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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hillary "fired for lying unethical behavior"

  Judicial Watch has obtained and released documents that not even Congress or the (lapdog) press, including Sheryl Atkisson, could obtain testifying to the fact that a White House operative who happened to be brother to CBS news Director, urged that the narrative for the murders in Benghazi be “rooted in [an] Internet video, and not [in] a broader failure or policy.

  The documents that were given to the Congressional committee investigating the incident were heavily redacted, as if it were a security problem to release them in their entirety, a problem that was apparently rectified when Judicial Watch FOIA'ed them in the lawsuit.  "Other documents show that State Department officials initially described the incident as an “attack” and a possible kidnap attempt."
  Carney got nailed at the White House briefing today, just as he claimed that the released emails had nothing to do with the Benghazi terrorist attack but rather with the Middle East in general.
  Three days later, Hillary Clinton glad handed the families of the murdered Americans in front of four coffins, lying to their faces that the attack was about an "awful video" rather than a September 11, forewarned and State Department -ill-prepared- terrorist attack. 
  Daily Caller has her words to those families here:
“This has been a difficult week for the State Department and for our country. We’ve seen the heavy assault on our post in Benghazi that took the lives of those brave men. We’ve seen rage and violence directed at American embassies over an awful Internet video that we had nothing do to with.”
  Hillary knew then the attack was not about a video and yet she persisted in claiming that she and the administration were not responsible for the lack of adequate security at the embassy in Benghazi. Katie Pavlich:
Despite knowing Benghazi was a terrorist attack from the very beginning, after all she was briefed by Hicks who was on the ground, Clinton shamelessly stood in front of the flag draped caskets of dead Americans and blamed a YouTube video anyway.
  When queried, she reminds us: What difference does it make?
  I might remind y'all that Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State when 4 American State Dept employees were murdered under her watch and who claimed it was all over a "video," was fired by a Democrat from working on the Watergate Investigation. 
  From Downtrend:
....when she was an attorney working on the Watergate investigation, she was fired by her supervisor for “lying, unethical behavior.”
Jerry Zeifman, who said he is a lifelong Democrat, was a supervisor for 27-year-old Hillary Rodham on the committee. When the investigation was complete, Zeifman said he fired Hillary and refused to give her a recommendation.
“Because she was a liar,” Zeifman said. “She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.
  Hillary was intending "to deny Richard Nixon the right to counsel during the investigation.And "in order to pull this off, Zeifman says Hillary wrote a fraudulent legal brief, and confiscated public documents to hide her deception."
  This deceptive illicit behavior is exactly what is on display in the Benghazi matter.
  Does anyone doubt that a 65 year old who was willing at 27 to deny counsel to a defendant, to lie and cheat to prevent the truth about her political party from coming out, who repeatedly dipped her fingers into scandal after scandal in her husband's administration, who was suspected of misusing documents for her party's benefit, whose department somehow "misplaced" 6$ billion during her tenure at State. 
  That Hillary Clinton.
  That that Hillary Clinton would energetically and blithely cover up her department's involvement in incompetence, deception and fraud regarding the murder of four Americans in Benghazi?
  I guess we'll see what difference it makes.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hey, God, if you'd only be nicer, maybe more people would like You

  I read this article last weekend and have been seething ever since. The author presents everything that's wrong with the way our society views Christianity today.
  Oh, not other religions.
  Just Christianity, especially evangelicals.
  At The Week, the article is entitled "What Christians get wrong about hell," written by someone who purports to know all about Christianity. He complains that those who read the Bible are "overly literalistic" in their embrace of it.
  It is too much to assume even being "literalistic" at all is acceptable to Mr. Linker, who pictures a red Satan bearing a pitchfork with the caption "Nope," presumably because Mr. Linker has been to hell and knows that no such "mythological" creature exists.
  We are told that, peh! Christ only mentioned hell in its fury a few times and thus, since our sensibilities have changed this century, who could be expected to believe that such an awful place still or really exists?
  Linker complains that it would be unjust that only those who strive to live for Christ should enter Heaven:
Jumping off from a handful of Gospel passages in which Jesus Christ speaks about "eternal punishment" for sinners in the afterlife, these believers conjure visions of a cosmic torture chamber in which those who reject God or commit grave sins without repentance are subjected to endless torment as punishment for their transgressions. It is a ghastly analogue to equally crude and comical visions of heaven as a place where the righteous are rewarded with angels' wings and an eternity of harp lessons. 
This is very bad theology — because it takes off from a deeply confused, though very commonly held, view of punishment.
  Instead, Linker believes that sinners should be educated in the way to behave. This would be a more just punishment for those who do wrong than punishing them by sending them to hell when they die, even though they've had plenty of choices during the course of a lifetime and even though we are built with a conscience that pricks us all the time.
  Human beings can't really create just prison systems, you see, being human, after all.
  So Mr. Linker convinces himself by the end of the article that "the most theologically cogent view of hell" is that when one dies, she will realize how separated she is from God, how much she missed by not being part of the Love Brigade and that, darn it, if God is "really good," He's not going to punish all those nasty sinners by condemning them to Hell, but rather, wrap His loving arms around them, thus showing them the error of their ways through Love.
So basically you can do whatever you want in this lifetime and get away with it.

  There is no real Hell. Only Heaven.

  This drivel is what passes for the theology of the Left.
  If you are unhappy with religious tenets, then you adapt your beliefs to create the Happy Meal of a religion that you want, excoriating any rules as being unattainable and impossible.
  Thus we have an administration that happily determines that God wants people to have greater welfare benefits (more of your money/time), that God would want women to abort their children (??), that God demands "social justice" in all public policy.
  Did Mr. Linker have a Facetime conference with God, I wonder, informing Him that He's such a meanie for expecting people to accept Christ for redemption?
  Does Mr. Linker not know that no man on this earth can meet the requirements of a just God? 

  That that is the reason for Christ's death? To redeem us in our "filthy rags" of so-called righteousness which can never be good enough?
  In the Book of Luke is a story about two men who died, one a pampered rich man who goes to hell, one a poor man named Lazarus whose wounds were licked by dogs who goes to heaven. 

  Needless to say, Lazarus complains that if he can't get some relief down in Hell, he can at least warn his family about living a better life to avoid it. Alas, the rich man's request is denied.
24 “The rich man shouted, ‘Father Abraham, have some pity! Send Lazarus over here to dip the tip of his finger in water and cool my tongue. I am in anguish in these flames.’
25 “But Abraham said to him, ‘Son, remember that during your lifetime you had everything you wanted, and Lazarus had nothing. So now he is here being comforted, and you are in anguish. 26 And besides, there is a great chasm separating us. No one can cross over to you from here, and no one can cross over to us from there.’
27 “Then the rich man said, ‘Please, Father Abraham, at least send him to my father’s home. 28 For I have five brothers, and I want him to warn them so they don’t end up in this place of torment.’
29 “But Abraham said, ‘Moses and the prophets have warned them. Your brothers can read what they wrote.’
30 “The rich man replied, ‘No, Father Abraham! But if someone is sent to them from the dead, then they will repent of their sins and turn to God.’
31 “But Abraham said, ‘If they won’t listen to Moses and the prophets, they won’t listen even if someone rises from the dead.’”
  I hold no illusion that Mr. Linker and his ilk will ever change their thinking; what I resent is that he's trying to change not only my thinking, but my religion--and ultimately God Himself--to make Him more palatable to a generation who simply does not want to be told they're wrong about anything.
  All is not well.
  All is not good.
  And the simple fact is that, no matter what Linker et al think, God is simply God and will not be changed, regardless how all the humans on the earth feel about Him.
  Religion columnists can write all they want about how Christianity--the religion of peace--should change to suit contemporary mores, but when we die, we'll all find out just who's right.
  Call me a dreamer.
  I just don't want to stand next to Mr. Linker or anybody else like him in a storm.
  "Church is an option," the Portlandia comedians explain, and we'll change it to make it want you want, not what you need.
  Cuz Lord knows we don't need more real Jesus, right?

