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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bill Clinton Endorses Keystone Pipeline

Bill Clinton has begun to walk back Obama's decision on the Keystone pipeline. Support for the pipeline is +39 among independents and +5 among Democrats. It looks as if the former president is going rogue and picking a fight with Obama and Mrs. Clinton but I'm cynical enough to believe this is just the theatrical positioning for a White House cave. There were never any serious environmental concerns about the Keystone. The greens want to make it impossible for Canada to develop its tar sands not because they opposes the open pit mining of the tar sand but simply because they don't want any new sources of energy period. The picture in the post "Ohio Shale Coalition Issues Dynamite Report on Utica Development is that of a pipeline project. In that photo the pipe looks to be about 10 inches and the Keystone will be 36 inches which only means the ditch will have to be a little wider and a little deeper. As anyone can see that is not much of an impact on any environment. Of course when the contractor has to blast through rock to cut the ditch it's a bit more involved as it is when going through forests where the right of way must be cleared but any change to the environment is very minimal.

Why are so many Invalid voters in purple states?

  Why would Eric Holder think presenting an ID card to vote presents a "negative impact"? His ridiculous defense of blocking the states' requirement to present ID to vote doesn't hold up under any kind of scrutiny.
  What's really interesting is the huge number of ineligible voters on the rolls...and which states contain those inaccuracies. CNS:
About one in eight names listed on the active voter rolls, or 24 million nationally, are no longer valid or have significant inaccuracies, according to a report issued earlier this month by the non-partisan Pew Center on the States. The states with problems include Florida, California, Texas, Colorado, Ohio, Mississippi, Iowa, Indiana and West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Missouri.
  Notice anything in particular about many of these states?
  While it's no real surprise that California and Texas have problems because of their enormous illegal population, it is pretty suspicious that so many toss up states have so many inaccuracies.
  It was common knowledge, or perhaps folklore, that in Michigan the last votes in were from Detroit.
  Because Democrats needed to figure out how many votes they needed
  The video of Holder is over here. I couldn't get it to shut up.

Ohio Shale Coalition Issues Dynamite Report on Utica Development

From the Oil and Gas Journal ;

“Since updates in technology have made drilling in the Utica shale possible, people have been euphoric over the economic prospects of shale development in Ohio,” said Linda Woggon, executive director of OSC, which the Ohio Chamber of Commerce formed in June to supply information about the shale oil and gas industry to Ohioans.

The report which you may view or download here was created by Cleveland University, Ohio State University, and Marietta College and it is dynamite. In 2011 $229.6 million was invested by the oil and gas industry, translating into 2,275 jobs. By 2014 the the industry is expected to spend $6.4 billion in Ohio which is expected to result in 65,680 jobs at an average annual income of $50,225. Their model show average labor income to increase as the work shifts from leasing and road construction to drilling and infrastructure maintenance.

Their model estimates that by 2014 over 1,500 jobs for engineers and architects will be established, as well 1,000 environmental compliance technicians. There will be demand for more than 1,800 office workers along with nearly 500 technical consultants. The leasing and contracting work will help turn around a soft market for attorneys, with nearly 841 positions expected to open. The highest paid in this sector are the managers, with average labor income of $109,000, followed by those who provide consulting services at $75,000. A related source of employment will be of “landmen,” a career unique to the oil and gas and mining industries. More than 2,100 people in the real estate industry, with average incomes of nearly $70,000, will be engaged as a result of the Utica development.

Even with a major in Russian Studies, Senator Sharrod Brown should be able to to see the benefits of developing the Utica Shale but his attitude seems to vacillate between neutrality and hostility toward the process that make all of this possible, fracking. This man needs to go!

Obama values unions, not the military

  On The Five tonight, Eric Bolling held up a chart that revealed that the average federal aid recipient receives $32, 748.
  Military basic pay for the enlisted member after 8 years in the Army is $23, 772. Why work?
  Gitmo is receiving a $750,000 new soccer field so that the confined terrorists can work out all day and run directly from their quarters to the field.
  Health insurance premiums for the military which will be drastically increased in the next few years:
"Significantly, the plan calls for increases between 30 percent to 78 percent in Tricare annual premiums for the first year. After that, the plan will impose five-year increases ranging from 94 percent to 345 percent—more than 3 times current levels," the Beacon reported.
  It becomes obvious, at this point, that the purpose of the increase is to force the military into Obamacare.
  Of course, Sebelius recently declared private insurance "in a death spiral." Gee, wonder why, considering that Obamacare is squeezing everyone and increasing premiums and free benefits. For now anyway.
  Only a fool would have believed Obamacare was paid for.
  This increase comes in addition to a cut in hazard pay in areas like Afghanistan, where they want to put on trial whoever accidentally burned that Koran.
  Meanwhile federal workers, who generally earn much more than the military for doing God only knows what, are whining about a pay freeze, not cut.
  Deduction: Obama values unions, not the military.

Lest Anyone Think That Voter Registration Is Not Crooked

Voter fraud is rampant in the US.

Why do Dems call for oil reserves, yet deny new drilling?

