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Friday, April 30, 2010

It's not my fault! It's.....somebody else's!

     Lots of speculation today about whose fault the nightmare in Louisiana is. After Katrina, If you recall, Mayor Nagin in New Orleans and the Governor of Louisiana did almost nothing for all the people who were waiting for their caretakers to do something. Remember all those buses sitting in a lot unused? Remember that 16 year old kid who commandeered a bus and drove all those people to Texas who no driving experience? What a hero that kid was.
     So today everyone's comparing that incident with this one. Powerline takes down the comparison.
So far, the Obama administration seems to have focused more on passing the buck than on containing the oil spill. The administration has told us, over and over, that British Petroleum is responsible for the accident and ultimately will pay the bills. Perhaps so. But those of us who have worked in the civil justice system for many years are well aware of the uncertainty of such predictions. More fundamentally, it is absurd for Barack Obama and Eric Holder to claim that the damage caused by this oil spill is of little concern because someday, British Petroleum may write a number of checks. Animals will be killed, livelihoods of fishermen and others will be destroyed, beaches will be fouled, untold damage will be done. The federal government has the unique responsibility to prevent that damage, if it can. Hoping to collect damages years later is hardly an adequate substitute.

Interesting story floating around out there

UPDATE: This article refers to the Enquirer article to which Drudge has linked.Hillbuzz guys are great; they are Chicago Democrats who became (or have nearly become) Independents recently. They were big fans of Hillary and work hard on campaigns for people they like, like Sarah Palin. They are NOT fans of The One and FLOTUS. As members of the gay Chicago scene themselves, they have some knowledge of the goings-on there. For that reason, I trust their words on some, um, history about The One. Rather than copy and paste some of their writing here, we are just going to link to them. You might want to read it. It's, um, interesting. These guys write prolifically and well, to boot. Go here.

Biometric ID card

I know quite a few people who would object to this. What's insidious is that they (liberals) want to tie an ID card required for all individuals to work, so naturally you couldn't work unless you had a Dem inspired card that you would have to buy and that would have all your information stored on it. Sound apocalyptic? Yeah. The ACLU wakes up. More government, more intrusion, more wacky ideas from liberals, more tracking. And, funny, why do I have the feeling somehow illegals will get out of having one? What's this new ID called? BELIEVE. Do I see a half crescent moon somewhere?
“Creating a biometric national ID will not only be astronomically expensive, it will usher government into the very center of our lives. Every worker in America will need a government permission slip in order to work. And all of this will come with a new federal bureaucracy — one that combines the worst elements of the DMV and the TSA,” said Christopher Calabrese, ACLU legislative counsel. 

Kernell convicted on 2 charges

I should hope so. What he did was egregious and needed consequences, as we set precedence in cases involving privacy. Regardless of what you think of Sarah Palin, it is wrong to hack into someone's email, post that information on the web and then encourage miscreants to terrorize them. Why didn't Kernell testify himself? Obviously he's guilty. He did it. Now pay the price.

A federal jury convicted David Kernell, a college student who broke into Sarah Palin’s email account, of unauthorized access to a computer and obstruction of justice. The young Obama supporter could face up to 20 years in jail.
Sarah Palin testified last week against the son of a prominent liberal politician from Tennessee who broke into her email account during the 2008 election.

Hypocrisy: don't label the opposition unAmerican

Bloggers are not journalists?

Ha. I should hope not. Otherwise we'd never know the truth about anything. But it isn't right for the law not to cover an individual like this. Big Government:
The Garden State has a shield law for journalists, meaning the government cannot force reporters or opinion writers to reveal their sources. There is nothing more vigorously defended among journalists than the right to keep secret one’s anonymous sources in service of “the public’s right to know.” The decades-long secret identity of “Deep Throat” in The Washington Post’s Watergate exposés is the standard of that journalistic principle.
But a New Jersey state appellate court last weekruled that a woman named Shellee Hale is not a “real” journalist, but just a blogger, so is not protected by the state’s shield law.

