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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Obama playing a high risk game: will he win or lose?

  Apparently all the digs at Obama are getting to him. Numerous catcalls about Obama claim he is "lawless" or "incompetent" so he rushed out in front of the cameras in front of his little presidential podium and claimed the US is imposing sanctions on Russia, even though sales are UP since he announced the sanctions.
  What I found interesting is Obama making these pronouncements in front of the presidential helicopter; to me, this behavior indicated something deeply psychological about his reaction. It's as if the majestic background of the White House wasn't enough. Instead he needed the "support" and strength of a military backdrop because he is perceived as weak and ineffectual.
  Sure, maybe he was on his way to a fundraiser among friendlies  to blast those with whom he disagrees, but still.
  It's hard to understand the grinning jackanapes cheering and clapping behind the recent Obama appearances. He only appears in front of them, because he knows there he will actually look like people still like him.
  But there they stand, seemingly unaware that they look like fools.
  Elsewhere on the web, we see lots of conservative handwringing over apparent public apathy regarding Obama's executive order government and the indifference over the mess he and Democrats are making of the country and economy.
  I suspect something else is going on.
  First, conservatives traditionally do not force their way into public discourse as Leftists do. That is the nature of being conservative. We haven't had an election recent enough to verify the energy behind public sentiment.
  It's often difficult to argue with Leftist publicly because you are accused of being racist, etc., thus conservatives tend not to be as pushy as Leftists.
  And who is our voice? If you think about the constant push from Hollywood, their dreary products, the Leftist press, academia and the constant harping by idiots like Barbara Lee and Nancy Pelosi, it's pretty amazing there are that so many people who oppose Obama.
  My other observations are anecdotal but appropriate, I think.
  Have you looked at the comments sections of articles critical of Obama on liberal news sites like Politico and The Hill?
  Except for the buffoonish New York Times, comments are running overwhelmingly negative about Obama. There's an awful lot of energy against him, countered only by a few Democrats, possibly part of the White House employees cartel paid by taxpayers to pump propaganda into the mainstream.
  In addition, though our blog is small and not widely read, it is remarkable the numbers of Twitter followers we add every day.
  Unlike the White House, we do not participate in phony programs to pump up our Twitter followers so our numbers are modest.
  But there has been a substantial uptick in recent days that indicates to me that something is going on. 
  Of course, there's always the cheating problem we come across with Democrats. They will do anything to win, including stopping the use of voter ID and importing millions of illegals to swing the vote.
  But in recent days, even the Jesse Jacksons of the world have been noticing that this influx of low skilled illegal immigrants will take from the system and flood the job market (not to mention the welfare roles) with cheap labor.
  This is a high risk game Leftists are playing; it has nothing to do with the health of the country and everything to do with gaining power over the lives of others.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wendy Davis is losing among women

I earlier wrote about Alison Lundergan Grimes' inability to grab the women's vote in her quest to become Kentucky first women senator. At least Grimes is able to eke out a 1 point lead among women where as Wendy Davis actually trails Greg Abbott in the Texas governor race in that gender category. Abbott leads Abortion Barbie 50% to 34% among all voters and 40% to 38% among women according to the CBS News/NYT/You Gov poll. If there is a silver lining in this dark cloud for Davis she can point out that she does win in the 18-34 age bracket while losing in all other age groups and she prevails among Hispanics 42% to 34%. Never mind that both of these groups have a rather casual attraction to mid term elections.
One suspects the Davis campaign has always been all smoke and no fire. Like Grimes she played well in Hollywood but not so much at home. Her Hollywood support comes from the likes of Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Garner, Matt Damon, Leonard Nemoy, Barbara Streisand, and Tom Hanks. The political action committee, Battleground Texas was set up by former Obama campaign operatives for her and her list of institutional donors include the usual suspects; Emily's List, SEIU Cope, and Planned Parenthood. Her campaign would be great for California but it doesn't play in Texas.

Obama approval rating at 72% - among Muslims

Who loves Obama the most? Muslims do. Hell, he doesn't poll that well among Democrats.

Correct, Alison, It is hard to tunnel under the Iron Dome

Did you ever try to tunnel under the Iron Dome? It would be impossible or at least very difficult if you believe Alison Lundergan Grimes. She was quoted by as saying;
"Obviously, Israel is one of our strongest allies in the Middle East, and she has the right to defend herself," Grimes said. "But the loss of life, especially the innocent civilians in Gaza, is a tragedy. The Iron Dome has been a big reason why Israel has been able to withstand the terrorists that have tried to tunnel their way in.
Who is her foreign policy advisor? Pajama Boy? Maybe when she gets to Washington Sheila Jackson Lee can show her where Neil Armstrong planted the American flag on Mars.

Why Liberals reach the tops of their professions

I needed a good laugh today.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Where is Kentucky's gender gap?

The latest Bluegrass poll gives Mitch McConnell a 2 point edge over his Democratic challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes. McConnell leads 47 percent to 45 percent. This is the first time McConnell has led in this poll but it shows steady momentum for Kentucky's senior senator. In a Bluegrass Poll released in February, Grimes was ahead of McConnell 46 percent to 42 percent. In May, pollsters added potential third-party candidates Ed Marksberry and David Patterson, but Grimes maintained a razor-thin lead of 43 percent to 42 percent.
With a bruising primary in the rear view mirror McConnell is leading a united Republican Party. Matt Bevin, McConnell's Tea Party challenger, has turned his attention to raising money for state legislator in hopes of capturing the state house for the first time since the 1920's.
National Democrats were adamant that Kentucky chose a woman to face McConnell. At first they courted Ashley Judd thinking that she may have picked up the makings of a senator in drug rehab but when Judd said no the honor fell to Grimes. So where are the women? There is no gender gap in Kentucky. Among women Grimes leads McConnell by a single point; 47percent to 46 percent. When libertarian candidate David Patterson is added to the field both McConnell and Grimes pull 39 percent of the female vote.
There is nothing like a young fresh race to attract younger voters. Sure! At 72 McConnell is as attractive as a fence post but that's good for the millennials. Among the 18 to 34 age group McConnell draws 49 percent to the attractive, 35 year old Grimes' 45 percent. To give credit were credit is due the GOP owes a huge debt of gratitude to President Obama who can boast of a hefty 28 percent approval rating in the Bluegrass State. 

Monday, July 28, 2014

For privacy turn off your cell as you enter Nevada

Pew Research produced this interesting graphic.It shows the number of authorized wiretaps broken down by state. There doesn't seem to be any red state, blue state dichotomy nor is any one region of the country most apt to be bugged. The top 4 states account for about half of the wiretaps and contain about a quarter of the country's population. What is up with Nevada? Pew cannot discern any reason and Nevada law enforcement would not reply but most were issued in Clark County, which contains Las Vegas.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Think Progress falls for Michele Bachmann hoax

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Oops! Think Progress falls for another hoax. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann did not propose sending the unaccompanied immigrants to a forced labor camp. The post reads in part:
Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) has an unusual solution to the crisis of unaccompanied migrant children coming across America’s southern border: put them in camps and put them to work.
KCTV7 News in Kansas City reported last week that Bachmann proposed the idea of “Americanization Facilities” where the children would be put to work to pay off the costs of their past, present and futures care. In exchange, the children would also be fast-tracked on a path to citizenship. “I’m calling on all of us, Obama and Congress and everyone, to chip in and build special new facilities… ‘Americanization facilities,’ if you will,” Bachmann told Minnesota’s Twin Cities News Talk. “And we’d send these kids to these facilities, in Arizona and Texas and wherever else. And we’d get private sector business leaders to locate to those facilities and give these children low-risk jobs to do. And they’d learn about the American way of life, earn their keep, and everyone wins in the end.”

