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Monday, November 7, 2016

Madame Secretary Versus Secretariat.

A very good friend of mine wrote that she was a nervous wreck going into the election and inquired if I felt the same. Everyone gets antsy at post time and frantic when the starting gate opens, some looking for a validation of their judgments and others hoping for a miracle. With less than 24 hour before the starting gun fires I can write that I'm extremely confident that Donald J. Trump will become the next President of the United States. I feel this for no other reason than the American electorate is occasionally imbued with a state of cussed orneriness. It savors the biblical prophecies that promise that the last shall be first and the first shall be last; the humble shall be exalted and the exalted shall be humbled. Humbling the exalted has always been a dear sentiment in the hearts of Americans. Michael Moore called it the FU vote in speech he has since regretted making. Notice he has his audience dancing on his hand but for some reason is now wishing he had kept his mouth shut.

Moving from the inspirational to the practical,the polls, no matter how skewed their samples definitely show Trump closing fast, breathtakingly fast! Two weeks ago Hillary was competitive in Texas; today she is fighting for blue Michigan. Ohio is all but ignored by the media as Trumps victory there is all but certain. The latest IBD/TIPP poll, the most accurate poll last cycle, has Trump leading by 2 points; 43% to 41%. The LA Times USC poll gives him a 5 point edge; 48 to 43%. Certainly there are more polls showing Hillary with lead but polling simply is not what it used to be. There are problems collecting random data as voters have moved from land lines to cell service. There is a proliferation of polling concerns that do not have the expertise to to conduct a poll and lastly there is biased polling the purpose being to drive the vote rather than to sample opinion. The ABC/Washington Post poll probably combines ineptitude with its bias. At one time it had Trump down by 13 only to have him up by 1 a week later. Public opinion just does not fluctuate like that. Currently it has Hillary up 4. Usually Democrats are over sampled often by 8 or 10 percentage points. Another cute trick is to over sample women or millennials, two groups that favor Hillary.
A demographic that gets little attention these days is the black vote. There were a few biased polls early on that showed Trump getting a mere 1%. There is some grousing on air about the black turnout being low in Florida and North Carolina but that is quickly brushed aside. There was one Rasmussen sample that showed Trump with 23% of the black vote. If that single datum is accurate it's lights out, game over, checkmate, Trump. Anything more than 13% and it's, tell you ma, tell your pa, I'm going to send you back to Arkansas. Gone is North Caroline, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Michigan.
We have been admonished to accept rigged and incompetent polling and to eschew so called anecdotal evidence and there may be some merit to that caution but when tens of thousands of Trump loyalist stand in half mile long lines for hours to see and hear the nominee while Hillary struggles to draw hundreds something is going on. The Trump rally in Leesburg, Virginia last night is one for the books. The event was originally scheduled for 9:30 pm, however due to overruns and delays Trump arrived around midnight. Yet they stayed.
When have we seen anything like the Trump phenomena?
We saw it 2010. Despite negative polling numbers when the day was over there were 63 new Republicans elected to congress. It waned in 2012 but 2014 saw another wave. We saw the failure of pollster and pundits in the Brexit vote just this year. I'm confident that Trump will prevail but something inside me senses a rout. Pollster Pat Caddell, who was on the wrong side of Reagan's 40 state victory, also sees a similarity to the 1980.
The greatest sporting event of my lifetime was the 1973 Belmont Stakes won by the legendary Secretariat. It was reported that the smart asses in the stands, read Matt Lewis, Bill Kristol and Jennifer Rubin could not see the victory even as Secretariat and Sham entered the third turn. Ron Turcotte, the jockey, according to the elite sporting experts, had failed to rate his mount, and Secretariat would die in the stretch. Penny Tweedy's super horse won by 31 lengths while setting a record that stands today. I post that epic race for your inspiration and my amusement. WE WILL WIN!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Is it all going down today?

  I have no inside knowledge. Just reposting what is on Twitter today.
  There are rumors of a major DC pedophilia ring to be revealed, including pictures, video and email.
  If you're like me, you haven't been able to function quite fully for a few days.
  Well, here it goes.
  If you're not on Twitter, you need to be. Most of Hoosierman and my comments are reflected on Twitter rather than this blog these days.
  Start here. Note a Wikileaks informant has already been murdered to get this information out to the American people.
  And Dear God.... and here.
An Anonymous account
Hector Morenco
Patriot for Trump

Monday, October 31, 2016

The Huma And The Hidden Risks of Cyber Sex

While speculation is running wild and logic has given way to lunacy on the part of the press and the #Never Trump minions I feel I can afford to indulge in some of my own wild speculation.
John Hinderaker at Powerline blog did an insightful calculation:
Time out. Weiner’s laptop contains 650,000 emails? If he sent or received 200 emails a day, 365 days a year–a considerable number!–it would take 3,250 days, or just about nine years, to accumulate 650,000 on the laptop’s hard drive. It is not clear–to me, anyway–what would cause such a large number of emails to reside on the laptop, absent some sort of bulk downloads.
Hinderaker makes the point that people in the Abedin-Weiner income strata do not share the same laptop. I'll give him that. Even the ultra plebeian Hoosierman domicile can boast of 7 WIFI devices, two PC's, two phones, two Kindles and a Samsung tablet. In general we do not use one another's devices simply because the settings are customized to our personal preferences.
Hillary served as Secretary of State from the beginning of the Obama administration in early 2009 until February of 2013 or roughly 4 years. So 650,000 / (365 x 4) equals 445 emails per day, still a prodigious number for and more than the ever changing number that was supposedly turned over to the State Department sans the 33,000 personal missives germane to weddings and yoga.
One problem that no one in the media has addressed is how Hillary and her cronies kept up with correspondence when it arrived through both and the State Department's secure server. Surely there were times when the team wanted to compare opinion and data from legitimate diplomatic sources to the rantings of the prolific Sydney Blumenthal. I have no idea of how many emails pass through State's secure server and that number is probably classified but were at least some of the State Department secure emails auto synced to the Chappaqua server? That would take some smarts and a security clearance but Bryan Pagliano had both. Also it's possible that Dame Hillary could access State's email server from home and she may have had a legitimate email account if for no other reason than appearance. Try this. Set up a Richard Windsor account and State's FOIA compliance detail can find no emails to Hillary on any given subject.
So when it came time to shut down the Chappaqua server were there no emails worth keeping? Well yes, So load them on a thumb drive and move them to the last place the feds would ever look. Hide them on the laptop of the unsuspecting Weiner perv in a folder labeled Life Insurance just down from the folder labeled Dick Pics. Who would ever look there?

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Bombshell to come?

  Readers might want to check out this poster's research regarding what's to come out about HRC in the next few weeks. 
  He seems to be reputable; I have no idea what's a hoax and what's not these days but THIS sounds absolutely credible and needs to get out.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Megyn Kelly: you are revolting

  All over today we see Meeeeegunnnn Kelly's interview with Newt in which she suggests Trump is a "sexual predator."
  I think we know what's happening here. I believe Kelly is fishing for a contract with another network (not that Fox has been fair and balanced on their other shows because they haven't.)
  Obviously Kelly is alienating her audience; her show is tanking because people are fed up with this same attitude: we know better than you because we are superior intellectually, monetarily and politically.
  I used to like her; the leather spaghetti straps was the last straw but this kind of thing is abominable. 
  Fed up.

Is Clinton's audience green screened in?