March on Wall Street

Several blogger are commenting on the march on Wall Street yesterday by union thugs. Gateway Pundit asks: "Where's the media?" If this were the tea parties, the media would be there in a flash. Jammie asks, "Where's the diversity in the groups that marched?" Basically, the groups that organized to make this violent march are union thugs. As you have been witnessing in Europe as union members march in the streets angrily demanding higher taxes, you are also begin to witness here. This is also happening in schools, again organized by unions. So how the plan works? Expand unions, redistribute wealth through taxes to pay the union members, then encourage union members to march on the streets to demand the little taxpayer pay yet even more....for the union members' benefit. Oh, and who did the march yesterday? Notice any similarities.
Associated Groups: Diversity4Obama, Downtown West Side Manhattan for Obama, Flight Attendants for Obama, Grandparents for Obama, Group Administrators for Obama - Collaboration Group, New York Petition Drive 8th Congressional District, New York Union Members for Obama, NY Seniors for Obama, NYC4Obama (New York Coordination), NYCLabor4obama, Organized Labor forObama, TriBeCa 4 Obama, Tribeca For Change, Union members for Obama, USA.CAN, Writers for Obama

SOS Brunner loses: Ohio citizens win!

That's right - we won!

Secretary of State, Jennifer Brunner, the Ballot Board and Attorney General Richard Cordray just lost to the Ohio citizens.

What did they lose?

Ohio Liberty Council v. Brunnerthey attempted to prevent the Ohio citizens from determining their own future on the recently passed healthcare bill mandate, which states everyone must purchase government approved health insurance or be fined, with the possibility of jail time.

The Ohio Supreme Court ruled that our proposed amendment to the Ohio Constitution is a single issue (which Brunner disputed), and we are free to move forward with the signature gathering process to get this amendment on the ballot.

Score: Freedom loving Ohioans 1 - Brunner and freedom inhibiting officials 0
If you are interested in helping with this vital project through volunteering or donation - we will need all the help we can get. These donations will be used exclusively for initial costs of launching this effort (printing, cards, banners, flyers, etc)Click Here!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

So what exactly did the militia do?

We've been wondering this. The strange group of people called the Hutaree from Michigan....what exactly did they do, other than talk?

Wait...why are we racists again?

Tell me again. Explain it. I keep forgetting. Is it because we don't think the way you do? Is that it? Any variation of viewpoint means racism? Powerline.
You'd think the Lamestream Media would give it up, but no: they are determined to push the absurd claim that Tea Partiers are "racists." Never mind that the issues driving the Tea Parties--the constitutional role of the federal government, bailouts and government takeovers, spiraling deficits and out of control spending--self-evidently have nothing to do with race. The smear is the only kind of argument most liberals know, so they press on doggedly.

Statehood for Puerto Rico and its purpose

     Listening to Quinn and Rose this morning. The resolution that just passed in the House, Quinn says, is "non-binding" but written to put the issue before the Puerto Ricans in such a confusing way that they will end up voting for statehood, even though they have voted it down 3 times previously. Quinn says the issue is this: if Puerto Rico gains statehood, the Dems will get 2 more senators and 6-7 more House members. They will also be eligible for government welfare, etc., but will have to pay taxes. Another issue is that English is not the primary language in Puerto Rico.
     Combine this effort with the effort to give citizenship to illegal aliens and you can see where we are headed. 
     Remember also that the Dems would like to return the vote to felons, who are, after all, natural Dem constituents.
     So the free loading is something Dems are trying to inculcate so deeply into the system that conservative principles will be forever undermined.
     We need to be talking to our reps and senators again. 

Wait...who are we boycotting now?

Heehee. Legal Insurrection has a rundown:

This whole boycott thing is getting really confusing.
California is boycotting Arizona because of the Arizona immigration law.
But weren't we already supposed to be boycotting California because of Prop. 8?
Or if not the entire State of California, then at least the counties which voted for Prop. 8 and everyone who supported Prop. 8? 