In Boston 5,000 turn out to protest the invasion of the unaccompanied

The surprise of seeing 5,000 angry anti illegal immigration demonstrators on Beacon Hill probably in itself won't change many congressional minds but it is a harbinger of stormy townhall sessions soon to come. The event was triggered by Governor Devil Patrick's invitation to 1,000 unaccompanied minors to come up and hang out in the Bay State for up to 4 months on an all expenses paid vacation. While such a backlash may have been expected in California or Texas it's hard to believe anyone saw this coming. One thousand is 1,000 too many in a state that for years has had a cavalier mind set on illegal immigration. If only Patrick would confine illegal immigration to extended Obama family members the population might be placid but the public, more so than politicians, is aware of the limits of public monies to finance the Governor's big hearted endeavor to put the wishes of non voters above those of the voters. A Boston Globe poll found that while 50% support the governor's plan and 43% oppose it only 39% thought the state should spend its money on the plan and 57% thought there should be no state spending.

Eleven miles to the north, the city of Lynn has already felt the invasion of the unaccompanied. Its public schools are inundated by presumed children.
“Some of them have had gray hair and they’re telling you that they’re 17 years old and they have no documentation,” Jamie Cerulli, the Lynn mayor’s chief of staff, tells NRO. “If my children went to the public schools, I’d be very uncomfortable with all of these unaccompanied minors [that] are placed in the ninth grade.”
Mayor Judith Kennedy explained her city's plight to Fox News.

Sadly Mayor Kennedy's best efforts are not good enough to satisfy an immigrant population that is imbued with the third world ethic. The United States government owes me a living. This altercation occurred after Mayor Kennedy told a local Fox affiliate the city was tapped out. “it’s gotten to the point where the school system is overwhelmed, our Health Department is overwhelmed, the city’s budget is being substantially altered in order to accommodate all of these admissions in the School Department.”
The though that the city might have limited resources was too much for immigration activists to bear. They were outraged. How dare the elected representative of Lynn's residents put the tax paying voters' needs above those of the illegals! Listen as the representative of the illegals demands to know what the mayor has done for them.

It could be that the Obama administration, Governor Patrick, and the illegals have a less than precise interpretation of the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008. A minor arriving at the border with family in the United States is not unaccompanied under that law. The Center for Immigration Studies writes;
Federal law defines an “unaccompanied alien child” as a person who “has no lawful immigration status in the United States” and “has not attained 18 years of age” and does not have “a parent or legal guardian in the United States”.12 The last part of this definition is significant in that available data, described earlier, suggest most of the children coming across the border either arrive with family or have a parent or guardian in the United States. In fact, federal officials have been transporting children to these guardians.
Eventually an impacted area such as Lynn may sue HHS if it tries to force an unwanted horde of illegals in. Almost any court would have to admit that the city of Lynn has suffered damages under the current interpretation of the law. One doubts if the Obama administration would care to defend it immigration policy in court.

You are what you eat-sort of

Surprise! If you work for minimum wage you will probably have to do your own laundry. Little facts like that always seem to  trip up liberal politicians whenever they play the hunger games. In a sympathetic post, Trading power lunches for canned tuna in U.S. minimum wage bid, bordering on blatant propaganda Reuters writer Annika McGinnis chronicles the long suffering Rep. Jan Schakowsky's attempt to live on minimum wage. "On her minimum-wage budget, Schakowsky can’t afford to pick up her laundry from the cleaners. She’s concerned about the $14.50 she’ll spend on gasoline driving to her granddaughter’s birthday party and even the 49 cents to mail her grandson a postcard at summer camp."
It's easy to make the case that many of the programs that Schakowsky voted for make living on minimum wage more challenging such as increased food prices due to ethanol mandates and energy efficiency standards built into the price of appliances and automobiles but that would be well beyond the scope of this post.

Last week Schakowsky took her case to Twitter where she tweeted her low income diet.

This did not go unnoticed at Twitchy which put forth this
acerbic post, aptly entitled Live Jan Schakowsky’s wage for a week’: Elitism inspires snark-fest. Elitism? Could it be that people don't know the real Jan Schakowsky? I'm sure they dined on tuna and egg salad sandwiches here.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Older and wiser Americans support Israel

Notice the positive correlations between support for Israel's action and age and in academic attainment levels.

Jonathan Gruber's "evolving" position on state healthcare exchanges

Halbig v. Burwell and King v. Burwell produced different decisions over the same issue namely did Congress intentionally write the law as it it intended and now has the devil to pay for it attempt to bully the states into establishing health insurance exchanges or was the law so poorly written as to require a rule from HHS to clarify the meaning. The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in King essentially ruled that Congress meant well it but just had a hard time expressing itself and ruled in favor of the Obama administration. In the DC Circuit a 3 judge panel ruled that it could not judge the intent of Congress and a fair reading of the ACA text indicated that subsidies are to be paid only when insurance was issued on a state exchange. The Obama administration will appeal this decision to the full court which has recently been packed by 3 newly Obama appointed judges made possible by Harry Reid's change in the filibuster rule. The pending loss of Halbig makes it less likely the Supreme Court will accept the case on appeal but only 4 justices are required for the Court to accept an appeal and new information-not admissible evidence-but he sort of thing judges are apt to read in the newspaper may prompt the conservative wing of the Court to accept the appeal.
Jonathan Gruber of MIT was the designer of Romneycare. He is reported to have been paid $400,000 by the Obama White House to act as a consultant when Obamacare was being considered and was then loaned to Congress to aid in drafting that God awful mess. Twice Gruber has been caught on camera saying that the text of the law meant exactly what it said. Congress reasoned that the states would cave to the voters' demand that they establish healthcare exchanges and it was the intent of Congress to force the Governors to make that choice. Thanks to some good internet snooping we have Professor Gruber in his own words.

Yes indeed the politics can get ugly and Gruber drives that point home in the next video. The timing of the speech is important. Gruber said this in January 2012. It wasn't until May 2012 that the IRS issued a rule, stating that subsidies would also be available to the states that joined the federal exchange. So at this point Gruber and the Democrats were running around the country confident that they and the Supreme Teleprompter Reader could cajole the states into setting up exchanges. It was only after they failed that HHS offered its interpretation of the law.

As of late Gruber acts as if he has been misquoted or at least misunderstood. It's hard to believe we are seeing the same person in the video below but he is right about the consequences of the Obama administration losing this case.

Friday, July 25, 2014

A real live ghost from Hillary's past!

On the surface the race to fill the seat of retiring GOP Frank Wolf looks especially commonplace. The Democratic candidate is a county executive judge and the Republican is a member of the Virginia House of Delegates. What makes this race especially delectable for the Republicans and causes visceral pangs among Democrats is the inconvenient fact that the Republican candidate, Barbara Comstock has a past. And what a past! Starting as aide to Senator Wolf, Comstock worked, and worked compulsively, her way up the ladder to become the lead investigator of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

The thought of having the one of the world's foremost authorities on White Water, Travelgate, Vince Foster, and Monica Lewinsky in a high profile position and at the beck and call cable television just as Hillary is anticipating her coronation as Queen of the Democrats keeps Clintonista Democrats awake at night. Governor Terry McAuliffe whom Comstock discovered was inviting big Democratic donors to White House sleep overs is raising funds for her opponent. She hauled McAuliffe before the House committee to explain the infamous Lincoln Bedroom Memo. In her roll as chief legal counsel for the committed she deposed both John Podesta and George Stephanopoulos.
The election has become a sort of proxy war among Washington insiders. Comstock enjoys the supports of Karl Rove, Ken Starr, Dan Burton and David Bossie of Citizens United while her opponent is the new found darling of practically the the entire Clinton administration.
“If she wins, she will no doubt practice the same politics of personal destruction she and her ilk practiced in the Clinton days,” whined Paul Begala, a noted Clinton hack.
One would certainly hope so.
Aside from being able to handle herself on television Comstock made herself the Genghis Kahn of congressional investigators with her ability to consume reams of subpoenaed documents and chart out patterns of facts and falsehoods. She worked relentlessly. Her friend, the late Barbara Olsen who died in the crash at the Pentagon on 9/11 offered this account in Hell to Pay: The Unfolding Story of Hillary Rodham Clinton, “We changed our locks; not even the cleaning crews had access to our tiny room, I generally arrived at 6:30 a.m. and tried to leave for home before 8:00 p.m. My colleague Barbara Comstock continued the vigil and wouldn’t leave until 4:00 a.m.”

