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Friday, July 30, 2010

Democrat plan: pretend to be tea partiers to get elected or deceive voters

  What does it say about a party when it feels it must resort to deceit and trickery to gain votes? We noted before that democrats in trouble are doing this in several places around the country. These appear to be Soros efforts: the execrable Grayson in Florida also appears to be associated with a similar effort.
  Even Talking Points Memo seems to be ready to admit the Michigan trick. WJR has covered it extensively. 
That's TWENTY THREE CANDIDATES submitted by democrats--frauds meant to trick the voters into throwing races to democrats, who the voters obviously don't want. (Otherwise, hey, why the deceit?)
  Be wary, tea partiers. 
  But, heh. One thing these crafty individuals have not taken into account is the fact that tea partiers are better informed and civic minded than most of the population.
  It's just pretty sad when a political has to resort to trickery to get elected.

The Clinton wedding and its cost

  Let's face it.  
  A wedding's a party. 
  A great party that a family decides to throw for family and friends. 
  You can spend as much as you want on this party; the cost of it doesn't always come back to you in gifts for the bride and groom but, what the heck. 
  If you have one child and you want to blow a few million dollars on a wedding, it's your choice. There has been a lot of criticism about the Clinton wedding and its expense. Most capitalists really don't begrudge the Clintons their party. 
  Most ordinary capitalists would NOT spend that kind of cash on their kids and would rather GIVE the kids much of that cash to their kids as a starter. 
  But here's a comparison and here's a choice from the WSJ. And here's an interesting contrast between politicians. 
  A problem with this wedding is the treatment of the other bride's wedding. A nice gesture would be if the security people for the Clinton wedding, who have blocked air space over the area, would work (and pay for security of) with the people of the other girl's wedding on the same day:
But back to the WSJ: 
2. Spending a fortune on a wedding is a choice, not a necessity. Chelsea's wedding is likely to cost $2 million to $3 million, says Ms. Roney. But first daughter Jenna Bush managed to hold a somewhat quieter affair for a lot less when she got married two years ago. She invited about 200 guests and held the wedding on her parents' ranch in Texas. It was hardly cheap, but at $100,000, the tab wasn't even in the same ballpark.
It's true that most Americans can't relate to spending $15,000 on porta potties.  
  But, what the heck. It was the good ole days when we were worried about Vince Foster's death at Fort Marcy Park and Hillary's health care plan, which she pulled back when she realized how much Americans hated it, unlike....Anyway, good luck to the young couple and their parents.
  Good luck, and spend whatever you want. 
  We have bigger things to worry about these days.

The mean streak of the "leader" of the free world

We've all noticed: the personal slights from a man who should be above pettiness. He has minions to perform those personal slights for him, after all. What we're all worried about is why the president of the United States feels a need to stoop so low as to personally attack citizens of this country so forcefully and so relentlessly, to prevaricate, and to put into place delusional budgetary items that will bankrupt this country. It's very worrisome. Read the details and examples over at American Thinker:

The body count of Obama's ambushes will grow in the years ahead. How does this help to bring about the civility that Obama preaches should be part of our civic discourse? Of course, it doesn't. Hypocrisy is Obama's trademark. His style of ambushing and humiliating people is a sign of something deeper and darker in Obama's psyche, in his emotional makeup. He is vindictive and enjoys the spectacle of belittling people in front of others and in front of cameras.
The milk of human kindness does not flow in this man's veins, but rather something bitterer -- a type of personal poison that he enjoys spraying on others.

Polls sinking lower

Why they're even as high as they are is a mystery. NY Daily News has the mystery of Obama's polls.