  I try to avoid ad hominem attacks most of the time because they seem like you've run out of adequate arguments and have decided to just punch somebody in the face in frustration.
  But today I'm going to just punch somebody in the face (figuratively, of course).
  Why on earth does Debbie Wasserman Schulz go on tv with a big old head of wet poodle hair?
 It looks greasy, like you could turn her upside down and wash the floor with her head. Or like she just got out of the shower, looked at her phone and said, "OMG! I forgot I have to get to the studio in 5 minutes!"
  And today she was heavily made up, which only made things worse.
  There are politicians and then there are politicians.
   I've actually known politicians who are not terribly partisan; they have firm points of view, patiently listen to the opinions of others and then reason through why they believe what they do.
  Other politicians like DWS don't even listen to the argument but just unload the same pile of you know what they did last time, regardless of the question and regardless that they're wrong. 
  In the case of DWS, she just drones on and on about The Prince, like a really homely cheerleader who is smitten with the Prom King or something.
  The problem with gas prices seems to be something she's ignoring, claiming it'd take TWENTY YEARS for drilling to lower prices, up from the SEVEN Dems previously claimed. 
  Also taking credit for the number of oil rigs that were commissioned during the Bush years, DWS claimed they were drilling MORE than Bush ever did.
  What I'd like to know is this.
  IF, as you say, DWS, drilling would take too long to alleviate high prices, then why are members of your own party calling for releasing oil reserves? 
  Because everyone KNOWS if this country released some oil reserves (an imprudent measure, btw) prices would fall immediately.
  And, as in the past, everyone KNOWS if we even decided to drill BEFORE ANY DRILLING TOOK PLACE, prices would fall in anticipation of the US becoming energy independent.
  It's obviously not about the ENVIRONMENT globally, since we pay Brazil and other nations to drill for us.
  The truth is that the US is sitting on more oil than any place in the world, more than Saudi Arabia.
  Another truth is that the Obama administration isn't doing anything about high gas prices. In fact, the opposite has been stated. Energy Secretary Chu isn't opposed to $8 a gallon gasoline.
  So DWS today, instead of responding to the question asking why she had mocked Bush when gas prices were high but now claiming Obama has nothing to do with high gas prices, she just danced her fat thighs around the question, never bothering to actually respond.
  Blah blah blah.
  Maybe somebody ought to tell her she's a tool.
  And that there are tools to fix that greasy hair. 
  One is called shampoo.

OK Now, Sing Along With Me..."Two Different Worlds We Live In..."

The spin of the left-winged, Lame Stream Media never ceases to amaze me.

CNBC news reports this morning that the stock market is factoring in the fact that Obama will win the election in November because the stock market is up.

Now, how CNBC can read the tea leaves and come up with a conclusion that is 180 degrees from my conclusion is mind boggling. To me, the fact that the stock market has had such a good ride as of late is because it is factoring in the distinct possibility that Obama will NOT be re-elected.

As a matter of fact Investor's Business Daily, on Feb. 4, 2012 stated that the January stock market predicts that Obama will loose in November.

The Investors Business Daily (IBD) has a formula for predicting presidential elections. Whenever the stock market has a gain of 6% or more in January of an election year, the incumbent loses. Sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s worked thirteen times in a row. This January, stock were up 8%.

Paul Whitfield for IBD, Feb. 4, 2012, that the stock market picks the winner in January, and the IBD “January Incumbent Barometer” has worked 13 out of 13 times since 1936.

There is no doubt in any thinking person's mind that the media wants Obama and his ilk re-elected and will do this time what they did the last – anything they can to scam the American public.

Conservatism won the day in Michigan

  According to Frank Beckmann today. Turnout for the Republican primary was the third highest recorded. The number of Dems to turn out for the Republican primary (their version of Operation Chaos) was only a little more than last election.
  According to polling (WaPo exit poll), the economy and the deficit were the most important issues for yesterday's voters. This is why Romney won.
  The media and Dems tried to rewrite history on Romney's stance on auto bailouts, 50% of Republicans disapproved of the auto bailouts. Among those Michigan Republicans in favor of the auto bailouts, Romney won 43 to 38.
  More Republicans identify themselves as conservative than previously believed:
The New York Times reports via Twitter, for example, that "6 in 10" voters in the Michigan primary "say they're conservative; 3 in 10 say they're very conservative." 
If that result holds up, it suggests a slightly more conservative electorate than the exit poll found four years ago. In 2008, 56 percent of Michigan's Republican primary voters identified as conservative and 24 percent said they were very conservative. As the Washington Post reported earlier Tuesday, strong conservatives have been Mitt Romney's toughest group throughout the early primary and caucus states.
  ABC Note questions how much Romney really won. Huh. 

IRS continues assault on Tea Parties

  In a post entitled "Resistance is not Futile," Carol Greenberg has the story on the IRS harassment of Tea Party and Liberty groups around the country. It's pretty chilling but Tea Party groups press forward. Conservative Outlooks:
As I reported here 2 weeks ago,  the Obama administration appears to have found a new avenue to harass and intimidate Tea Parties, Liberty groups and those who oppose his *overreaching agenda*:  the IRS. The taxman cometh, not just for taxes, but for information. Intrusive information. Names of donors. Who your group associates with. Resumes of the board members. Extremely detailed information about every aspect of the organization.

First Solar's Game Ender

We have mixed feelings about this story. There a some 1,200 jobs on the line at a time when Ohio and the country needs all the jobs it can get. On the other hand we have from the beginning warned that so called green jobs are nothing short of a fraud and a payoff to favored Obama campaign donors who have bilked the taxpayers out of 80 percent of all DOE loans. First Solar reported a net loss of $413 million, or $4.74 a share, from net income of $155.9 million, or $1.80 a share, a year earlier, according to the statement. The company was expected to earn $1.02 a share. Not only is First Solar caught in a competitive disadvantage with Chinese competitors it cannot produce a reliable product as it has been forced to replace million of dollars worth of faulty solar panels and to compensate customers for the electricity they had to purchase when First Solar's panels failed. In the video below notice the background laughter and the question "Is that a DOE loan or a DOA loan?" If there is any good news in the clip it is that presidential ass kisser Warren Buffet invested in one of First Solar's projects and is almost sure to take a hit in what this CNBC group term a "game ender."

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Obama Praises UAW as South Carolina Becomes Number One Auto Exporting State

At his speech to the UAW Obama said;

Thanks to the bipartisan trade agreements I signed into law with you in mind, there will soon be new cars on the streets of South Korea imported from Detroit. And Toledo. And Chicago. And today, I’m creating a Trade Enforcement Unit that will bring the full resources of the federal government to bear to investigate and counter unfair trade practices around the world, including by countries like China. American workers are the best workers on Earth, and when the playing field is level, I promise you – America will always win.