Algore buys $9 mil eco disaster house

Yeah, I wonder where he's getting all that dough? Ya think he's getting it from his eco scaring? And the carbon offset business he dreamed up to benefit himself from his eco scaring? UPDATE: Michelle Malkin

Former Vice President Al Gore and his wife, Tipper, have added a Montecito-area property to their real estate holdings, reports the Montecito Journal.
The couple spent $8,875,000 on an ocean-view villa on 1.5 acres with a swimming pool, spa and fountains, a real estate source familiar with the deal confirms. The Italian-style house has six fireplaces, five bedrooms and nine bathrooms.

Look upon the new face of terror!

This is pretty funny and all over the conservative blogosphere today. Be sure to follow the link and, gasp, look at their faces!

I invite you to gaze, if you dare, upon the grim visage of the Quincy Tea Party, who greeted President Obama's appearance in sleepy Quincy, Ill. by skulking about the streets outside the Oakley-Lindsey/Quincy Community Center like so many rabid hyenas, perversely singing "God Bless America" and the National Anthem.
I ask you, gentle reader, are these women a grave national security threat? Or are they the gravest national security threat in the history of this republic?

Another surprise in the health care bill

Hot Air. It's anti-business. Of course. Because you really can make too much money!

For the $14 trillion U.S. economy, that’s a hell of a lot of 1099s. When a business buys a $1,000 used car, it will have to gather information on the seller and mail 1099s to the seller and the IRS. When a small shop owner pays her rent, she will have to send a 1099 to the landlord and IRS. Recipients of the vast flood of these forms will have to match them with existing accounting records. There will be huge numbers of errors and mismatches, which will probably generate many costly battles with the IRS. …
Private transactions are the core of a market economy, and the source of America’s growth and prosperity. Now the federal government is imposing a vast new web of red tape on perhaps billions of these growth-generating private exchanges.

So why is he such flippant and condescending?

Daniel Henninger at WSJ has the reasons for the "smart aleck" behavior.
JFK, an imperfect man, worked hard to stay perfect in public. So did FDR and Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan. For Barack Obama to believe that any persona he offers the public will be OK with them is hubris. Showing voters a side of him that he enjoys, but many of them may not, is flirting with disaster. If all the positive vibe that held up his presidency on its first day ever breaks, the fall could be fast.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Support our Seals: support Matt McCabe

There's a FAcebook group and an event coming up. If you can make it, it would be great. Perrysburg native McCabe goes on trial in early May. Remember that the previous 2 Seals have been exonerated:
Puckett shares: “It would be a waste of money to put McCabe on trial when they can’t prove the underlining event happened. All three cases have the identical witnesses and evidence. It’s the same case.”
The Event: 

Event: Support our Seals
What: Rally
Start Time: Monday, May 3 at 10:00am
End Time: Monday, May 3 at 3:00pm
Where: Gate 5 Norfolk Navy Base , Hampton Blvd.

Obamacare encourages employers to drop private insurance

Sure, we remember that Jan woman screaming into the camera that "My friends, we WILL get single payer coverage" to the cheering masses of union goons. That IS what all this is about, after all. It always has been, as The One himself said. It's cheaper to drop than to cover. Powerline:
Robert Pear's New York Times story on the corporate chargeoffs did a good job of covering one aspect of this press release. Pear touched on the remaining items by quoting Barton: "From a financial standpoint, from a purely economic standpoint, many companies would be better off discontinuing health care as a fringe benefit, paying the penalty and pocketing the savings." Pear also took note of the documents flagged in the press release toward the end of his article:

Is that a promise?

Headline: Illegals plan to leave over immigration bill.
So the illegals are going to storm out of Arizona because they're so upset about the new law. Oh, wait....follow this link, but notice the headline on the video: "Furor grows over new immigration law." Now imagine this headline: "Furor grows over tea party concerns." No? Yeah. The headline would be: "Furor grows over tea party rallies." IOW, in the case of immigration, we're concerned about the issue. In the case of the tea parties, we're concerned about their rallies. Didn't hear any concern about illegals marching in the streets, attacking businesses and policemen, threatening citizens? No? Didn't think so. Read it here: Oh, and notice the sign: Enough is enough. Ya think?

