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Thursday, October 29, 2015

YouGov puts Trump 14 points ahead of Carson

If you believe this

Then maybe you should believe this.

News that Donald Trump has opened a 14 point lead over Ben Carson has been ignored by the media and maybe for good cause. Real Clear Politics does not include the YouGov poll in its presidential tracking polls either because of the methodology. Rather than using randomly selected phone numbers for its survey YouGov selects its sample online. It is not a self selecting sample where anyone can vote as often as they like but there are questions of "randomness". Yougov thinks it can offset any errors by polling a larger number. The top table was YouGov's own assessment of it accuracy in the 2012 general election between Romney and Obama which shows them to be in the top 10 polls. You decide.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fetal tissue as energy source. What's next? It's cute to extract a heart.

  Psalm 139: 13:"You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother's womb.
  Jeremiah 1:4: "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations."
  From Snopes: 
 Claim:   Medical waste that included human tissue was shipped from British Columbia to be incinerated at a power plant in Oregon.
  From Live Science:  
Aborted fetal tissue and other types of medical waste — amputated limbs, organs, cancerous tissue, bones and all manner of bodily fluids — are routinely burned for heat or electricity worldwide. 
  From National Review: New Planned Parenthood Video: Fetal Hearts Are ‘Amazing’ — That’s Why I Destroy Them As My Day Job!

Talking about a Planned Parenthood abortionist who goes searching for hearts post-abortion (fun!), the woman with Dermish, a staffer with Whole Women’s Health, bubbles: “Well, it’s cute! It’s cute.” Dermish adds: “It’s amazing! I have so much respect for development, it’s just so incredible.”
  From Daily Mail: Amazing video shows babies 'SINGING' in the womb: Foetus can 'hear music as early as 16 weeks - and moves their mouth and tongue in response!"

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Clinton/Obama support, even encourage lawlessness, overseas and at home

    Years ago in a graduate English class--my first one--one of the wiser elder students warned me not to take too seriously the PhD candidates. And, indeed, many of them were impressive--self confident, brimming with carefully chosen bits of information, eager to display their "knowledge" and quick to be first in discussion.
  They were also verbally abusive, insufferably arrogant and cutting during any disagreement, disdainfully implying you were an idiot if you opposed the world as they saw it.
  Now I value education, particularly self education.
  But I also value truth, true intellectual debate and living in reality.
  This is apparently not true for most of Washington's elite, in the political class, the chattering class and the media which appears to only do their duty when a Republican is in office and, even then, only if the story fits the narrative of their world view. This is a common practice widely known as civic journalism.
  Thus we have the debacle of Hillary Clinton's appearance before the House committee spun as a tremendous boost for a liar who did not have a public pants wetting meltdown like she did last time she was on the stand.
  But, oh believe me, there are many sound bites that are going to come back to haunt the "presidential" nominee who exactly fits the description of those PhD students I described. 
  I listened to much of Hillary's hearing on c Span and was frankly disgusted that she openly lied to the public and loved ones of the murdered men about the cause for the murders while crying on her daughter's shoulder for sympathy because she'd had a rough night, given the murders of U.S. State Department officials.
  Her behavior and the coverage of it is nauseating: few commentators discussed the substance of her answers and what they revealed.
  Instead the buzz was all about her behavior and how she had hit one outta the park by not screaming and having a public seizure on the conference room floor in front of the cameras. Admittedly the bar was set low, as they say.
 Commentary calls it "Washington's Sickness Exposed":
Media elites raced to confirm the conventional wisdom that Clinton’s more-in-sorrow tone, her theatrical shows of boredom, and her policy knowledge handed her a “win,” as though the verbiage of a petty contest was appropriate to describe an investigation of such objective gravity. The gushing over the beatified Clinton’s poise under pressure has reached levels of hagiography the left once reserved exclusively for BeyoncĂ© Knowles. The number of political reporters who chose in their reaction to the hearing not to distinguish themselves markedly from partisan Democratic communications operatives is too copious to recount fully. 
  Clinton's opening speech was dramatically irritatingly slow; her "tribute" to Ambassador Stevens reduced him to a man who knew the risks and should have been aware of the odds of being murdered. 
  At times it seemed as if she--and then the media--blamed Stevens for his own death. We've seen this attitude in CNN's Toobin and other Clinton/Obama supporters who have completely ignored the 600 calls for help issued by Stevens.
  How does Hillary get around those 600 calls for more security?
  She simply says none of those calls for help even made it to her desk, as if that were an adequate reason or excuse.
  I'm guessing if it were Paris, Hillary! would have found a way to know about 600 calls for help.
  And this woman who has so little contact with her own department that 600 calls for help go unnoticed wants to be COMMANDER IN CHIEF?
  Over a year ago, bloggers wondered if the stupid video excuse--now exposed as a complete lie--was sponsored by Clinton's and Obama's connections with the Muslim Brotherhood.

