatrists never tried to stop this. Local mental health centers were going to be the greatest thing going, but no one wanted to think it through.''
  In Ohio, Senate bill 336 released mental patients into the wild with the promise that community organizations would handle the mentally ill better than "institutions." 
  In 1978, there were over 1000 patients at the Toledo Mental Health Center. 
  In 2006, there were 68, most of whom were forensic (criminally insane). Undoubtedly some of the 1000 shouldn't have been at TMHC, but where do you think the others landed?
  They're out on the street, "homeless," like the fellow who was given shoes by the New York cop and two days later was back on his street corner, shoeless, having abandoned his state provided apartment.

2) This false hope in the drugs of the future has led to a drugged population, not a diagnosed and treated population, obviously not all for mental illnesses but a pathology that drugs can treat everything. Who doesn't know an elderly person who takes a cocktail of drugs every single day? I know one woman who takes 28 drugs a day. 
  An overdependency on medication has led to a nation of drug takers, while the truly disturbed individual falls through the cracks of an overburdened system which leads to my next point.
  Yet in some parts of the country (like the California deserts) people who are dependent on the government for their health care have few resources; actual centers and doctors are scarce. Because the government so severely limits payments to doctors, some providers, medical facilities and physicians simply do not want to deal with the inefficiencies of government bureaucracies.
  Michelle Obama knew this in her work with the University of Chicago Medical Center, where she developed a patient dumping scheme that would, at the expense of the patient, run patients out of the University of Chicago to another hospital a distance away that would have to bear the costs of the indigent.
  Do we really trust these people? Do we really think with the massive expense of Obamacare these matters will improve?
  And what about people who try to deal with their children's off kilter or belligerent behavior? This is where tax dollars should be spent. Instead we have elaborate special ed programs in schools with IEPs for nearly every student, exceptions for testing and assignments. 

3) We now have a problem with an over diagnosis of labeling people who do not have true psychiatric impairments with "disorders." 
  Take, for example, the statistic that 1 out of 5 people fall in the autistic spectrum. Money follows, as does extra help in schools. Schools and students' parents become dependent on the money, finding an advantage in the diagnosis. "Professionals" feel that they have done good work because they have a "prescription" for the needy, or at least the complainers.
  How can the truly impaired individual get help when the system is so clogged with minutiae of government regulations and new "disorders" appearing regularly? I know a teacher who was not allowed to require a student with "pen disorder" to use ink on tests. 
  The system is overwhelmed, which is perhaps the intent of the psychiatric community, whose services are required and whose rates go up. The waters are so muddied it's difficult to discern truth.

4)  The whining of the 60s hippies who tuned out, drugged and sexed up has come to full fruition. There's an excuse for everything and everyone. Rather than take responsibility for one's behavior, instead a drug is prescribed, an aide is assigned, an IEP is written and special rules and regulations are required of employers, teachers and parents. Wow. That's a "prescription" for success.