Administration poll hypocrisy

On one hand, we don't pay any attention to polls. On the other hand, you pay too much attention to polls. In TRUTH, we COMMISSION those polls to watch them carefully. But then, it's just that little matter of lying AGAIN. HuffPo:
Too busy to look at polls? Perhaps. But not too poor to pay for them. While Gibbs routinely chides members of the press for obsessing about the day-to-day temperamental swings of the American public, behind the scenes the White House has poured plenty of money into conducting its own public opinion polls. Through June 9, 2010, the administration, via the Democratic National Committee, has spent at least $4.45 million on the services of seven different pollsters, according to records compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics. (The Huffington Post looked into only those expenditures that totaled more than $5,000.)
And more good news over at Powerline:
A newly released Fox News poll of registered voters shows the Republicans ahead in the generic ballot by 11%. Bill Otis, who brought this poll to my attention, says that if it accurately reflects how people will vote in November, "Republicans will take the Senate as well as the House; indeed, we will have our biggest House majority since 1946."
JOHN adds: If you're in the mood for more good news, check out this analysis of Pew data indicating that voters are much closer to Republican than Democrat positions these days. 

Thursday, July 29, 2010

What Desperate Democrats Do

Blame Republicans, of course. From listening to democrats, you'd think they hadn't been in charge of congress for the last 4 years and the presidency for almost 2. Over at NRO:

Yes, these are desperate times; then what’s needed are desperate measures! What do Democrats do when they are cornered and desperate? Why, attack Republicans on Social Security, of course!
Never mind that Democrats have now controlled Congress for nearly four years and have controlled both the White House and Congress for half of that time. They don’t want to talk about their record, probably wisely. Their signature initiative — a massively expensive government takeover of American health care — remains highly unpopular, so much so that most Democratic candidates are now tiptoeing around the subject and almost never bringing it up themselves. Their so-called “stimulus” plan has done little to nothing to generate job growth, even as unemployment has hovered around 10 percent for months on end. And the Obama budget would run up $10 trillion in deficits through 2020 at a time when the American public has come to realize that excessive government spending and debt pose very real threats to their long-term economic security.

Who is currently practicing journOlism?

Readers and viewers need to learn to separate the journAlists from the journOlists. This might be an interesting experiment. There seems to be no difference between current White House operatives and journOlists. Over at Daily Caller:

Despite its name, membership in the liberal online community Journolist wasn’t limited to journalists. Present among the bloggers, reporters and editors were a number of professional political operatives, including top White House economic advisors, key Obama political appointees, and Democratic campaign veterans. Some left government to join Journolist. Others took the opposite route. A few contributed to Journolist from their perches in politics. At times, it became difficult to tell who was supposed to be covering policy and who was trying to make it. 

Rangel's deal: what is it? UPDATE

  Now word there is no deal.
  We have to wait a few hours to see what's in it. It better not just be a resignation of committee appointments. He needs at least to resign Congress, pay penalties and back taxes. No less. Obviously the democrats are doing this to appear to be purging the cess out of their midst. It is appalling that a person in Congress can abuse his country this way for so many years. And HE'S humiliated? That's all?
It's the culmination of two years of scandal for the 20-term Democratic lawmaker. At issue is whether the former head of the House Ways and Means committee will admit to any serious ethical wrongdoing. Rangel is being charged with misusing his office for fundraising, failure to disclose income, belated payment of taxes and possible help with a tax shelter for a company whose chief executive was a major donor.