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Nancy Pelosi's dream come true: an artist on the government dole

  My eyes! My eyes bleed!
  Somehow I couldn't look away; I watched the whole thing.
  This person explains why she doesn't want a job.
  Money means nothing to her. She is non-materialistic.
  Perhaps her non-materialism, her other worldliness is why she appears to be wearing nothing but tattoos.
  In explaining her raison d'etre, Pink coughs phlegm repeatedly, licks her pierced lips, complains that she is simply too busy and talented to hold a job because of all her hobbies, which include giving a massage (shudder) and being a Nancy Pelosi artist.
  This "young lady" (phlegm-y cough) says she buys stuff all the time, and doesn't care about living in a home or eating. (cough) She could be homeless (which she is not) and wouldn't care because worldly things mean so little to her.
  The piece de resistance comes at the end when it is revealed she lives with her mother. Naturellement!
  This pink haired troll bellows invectives at her mom without ever moving from the couch. Only her beefy head turns, revealing rolls of fat and ear gauges.
  Really, this is worth watching all the way through. I promise, the end makes it worth the 9 minutes of your life you'll never get back.

  This is indeed Nancy Pelosi's dream come true! Remember when she said this:

Law enforcement: keep your Second Amendment rights

  Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke wowed the crowd at the NRA this week. You may have heard of him before, as he is a staunch Second Amendment supporter.
  Clarke is considering running for mayor. One only hopes he does and perhaps even higher office. What an inspiration!

  Sheriff Clarke is not unlike Detroit Police Chief James Craig, who is fed up with Detroit murderers and burglars.
  Chief Craig also encourages homeowners to be prepared in the event of facing an intruder or attacker: it is as it should be, he says, that people are able to defend themselves with a weapon since by the time you call 911 it's undoubtedly too late for help to arrive.
  Realistically, in many big towns, what can police do by the time they arrive but clean up the mess?
  With men like this, we can be hopeful that our Second Amendment rights will be respected and that America can stand strong against tyranny.
  Many--if not most--law enforcement officers support the Second Amendment. It's the political bureaucracy that sells out to the Leftist desire to snatch personal defense weapons.

  The truth is that the good people of Chicago are being besieged by the criminals. Bad people will always get guns. That is why the people who escaped European oppression and understood human nature wrote the Second Amendment in our founding documents.
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Friday, April 25, 2014

Utica Drilling Bits

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources released some encouraging news on oil and gas production in the fourth quarter of 2013.
  • Gulfport Energy’s “Boy Scout” well in Harrison County, was the top oil producer. It produced 26,095 barrels in 80 days of production.
  • The best gas well was Antero Resources’ “Gary” well in Monroe County, which had 1.3 billion cubic feet of gas in 67 days of production.
  • Oil production in the fourth quarter of 2013 increased 8% over the previous quarter while natural gas production increased 28%.
  • Companies extracted 1.4 million barrels of oil, and 43.1 billion cubic feet of gas.

Let women fight the war on women

Let the women fight the war on women. That would be my advice to the GOP. After the primaries have run their course the Republicans may have 6 highly electable and in some cases downright charismatic women seeking a seat in the Senate. One is all but a slam dunk.
Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia should easily defeat Secretary of State Natalie Tennant. She leads Tennant by 14 points in both the latest PPP and Rasmussen polls. Capito is probably not destined to become your favorite senator but she will be a reliable Republican vote on most important issues. The Democrats were quick to write off this seat. Tennant was the eleventh candidate the Democrats tried to recruit. The first 10 declined to run.

Terri Lynn Land of Michigan may well be the most savvy candidate in the field. In 2002 she ran for Secretary of State and won,55%-43%, winning 75 of the state's 83 counties.She was reelected in 2006 winning 76 counties. Her opponent is Congressman Gary Peters who in addition to not having run a statewide race voted for Obamacare. Hoping to change the subject Peter shifted to the "war on women" cant which brought this rejoinder from Land. The RCP average of polls gives Land a .6% lead.

The Democrats are hoping to hold the seat of retiring Senator Tom Harkin but hoping may not be enough against one of the more exciting candidates of either gender the GOP has fielded since Sarah Palin. Joni Ernst is one tough women! The Harley riding Lieutenant Colonel in the Iowa National Guard gained national attention with the catchy ad below. Today Ernst won the endorsement of the Senate Conservative Fund. She also enjoys the backing of Sarah Palin, who will headline a ShePAC "Heels On, Gloves Off!" rally in Des Moines, and Mitt Romney. Assuming she wins the state caucus she will face tort lawyer Rep. Bruce Braley who besides having voted for Obamacare was caught on video disparaging an "Iowa farmer who never went to law school", Senator Chuck Grassley. Not too clever in a state full of farmers who never went to law school.

Maybe the most contentious senate primary in the country pits state Senator Senator Julianne Ortman against "centrist" businessman Mike McFadden. There are 4 more contenders in the race but in the Republican straw poll Ortman won 31% of the vote while McFadden received 28%. This is trench warfare between the Tea Party and the establishment Republican Party. Tea Party frustration with McFadden's refusal to meet with them boiled up in the video below. Ortman enjoys the support of Sarah Palin and ShePAC. If Ortman prevails in Minnesota's arcane caucus she will face Senator Al Franken. Although the poll continue to show Franken to be the likely winner he has the advantage of running unopposed. When he defeated Norm Coleman he won by a mere 351 votes, some of them from dead people while Obama handily carried the state.

Karen Handel, despite support from ShePac, Sarah Palin and Arizona Governor Jan Brewer who will be the featured speaker at a Monday rally remains a long shot to get her party's nomination. The former Georgia Secretary of State and former vice president of Susan G. Komen for the Cure who quit in protest when the organization resumed funding Planned Parenthood, is running last in a primary field that contains three sitting congressman and the leader, former Dollar General CEO David Perdue.

Dr. Monica Wehby, a Portland pediatric neurosurgeon will face state represenative Jason Conger for the chance to defeat incumbent Senator Jeff Merkley in Oregon. Conger voted with Democrats to establish Cover Oregon with the web site that failed to enroll a single applicant. Wehby is adamant in her opposition to Obamacare and has been since 2009. He second campaign ad, "Trust", posted below is awesome. Although she is a decided underdog to win in a state that has not elected a Republican to statewide office in over a decade I like her chances.