Just to set the record straight neither Michigan nor Ohio nor Illinois rank as the top auto exporting state. That honor goes to the state that Obama's NLRB has spent a good share of its time trying to de-industrialize, South Carolina. That state's web site reported that it had exported $24.6 billion worth of autos to 198 countries. Which country bought the most BMW's? That would be Germany, the home of BMW. Gee and they did all this without a Trade Enforcement Unit which one has to assume will be a servile adjunct to the UAW.

Automobile exports from South Carolina jumped 52 percent in 2011, surpassing Michigan for the No. 1 spot among automobile exporters. South Carolina previously ranked first in auto exports in 2009, based on the export of BMW automobiles from the German automaker’s Upstate manufacturing plant.

The state also ranked first among U.S. states in tire exports, holding nearly 30 percent of the share of U.S.-made exported tires. Michelin and Bridgestone have been stalwart manufacturers in the state for years and soon Continental will build a new plant in Sumter County.

Hoax-trying to divide people

  Another hoax trying to jin up class warfare has been perpetrated on the always too gullible 99%. It went viral through the likes of Huffpo, AOL (but I repeat myself), CNN, etc.
  Is it any surprise that this POTUS creates an environment that divides people and causes class resentments and hatred for wealth? More of the gory details here. Wow, these people are tools.

Test marketing: all in it together

  Echoing the theme he presented at the Gabby Giffords shooting memorial, Barack Hussein Obama spoke today to the UAW, having his spokesman specify later that it was not a campaign speech, even though Obama mocked his opponents and anyone who disagreed with him.
  Repeatedly, he claimed that "we're all in it together" and life was "not about trying to climb to the top" and, in fact, it was greedy to hope to do so. From CNS:
"America’s not just looking out for yourself, it’s not just about greed, it’s not just about trying to climb to the very top and keep everybody else down,” Obama said at the UAW’s annual National Community Action Program Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C.
  His mentality is directly anti-American, claiming that he valued being his brother or sister's keeper rather than working independently utilizing good old Puritan work ethics:
“When our assembly lines grind to a halt, we work together, and we get them going again,” he said. “When somebody else falters, we try to give them a hand up, because we know [that] we’re all in it together.” 
  The whole "together" thing works for Obama, unless you disagree with him.
  Then there's no "togetherness" but rather accusations of selfishness. 
  He thinks if he keeps saying it over and over it'll be true.
  Such naivete is surely not incidental.
  The problem with the "all in it together' mentality is that people don't buy it because the only people who are in it together are the thugs running Washington. It just doesn't have that "hope and change" ring to it.
  Consequently he's recycling the whole "hope and change' drone.
  Obama also said he wanted to drive a Volt but couldn't because the Secret Service wouldn't let him. Is this because it might catch on fire with him in it? Humble as always, POTUS claimed he's going to buy one in five years when he's not president anymore.
  Then, though the workers of the UAW made out like bandits by getting bonuses and wages paid by unpaid taxpayer funds, Obama tried to rewrite history, claiming in his usual inelegant self centered way:
"Or worse, you've got folks saying that the problem is ... the workers, made out like bandits in all of this; that saving the American auto industry was just about paying back unions.  Really?  "Even by the standards of this town, that’s a load of you-know-what."
  Ugh. Ok. I can't take anymore of this load of you-know-what tonight. 

Olympia Snowe Announces Her Retirement

Blaming the highly partisan nature of today's politics, Senator Olympia Snowe announced her retirement;

“After 33 years in the Congress this was not an easy decision,” said Ms. Snowe in a prepared statement. “My husband and I are in good health. We have laid an exceptionally strong foundation for the campaign, and I have no doubt I would have won re-election. It has been an indescribable honor and immeasurable privilege to serve the people of Maine, first in both houses of Maine’s legislature and later in both houses of Congress. To this day, I remain deeply passionate about public service, and I cherish the opportunity I have been given for nearly four decades to help improve the lives of my fellow Mainers.”


Senator Susan Collins, Republican of Maine and Ms. Snowe’s ally and sometimes rival, said Tuesday afternoon in a prepared statement she was “absolutely devastated” by the news. Get over it.

How did Obamacare ever get out of committee?

No more Ben & Jerry's for me!!

  These guys are really something. They're part of the 1% and they apparently don't want anyone else to be, since they're sponsoring more civil domestic terrorism against the hard working folks of cities around the country. From the WSJ:
A group of business leaders—including Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield of Ben & Jerry's ice cream and former Nirvana manager Danny Goldberg—are planning to pour substantial funds into the Occupy Wall Street movement in hopes of sustaining the protests and fostering political change.
  Considering that the closely connected Anonymous is planning on "violent revolution" and a "bloody mess," one would think Ben & Jerry would have more sense than to finance an ugly spring.
  So no more Ben & Jerry's for me.

A free cruise for a 30 sec survey?

  So I received a robocall/survey yesterday with the promise that I'd receive a free cruise to the Bahamas if I completed the survey. I'd been carefully selected, I was informed.
  Which party did I lean?
  Was I sure? I like the job Barack Obama is doing?
  Did I approve of Barack Obama?
  I clicked no, of course, and then was connected to the cruise people, who claimed a certain number of free berths had been reserved by somebody, she didn't know who.
  I don't think so.
  What was interesting to me is that I received this phone call on my personal cell phone, a number I've only give out to friends.
  Who and how?

Congresswoman Kathy Hochul Teaches Constitutional Law

Remember Congressman Phil Hare from the Illinois 17th Congressional District? He didn't worry about the constitution when it got in the way of Obamacare? Congressman Bobby Schilling has his seat now. So full of themselves and the 2008 victory Democrats felt comfortable telling the voters that their own opinions trumped the constitution they had sworn to protect and defend.