The decline of the American presidency

  He's everywhere. He's on the golf course numerous times for hours. He's at parties shlubbing with celebrities. He's in Chicago with the wifey for dinner. He's at a play in NYC with the wifey, traffic inconvenience be danged. He's yucking it up on David Letterman. 
   He's on The View. (HUH?) 
   He's on Youtube. He's on American Idol. He's on People magazine cover, et al. He's at ballgames. 
  He's on commercials advertising himself and his plans to control more and more of Americans' lives. 
  He is cheerfully unconcerned about citizen resistance, as if every American in their right mind would want the silver-tongued charmer in control of their heat, their health care and the shower heads.
  While he gains more control over aspect of our lives (surely he plans to stay around for more than four years; otherwise, what's the point of all that disastrous control?), and has Congress cede more control from the legislative branch to the executive branch in anticipation of losing control in the fall, he proceeds, frivolously diminishing the stature, gravitas and dignity of the office of the presidency of the United States. 
  If you can stand to watch this video, here's an example. 
  Siding with our enemies, disavowing our allies, willfully superceding the will of the people, now we have the embarrassment of having our president, president of the liberal United States (and not the rest), appearing on the gossipy daytime squall fest for mostly liberal women to discuss lord only knows what. 
  This is what it looks like. 
  Saccharine, cloying, mawkish, manipulative, completely unaware.
  This is the face of gravitas.
  This is the face of the presidency of the liberal United States.
  Will you watch to see if they tell him again how SEXY he is?

Assange on crushing "bastard" Afghani informants UPDATED

Controversy has bubbled up around the outrageous Wikileaks dump of thousands of documents about the ongoing war against murderous militants. Now Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, is claiming that he gave the documents to the White House two weeks ago, asking if there were anyone who would be harmed by the document dump. He says they did not respond. THEY say they learned about it through the news. Clearly someone is lying. It's difficult to know whom to believe in this situation since the first is obviously a narcissistic glory monger who selfishly wants attention for his little project and the second is, well, the same, but has an unfortunate tendency to lie, lie, lie. Here's Assange's self-serving statement, who seems to take great pleasure in making others' lives miserable and only he gets to determine who exactly is a bastard and who isn't. Here Assange is quoted in Der Spiegel:
Assange: We all only live once. So we are obligated to make good use of the time that we have, and to do something that is meaningful and satisfying. This is something that I find meaningful and satisfying. That is my temperament. I enjoy creating systems on a grand scale, and I enjoy helping people who are vulnerable. And I enjoy crushing bastards. So it is enjoyable work.
This is a pretty sad situation. What irony that a so-called benevolent liberal is willing to sacrifice the lives of American and NATO soldiers and those brave Afghani souls who only want a better life for themselves through assisting the troops who are there to root out the violent hateful Taliban and al qaeda. Over at The Australian:
The Times revealed that the names, villages, relatives' names and even precise GPS locations of Afghans co-operating with Nato forces could be accessed easily from files released by WikiLeaks.
Human rights groups criticised the internet site and one US politician said that the security breaches amounted to a ready-made Taliban hitlist.
And yet Assange blithely defends his execrable actions by saying, "Oh, SORRY if anyone was hurt."
he insisted that any risk to informants' lives was outweighed by the overall importance of publishing the information.
Mr Assange said: "No one has been harmed, but should anyone come to harm of course that would be a matter of deep regret - our goal is justice to innocents, not to harm them. That said, if we were forced into a position of publishing all of the archives or none of the archives we would publish all of the archives because it's extremely important to the history of this war." 
It's difficult to know whom to believe when everybody lies and nobody seems to have any sense of concern about the welfare of mankind....and the "small people."
  And this from the Daily Beast:

If Hollywood were ever to make a film about a nihilistic leaker-hacker dude, a rootless subverter of international public order, they couldn’t do better than to cast Julian Assange as himself.
With his bloodless, sallow face, his lank hair drained of all color, his languorous, very un-Australian limbs, and his aura of blinding pallor that appears to admit no nuance, Assange looks every inch the amoral, uber-nerd villain, icily detached from the real world of moral choices in which the rest of us saps live. Call him the Unaleaker, with apologies to the victims of Ted Kaczynski.
Complete with video:

Rangel proposes mandatory service AGAIN

  Old Charlie Rangel, who is at this moment wrangling to keep his career in Congress even though he is a flagrant violator of laws and policies, has again proposed this bill to require mandatory service by all Americans ages 18-42 to Dear Leader's government, to serve in whatever capacity Dear Leader requires. Sort of a "Obama" jungen, and not so jungen. Over at World Net Daily:
Rangel took to the floor of the House to reintroduce H.R. 5741, stating, "I have introduced legislation to reinstate the draft and to make it permanent during time of war. It is H.R. 5741, and what this does is to make everyone between the ages of 18 and 42 – whether they're men or women, whether they're straight or gay – to have the opportunity to defend this great country whenever the president truly believes that our national security is threatened."