A Bundy "huh" moment

They're not even trying anymore

  It looks like they're not even really trying anymore.
  Gotta love that Biden is sent to the Ukraine to work out the details of overcoming a dictator's illegal takeover of a free country while Obama jetted off to try to shore up Asian fears that Obama does not support their countries in real terms in an increasingly unstable world.
  Of course, this is a habit with our POTUS, as we know, as he went golfing when the crisis flared up.
  Obama has a habit of pretending his role in the government is primarily ceremonial rather than functional; thus every holiday and commemorative event, he publishes photos of himself to commemorate the event.
  In keeping with elitist RINO David Brooks's meek observation that Obama has a "manhood problem," Obama confessed he found a robot he met other there to be "scary." Not sure if this was before or after he bowed to the robot. 
  Yes, things are going well for Obama over there, according to even the New York Times:
President Obama encountered setbacks to two of his most cherished foreign-policy projects on Thursday, as he failed to achieve a trade deal that undergirds his strategic pivot to Asia and the Middle East peace process suffered a potentially irreparable breakdown.
  And, hey, that Middle East "peace process."
  Who could guess that the "process" would break down, given that the Palestinians were busy making deals with a group whose sworn goal in life "calls for the destruction of Israel." 
  Um. We hate you and want you to die? How do you negotiate with that
  One might even think that this is 19th century behavior in a 21st century world, which would be nothing new for both the person who made that ridiculous comment or the the people who live that way.
  Meanwhile Michelle Obama has had to cancel a threatened appearance at a high school graduation because so many people signed a protest petition against her swooping in on a government jet.
  Eric Holder, too, who also has difficulty following the law, had to cancel an appearance after imminent protests.
  Meanwhile, Drudge has linked to a countdown clock, something we installed on our page many months ago with Breitbart's picture.
  Heh. See.
  We're still trying, no matter how old and decrepit we are.

No apologies for Cliven Bundy

Do not despair if you invited Cliven Bundy to give your commencement speech. As luck would have it both Michelle O. and Eric Holder find themselves with free time on their calendars as they have both canceled speeches after protests from parents and in Holders case politicians. This blog will not be apologizing for Mr. Bundy's remarks on blacks for the patent reason that we  have never mentioned Bundy other than an actor in a dispute. The showdown in Bunkerville, Nevada was never about Cliven Bundy. It was about the capacious use of government force. We did not condemn the raid on Gibson Guitar and flock to the Stand with Gibson rally because we were enamored with Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz or kept a special reverence for the memory of Les Paul. As in Bundy's case we did not co-mingle principles with personalities.
So Bundy likes Mexicans but blacks not so much. He said Mexicans were hard working taxpayers but questioned whether blacks, as a group had sufficiently availed themselves of the country's bounty but rather had sold out too cheaply.
None of this exculpates the Bureau of Land Management for its Gestapo tactics. We stand for limited government because we can tolerate the Cliven Bundys but we cannot tolerate a police state.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

40 Veterans die on secret waiting list

These people need a long look at the inside of a federal pen.
At least 40 U.S. veterans died waiting for appointments at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care system, many of whom were placed on a secret waiting list....
There's an "official" list that's shared with officials in Washington and shows the VA has been providing timely appointments, which Foote calls a sham list. And then there's the real list that's hidden from outsiders, where wait times can last more than a year....
According to Foote, the elaborate scheme in Phoenix involved shredding evidence to hide the long list of veterans waiting for appointments and care. Officials at the VA, Foote says, instructed their staff to not actually make doctor's appointments for veterans within the computer system.
Instead, Foote says, when a veteran comes in seeking an appointment, "they enter information into the computer and do a screen capture hard copy printout. They then do not save what was put into the computer so there's no record that you were ever here," he said.
According to Foote, the information was gathered on the secret electronic list and then the information that would show when veterans first began waiting for an appointment was actually destroyed.
"That hard copy, if you will, that has the patient demographic information is then taken and placed onto a secret electronic waiting list, and then the data that is on that paper is shredded," Foote said.
"So the only record that you have ever been there requesting care was on that secret list," he said. "And they wouldn't take you off that secret list until you had an appointment time that was less than 14 days so it would give the appearance that they were improving greatly the waiting times, when in fact they were not."
This outrage is reminiscent of the system wide changing of student test score in the Atlanta public school system where scores of teacher changed test scores to demonstrate that the system was performing adequately. Better late than never, Dr. Sam Foote revealed the conspiracy after he retired from a 24 year career at the VA, the nation's only single payer system. One can understand that after the administration's shameful treatment of whistle blowers in Fast and Furious that it is better to be a co-conspirator until one's pension is secure.

At least this system eliminates the need for death panels!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Meet Dr. Monica Wehby,

In the past the Republicans have struggled to recruit top shelf candidates to run for the senate in blue states. Oregon has not elected a Republican to statewide office in over 10 years. Cover Oregon, the worse designed web site in the nation did not enroll a single applicant and the voters are extremely upset with Obamacare. Although she is still a long shot Dr. Monica Wehby, a pediatric neurosurgeon gives the GOP a fighting chance to retire first term Senator Jeff Merkley.
Wehby has raised over $1 million but must still get past four other candidates in the GOP primary.

Update: This video rocks. It's an outstanding testimony to Dr. Wehby's professional sKill and remarkable character.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Family films dominate Easter weekend

  I usually listen to iHeart Radio during the week day; one of the advertisements they run frequently is a rundown of upcoming movies and how anticipated they are.
  This last week as the announcer salivated over opening movies, Heaven Is For Real was not even mentioned. Instead the new Johnny Depp movie was the movie voted most likely to succeed, along with Rio2 and a couple other forgettable films.
  Interestingly, "Heaven Is For Real" rode high this weekend, currently ending with a "surprising" $28 million  weekend; considering that film cost $12 million. From Deadline Hollywood:
The holy holiday brings a couple of other surprises as the best newcomer of the weekend, Heaven Is For Real, is now expected to have a 3-day gross of $21.5M for a $9,200 per screen, far above any other picture in the Top Ten. And, depending how much of a drop off there is today, it may end its 5-day run with $28.5M.
  The cum for "God's Not Dead," which cost about $2 million to make, is over $48 million.
  Once again, Hollywood has not "anticipated" "surprising" movie successes, just as "economists" never seem to anticipate "downturns" or "slowdowns."
  Oh, and Johnny Depp's Transcendence totally bombed.
  Gee, I wonder why a downer movie wasn't a big seller this Easter weekend. Even the Lego movie is still going.