  5) Today's children are inundated with violent imagery, to the point that real violence does not seem real
  How many people said on 9/11 that what they were watching on television seemed "like a movie"? 
  That is not to say that people necessarily become violent by watching violence or playing violent video games, but you cannot argue that once violent imagery is introduced into the brain's eye, that violent imagery imprints itself on the psyche. 
  Once the sick individual finds violent imagery no longer satisfying, is it a leap to think that he then wants to participate himself? 
  Certainly Ted Bundy admitted that looking at soft core porn when he was an adolescent was the gateway for becoming the monster he was. Porn of the sickest and most perverted is easily accessible, particularly violence porn to children and adults alike.
  Hollywood needs to take responsibility for the perverted bilge they produce, not the least of which is Tarantino's  violent blacks on whites latest film endeavor. This film will be guaranteed to lead to more Black on white crime, to breed resentment and hatred and exalt the violent. Just wait. 
  In the height of hypocrisy, Jamie Foxx ("I get to kill all the white people. How black is that?) and Quentin Tarantino have released statements about Hollywood's connection to a violent culture and the Newtown events?
The latest person to comment on this is actor Jamie Foxx, who, a bit ironically, stars in Django Unchained – Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming flick about slavery, which will feature quite a lot of explicit and violent scenes. While promoting the film on Saturday, the star braved the difficult topic, saying that Hollywood can no longer ignore the fact that on-screen violence influences people on some level. 
"We cannot turn our back and say that violence in films or anything that we do doesn't have a sort of influence. It does," Fox said in an interview. Meanwhile, director Quentin Tarantino, who is known for his extremely violent and gory scenes, which are all part of his signature style, is once again struggling to defend his artistic freedom. Tarantino went on a bit of a tangent, explaining that he was tired of defending his films each time the nation was shocked by gun violence. He stated that “tragedies happen” and that blame should fall on those guilty of the crimes.
  Yes, blame should fall on the guilty of the crimes. Does this mean Tarantino is NOT calling for more gun control?   
The elites like Bloomberg, who wants to restrict air conditioning for others but has a ROOM air conditioner attached to his car while he's in a meeting, want to steal all the weapons from good citizens while he and his ilk have bodyguards who carry weapons. How messed up is THAT, considering those same people were ABSENT when Fast and Furious ended up murdering over 300 Mexicans and several American border agents.
6) Not the least of all the reasons listed in this blog post is the fact that we continue to mock the religious, pass laws against religious freedom, remove God from all aspects of education and government and then Leftists wonder why in this tremendous vacuum of spirituality anyone could be so crazy as to kill 6 year olds violently, execution style and with no less than 3 bullets per child.
  Blaize Pascal said this:
“There is a God shaped vacuum in the heart of every man which cannot be filled by any created thing, but only by God, the Creator, made known through Jesus.”
  Surely this God shaped vacuum has been filled by Leftists in Hollywood, the psychiatric community, the schools and government.

  7) Children can see the contradiction and hypocrisy of extreme sensitivity to words but not to actual behavior. The establishment/culture can ruin someone's life and career for using a politically incorrect word and holding a stance contrary to Leftist ethos, but bizarre behavior is excused, including extreme racism against whites, Jews, Christians, sexual habits, violence against girlfriends if you're a sports/movie star and support of anti-cultural and anti-American  organizations. 
  Thus Sean Penn, a fabulously successful and wealthy movie star, can exalt and mourn the poor health of Hugo Chavez, the murderer and dictator.

  8) EVIL exists. 
  This denial of a malevolent power has initiated great mockery from the Left, who see no conflict in the monstrous events and their denial of EVIL, both carnate and incarnate.
  But of course an evil being cannot exist because, in Leftist minds, God does not, at least not the Judeo-Christian God, which leads to my next point.

  9) Leftists deny it, but GOD exists, and not the fawning, uninterested, amorphous grandfatherly figure depicted by the "spiritual" seers of our time.
  Leftists see "Christ"mas as an opportunity to present mere LOVE as the answer to all of society's ills. 
  Just watch a Christmas Lifetime or Hallmark Channel movie and you'll see how God and Christ have been removed from the "holiday." Instead insipid movies are filmed about how human love at its summit will purify and elevate man to a god-like place in the universe. 
  Of course, no absolute truth exists, so man can easily take the place of God Himself. Oh, perhaps we can claim that some sort of Star Wars "force" exists in the universe, but this is not a loving personal God who guides and governs the universe.

10) It must be said. The culture of death that is beginning to pervade our culture needs to be counteracted. 
  Elders are drugged, "palliative" care is urged rather than treatment, abortions encouraged and "options" must be discussed that usually include ending a life.
  Every disaster has its own theme music, special graphics and melancholy anchors conducting interview after interview, reporting the wrong facts and ASKING CHILDREN WHAT IT FELT LIKE TO HAVE BEEN PART OF A MASSACRE.