She maybe just what House Democrats fear most; another Trey Gowdy.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Obama administration contemplates flying refugees to US

From the New York Times;
Hoping to stem the recent surge of migrants at the Southwest border, the Obama administration is considering whether to allow hundreds of minors and young adults from Honduras into the United States without making the dangerous trek through Mexico, according to a draft of the proposal.
If approved, the plan would direct the government to screen thousands of children and youths in Honduras to see if they can enter the United States as refugees or on emergency humanitarian grounds. It would be the first American refugee effort in a nation reachable by land to the United States, the White House said, putting the violence in Honduras on the level of humanitarian emergencies in Haiti and Vietnam, where such programs have been conducted in the past amid war and major crises.
Now it becomes clear why the administration needs $3.7 billion to deal with the crisis. According to Senator Jeff Session the White House has huddled with the DOJ and the DHS to build a legal case for the executive order. The order could be issued as soon as September.

Regardless of how Americans may feel about the plan simply putting it forward with no discussion with anyone but fat cat donors is not apt to remedy the public distrust of government. It borders on dictatorial arrogance regardless of the dubious legalese that would accompany the order. If this sort of lawlessness is constitutional then the republic needs a new constitution. Voters have every right to demand to know why their senator and their congressman did not defend the constitution rather than capitulate to Obama.

Just words? Don’t tell me words don’t matter.

I guess it's because they try too hard. What else explains Democrats' chronic affinity for plagiarism? It wasn't always so. We remember the oratory of the Kennedy's. "Ich bin ein Berliner" which sustained a besieged city in its hour of need and "When I returned Mary Jo and the car were gone." which sustained Republican fund raisers for a generation. Some may complain that having Ted Sorensen as a speech writer and a ghost writer good enough to write Profiles in Courage was misleading and gave JFK a leg up but it is no more misleading than Bill Ayers ghost writing Dreams from my Father.
Then there was the matter of Obama's quoting, without attribution, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick.
“Don’t tell me words don’t matter, 'I have a dream'. Just words? ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal.’ Just words? ‘We have nothing to fear but fear itself.’ Just words? Just speeches?”
An adoring press allowed Obama to slip the noose on that account and the President had the foresight so seal every word he wrote in his academic career.
In 1988 Senator Joe Biden was forced to drop out of the presidential primary when he was caught plagiarizing British Labor Party leader Neil Kinnock with some rubbish about his Irish ancestors who worked all day and played football all night. Then it came to light that he was a serial plagiarist having lifted clever lines from Robert Kennedy and Hubert Humphrey.
With Democratic politicians it not a question of when-soon but rather who will be the next plagiarist.

Democrats were thrilled when John Walsh was selected to fill out retiring Montana Senator Max Baucus' term. Here was a man who didn't hate the military but had actually served in Iraq. Imagine the chagrin when the Senator was outed by none other than the New York Times for having extensively plagiarized his master's thesis at the United States Army War College. Incredibly the very first sentence was flagged for improper attribution and it goes down hill from there.
To quote from the Times;
Most strikingly, each of the six recommendations Mr. Walsh laid out at the conclusion of his 14-page paper, titled “The Case for Democracy as a Long Term National Strategy,” is taken nearly word-for-word without attribution from a Carnegie Endowment for International Peace document on the same topic.
It was not just a sentence here and a paragraph there. The Times finds about 25% of the essay lacked proper attribution. View it here and you will agree it's lean on originality. Will Walsh pay a price? Probably not as the Real Clear Politics average of polls has him trailing Republican Steve Daines by 12.5 points.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

CNN poll: Less than 1 in 5 better off because of Obamacare

The latest CNN/ORC poll finds Obama underwater with only 42% approving and 55% disapproving of his job performance. His approval is down one point since the last poll but at least he can pride himself on doing better than his signature legislation, Obamacare. Only 40% approve of Obamacare while 59% disapprove.
When asked the question:
From what you know of that legislation, do you think you and your family are, in general, better off, worse off or about the same now that the major provisions of the health care law have taken effect?
Less than 1 in 5 of respondents answered they were better off-18% while 35% answered worse off (about 1 in 3) and 46% saw no change. I like those odds going into the midterm elections. Almost twice as many people are harmed than helped by the law. By November the influx of illegals could abate and things could settle in the Middle East but this issue has staying power. When more people make the connection to cuts in Medicare's Home Health Services and cuts to Medicare Advantage and Obamacare more will feel harmed. It's smart politics for Republicans to vehemently campaign against Obamacare and I'm sure both parties know that.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Medicare Advantage Cuts Hurt!

Medicare Advantage first came into existence in 1997 as part of Balanced Budget Act of 1997. As is the case in compromise the Democrats dropped their opposition to Advantage in order to reach a budget compromise that President Clinton could sign. It has never been popular among Democrats as it is administered by private insurers and the billing is not run through CMS. While passing Obamacare the Democrats took the opportunity to cut $156 billion over 10 years from the program and now the effects are beginning to hurt senior Americans.
Thousands of primary-care doctors and specialists across the country have been terminated from privately run Medicare Advantage plans, sparking a battle between doctors who say patient care is being threatened and insurers that insist they have to reduce costs and streamline their operations. Just as in Obamacare, insurance companies must reduce their provider networks to contain costs.
About 30% of Medicare beneficiaries are enrolled in Medicare Advantage. Cuts to Medicare Advantage helped fund the ACA's coverage expansion, which you might remember was a central part of the GOP attack during the 2012 campaign. Republicans refined their narrative in the special congressional election in Florida's district 22 where a nobody Republican named David Jolly defeated Democratic rising star, super star Alex Sink. In that district 22% of the electorate is over age 64. Voter turnout in this year's mid term will most likely mimic the electorate demographic of Florida 22.
In the blowout year of 2010 61% of citizens age 65 and older voted, the best turnout of any age group. More than half (54 percent) of those ages 55 to 64 also cast a ballot. Those under age 45 are much less likely to vote. Just 37 percent of 25- to 44-year-olds made it to the polls in November 2010. And not even a quarter (21 percent) of the youngest citizens—ages 18 to 24—entered a voting booth in 2010. That trend seems to be holding this year. In the Illinois Democratic primary with a hotly contest governor's race just 19,000 voters under age 45 made it to the polls in the city of Chicago. That city has a population of about 2.7 million.
Properly framed the cuts to Medicare Advantage have the potential to be the major issue in the fall elections. Every senior has a vested interest in Medicare and almost a third of seniors have Medicare Advantage. This popular program has been ravaged by the pure vindictiveness of the Obamacare supporter in Congress. They need to go! Medicare Advantage rates differ from from one geographical area to another depending on the age of the Medicare pool. To see how deeply it has been cut in your area click on the box below.