Many day laborers like Diaz say they will leave Arizona because of the law, which also makes it a state crime to be in the U.S. illegally and directs police to question people about their immigration status if there is reason to suspect they are illegal immigrants.
Supporters of the law hope it creates jobs for thousands of Americans.

Michigan speed limits set illegally low?

So it is suggested Michiganders set speed limits illegally low to collect speeding tickets? The Blog Prof. They're broke, but this?

More on Arizona

What a fuss these people are making over having to have an ID card that verifies that you are legal, just like a passport or a driver's license. This is the way it is in other countries. Everyone's always screaming that we should be more like other countries. What's the problem now? Legal Insurrection. The Republicans who are opposing this are nauseating. Most people want some kind of reform.

Remember when Democrats fell all over themselves trying to prove that Obamacare would not cover illegal aliens? When Joe Wilson shouted "you lie" about coverage for illegal aliens, Obama and Democratic leaders assured the nation that illegal aliens would be excluded.
Under the final Senate health care bill signed into law (unlike the earlier House version), illegal aliens are screened out. Only persons who can prove they are "a citizen or national of the United States or an alien lawfully present in the United States" get to participate.
In other words, when you try to buy a policy through an exchange, or seek a subsidy, or receive any of the other supposed benefits, you will be told "show me your papers."

Advice to the tea partiers

H/T Instapundit. Advice from CATO. Go here to read. There's a video too. And more from Hot Air.

He offers five pieces of advice for members of the Tea Party movement:
1. Republicans aren’t always your friends.
2. Some tea partiers like big government.
3. Democrats aren’t always your enemies.
4. Smaller government demands restraint abroad.
5. Leave social issues to the states.

Eco hypocrites

More on the eco-hypocrites. Trudie Styler, Sting's wife, is particularly condescending toward others and their carbon footprint. Recently Sting and Trudie called for more "big government," and told people to get it together eco-wise. Check out these stories. The first one is from Times Online

Perhaps more egregious, because she is a much more in-your-face global-warming campaigner, is Dame Trudie Styler, film financier and wife of Sting. Not only do she and her husband run seven homes and travel between them in private jets and a fleet of cars, but in 2007 an employment tribunal revealed Styler was furious when her pregnant chef refused to travel 100 miles to prepare some soup and salad. (The chef had regularly made the trip in the past, travelling by train and taxi.) And Sting recently had to contend with accusations that the Police were “the dirtiest band in the world” because of the scale of their last tour and the carbon footprint of the fans who went to see them.
This spring Styler was accused of hiring a private jet to take her and an eight-person entourage from New York to Washington, DC, for the White House correspondents’ dinner, even though there are dozens of scheduled shuttle flights she could have taken, not to mention fast trains. Strangely, Sting flew commercial to the same dinner. When challenged, Styler reportedly defended herself by saying: “Yes, I do take planes. My life is to travel and to speak out about the horrors of an environment that is being abused at the hands of oil companies.”  
The second is a NewsBuster investigation. They call their movement a "green tea party." IOW, they want the tea party energy, without the truth.
TRUDIE STYLER, CLIMATE CHANGE ACTIVIST: Of course I agree with him not because I'm the little wife, but because, you know, we've been on this -- we've been on this mission together. We went to the rain forest in the '80s. We've been in a foundation for 21 years now. And really, speaking on behalf of the people who are in the rainforest whose rights are being abused and exploited by big business, it's very hard to see that. And we care passionately about all those indigenous groups that we've met and become friends with over the years, so that Rainforest Fund really fights on their behalf. 