  I have to say this sure looks like a pretty poor green screen attempt. Note the black edge around her and the flatness of the audience behind her.
  The people watching just behind and under her look real, though why they would be recording her behind and her side with their cell phones is a mystery.
  Clinton even claims there's a full overflow room (something she did when she visited Toledo's 900 capacity venue).
  Eh, not so much. The cell phone cameras look pretty staged to make this poor attempt look real.
  Take a look and decide for yourself. The audio sounds phony too, like fake cheering added to the background.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Stand your ground

  If you could bear to listen to Jokin' Joe Biden aka Plugs speak at the Toledo Public Library (another YUGE venue) today, you'd hear repeated references to "man" and "guys" and pretty much the whole Trump agenda, particularly job creation.
  The Main Library at Toledo was closed today, in anticipation of Plugs's speech. It doesn't appear there's capacity for more than 300 people maximum for this event.
  Biden said something about Trump winning the presidency so he could legitimately grope women.
  It becomes obvious at this point that the Democrats have found their bimbos so as to inoculate the Clinton machine from the abuses they have committed against women.
  Gosh, the guy's a blinking disaster.
  Anyway, it looks like Carville and Tucker Carlson will be in town arguing on Wednesday at the Stranahan, while Trump will be returning to Toledo on Thursday at the Seagate.
  Everyone who attends these Trump events is uplifted by the community spirit. 
  Look, mateys, things look dark right now.
  This is part of the psy ops campaign the Democrats are waging.
  For my Christian friends---Oh, Lord, Oh, Lord, you'll make all that's wrong and make it right.
  Stand your ground where hope can be found.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Why didn't Wallace ask CLINTON if she'll accept election outcomes?

  This past week has really been a hoot. 
  Most of my friends (and I myself, I must admit) were nervous that Trump would say something stupid at the debate. He did not. Yet the next day the clucking started about his not upholding the democratic process by not agreeing with Chris Wallace's stupid question about respecting the outcome.
  Wallace set up Trump on that one; did anyone hear Clinton answer that question?
  All we heard was Wallace trying to nail Trump and Clinton and the media using it later for sound bites.
  Wallace was the best of all the politicians, er, debate moderators, but he stank too, all in all.
  Meanwhile, Fox continues to alienate voters, not to mention promote hostility toward anyone Trump inclined.
  Additionally it's fairly obvious, if you're looking at all, that the Trump bimbo eruptions (including the latest by a porn actress) are manufactured to "Cain" Trump to inoculate the Clintons from their abuse of women, physically, legally and emotionally.
  So naturally whatever Trump did has to be worse than what Hillary and Bill did. They'll keep going, I'm sure.
  What's so galling is hearing Hillary Clinton claim that Trump has no respect for women, unlike the Clintons, who've treated women so respectfully.
  Trump's speech today was encouraging; if he keeps that up, we'll have a better chance of winning.
  That said, I'm still recovering from the trauma of watching the Al Smith dinner where even the priests were sweating and rolling their eyes.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Fox loses, former viewers win

  I don't know about my reader/s, but I quit watching FNC on a regular basis a while ago.
  I quit reading RedState, Weekly Standard, NRO Corner, The Blaze and listening to Glenn Beck, who has totally gone off the rails.
  I could listen to The Five every now and then but that's over.
  WTH is wrong with these people since Ailes got booted?
  I despise the voice of Shepherd Smith so much that if I turn the tv on to watch Cavuto at 4, I immediately mute it so I don't have to listen to a single word he says.
  I got so tired of Megyn Kelly after her debate performance that one day when I turned it on, she was wearing a leather dress with spaghetti straps, her glossed and lined lips professionally pursed, I decided that I just couldn't do it anymore.
  And for her to suggest sexual harassment by Ailes and that Trump objectifies women after that Vanity Fair photo spread.
  I mean, this? Seriously? Ain't chu afraid of fallin' off that chair? And I bet you can't trump around the newsroom in those big chunky shoes, eh?

Please don't even bring up anybody's sexuality, Meeeeegun, after this.
And this she considered appropriate for covering the RNC Convention:

  And Dana Perino?
  I used to really like her because she seemed kind and balanced.
  Now her Bush allegiances are so obviously out of the closet. 
  I can't watch her anymore; yesterday I read a post that she is furious about the Trump accusers and can't stand it anymore because Republicans need to start listening to these women, no matter how stupid and obvious they may be.
  So it seems somewhat rich that the execrable Rachel Maddow has surpassed Kelly's show
  My guess is it's not simply a matter of more viewers for MSNBC.
  It's a matter of Fox losing viewers who are completely fed up with the bias of the media.
  So just join the rest of the media, Fox.
  Don't hold anything back about who you want to win this election.
  It's pretty obvious Murdoch's globalist sons are trying to persuade voters.
  From DC Whispers:
Once again, Kelly’s numbers decline from the O-Reilly lead-in, and then those numbers go back up for the Sean Hannity show. None of the other cable news networks show this kind audience loss.
Word is, Fox News is bleeding advertising dollars now, with most of that loss focused on Megyn Kelly.
  Rumors are out there that MEEEGUNNN is in a negotiating year, hates O'Reilly and Hannity and wants somebody to leave the network or she'll walk.
  Ha. Ha. Too bad. So sad about those ratings. Nananeebooboo.

Clintons doing what they do best: eliminating the competition

  Admittedly, this has to be one of the nastiest political campaigns that we have ever seen.
  I have to say, though, that this is what the Democrats/MSM always do to Republican candidates, who never ever fight back so it's refreshing to see some aggression on the part of the R rather than just the D.
  See, the theory is this, IMHO. Smear wise, you go as low as you have to go to bury your candidate; the depth depends on how low your candidate already is.
  So we look at the Clinton cabal and how corrupt they are, not to mention the lasciviousness of WJC. This is pretty low.
  So, naturally, what do we do?
  We try to make Trump worse than the Clintons in the sexual intimidation category.
  (One wasn't upset with Trump's "groping hands" as long as  stayed above the waist. Ooookay. Others asked for money and influence for their businesses, as recently as a month ago. Suddenly they all come forward after Cooper purposely pushes Trump at the debate, all at once. NYT immediately runs a video with several cameras focused on the "victim," dramatic lighting and only missing the dramatic music. Coordinated? Hahaha!)
   So, well, that's all falling apart, with others coming forward to denounce the motivations of some of the women.
  But now the obviously wankered Trump accusations are being mocked across the web.
  My favorite is this:
Dave Grigger, a grave digger from Lazbuddie, Texas has made the shocking claim that Hillary Clinton forced herself on him during an airplane flight from Austin to Lubbock, Texas in 1979.
Grigger told the Lazbuddie Herald, ‘Yeah man… I was just sitting there cleaning my fingernails … drinking a Coors Light … and then, BOOM! She was on me like stink on a monkey. Tryin’ to kiss me, licking her lips, and singin’ ol’ Marvin Gaye’s song, Sexual Healing! And She smelt like sardines and Caress bath soap. I’ll never forget that smell!’
Grigger went on to say he was, ‘traumaticized for life’ but he hasn’t said anything until now because ‘he doesn’t want Hillary becoming President and what not.’
There are no witnesses to Mr. Grigger’s story but he earnestly told the Lazbuddie Herald that, ‘He’s swears to baby Jesus it’s true.’
  As you can see from this picture, Mr. Grigger is not in his prime anymore (to quote Eleanor Holmes Norton) and obviously a tramp (to quote Joy Behar) and therefore we obviously must believe him.
   Now we know that Democrats who are licking their chops to get this nightmare back into the White House and assume they are going to get away with, well, murder once she's in there. 
  He's complaining about the Hillary sardine body odor but we must ask this question.
  Why, why did she not smell and taste like the hot sauce she carries with her everywhere?
  Trust no one!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hillary's Faux Catholics

The astounding news that the Democratic Party had taken upon itself to undermine traditional Catholic doctrine is the most damning revelation produced by Wikileaks. It not only calls into question the qualifications for Hillary Clinton to seek the presidency but casts doubt on the assumption that the Democratic Party is fit to function in a free society. Are personal beliefs and convictions passe in contemporary American life? If the establishment of religion is role forbidden to government is it not also forbidden to those who would govern? John Podesta,  Jennifer Palmieri et al seem to believe totalitarianism is the logical next step down the road to globalism where only Islam will be unfettered it its quest for the hearts and minds of believers.
When did the Democratic Party get into the religion business? In 2005. According to Catholics United's Wikipedia page it was founded in order to provide Catholics such as then Senator John Kerry (and Senator Tim Kaine) a work around to advocate for abortion rights while remaining in good standing in the eyes of traditional Catholics.