  Most people regard this is a ploy on Rangel's part to stop war and military service: ie, if he can get everyone involved in military/government service, people aren't going to want to go to war. Check out this statement:
"What troubles me most about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is the total indifference to the suffering and loss of life among our brave young soldiers on the battlefield," Rep. Rangel said. "The reason is that so few families have a stake in the war which is being fought by other people's children.
  However, there has been a push on the government's part to require "mandatory volunteer service" on the part of Americans. HR Bill 1388. This blog covered the issue before here in discussing the many "Iparticipate" and volunteer programs being pushed by the president. Here is what the original bill proposed:
(6) Whether a workable, fair, and reasonable mandatory service requirement for all able young people could be developed, and how such a requirement could be implemented in a manner that would strengthen the social fabric of the Nation and overcome civic challenges by bringing together people from diverse economic, ethnic, and educational backgrounds.
This wording was stripped out of the original bill before being sent to the Senate, but as the DC Examiner notes, “The section could be restored during the Senate-House conference committee meeting. A new, separate bill containing that language has since been introduced in the House.” The GIVE Act has since passed in the Senate, 79-19.
Over at World Net Daily they are running this interesting video from Obama about "voluntary" service. Are we skeptical that Congress could insert outrageous demands into their bills? Hardly. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wikileaks founder claims he gave docs to White House 2 weeks ago

  Today on Studio B (with the unctuous drama queen Shep Smith) it was reported that Wikileaks founder Assange, in defending against charges that his leaks exposed innocent Afghans informants to being identified, claims that he gave the entire pile of documents to the White House to review, asking if anyone would be hurt by the release of these documents.
  He also claimed that the White House did not respond. This story doesn't seem to be percolating but it is significant because someone is lying. Imagine all those Afghanis friendly to Americans and NATO be subjected to torture and murder because of their allegiances. The White House claims they found out about the documents through the news. Over at Fox News:
Jonathan Hunt: 

The founder of Wikileaks told Judge Napolitano he presented all the documents to the White House weeks ago and asked them if there was anything they didn't want published. That flies in the face of what the White House told us - that they only found out htese documents were about to be made public last week from newspapers. So either the Wikileaks founder is not telling the truth or the White House is not telling the truth. Someone has to be wrong here.
And here:

According to Napolitano, he asked Assange if he contacted the Obama Administration about the documents before releasing them. Assange said WikiLeaks did so in order that the Obama Administration would have the opportunity to request redactions of any information that might be especially harmful. But he never got a response from the WH.
Did the White House then essentially approve of the security breach - at least by purposefully not responding? Did someone in the WH mishandle the information (a likely excuse to follow)? Is Assange telling the truth? 

We feel your pain: at $2859 per night

Another vacation for the queen, on taxpayer dollars? You, however, must sacrifice! You must change your ways, your history, your focus. Barack asks this of you.

One Nation Under God

Obama won't attend Clinton wedding but will go to The View??

