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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Trump delivers in Mexico

  Watching Trump in Mexico was a thing of beauty, although I held my breath for quite a while in anticipation of his going off the rail to ad lib a joke or two.
  It was quite a scene, watching Trump, who is considerably taller than the Mexican president, walk out onto the stage to take his place.
   Leftists on Fox went crazy after the 35-minute news conference, claiming the speech was too "scripted" and "off message." These were absurd comments, given that Clinton has been off the campaign trail for weeks with no planned commitments until the end of September and given that she hasn't had a press conference in almost a year and given that she only allows friendly interviews and carefully screens even her audiences.
  Trump gave 5 clear points to work toward regarding immigration, always focused on what is good for the American people while understanding that the Mexican people have similar concerns.
  What I find most astounding are the comments from the Clinton camp that she will focus in the debates on his irritation with Marco Rubio's comment that Trump has "tiny hands," a euphemism for ridicule of sexual organs.
  Then there're the 5 huge naked depictions of Trump that have been placed in major cities around the US. He's pictured as very fat, lumpy and, I understand, with small "hands," etc.
  Just think about this.
  These fools are mocking Trump for being challenged in the testicle area.
  And honestly.
  After today? Today when Hillary watched Trump on tv from a luxury suite, who was caught looking really really bad again the other day, did she really really think that the world thinks of Trump that way?
  Let's be honest.
  It takes some balls to do what that dude did today.

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