  How do we know #9 is the answer to what happened on Friday in Newtown, Connecticut?
  I can only answer this for myself.
  Where is the fastest growing Christian church in the world?
  In one of the most repressive, pro-death cultures on the planet, China. Even in Syria, where Christians and dissenters are being murdered by a maniacal dictator, the Christian church thrives, a decision that can easily result in torture and/or death.
  How is this possible if no God exists? Where do these individuals derive their strength, if not from a supernatural force? 
  It is in those still small moments of the heart, it is in the moments of tremendous hurt and wounding that we seek and need God.
  The depravity of the human condition is only more evidence of the presence of God in contrast. 
  Why need God when everything's going well? Indeed are not prosperity and security the enemies of God more than torture and death? It is those conditions in which we do not need Him--because we are content, undisturbed and off-guard-- that we do not hear His voice or need his presence.
  The growing Christian churches in China and Syria, then, are evidence that He exists, that He is near when we need Him and that He has not deserted us.
  Thus we can see the events of the last few months as a call to arms, not a an indication that God has deserted us. He allows these things to happen, for this highly evolved species to express its true nature; He's calling us.
  He calls.
  Perhaps now we'll answer.
  This is America's wake-up call; the problem isn't guns. It's the heart. We must be personally involved to change the culture at every level.
  Christ Himself had to learn obedience; the seed dies before life comes but God is faithful and does not desert us.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Michigan Right to Work RIGHT for Michigan

  Frank Beckmann on WJR has been on top of the union protests against Right to Work in Michigan. His coverage has been thorough and fascinating, interviewing both sides of the aisle to discuss the issues of right to work. 
  Two items have been glaringly obvious from interviewing the unionists who overturned the Americans For Prosperity tents in Lansing, shouting racial slurs and overturned the cart of a hot dog vendor, and beat Steven Crowder, Fox News contributor.
  All the callers and interviewees who support the union causes keep referring to Wisconsin. When Frank responds with, "No, I think Michigan Republicans are trying to emulate Indiana [where there has been no violence or frenetic union opposition], not Wisconsin," like drones, the caller/ interviewee repeats the message, "It's like Wisconsin. It's like Wisconsin. It's like Scott Walker."
  Not sure what to make of this, except that these are apparently talking points being put out by the unions and it's a sort of "occupier" message to jin up the troops.
  Another repeated talking point is that the measure to make Michigan a Right to Work state was passed quickly, in the 5 days, in the darkness of night, just before Christmas, without discussion.
  Right to Work is subverting the will of The People. The People don't want Right to Work.
  Well, now, THAT's funny, considering that Obamacare was really passed that way, in spite of massive and enormous crowds of people showing up from all over the country to protest in Washington, DC, at their own expense, rather than being paid by unionists.
  Frank repeatedly responds by calling UAW president Bob King the "father of Right to Work in Michigan" because he's the one who overreached and tried to pass a bill in Michigan, purportedly to "protect our jobs," that would have made unionism permanent in Michigan, which was soundly repudiated and defeated.
  We must remember that, though the situation looks bleak nationally because of Obama's totalitarian overreach30 states have Republican governors
  Additionally, only 15 states have signed on to set up the insurance exchanges demanded by Obamacare and even Democrats are getting antsy about all the costs involved.
  Obama overreach continues. They're getting cockier, and it will prove to be their downfall. This is particularly evident in the frequent racial slurs being thrown about by the Obamabots.

Obamabot BULLYING continues

Does anyone find it, um, ironic that this administration and its cult members is running such an aggressive campaign against, um, bullying?
  •   In today's news alone:
  •   Creepy voice Harry Belafonte: president needs to act more like a dictator
  •   ESPN "analyst": that guy's not like us. He might be a Republican. Gasp!
  •   Today's the last day to set up a state health insurance exchange. Otherwise the feds are coming for YOUR state. Don't want Obamacare? Hahahahaha!
  •   State Dept: I don't think we have to tell anyone why 4 of our people were murdered or what we had to do with it.
  •   White House: You can't afford Obamacare? Hahahahaha!
  •   White House: No more charitable contributions for you!
  •   EPA: We need to confiscate those homes to control the rainwater, which is a pollutant. Or something.
  • Worried about privacy? Heh. We're watching, wherever you go. Too bad for you!
  • Wanna fly out of JFK? Not until you give us more [----whatever we want----].
  •   National Park Service: Shut down that oyster farm. We want a humanless terrain.
Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior .....that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. Both [those] who are bullied and who bully others may have serious, lasting problems. In order to be considered bullying, the behavior must be aggressive and include:

An Imbalance of Power:[Those] who bully use their power—such as physical strength, access to embarrassing information, or popularity—to control or harm others. Power imbalances can change over time and in different situations, even if they involve the same people.
Repetition: Bullying behaviors happen more than once or have the potential to happen more than once.
Huh. Sound familiar? 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Unionists demagogue in Mich right to work