Catholics United was founded in 2005 by Catholic social justice activists Chris Korzen and James Salt. It grew out of a 2004 effort called the Catholic Voting Project, which opposed Republican efforts to convince Catholic voters it was immoral to vote for U.S. Presidential candidate John Kerry because of his support for abortion rights

Not unexpectedly Catholics United, like most Democratic front groups, seeks salvation in gay and lesbian rights and clean energy. In electoral politics it has a perfect 0-4 record. In 2010 it dropped $500,000 on the reelection campaigns of Catholic Democratic Congressmen John Boccieri, Kathy Dahlkemper, Steve Driehaus, and Tom Perriello. All 4 had ridden the Obama wave into office in 2008 and were promptly dispatched in 2010 by the Tea Party wave. Also not unexpectedly it is headquartered in Washington DC. If one has a strong stomach one may like them on Facebook.
In a rather unflattering post the Catholic News Agency reported, "The education fund of Catholics United, a Democrat-leaning group that has clashed with the bishops on several prominent issues, received a grant worth almost its entire 2011 budget to recruit Catholic clergy in key swing states to support the Environmental Protection Agency.
The San Francisco-based Energy Foundation gave a $116,000 grant to the Catholics United Education Fund in November 2011 “to recruit and engage Catholic clergy in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Minnesota” in support of the EPA’s “regulatory authority.”'

Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good (CACG) is a non-partisan, Roman Catholic, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization in the United States, which aims to promote "the fullness of the Catholic social tradition in the public square"

That's according to its sparse Wikipedia entry. This Washington based tax scofflaw shares the same birth year of 2005 as Catholics United and was founded by Tom Perriello, the aforementioned one term Congressman from Virginia who has served as the Special Envoy for the African Great Lakes and the Congo-Kinshasa since 2015. It is currently headed Christopher Hale, a 20 something amateur theologian with good hair and sound teeth.
According to the Catholic Advocate both groups sought to soothe concerns about the abortion friendly language in Obamacare. By posing as legitimate representatives of the Catholic Church they gave cover to Catholic congressman wishing to vote for Obamacare. Catholics in Alliance also promoted “faith outreach” efforts, including “messaging work” for the pro-abortion Kathleen Sebelius and the development of “faith-based messaging resources.”
Follow the money.

Despite their inability to engage in extensive lobbying, Catholics in Alliance has been extremely successful in attracting large donors. Never a friend to the Catholic Church, George Soros, one of the earliest donors, contributed $50,000 to Catholics in Alliance in 2005 and another $100,000 in 2006 through his Open Society Institute. Likewise, Smith Bagley, a major Democratic donor and fundraiser, whose wife, Elizabeth Frawley Bagley, is Chairman of the Board of Catholics in Alliance, came close to matching Soros with grants from his family’s Arca Foundation. With a long history of supporting progressive organizations like ACORN, the Gamaliel Foundation, People for the American Way, and Planned Parenthood, Arca contributed $50,000 to Catholics in Alliance in 2007 and another $75,000 in 2008.

Rich isn't it? Planned Parenthood supports the Catholic Alliance.
Imagine what else Hillary and her confederates have in mind for American Catholicism. Not since Henry VIII have we seen this much government intrusion into religion.

Why the same day, Dems/MSM? Cooper laid the groundwork, obviously

  Well, we knew this was coming soon. You knew it when Anderson Cooper acted like a prosecutor with Trump, asking over and over, "Have you ever..."
  The tactic is quite similar to the Stephanopolous tactic used on Romney, as I recalled, in which a "news" person repeatedly asks loaded questions in preparation for a Democrat dump on Romney.
  Trump should have brushed it off but, oh, well, we knew this would be coming anyway.
  You'll recall the "news" media/Dems used the woman tactic on Herman Cain.
  It's really remarkable that all the women who've been saying for years that Bill Clinton/Hillary as enabler are a poisonous duo are being called "tramps" and "middle aged looking" women who are "not looking their best."
  Now we have 4 or 5, eventually as many as it takes to ruin Trump, women/tramps/not looking their best claiming Trump was grabby and they're so hurt that the same day they've all decided to come forward to complain about Trump.
  So where's the planning here? Why would you so transparently break the stories of 5 women on the same day, other than simply politics?
  Undoubtedly there are more "tramps" waiting in the wings for their moments in the sun of Hollywood/D.C. approval.
  So why wait to spring a political October surprise? Why not when he first decided to run?
  Sorry. Doesn't cut it.
  Cooper prepared us for this. They ALL knew there was more because it's all a plan to inoculate Hillary and her thugs from the reality of her character and behavior.
  She's a crook.
  It's just too bad that more people will be chanting "CNN sucks" in future days.
  And it's too bad that a paper like the once respectable but now broke NY Times is going bankrupt for their Mexican billionaire owner for this one thrilling moment.
  You and your kind truly are irredeemable.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Republican cowards run from Trump

  Let's get this straight.
  There's no excusing what Trump said; there's also no excusing what he has done in his past.
  The problem with people like Mark Kirk pursing their lips and condemning Trump's behavior that we ALL KNOW everyone's got things in their past; if you're a politician, however, you've worked hard to hide what you've done.
  Meanwhile the woman who had a 12 year old affair with Bill Clinton claims Hillary has, well, if you've read the Drudge Report today you know what Flowers said about her sexual escapades.
  So let's not try to excuse this.
  But let's understand that personal selfishness doesn't usually get people killed, or steal money from Haitian people, or break the law by destroying government information, not to mention completely open borders.
  So Mark Kirk, Jason Chaffetz, please understand. You've had decades of shielding your private behavior from the public.
  Y'all (this includes Democrats) were so excited to get invited to Trump events before he decided to run for president and to surround yourselves with glamor and wealth.
  But now that he's running for POTUS, y'all are acting like you're so much better than he is and in fact he has cooties.
  This is BS.
  One thing you can count on is that Republicans will run in the face of conflict  and leave the wounded on the side of the road.
  Is there more on Trump? Undoubtedly.
  The fact we never expected an angel factors into this. People who are so freaked out about this were never going to vote for Trump anyway.
  Does this affect my support?
  Of course not. 
  Buck up, dummies. It all comes down to this.
  HIllary hates America. You are deplorable. Irredeemable.
  Donald Trump loves America. And HE has the most to lose in this race.
  She only has a long held dream of complete power slip away from her.