Lincoln school rules reflect Obama's world philosophy

  The recent brouhaha about some ridiculous rules sent home to grade children by some misguided guidance counselor/s perfectly exemplify what's wrong with the Obama foreign policy.
  The rules relevant for our discussion from a Lincoln, Nebraska, elementary school--now deleted along with an apology for having issued them in the first place--are as follows:
1. Refuse to get mad.Anger is a feeling we have toward our enemies, not our buddies. When you get angry, you are treating them like an enemy..... 
2. Treat the person who is being mean as if they are trying to help you. No matter how insulting or mean they are, be grateful and think they really care about you......
3. Do not be afraid. Fear is something we feel toward enemies, not buddies. When you are afraid, you are treating the bully like an enemy.....
4. Do not verbally defend yourself. We defend ourselves from enemies, so we are treating the other person as an enemy, not a friend.
5. Do not attack. We attack enemies, not friends. If I attack you back, I am treating you like an enemy, so the bully will treat you in return like an enemy. It takes two people to fight, so it's the person who retaliates or responds, who actually starts the fight.
6. If someone physically hurts you, just show you are hurt. Do not get angry.
7. Do not tell on bullies. The number one reason bullies hate their victims, is because the victims tell on them. Telling makes the bully want to retaliate. Tell an adult only when a real injury or crime (theft of something valuable) has occurred. Would we keep our friends if we tattled on them?
8. Don't be a sore loser. No one likes a sore loser. Would you like to play with someone who gets all upset when they lose? Lose gracefully and be a good sport; kids will like you better.
9. Learn to laugh at yourself and not get "hooked" by putdowns. Make a joke out of it or agree with the putdown. "If you think I'm ugly, you should see my sister."....."If you think I look like a nerd, you should see my dad."
   This utterly lame philosophy encapsulates several Obamanian foreign policy behaviors.
  Obama refuses to get angry about anything Islamist terrorists or the Putins of the world do, including murdering our people in Benghazi, profaning our embassies or invading democratic countries previously freed from dictatorships.
  (He does, however, get angry at perceived slights within "his" own country, such as when anyone challenges his opinions on health care or anything else he's decided he wants to be legal without legislation.)
  His foreign policy hinges on his self-perceived international likeability and persuasive abilities. 
  Everyone overseas, to Obama, is a "friend," a "buddy," and everyone who disagrees with him at home is an "enemy." In fact, he's eager to "punish [his] enemies.
  Obama's people seem to be so unafraid of the evil people of the world that they take lightly the threat of evil intent.
  Meanwhile Obama's people stand silently by while so many criminals are becoming overconfident, more actively encroaching on the rights of people who mean to be free.
  Thus the jocular attitude toward Putin and even Iranian leaders; thus, the qualification that, though he will sign Ted Cruz's bill to keep out a criminal as a UN ambassador, Obama signals to the world only that the "selection is not viable."
  White House Dossier has a word about that:
Now, notice the careful language used by this craven administration Friday, which wants nothing, absolutely nothing, to interfere with its ability to suck up to Iran and complete a nuclear deal: [SNIP]
Not viable. Get it? All they’re telling the Iranians is that Congress and the American people won’t accept this choice. They’re pointedly not saying, as you may have read, that this person is unacceptable.
Just that he’s NOT VIABLE. You know, like the deal Obama is trying to strike with Iran . . .
  Let's also not forget to mention that when he signed this law, Obama made sure to announce that he was signing it as "advisory" only, and that he had to defend his "constitutional turf" against Congress telling him what to do, apparently completely unabashed that he routinely usurps legislative authority, particularly with his constant revisions of Obamacare.
  It's pretty obvious at this point that Obama's sympathies lie not with the American people, but with Islamic countries. I don't think that's even arguable, given the invective Obama has spread against his own people and the leniency and sympathy he has shown toward criminals both here and abroad.
  What's remarkable is that he has so quickly established a common culture of offensive passivity among professionals around the country, including such ill advised guidelines as this one issued to the parents of fifth grade children.
  Even if the school administration couldn't see the legal implications of encouraging students to not tell on abusive children, you'd think for compassionate reasons alone, they'd want to know about students being mistreated.
  This is at the center of Obama's philosophy, too, of ignoring real world consequences for bad policy.
  These people live in a fantasy world, one that manufactures good cheer where there is none and treats evil as if does not exist. 
  If we could only be friends--buddies-- you wouldn't want to kill me then. Right? 
  It's not like you'd be inclined to behave in a 19th or 20th century fashion in this, the 21st century, after all. Right?
  Unlike a school board, Obama and his people are rarely held accountable by anyone except the conservative media and blogosphere, though there are some breaks in that dam wall
  Obama, the American people and the world may have to learn the hard way that there's a rationale behind speaking softly while carrying a big stick.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Friday, April 18, 2014

Is Wendy Davis the subject of an FBI probe?

Walking a mile in Wendy's shoes should teach one that life is not always a waltz across Texas. From the Dallas Morning News;
The Travis County district attorney’s office said last month that details from its review of a 2012 complaint that a rival filed about Davis’ legal and political activities were “the subject of an open investigation” by the FBI. The district attorney’s office closed its review last year without taking any action.
It is not clear if Davis herself is the subject of an FBI investigation and her campaign states that she has not been interviewed by the FBI. If Davis looks bad she has only herself to blame. She created the appearance of impropriety when as a state senator she sought funding for the North Texas Tollway Authority while she and her law firm were employed by the Authority to collect unpaid tolls. On the other hand she could be the target of a vast right wing conspiracy that dogged Hillary Clinton and the Rose Law Firm.

Obama bombs before a hand picked audience

Hope and change doesn't sell too well in Western Pennsylvania these days judging by the response from the audience that had been dragooned into attending the Obama-Biden speeches at the Community College of Allegheny County. The predominately male audience looks as if was witnessing an execution and more inclined to throw up than to faint. The event required Obama and Biden to fly in on separate planes, a 34 car motorcade and the cancellation of classes all day. Fliers on campus advised students to stay away. According to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette the event was by invitation only. In other words it was a hand picked audience and Obummer still bombed.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

No more Subway for me!!

  With even a few howling wolves, Leftists are really, really good at hounding sponsors they don't like for various partisan reasons.
  Now it appears that there is a grass roots  movement to spank Subway for traipsing hand in hand with the FLOTUS Michelle Obama.
  Note that the La Times headline announcing her partnership with Subway reads "Michelle Obama taps Subway to help in healthy eating initiative," not the reverse, which is all too familiar with Americans being bullied by this administration.
  A hilarious read over at Subway's Facebook page reveals the outrage the American public feels at seeing, once again, the FLOTUS flouncing around television mewling about the benefits of veggies and buying a sub.
  Sandwiched in between complaints about the quality of their product and various stores are numerous imprecations and vows never to eat at Subway again because of Subway's connection with the Obamas.
  In fact, the Subway FB page is probably a great reason to disable comments on a company page. Geez.
The Mooch and Subway are a good partnership. Both suck at what they do. You will see a decrease in sales in the months to come for sure. Any Company that is associated with the worse pResident in the history of this once Great Country will be the demise of that company. You guy's really stepped in it this time. I will never eat at Subway again.
  But to each complaint about Obama, the FB Subway moderator responds the same thing, which in itself prompted complaints:
Thanks for reaching out to us, Jimmy. Someone gave you the wrong information and we’d like to clarify a few things related to our announcement in January with the Partnership for a Healthier America. We are not promoting or aligning with any politician as part of this healthier eating initiative. We are teaming up with a non-partisan, not for profit organization that promotes building awareness to help fight childhood obesity. This is not about politics.

From when we served our first sandwich in 1965 we always offered lots of FREE veggies. Then in the 90’s people started to focus more on healthier eating and the childhood obesity problem, which led to many organizations recognizing us for our leadership in making it easier for families to make better choices, to eat more vegetables, and to lead healthier lifestyles.