Inspiration! Located on the campus of Acuity Insurance in Sheboygan, Wisconsin stands the country's newest and tallest flagpole. It stands 400 feet and weighs 420,000 pounds

Flagpole Facts:
  • 400-foot flagpole weighs approximately 420,000 pounds
  • There are two versions of the 60- by 120-foot flag:
    - 220 pound flag is flown during normal conditions
    - 350 pound flag is flown during harsher weather
  • Each star is 3 feet high and each stripe is 4 1/2 feet wide
  • 680 cubic yards of concrete used in foundation
  • Over 500 gallons of paint cover the pole
  • 11-foot diameter at base tapers to 5 1/2-foot diameter at top
  • Three pendulum-style tuned mass dampers reduce movement and vibration
  • Designed to withstand a low temperature of -42°F

Pew: 84% of young illegal immigrants are teenagers

Using data obtained via FOIA inquiries Pew Research has put together the first comprehensive profile of the wave of illegal immigrants entering the U.S. Although children under 12 is the fastest growing segment among minors 84% are teenagers. The 12 and under group has grown 117% and increased from 39,759 for all of fiscal year 2013 to 46,932 from October of 2013 to May of 2014. The largest percentage of the young children among total immigrants come from Honduras, 27% and El Salvador, 22%.
The term "unaccompanied" requires some elucidation especially when it is reported that 1% (94 cases) of apprehended unaccompanied children are younger than 1, and about 2% (785) are 5 or younger. ICE labels children as unaccompanied when they are not with a parent or guardian so a child traveling with an aunt, grandparent, or older sister, regardless of age would be reported as un accompanied.
Read the entire post here.

July 26 Ohio statewide Liberty Event

Another state wide event opportunity from the Northwest Ohio Conservative Coalition, July 26:
  Liberty is ALIVE in 2014! Lets get together and keep fighting for liberty in Ohio! This will be a good opportunity to better equip your tool box.  
  We have a great line up, networking and lunch planned. Learn what others are working on across the state that you and your group can get involved in. Please feel free to invite other patriots and conservatives. All
are welcome as we gather on Saturday, July 26th, in Lewis Center, Ohio.
Saturday, JULY 26, 2014
10:00 am - 3:30 pm
Includes Lunch (donations accepted)
Admission is free but please Click Here to reserve your spot on  Eventbrite.
To see the full agenda, speakers and details, please click here to see the flyer.
Questions?  Call (740) 837-4593

Sponsored by the Ohio Liberty Coalition

Tonight---We Will Not Conform!

From the NWO Conservative Coalition, a reminder that We Will Not Conform will be shown at Fallen Timbers and Franklin Park:
On Tuesday, July 22 at 8p.m., theaters across America will be featuring a live town hall sponsored by Glenn Beck titled, "We Will Not Conform." This simulcast will deal with the subject of how to stop Common Core.  Showing at both Fallen Timbers and Franklin Park. 

Let's fill the theaters and capitalize on meeting other Ohioans concerned about Common Core. This will be a great opportunity to build our group and our force for repeal. Please see exciting details below and get your tickets today!

Join fellow concerned Ohioans at one of Ohio's thirty-two locations for an evening of discussion and action to defeat Common Core in Ohio and nationwide. This will be a live, interactive simulcast, intended to draw on the successful work of grassroots efforts going on in states across the country. Various leaders of the anti-Common Core movement - including state grassroots leaders along with conservative media and organizations - will headline the event live from the Dallas studios into over 650 theaters across the country. Get tickets here. (\

Ohio is receiving particular attention for the event.  As the bellwether state, Ohio's repeal status is of significant national importance. We have the fourth largest number of theater locations, and the highest among states with active, viable repeal legislation. Heidi Huber, leader of Ohioans Against Common Core, will be part of the live production from Dallas as a member of the Grassroots Desk along with Emmett McGroarty of The American Principles Project, Heather Crossin of Hoosiers Against Common Core and Dana Loesch, conservative talk show host and star of "Dana" on The Blaze TV Network. Other desks include - 'Political' with Jenni White of Oklahoma and David Barton, 'Education Alternatives' with Dr. Terrence Moore and Pat Gray, 'Research' with Shane Vander Hart of "Truth in American Education" and 'PR' with Michelle Malkin and Steve Deace.

Ohioans Against Common Core has a team covering every location who will be distributing information on the truth behind Common Core and Ohio's effort towards full repeal. Just look for the team wearing red "No Common Core" t-shirts with #DischargeOhHB237 on the back!  There will also be several locations where Ohio House Members will join in, welcoming constituents and sharing why they have signed the Sub HB237 Discharge Petition and joined the effort. They will also be donning the matching t-shirt, so please make sure to thank them and acknowledge their support to END COMMON CORE IN OHIO! A special THANK YOU to Rep. Andy Thompson and Rep. John Adams for leading the legislative charge for repeal!

A do over for Justice Roberts? Very likely

Chief Justice John Roberts' chances for a do over on Obamacare got a quantum boost today as a 3 judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ruled 2 to 1 against the Obama Administration. The administration is certain to ask the full Court of Appeals to reverse the panel's decision, which for now does not have the rule of law. If the full court affirms the panel's decision it's back to the Supreme Court again. Today's ruling endorsed the interpretation of the Affordable Care Act that argues that the subsidies are illegal because ACA does not explicitly empower a federal exchange to offer subsidized coverage, as it does in the case of state-created exchanges.
In his dissent, Judge Harry Edwards called the case a "not-so-veiled attempt to gut" Obamacare. Really? Damn perceptive!
If upheld, the ruling could lead many, if not most of those subsidized customers to abandon their health plans sold on because they no longer would find them affordable without the often-lucrative tax credits. And if that coverage then is not affordable for them as defined by the Obamacare law, those people will no longer be bound by the law's mandate to have health insurance by this year or pay a fine next year.
The consequences of today's ruling do not stop with the individual subsidies. They pretty much deep six Obamacare completely as they would nullify the employer mandate in the 36 states that did not set up health care exchanges. That is because starting next year when all employers with 50 or more full-time workers must offer affordable insurance to their employees or face fines the fines only kick after an employer's workers buy subsidized insurance on a state exchange not on In short, no state exchange; no fine.
Many in the media make much of the fact that Democratic appointed judges outnumber Republican appointed judges in the DC circuit of appeals. Supposedly all federal judges place allegiance to their respective parties above their oath to uphold the constitution and the law. Some judges probably do but even should the Obama Administration prevail in the full court that still leaves the plaintiff the option of appealing to the Supreme Court. Considering the court's new found antipathy to Obama's overreach it is likely the court would hear the appeal. Today's opinion merely confirms that the letter of the law prevails over HHS rule making when they conflict. 

Hooray! Rep. Dingell knows what a Kardashian is

There should be some middle ground between Barack Obama and Congressman John Dingell. Obama uses the presidency as a route to celebrity status. If Steven Douglas would rather be right than president Obama would rather be famous than president. One the other hand Dingell must be impervious to popular culture.

Yes, that's what a staff is for!

Yo Hillary, thanks for the memories

MSNBC guest Mark Halperin says that Hillary Clinton has lost control of her public image. This is tantamount to losing an uncontested election. Hillary had complete control over her carefully choreographed book tour. She controlled the scheduling of events and selected which interviews to do and which to refuse and still blew it. One might divine a great public wish to simply forget her. Book sales were a colossal belly flop and as soon as Madame Secretary ventured into the public light her approval numbers tanked. She will not be her party's candidate in 2016.