One of the more interesting claims in the report is that the Administration's ridiculous effort to blame the attack on an anti-Muslim YouTube video was coordinated with the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist groups that in turn called for restrictions on Americans' free speech rights. The Mail commented in its story that the claim "strains credibility," but such a scheme sounds right up the alley for this Administration, which has always played fast and loose with facts in its efforts to control the media and the free speech of its critics. It also sounds spot on for an Administration where the president hardly makes a move without permission from the communist-connected, Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett, and where Clinton's right-hand girl Huma Abedin has known connections to the Muslim Brotherhood.
  Unless you're a deluded sycophant, it's difficult to ignore both Clinton's and Obama's pro-Islamist, pro-lawlessness leanings. 
  The Middle East is aflame because neither of these American "leaders" would support democracy; rather, every time there was a choice, these two choose to support forces that will lead to an Islamist Caliphate. 
  Europe's laws and borders mean nothing, nor do ours.
  And even as the Black Lives Matters strings to the White House become more visible, Obama openly encourages their lawlessness, apparently oblivious that the BLM crowd consistently calls for the murder of police and anarchy in the streets. 
  In June 2015, Conservative Treehouse noticed the strings to the White House. Charts of White House logs are over at the Treehouse:
 There you can see the founders of “Black Lives Matter” directly tied to the White House, and Michelle Obama 2013 – 2015.  The dates of activism beginning just as they shared, in the aftermath of the Zimmerman Trial and just as they describe in their movement literature.
  In fact, BLM's top agitator has been openly visiting the White House--that we know of-- since 2011.
DeRay McKesson, the professional agitator who shows up to fan the flames wherever there are racial tensions involving the police, visited the White House three times in 2011 — twice in February of that year, and once in August.
According to the Washington Post’s database (taken from the WH vistors logs), two of the visits appear to have been to the White House Visitor Office. The February 13 visit —  if WaPo’s tool is correct — was to the Old Executive Office Building where McKesson met with Zachary Russem.
  When they get arrested for their lawlessness, they demand reparations.
  So here we are, surrounded by pompous know it alls in DC who support anarchy, division and lawlessness.
  And though Hillary Clinton's great achievement of holding on to her temper was the achievement touted around the media last week, we have learned that she does not care about details, does not care to hear subordinates, has little command over daily details of running a state department and most of all, lies at will to defend her neglect and inadequate overseer duties of her job.
  Obama and Hillary! are indeed cut from the same cloth. 
  Historic precedents indeed.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Why Paul Ryan?

Representative Heritage Action Score
Jason Chaffetz 78
Jeb Hensarling 83
Jim Jordan 97
Daniel Webster 75
Paul Ryan 56

Compared to Congressmen who have announced their intention to run for the Speaker's job or those frequently mentioned as plausible candidates Paul Ryan is the weakest. The Heritage Foundation ranks representatives and senators on a scale of 1 to 100 and while the greatest high school wrestler in the history of Ohio, Jim Jordan (151 wins -1 loss), scores high only 2010 Colorado senatorial candidate now Congressman Ken Buck is rated 100. In the Senate Ted Cruz and Mike Lee also have perfect scores.
Congressman Jordan has declined to run but as co founder of the House Freedom Caucus he would have considerable support on the right should he change his mind. Jeb Hensarling of Dallas also declined to run. Hensarling started his political career as an aide to the late Senator Phil Graham and could probably get the votes of the entire Texas Republican  delegation should he reconsider giving him a considerable edge. Jason Chaffetz was briefly a candidate but withdrew and endorsed Ryan.
Daniel Webster was elected to the House on the Tea Party wave of 2010. He has held sundry elective offices almost his entire adult life. He is a past Speaker of the Florida House of Representative and the longest serving legislator in Florida's history. One could make the case that he was part of the establishment but he is not part of the Washington establishment. He sponsored Florida legislation requiring that all women seeking an abortion must first be given an ultrasound. He and his wife home schooled their children long before it was fashionable and he is a distant relative of the nineteenth century orator of the same name.
Parenthetically the average Republican scored 68 on the Heritage scorecard. Boehner's rating is unavailable but Mitch McConnell's rating is 54. So why are House Republicans falling in line a behind prima donna RINO who promises not to try too hard to live up to the onerous obligations of the job? Hell, Peyton Manning probably wants Sundays off and a lifetime no cut contract too. It's hard to believe Congressional Republicans have not heard from the voters but after all if Ryan is good enough for Harry Reid and Luis Gutierrez he must be good enough for the rest of us.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Carson leads in Iowa as Bush campaign circles the drain

Click to enlarge
No one wants to tell readers or the audience that there is no news in GOP primary polling so the public, especially cable news viewers, are served up headlines which may be technically true but not worth the viewer's attention. Rubio gains on Trump, Carson tops Trump, Trump surges to new high are all true statements but the fact is for the last month very little has changed. The above graphic depicts the Real Clear Politics average of national polls for the past 30 days. It's obvious that the polls have solidified as voters have selected their favorite candidates. These early choices are tentative and will change as events change but it may well be there will be little change between now and the early primaries.
Yes, Carson is leading in Iowa but a blind man could have seen that coming. Two polls in the past two days show Carson leading Trump. See the Bloomberg/ Des Moines Register and the Quinnipiac polls. In recent years Iowa Republican caucuses have been dominated by born again Christians. They went for Rick Santorum in 2012 and Mike Huckabee in 2008. It is not surprising that they would warm to Ben Carson but the onus is on Carson to expand beyond this natural constituency.
If there is a story relative to presidential primaries it is Jeb Bush is in serious trouble. Bush has planned a meeting with his family this weekend and the campaign is beginning to circle the drain. Reminiscent of the Perry and Walker campaigns the campaign budget has been cut drastically. Salaried workers have become volunteers and funding is drying up. Last quarter he raised just $13.4 million, well behind Ben Carson's $20.8 million.
Bush has gotten very little for his money Since early last month New Hampshire has been bombarded with ads supporting him for President. His ad presence is more than all the other GOP candidates combined.With the combined spending of the Bush campaign and the Right to Rise super PAC, 4.8 million dollars have been spent on pro-Bush ads in New Hampshire, grabbing 60 percent of available air time, just to run third behind Trump and Carson. This guy has got a real problem!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

I'm coming out as....

