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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Back to outrage blogging

  A couple of months ago, I vowed I would only blog about stuff I could laugh at or be optimistic about. 
  Hence, the lack of blogging.
  What's most discouraging to me is my fellow countrymen and women.
  That they could put this traitor in office is very disheartening; that he could appoint the kind of men and women he has to various cabinets only increases in my mind the idea that 
a) he wants to look good at all costs in comparison to his appointees 
b) he is so traitorous in his appointments that he hopes and in fact encourages incompetence, screw-ups and outright villainous capitulation to our enemies.
  It's not really any surprise that the RINO and establishment Republicans are gunnin' for people like little ole me and you.
  It's just a bit of a surprise that they care so little for the direction of this country that they're willing to do anything short of blowing it up to get what they want in the way of immigration "reforms" and malleable candidates.
  I have to say, however, that the last few months have been filled with stomach churning, revolting events such as --oh, I dunno--Hillary Clinton high fiving after testifying today about the murders of 4 men--or Democrats complaining about the cost of anything----or the press acting like Hillary's on this big roll because she didn't blow herself up at the loser debate CNN ran--with loser questions that she had probably already been fed and dopes like *Feel the Bern* and Lincoln Chaffee as competitors.
  Seriously. They are all so vacuous.
  But when stalwarts who sometimes try to be fair like Brit Hume mock conservatives who are fed up with budget deficits, cheaters and haters who complain that old people like ME have no right to express disagreement...well, we are at a far bridge, let me tell ya.
  And when that Frank Luntz who Hoosierman once aptly identified as a "fat bastard" gets on Fox to rail about conservatives as the unreasonable ones who'd really like a Speaker who actually considered their point of view rather than ostracizing them.....even while Leftist loons across the country are demanding euthanasia, more abortions and censorship of anyone who isn't a Leftist Loon, well, I gotta tell ya, there's not much more to say.
 So I guess I have to get back to outrage blogging because, you know, my small audience really wants to get upset because they really don't know what a mess this country is in right now, eh.
 So I will break my vow, my reader/s.
  I'm going to have to write about, well, the debacle we are seeing every day.
  I figure if I play a few games of Farm Heroes or Ruzzle in between, I should be able to survive outrage blogging, which is really quite exhausting when one is attempting to remain positive while slogging through sewers. There's just so much shit floating by your waders.
  So I'll write furiously while I await Christ's return because sure as heck I don't know how you could look at the demonic blanket that is hovering over this planet right now and not be aware that something really really big is going on.  
  And I just keep thinking about this verse:
For people will love only themselves and their money. They will be boastful and proud, scoffing at God, disobedient to their parents, and ungrateful. They will consider nothing sacred.
  Yeah, I think it's the selfies that broke it for me. Everybody's all selfie this and selfie that. Hey, let's get a stick so our selfies look better. There's a brilliant idea. Here I am in front of...and behind...and over...
  Yeah. I wonder when the Apostle Paul foresaw that people would only love themselves toward the end of civilization, if he had any idea, ANY IDEA that even the most powerful *leader* in the world--look here---would become so obsessed with himself that to commemorate world events and deaths, he would--every time-- post pictures of himself.
  You know. Like nothing's sacred.
  Here. Let me make your night.

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