IRS: More hard drive crashes but maybe Lerner's emails can be found

Maybe it would be easier to name the IRS employees who did not crash their hard drives. In a segment of testimony released by Congressman Darrell Issa IRS Deputy Associate Chief Counsel Thomas Kane cast doubt on the assertion that Lois Lerner's emails were irretrievably lost and then added 4 more IRS employees who had experienced computer trouble. The 4 employees, naturally, worked in the EO (Exempt Organization) but in a new twist in this high tech thriller two of the employees worked in the Cincinnati office. Kane said he was uncertain how many employees had computer trouble but the the number was “less than 20”.
This invites suspicion of a criminal conspiracy and the 4 named conspirators are: Andy Megosh, Kimberly Kitchens, Justin Lowe, and David Fish. From the Washington Post, 6 questions about the IRS’s missing emails, from IT experts.
What happened to the IRS’s IT asset managers who appear to have disappeared at a key juncture?
Ordering the destruction of a hard drive and documenting that process would be handled by trained, certified IT asset managers, according to IAITAM. But the group’s records show that at least three IRS IT asset managers were shuffled out of their positions around the time of the May 2013 inspector general’s report that detailed the agency’s targeting practices. IAITAM said investigators need to “determine if these in-house IT asset managers were removed from the picture as the IRS email investigation heated up.”
IAITAM stands for International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers, a professional group that trains IT asset managers and develops industry best practice standards.
So as hard drives were crashing on the news that the Inspector General was about to blow the lid off the scandal the IRS was busy moving IT managers away from the scene of the crime? And we are to be grateful that "less than 20" hard drives crashed? As IT specialists are not under the purview of the EO their removal would have had to come from higher in the IRS. Another question raised in the Washington Post article was why were the emails from Lerner's Blackberry erased when her hard drive failed.
The good news from Kane's testimony is Lerner's emails may not be lost after all.
Kane: There is an issue as to whether or not there is a ‑‑ that all of the backup recovery tapes were destroyed on the 6‑month retention schedule.
Investigator: So some of those backup tapes may still exist?
Kane: I don’t know whether they are or they aren’t, but it’s an issue that’s being looked at. 
Kane oversees the document retrieval process for Congress but he is aware that two federal judges have ordered the IRS to explain in writing and under oath the loss of Lerner's emails. It is not surprising that he would begin to walk back Commissioner Koskinen's testimony that they are gone. Knowing the history and temperament of Judges Walton and Sullivan, Kane and the IRS should understand that either they produce the emails or a special prosecutor will.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Hillary's chances sink lower

  It looks to me like Hillary! is getting dumped by both factions in the Democrat party and the press; perhaps this is because some nasty stuff is emerging about her.
  Or perhaps it's because riding Obama's coattails puts one downwind of a pretty terrible smell.
  Or perhaps it's because Democrats are panicking.
  Or perhaps it's because Hillary'! is a pretty unlikeable person and a terrible politician.
  What nasty stuff, you ask, innocently, as if the Clintons haven't been carrying pretty nasty luggage for their entire political lives.
  Well, for one thing Hillary is known for mistreating the FBI, the military and anyone who gets in her way or is assigned to "protect" her. Unfortunately that info's re-emerging, even as we hear that Old Bill has a regular mistress who visits their home when Hillary's out with Huma.
  Now it's been leaked to the press that the Clintons lobbied against the bumbling David Shuster of MSNBC, to the extent that they set the bumbling Shuster up to get fired.
  Then there's the push by the moonbats to draft Fauxcahontas Elizabeth Warren, who's farther left than Obama, if it's possible. 
  (Don't get me started on the hypocritical Elizabeth Warren's protestations that student loans are unreasonable, given that she was the beneficiary of a salary of "$429,981 as a Harvard law professor from 2010 to 2011 and got nearly $134,000 in consulting fees on legal cases in 2010." This was for teaching one class.)
  Anyway the press seem to be piling up the negative Hillary reviews and jonesing for Warren. Her book sure bombed.
  Benghazi haunts. 
  She is perceived as "unqualified," not unlike her former boss, whose ratings are about the same as Hillary's.
  And wow. That red reset button with Russia. That's really proven to be fruitful, eh? 
  Even turns out that button was "an emergency stop button that had been hastily pilfered from a swimming pool or Jacuzzi at the hotel ."
  That would be stolen, in Midwest lingo.
  Perhaps that is why Hillary! is hinting around that maybe she just wants to "stay home, have teas", be a grandma and bake cookies instead of run for POTUS.
  It sure looks like the press is moving on, in addition to her Clinton-fatigued party.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Australia disappoints Al Gore

Oh happy day!
"Today, the tax that you voted to get rid of is finally gone: a useless, destructive tax which damaged jobs, which hurt families' cost of living and which didn't actually help the environment," said Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott. He was speaking of Australia's carbon tax that levied $22.60 on each ton of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere.

“The decision to repeal Australia's nationwide price on carbon is, as I said last month, a disappointing step for a country that continues to experience the worsening consequences of the climate crisis,” moaned Al Gore.
The Melbourne Harold Sun accused Gore of meddling in internal Australian politics to secure his investment in Generation Investment Management, which manages and advises on green investments of the kind Gore’s climate scare mongering helps whip up.
With Canada having withdrawn from the Kyoto protocol in 2011, Japan forswearing nuclear power in favor of coal fired plants following the Fukushima disaster, and now Australia repealing its carbon tax it will be extremely hard for the US and EU to agree on carbon limits when they sit down next year. And that's an inconvenient truth!

Waterboarding poor Detroit

Few people speak with the moral authority of a comic book hero so naturally when Mark Ruffalo, who has played a comic book hero in the movies, issued a call for thousands to turnout to protest 300 people showed up. Hell, probably more than 300 people in Detroit still celebrate Fathers Day!

Anyway if you missed the national call to come to Detroit I'll try to catch you up on the human rights crisis in Detroit. Activist in Detroit have cried all the way to the United Nations arguing that access to drinking water is a human right. The counter argument is that if nobody pays his water bill Detroit can't have a water department.
To their credit some community leaders have tried to establish a regional water authority that would that would shift the burden of paying individual water bills to rate payers in adjacent counties thus freeing up much needed cash to buy comic books and view super hero movies but the outlying counties have been reluctant to participate probably due to excessive greed.
Currently there are about 92,000 households "at risk" of shutoff meaning that they have not paid their water bill in at least 2 months or that they owe more than $150. It's tantamount to the other scourge of the urban masses, "food insecurity".
So who is to blame for this crisis? Bank of America of and the Tea Party of course. It's tricky to understand why but they clear it all that up over at Truth-Out. The gist of it is that Detroit was not really bankrupt but was a victim of a "hostile corporate takeover" by Governor Rick Snyder and the Tea Party controlled state legislature at the behest of Wall Street bankers and the 1%. The motive? It's the dreaded "G" word, GENTRIFICATION! Yes, for some queer reason the 1% wants to turn Detroit into a playground for the rich and famous except for Ruffalo of course who will be on the road bemoaning the practice of fracking and the wealth that it creates.
Will no one help? Will the oppressed poor of Detroit be forced to pay their water bills? Not if Elizabeth Warren can help it. She evidently has a scheme to tax Wall Street and deliver the goods to the deserving poor in Detroit. Either that or the saintly Sandinista Senator from Massachusetts who fancies herself as a cross between Joan of Arc and Pocahontas is testing Detroit's water for a run at her party's presidential nomination.