One of the goals of the Partnership for a Healthier America is to raise awareness of the importance of eating more fruits and vegetables and we’re glad to be able to join them in furthering this important message. As part of the announcement we made with Partnership for Healthier America, Mrs. Obama had lunch with local school children in one of our restaurants in Washington, DC to bring attention to this cause. This was not a political statement or an endorsement of Mrs. Obama in any way. We’ve been in business for almost 50 years and agree that business and politics don’t mix so our intention is not to promote any political figure or have a political figure represent us. Our goal is to continue to encourage families to make smarter choices and to continue to make it easy for folks to eat more vegetables.

So please stop by any one of our local stores to check this out for yourself. You won’t find a picture of Michele Obama, but you will find plenty of FREE fresh veggies to add to your sub!
  To which posters respond, "Subway, what about THIS?" followed by a link to another announcement about Obama's association with Subway.
  There's even an anti-Subway/Obama FB page.
  Michelle Obama, who herself loves to eat, is also getting backlash from her government imposed restriction on school cafeteria menus; any kind of unacceptable food will now be banned from school vending machines.
  Imagine. Yum. Brown carrot sticks in a vending machine for a snack. Yum.
  Yeah. I'd say the Subway/Obama partnership is a great idea, wouldn't you?
  We always like to know just who's in bed with the government.

Hawhaw! Boehner's electile dysfunction

Ok, FUNNY, and this will get Winteregg some serious courtin' time.

Video: Feds Surrender at Bundy Ranch

The BLM did not just leave the Bundy Ranch and return the cattle. They were kicked out, cursed and jeered. This video has not been shown by network television and links to it were blocked by Face Book.

White House demanded apology from Dr. Ben Carson

In an excerpt from his new book, One Nation: What We Can All Do to Save America’s Future, Dr. Ben Carson reveals that the White House demanded he apologize to Obama for his now famous remarks he made at the Washington prayer breakfast.
“But within a matter of minutes after the conclusion of the program, I received a call from some of the prayer breakfast organizers saying that the White House was upset and requesting that I call the president and apologize for offending him. I said that I did not think that he was offended and that I didn’t think that such a call was warranted.”
Obama's political career has been marked by ad hominem attacks yet the narcissist has the brass to demand an apology for well earned criticism.

Wendy Davis running on empty

It looks like Democrats sure picked the wrong year to try to turn Texas blue. In the governor's race, love 'em and leave 'em, part time mom Wendy Davis is down 8 points and that's just among women. Over all she trails Attorney General Greg Abbot by 14%, 37% to 51%. She is under water in her approval / disapproval ratio 33% to 47%. Even Obama gets a 36% approval rating! Lest readers think all is lost for Davis let me remind them that she did win the endorsement of, a web site that matches “sugar daddies” with “sugar babies” for “mutually beneficial dating arrangements”.
“Wendy Davis is proof that the sugar lifestyle is empowering. It can take a single mom from squalor to scholar, or in this case from the trailer park to Harvard, and a seat in the Senate. The sugar lifestyle creates an opportunity for women to transcend the single mother stereotypes.”
Go girl!
Turning to the senate race, the state's richest dentist, David Alameel trails RINO Senator John Cornyn 49% to 32%. Alameel must first get past Kesha Rogers in the May 27 runoff election. He only managed to pull 47% of the primary vote after outspending Rogers 126 to 1.
The PPP poll shows Governor Rick Perry enjoying a new surge in popularity. His approval rating is now at 48%. It had fallen to just 30% after his failed presidential bid.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

American Energy Partners "Now Hiring"

Flamboyant Aubrey McClendon once proclaimed "America's most reckless billionaire" by Forbes Magazine needs help. His company, American Energy Partners LP, recently hung out the help wanted sign. The billboard on Route 315 near Ohio State University says in large letters, “NOW HIRING!” One doubts that the location was chosen randomly. One also doubts that recruiting employees in depressed Ohio is that difficult. The fledgling AEP is marking its turf. McClendon is the Utica's biggest cheerleader, once calling it the most significant thing to happen to Ohio since the invention of the plow. It has been a long time since many of us have seen a sign like this!

Saturday, April 19, FREEDOM rally at Hood Park

                                NW Ohio Conservative Coalition
                                 A Letter from Linda Bowyer

Fellow Patriots:
  The NW Ohio Conservative Coalition was born out of the Tea Party movement and local organizations like Children of Liberty, Back-To-Basics and Perrysburg Patriots.  Once again, we are gathering at Hood Park in Perrysburg this Saturday April 19 1:30pm to reaffirm that we are "Taxed Enough Already", listen to inspiring conservative speakers and meet candidates who are working hard for your vote.  

  Featured speakers include Toledo City Councilman Tom Waniewski, Republican Candidate for Ohio House District 47 Scott Allegrini, Conservative Activists Charlie Earl and Ron Johns plus Bill Delaney and Diana Skaff, State Central Committee #11 candidates.
  The time has come to step up and be counted.  Every election is important but the May 6 primary is especially important.  For those of you who vote in the Republican primary, you will not only be selecting candidates for public office but also choosing who will represent you in the Republican Party State Central Committee and Precinct Committees.  

  Please consider how you can best use your time, talent and treasure to help put our country, state and local governments on the right path.  NWOCC is working very hard to help candidates such as Scott Allegrini (founder of the Children of Liberty and candidate for Ohio House District 47) but he needs your help.  
  Please consider donating to Scott's campaign or contact Scott at (419) 345-2806 and tell him you can help him walk a precinct, mail postcards for him or just make a few phone calls.  He is taking on the establishment within the Republican Party and is committed to stopping Obamacare Medicaid Expansion and Common Core.  He is the kind of principled conservative we need in public office.  NWOCC is also supporting Bill Delaney and Diane Skaff for Republican State Central Committee from District 11.  
  If you are interested in helping NWOCC with these campaigns, email me at   
  Also please consider attending the Third Annual Waniewski Polish Bash to help support Tom Waniewski's continued hard work on Toledo City Council.  The Bash is scheduled for Thursday May 8th, 2014 from 5:30-8pm at the Ye Old Cock N'Bull Tavern (downtown Toledo on Huron and Washington Street).  Featuring a traditional polish dinner (kielbasa, stuffed cabbage rolls, pierogi and assorted desserts), tickets are $50 per person (other sponsorship opportunities are available).  

  Please make your checks payable to "Citizens to Elect Waniewski" and mail to PO Box 8904, Toledo, OH 43623.  Tom Waniewski has been a bold conservative voice on Toledo City Council.  Please consider making a donation.
  I appreciate all your support over the last five years.  I believe we are making a difference in our country.  This is a long fight.  We need to stay committed and involved.
  Thanks for your continued support of the NW Ohio Conservative Coalition.  Visit our webpage. A complete list of upcoming events is available at