  So what's going on with that? It is interesting that Obama won't attend any Boy Scout 100th anniversary activity (obviously by choice), won't be attending the Clinton wedding on Saturday. 
  So what's he doing that is so important on Saturday? 
  Well, FRIDAY he's going to Michigan and Illinois to talk to auto workers:
WASHINGTON- President Obama will visit Chrysler and General Motors Plants in Detroit and Hamtramck, Michigan on Friday, July 30 and a Ford plant in Chicago, Illinois on August 5.
Just over a year after President Obama made tough decisions to save Chrysler and GM, these companies are returning to profitability, hiring workers, and keeping plants open. And because of the steps the Administration and Congress have taken with Cash for Clunkers and the Recovery Act, the industry overall is strengthening.
  So what's the deal? Why not attend the Clinton wedding on Saturday?
  Well, looks like he's attending a photo op  soldiers' support meeting at a VA hospital. Hm.. Why?
  Well, now we know who won't be attending Chelsea Clinton's wedding on Saturday – wherever it takes place. 
That would be President Obama. Asked at the end of Monday's White House press briefing if the president would be at the nuptials for Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky, Robert Gibbs answered "no." Previously, Gibbs had said he didn't know if the president would attend.
  Was he even (gasp) invited? 
 Is there trouble in para  lala land the democrat party? Is there competition? Will Chelsea's wedding be a magnificent opportunity to test the waters for a presidential campaign for old friends to get together who all happen to be rich and have contributed to past Hillary campaigns?
  Stay tuned.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Feel good story of the day

Awesome. We love our dogs here, we don't eat them. Over at the New York Post:

Three stray mutts -- Rufus, Target and Sasha -- were living near Sgt. Chris Duke and other US troops on a remote military base in Afghanistan on Feb. 22 when they spotted the bomber outside a building where 50 soldiers were sleeping.
Rufus bit the Taliban terrorist on the leg as Target and Sasha barked furiously.
Several soldiers -- unaware of the imminent danger -- tried shouting down the mutts. But the dogs continued barking, spooking the bomber into prematurely setting off 24 pounds of C4 explosives before he could get through the door -- and killing himself.

Porker of the month: Marcy Kickback Kaptur

So how many black farmers were there?

If you don't understand the title, you probably don't know about the Pigford lawsuit in which Shirley Sherrod was involved (where in the heck has she gone, btw?). These farmers won $13 million from the government in a lawsuit, and an additional 1.2$ BILLION is promised. But there's a question about this lawsuit. Read Zombie over at Pajamas Media;

I’m confused.
If there are only 39,697 African-American farmers grand total in the entire country, then how can over 86,000 of them claim discrimination at the hands of the USDA? Where did the other 46,303 come from?
Now, if you’re confused over what the heck I’m even talking about, let’s go back to the beginning of the story:
Pigford v. Glickman
And, yes, the original lawsuit was called Reparations. 


Jane Austen's Fight Club.

Signs of the American taxpayer

Logan: al qaeda killed more civilians than US

How strange to hear this reported on a MSM station. Lara Logan of CBS puts it into perspective. Notice, also, that the civilians who were killed were in a building where an al qaeda leader was hiding. This is a particular tactic of the enemy: they do not wear uniforms so that they can blend in more easily with civilians, thereby increasing the possibility of civilian casualties. They hide in buildings where civilians are because they know that the Americans are more likely to be criticized for collateral damage. They also hide in culturally respected areas such as mosques, knowing that the Americans respect their culture more than they do, partly out of political correctness. So we tie the hands of our military, based on political correctness and the enemy's own strategic decisions. Here CBS reporter lara Logan puts it plainly, as reported by NewsBusters:
CBS's Lara Logan may be in Uganda, but she recognized the skew of media coverage of the WikiLeaks war documents on the U.S. involvement in Afghanistan as she contended “the coverage would indicate that it's more of an issue for the U.S. to kill Afghan civilians than it is for the Taliban to do so."

Civil rights commission: New Black Panthers case ongoing

Read more here at NRO, by Peter Kirsanow, Civil Rights Commission member.