I think what rankles Tea Party conservatives most about the HHS mandate is not the suppression of religious freedom although that certainly does, but more than that is the arrogance and outright disregard for the written words of the constitution that explicitly forbids the HHS and Obama from "prohibiting the free exercise thereof". Congresswoman Kathy Hochul says, “Basically, we’re not looking to the Constitution” which is about as bad as what the former representative from Illinois said. Lo and behold! she got the same response. Anyone care to bet on her political future?

Muslim Cable Network Dropped After Founder Beheads Wife

Verizon has decided to drop Bridges TV. The pioneering television network that was created to challenge Muslim stereotypes has fallen on hard times since its founder, Muzzammil Hassan was sentenced to 25 years in prison for beheading his wife. No stereotypes here. Ironically Hassan founded the network at the behest of his late wife. More.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Santorum Clings to Lead In Michigan

Rick Santorum is holding a small lead over Willard Romney in the latest PPP poll, released just minutes ago. The final rundown is Santorum 38%, Romney 37%, Paul 14%, and Gingrich with 9%. PPP noticed a shift in momentum for Santorum with better polling numbers tonight than Saturday night. Another wild card in the race is the Democratic crossover vote for Santorum. Democratic Party leaders have begun robo-calling Democrats urging them to register Republican and vote for Santorum in this primary. For all the worry about Santorum losing the women vote he trails Romney by only two points; 37%-39%. Looking at the cross tabs another datum that jumps out is Santorum's appeal among 18-45 voters. He leads that demographic with 45 % which is 7% better than his overall polling numbers.

Psyops: fixed polling

  So you keep hearing things like, "The Republicans are tearing each other apart, damaging each other so much they won't be able to face Obama, a formidable candidate."
  And "Obama's got so much more money," "He's impossible to beat." How about this headline?
   "Santorum's emphasis on his Christianity is not good for democracy," an article which then goes on to compare Christianity to Islam, even though we've never beheaded anyone over here and even though Christianity NEVER gets the same sensitivity as other religions.
  This is all part of the psyops campaign to convince those who oppose Obama's socialism (or worse) to lose heart or not vote or give up.
  Israpundit took a look at a recent AP poll, only to discover fishiness, which are a significant part of the psyops campaign.
The Associated Press is rigging polls again and is not disclosing the startling fact that its polling firm, GFK, has been granted federal government contracts since Obama has been in office. This is not a major surprise to our readers because we have come to expect very liberal bias from the so-called mainstream media, but this goes beyond business as usual and well into the area of inventing favorable news for Obama to help create the impression that his reelection is inevitable. 
This week the AP again reported that their polling firm had determined that Obama would beat any of the Republican candidates but we looked at the raw polling data and once again, the AP and GFK had cooked the numbers by sampling ten percent more Democrat/Democrat leaning than Republicans.
  You can also see the art of persuasion in a recent Yahoo article that sympathizes with the common man who doesn't have the luxury of flying a $180,000 an hour jet around the country with the title, "Why You're Paying More at the Pump."
  The article goes on to carefully detail, by omission, that Obama has nothing to do with it.
  The reasons?
  • Volatility in the Middle East (It's Israel's fault. No mention that we get most of our oil from Canada and Mexico).
  • Growing demand in Asia
  • Gasoline formulation requirements (That is, government seasonal demands on oil)
  • A growing economy ("rosy," they call it, based on government figures)
  • Summer (because it's February and we use more vacation gas in February)
  • Taxes (Oh, yeah, there's that, which adds about $1 per gallon)
  Nowhere is it mentioned that Obama turned down the Keystone Pipeline project, or that he refuses to add new locations for drilling and that, in fact, he's slowed down drilling and canceled some.
  And nowhere is it mentioned that the American dollar is simply worth less because of all the trillions of dollars we've printed just to pay our bills, turning our currency into worthless paper.
  Yeah, I think they're running scared.

Utica Shale Update Bits

As we predicted, drillers are shifting operations from the dry gas plays into wet gas plays, that is natural gas found with less than 85 percent methane, containing butane, propane, hexane, etc. The shift is caused by declining natural gas prices. Moving some operations from the Marcellus Shale Rex Energy will drill four wells in in 2012 in Carroll County.

A Houston-based company has announced plans for a new $13 million facility in Youngstown to service the area's burgeoning oil and gas production industry. Exterran Energy Solutions plans a 65,000-square-foot building at the Salt Springs Road industrial park, creating more than 100 jobs in the process. The company hopes to be open for business by the end of the year.

Consol Energy best known for its coal mining operation entered a partnership with Hess Corp. to explore for and develop oil, natural gas liquids and gas on 200,000 acres across Belmont, Jefferson, Harrison and Guernsey counties.

Land owners have questions. Not the frantic Gasland type concerns we hear so much about but the more sedate problems of managing and maximizing wealth. Ohio State University Extension, Jefferson County Farm Bureau, Jefferson Soil & Water Conservation District and the Eastern Ohio Development Alliance have teamed up to offer the Shale Gas Workshop Series for Landowners. Topics include, Wealth and Tax Management Strategies for Landowners, Covering Lease and Royalty Payments and Negotiating Pipeline Easements Which are Favorable to Landowners. Oh to have such worries!

Hoosier Dad Obama?

I edited the above photo out of respect for the young lady's family. You may have heard of them. There name is Obama and the lady in the picture is Stanley Ann Dunham. There is a theory that Barack Obama was indeed born in Hawaii but not to Barack Obama Sr. but was love child of Ann Dunham and Marxist author Frank Marshall Davis. It strikes one as bit odd that Obama's grandfather would introduce a young Barack Obama to someone who was rumored to be a pedophile to mentor his only grandson. He was taking young Barry to visit his father. The photographs of course cannot be positively authenticated but people who knew Anarchist Annie as she was known at that time say they look like her. Aside from his literary talent, which was considerable Davis was a pretty fair photographer so it's not at all unlikely that would photograph his love.