Friday, April 11, 2014

On government PSAs, cows with backpacks, beans and farts

  Over and over, the American public and the West in general is admonished to not eat certain things, not smoke unless it's pot, not disobey health laws and numerous regulations put into place by legislators who don't abide by them themselves. 
  Are you texting and driving? And who knows what will happen if you don't stay in school
  And, dear God, be sure to get covered!
  Be afraid if you eat too much fat, if you speed or if you make some poor little kid unable to breathe because you disrespect the many EPA rules and regulations.
  In fact, the NIH may be texting the fatties soon to remind them what they should and shouldn't be consuming because Big Brother is Watching.
  On tv and particularly the radio, we are admonished repeatedly that some people might have lupus or COPD or be blind. Could it be you? Are you tired? Are you achey? 
  Oh, and for gosh sakes, don't do drugs because you'll make your mother sad:
Don't do drugs, you'll end up like a thug.
You'll make your mother sad and make your father mad.
Don't do drugs, drugs are bad.
Don't tow that line, you'll think it's one time.
You'll start doing crack and you'll have a heart attack...
Don't do drugs, drugs are bad.
You'll make your mother sad.
  Are you sick?
  Do you have a personality disorder?
  Are you insane?????????
  Check the government website to be sure you aren't getting sick yourself (or making someone else sick) through your behavior because, Lord knows, we all need a big government to help us because we're victims, particularly of someone smoking something other than pot.
  EPA regulations fail to mention that the EPA itself ran some experiments on sick people and children without telling them the extent and horrendous ramifications of their experiments, including the possibility of getting cancer from the experiments.
  Now from the climate hysteria folks who routinely fly around the world in luxury and stay in $4000 a night hotels are telling the rest of us not to eat beef or beans, two staples of the Western diet.
  Having dressed cows with "backpacks" to test for the extent of methane gas emissions to our environment, our government now plans to reduce cow farts by 2020. Daily Finance:
In the future, America will harness cow farts to curb pollution and power the grid. What? It sounds like a joke, but it's actually a real promise. By 2020, dairy industry emissions will be reduced by 25%, largely by persuading dairy farmers to capture methane gas, U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced at the Copenhagen climate change summit this week. Farmers will be able to buy anaerobic digesters that convert cow, errr, emissions into electricity.
  Geez, even the cows can't catch a break. 
  Why? Why? Why?
  Having addressed cows, like yoyos, the climate hystericals are moving back again to humans.
  In addition to protesting the "smelly emission" of humans from consuming beans, the underlying purpose of all this is to reduce the cow population, promote vegetarianism and control public thought processes through fear and contempt.
  When even the swans are called "racist" "rightwingers" (yes, really), you'd think these lame-ass clowns would figure out that people aren't buying their stupid shtick anymore.
  But keep it comin,' jokesters. You only expose your own stupidity to even the densest among us.
  It makes the rest of us realize that fear is the tool of choice for Leftists--and historic power mongers-- to control public behavior.  
  But Western tradition also includes the Bible, and a repeated refrain in Biblical narrative is the phrase "Fear not."
  For the only thing we have to fear is, apparently, a fart itself.
  Not these clowns.

Standoff in Nevada-Harry Reid family stands to profit from Bundy's treatment

  A horrifying situation is taking place in Nevada as we speak. If you remember Ruby Ridge and Waco, you may have an idea what's going on.
  Before you make the judgment that the rancher Bundy did not pay the BLM its grazing fees for his cattle to graze where Bundy ranch cattle have grazed for 140 years, make sure you know the entire story.
  Apparently it's not the tortoise the BLM is trying to save; it's an effort by Harry Reid, his son and Chinese cronies to boot Bundy from his land so they can build a solar farm. I hesitate to link to Infowars because they are firmly in the conspiracy camp, but they have the documents proving the facts.
  Here it is from Dana Loesch Radio:
*UPDATE: Those who say Bundy is a “deadbeat” are making inaccurate claims. Bundy has in fact paid fees to Clark County, Nevada in an arrangement pre-dating the BLM. The BLM arrived much later, changed the details of the setup without consulting with Bundy — or any other rancher — and then began systematically driving out cattle and ranchers. Bundy refused to pay BLM, especially after they demanded he reduce his heard’s head count down to a level that would not sustain his ranch. Bundy OWNS the water and forage rights to this land. He paid for these rights. He built fences, established water ways, and constructed roads with his own money, with the approval of Nevada and BLM. When BLM started using his fees to run him off the land and harassing him, he ceased paying. So should BLM reimburse him for managing the land and for the confiscation of his water and forage rights?
  You can grouse all you want that Bundy didn't give the BLM its due, but at this point, the feds have brought in hundreds of snipers while ranchers and cowboys have rushed to the scene and see it as a standoff. 
  There is concern that the BLM is systematically killing Bundy's cattle for various reasons. (In a herd of over 900, one report said almost 300 have "disappeared" in the hands of the feds.)
  Loesch points out that Harry Reid's former advisor is now head of the BLM.
  We have a problem here and it's been building for decades. It didn't start under Obama but it's certainly accelerated to a dangerous point.
  Rights and freedoms are being lost by a maniacal federal government with no accountability and many petty tyrants perched in powerful places willing to compromise our God given rights.
  Prayers that this particular situation doesn't end badly because things don't look too great right now.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Elijah Cummings is a lying weasel

News today revealed that the IRS scandal was more outrageous and far reaching than anyone believed. It extends to the United States Congress. Ranking minority Elijah Cummings and his staff are complicit in the conspiracy to target Catherine Engelbrecht and her True the Vote organization. Members of the minority staff contacted Lois Lerner and obtained True the Vote's 990 forms through Lerner's subordinate Holly Paz. In 2012 Engelbrecht received almost identical questions from the IRS and the minority staff of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Congressman Cummings and the Democratic members of the committed have urged that the investigation be brought to a hasty conclusion. Now their reason becomes patently obvious. Cummings is as guilty as Lerner. A letter to Cummings signed by Issa and all 5 subcommittee chairmen concludes;
As the committee continues to investigate the IRS's wrongdoing and to gather all relevant testimonial and documentary evidence, the American people deserve to know the full truth. They deserve to know why the Ranking Member and Minority staff of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform surreptitiously contacted the IRS about an individual organization without informing the Majority Staff and even failed to disclose the contact after it became an issue during a subcommittee proceeding.
The public deserves a full and truthful explanation for these actions. We ask that you explain the full extent of you and your staff's communications with the IRS and why you chose to keep communications with the IRS from Majority Members and staff even after it became a subject of controversy.
Also in the latest email trove finally delivered by the IRS was the revelation that Lois Lerner had thought about going to work for Organizing for Action, the group that funneled millions of dollars to Obama’s campaign efforts while she was engineering an audit of Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS. “Oh, maybe I can get the D.C. office job.” the email reads. No conflict of interest here.
As if the actions of the Tax Exempt Division were not bad enough the illegal campaign activities at the Dallas IRS should convince any objective observer that the IRS is imbued with partisanship. The office looked liked an Obama campaign field office. The staff used Obama screen savers on their computers and had campaign-style buttons and stickers at their office. This is not rumor. This comes from the IRS's own Office of Special Counsel. In Kentucky another IRS employee assigned to the help line inveighed against Mitt Romney and the Republicans. “They’re going to take women back 40 years,” the IRS employee said in a conversation that was recorded. The employee also said that “if you vote for a Republican, the rich are going to get richer and the poor are going to get poorer.”
Later today the House will vote to demand that Lois Lerner be investigated by the Justice Department for targeting specific taxpayers for adverse treatment, making misleading statements to law enforcement, and the possible disclosure of confidential taxpayer information. It will interesting to see how many Democrats want to go down with this ship.
Read more here, here and here.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

White House wins "Jefferson Muzzle" award

To all the nay sayers who claim Obama doesn't get the credit he deserves.