Thursday, October 6, 2016


  My numerous fans--ok, 3 people--have asked me what I thought of the Kaine-Pence debate.
  I thought exactly the same thing all YOU thought.
  It was disgusting. Appalling. Obnoxious. We were YELLING at the television through most of the 90 minutes.
  The moderator was ridiculous. Her voice grated; it had some kind of unctuous buttery "I'm so smart" quality that made me want to throw the remote at the tv just to experience the satisfaction of hearing the crash crackle pop.
  Truthfully, Clinton had much more to lose in the VP debate than Trump because her health is in question, not just in a "Did you know she's almost 70?" way but in a "Will she die on the floor right in front of our eyes?" sort of way.
 Pence was intelligent, warm and reassuring, while Kaine was....well, you know what if you watched it. Unwatchable.
  Why did we hang around to see the end?
  Another thing I might add is this.
  I consider Fox's The Five almost as unwatchable as Shep Smith these days.
  One of the most offensive persons is Dana Perino, whom I used to enjoy. She seems like a W. Bush surrogate these days, barely able to conceal her contempt for not only Trump, but those who champion him. 
  Perino said on The Five the other day that she sympathized with Quijano. There was something about how she was a good mother, nice person, blah blah blah.
  See, I don't KNOW Quijano, nor do I want to know her. I do not sympathize with her.
  She is another bigot in the press mocking anyone who doesn't agree with her, as far as I'm concerned.
  I am not part of her circle, nor do I know her personally.
  The problem is that these people--Republicans and Democrats alike--are all part of one big sickening oligarchy who, regardless of party, want to stay in power and perpetuate their free health care, their free parking spaces, their limousines and their free whatever.
  I'm sick of Greg Gutfeld and Dana Perino not to mention Brit Hume.
  I'm sick of them.
  I'm sick of their mockery of people like me, of Trump and their silent obeisance to the Clinton cartel.
  So that's what I thought of the VP debate. 
  Pence and Trump represent upheaval, just as Hoosierman said in his latest post.
  This is not really about Trump. It's about a movement.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Oops! Obama got it right

I get a certain queasiness when I find myself agreeing with Obama but upon reflection I've decided to give the ISIS founder his due.

“I see a straight line from the announcement of Sarah Palin as the vice-presidential nominee to what we see today in Donald Trump, the emergence of the Freedom Caucus, the tea party, and the shift in the center of gravity for the Republican Party,” the president told New York Magazine.
 He is absolutely right. Palin came out of the North in 2008 like a Viking warrior and for the first time in recent memory became a politician that people actually wanted to hear. Like Trump she could pack a venue while she gave life to a lackluster McCain campaign. Hundreds of thousands turned out to hear an Alaskan housewife vouch for the credibility of an American war hero. It was Sarah people came to see. A rally just outside of St.Loui's drew 17,000. At St Petersburg the estimates ranged from 25,000 to 60,000. In 2010 she drew 10,000 to Searchlight, NV, a town too small to appear on most maps but the birthplace of Harry Reid who would be hard pressed to draw a tenth of that. Her message to Harry Reid? "You're fired."
In 2010 Palin became a rock star in the fledgling Tea Party movement. She was instrumental in the rout that saw the Democrats lose 63 House seats 6 Senate seats and over 700 state legislator seats. In 2011 while on the "One Nation" Bus Tour Palin received an invitation to join Donald and Melania Trump at Trump Tower.
Judging from life style and backgrounds it's hard to imagine Palin and Trump in the same universe but they share many of the same values and differ on many more. The common trait both have is the ability to project authenticity. Both when they are right and when they are wrong the voters know they are getting the real deal. The dissatisfaction voters felt in 2008 with the banks and later the auto make bailouts has not abated. Knowing that one's fate and the fate of millions of other Americans is determined by political connections has produced deep cynicism and distrust of the political class. Trust in the old order went South with the jobs.
Sarah started the fire and trump will keep it blazing.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Did Trump leak his own tax returns?

  Mike Cernovich at Danger and Play asks the question: Why did Trump leak his tax returns?
  This is a provocative question, provocatively answered. I have to say his logic makes sense. 
  And, I have to say, you don't see any of those bleeding heart Buffetts offering to pay extra. It's the tax code, y'all, all 75,000 pages of it.
Why did Trump leak the returns rather than release them?
Trump can talk about his comeback story and America’s comeback story while still bashing the hoaxng media for publishing “illegally obtained” or “possibly forged” documents.
  Dilbert's creator Scott Adams says it was either the "smartest or the luckiest thing that has happened to him in the last year."
  Really, this is hilarious.
  As Cernovich says, he played the media again.
  That wily coyote.
  Or should I say Road Runner, in for the long haul?

Thanks, Hollywood actors, for nothing

  If you can stand what's happening in the news, you may have seen that crappy actors' video instructing us to vote for Hillary.
  You know, the video from actors who routinely chastise us for driving too much just before they step into their private jets to fly to Paris for an elegant night in Cannes, or at least what's left of Cannes since the recent "refugee" invasion.
  This is funny and indicative (along with Pepe the frog) of the humor of the right wing, which seems to be finding its chops in recent years. Maybe it's Trump's influence. I dunno.
H/T Conservative Treehouse

HIllary to campaign in blue Toledo

  So Hillary Clinton is going to be in Toledo tomorrow, just announced.
  I find this strange.
  First Chelsea was here speaking to a room of about 150 people.
  Then Bill was here speaking at a high school with screaming women. Didn't catch how many showed up for that.
  Then the Clinton campaign and media say they've given up on Ohio because we don't matter any more--too old and white.
  Now today we are told she will appear at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Plaza, 415 Emerald Ave, a place, frankly, I've never heard of, not that I cross the river that often.
  So since the announcements are saying that "tickets are limited" I found room capacity online, even though it looks like it's a train station and room capacity seems a bit weird.
  Apparently there's a wedding venue there and a "grand lobby" (room?) that seats maximum 650 people. The parking lot has a capacity for 107 vehicles.
  You can see what the venue looks like here.
  Trump just appeared at the Stranahan which had, I understand, a capacity crowd of 2500+. In July, he appeared at the Huntington Center which has an 8000+ capacity, which he filled.
  So her campaign is not aiming very high for numbers and I thought they gave up on solid blue hard core Democrat Toledo anyway?
  Curiouser and curiouser.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Gary Johnson-it's not just about Aleppo

  In case you were thinking about voting for the "libertarian" who also happens to be quite progressive, you really need to watch this video.
  As much as the press harps on Trump for not being presidential enough, this video should help you make up your mind about voting for Gary Johnson.

It Takes A Village Idiot

Normally I would not post a video this long as I think viewer interest wanes after a few minutes but I enjoyed all 22 minutes. It's funny.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Haha! Black Trumpsters mock Hillary's no-show supporters

  At some point in the near future, I'm going to write about the funny stuff that has happened in this campaign. 
  There's a load of it, but, for tonight, I"m just going to post this video of Black Trump supporters whooping it up across the street from a Clinton office in Florida. 
  They find it quite amusing that only 8 people showed up for Hillary so the hooting begins. Personally I find this HILARIOUS, given the smug, self satisfied, contempt the media and Hillary show for the average working stiff of all colors.
  I also found it despicably hilarious that both Republicans and Democrats were on the Hill today mocking a Wells Fargo big wig for fraud and deceit.
  I mean, seriously?
  How can they stand their own smell, I wonder.
  The video is from the great Jim Hoft and this link is to DC Whispers, who claim Hillary is giving up in Florida because Trump has a double digit lead. 
  She's been dumping loads of cash--MILLIONS-- in Florida and Ohio with commercials, she has Hollywood & the media pushing her on to the public, she has a loyal incredibly cultic staff who will do whatever she wants and still she's not FIFTY POINTS AHEAD, you might ask?
  I dunno.
  It's a mystery.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Just WHO is meaningless in this political season?