  If you're thinking that colleges are places where you actually receive an education in anything other than political correctness these days, you're wrong.
  The fact that I said that is a microaggression?
  Because it's, like, mean or something to call people PC?
  Ok, well, go here to read how mean or something you are for using words such gay, thug, lame, pc, man up, nazi, rape, whatever. Just be warned. It's pretty hard to read unless your head is crooked. 
  Colleges are trying to present alternate points of view than PC but it's just so hard
  Williams College has had instituted a program called "Uncomfortable Learning" but they had to, um, suspend it because some of the adults monitoring the program were too uncomfortable inviting people who didn't share their points of view on, um, everything.
  Be warned. Their editorial is uncomfortable to read, at least for anyone who wants to protect free speech and doesn't wave their hands in the air and scream when a mouse saunters into the room.
  The article is titled, yes:
Uncomfortable or damaging?: Debating the merits and detriments of harmful speech on campus

  The editorial 'splains (I'm pretty sure with a lisp) that the now disinvited guest speaker is of all horrors an anti-feminist. 
  Unlike Seinfeld and Chris Rock, this Uncomfortable Speaker was actually willing to go on campus to present a point of view that, many commenters agreed, was "unexamined," "not nuanced," "hopeless," and ignorant. 
  Go here to read the complete editorial:
It was not Uncomfortable Learning’s intention that students would consider Venker’s views to be correct or attempt to find some truth in them. The idea of her coming to campus was to provide students with the opportunity to understand and challenge the underpinnings of her beliefs. Uncomfortable Learning is a safe way to discuss otherwise unacceptable opinions on campus, as the audience members choose to attend and understand going in that the speaker may be offensive.
  Hey, she's just stupid and we thought we'd publicly run her into the ground for her points of view but we're scared to evacuate our SAFE ROOMS long enough to ask her any questions because SHE'S  incapable of critical thinking, analysis and reasoned discussion.  
  SHE's incapable of critical thinking, analysis and reasoned discussion.
  So to you pantywaist college students out there who will graduate with $100,000 in loans and a degree in puppetry, I salute you.
  Have a good life, but be sure to lead it in solidarity. Or better still, move to a college town where they all think alike and ostracize those who don't. The town is called Stepford. You'll be quite happy there.
  I will have the comfort of knowing I'll be dead by the time you pay off your student loans.
  Meantime, I'm coming out as trans-young.
  And don't you dare micro-aggress me or I'll bite you.

Multiple bomb threats evacuate schools this school year

 Between 15-20 school bomb threats were made in Ohio.   
I understand why school administrators don't want to exaggerate the bomb threats that have been called in to numerous schools--often elementary schools--over the last few weeks.
  On October 20, 2015, these schools and more received bomb threats, including 2 this month in Perrysburg:
  • Covedale Elementary and Wilson Elementary in Hamilton County,
  • Fairfield East Elementary and Middletown High School in Butler County,
  • Donovan Elementary School in Warren County and
  • Summit View Elementary in Kenton County.
  • Lakota
  • Perrysburg Woodland
  • Perrysburg Frank School
  • Lakota Endeavor Elementary
  • Oakdale Elementary School
  • Edgewood Elementary School
  • Denver Place Elementary
  • Summerside Elementary 
  • West Clermont Schools said that "eight other schools across Cincinnati"
Other states:
  • Union County, Ind. schools
  • Riverside Elementary School in Princeton in New Jersey
  • Cresskill  New Jersey
  • Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in New Jersey
  • West Milford Middle School in New Jersey
  • Cherokee Elementary School, Arizona
  • Scottsdale Unified School District , Arizona
  • Parkview Elementary School, Arizona
  The same problem occurred on October 7 and September 25 according to Homeland Security, who "monitored" the bomb threats in previous situations, including the September 25 bomb threats.
  To deal with this, it appears that many administrators are choosing not to evacuate the schools because it gives "power" to the perpetrator of the threatener.
  In San Diego, in what the district termed "unprecedented", 11 high schools were threatened on September 17 in "the most threats ....ever handled on a single day."
  Some have proven to be the traditional culprits--high school students anticipating tests, trying to score a day off or even a grudge.
  Rashes of threats are nothing new but a concern that some of the calls have been automated has been raised, as this article relates in Tennessee, five of which were made on August 31:
The threats were made with an automated voice over an internet service. Similar threats have been received in other areas of the state. Multiple agencies are working to find out if they are connected. Individuals found responsible could face felony charges.
  Several day care agencies were targeted in Ohio this week also. 
  The FBI is also looking into the bomb threats, which would certainly tell observers how well prepared each school was in defending itself.
  We don't forget Beslan.  
UPDATE: And today, Connecticut.
An unprecedented rash of threats phoned in to San Diego high schools Thursday kept more than 21,000 students in locked-down classrooms as police systematically swept 11 campuses but found no suspicious devices or people. - See more at:

Back to outrage blogging

  A couple of months ago, I vowed I would only blog about stuff I could laugh at or be optimistic about. 
  Hence, the lack of blogging.
  What's most discouraging to me is my fellow countrymen and women.
  That they could put this traitor in office is very disheartening; that he could appoint the kind of men and women he has to various cabinets only increases in my mind the idea that 
a) he wants to look good at all costs in comparison to his appointees 
b) he is so traitorous in his appointments that he hopes and in fact encourages incompetence, screw-ups and outright villainous capitulation to our enemies.
  It's not really any surprise that the RINO and establishment Republicans are gunnin' for people like little ole me and you.
  It's just a bit of a surprise that they care so little for the direction of this country that they're willing to do anything short of blowing it up to get what they want in the way of immigration "reforms" and malleable candidates.
  I have to say, however, that the last few months have been filled with stomach churning, revolting events such as --oh, I dunno--Hillary Clinton high fiving after testifying today about the murders of 4 men--or Democrats complaining about the cost of anything----or the press acting like Hillary's on this big roll because she didn't blow herself up at the loser debate CNN ran--with loser questions that she had probably already been fed and dopes like *Feel the Bern* and Lincoln Chaffee as competitors.
  Seriously. They are all so vacuous.
  But when stalwarts who sometimes try to be fair like Brit Hume mock conservatives who are fed up with budget deficits, cheaters and haters who complain that old people like ME have no right to express disagreement...well, we are at a far bridge, let me tell ya.
  And when that Frank Luntz who Hoosierman once aptly identified as a "fat bastard" gets on Fox to rail about conservatives as the unreasonable ones who'd really like a Speaker who actually considered their point of view rather than ostracizing them.....even while Leftist loons across the country are demanding euthanasia, more abortions and censorship of anyone who isn't a Leftist Loon, well, I gotta tell ya, there's not much more to say.
 So I guess I have to get back to outrage blogging because, you know, my small audience really wants to get upset because they really don't know what a mess this country is in right now, eh.
 So I will break my vow, my reader/s.
  I'm going to have to write about, well, the debacle we are seeing every day.
  I figure if I play a few games of Farm Heroes or Ruzzle in between, I should be able to survive outrage blogging, which is really quite exhausting when one is attempting to remain positive while slogging through sewers. There's just so much shit floating by your waders.
  So I'll write furiously while I await Christ's return because sure as heck I don't know how you could look at the demonic blanket that is hovering over this planet right now and not be aware that something really really big is going on.  
  And I just keep thinking about this verse:
For people will love only themselves and their money. They will be boastful and proud, scoffing at God, disobedient to their parents, and ungrateful. They will consider nothing sacred.
  Yeah, I think it's the selfies that broke it for me. Everybody's all selfie this and selfie that. Hey, let's get a stick so our selfies look better. There's a brilliant idea. Here I am in front of...and behind...and over...
  Yeah. I wonder when the Apostle Paul foresaw that people would only love themselves toward the end of civilization, if he had any idea, ANY IDEA that even the most powerful *leader* in the world--look here---would become so obsessed with himself that to commemorate world events and deaths, he would--every time-- post pictures of himself.
  You know. Like nothing's sacred.
  Here. Let me make your night.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Shock! Jerusalem stabbers' welfare benefits cut off

  The New York Times, in its infinite insight and conscientious reportage, has pointed out that Arab residents in East Jerusalem are upset about the stabbings Arabs have committed against Israelis victims who are mostly young and elderly.
  Arab residents are "bubbling over with despair," the writer explains plaintively. The NYT bitchers commenters on this article complain that most of the stabbings result merely in "wounds" rather than deaths so why be so harsh on the assailants?
  Jerusalem's Arabs won't vote in the elections because they feel that would acknowledge Israel's sovereignty over Jerusalem, then they complain they aren't represented in the elections. They're "entitled to full Israel citizenships," as one commenter says, but few choose to accept citizenship as Israeli authority over them. 
  Thus, they have reason to complain.
  Other commenters complain that overall more Palestinians and Arabs are killed than Israelis and that just isn't fair
  A primary complaint of the writer at the New York Times is that an 18 year old stabber who stabbed a man in the back has had her residency from the city revoked; other complaints are guarded check points, the "knowledge about the discrimination" in spite of the "robust economy," and the "overflowing" trash bins in Arab neighborhoods.
  The city is divided by an "ugly  barrier" --the wall--that keeps out terrorists. And now the attackers--and the 18 year old stabber--are ineligible for "welfare benefits":
Now, as part of Israel’s crackdown, the interior minister is taking the rare step of revoking the residency of the college student from Sur Baher and 16 other alleged attackers — plus the citizenship of two more. They would still be able to live in the city, but would lose all social-welfare benefits and would need to renew visas every few months.
  I know I'm biased for Israel, the only tiny democracy in the Middle East, but whew! How mean can you get? Not to pay welfare benefits for terrorists? What, are they turning into American leftists who prefer illegal immigrant murderers over the lives of average Americans? 
  Moral equivalency!
  Whining about brimming trash bins when you teach your children "how to stab a Jew," and send out myriads of stabbers to kill people? Palestinian Jerusalem residents can "work and travel through Israel as do citizens," but, alas, this freedom only makes them feel deprived of all they "do not have."
  Even the left wing Vox acknowledges it's been going on for quite some time:
Currently, only Muslims are allowed to pray atop the hill, part of a political arrangement (called "the Status Quo") designed to keep the peace. However, a group of Jewish radicals are attempting to assert Jewish rights to pray there — which Palestinians see as a threat.
"Since the Jewish 'high holidays' began in mid-September, Palestinian youth have been throwing stones and firecrackers at the Israeli police to prevent the entry of groups of religious Jews, who have been ascending the [Temple Mount] with the intention of changing the current arrangements at the site," Ofer Zalzberg, a senior analyst at the International Crisis Group, writes. "Palestinians, who have suffered the desecration of many mosques and holy sites since 1948, feel like they have seen this movie before and fear where it ends."
  What always amazes is the left wing media's choice of verbs, descriptors and explanations for the wrong doings of those they admire and those they despise. Here it is keeping the peace by keeping Jewish "radicals" out of a place that they consider equally valuable religiously. 
  Terrorists are described as "youth" and the Palestinians have "suffered the desecration of many mosques and holy sites" even though mosques are well known to provide sanctuary for terrorists and arms build up. Even Muslim sacred sites--not to mention many other religions'--are not exempt from attacks by Muslim terrorists.
  Though Palestinians themselves endorse violence against Israelis, they want to maintain their citizenship under Israelis rather than Palestine.
A June poll by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion found that 61 percent of Palestinians in Jerusalem support “armed struggle” against Israel. Yet 52 percent said they would prefer to be citizens of Israel with equal rights than citizens of a Palestinian state, up from a third in 2010.
  Needless to say, the increasing delusion of the left is a--uh--concern.
  The article also contains lots of Palestinian complaints about lacking respect and dignity, feeling neglected and "unwanted."
  You'd think committing murder--and training your children to murder--would create in you your own lack of respect and dignity.
  Apparently, not so much.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Trump wins the media battle

In spite of the media's best intentions to score last night's debate victory for Hillary the real winner was Donald Trump. If supposedly, as the the Democrats and the media posit, Hillary has turned around her campaign where is she tonight?