More on Mexico's treatment of illegals

It's not even treatment, really. It's show your papers, your PAYCHECK to prove you aren't a drain on our economy or get out! Michelle Malkin:

Consider: Open-borders protesters marched freely at the Capitol building in Arizona, comparing GOP Gov. Jan Brewer to Hitler, waving Mexican flags, advocating that demonstrators “Smash the State,” and holding signs that proclaimed “No human is illegal” and “We have rights.”
But under the Mexican constitution, such political speech by foreigners is banned. Noncitizens cannot “in any way participate in the political affairs of the country.” In fact, a plethora of Mexican statutes enacted by its congress limit the participation of foreign nationals and companies in everything from investment, education, mining and civil aviation to electric energy and firearms. Foreigners have severely limited private property and employment rights (if any).

AIDS clinic pays the price for Illinois's lack of funds

Right here in the USA, a story of what is coming in health care when the government has no money but local people are expected to keep operating. And you bet the people who "creatively financed" will be charged for their malfeasance. The government, of course, won't. From HIllBuzz:
* Because Howard Brown stopped receiving Medicaid payments, its directors engaged in creative accounting, and decided to risk moving the HIV/AIDS Multicenter Cohort money into daily operating expenses accounts, just to keep the doors open.  The intent was to replace that money once the state of Illinois coughed up some Medicaid funds.  That never happened, Howard Brown was audited, and all Hell broke loose.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Doofus demands you drive a mini-mobile

But he drives, um, a yacht, an airplane for 140 with 2 people in it and a bunch of other stuff. As usual, these idiots are above their own rules. Look at Algore (man bear pig). Hypocrites. Follow the links.
Of course this freeloader has one of the more massive carbon footprints known to man, a fact sure to be overlooked in this schlockumentary. 
    Goodall made use of publicly available records to estimate the prince’s travel and utility bills. He found that Charles was responsible for nearly 1,600 tons of CO2 emissions, the equivalent of more than 600 cars on Britain’s roads for a year

Don't be fooled by "Patriot Majority"

     Well, up to the same tricks. Now they've emailed the tea parties accusing them of, gasp, organizing and, gasp, having favorites. Read the entire letter here and then read the background of the "Patriot Majority" leader who is, ta dah! a Democrat operative! Here's the letter we received, in its full load of blankin' you know what (think Carl Levin). Oh, btw, his original website name was "The tea party is over." Sound familiar? Now his goal is to convince us? I don't think so. Read his background here. More here
    My question: Who are YOU, Mr. Varoga, to tell us anything?
Dear Tea Party Leaders:
Your refusal to support a financial reform bill with teeth that stops reckless fraud and abuse proves beyond a doubt that the Tea Party is bought and paid for by the national Republican Party and is nothing more than a 2012 campaign vehicle for Sarah Palin.
Last night, Republicans voted unanimously to block an effort by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to overhaul financial regulations from reaching the Senate floor. You have failed to condemn this obstructionism by the national Republicans.
Your silence on the issue of financial reform is a betrayal of those Americans who want to fix our economy, create jobs and put the American people’s interests ahead of the big banks. Now more than ever, the United States and the American people support holding Wall Street to higher standards of fairness, transparency and accountability, so that taxpayers will never again be asked to bail out a big bank.
To those of you who are sincere about the need to make our country stronger and better, we urge you to declare your independence from your Republican controllers and do what’s right for America – join Patriot Majority and the vast majority of Americans in supporting real financial reform.
Thank you.
Craig Varoga 
Patriot Majority

More on illegal immigration in Mexico

It appears the Mexicans who are protesting in our streets about the new Arizona policy would be imprisoned in their own country for doing the same thing. Why? Because when you come to THEIR country, you are expected to contribute positively to their country and not interfere with their politics. Note the harshness for those who aid illegals. Oh, well, we've got that one covered, since the administration decided to take over a restaurant for hiring illegals. Note the date on this article.

  • immigration authorities have a record of each foreign visitor;
  • foreign visitors do not violate their visa status;
  • foreign visitors are banned from interfering in the country’s internal politics;
  • foreign visitors who enter under false pretenses are imprisoned or deported;
  • foreign visitors violating the terms of their entry are imprisoned or deported;
  • those who aid in illegal immigration will be sent to prison.