  So Krauthammer says the online polls are meaningless. Utterly.
  Well, how about the turnout Trump saw in Florida last night? Does that count? This isn't a standing room only thing. This is a "thousands of people standing outside watching" thing.
  Is THAT meaningless?
  Or how about raising $18 million in 24 hours?
  Is THAT meaningless?
  I watched part of that Trump Florida speech last night.
  You can't watch one of his rallies, listen to the roar of the people in the background (we rarely get to SEE the size of the rallies) and doubt that a fire has been set in this country that will not be put out.
  We have known they all (media, DC snobs, politicians) lie to us.
  Why would we start believing them now?
  But look at this Never Trumper's tweet. More NOT to believe?
  We might remind folks Reagan was ridiculed his entire campaign and time in office. I'm not suggesting Trump is Reagan. 
  I AM suggesting it's time to let go of folks like this. It's time to work to lift up who we've got and surround him with the right people who care about this country enough to do something about the problems we are facing.

Hillary's Uphill Climb

In 2010 the Tea Party movement served notice that it was not to be dismissed as a radical fringe group by capturing 63 House seats. Just to make sure the point was well taken it also retired 6 sitting Democratic Senators and over 700 state legislators. By 2014 the Senate moved into Republican control. For a variety of reasons the Tea Party has lost much of its awe but the trend toward the center right begun in 2010 has not abated.
 It's wildly amusing to watch CNN commentators explain away Trump's success as temporary in, for instance, Iowa where he holds 4.8% edge in the RCP average. "Obama carried it twice. Hillary needs to do a little work there but it will come home". Don't bet your lunch money on it. In spite of Obama and Hillary's war on coal Hillary has a better chance of carrying Kentucky.
"Trump is wasting his time campaigning in Colorado."
Really? His odds are better there than in Ohio.
 In a little noticed post from February of this year Gallup proclaimed that for the first time in the history of its tracking poll there are more Republican than Democratic states.
In 2009 Obama could count on 29 solid Democratic states and McCain could console himself with the knowledge that 4 states were solidly behind him. In addition to being a weaker candidate than Obama Hillary faces a much less friendlier map. She has 11 solid Democratic states while Trump has 12 solid Republican. When leaner are included it gets worse. Three state lean Democrat 8 lean Republican. The poll finds 16 states to be competitive which is 6 more than Obama had to worry about. While the Democrats still maintain a 43 to 40 percent edge over Republicans nationally it does not help their cause that the majority is concentrated in California, Illinois and New York.
The below graphic shows the partisan advantage for each state.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Post debate conclusions

  Having watched and reflected on the first 2016 debate, I have to say again I am absolutely fed up with the media's contemptuous disregard of voters.
  First, if we ignore the issues, I have to say Hillary's attitude was exactly what we've grown to expect from not only the MSM, but the D.C. area which is thriving above most of the rest of the country.You can actually track the average income by train line.
  A one bedroom house goes for almost $400,00. In fact:
As the Washington Post noted, Washington, D.C. “also has a staggering average per capita income of $74,733 for each of its 632,323 residents, which is 79% higher than the national average of $43,725.”
  So you can see why the Hillary crowd which includes IT people, Wall Street, journalists, the MSM not to mention the GOPe want to keep things the way they are. They have no clue what's going on out here nor do they want to find out.
  Because, see, Hillary, Lester Holt, Brit Hume and Dana Perino have no idea--forgotten or never knew--what it's like outside the privilege of D.C.
  That's why they have contempt for Trump, the billionaire, and for you and me.
  Now, I haven't been the biggest Trump fan in the world, but last night just convinced me that these people do not want to know anything about real life or us.
  Hillary's contempt, snobbery and innate superiority were on full display last night and it runs deep within the elite snobs who are the grandees of the circuit.
  To be honest, I despise them.
  Was Trump perfect last night? No. Did he answer every question perfectly? No. Could he have hit more good points to snag Hillary Yes.
  Does this matter to me?
  He isn't perfect. He isn't a politician. He doesn't have a perfected line that has been found spotless by the media.
  He hasn't been sitting in DC for 30 years perfecting that crap.
  I kept triggering back to Romney each time Trump smarted off at Hillary and it was good.
  No other Republican would have handed it back to Holt and Clinton the way Trump did.
  And speaking of Holt, didn't we all expect him to cheat his way through the debate? Admittedly we would have accepted Holt's duplicity if he had treated Clinton with the same iron claw that he did Trump.
  But he didn't. Instead Holt questioned, requestioned and asked the tough ones of Trump, saving his career and Clinton's.
  Again, Clinton looked better than usual, her face plumped and polished, scorn showing clearly on her face as Trump gulped water somewhat nervously.
  But then, that's what we've grown accustomed to seeing. 
  We all know no one, no one would have seen Hillary's seizure if a bystander hadn't grabbed it on his phone.
  She's a Manchurian candidate, one who will do anything to win.
  Including receive the questions in advance, as the Baltimore Gazette suggests?
  Wear an undercover mic?
  Who knows?
  All I know is she's a cheater and I wouldn't put anything past her.
  I also know Mr. Adaptability will figure her out.
  We can only hope their over confidence will grow.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Trump won

  I don't think I can even watch Fox tonight, after watching Lester Holt make a fool of himself and try to trick and fact check Trump repeatedly.
  It's so obvious what's going on: rotten questions for Trump, nothing for Hillary. Audience applause for Hillary even after admonishment.
  Trump's lines were funny. Hillary's not so much. She had a creepy clown smile that weirded me out.
  I'm fed up.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Hillary's email coverup is a "joke"

  Remember the brouhaha when Trump said, "So the press says I could go out into the street and kill someone and my supporters would still support me?"
  Remember when "the press says" was cut out of the video to produce a different comment?
  Examining the FBI Hillary doc dump this weekend, the WAshington Examiner learned this:
Employees at Platte River Network, the firm tapped to manage Hillary Clinton's emails in 2013, sent emails describing the 'Hilary [sic] coverup [sic] operation' after Clinton's staff asked them to begin wiping emails in Dec. 2014.
  When queried about it, this happened:
The unnamed employee told FBI agents that his reference to the "cover-up" was a joke.
  People Hillary hires to "clean up" after her think the law is a joke, which is probably true when it comes to Hillary's respect for the law

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Watch as Hillary's ugliness emerges

  There are lots of rumors out there about Mrs. Clinton and what the heck is going on with her: there're the unfocused eyes, there's the mental health issue, there's the fact that she needs support for 2 steps and then there's the fact that she seems to be needing a guy with a laser light so she can focus without falling over. 
  Watch the laser.

  But this next video, this video...yikes. One of the things she says is, "Why aren't I 50 points ahead?" but to me, the most remarkable thing about this video is the naked hatred and ugliness in this woman's face, voice and demeanor.
  This voice.....
  This looks like crazy town to me.

  Yesterday Trump was in Toledo; he's not only playing to yuge audiences but many more watch online. 
   I watched a video of a Hillary rally the other day that had only 10,000 views, while just watching Trump in Toledo (not counting the folks who were there and the folks watching on networks or other channels than the Right Side Broadcasting YouTube channel) were 20,000 people.
  I want to watch the debate just to see what happens.
  Her voice is kinduva "naughty dog" voice: "You naughty dog! Why did you do that in here? Go outside to do that!"