The video below is somewhat dated by references to unrest in Wisconsin and is too short to do Jack Cashill's book justice. Readers who, like I, who have not read the book are urged to view his hour long CSPAN lecture. Cashill makes the compelling argument that Obama's Dreams of My Father is far too eloquent to have been written by someone who rarely writes. He sites an essay Obama wrote at Columbia in 1981. In 1800 words the "greatest writer to occupy the oval office since Lincoln" has five sentences in which the subject and the verb do not agree. Small wonder his academic records are sealed.

Cashill does not mind sharing the credit. In his lecture he acknowledges two men who helped him figure out Obama. One is a college dropout and a father of three who runs a construction company the other is a man in Michigan who owns a conveyer belt business. The second contributor asked about a poem Obama wrote at Occidental College, Pop who Obama says is about is grandfather who Obama called gramps. So why entitle it Pop? Cashill and his contributor conclude it is about Davis and written by Davis. Below are photographs of Obamas, junior and senior and Frank Marshall Davis. Who does the President favor?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Melly Christmas

Before social studies replaced history every nine-year-old knew about Marco Polo, the youth who left Venice with his father and uncle, met the Chinese Emperor Kublai Kahn and returned 24 years later, chronicling his journey in a book that stirred an interest in the East that culminated in the discovery of America. The spice routes had been established in ancient Rome as westerners sought spices from the mysterious East. From the very beginning it seems that western man was driven eastward by an innate urge, a natural and consuming biological need for Asian spices. In other words, no civilization from the glory that was Greece to the grandeur that was Roman was complete without Chinese food.

For several years I've felt a certain cultural inadequacy for my neighborhood that contains a huge gothic cathedral and a large university because notwithstanding the presence of a Dunkin Donuts and a Subway Sandwich Restaurant there was no Chinese carry-out. Last summer that inadequacy was redressed. The same Subway store that served a 490 pound Jared Fogle sandwiches until he became 200 pound company spokesman moved to a new location about two blocks down the street. After some extensive remodeling a Chinese carry-out restaurant opened in its place.

My wife and I became frequent customers and as time went on, began to become very fond of the new staff. It was hard to discern at first but we noticed there was something unique about the place. The kitchen area has been opened so anyone standing at the take-out counter can see their food being cooked. Usually a twenty something Chinese lady works the register and phone. Although she has a slight accent, the lady's grammar is perfect and I assumed up until one day she was Chinese American. On that particular day after taking my order she turned to her cooks and shouted out the order in Chinese. Like a damn fool I asked, "You speak Chinese?" Oh yes, she was born in China and obviously so were all of her cooks who are all in their teens or early twenties. The entire restaurant is run by kids! Foreign kids who seem to have an entire neighborhood lined up for whatever they are cooking.

On the good authority of my barber who has a shop just around the corner, I've learned that the young lady is probably the owner. He told me that he reckoned she must have about $500,000 invested in the place and that her mother must have financed it. Oh that explains it all. She got half a million from her mother who is fifty something and was born in China too. I'm also told the cooks are the modern day equivalents of the colonial indentured servants who work cheaply until they can pay off their airfare from China. These people take free enterprise to new high level.

On Christmas Eve my wife and I had been invited to dinner but about mid-afternoon we began to get hungry so we hopped into the car and drove to the Lincoln Garden Chinese Restaurant fairly sure they would be open since they probably had never heard of Christmas. As we were leaving with our Lo Mein the cook who was working the counter smiled and shouted "Melly Christmas" across the room and with that the three cooks busy in the kitchen turned and in almost unison wished us a "Melly Christmas"at the top of their lungs. No politically correct "Happy Holidays" from these kids but an almost lusty, full throated, roaring "Melly Christmas". I could have kissed them.

So good are Asians at business they sometimes make fools of Americans of European decent. My brother relayed a story from his neighborhood of how his neighbors looked with disdain at one neighbor who was exploiting a Vietnamese family he hired to do his yard work. Husband, wife, and children worked frantically, mowing raking and trimming his lawn. Of course no one bothered to ask the family if they felt exploited. Sentiments changed when their old truck broke down and they had to drive the family Lexus to work.

Kicking Women In The Pelvis Kennedy Lives Up To Our Expectations

It's been some decades since the Kennedy family has shown the public much in the way of exemplary deportment. Rape, drunkenness, reckless homicide, drug overdoses, and welching on honest debts is the the sort of deviancy we have grown to expect from this overprivileged clan of white trash. The kicking a maternity nurse in the pelvis will probably be dismissed by the court and the public alike as the understandable and just frustration of those condemned to endure the Kennedy curse. Yes, it's the famous Kennedy curse that visits tragedy on some family members but often serves as a ready made alibi for all acts of illegal, immoral, and distasteful conduct perpetrated by this pathetic breed moral underachievers.

Douglas Kennedy, the tenth of ten too many children of Robert F. Kennedy was was arraigned Thursday on child endangerment and other charges. Kennedy and his wife were attempting to remove their newborn infant from the maternity ward which the hospital says was unauthorized. While holding the child in one hand Kennedy is accused of twisting one nurse's arm and kicking another in the pelvic area.

UPDATE: Here's the video from the security cams.

View more videos at:


Presidential candidate, Rick Santorum, will be addressing Northwest Ohio supporters at a rally in Perrysburg, OH on Tuesday, February 28 at 11:30 a.m. at the Holiday Inn French Quarter, 10630 Fremont Pike in Perrysburg (U.S. 20 east of I-75). 

Conservatives and Republicans in Wood County, Toledo, Perrysburg, Maumee, and across Northwest Ohio have joined together to organize this event and are honored to have Rick Santorum spend some time with us. We're inviting you and your friends to join us in welcoming the next president of the United States. Doors open at 10:30 a.m. This event is open to the public. 

Come early to get a good seat. 

For questions, please contact John McAvoy at 419-787-9585. 

There are no tickets for this event, it is open to all!

Everybody's fault but we get a reset button on WMDs?

