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Thursday, October 22, 2015

I'm coming out as....

  If you're thinking that colleges are places where you actually receive an education in anything other than political correctness these days, you're wrong.
  The fact that I said that is a microaggression?
  Because it's, like, mean or something to call people PC?
  Ok, well, go here to read how mean or something you are for using words such gay, thug, lame, pc, man up, nazi, rape, whatever. Just be warned. It's pretty hard to read unless your head is crooked. 
  Colleges are trying to present alternate points of view than PC but it's just so hard
  Williams College has had instituted a program called "Uncomfortable Learning" but they had to, um, suspend it because some of the adults monitoring the program were too uncomfortable inviting people who didn't share their points of view on, um, everything.
  Be warned. Their editorial is uncomfortable to read, at least for anyone who wants to protect free speech and doesn't wave their hands in the air and scream when a mouse saunters into the room.
  The article is titled, yes:
Uncomfortable or damaging?: Debating the merits and detriments of harmful speech on campus

  The editorial 'splains (I'm pretty sure with a lisp) that the now disinvited guest speaker is of all horrors an anti-feminist. 
  Unlike Seinfeld and Chris Rock, this Uncomfortable Speaker was actually willing to go on campus to present a point of view that, many commenters agreed, was "unexamined," "not nuanced," "hopeless," and ignorant. 
  Go here to read the complete editorial:
It was not Uncomfortable Learning’s intention that students would consider Venker’s views to be correct or attempt to find some truth in them. The idea of her coming to campus was to provide students with the opportunity to understand and challenge the underpinnings of her beliefs. Uncomfortable Learning is a safe way to discuss otherwise unacceptable opinions on campus, as the audience members choose to attend and understand going in that the speaker may be offensive.
  Hey, she's just stupid and we thought we'd publicly run her into the ground for her points of view but we're scared to evacuate our SAFE ROOMS long enough to ask her any questions because SHE'S  incapable of critical thinking, analysis and reasoned discussion.  
  SHE's incapable of critical thinking, analysis and reasoned discussion.
  So to you pantywaist college students out there who will graduate with $100,000 in loans and a degree in puppetry, I salute you.
  Have a good life, but be sure to lead it in solidarity. Or better still, move to a college town where they all think alike and ostracize those who don't. The town is called Stepford. You'll be quite happy there.
  I will have the comfort of knowing I'll be dead by the time you pay off your student loans.
  Meantime, I'm coming out as trans-young.
  And don't you dare micro-aggress me or I'll bite you.

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