Mexico's rules for illegals stricter than ours

Note the date on this article. This immigration battle has raged for decades. Here is a rundown on how Mexico treats illegals. Keep in mind the violence raging in our streets just because Arizona is asking immigrants to carry an ID card. Also keep in mind the horrible signs, the calls for more violence, the calls for boycott (by Arizona's own government officials!) and the vandalism. What hypocrisy. 2 years in prison? Up to 10 years in prison for reentry? admitted for what they can contribute? income needed? no welfare from the state?


  • I just hope I don't get sick

    Another day, another sickening story about government health care. This one is particularly bad. A daughter watches her mother deteriorate in the hospital, day after day. No one is feeding her mother, cleansing her, caring for her. The other patients have the same fate. Now when they protest after the mother's death, the hospital claims, "Oh, no, sorry, we have records saying we did all the things we were supposed to do! Sorry you felt your mother didn't receive the kind of care YOU'D like, but, sorry! We did what we were supposed to. At least, that's what our records say!" Repeal the bill!

    Clara Stokes, 84, who was honoured in 2008 by the Prime Minister for her work as a Land Girl during the Second World War, was left partially paralysed by a massive stroke in December 2009.
    Her daughter Elle Chambers, 57, claims her mother's subsequent care at Luton and Dunstable Hospital was 'inhumane' and 'not fit for dogs'.

    Billboards springing up in NW Ohio

    In case you haven't seen them, Northwest Ohio Patriots put up these billboards in downtown Toledo, Marcy's district. More on the way!

    Truly disturbing police raid

    If you've been following Apple's thug style reaction to Gizmodo's acquisition of their next generation iPhone, you might be interested in reading the legal documents concerning the incident in which cops broke down the front door of the writer's house, made the writer and his wife stand outside and wait until they swept the house and confiscated computers and hard drives. This is pretty shocking material. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page and read the first hand account by the writer. Also be sure to hop on over to Instapundit for a legal opinion. Again, what country do we live in?
    Last Friday night, California's Rapid Enforcement Allied Computer Team entered editor Jason Chen's home without him present, seizing four computers and two servers. They did so using a warrant by Judge of Superior Court of San Mateo. According to Gaby Darbyshire, COO of Gawker Media LLC, the search warrant to remove these computers was invalid under section 1524(g) of the California Penal Code.
    First, in the absence of an unusually solicitous California statute, there’d be no claim by Apple (the most powerful gang here) against Gizmodo — their employee lost the iPhone in a bar, and that would be their tough luck. But there’s also another unusually solicitous California statute that immunizes journalists. But even in the absence of the statutes, the cops would never have raided, say, a reporter for the San Jose Mercury News, because if they had, the Mercury News would have run a 16-part series on police corruption and ineptitude. They’re not similarly afraid of bloggers, because bloggers don’t have as powerful a gang, or so they think. 

    Sebelius held report?

    So it's beginning to look like Sebelius KNEW the health care bill (you know, the one that doesn't have the tax advisory panels that will decide who gets health care aka death panels) was going to bankrupt the country because a supposedly non-political entity informed her of such a month before it passed. Even though many people were screaming that it was too expensive, it was not reported because the people at the Actuary office were too afraid to speak up as to why it was being held. Why, one may ask? What is more important than the health...of this country? What? Gateway Pundit has the links and story:

    The analysis, performed by Medicare’s Office of the Actuary, which in the past has been identified as a “nonpolitical” office, set off alarm bells when submitted. “We know a copy was sent to the White House via their legislative affairs staff,” says the HHS staffer, “and there were a number of meetings here almost right after the analysis was submitted to the secretary’s office. Everyone went into lockdown, and people here were too scared to go public with the report.”
    In the end, the report was released several weeks after the vote.

    Monday, April 26, 2010

    Fiscal suicide watch

    Be sure to go to Director Blue for the rest of the story.