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Entitled at Yale: revealed

  Speaking of entitled privileged rich kids, take a look at this video just linked from Legal Insurrection from last fall's Yale University's cry bullies who took this Yale professor to task for his wife's comments that Yale students (the entitled privileged rich kids among us) not get too exercised over other students' Halloween costumes.
 Nicholas Christakis is a physician who had served 2 months in capacity of "Master" of a house Yale owns.
  Combine this video with other reports emerging from college campuses and you might want to make sure your kids end up as plumbers and electricians who will make real money and not be tainted by the stink that is the college campus today.
  You gotta love the finger snapping from this crowd; I'm pretty sure if one of them gets a professional sports contract for 100 million dollars, he/she/it/ze would not stand at attention for the National Anthem.

  Here's another **inspiring** example of what we are fostering on college campuses. Prospective freshman roommate Ashly wrote the 2 roommates whom she had not yet met, demanding the the upper bunk, desk by the window, etc. When her prospective roommates didn't respond quickly enough, Ashly went off, later explaining it wasn't really her fault because she has "anger" issues and is a "ticking time bomb."
  Actually this behavior isn't new: it's reached the work place.This attitude has been carefully fostered by the radicals' sixties professors who run the universities and who outnumber Republicans at least 5 to 1, if not 100 to zero.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The stink of today's Democrat party

  Hillary's stiffened collapse on Sunday has triggered an avalanche of theories, primarily as a result of her shrouding her campaign in secrecy: the internet has taken off with speculation that she has a body double, that she has Parkinson's, that she has a colostomy which resulted in a small metal object dropping from her pants, and that her replacement is being discussed and that her "pneumonia" was not pneumonia.
  At this point, wow. Is any of this possible because Hillary is such a LIAR?
  Well, we'll let our reader/s speculate on that.
  Meanwhile never Trumper Brit Hume, who used to be a FNC favorite, has taken the place of the ever study Greta Van Susteren, who has chosen the option of wiggling out of her contract. Greta is still available on FB; her words are always worth considering.
  What's most astounding to me is that so many establishment Republicans are still so anti-Trump, some even endorsing the execrable Hillary Clinton, whose sorry ass is being dragged half dead across the finish line.
  Look, Trump isn't the ideal candidate but he certainly doesn't compare to the "Weekend with Hillary" we're promised if she gets in.
  She has had every advantage a candidate can have, including press manipulation and distortion, Hollywood fawning, millions of dollars from around the world and utter corruption to boost her sagging ratings. 
  We might note that Chris Cuomo of the New York political family and CNN "journalist" said "We can't help Hillary any more than we have."
  The truth is she's vicious toward the average American, just as Obama has been vicious, dividing people into those of whom they approve and those whom their rabid and blind followers are supposed to hate. 
  While we in the deplorable basket are subjected to repeated slurs, we are not supposed to respond in kind,even in view of utter corruption of all we hold dear in America.
  Now Trump has proposed a child care tax credit which sent the Never Trumpers into a frenzy, claiming that only the wealthy could afford nannies so the proposal would only benefit....yada yada yada.
  This is simply not true: the proposal will include offsetting the cost of care for a family's elderly members.
  Personally I'm not in favor of writing more tax laws that complicate the mess we have already; the federal tax code is almost 75,000 pages long now.
  But let's be honest here: any code that is that long benefits those who can afford tax preparers so anything that benefits working families is a relief.
  The best thing would to be trash the whole code, rewrite it and make it as simple as possible.
  If you're honest, you have to admit that Democrats are dishonest and working hard to benefit their favored constituencies, which include people who are here breaking our laws, so if this law would favor working families, why not.
  Open the borders with no boundaries whatsoever? 
  Import low wage workers? 
  Openly encourage law breakers? 
  Mock people of faith? 
  Work to destroy way of life and government? 
  Let lying liars cheat to vote by not requiring ID? 
  Encourage victimization of women and minorities? 
  Ridicule patriots? 
  Laud millionaire athletes who disrespect the National Anthem?  
  Disrespect our history, our law enforcers, our traditions?
  Yeah, that's today's Democrat party.
  And this explains Donald Trump. He's far from perfect or even ideal, but he's not Hillary Clinton and he is willing to encourage patriotism and the laws of this country.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

HOLY COW..Hillary collapses.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Trump delivers in Mexico

  Watching Trump in Mexico was a thing of beauty, although I held my breath for quite a while in anticipation of his going off the rail to ad lib a joke or two.
  It was quite a scene, watching Trump, who is considerably taller than the Mexican president, walk out onto the stage to take his place.
   Leftists on Fox went crazy after the 35-minute news conference, claiming the speech was too "scripted" and "off message." These were absurd comments, given that Clinton has been off the campaign trail for weeks with no planned commitments until the end of September and given that she hasn't had a press conference in almost a year and given that she only allows friendly interviews and carefully screens even her audiences.
  Trump gave 5 clear points to work toward regarding immigration, always focused on what is good for the American people while understanding that the Mexican people have similar concerns.
  What I find most astounding are the comments from the Clinton camp that she will focus in the debates on his irritation with Marco Rubio's comment that Trump has "tiny hands," a euphemism for ridicule of sexual organs.
  Then there're the 5 huge naked depictions of Trump that have been placed in major cities around the US. He's pictured as very fat, lumpy and, I understand, with small "hands," etc.
  Just think about this.
  These fools are mocking Trump for being challenged in the testicle area.
  And honestly.
  After today? Today when Hillary watched Trump on tv from a luxury suite, who was caught looking really really bad again the other day, did she really really think that the world thinks of Trump that way?
  Let's be honest.
  It takes some balls to do what that dude did today.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Have you heard about women & minorities who support Trump? If not, why not?

  The "alt-right" is buzzing that a few days ago Julian Assange dropped a tease about more revealing and incriminating email evidence against Hillary Clinton. When asked if WikiLeaks had any incriminating evidence against Trump, Assange said he couldn't come up with anything more damaging than what comes out of Trump's mouth every day.
  I have to say I laughed at that one because it's absolutely true, even though it's made much worse by the commie media pouncing on every freakin' comment he makes and especially every boob comment he makes.
  OTOH, we see little of Hillary's ballistic remarks, much less do we see much comment about the fact that she refuses to actually take real questions or meet with the press in anything but a love fest comfortable meeting.
  As CNN's Chris Cuomo of the Cuomo political family put it, "We couldn’t help her any more than we have, she’s got just a free ride so far from the media, we’re the biggest ones promoting her campaign, so it had better happen.”
  So the fact that ordinary people are in showing up in droves for Trump is pretty hilarious. It's also indicative that people aren't buying what the Cuomo types are selling.
  Most interesting is the video that is showing up of black people and Latinos who are brave enough to show support for Trump.
  This video is a great example.

  Then there's this New Black Panther leader who's come out for Trump, seen here.
  And the Twitterers Blacks for Trump, found here and their FB page.
  And the story of Trump's defiance of societal conventions back in 1997 by forcing the admittance of Jews and blacks to the country club in Palm Beach.
  If you haven't heard about these matter, why not?
  Did you know Trump is planning outreach meetings with inner city residents?
  Have you seen this stirring video of another former Democrat's endorsement of Trump?