There are several assertions broadly circulating in the media about the New Black Panther Party matter that are inaccurate or misleading. These are the most commonly repeated:
1. The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights’s investigation is confined to the reasons behind the Department of Justice’s dismissal of the voter-intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party.
False: The Commission investigation has four principal areas of inquiry:
A. Whether high-level political appointees within the Department of Justice have enunciated a policy or tolerate a practice of enforcing certain civil-rights laws in a racially discriminatory manner;

Monday, July 26, 2010

DoJ won't let Coates testify in New Black Panther case

Christopher Coates worked with J. Christian Adams in the Civil Rights Division of the DoJ. He can corroborate everything, if he is allowed to testify. Why? The Daily Caller:

So far, the DOJ has refused to allow Coates to testify before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights about the NBPP case.
U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Commissioner Peter Kirsanow told The Daily Caller, the DOJ’s rationale for preventing Coates from testifying is that since the Commission’s area of inquiry could be about why the NBPP case was dismissed, any testimony from Coates would involve the DOJ’s internal case deliberations, which are privileged.
Gerald Reynolds, the Chairman of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, told TheDC that if the DOJ had nothing to hide they would allow Coates speak.

Obama: Things could be worse

  Ya think? Even the AP has to admit that Dear Leader's shovel ready excuses are wearing thin, including the idea that, yeah, it'd be so much worse if we hadn't done what we did, which was really what BUSH did anyway (TARP) and we were just trying to fix the mess he made.
  Interesting that even the citizens of little Bell, California, are rising up in anger about abuse of greedy Democrats. It even looks like a tea party might be starting there, following the original reasons for the birth of this contemporary tea party revolution.

Mandel: Ohio pension funds going to al qaeda

Josh Mandel is running for treasurer of State of Ohio against Kevin L. Boyce. He sent out this warning today:

A few years ago, I led the charge to stop the Ohio pension funds from investing in terrorist-sponsoring nations such as Iran, a country funding roadside bombs killing American troops overseas.  I stood strong against enormous pressure, because as a U.S. Marine and Iraq War veteran, I knew it was the right thing to do.
Now, as the radical Islamic regime in Iran actually digs in deeper and recently called September 11th a “Big Fabrication”, my opponent has attacked me regarding my leadership on the Iran divestment legislation!
Needless to say, his attack is backfiring, and our campaign has been flooded by new volunteers and donors throughout the state – Democrats, Republicans, retirees and tons of veterans – who have now set their targets on removing my opponent from office and helping us win this upcoming election.
The Trib Today reports:

Local governments, especially school districts, that soon will face increasing contributions to their employees' pension funds should be troubled by Ohio Treasurer Kevin Boyce's recent decision to allow State Street Corp. to manage $32 billion in pension assets.
All of Trumbull County's school districts and most of the county's local governments struggle to deal with contributions to the State Teachers Retirement System, Public Employees Retirement System and Police and Fire Pension Fund. Reports for the last couple of years indicate that they are not sustainable without even more contributions from taxpayers, who already contribute more than the employees. 
And over at the Columbus Dispatch:

Noure Alo, a Columbus attorney specializing in immigration, was hired as a lobbyist by State Street Corp. about a week after the firm submitted what was later determined to be the winning bid for a state contract to invest $32 million in Ohio pension funds.
State Street is under investigation in California for possible fraud involving $56 million in state pension funds there. The California state treasurer calls the company "crooks."
Further complicating matters, Boyce's office hired Alo's wife, Walaa Waeda, to work as a receptionist. She was the only candidate interviewed after Ahmad spread word at the mosque he attends.
Something doesn't smell quite right about this arrangement. As states across the nation face shortfalls in their pension funds for state and municipal employees, it is curious why a treasurer would invest funds in any questionable organization.
You can support Josh Mandel for state treasurer here.

Hayes: Lucas County matters

Steve Hayes reported earlier that there has been a dramatic shift in voter registration in Lucas County, Ohio (hard core union blue collar town of Toledo encourages that), Republican to Democrat (about 370) but from DEMOCRAT to REPUBLICAN (about 3, 700). This appears to be a trend in Ohio. You wouldn't know any of this from listening to the MSM, of course, because their goal seems to be to discourage the tea party movement, a truly grassroots effort, from believing that they have changed anything. Read this article over at Weekly Standard, which is entitled "As Ohio Goes....souring on Obama."
Kevin DeWine, chairman of the Ohio Republican party, believes that Republicans have picked up  100,000 crossover voters statewide this year, with 1.8 million primary votes cast. Contrast that to 2008, when Democrats picked up 96,000 crossovers with 3.6 million votes cast. (Some of those crossovers can be explained by Rush Limbaugh’s encouraging Republicans to switch parties in 2008 to vote for Hillary Clinton in the Democratic presidential primary and so prolong her battle with Obama. They likely would’ve switched back this year. But as was the case in Lucas County, unaffiliated and issue-only voters are also trending strongly Republican.)