    Might be funny if it weren't true-SNL

    Too disgusted

        I think I'm too disgusted to write much tonight. Probably the piece de resistance is Obama's blatant race baiting. Although it has become quite obvious that he considers himself president of only part of this nation and certainly not friend to our *former* allies, the fact that he seems to be speaking and governing primarily to minorities and liberals is truly nauseating. His treatment of Israel is abominable. His bowing to enemies is abominable. His attempt to grant amnesty to illegals to bolster his anemic voter base is beyond belief, and especially the subsequent push for same day voter registration, as evidenced by Soros's SOS (Secretary of State) project. He has no concern for the welfare, short or long term, of this country.
         The press is not just a lapdog. They are so up his *** that they can't breathe or see, as evidenced by the article below. They won't report the difference between the violence in Chicago and Arizona and the repulsive Sharpton pandering, but they will make up crap about the tea parties, crap that is so self serving in their own interests but not even close to the truth.
         The regulations, regulations and more regulations that are taking over this country are becoming too dense to repeal. I hope someone's keeping a list to clean up when this mess gets voted out in November. Just replacing your windows is now a government project.
         They're suggesting some kind of crazy wi-fi connection to your doctor now instead of visits. What a joke. It's all based on wi-fi and computers and some sort of crazy contraption to dispense drugs. This, of course, will mean that free broadband, computers and contraptions will be given to certain neighborhoods and the rest of us will pay for it all. They'll get upgrades in their laptops every couple years, compliments of productive people, who are getting fewer and fewer.
       The true cost of the health care bill is emerging, as a result of the final calculations that weren't allowed to be figured before passing it. It's a crap sandwich. Now it's also emerging that those death panels are real and an "independent payment advisory panel" of unelected members will have complete control over health care decisions based on rationing. Congress will have to vote on each diversion from this, as this panel will have complete and utter control. Here you can hear it in chipmunk voice himself. 
         Complete and utter control.

    An astounding example of a woman

    The Whitworthian, truly barf worthy re: fashion icon First Lady of these United States:

    Dismiss charges against Matthew McCabe

    Perrysburg native McCabe has been charged of hitting a terrorist. Once again, instead of wanting to punish the criminals, this administration goes after the American. Two Seals have been cleared; now let's clear McCabe. WHY DO AMERICANS GET PUNISHED MORE OFTEN THAN THE CRIMINALS?


    Green advice is just a sham

    They don't mean it. At least not for themselves. It's only you who should be taking the stairs, turning off your lights, bicycling instead of driving, etc. You know the list of no-nos. You also made have heard of the people who have special vegetables flown over from France to England for their daily meal, or whose houses use enough energy for a whole town, or fly all over the country instead of taking trains, or take two airplanes instead of one even if they're going to the same place. Yeah, that's all true. But the rule are all for YOU and the tax that they're trying to enact is all for YOU. Because you're bad. So bad. REad about it over at Jammie:
    What kind of U.N. environmental ambassador builds a 20,000 square-foot home with a six-car garage, an elevator and a lagoon? Why, that would be the Hub’s favorite Pats fan, Gisele Bundchen! 

    Arizona immigration law vs health care bill

    An excellent point is made over at PowerLine:

    Compare and contrast: the Democrats' health care takeover bill was deeply unpopular. It was opposed by a clear majority of Americans, and still is. Health care, like immigration, is a subject about which people care deeply. Hundreds of thousands of Americans, maybe millions, have turned out for demonstrations against Obamacare. There is now a major political movement dedicated to repealing the health care law.
    Yet have you ever seen a newspaper story describing the Democrats' health care bill as "polarizing"? I haven't. Nor did news coverage of the bill's passage focus primarily on the law's opponents or treat their objections with near-universal sympathy.


    I'm trying to imagine the furor that would have arisen if Bush had taken over the banks, the auto industry, the educational loan industry, the health industry, and now private industries. So let me get this right. A restaurant hires illegals and, once again, we go after the American citizen, not the illegals? And we're going to steal the guy's restaurant? And since when have the feds CARED about illegals, let's be honest?


    Sunday, April 25, 2010

    New EPA rules on home repair

    Replacing windows, doing jobs around the house, all that changed as of April 22. You have to follow the EPA's new rules, at the cost of fines of $3500 per window, for example. 