The White House and the federal government have won the dubious honor of a "Jefferson Muzzle" for snooping on the news media and limiting access.
The censorship-shaming awards announced Wednesday by the Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression are intended to draw a harsh light on people and institutions that engage in the most egregious affronts to the First Amendment.
Other recipients included the governing board of Kansas' public universities. A new board policy says faculty members who use social media to disrupt "harmony among co-workers" or make comments deemed "contrary to the best interest of the university" can be fired. The policy was a reaction to a faculty member's statements on his personal Twitter.
The awards are announced each year on or near the April 13 birthday of Jefferson, a free-speech advocate and the nation's third president. Winners get a T-shirt with Jefferson's likeness and a black rectangle over his mouth.

Jay Carney, carnival employee

  I used to work for a tent company when I was young and strong. 
  One of the tent company team's favorite politically incorrect topics was noting the oddities of the people you ran into when you put up tents on fairgrounds for carnivals and such.
  Those employees of carnivals were dubbed "carneys," and even then when it wasn't popular, carnies often sported numerous tattoos and weird piercings; the typical carney had a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, wore a sweat stained t-shirt, smelled poor and had lank, greasy, stringy hair, had a tooth or two missing and was really interested in getting into your pockets.
  Complain about stereotyping individuals all you want; a stereotype IS a stereotype for a reason.
  Basically carneys work an area til they bleed the town dry and then the carnival moves on to the next group of suckers potential customers, hoping their rides (which were routinely not safety checked) didn't fall apart with somebody in them.
  Needless to say, your actual welfare was never much of a concern for a carney. Lying liars, if you will.
  Those of you who are actually reading this are high information voters and already know where I'm going with this.
  From the Urban Dictionary, minus the part about being honest and trustworthy, we have the definition of a Carney:
Carnival workers. Good, hardworking, trustworthy, honest, good-for-nothing, unreliable, foul-smelling vagrants who work at our nation's (USA) carnivals.

Do not let these people into your homes.

"The effing carnie sat on the couch and now we have to burn it... and him. Wheres my wallet"
  Looking forward to figuratively burning the couch. 
UPDATE: And then there's the "worshipful" adoration of the press when it comes to the Carneys home life, without mentioning the Soviet propaganda posters and a Gorbachev bust. Yeah! Cool! Soviet propaganda!
UPDATE II: ANDDDDD the mockery goes viral as Photoshop errors are discovered in the puff piece!

Squirrel! Women receive 77% less pay

  Or they don't.
  Seriously, White House drones minions have cooked up more of the whole "War on Women who really NEED contraceptives so they don't procreate" meme.
  Without taking into account the fact that women hold different jobs, work different periods of time including pregnancy breaks, and tend to work fewer (and less dangerous) hours, the White House is throwing yet another squirrel into the American political picnic basket.
  Claiming the tired discredited argument that women only make 77% of what men make, Jay Carney faced down the ever persistent Jonathan Karl the other day in an attempt to explain why the White House really truly doesn't pay its female employees as much as its males.
  Guy Benson writes about this over at Town Hall, quoted here:
(4) As Katie mentioned yesterday, the hypocrisy in all of this is galling.  The Obama White House pays female staffers $11,000 less per year, on average, than their male counterparts.  The average pay gap among Senate Democrats' male and female staffers is $6,500 per year.  And one of the 'equal pay' cult's most fanatical backers, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, pays her female staff members nearly $27,000 less on average per annum, compared to men.  Are these Democrats guilty of rank, anti-women bigotry, or do seniority and other factors explain these disparities?  Care to explain this head-scratcher, Nancy?  Nah:
  You can see Jay Carney's duh! pandering here:

  Ben Carson's right. Conservatives and even the so-called Republicans need to stay focused and resist the urge to follow the repeated squirrel claims.
  Leftists are comfortable lying to get what they want; not so, conservatives.
  Carson (for President):
Conservatives shouldn’t emulate this deception, but they ought to learn to present a united front to harness the power and energy necessary to reverse the downward spiral of the greatest nation in the history of the world.
We must look at the big picture and concentrate our efforts on establishing responsible national fiscal policies, fair taxation, responsible energy and environmental policies, and empowerment through education. Many social issues can be dealt with in time, as can entitlement reform. To worry about these issues before addressing the failing economy is a mistake.
  The 77% claim is a lie, just as Obamacare is a lie. They're comfortable with lies, in addition to being control freaks. 
  Resist the Borg!

Individual insurance premiums skyrocket under Obamacare

Victory lap notwithstanding Obama would not be talking about gender pay issues if Obamacare were a sterling success. The 7.1 million enrollment figure is probably bogus as a survey by the Rand Corporation puts the number at 3.9 million but no matter. Implicit in the President's boasting about the enrollment is that the enrollees are pleased with their new healthcare plans and there is good reason to think that they are not. Even if 7 million enrollees / voters were happy that number is too small to mitigate the outrage of the remainder of the insurance buying public. Morgan Stanley just released a survey of 168 healthcare brokers and the premiums for individual plans are up an average of 12%. The small group market is up by 11%.

As bad as the 12% average sounds several states experienced rate increases several times that. In Delaware it was 100%, in New Hampshire 90%, Indiana 54%, California 53%, Connecticut 45%, Michigan 36%, Florida 37%, Georgia 29%, Kentucky 29%, and Pennsylvania 28%.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Alan Dershowitz on Ted Cruz "Off-the-charts brilliant"

In a post at retiring Harvard Law School Professor Alan Dershowitz remarked on some of his more than 10,000 students who went on to great careers. On Eliot Spitzer;
"So terrific a research assistant! Maybe everything that happened to him since was my fault because one day I said to him, 'Eliot, you're working too hard. Go out and have some fun.'"
On Ted Cruz;
"Off-the-charts brilliant. And you know, liberals make the terrible mistake, including some of my friends and colleagues, of thinking that all conservatives are dumb. And I think one of the reasons that conservatives have been beating liberals in the courts and in public debates is because we underestimate them. Never underestimate Ted Cruz. He is off-the-chart brilliant. I don't agree with his politics."

New Republicans: Same old whore just a new dress

This new ad will begin running on Fox but who are the are the new Republicans? New has a YouTube account with the above and one other video which I will comment on later but candor is not its long suit. A WHOIS look up finds that its domain registration is private and an Open Secrets search reveals nothing. It claims to be a PAC but a Federal Election Commission search is futile. Excuse my skepticism but I am reluctant to join or contribute to a group that does not wish to tell me who runs it.
The second video tells us more.

This video was uploaded November 18 of last year so this project has been in the works for some months now. The speaker on Meet the Press is Alex Castellanos and one must assume that this entire segment was set up to allow Castellanos to make the introduction. Yes, NBC and David Gregory are in on the plot. A look at Castellanos' Wikipedia entry yields;
Alejandro "Alex" Castellanos (born 1954) is a Cuban American political consultant. He has worked on electoral campaigns for Republican candidates including Bob Dole, George W. Bush, Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney. In 2008, Castellanos, a partner at National Media Inc., co-founded Purple Strategies, a bipartisan communications firm. Castellanos is also a regular guest commentator on Meet the Press and a contributor for CNN.
It also reveals Castellanos signed a court amicus brief in support of gay marriage and while that may qualify him as a CEO of Firefox the omission of this fact from an organization that is in pollster Doug Schoen's words "is a explicit push back against the Tea Party brand of Republicanism that is not inclusive, that has, frankly, divided the Republican Party and it may well be a harbinger of something else, the beginning of Jeb Bush's presidential campaign."
So the New Republicans are a stealth Jeb Bush campaign? Probably or at least someone like him. Someone who can unite Republicans around the ideals of Common Core, gay marriage, and the the concept that illegal immigration is "an act of love". No thank you. It should come as no surprise that one of Purple Strategies' clients is the Chamber of Commerce. New Republican. org is not new. It's the same old whore in a new dress.

