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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Speaking of shooting the messenger!

Pity poor SCOTUSblog. The Supreme Court refuses to grant it press credentials as does the Senate. It has won a Peabody Award; the only blog to ever do so. It is frequently cited as an authoritative source by journalists who do have press privileges. Immediately before yesterday's Hobby Lobby decision was handed down over 10,000 visitors were logged onto its web site. A case can be made for the Supreme Court's not giving the blog press credentials. It is operated and written by two lawyers from the law firm of Goldstein & Russell which frequently argues case before the Court. Unfair? Maybe, but not as unfair as the loony leftists on Twitter.
Somehow these people think they are tweeting the Supreme Court. Maybe they have become accustomed to the idiocy that POTUS and FLOTUS tweet under their personal handles and reason that Chief Justice Roberts writes SCOTUSblog. It's scary to think they are even allowed to vote.

Right give him hell, cjnkira.

I not sure what 20th century achievements Justice Roberts has on his hit list.

You know what drives me nuts? If Nick Nafster's profile is to be believed he's a school teacher.

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