Dean is a scream!

He doesn't bother to fact check-he just accuses the right wing/Fox/Palin/Rush/ etccccccc without facts or proof. What a scream he is!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Government spending vs. health care

  Well, here we go. 
  Tax cheat Geithner is saying we spend too much money. He's also saying Obama came into office with a deficit of over a trillion dollars. This is not true.
  Reminder: there was a deficit. It was 450 billion dollars left by Bush.
  In addition, democrats have been in charge of Congress since 2008. Congress determines the budget (or don't determine it, as in this year, when they don't want you to find out how deeply in debt we really are so they didn't bother to pass a budget). 
  Yet the democrats take no responsibility for the tremendous debts we have incurred.

  In addition, Obama is printing money like crazy...2-3 times the amount that was in circulation when he came into office. 
  The stimulus hasn't worked. 
  Unemployment is over 9%. 
  Many of the jobs "created" by the stimulus were created at great cost, some over a million dollars each; in fact, some of the projects were entirely foolish, created no jobs and simply wasted money. 
  The health care bill was passed with phony numbers, phony figuring, phony "logic," deceit and against the will of the people. It is now obvious that the entire health care bill was built on lie after lie after lie.
  The man Obama puts in charge of Medicare and Medicaid professes a deep love for the British health care system.
  Now comes word that the British health care system is completely swamped and is restructuring. Of course, if you had been following British papers, you'd know some of the monstrous circumstances found in government run health care hospitals. 
  It's obvious from the reports that there is no more money to sustain the British health care system. 
  Rationing is reality.

Some of the most common operations — including hip replacements and cataract surgery — will be rationed as part of attempts to save billions of pounds, despite government promises that front-line services would be protected.
Patients’ groups have described the measures as “astonishingly brutal”.
 In addition, companies are deserting this country because of numerous regulations, instability in the market and the general unfriendliness of this country to business. From Der Spiegel:
Named for the law's co-sponsors, Paul Sarbanes, a Democratic Senator from Maryland, and Michael Oxley, a Republican Congressman from Ohio, the law tightened accounting practices to prevent companies from cheating on investors. From the start, companies voiced their displeasure with the high costs required to comply with the reforms. In one provision, companies were obligated to hire an independent auditor to monitor and report on the company's financial reporting. The regulation was meant to protect investors from fraud, create greater transparency of a firm's risks and to expose accounting firms that were helping companies cook their own books.
  The health care bill will be  monstrously expensive. The bureaucracy will grow, not the quality of health care, and the government, just as  it has more and more control over our lives, will have to make "tough" choices between keeping the jobs of all those women and minorities required to be hired in the bill or actually treating patients.
  Now the Obama appointed commission is calling for a tax hike of almost twenty seven trillion dollars. Read about it here:

  Basically our government has driven business out of the country. Heck, our politicians won't even buy American made products, like John Kerry's purchase of a $7 million yacht made in New Zealand (Boston Herald):
  US politicians are so dysfunctional, so disengaged from reality in American life that they are unable to do what this country needs. 
  Having passed 2 bills (health care and financial reform) that total almost 6,000 pages which few politicians have actually read, they are HOPING, HOPING that things will work out once we find out what is in the bills. Of course, WORK OUT means we will be regulated in every aspect of our lives.
  Too bad there are no connections between what's happened to the business community and what's happening with health care.