Donald Trump was holding a rally at the Richmond International Raceway which Erin Burnett cut to frequently before interviewing daughter Ivanka Trump. But there were enough Trump siblings to go around. Almost simultaneously Greta Van Susteren was interviewing son Eric Trump. Think of it. Three of the five members of the Trump family are on cable news at the same time and no one sees Bill or Hillary. If the social media is figured into the mix Trump only pads his lead.
During the debate Trump upped his Twitter following by 147,169 to 4.57 million surpassing Hillary's 4.48 million as the Donald critiqued the debate. Hillary did pick up 25,475 new followers but Bernie Sander bested her there with 42,730 new followers. Even Lincoln Chafee got 22,200 new followers. On Facebook Trump gained 16,248 new subscribers easily beating Hillary who got 7,723.

Tedium reigns at the Democratic debate.

If you're tired of politics as usual here's hoping you had the good sense to miss the CNN Democratic debate. By my reckoning after the introduction of CNN personalities, endless commercials and a horrific attempt at the Star Spangled Banner it was a full 18 minutes before the first candidate was introduced. In retrospect that was the high point of the evening. I was all down hill from there and while the verbiage may provide plenty of overtime for fact checkers the style, if it can be called that, was stultifying. It was like a Miley Cyrus lecture on non-Euclidean geometry or a dialogue between John Kasich and Charlie Sheen and it was insulting to the voters. Where have these people been for the last three months? Do they not know that the public is tired of slogans and platitudes? Carly Fiorina said more during her 1 minute rant on Planned Parenthood than 5 Democrats said in two hours.
One must assume this goes to either the difference between the sophistication levels of Democratic and Republican voters or just an extremely weak Democratic field. The Republicans had plenty of candidates who relied on poll tested talking points such as Jeb Bush who now runs fourth or fifth in most polls and candidates who would say anything that popped into their heads such as Scott Walker who is now gone but the outsiders who speak their minds extemporaneously now capture almost 60% of the vote. Candor and authenticity are in, hackneyed talking points are out.
What the debate lacked in style was not compensated by the substance. Probably the most asinine position of the evening, which came up during the NRA hatefest, was Martin O'Malley's account of how he had fought that despicable lobby and won and as governor had passed some strong anti-gun legislation forgetting that he had previously stated the violent crime in Baltimore was declining when he left there as mayor to become governor. And what does it look like now? The deficit was never mentioned as that would have dulled the appetite for the voracious spending promised by Sanders, Hillary and O'Malley, Medicaid for everyone, free college, paid maternity leave, and Obamacare for illegals. The audience was frequently reminded that no one went to jail following the financial meltdown of 2008 but never reminded that Eric Holder was the Attorney General during the following years. Only Jim Webb had the courage to say all lives matter when asked the question if black lives or all lives mattered. Hillary ducked that question.
No one expected this debate to come close to the Republican debates in terms of viewership but if this is as good as it gets the next debate won't match Mad About You reruns.

Monday, October 12, 2015

It's the outsiders' House

Never mind what Dana Bash and her television cohorts tell you the Speaker's election is not a congressional crisis. This is what democracy looks like. It is messy and contentious and something both parties would prefer to do in backrooms far from public view. Prior to televised national party conventions this sort of thing went on every 4 years. Some conventions were noisier than others but even when the parties were united very little was left unsaid. After the uproarious Republican convention of 1964 and the bloody Democratic convention of 1968 the parties contrived ways to prevent public blood letting during prime time. Both parties expanded primaries eschewing state conventions where frequently the governor arrived as a favorite son candidate with his delegation's votes to be sold for the best offer. The Democrats went further yet by creating super delegates who could see to it that the establishment's view prevailed but both parties go to great pains to prevent any copious outpouring of vitriol that may give the viewing public any reason to think the convention is anything but a love in. The conventions are scripted entertainment productions and partisan differences are resolved in private.
Normally the election of a Speaker of the House is set upon personal loyalties but occasionally, and this is one of those times, it is based upon principles. The battle for the soul of the party is not so much over conservative versus liberal principles. It's also along the lines of establishment versus outsiders and perfectly reflects the Republican voters' preferences. If Ted Cruz is considered to be an outsider then political outsiders are polling 60% of the primary vote. Without Cruz it's still more than half the vote. The Republican base has had it with the House leadership and they want them gone.

The 538 web site produced this graphic. Putting aside the arcane statistical methodology of the DW-Nominate graph, one can readily see that the Freedom Caucus is both more conservative and more anti-establishment than the Republican House and it's a safe bet that Trump, Carson, Fiorina and Cruz all run well in their districts.
It was hoped that the Speaker's gavel could be quietly passed to Kevin McCarthy but House members and the folks who sent them there had other ideas so now the public will get a refresher course in representative democracy and what it looks like. This is a real election. This is the 1964 Republican convention when the conservative western wing supplanted the East Coast, Nelson Rockefeller, Jacob Javits, Margaret Chase Smith liberal Republicans and it is apt to be just as messy.
The Freedom Caucus while not being able to force one of its own into the Speakership does have enough members who united can prevent any candidate from reaching the 218 vote threshold. It is possible for one of them to win  with some concessions to mollify establishment members but the election is apt to be a protracted and messy process. Take heart. We are winning.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Hysterical females need to MAN UP