  At some point, it'd be great if this clueless bunch had any idea what they were doing. Right from that "reset" button, it's been a buncha frick and frack and keystone cops.
  Victor David Hanson at NRO. There's more over there:
The treasury secretary who oversaw $5 trillion in new debt, and who oversees an IRS that he himself not long ago tried to short, lectures us that a premium in taxes must be paid for the fact of our being born American. The first lady, who cannot keep from vacationing at Costa del Sol, Vail, Aspen, and Martha’s Vineyard, keeps reminding us, who do not go to those tony retreats or $30,000-a-plate fundraisers, that we must pay our fair share to a nearly insolvent government to help it help the less fortunate, 50 percent of whom pay no income taxes. Secretary of State Clinton, who not long ago declared Bashar Assad a “reformer” now says the thug must go, with State Department subordinates warning about Syrian “WMD.” 
  There were rumors that Syria had received Saddam Hussein's WMD
The newspaper reveals that a 200 square-kilometer area in northwestern Syria has been photographed by satellites at the request of a Western intelligence agency at least 16 times, the most recent being taken in January. The site is near Masyaf, and it has at least five installations and hidden paths leading underneath the mountains. This supports the reporting of Nizar Nayouf, an award-winning Syrian journalist who said in 2004 that his sources confirmed that Saddam Hussein’s WMDs were in Syria.
  Now whose fault will it be if those WMDs fall into al Qaeda's hands? 
  Will we have a "reset button" with a misspelling that, interpreted, means "overload"?
  I shudder to think. 

The USPS death spiral

  Walter Russell Mead addresses it.
  I've had to redeliver my neighbors' mail 3 times in recent days, including what looked like bills and checks.
  I would rather pay a bit extra by taking a package to a mail delivery company than the USPS, where lines are always long, the clerks are rude or on break and the prices are unreasonable considering the service.
  So if I'm willing to pay extra, why can't the USPS tap into that business model?
  Well, for one going postal usually means anything but a cheerful face and a short line.
Irrational, hang the cost mandates by legislators desperate to please rural constituents and labor unions make it harder to do what must be done. Overhaul of the USPS is being delayed, but it can’t be avoided. Internal estimates predict the postal service will be hemorrhaging $18.2 billion a year by 2015.  Efficient private carriers and technology like email and Skype have undermined certain USPS services faster than the aging behemoth has been able to adapt (something we’ve covered before).
  They need to adapt to the current market. 
  Adapt. Government. 

My Apology to President Karzai on Behalf of Americans

PETA Kills 95% of the Pets Left in Their Care

Is it possible that an organization uses soft and fluffy animals merely as a prop for fundraising?

Say it ain't so!

Pet lovers caution!  You may find it very hard to hold your temper the next time you run into one of these "saviors" of flora and fauna.

Here's the story...

501 Front St.
Norfolk, VA  23510

I am sure they would love to have you drop a line.  While you are at it, why not drop a line to Greenpeace, or the World Wildlife Fund or any other do-gooder society that comes to mind.  They are all the same -- frauds and scam artists.

Ohio's War on Drugs

A proposed Ohio law, advocated by Gov. John Kasich, would make it illegal to have a "secret" compartment in your car.  A conviction would be punishable by up to 18 months in jail and a potential fine of $5000.

The "secret" compartment would be defined as follows:
A “space, box, or other closed container” that is added, modified or attached to an existing vehicle.

Really now? 

Guess all you construction workers will have to get rid of that locking tool box.  ...and, I guess no one will be allowed to carry a suitcase in their trunk anymore either.

Does anyone but me think Kasich is smoking that stuff his highway patrol is finding in those "secret" boxes?

Show Trials In Afghanistan?

This is incredible! It has yet to be announced by the DOD or the administration but it is being reported by the Afghan Government Media and Information Center.

NATO officials promised to meet Afghan nation’s demand of bringing to justice, through an open trial, those responsible for the incident and it was agreed that the perpetrators of the crime be brought to justice as soon as possible.

Then this:

The delegations also want from the Afghan government to formally praise those brave Afghan army soldiers and all others who showed feelings against the disrespectful act by preventing more religious books and Quran copies from burning, so that the pure Muslim sentiments of our honored Mujahid nation can remain alive.

Those are two points from a longer list of pronouncements coming out of Kabul. After Obama humiliated the country by publicly apologizing twice for the burning of the silly Korans would he actually be devious enough to even think of conducting a show trial of American service men? Yes, he would be that devious but he does have an election to win in the US not Afghanistan. A competent and loyal president would be calling for the executions of those responsible for the deaths of the American servicemen at the hands of the mutineers and warning the Afghans that any praise of the mutineers on that government's behalf would lead to consequences they would not want to imagine.

Deja Vu! Democrat Booed at Town Hall Over Obamacare

Here we go again! We are told that the Republicans are on the wrong side of of the HHS contraceptive mandate. I opined early on that the real effects of this struggle will be felt down ballot by Democrats in largely Catholic states and congressional districts. Democrat Kathy Hochul was elected in a special election in New York's 26th district after Republican Chris Lee was forced to resign over a sex scandal. During the campaign Hochul and the Democrats demonized Paul Ryan's budget with commercials showing a dark haired villain with roughly the same physiognomy as Ryan's pushing a elderly lady in a wheel chair over a cliff.

That was last year. Today in this largely Catholic district the villains are Kathleen Sebelius and Barack Obama. Congresswoman Hochul hosted a town hall just as contentious as the town halls leading up to Obamacare.

Hey, anti-capitalists: there are systems for a REASON

POTUS's gas rationale based on half truths and contempt

  How stupid do these people think we are? Drilling ISN"T the answer? But ALGAE is??
  There's no short term silver bullet to lower gas prices through drilling but there is through ALGAE?
  A certain politician has a 3 step plan for reelection and solving the high energy prices.
  Here it is:
1) use his bully pulpit to divide the country and sneer at his opponents
2) use his bully pulpit to divide the country and sneer at his opponents
3) use his bully pulpit to divide the country and sneer at his opponents.
  Incredibly, his party is calling for opening the oil reserves. Aren't they called reserves for a reason?
  This from the man who flies his $180,000 an hour jet around the country on a whim and a fundraiser.