The Tea Party and the IRS square off in 3 separate lawsuits

With the news that Judge Susan Dlott of the Southern District of Ohio has ruled that the Tea Party case against the IRS may proceed we can expect 2015 to be a newsworthy year. That brings to 3 the number of lawsuits which the IRS and in some cases high ranking federal employees must defend. The case termed NorCal Tea Party Patriots v IRS was filed in Cincinnati because that is the location of the IRS Tax Exempt Division. The plaintiffs ask the court to expand the suit to a class action suit and also seek damages from present and former IRS employees for violating the constitutional right of the plaintiffs. The employees are not named but rather are referred to as John Doe 1-100. The lead attorney is Edward Greim and the filing may be viewed here.
There are 2 cases now pending in U.S. District Judge Reggie B. Walton's court in Washington. Last week in True the Vote Inc v IRS Judge Walton ordered the IRS to explain in writing and under oath how Lois Lerner's emails were lost. Aside from the IRS the named defendants are; former IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman, Acting Commissioner Steven Miller, Lois Lerner, Susan Maloney, Ronald Bell, Janine L. Estes, Faye Ng and unknown employees of the IRS. These defendant have been sued in their individual capacities meaning that they, not the IRS will be required to pay should True the Vote prevail. Cleta Mitchell is the lead attorney and the filing may be viewed here.
The other case in Walton's court, Linchpins of Liberty v. United States is the is the most sweeping. Aside from the Linchpins of Liberty of Franklin, Tennessee 25 other Tea Party and 9/12 groups are represented. Both Attorney General Eric Holder and Secretary of the Treasury Jacob Lew are named as defendants in their official capacities. Steven Miller, Lois Lerner, and Holly Paz are sued in their personal capacities.
It gets personal here;
A. Under Count One, that this Court declare that the conduct of Defendants Miller,
Lerner, Paz, and the Unknown Named IRS Officials, while acting under color of federal authority,
violated the constitutional rights of Plaintiffs and award Plaintiffs compensatory and punitive
damages in an amount to be proved at trial against Defendants Miller, Lerner, Paz, and the
Unknown Named IRS Officials
for their violations of Plaintiffs’ constitutional rights
while acting under color of federal authority;
B. Under Count Two, that this Court declare that the conduct of Defendants Miller,
Lerner, Paz, and the Unknown Named IRS Officials, while acting under color of federal authority,
violated the constitutional rights of Plaintiffs and award Plaintiffs compensatory and punitive
damages in an amount to be proved at trial against Defendants Miller, Lerner, Paz, and Unknown
Named IRS Officials
for their violations of Plaintiffs’ constitutional rights committed while
acting under color of federal authority;
C. Under Count Three, that this Court declare that the conduct of Defendants Miller,
Lerner, Paz, and the Unknown Named IRS Officials, while acting under color of federal authority,
violated the constitutional rights of Plaintiffs and award Plaintiffs compensatory and punitive
damages in an amount to be proved at trial against Defendants Miller, Lerner, Paz, and the
Unknown Named IRS Officials
for their violations of Plaintiffs’ constitutional rights committed
while acting under color of federal authority;
This case is being handled the American Center for Law and Justice with Jay Sekulow as lead attorney. It may be viewed here.

The crappiest political ad ever?

Of all the crappy campaign videos we've seen this video from Ready for Warren takes the booby prize. It is unbelievably bad. Of course the fledgling draft Warren movement is strapped for cash but are they tone deaf?

Compare that ad to this ad from the Kesha Roger's campaign. The parody was written by Rogers and performed rather well by her and her staff. In the Texas Democratic primary for senater Rogers was able to force a runoff by spending just over $24,000 compared to her opponent's, David Alameel, outlay of $3,047,057.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Barack Obama: the empty chair presidency

  We asked a couple days ago if Obama is cracking up. This was before Obama's bizarre 49 second response to the destruction of a plane with almost 300 human lives, evocative of his equally strange response to the shootings at Fort Hood.
  Word had come through by 11:45 a.m. EST that the plane had been shot down.Daily Mail says that Obama "ignored a question" about the crash as he left for his fundraisers.
 You can see from his behavior that Obama took the murders to heart:
At approximately  12:50 pm, the motorcade stopped at the Charcoal Pit, a popular, established restaurant just north of Wilmington, Del. Known for its burgers and sundaes. Obama shook hands and mingled with many of the diners, stopping at one point to pick up seven-month old Jaidyn Oates, and pose for a photo.
He invoked Vice Presiident  Biden’s name a few names, noting to some diners, “Me and Joe, we share shakes all the time,” and to others, “Biden told me the burgers are pretty good.”
Just before hugging another young girl, whose mother lifted her across the booth to hug the president, Obama asked, “Do you give good hugs?”
At 1:01 pm Obama declared, “I’m starving!” He sat down to eat with Tanei Benjamin, who wrote the president  a year ago. The president ordered a 4-ounce “Pit special,”  which is burger with fries. He asked for it to be done medium well, and to have lettuce and tomato. He also asked for a  water with lemon.
  To cheers before his fundraising admirers, Obama at 2:10 declared that it "may have been a terrible tragedy" and that our "first priority" was to find out how many Americans were aboard. 
   Daily Mail says that Obama "ignored a question" about the crash as he left for the fundraiser and that as people watched his statement they were shocked, as I was:
Traveling in Denver, this reporter heard gasps from guests watching a hotel lobby television as Obama spoke. 
One remarked: 'A tragedy is when you lose control and fly into a mountainside. This is mass-murder. What a disappointment.'
His distance from reality is just bizarre,' said another.
  A few words later and Obama was off cracking jokes about inane subjects.
  I was running around getting ready for company when the news came across the wire about the plane; I leaned in to listen to Obama's broadcast response about the plane.
  I waited for something, something to indicate he had some connection with what happened. I was shocked and confused that he moved so quickly from the crash to cheerfully talking about politics to those who've paid to hear him knock Republicans.
  It was eerie, hearing the same kind of chillingly uninterested unemotional response that Obama seems to have toward the responsibilities of his office.
  His handlers quickly realized that Obama had made a fool of himself again and quickly sent minions out to assure the public that Obama was being kept informed, in the loop and scheduled a news conference for the following day, where Obama feigned limp concern thereby initiating more consternation among foreign policy analysts.
  This is the typical response to Obama's peculiar absences: he's being kept informed . 
  The President of the United States is nowhere to be found, but someone's filling him in on what's happening.
  Very reassuring.
  He's not just an embarrassment at this point; he's dangerous.
  He's also ruining the prospects of his party, as Americans everywhere except the New York Times readers are revolted by his narcissism and deliberate destruction of both American values and traditions.
  Obama currently calls himself "the bear" which Dan Bongino has labeled appropriate, considering that he's "hibernated throughout his presidency."
  Earlier in May, Obama, feeling the weight of the office, decided to surprise Washingtonians by walking around DC, droppin' his g's, and glad handing any baby that happened to be near by. 
  This, more than any other video, symbolizes the Obama presidency.

  Turns out Clint was right.
  This is the empty chair presidency.

Friday, July 18, 2014

A do over for Justice Roberts?

The fact that he once described Barack Obama as "the best student I ever had," makes one think that Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe has a propensity to exaggerate but if the professor's claim is true Chief Justice John Roberts may get a do over on Obamacare. In an opinion piece in the Boston Globe, A death blow for Obamacare? Tribe foresees the legality of the entire ACA law once again being decided in the Supreme Court. He notes that Justices Antonin Scalia, Anthony Kennedy, Clarence Thomas, and Samuel Alito oppose the law on philosophical grounds and probably will not be sympathetic to claims by the administration that the court should try to discern the intent of Congress rather than apply the letter of the law.
The issue is the language of the ACA that establishes the health care exchanges. The law reads that the states shall establish exchanges but when 36 states declined to do so HHS established a federal exchange in their stead. If the Court applies the law as written residents of the 36 states would not be eligible for premium subsidies but would be subject to the tax penalties for not having bought the overpriced insurance.
Opponents of Obamacare raised this question soon after the establishment of the federal exchange but attention focused on the individual mandate which Justice Roberts explained was really a tax and perfectly constitutional. Now this argument has come to the fore and once again the Obamacare may need Justice Robert's vote to survive. Let's hope he gets it right this time!