    The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) estimates the new law will increase home repair costs by between $500 and $1,500 per job.
    Sean Lintow Sr., owner of SLS Construction, has already spent the money to become certified. He estimates one third of his jobs will be affected by the rule changes. He says he "will need to buy new equipment to comply with the rules, and I will always need someone certified on site." Lintow said he also expects cleanup will longer. For example, instead of throwing drywall into a dumpster, his workers will have to first remove any hardware (like nails and screws), wrap the drywall in plastic, and take it out of the house in trash bags. Then he'll have to wait at least an hour after cleaning to determine if any lead dust is present.
    According to EPA sources fines for not following the new law could be as steep as $3,500.00 per occurrence. That means if a homeowner replaces 10 windows in a home incorrectly, he could end up with a $35,000 fine.

    Fighting back

    Well, at last, we start to hear about fighting back. What is amazing is the number of companies--insurance, medical, drug, banks--that have not chosen to fight back at all. They have done nothing--just sat and watched Obama rape this country. Maybe this will be a beginning.

    Meanwhile, in come the Big Boys whose guns at least match those of Obama. A secretive group has begun the legal fight-back against Obama’s green plans. As far as I am concerned that’s fine – if scientists continue to lie, greens continue to use false science, and brain-stunned voters continue to support the worst president ever, whose only aim is to destroy the USA, then let’s give the business Big Boys a chance. Maybe a legal sniper with a good aim will finally put Obama’s Marxist ploy to rest!
    Stripping Obama of His Powers
    The fight-back is coordinated by the Coalition for Responsible Regulation Inc (CRR), which suddenly came into being the day after EPA ‘scientists’ said ‘greenhouse gases’ were a public danger (even though there are no such things as ‘greenhouse gases’ – see my book).

    National Cancer Institute failing

    Jacobsen at Legal Insurrection analyzes the efficacy of all government run health care organizations. This must be repealed!

    These are the same Editors of The New York Times who want government to regulate all aspects of health care, which is what will happen under Obamacare.
    Under the legislation passed by the Democrats, there will be dozens of new commissions and boards created, and virtually every section of the legislation requires that new regulations be promulgated. The paperwork burden on the health care system will be staggering.
    The Institute of Medicine found that a complete overhaul of the clinical trial system was necessary (emphasis mine):

    Europe moves away from VAT: we move toward

    An eye opening report by Matt Welch on taxes and more.

    The grand irony here is that the very continent we’re scrambling to emulate has been moving aggressively in the opposite direction on taxes and economic policy.
    While the US keeps corporate taxes frozen near 40%, EU countries have slashed them down to an average of around 25%. Top marginal income tax rates, which in the US are 35%, are under 25% all across the former East Bloc.

    Threats only work if you're Islamic

    We don't call them Islamic officially anymore, but this article over at Big Government reveals the truth about the MSM's lack of courage in covering the hypocrisies about various religions. Christ can be mocked, Jews can be mocked, Catholics, whites, conservatives, Christians....anyone can be mocked know who. And who started it? You got it. American-born Muslim convert with ties to a small extremist group operating openly in the United States of America can affect the  programming policy of a cable comedy network whose headliners — Stone and Parker, and Jon Stewart — pride themselves on their fearless irreverence. To his credit,Stewart came out swinging, ending his monologue with a mock-gospel chorus of “Go F’*ck Yourself.”
    But, aside from this column in the Washington Examiner by Diana West, where’s the outrage?
    No other American “name” I can think of, no one tops in pop culture, has spoken out against (or even mentioned) the Islamic threat to Western freedom of expression as exemplified by the Sharia dictates against “Motooning.” Certainly no one has produced creative content about it.
    Rather, such dictates have been religiously followed — no pun whatsoever intended — just as though our society were itself officially Islamic. This makes “South Park’s” message the closest thing yet to a mainstream declaration of independence from Sharia. For rejecting both the threat of violence and the emotional blackmail emanating from Islam over critiquing Islam’s prophet, the two “South Park” creators deserve a medal.