  Howdy Doody claims that oil industry profits are at their highest ever. Here's the truth from Director Blue about why:
Take a guess who the leftists and their idiot cousins in media will blame for skyrocketing gas prices: (a) "speculators", (b) "greedy oil companies", (c) "the rich", or (d) Bush. Not President Obama. Not his EPA. Not his Department of Interior. Not the brutal amount of taxes on each gallon of gas (about a dollar a gallon in total taxes versus two cents a gallon in profit for the "greedy oil companies").
  POTUS can claim that he's forced regulations to improve mileage per gallon by such and such a year; just because that passed the toady EPA doesn't mean the technology is there to make it possible.
  The truth is a legitimate alternative to oil won't need government subsidies. 
  There's an excellent article over at The Americano debunking the half truths Obama espouses on a regular basis. Here's a sample:
Half-truth #2: Increasing oil production takes too long and would not impact the market for at least a decade.
This has been the mantra of the anti-drilling crowd for years, and the longer politicians listen to the message, the longer the nation’s oil resources will remain undeveloped. If access to areas that are currently off limits is increased, it will take time to explore and extract that oil. But that does not change the fact that the nation needs it today and also in the future. Furthermore, some of this oil can reach the market in much less than a decade if the permitting process is streamlined and the Keystone XL pipeline—which could bring up to 830,000 barrels of oil per day from Canada to the Gulf Coast refineries—is built.

Chevy Volt flames out. Heh.

New Chevy Volt ad. Not.

Awaiting the Hollywood meat dress

  I'll admit that I might watch a few moments of Red Carpet fashion of the Oscars show just to see what the royalty among us consider chichi these days. 
  Will we see a meat dress? 
  Or perhaps will some swanky outre designer use vegetables this year?
  Will the beautiful Ms. ____ wear a dress with so many holes that we wait breathlessly to see if it falls off?
  If we look carefully, will any of the dreaded Bra Fat be visible? 
  Will Demi Moore's stick legs collapse beneath the weight of her 80 pound frame?
  Will some snarky fashion commentator finally admit that fat actresses still look fat rather than gushing how *FAB*ulous they look in their tent sized couture?
  Now Powerline has a Hollywood insider who reveals the rot that permeates Hollywood. 
  We already know about the child rape and intimidation Hollywood bigwigs perpetrate, most of the time with impunity.
  We already know that liberals want to see only their ideology on screen so much they're willing to sacrifice everything, even their art and their money, to accomplish their goals.
  Now our Hollywood insider Bill Katz reveals that Hollywood appears to be dimly realizing that things are not so good in the movie making business.
  Think about all the story potential of the Iraq war and the camaraderie between soldiers. The heroism. True courage.
  But apparently Hollywood believes that making movies that make America look good would require patriotism. We could actually be proud of our soldiers, rather than accusing them of being Ugly Americans.
  You don't think there are more Sea Biscuits out there? 
  Hollywood's too busy making In the Valley of Elah or Rendition or other anti-American films. Apparently it doesn't matter if anyone goes to see these bombs. All that matters is that overseas those America haters who take our money and behead our citizens will pay to see a Michael Moore or Oliver Stone screed, even as Americans refuse to fork over their hard earned dough to see themselves depicted as hillbilly morons.
  But from Powerline:
But maybe the excitement is a little less this year. I get the sense from talking with friends in the trade that it’s finally dawning on America’s movie industry that it’s in serious trouble…in trouble with its audience. That’s the American audience, not the “international viewers,” the critics, or other “filmmakers.”
When you realize that the most exciting thing about this year’s Oscars is the return of the semi-retired Billy Crystal, who hasn’t hosted the ceremony in almost a decade, you wonder what’s going on. When you realize that Billy is replacing Eddie Murphy, a falling star who hasn’t made a splash in years, and who pulled out of the Oscar ceremony in some dispute, you wonder where Hollywood is heading. 
 It's difficult to imagine spending any time watching any more of the Oscars than watching most of the movies, or television for that matter, out there right now. As a huge movie buff, I've seen 5 of the 9 movies up for an award for best film. Of some of those, I say "meh." 

The Queen of Preen dons another $2500 outfit

  Michelle Obama, who recently called dramatically for more sacrifice and who just returned from skiing out west, has done it again.
  She's worn a simply fabulous outfit, valued, at a minimum, of $2,500. That wag Naked DC has the snark:
His ready-to-wear line is definitely out of the price range of most Americans, with a coat-and-dress ensemble like the one the first lady is wearing going for around $2,500 at Neiman Marcus (about $1000 for the dress and $1500 for the coat). And the pricing is pretty consistent across fabrics and seasons. The thing is, though, that the First Lady’s outfit isn’t even off the rack at the local designer department store. Nope. Her threads are custom made so that none of you peons will ever be able to replicate her look by cashing in your food stamps. No other human being will ever sport Mrs. Obama’s look, and unless, like a celebrity, she’s wearing this puppy and giving it back, it cost her (or us, depending on whether she used her First Lady clothing stipend) a pretty penny. And this is actually the second or third Peter Som ensemble we know is in the First Lady’s closet.
  The oh-so-chic Michelle O, who is touted around the world as a fashion maven, just returned from her 16th vacation (in case you were counting) just in time to admonish her admirers to give more money to her husband's campaign, which they did, at $10,000 apiece.
  The money will help her and her husband admonish the rest of us that if even one "family in this country is struggling, we cannot be satisfied with our own families’ good fortune.”
  Apparently Michelle O did not work for what she has; it's all been "good fortune."
  So do you frumpy shlubs want to see what at least a couple grand buys these days in the world of high fashion and design, keeping in mind that this garment was altered specifically for the Queen of Preen?
  Here it is.
    Yeah, I know. Looks like a tent to me.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

We must all work harder, Michelle O says

Newspaper ad. H/T Small Dead Animals.