Tom Steyer's dark money machine targeted Ken Cuccinelli.

Environmental fraudster, billionaire Tom Steyer, has been named in an action against a media outlet by two liberal campaign reform groups, Common Cause and the Sunlight Foundation. The complaint targets Allbritton Communications, one of the two broadcasting companies that aired the ads which were paid for by Steyer’s political group, NextGen Climate Action. The plaintiffs charge that NextGen Climate Action is a front group for Steyer and that he is the sole contributor. The ads targeted gubernatorial candidate and former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.


Before you rush out to your local protest against illegal immigration today you may want to arm yourself with the facts. THE BORDER IS SECURE! We have that from the best authorities.

A majority of Americans wants illegals gone ASAP

There seems to be little public sentiment for allowing the recent wave of illegal immigrants to remain in the country. In the latest Pew poll just 28% of voters approve of Obama's handling of the border crisis with 56% disapproving and they want the aliens gone now. Overall 53% want the repatriation speeded up including 46% of Democrats.

A Rasmussen poll finds that 59% of voter want the illegal immigrants sent home as soon as possible.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cory Gardner Leads in Colorado Senate Race

A new Quinnipiac poll has Tea Party favorite Cory Gardner leading incumbent Senator Mark Udall by 2 percentage points; 44% to 42%. A previous poll by the same concern released April 24 had Udall up by a single point. In the Real Clear Politics average of polls Udall manages to hold a 1 point lead. The two point lead is, of course, within the margin of error so hypothetically the race is a tie.
Gravis Marketing conducted a random survey on 7/8-7/10 of 1106 registered voters in Colorado regarding statewide candidates. The s results of this survey are accurate at the 95% confidence and carries a margin of error of ±3. Gravis contacted registered voters using automated telephone calls.
Gravis Marketing first surveyed the US Senate race to find that Congressman Cory Gardner (R) leading Democratic Senator Mark Udall 47%-43% with the Libertarian candidate Gaylon Kent taking 6% in the poll. This seat is currently listed as a tossup in the average and is being seen as a must win race by both parties in order to maintain or take control of the US Senate.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Is Obama cracking up?

  We've noticed how strange Obama's behavior has become. 
  On one hand, he's acting like he's worked so hard for the last 6 years that he can't wait to get out of his current employment.
  OTOH, he's partying even more than usual.
  He now fancies himself as "the bear," which justifies lumbering into any and all venues where food and alcohol are present. This includes wandering up and down the streets of DC. (????)
  Most bizarre as the border is invaded by tens of thousands of illegal immigrants, between photo ops Obama took the time to declare he isn't interested in photo ops.
  Even the Leftist media is taking notice. WaPoo:
The president also seems genuinely impatient with the limitations of his office. He has started walking around D.C. for short stints, referring to himself in the third person as “the bear” as he walks across Lafayette Park or heads to a nearby Starbucks. In Austin this week, he reminisced about the time he roamed free in the Texas capital as a presidential candidate in February 2008.
  Obama's not happy with D.C., so in addition to the numerous golf outings every weekend and the fundraisers, he's planning on gettin' outta Dodge to reconnect with those people who still love him, a dwindling group, apparently. 
  Again from the WaPo:
“What I’ve said to my team is ‘Get me out of Washington,’ ” Obama said Wednesday night during a fundraiser in Austin. His summer schedule features out-of-town trips practically every week, including meetings between him and people who have written him personal letters.
The letters are “these thousands of acts of hope from you,” Obama told a crowd Wednesday in Denver’s Cheesman Park. “Cynicism is a choice, and hope is a better choice,” he said.
  We've known for a long time that Obama who is certainly NOT cynical feeds off the love of his admirers; indeed, he's probably his own greatest admirer, having said repeatedly that he's smarter than everyone in the room and he could also write better speeches than his speech writers. Aw, shucks.
  Typical of a spoiled child raised by doting--however communist--grandparents, Obama seems to be unable to function for long without someone in the audience fainting with adoration or screaming his name in a religious fervor.
  For example:
  Obama asked some guy if he's gay the other day in Austin and then fist bumped him in glee when he said yes.
  He allowed photo ops to be taken of the leader of the free world shooting pool, drinking beer and being offered a joint by some pothead.
  The other day, he revealed that he's finally telling the truth (ie, not lying anymore) now that he doesn't have to run for office again; then he promptly and breathtakingly lied by saying he's not partisan.
  He screamed to the crowd in Denver that they should all "have a picnic."
  I mean, seriously. The last couple speeches Obama's given have been juvenile, petulant, downright bizarre and quite revealing.
  Noemie Emery at the Washington Examiner is equally frustrated:
A.B. Stoddard of the Hill says in effect he has stopped being president and chooses to live in a world of his own, shutting out the problems that have become overwhelming, giving dinners where he talks about NBA ratings and where he will live when he leaves. And having stopped being president, he has also stopped being presidential -- Politico reported last week of a rally, "So punchy was he that he was leaning arms hanging off the front of his podium, telling a few hecklers to 'sit down' and instructing the Secret Service not to bother removing them, Obama said he was feeling liberated. ... 'I don't have to run for office anymore, so I can just let it rip,' he said."
  Ron Fournier at the National Journal notes that Obama repeatedly uses the words "I" "me" "my," so often that even Democrats are tired of him. 
  In one speech, he used these personal pronouns 199 times.
  Considering the mess the country and world are in, is it too much to ask that the POTUS at least act concerned?
  But no. 
  More parties.
  The New York Times sympathetically if somewhat skeptically views Obama's condition as "restless," and "weary" of obligations, which I guess we could term every teenager's desire to get away from their parents:
President Obama had just disembarked from Air Force One and was still on the tarmac in Rome when he turned to his host, John R. Phillips, the American ambassador to Italy, with an unexpected request: How about a dinner party tomorrow night?
Sometimes stretching into the small hours of the morning, the dinners reflect a restless president weary of the obligations of the White House and less concerned about the appearance of partying with the rich and celebrated. Freewheeling...
  The NYT quotes Iranian Valerie Jarrett, who is increasingly open about making executive White House decisions while planning Obama's parties, explains that these parties keep Obama "fresh" and his "mind open to new ideas." 
  Iranian born Jarrett, of course, once said that Obama is just "bored with life" because he's so smart:
“He knows exactly how smart he is. . . . I think that he has never really been challenged intellectually. . . . He’s been bored to death his whole life. He’s just too talented to do what ordinary people do. He would never be satisfied with what ordinary people do.”
  In addition to even the Leftist media realizing (stunningly) that things are not going well at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the American people are more and more skeptical of the disaster that has become the Obama White House.
  The question must be asked. Is he cracking up? Can he make it to 2016?
  One wonders.