Settled Science?

I seldom write about global warming / climate change for two reasons. First, the subject is very arcane and best left to the experts and second, I don't perceive much interest in the subject other than among the true believers. RSS ( Remote Sensing Systems ) is the most accurate measure of earth surface temperatures. It is done by satellites and has been around since 1979. The fact that irrefutable data such as this is ignored by the warming cultists is a measure to their commitment to truth.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Mixed reviews on Governor Kasich

  To us here at Tea Party at Perrysburg, both Barbara Sears and John Kasich have been a disappointment by expanding Medicaid in Ohio. Kasich, in particular, has drawn fire from conservatives because of his somewhat "shady" tactics in circumventing the legislature in expanding Medicaid. 
  The rationale for not expanding the fraud plagued program is here at Freedomworks:
Medicaid has been repeatedly proven to be a poorly run and ineffective program. Medicaid recipients do not see improvements in their physical health and Medicaid patients who undergo surgery are also at a greater risk than those without insurance. I could go on about how Medicaid will actually cost more for the states that have expanded it under the new health care law or that there is no guarantee that the federal government will keep its promise to reimburse states at 90-100% of their added costs, but I really want to focus on the shady tactics Kasich used to expand Medicaid.
Earlier this year, the Republican-dominated Ohio legislature passed a budget that prohibited Governor Kasich from expanding Medicaid without approval from the legislature.  Instead of respecting the will of his constituents, the Governor used a line-item veto to remove that stipulation.
  Media Trackers discusses Kasich's expansion of Medicaid as a "lie":
An estimated 90 percent of the Ohioans eligible for Medicaid under Kasich’s Obamacare Medicaid expansion are able-bodied childless adults.
Pressed by Cavuto about the 2016 GOP presidential primary, Kasich stuck by his standard reply that he’s “not interested” in running for president.
Whatever his political goals, Kasich is helping President Obama pressure states still debating the Obamacare Medicaid expansion by consistently misrepresenting the expansion as a program for drug addicts and the mentally ill that won’t increase federal spending.
 Here is an expanded discussion about the concern with Medicaid overspending on "able bodied childless adults" which has increased from "16.7 % in 1980" to 50.2% of the state budget this year:
“That’s a dramatic change,” Faber said. “It’s a change that’s stopping our ability to educate kids, it’s a change that’s stopping our ability to maintain our roads, it’s a change that’s stopping everything else we wanna do in Ohio to move the state forward.”
“Adding more people to that problem isn’t going to make the number less than 50.2 percent, and so we need to manage that problem through reform,” he continued.
The Obamacare Medicaid expansion is expected to increase Ohio’s annual Medicaid costs by nearly half a billion dollars by 2020, assuming DC keeps its impossible funding promises.
  Though Kasich has argued that expanding Medicaid is bringing Washington's Ohio dollars back to Ohio, the argument must be made that DC's spending is out of control, those dollars are temporary and simply increase the federal deficit.
  Yet Kasich has worked to balance the budget today. From his own talking points sent out last week to Wood County:
..... just a few years ago when Ohio faced an $8 billion budget shortfall? Thanks to smarter budgeting, Ohio now has a balanced budget, we have a $1.5 billion surplus and just last year we passed the largest tax cut in the nation.

Because our state’s fiscal health has been restored, the Capital Budget I recently signed is sending your state taxpayer dollars back to your community.

In fact, Wood County alone will get back $26,957,500 to make important infrastructure and building improvements in your area. If we hadn’t gotten the state’s fiscal house in order, these investments in your community wouldn’t be possible.
  Kasich's job numbers have been improving:
he U.S. Department of Labor says Ohio had the second-biggest job gains of any state in January, adding 16,700 positions.
The January state employment report released Monday says 23 states reported more hiring for that month, while 27 said that the number of jobs fell. Among those adding jobs, Ohio ranked behind only Texas, which added 33,900 positions.
  A significant reason for these numbers, as Hoosierman discusses in a previous post here, is the expansion of fracking in Ohio in the Utica Shale. Hoosierman has written on numerous occasions about the benefit of natural gas drilling in Ohio.
  Some conservatives refer to Kasich as a sort of Obama lite, particularly with his proposed fracking tax as "targeting big oil," a disingenuous and divisive argument considering that the country runs on oil and makes us dependent on foreign companies, including terror sponsors.
  For the record, oil companies receive tax breaks just as Hollywood does, not subsidies, like Planned Parenthood.
  Considering that much of our progress and lifestyle have benefited from "big oil" products, why Leftists and politicians like Kasich have made "big oil" a target is another one of those politically expedient diseases designed to metastasize in the public's mind.
  In truth, the United States has surpassed Saudi Arabia in oil production. It's not cheap to produce oil, particularly with the environmentally conscious methods used today:
The costs, as you can imagine, are forbiddingly high. Even in known oil-rich regions like the Bakken and Eagle Ford, the all-in cost of extracting a barrel of oil from the ground can cost as much as US$75 per barrel (for comparison, Saudi Arabia can produce oil for as low as US$1 per barrel). To put it in simple terms: cheap oil in North America is a thing of the past.
So, the US produces expensive oil and relies on imports of even more expensive oil. And since the refiners need to make money as well, this means higher prices at the pumps. Who loses? The US consumer, of course.
What would help lower gas prices? Building more pipelines to deliver cheaper Canadian oil to refineries in the US and decreasing the refineries' dependence on expensive foreign oil. Until these new and much safer pipelines are built, rail has to pick up the slack. Almost 400,000 railcars full of oil are expected to be shipped in 2013, compared with just 9,500 railcars in 2008, a whopping 41-fold increase.
 The truth is that oil companies make about 8 cents per gallon of gasoline. Much more goes to the governments who tax each gallon of gas:

However the federal government profits approximately .59 cents per gallon through gasoline taxes, 7 ½ times or 750% that of the oil producers themselves and 20% of the price at the pumps. Pay attention here, Washington liberals are attacking oil companies for their 2.5% gross profit margin, while Washington is profiting 20% per gallon. Democrats answer? Tax some more?

If oil companies cut their profit margins by 50%, it would drop the price of a gallon of gas by only .04 cents per gallon. If Washington law makers cut their take by 50%, gasoline would cost .30 cents per gallon less. If the federal government didn’t tax gasoline at all, the price per gallon at the pumps would be $2.40 per gallon instead of $3.00 per gallon and the oil companies would still be at a respectable 2.5% gross profit margin. Who is gouging whom?
  So when Governor Kasich crows about "big oil," we hope he bears in mind the benefits "big oil" brings to this state.
  As far as competition for the next Ohio gubernatorial race, there isn't much. We're pretty much stuck with what we've got.
  Unless, of course, he runs for president.