  Of course, you know about the Rev. Mark Burns, a black Trump supporter who's routinely attacked by the press for obvious reasons?
  And of course, there's the eminent Dr. Ben Carson.
  And Black Men for Bernie, formerly for Bernie Sanders.
  And Reverend Darrell Scott.
  And Darrell Glenn.
  And the magnificent "anti-government" former Democrat Sheriff David Clarke, all of whom are widely ridiculed by the Left wing media, which is pretty much everybody plus that dope Cher.
  So ask yourself.
  If I haven't heard about these people in the media I follow, why haven't I?
  Never before have we witnessed such a complicit media. It's been fairly obvious before.
  But this is extreme.
  And after watching these videos, isn't it pretty clear that many--even the least glamorous--Americans have figured out the game they're playing?
  I honestly think the more Trump bumbles, the more we commoners support him, not just because the press is so against him but because he doesn't know what to say and it's proof that he isn't a politician.

Did you know Lochte has Brazilian witnesses to verify his account?

  So here we are.
  Our press, in general, has obviously abdicated their responsibilities as the Fourth Estate.
  This abdication has resulted in numerous false stories, leaked or released to the public, usually laced with hatred/contempt/malice toward America.
  Take, for example, the case of (the admittedly arrogant) Ryan Lochte.
  Numerous people, including religious activists, declared that Lochte was given a free pass for his vandalism as opposed to the complaint that Gabby Douglas was unfairly castigated for her lack of putting her hand over her heart. The reason for this was racism.
  Of course.
  Because it's always racism. Or homophobia. Or misogyny. Or whatever ism/phobia the press/Leftists can dream up.
  Anyway, the more we learn about Lochte's mess, the more it seems he didn't really do much to trigger a summons from Brazilian authorities to Lochte.
  In fact, his primary offense seems to be that he "vandalized" a free sign outside the obviously abhorrent gas station bathroom.
  Here's a picture. 
  In fact, USA Today reporters who actually investigated found that the so-called vandalized rest room appeared to be in "normal" working order. Kinda dirty. Kinda old. 
  In fact, much of what Lochte says happened to him has been verified by Brazilian citizens, including that violence against the swimmers was imminent and that a gun was pulled against them.
  And why did he "confess" he "lied"? 
  Because that's the easiest way out of what the Left's accusations. Do what they want, which means apologize, if they've accused you of something reprehensible.
  What is true and what is not?
  It's difficult, because our Fourth Estate doesn't, in general, care to discover truth, especially with regard to anything that interrupts the Left's narrative.
 Meanwhile, the Clinton "Global Initiative" has bilked people out of their money, has spent much of it on themselves (only 10 % has gone to those in need) and continues to rip off people like the Haitians.
  Now, the responsibilities of the Fourth Estate seem to have melded into Hillary Clinton cheerleading. 
  Why would this be, particularly with regard to the charge of racism toward Douglas and exemption for Lochte?
  The truth is that the Left has been pushing Marxism for decades.
  The Left hates America. The Left hates freedom; the Left wants to control our lives down to every last movement.
  The Left has been grooming the deluded young people in this country for decades.
  So here we are.
  Did you know Lochte had witnesses to verify his account?
  If so, why not? Why didn't you know?

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Trump brings 70000 lbs of supplies; did YOU know that?

  Michael Goodwin laments today in the NY Post the wilful choice of journalists to destroy all credibility of the American news media, something we have witnessed for years but has become glaringly obvious during this election season.
“If you’re a working journalist and you believe that Donald J. Trump is a demagogue playing to the nation’s worst racist and nationalistic tendencies, that he cozies up to anti-American dictators and that he would be dangerous with control of the United States nuclear codes, how the heck are you supposed to cover him?”
Whoa, Nellie. The clear assumption is that many reporters see Trump that way, and it is note­worthy that no similar question is raised about Clinton, whose scandals are deserving only of “scrutiny.” Rutenberg approvingly cites a leftist journalist who calls one candidate “normal” and the other ­“abnormal.”
  Here's a great example. Caught this on FB the other day, posted by an outraged Democrat from a Democrat website and a headline that reads "Trump Defies Louisiana Governor To Heroically Deliver Play-Doh To Flood Victims":

   The article scornfully denounces Trump for going to the devastated area, ridiculing that survivors don't need Play-Doh but rather food and water; the post doesn't mention that Hillary held a fundraiser and has taken the weekend off while Obama has played golf and gone to the fireworks for fun! fun!
  The FB poster complained that it was "insanity" for Trump to go to Louisiana and "why why why" did he go there, as if all he did was fly there to deliver Play-Doh for a photo op.
  Now, I have to say, you're a fool if you really believe that's all Trump did, but that appears to be what Clinton fans believe en masse.
  Just comparing the way the media treated Bush's Katrina flyover with Obama's casual lack of interest in Louisiana's flooding or violent attacks on Trump supporters or race rioting (and targeting of whites) in Milwaukee reveals the utter bias.
  So Trump's visit to Louisiana is the perfect example of true Pravda wilful ignorance and stupidity.
  Did YOU know Trump brought an 18 wheeler with him when he visited Louisiana?
  Did YOU know he helped unload those supplies?
  Did YOU know he brought 70,000 pounds of supplies--including playthings for children--with him for the victims of flooding?
  You have to ask: if I didn't know this, why didn't I know it? 
  What else do they not want you to know?

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Why Christians need to vote for Trump

  Ok, so I feel a LITTLE guilty about not posting anything for days, um, maybe weeks.
  But anyone who's watching politics has to be nauseated by what's going on. 
  What's hardest for me to accept (and I've only recently accepted Trump as the Republican nominee for reals) is that my friends--many of whom are Christian--are content to 
   1) sit out this election  
   2) vote for Hillary  
   3) vote for what's his name, the new kid on the block. Oh. Evan Mcsomething. 
   4) vote for Stein or Johnson, so-called Libertarian types. 
  Part of what's painful about this is being unable to read National Review, Weekly Standard, RedState or the like who've all turned into virtual nutballs, frantic to campaign (apparently) for Hillary for POTUS,  regardless her criminal attempts to avoid transparency, lies or brutal lack of concern for anyone other than the one percent who can contribute to her campaign.
  So for all you Christian friends out there--in particular--I'd like you to descend from your heavenly clouds and read the following essay by Dr. Jim Garlow of Skyline Church in San Diego. 
  Dr. Garlow would like you to think twice before throwing the election to a known criminal. Not the least of the reasons are that Trump "surrounds himself with good people" and his kids are a great testament to him as a parent.
  This is reason no. 16 of 18 reasons to vote for Trump:
16. Freedoms come in "threes." Political freedom, economic freedom and religious liberty coexist together. Take one away and the other two will eventually disappear. One cannot exist without the other two. The genius of America is that it had all three, until recently. Trump fully grasps the loss of religious liberty. I have heard him speak on it in person on several occasions. He knows that economic and political freedoms are evaporating. He will reverse that. Hillary will decimate all three.
  The article is well worth a full read. Here ya go.
  And remember.
  She's a crook, an unjailed criminal. 
  Does anyone really think Hillary cares about religious freedom?
  We need someone with fortitude to respond to the various attacks coming at our country. 
  Is Trump for real when it comes to Christianity? Who knows.
  We do know we have a better chance with him than her
  Which is why I'm not with her.
  Instead, he's with me.
  Shared by Gary Bauer on FB:

Saturday, August 6, 2016

What's wrong with Hillary?

