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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Have you heard about women & minorities who support Trump? If not, why not?

  The "alt-right" is buzzing that a few days ago Julian Assange dropped a tease about more revealing and incriminating email evidence against Hillary Clinton. When asked if WikiLeaks had any incriminating evidence against Trump, Assange said he couldn't come up with anything more damaging than what comes out of Trump's mouth every day.
  I have to say I laughed at that one because it's absolutely true, even though it's made much worse by the commie media pouncing on every freakin' comment he makes and especially every boob comment he makes.
  OTOH, we see little of Hillary's ballistic remarks, much less do we see much comment about the fact that she refuses to actually take real questions or meet with the press in anything but a love fest comfortable meeting.
  As CNN's Chris Cuomo of the Cuomo political family put it, "We couldn’t help her any more than we have, she’s got just a free ride so far from the media, we’re the biggest ones promoting her campaign, so it had better happen.”
  So the fact that ordinary people are in showing up in droves for Trump is pretty hilarious. It's also indicative that people aren't buying what the Cuomo types are selling.
  Most interesting is the video that is showing up of black people and Latinos who are brave enough to show support for Trump.
  This video is a great example.

  Then there's this New Black Panther leader who's come out for Trump, seen here.
  And the Twitterers Blacks for Trump, found here and their FB page.
  And the story of Trump's defiance of societal conventions back in 1997 by forcing the admittance of Jews and blacks to the country club in Palm Beach.
  If you haven't heard about these matter, why not?
  Did you know Trump is planning outreach meetings with inner city residents?
  Have you seen this stirring video of another former Democrat's endorsement of Trump?

  Of course, you know about the Rev. Mark Burns, a black Trump supporter who's routinely attacked by the press for obvious reasons?
  And of course, there's the eminent Dr. Ben Carson.
  And Black Men for Bernie, formerly for Bernie Sanders.
  And Reverend Darrell Scott.
  And Darrell Glenn.
  And the magnificent "anti-government" former Democrat Sheriff David Clarke, all of whom are widely ridiculed by the Left wing media, which is pretty much everybody plus that dope Cher.
  So ask yourself.
  If I haven't heard about these people in the media I follow, why haven't I?
  Never before have we witnessed such a complicit media. It's been fairly obvious before.
  But this is extreme.
  And after watching these videos, isn't it pretty clear that many--even the least glamorous--Americans have figured out the game they're playing?
  I honestly think the more Trump bumbles, the more we commoners support him, not just because the press is so against him but because he doesn't know what to say and it's proof that he isn't a politician.

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