  I dunno.
  You can write and write and write about the loony left and you'll have still more to write.
  What I'm wondering is what in the hell has happened to women lately, particularly young women.
  I mean, I know that it's the thing now to be offended about everything, even leading to new words such as "microaggression" or "triggering."
  But women.
  Woman up.
  You're very tiresome, with your lazy whining and slovenly intellectualism.
  At Georgetown, feminist Christina Hoff Sommers scared "feminists" so much that they needed "safe spaces" to get away from her words. This has happened in multiple colleges, where Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias has said he needs armed guards and senses more danger and animosity than in Islamic countries.
  This has led to even a few hard core Leftists openly mocingk the hardcore Leftist college student, often women.
  Much of the sexual insecurity appears to have evolved from the "rape culture" narrative foisted off by feminists who seek to control campus culture which then led to protesting "slut shaming," an accusation that any naughty behavior on the part of women was not to be criticized, even if she looks like a so-called slut.
  Some feminists are even "triggered" into anxiety by the mere act of clapping, demanding "jazz hands" instead. One can only imagine what anxiety beheading might trigger.
   Then there's the "free bleeding" craze which means, yes, as revolting as it sounds it is exactly that. In this remarkable craze, women take pride in letting menstrual blood stain their clothing a sample of which, if you really want, you can see here.
  Though it's pretty well established that feminists were conned into the free bleeding craze by 4chan who promoted themselves (I guess there aren't any photos of free bleeding on the internets, it's still somehow got a FAcebook page which demands that women "stop raping [themselves] with male inventions like tampons."
  Let's not forget about hashtag piss for equality which feminists claim they never participated in. Nonetheless, the internet exists. Hope you didn't put your name on that dumb image, sweetie.
  Then there's the griping about the inherent racism of having to shave armpits.
  And the protest that abortion isn't a "women's" issue because transgender.
  And the protest against Father's Day, again protested as untrue but somehow receiving over 40,000 tweets and retweets.
  In fact, AMERIKA is so darned MEAN that Debbie Wasserman Schulz believes RepubliKANS are trying to drive them OUT of THIS COUNTRY!
  In fact, RepubliKANS want to take HEALTH CARE (translation: killing male and female babies in the womb) AWAY FROM WOMEN. She says this:
Look, between the fifteen Republican candidates who are left — all of whom are trying to out-Trump Donald Trump — by saying, “Yeah let’s kick women. Let’s kick them and immigrants out of this country. Let’s take away health care from women.”
  I'll be honest. At this point, I sure wouldn't miss the DWS types.

Paul Ryan? HELL NO

With most candidates there always seems to be one position that goes against one's personal preferences. For instance, one might agree with Rand Paul on everything but his passive foreign policy is anathema to many on the right. Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham are enthusiastic about Donald Trump on immigration but for many his position on eminent domain is off putting. Exactly how voters make their decisions is grist for pundits and political scientists but when the voters do judge on the issues rather than personality or partisanship they perhaps use something akin to the Chinese restaurant menu format. Select 2 points of agreement from column A and 2 from column B and if a candidate meshes with those points he's their man.Then their are deal breakers, positions that are too distasteful to warrant any consideration of that candidate.
Would be Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has 2 deal breakers in his portfolio. He is Mr. Open Borders and Mr. Trans-Pacific Partnership and he should not be within a quarter mile of the Speaker's gavel. Better Eric Cantor and that is not being overly hyperbolic. At least everyone knew where he stood. Ryan is a horse of a different color or maybe a horse of many colors. He has been touting his budget reform that would balance the budget in 10 years for the last 7 so score him moderately conservative on spending. On the other hand he negotiated away much of the sequester with Senator Patty Murray which gives one reason to suspect his commitment to his fiscal principles.
The question no one in the media is asking is, why after Kevin McCarthy announced his decision not to seek the Speakership was the election canceled? Congressmen Daniel Webster and Jason didn't withdraw. Obviously McCarthy had tipped Boehner who was looking to find his plan B candidate. No one in the Washington media finds it strange that both John Boehner and Mitt Romney have urged Ryan to run? He is the establishment's last best hope and while one can find much to question or dislike in Chaffetz and Webster both are a damn site better than Ryan.
"As donor class Republicans and beltway pundits intensify their “Draft Ryan” campaign, anti-amnesty advocates are pleading with House Republicans to quash the candidacy of the man they call the most open-borders member of Congress", reads a post at Breitbart. The post goes on to document Ryan's work on weakening border enforcement going back to the 1990's.
President Obama would not have gotten fast track authority on the Trans-Pacific Partnership if not for the vote and efforts of Ryan. The measure passed the House by a vote of 218 to 208. Perhaps it's justice that Wikileaks released a portion of that secret and malevolent document just as Ryan is will be most embarrassed by his handiwork. One might think the section on intellectual property was written exclusively by big pharma and Hollywood lawyers. Just what the world needed! A holy war on file sharing and higher drug prices.
It is a sad day when Americans must rely on Wikileaks for information on treaties the impact their daily lives but that is part of the culture created by Obama, Boehner, McConnell and Ryan. Ryan is the Washington establishment's last hope and let us hope he fails.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Give me your lazy, your entitled, your greedy masses yearning for fast internet, gourmet cooking and free health care.

Give me your lazy, your entitled, your greedy masses yearning for fast internet, gourmet cooking and free health care.
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore appear to be a nation of Kardashians.
As you may have gathered I have a jaundiced view of the "Syrian refugees" who have invaded Europe. Listen as they complain about the poor cooking (fit for only a dog or a woman) and slow internet speeds. They don't want to stay in the temporary housing but want to be immediately moved into apartments as if the host countries should evict the present occupants.

Toledo Tea Party--New Location


Speaker of the House Discussion

Ohio Conservatives United Discussion

*******            CANDIDATE NIGHT             *******

If you are a candidate,  we want to interview you to determine if we should hire you (vote for you) to represent us.
Candidates, Please bring campaign materials, yard signs  etc, and be prepared to tell us why you are the best person for the job.
Please come and help us interview each of the candidates that are running for office in the November election.  We need to ask them why we should hire them to represent us.