  I'm not a big fan of Infowars, but there's something big being hinted at by Wikileaks and this Watson video has longer tentacles than one would think, even though an awful lot of diagnoses are offered.
  Anyway, it's pretty remarkable and though many sequences are repeated, it's quite stunning.
  Watch and make up your own mind. Does anyone have any doubt at all that, even if Hillary were diagnosed with a terminal disease, she wouldn't still pursue her lifelong dream of power in the White House and the control of people's lives?
  Even with a terminal diagnosis. Just to achieve that lifelong goal.
  It's not about what's good for America. It's about what's good for Hillary.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Trump encourages Toledo

  I have a FB friend who attended the Trump rally in Toledo Wednesday night.
  What's interesting to me about this friend is that he has been pro-America, *rabidly* anti-Trump, pro Cruz for most of this primary season. He's intelligent, well-read and has been burned by the out sourcing of jobs to other countries.
  My friend is now pro-Trump, something many of my Republican friends are not.
  Some of my Republican friends despise Trump so much they can hardly mention his name without spitting an invective. Well, ok. Swear word after swear word.
  What's astounding to me is that the whole Russia kerfuffle has turned into a loyalty issue for some fence sitters, as if the sarcastic remark Trump made about Russian authorities finding Hillary's emails while our authorities could not was treasonous
  Somehow Trump's penchant for humor isn't appreciated by the lightly informed.
  Trump needs to monitor his mouth; he can't win if he keeps making cracks like the one about the father of a Muslim American soldier who was killed in the line of duty in service to our country. 
  I believe over the next few months, the more people figure how unAmerican and bad Hillary Clinton is, the more will come around to Trump's side.
  It's encouraging and I thank this friend for allowing me to use this pictures; there was standing room only at this event. The Huntington Center seats 8,000 while others waited outside. Almost 18,000 people were watching on Right Side Broadcasting alone; I didn't monitor local news stations' broadcasts but we can take encouragement from the fact that in the rust belt of Democrat depressed Toledo, so many people are interested not only in the election but in Trump.
  Now Trump needs to polish his presentation. His kids are a great representation of himself; his work record for creating jobs is outstanding, regardless what leftists say.
  So here we go.
  One voter at a time.
  He says he'll be back in 2 weeks.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Trump live streamed from Toledo rally

Let me remind you that Toledo is hard core liberal leftist Democrat. Trump's plane has landed. Almost Over 5,000 11,000 12,000 17,000 18,000people watching online.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Local Debate on Trump

Debate on Should Conservatives vote for Trump

Perrysburg, OH: Due to the scheduled visit to NW Ohio by Candidate Donald Trump, the debate the Northwest Ohio Conservative Coalition (NWOCC) is sponsoring on "Should Conservatives Vote for Trump?" has been cancelled for this Wednesday July 27 and will be held on Monday August 29, 2016 at 6:00pm at the Maumee Library, 501 River Road, Maumee OH. 

The Northwest Ohio Conservative Coalition is a non-connected political action committee registered with the Federal Elections Commission and the State of Ohio. For more information, visit our webpage or contact us at

Saturday, July 23, 2016

In marketing, has the Left met its match in Trump?

  Am I cynical?
  I watched Obama joke during an announcement of support for Germany given the latest terrorist attack and thought, "That dude doesn't care about anybody but himself."

  Earlier in the day Obama shocked in his conference with the Mexican president by sneering that Trump's vision didn't "jibe with the facts," regardless what people think:
"This idea that America is somehow on the verge of collapse, this vision of violence and chaos everywhere, doesn't really jibe with the experience of most people," Obama said during a press conference in the White House East Room alongside Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto. 
"I think it is important to be absolutely clear here. Some of the fears that were expressed throughout the week just don't jibe with the facts," he said, going on to cite statistics showing crime rates have fallen under his presidency."
  The media immediately leaped to Obama's support with figures to prove that Obama is correct.
  Now, the crime statistics are not what I'm writing about in this post.
  Clinton's campaign immediately (12:59 a.m.) pronounced the Trump message "dark," and the media immediately began parroting it a few hours later and in the morning news.
  Yet the truth is that Obama's vision of America is dark
  For years Obama has drilled into the public psyche that Americans are hateful bigots, Americans are cheap and selfish, that Americans should be more willing to "share," that cops are bad, that guns, guns, guns are destroying our society, that America itself has made mistake after mistake on a global scale.
  “People are dying and the constant excuses for inaction no longer suffice,”Obama announced after one "tragedy."
  "If they bring a knife to a fight, bring a gun," he said to "his" people about Republicans.
  "We should politicize mass shootings," he said another time.
  The only time Obama has ever been optimistic about our country was before his first election when he claimed there were no white Americans or black Americans.
  IOW, Obama's message has for years been a dark one and now suddenly he's positing himself as cheerful?
  In reality Obama's government has been working at people for years to make them fearful: listen to the public service ads that are all over radio, television and even billboards.
  Got a little cough? Could be (_____)? Get to a doctor QUICK!
  Air conditioning on? Could be causing (____) in children. Plus you're killing the environment!
  Depressed? Afraid to go outside? Could be (______) which can be cured by (taking this medication). Oh, and you're addicted to (____)? GET OFF IT!
  By the time you're done listening to these often fearmongering PSAs, you can be so paranoid that you DON'T want to go outside. Their production is paid by the government and broadcast free by the Ad Council, which is described here at Reddit:
The ads airing on your local radio station are being aired to fill time because there were not enough real commercials. The Ad Council does produce ad campaigns and distribute ads to basically every TV and radio station in the country. They do not pay for airtime as a typical advertiser would.
  This is the Obama administration's version of something called nudging, which the left wing Politico discusses here:
The president officially adopted the idea last year when he launched the White House’s Social and Behavioral Science Team (SBST), a cross-agency effort to bring behavioral science research into the policymaking process. Now the team has published its first annual report on this experiment.
How did it go? Mostly, the efforts appear to have worked...
  Yes, Obama has a team and an executive order to direct Americans' behavior, better serve the American people, followed by numerous "nudges" to be fearful about their bodies, their lives and their mental health.
  He's been doing it a while, described here at Marketingsociety, which appears to sympathize with Obama's version of what's a lie:
So the campaign team addressed the issue of how to counter rumours, myths and outright lies most effectively. Research conducted by them into countering myths and rumours has illustrated a number of crucial points.
One is that the more we hear a false rumour or myth the more likely we are to believe it to be true, it's known as repetition bias. Our minds make use of heuristics (short-cuts or rules of thumb) and one of our rules of thumb is that things we hear often must be or at least tend to be true.
In addition, in the long term, we tend to remember stuff we have heard or read not in full but only as a kind of truncated word association in which the most vivid elements stick with us and the qualifying expressions get a tad blurry: eg where the initial phrase we might hear or read is actually 'Roberto is not in the Mafia' after a while we'll recall only ‘Roberto’ and ‘Mafia’ inextricably and (perhaps) erroneously linking the two. We seem to forget the ‘not’ or the negative part of the statement over time.[6] Our long term memories are often poor - especially for subjects and facts on the periphery of our interest, which presumably the Mafia is for most readers…! On this basis it's probably wisest to give no air time at all to denials as it's likely this will only serve to strengthen the falsehood in the minds of listeners.
  I find this explanation quite interesting, both in terms of what Obama has done and how Trump is running his campaign. 
  Repetition bias. Crooked Hillary?
  Word association. Giving no air time to denials. You mean like accusations of plagiarism? 
  Maybe Obama--and the Clinton campaign--have finally met their match.
UPDATE: An excellent take down here.