The 75 Senators Who Voted For Bill To Allow 30,000 Surveillance Drones Over the US in Next Ten Years

As Congress continues to kill our Freedoms one bill at a time (Patriot Act, SOPA, NDAA) it is important that you know how your Congressional Representative voted.

Here is the list of Senators who voted FOR (Aye) the use of 30,000 drones over the land of Liberty:

Votes by Senator

Name Voted
Sen. Daniel Akaka [D, HI] Nay
Sen. Lamar Alexander [R, TN] Aye
Sen. Kelly Ayotte [R, NH] Aye
Sen. John Barrasso [R, WY] Abstain
Sen. Max Baucus [D, MT] Aye
Sen. Mark Begich [D, AK] Aye
Sen. Michael Bennet [D, CO] Aye
Sen. Jeff Bingaman [D, NM] Aye
Sen. Richard Blumenthal [D, CT] Nay
Sen. Roy Blunt [R, MO] Aye
Sen. John Boozman [R, AR] Aye
Sen. Barbara Boxer [D, CA] Aye
Sen. Scott Brown [R, MA] Aye
Sen. Sherrod Brown [D, OH] Nay
Sen. Richard Burr [R, NC] Aye
Sen. Maria Cantwell [D, WA] Aye
Sen. Benjamin Cardin [D, MD] Nay
Sen. Thomas Carper [D, DE] Aye
Sen. Robert Casey [D, PA] Nay
Sen. Saxby Chambliss [R, GA] Aye
Sen. Daniel Coats [R, IN] Aye
Sen. Thomas Coburn [R, OK] Aye
Sen. Thad Cochran [R, MS] Aye
Sen. Susan Collins [R, ME] Aye
Sen. Kent Conrad [D, ND] Abstain
Sen. Chris Coons [D, DE] Aye
Sen. Bob Corker [R, TN] Aye
Sen. John Cornyn [R, TX] Aye
Sen. Michael Crapo [R, ID] Nay
Sen. Jim DeMint [R, SC] Nay
Sen. Richard Durbin [D, IL] Aye
Sen. Michael Enzi [R, WY] Aye
Sen. Dianne Feinstein [D, CA] Aye
Sen. Al Franken [D, MN] Nay
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand [D, NY] Nay
Sen. Lindsey Graham [R, SC] Aye
Sen. Charles Grassley [R, IA] Aye
Sen. Kay Hagan [D, NC] Aye
Sen. Thomas Harkin [D, IA] Nay
Sen. Orrin Hatch [R, UT] Abstain
Sen. Dean Heller [R, NV] Aye
Sen. John Hoeven [R, ND] Aye
Sen. Kay Hutchison [R, TX] Aye
Sen. James Inhofe [R, OK] Aye
Sen. Daniel Inouye [D, HI] Aye
Sen. John Isakson [R, GA] Aye
Sen. Mike Johanns [R, NE] Aye
Sen. Ron Johnson [R, WI] Aye
Sen. Tim Johnson [D, SD] Aye
Sen. John Kerry [D, MA] Aye
Sen. Mark Kirk [R, IL] Abstain
Sen. Amy Klobuchar [D, MN] Nay
Sen. Herbert Kohl [D, WI] Aye
Sen. Jon Kyl [R, AZ] Aye
Sen. Mary Landrieu [D, LA] Aye
Sen. Frank Lautenberg [D, NJ] Aye
Sen. Patrick Leahy [D, VT] Nay
Sen. Mike Lee [R, UT] Nay
Sen. Carl Levin [D, MI] Aye
Sen. Joseph Lieberman [I, CT] Aye
Sen. Richard Lugar [R, IN] Aye
Sen. Joe Manchin [D, WV] Aye
Sen. John McCain [R, AZ] Aye
Sen. Claire McCaskill [D, MO] Nay
Sen. Mitch McConnell [R, KY] Aye
Sen. Robert Menéndez [D, NJ] Aye
Sen. Jeff Merkley [D, OR] Nay
Sen. Barbara Mikulski [D, MD] Nay
Sen. Jerry Moran [R, KS] Aye
Sen. Lisa Murkowski [R, AK] Aye
Sen. Patty Murray [D, WA] Aye
Sen. Ben Nelson [D, NE] Aye
Sen. Bill Nelson [D, FL] Aye
Sen. Rand Paul [R, KY] Nay
Sen. Robert Portman [R, OH] Aye
Sen. Mark Pryor [D, AR] Aye
Sen. John Reed [D, RI] Aye
Sen. Harry Reid [D, NV] Aye
Sen. James Risch [R, ID] Nay
Sen. Pat Roberts [R, KS] Aye
Sen. John Rockefeller [D, WV] Aye
Sen. Marco Rubio [R, FL] Aye
Sen. Bernard Sanders [I, VT] Nay
Sen. Charles Schumer [D, NY] Aye
Sen. Jefferson Sessions [R, AL] Aye
Sen. Jeanne Shaheen [D, NH] Aye
Sen. Richard Shelby [R, AL] Aye
Sen. Olympia Snowe [R, ME] Aye
Sen. Debbie Ann Stabenow [D, MI] Nay
Sen. Jon Tester [D, MT] Aye
Sen. John Thune [R, SD] Aye
Sen. Patrick Toomey [R, PA] Aye
Sen. Mark Udall [D, CO] Aye
Sen. Tom Udall [D, NM] Aye
Sen. David Vitter [R, LA] Abstain
Sen. Mark Warner [D, VA] Aye
Sen. Jim Webb [D, VA] Aye
Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse [D, RI] Aye
Sen. Roger Wicker [R, MS] Aye
Sen. Ron Wyden [D, OR] Aye