Toledo Tea Party
Monday, October 12, 2015
7 - 9 pm
Hampton Inn
3434 Secor Road
(Secor Rd south of I-475)
(where old theater used to be)
Toledo, OH 43606, USA

Copyright © 2015 Toledo Tea Party, All rights reserved.
Conservative Rally

Our mailing address is:
Toledo Tea Party
P.O. Box 9413
Toledo, OH 43697

Friday, October 9, 2015

Hillary's post constitutional presidency

Assuming that the idiots at Vox got their facts straight Hillary is is gearing up to be the first post constitutional president. It seems that what the crypto fascist in her party demand according to Jonathan Allen in his post, Hillary Clinton's sweeping executive power agenda is unprecedented. "The view from inside the campaign, said one official, is that it's important to be specific about how Clinton would use the unilateral powers of the presidency "because of the level of frustration" Democrats have felt when Obama's priorities have been blocked by Republicans in Congress. Even if Democrats are able to elect one of their own as president in 2016, he or she is all but assured of facing a Congress in which one or two of the chambers are controlled by Republicans."
Well certainly lowering the level of frustration among Democrats is a laudable goal but is this Evita Peron wannabe seriously considering running on abolishing the separation of powers? Yes, it would be called expanding Obama's legacy.
 "For Democrats, the continuing use of executive power to implement a left-of-center agenda is the logical extension of the legacy Obama's built."
In an earlier post Matt Yglesias made the compelling case that Hillary's complete lack of principles makes her uniquely fit to do the dirty work of crushing our cherished freedoms. "Committed Democrats and liberal-leaning interest groups are facing a reality in which any policy gains they achieve are going to come through the profligate use of executive authority, and Clinton is almost uniquely suited to deliver the goods. More than almost anyone else around, she knows where the levers of power lie, and she is comfortable pulling them, procedural niceties be damned."

Hackers from China, South Korea and Germany tried to hack Hillary's server.

One wonders if someday hacking might become an international team sport. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that hackers from China, South Korea and Germany attempted hacks on the former Secretary's server after she had left office. This finding is not the result of a forensic investigation of the server but rather simply reading the email correspondence between Hillary and her technical advisors. Yes, she was aware of hacking attempts and purchased a fancy firewall, a SECNAP CloudJacket, which apparently did work. It is not known if the server was successfully hacked prior to the firewall update. This information comes from Senator Ron Johnson's Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

We prefer cell phones and cash

Sympathy for "Syrian refugees" has been exhausted in some European communities and charities. Human Relief Foundation (HRF) has been generously supporting the influx of Euro wet backs but no more. It is now redirecting its efforts toward helping real refugees in Lebanon and Jordan. Why? Because the charity has finally learned it is being scammed. It found mounds of food and clothing it had distributed had been discarded and burnt. Deputy director of HRF Kassim Tokan explains that 95 to 97 percent of the refugees in the French town of Calais are healthy young men with no reason to be there. “They have enough food, they have enough clothes and we have seen clothes everywhere thrown. I think we need to find other places. These people come from certain countries, which are safe, everything is there, they can work, but I don’t know why they came here."
Meanwhile the mayor of Calais, Natacha Bouchart is calling for ten year prison sentences for those who trespass into the Euro tunnel site. In the latest security breach, around 200 illegal immigrants stormed the tunnel on Saturday. Two Iranian men succeeded in running 30 miles through the tunnel before being arrested by British border police.

Meanwhile in the US, Barack Obama wants to take in 10,000 "Syrian refugee" and is even using Kickstarter to raise cash. "Through Kickstarter, users can donate money to buy refugees simple necessities such as sleeping bags ($15), clean drinking water ($30) and even a year’s worth of education and care ($600)."

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Ben Carson: Let's roll

  So the latest attempt to discredit Dr. Ben Carson is an assertion that he was mocking the Oregon shooting victims in a conversation on Fox. He said this:
"I would not just stand there and let him shoot me," Carson told "Fox and Friends". "I would say 'Hey, guys, everybody attack him! He may shoot me but he can't get us all."
  The propaganda screamers went into overdrive immediately, claiming that Carson was criticizing the behavior of the victims,  later elaborating on The Kelly File:
I would ask everybody to attack the gunman because he can only shoot one of us at a time. That way, we don't all wind up dead," he told ABC News while chuckling on Tuesday.
"The accusation there, Dr. Carson, is that you appeared tone deaf and that you seemed callous in the laughter about a massacre and what you would have done," Fox News' Megyn Kelly said.
"I'm laughing at them and their silliness," Carson responded.
"Who?" Kelly asked.
"The people asking that question. Of course, you know, if everybody attacks that gunman, he's not going to be able to kill everybody. But if you sit there and let him shoot you one by one, you're all going to be dead," Carson said.
  Look, whether you like Carson or not (I'm a fan), you're living in a fantasy world if you don't understand that something drastic has changed not only in the world but in this country.
  For some reason, Leftists believe that if we just try to get along with murderers that will make them not want to kill us.  
  Witness Obama's capitulation to Iran's demand for the bomb and the Argentinian President's assertion that Obama's team has actually pushed other countries to sell nuclear fuel to Iran.
  I might remind the media that this is the very position Flight 43 found themselves in on 9/11. They knew three other planes went down and realized what was happening was a national terrorist attack.
  At that point, several people including Todd Beamer, decided to rush the terrorists, which is why that plane crashed without damaging any buildings in D.C.
  Remember this:
'From that point,' she says now, 'he said he was going to have to go out on faith because they were talking about jumping the guy with the bomb. He was still holding the phone, but he was not talking to me, he was talking to someone else and I could tell he had turned away. And he said: "You ready. Okay, let's roll."'
'We're all running to first class,' said flight attendant Sandy Bradshaw, implying the rebellion had begun in Bingham's compartment.
  Dr. Carson has been attacked for many positions not the least of which is that he is a black conservative, some of which he brought on himself by his political naivete.
  This attack is ridiculous, as if a man who has spent his life saving and bettering lives wants harm to come to anyone.
  But I interpret his point as this:
  America, get off your fat butts and realize we are at war. Get off your stupid phones and look up. The enemy is coming: we are a house divided. Only if we stand together to rush the enemy will we survive. 
  This is Ben Carson's call: Let's roll, America. 
  They'll take us down one by one if we aren't willing to fight back.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The media's strange reaction to Mercer