  Today on radio we heard a bizarre rant about how evil right to work is and how all, everything good will be stripped away from workers if right to work is passed in Michigan on Tuesday.
  Though right to work was initiated by the failure of Issue 2 in Michigan, unions claim the following:
The attacks on workers’ safety and rights continue in Michigan, but we are standing up for working and middle class families. 
Tomorrow, supporters from all across the country are going to Lansing to peacefully rally against the trick-titled, so-called right to work law bullied through the Michigan legislature in about seven hours last week without a single hearing and no public input. 
We’re going to show Michigan’s out-of-touch extremist lawmakers what Democracy looks like. 
You can find out more by going to this link:
The only bipartisan vote was in opposition. Republican lawmakers joined Democrats in Michigan to oppose this attack on workers. Sound familiar? In Ohio, when extreme lawmakers and Gov. John Kasich bullied Senate Bill 5, the unfair, unsafe attack on us all, through the Ohio General Assembly, the only bipartisan vote – Republicans and Democrats – was in opposition. 
You can help. Please travel to Lansing if you can and if you cannot, please share this link with your friends, family members, co-workers and neighbors.
Over the weekend, religious leaders came out against the attack on worker rights and safety in Michigan. The CEO of Detroit’s Medical Center came out against the trick-titled, so-called right to work law“because workers in states with these laws have less access to health insurance.” 
That’s not all. These anti-worker rights and safety states have higher poverty rates because families earn less and have a harder time making ends meet. Workplace fatalities are 51 percent higher in these anti-worker states. It’s harder to speak up about a workplace safety problem when you have no rights on the job. 
Right to work is WRONG for Michigan and it’s WRONG for Ohio
  In fact, Frank Beckmann dealt with the facts that states that have right to work have lower unemployment rates and better relationships with employees.
  Several callers talked about having worked in right to work states both for union and not; in general, those who experienced right to work jobs felt that employers treated them more fairly and compensated them MORE because of 1) the threat of unionization  and 2) the fact that money wasn't sucked into paying union demands. 
  Tomorrow's protest is set for noon tomorrow; people will be driving in from all over the nation, screaming and misbehaving, undoubtedly paid for by unions.
  At $180,000 an hour just for a single plane, Obama flew into Detroit today to explain that right to work is all about politics and not economics.
  Cuz this man really knows all about economics, right?
  So much so that he has his Labor Department throw around phony unemployment numbers, conveniently omitting all the people who've dropped out of looking for a job. This allows Bob Beckel and MSNBCers to claim the economy is "roaring."
  Godfather of the Tea Party movement Santelli riffs about honesty in government:

  And some Michigan schools will close because teachers will be protesting tomorrow.
  Yeah, that's a great educator for ya.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Obama never met an anti-American he didn't like

    So what's all the fuss about this PSY guy who created the gangnam dance rage?
  PSY's initial reaction to the Iraqi war was typical leftist rage by demonstrating onstage against it in a performance.
    In 2004 PSY did this:
A few years later, PSY cursed Americans after a South Korean missionary was executed. His song “Dear American” sets the record straight. 
“Kill those f***ing Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives/Kill those f***ing Yankees who ordered them to torture/Kill their daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law and fathers/Kill them all slowly and painfully,” he raps.
  So now that this talented rapper has millions of dollars in sight and wants to take America by storm he decided YESTERDAY to apologize to the pocketbooks Americans for his thoughtless venomous America hatred
  This anti-American is the perfect performer to invite to the White House for a CHRISTmas special, right? 
  Isn't he the perfect candidate, along with hater Malik Shabazz, financial consultant Al Sharpton, Lawrence O'Donnell, poets who" sympathize with  cop killers" and singers who sing "F#@$ you" at Obama fundraisers?
  Rather than respond to public outrage over this anti-American person's attendance at a White House CHRISTmas special, within hours of its posting the White House instead simply deleted a petition asking that the PSY invitation be rescinded:
The petition you are trying to access has been removed from the site under our Moderation Policy because it is in violation of our Terms of Participation.
  What was so objectionable to the White House that they had to remove it from the website? Were PSY's obscene lyrics quoted in the petition, thus giving the White House the excuse that "bad language" was used in it?
  Or was it deleted because it humiliated Obama by asking him to reconsider inviting yet another anti-American opportunist into the bosom of the greatest nation on earth?
  The Obama policy of explain nothing just eliminate seems to be expanding.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Unionists threaten violence in Mich capitol