And Marketwatch puts its two cents in. Left and Right agree:.
Unfair or not, the narrative of a president who has checked out is building momentum, and not just in the opposition press. Nor is there any sign that Obama intends to do anything about it, or even wants to. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Shock: Peggy Joseph has to pay her mortgage and gas for her car

  I have to admit I'm pretty shocked at the following video in which the (in)famous Obama supporter Peggy Joseph denounces Obama for the phony "Wizard" of Schlock that he is.
  Peggy, you'll recall, is the weepy dame who claimed that once Obama was elected she wouldn't have to pay her mortgage or gas bill.
  Sigh. We tried to tell her.
  Now that she's a racist like the rest of us who disagree with Obama, well, she's entered the world of reality, not the phony Utopia Obama is selling, as depicted in the new movie "There's No Place Like Utopia" released soon.
  What you will hear her say NOW is a pretty remarkable endorsement of the American Dream, hard work and the acquisition of political knowledge, something she admits she didn't have when she burst onto the national scene as the starry eyed Obamabot who believed the oceans would roll back in response to Obama's election.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Feds buy off churches in immigration battle

  It's not particularly surprising to find out that the Obama administration has been buying off Catholic and Baptist churches in anticipation of the surge of parentless children entering the US illegally from Central America.
  After all, doesn't everyone have a price? Well, not me and not a few other people I know but still.
  Liberty News has an exclusive:
Dec 2010 and Nov 2013, the Catholic Charities Diocese of Galveston received $15,549,078 in federal grants from Health & Human Services for “Unaccompanied Alien Children Project” with a program description of “Refugee and Entry Assistance.”
Last year, the Catholic Charities Diocese of Fort Worth received $350,000 from Department of Homeland Security for “citizenship and education training” with a program description of “citizenship and immigration services.”
Between September 2010 and September 2013, the Catholic Charities of Dallas received $823,658 from the Department of Homeland Security for “Citizenship Education Training” for “refugee and entrant assistance.”
From Dec 2012 to January 2014, Baptist Child & Family Services received $62,111,126 in federal grants from Health & Human Services for “Unaccompanied Alien Children Program.”
  We're seeing such magnanimity from church officials extended to people who are entering our country illegally because they're getting cold hard cash to do it.
    A couple called Rush the other day to complain that their Catholic church had called to ask them to "temporarily" house a few of these illegal entrants for a while. 
  Then there're the "brown shirts" of the BCFS who've taken over handling the children in many of these government camps, threatening medical personnel with "arrest" if they report what's really going on in the camps. 
  What does the acronym stand for? The rumor is that it's Baptist Children & Family Services, though you'd be hard pressed to discover that information from the company's website, which touts its extensive partnership with the government.
  Somehow I feel like the Obama administration is like an old Dr. Who episode, where robots carrying ominous syringes pursue a victim while droning, "Do not be alarmed! This is a kindness."
  These churches are presenting their actions as deeds of kindness, even while holding their hands out for government money. 
  This is just the way the unions, AARP and the health care industry were bought off to support Obamacare which will encourage "palliative" care as opposed to actual treatment for senior citizens. The ads are running even now. You may have seen the one with the word "radiation" crossed out and the word "dad" substituted, accompanied with a photo of a son embracing an ill father. Palliative care---pills---are cheaper than treatment.
  So who are you gonna believe when it comes to understanding the origin and resolution of the border insurgency?
  Me or your lyin'.....

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Paul Rodriguez Stuns Don Lemon of CNN

CNN's Don Lemon learned the danger of thinking in stereotypes. Comedian Paul Rodriguez is an immigrant who was born in Mexico therefore he must favor allowing the Latin American wet backs amnesty. He was very wrong.

Congressman thinks illegals should be processed in Latin America

Here's a novel idea that could end the crisis at the border. Start processing illegals in Central America. Texas Democratic Congressman Beto O’Rourke sounds more like P.J. O’Rourke than a United States Congressman. Damn, I think I have some 3rd cousins named O’Rourke. Anyway the Texas Congressman thinks it would be a clever idea to send the DHS into Latin America to process illegals in the comfort of their home countries so they could be expeditiously dispersed throughout the country without the long trek across Mexico. Hell, the US could charter planes and fly them to the destination of their choice where they could be met at the terminal by Glenn Beck or a surrogate who would give them bottled water and teddy bears and they could in turn give their new found friends head lice.

It's not the Republican Party that should fear illegal immigration

Speaker John Boehner seems to have momentarily found the rudiments of a backbone as of late. Greg Sargent of the Washington Post has called the passage of Obama's $3.7 billion in aid to Central American wet backs as a test of Boehner's leadership as if the Speaker was elected by the Republican majority to cajole them into fulfilling Obama's every want. As of yet Boehner has resisted his natural impulse to to buckle but as I said it may be momentary. If Boehner shares the Republican's ambition of regaining the Senate angering its base just months before an election is an odd way of going about it. Let the Democrats anger their base.
If Boehner does assent to this public shakedown rest assured the landscape will be cluttered with more or less permanent refugee camps replete with Enfamil and contraceptives on demand and rape counseling centers. They will be refilled with a ready supple of illegals as quickly as the populations are dispersed.
Who comprises this horde that the public has heard so much about but has strangely never seen? They may not be photographed or spoken to by the press or congressmen, they are allowed to fly public airlines without identification, something Americans citizens may not, and they have for sometime been dispersed throughout the country at taxpayer expense. All this secrecy invites suspicion. How old is the typical illegal? What country of origin? Have they been screened for gang membership and communicable diseases? By whom? When Glenn Beck brings his next truckload of food, water, teddy bears and soccer balls he may want to pack some razor blades. Even some Grecian Formula!
“Some of them have had gray hair and they’re telling you that they’re 17 years old and they have no documentation,” Jamie Cerulli, the Lynn mayor’s chief of staff, tells NRO. “If my children went to the public schools, I’d be very uncomfortable with all of these unaccompanied minors [that] are placed in the ninth grade.”
Follow this link to see two very adult looking children. Federal policy prohibits city officials from inquiring into any child’s immigration or citizenship status and background, so the public is at the mercy of middle aged con men. If, as we are told, this illegal influx has been ramping up for the past two years why have deportations declined? When the illegals are given comfortable housing, food stamps, and Obama phones will they dutifully show up for their deportation hearings?

Washington Republican insiders caution that opposing this round of backdoor amnesty will put the party in extreme risk. These are the same clever folks who banned the incandescent light bulb. Fear the moment and surrender because in the long run we are all dead. I contend it is not the Republicans who should fear being on the wrong side of history it is black Americans. The relationship between the black community and the Democratic Party has traditionally been all about stroking and hand holding; kissing and ass kissing. The black base seems to need constant assurance that it is the one true love. It's subtle but that assurance has not been forthcoming lately as the party has sought to make the country into the ideal habitat for white, single, and reasonable affluent white women, Muslims both traditional and radical, and, solely because of their high birth rate, Hispanics.
My jaw dropped when I saw Jesse Jackson appearing on Greta Van Susteran's show. He did not live up to his billing "Jesse Jackson slams Obama on his immigration policy". In fact he was extremely gentle in his criticism of Obama and he himself was uncharacteristically diffident, but it left me wondering who solicited whom? Could Jackson have made the Fox News organization aware that he would be available for a short interview? He can be forgiven for not being a regular Van Susteran viewer. Hell, I can hardly stand to watch it myself. Poor preparation and a over reliance on John Bolton and Donald Trump invites tedium and channel surfing. Why did Jackson want to talk to the Fox audience? He may not be the greatest mind of the 21st century but he is smart enough to read the Nielson ratings.
In any event, while black members of congress have been dutifully goose stepping to whatever tune the White House may call one senses that the base is getting more restive by the hour. It is not down with amnesty in any shape or form. Aside from more food stamps to better endure the hardships inflicted upon them by the first black president this demographic has gone backward for the last 6 years by an objective index. They have not, as they hoped, fared better than whites under Obama they have done worse. That reality is setting in and the very idea of playing second fiddle to the Americans from across the border is manifestly unendurable. It almost feels like treason.
Commissioner Peter Kirsanow chairman of the US Commission on Civil Rights has written the Congressional Black Caucus urging the CBC to reject amnesty and to "oppose any legislation that would grant any form of work authorization to illegal aliens" and "oppose legislation that would increase the overall number of guest workers admitted to the U.S. each year."
Black congressmen heading home for the summer recess may find themselves walking into a buzz saw just as Republicans did in 2010. Remembering the fate of Eric Cantor should serve them well. Not many if any will lose office, but they will get an earful and some will be singing a different tune when they return.