  Have you noticed anything strange about the media coverage of Mercer, the Oregon murderer?
  Did you notice that CNN is said to have digitally altered the facial features and skin color of Mercer when they reported on the murderer?
  Or that the LA Times referred to him as a "white supremacist" even though he was obviously a person of mixed race with a black mother? 
  That he was discharged from the Army?
  That he hoped to be "welcomed in hell and embraced by the devil"? (I don't think there'll be a problem there.)   
 Or that Mercer's MySpace page had images of terrorists on it?
    As a matter of fact, how much have we heard has the mainstream media made of Mercer's intentional murder of only Christians?
  Have you heard about the papers--manifesto?-- he handed to a male student before he killed himself, thought to be a manifesto?
  And how about the fact that many Leftist outlets were pushing that Mercer was a conservative Republican which has been discovered to be untrue? Here's his registration from RedAlertPolitics:
  We don't seem to be hearing much from the protective mother Laurel Harper either, are we....although his father has come forward to blame the murders on the behavior of guns....of which his son owned thirteen....
  Other information about Mercer doesn't seem to be making it to the so-called mainstream media, though certainly alternate sources are available. Not to be missed is the Conservative Treehouse's rundown.
  And I'm wondering---I don't know about you--how a "conservative Republican" hates Christians enough to shoot them in the head. 
  Why did the web get scrubbed of Mercer details--and possibly tampered with details-- immediately after the murder and around the same time Obama went on camera to protest guns---before the name was made known to the public?
  And this business of comparing gun murders in the US to other countries' murder rates.
  Did you know murder by gun is down in the US? From National Review:
As Pew reported last year, the American public remains largely unaware that the last two decades have seen a quite remarkable drop in gun violence. Obama presumably knows this. ”Despite national attention to the issue of firearm violence,” Pew wrote, “most Americans are unaware that gun crime is lower today than it was two decades ago. According to a new Pew Research Center survey, today 56% of Americans believe gun crime is higher than 20 years ago and only 12% think it is lower.”
  In fact, here's a chart from NRO showing just that:

  As the gun grabbers heat up with lies, some even claiming that the law is our religion now, Governor Cuomo is claiming that Democrats need to force a government shutdown to push gun control and Obama hints at gun confiscation.
  And try not to think about our Department of Justice planning with the UN a Strong Cities Initiative that would encompass the globe, be run by the UN and target American cities for violent extremism.
  I'm not really suggesting anything conspiratorial. I'm just saying this whole business is being reported strangely.
  It is all very strange.
  Very strange indeed.

Friday, October 2, 2015

NO on Kevin McCarthy for Speaker

  I'm afraid I'm going to have to agree with Salon. Kevin McCarthy is a man "out of his depth."
  His stupidity on Hannity the other night in which he declared Hillary's numbers are down because of the Benghazi hearings did great damage to that committee.
  I might remind Mr. McCarthy that 4 men died that night and it is the job of political types to find out why and prevent it from happening again.
   I might remind Mr. McCarthy that Trey Gowdy worked very hard to actually do his job making those hearings about the loss America suffering, not about scoring political points, even if the end does serve that means.
  I might remind Mr. McCarthy that both he and Boehner have never made the case to the American people for either conservative principles or opposition positions to the wildly loony Left that runs the Democrat party.
  Not that he's listening to me. After all, I'm just a taxpayer who's absolutely disgusted with D.C. and its corruption. In addition, McCarthy comes across as a light weight who can't handle the requirements of the job. 
 It's also distasteful that the married McCarthy is conducting an "open secret" love affair with Rep. Renee Elmers. We really don't need any more of this.
  It's odd that the Democrat party presidential candidates are suffering from the disease which has traditionally afflicted Republicans: yes, I"m old, yes, I'm decrepit, but HEY! I'm next in line to be my party's candidate!!! GIVE IT TO ME!
  The same does not have to be said about House Speaker.
  So, please, you idiots.
  Not Kevin McCarthy.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

ABC pushes Jeb Bush against Carson

  I've been a fan of Ben Carson for many years; although some observers have misgivings about his ability to govern because of a lack of political experience, I see that quality a benefit, given the utter corruption we are seeing in Congress on all sides.
  Anyone who can put together a team of doctors, nurses and anesthesiologists for the kind of surgeries Carson performed has the qualities of leadership needed for today's American leader. It takes quality to know quality, something Barack Obama is particularly good at, given his low personal quality as a leader and the low personal qualities of the Kerry, Holder and Clinton types he's appointed to govern these United States.
  So naturally, considering Carson has raised over $20 million this quarter and given his place in the admittedly stupid polls, the media waits to pounce on another flub, which Carson has certainly committed since his run began.
  So ABC is eagerly slobbering, waiting ike huge hairy spiders in a lair, to get Carson, today exhibiting their buffoonery with the question "how would you deal with Hurricane Joaquin."
  ABC describes the encounter this way in an article titled:

Ben Carson Cannot Say How He Would Tackle Hurricane Joaquin

“Uh, I don’t know,” Carson said with a giggle in response to an ABC News question asking what steps he would take if he was president today. 
  A giggle? I watched this exchange and wondered where the heck ABC gets their descriptors given this exchange. A giggle implies girlish indecision and lack of concern. Apparently Carson's benevolent smile of tolerance is misinterpreted as a giggle, given the discernment and intelligence of today's media.
  The article goes on to helpfully explain that Jeb Bush would know exactly what to do. Jeb Bush had a "rather detailed response," which included telling "government officials on the East Coast to be prepared for what could be a devastating storm" which was terribly enlightened advice that only an experienced government official could and would give.
  Duh. Seriously? Um, a fifth grader coulda thought of that. 
  But then, the news media seems to have the instincts and intellect of a first grader, sooooo......
  Watch for yourself. 
  IT WAS A STUPID QUESTION! I screamed that, in cast you didn't realize it. GAAHHHHH!!!