  The state capitol in Lansing, Michigan, is the site of yet another unionist thuggery domestic terrorism attack.
  Threatened violence.
  Peeing in stairwells.
  Screaming obscenities.
  Employees told not to walk to their cars alone.
  This is unionism in 2012.
  The capitol forced to close because of violence.
  Right to work legislation that would enable employers to hire non-union employees and not force employees to be forced union dues.
  And the only way this administration can claim the jobs numbers are improving is by monkeying with the numbers, dropping workers from the work force and claiming if someone works 1 hour a week they're employed.
  Right to Work improves job possibilities.
  Workers earn more in Oklahoma (right to work) than Michigan, as per the Frank Beckmann show this morning.

  And, huh, look at that Gallup unemployment number of 8.3% compared to Obama's Solis BLS number of 7.7% number:

ASHINGTON, D.C. -- U.S. unemployment, as measured by Gallup without seasonal adjustment, was 7.8% for the month of November, up significantly from 7.0% for October. Gallup's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate is 8.3%, nearly a one-point increase over October's rate.
   Huh. Wonder what's going on there. Not.
  And then there's that artificial propping up by more hiring of more belligerent government workers whose unemployment number is.... 3.8%.

Republicans: stop this game of chicken

  I really can't tolerate much more of the "fiscal cliff" chatter. Who's that Imus sidekick who said listening to all the nattering about it is like listening to fingernails on a chalkboard?
  Rush says it's all political theater and he's right but, to be honest, I can't listen to Rush much right now. I know that he's right that at some point we'll all get back to hard core politics listening but it ain't now.
  The talk is all baloney, that's for sure.
  Obama has a sick, sick, sick fixation with trashing successful people in this country; some of those successful people have a sick, sick, sick fixation with following his lead on just about everything, probably due to guilt. Warren Buffett is another matter, considering he profits from his own suggestions.
  If Obama were honest, which he's not, he'd admit that his "plan," whatever it is since he doesn't really SHARE that information with anyone, and which doesn't have enough votes in the Senate to pass anything anyway, his "plan" of taxing the rich won't provide enough "revenue" as they like to call our effort/tax dollars/lives to keep this enormous monstrosity of a "government" running anyway.
  And informed voters know that even if the government confiscated all the money from the rich you couldn't even run the government for a year. Watch and see:
  These people aren't serious about balancing this mess, Republicans or Democrats, or they'd be vested with the same anxiety that Tea Partiers have.
  So that's why I support this proposal.
  Let 'em have what they want. Let the Democrats own the economy they've created.
  This is hardball, after all, something Republicans don't seem to understand or know how to play.
  Buckley over at The Spectator sums it up here:
In the short run, our watchword must be “No surrender.” I would have supported a “Grand Bargain” had Romney won and our side taken the Senate, one which traded a modest increase in taxes in return for major cuts against current spending, say on the ratio of one to six. No more. The lesson from the 1980s is that every extra dollar from increased tax revenues disappears down a sinkhole of increased wasteful spending, if Democrats have anything to say about spending. One can’t trust them, and any deal with them makes patsies of us. 
Republicans cannot credibly threaten to shut down the government and look foolish when they try to do so. That apart, they should do nothing to take responsibility for the looming shipwreck of fiscal irresponsibility. Democrats broke it. Let them own it.
  You can read the rest of Buckley's article here, though be warned it's pretty depressing in the short run.
  Gotta love those Obama warnings about not doing this or that or something bad will happen because His Highness does not wish it so.
  So play hard ball, Republicans.
  Do it.
  Just vote present. Let 'em have what they want.
  What's the worst that can happen? Uh, don't answer that. 
  That is, worse than what Obama's already got lined up for us.
  Give him what he wants, watch the pain and be ready to pick up the pieces.