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Monday, August 3, 2015

Bernie sings!

Bernie's fans emerge from the shadows

 Imagine a song crooned by a sultry luscious young woman with moony eyes and stockinged legs hanging down a stool. 
  Wait. The moment is here. You don't have to imagine it. You can watch yourself. Ponder the poetry of the lyrics. Ponder the heart of this young woman!
Imagine it’s your birthday party
and someone brings a cake
it looks so good and you just can’t wait for a piece
time comes to cut it up
and something goes terribly wrong
20 people at the party, 10 don’t have any cake at all
5 people just have a bite
4 have tiny slices
1 greedy bastard has got the rest of the cake in a vice grip....[SNIP]

EPA moves in yet again

  In yet another assault on our economy and national security, the Obama administration has levied yet more regulations on our energy infrastructure.
  It's old news, even though these new regulations were introduced to the public today by the EPA, who are always up to mischief.
  In addition to threatening home fireplaces, barbecue grills and heating stoves, the EPA now wants to shut down energy sources improve the quality of energy in our country because Obama, standing in front of Coast Guard graduates has identified climate change as the primary threat America faces.
  This just gets so stupid I can hardly stand it.
  We're kow towing to Iran, Russia, Cuba and maybe Venezuela, perhaps even obligating our military to defend Iran's nukes against an Israeli defensive attack, and Obama can only quake at the prospect of climate change.
  EPA's Gina "Pat" McCarthy announced their data are "secret" and wasn't exactly sure how much CO2 is exactly in the atmosphere. Later, rubbing salt in the wound, she announced that today was an "incredibly wicked cool moment".

Friday, July 31, 2015

Bernie Sanders says no to open borders.

This video illustrates the the perils Washington establishment pundits face when they assume, as Ezra Klein does, that every savvy lefty politician agrees with their views. Here he lobs a rainbow pitch expecting Bernie Sanders to take it to the bleachers but instead Sanders slap back in his face. The video also illustrates the left's commitment to inflicting crippling economic pain on average Americans in the name of fighting global poverty or global warming or global whatever. In Klein's view no burden is too great for his neighbors to bear. They should bear any burden; pay any price so the over privileged Washington elite can feel good about themselves. So poor Ezra, who carries the guilt of white America on his slender shoulders, figures that sacrificing his next-door-neighbor's prosperity for the sake of mitigating global poverty by an infinitesimal degree is a great bargain and foolishly invites Sanders to agree with him.

Klein: You said being a democratic socialist means a more international view. I think if you take global poverty that seriously, it leads you to conclusions that in the US are considered out of political bounds. Things like sharply raising the level of immigration we permit, even up to a level of open borders. About sharply increasing … 
Sanders: Open borders? No, that's a Koch brothers proposal.
Klein: Really?
I'm not so sure the Koch brothers thought that up but to Democrats and socialists who vote with the Democrats the Koch brothers are the root of all evil.
Sanders: Of course. That's a right-wing proposal, which says essentially there is no United States …
Klein: But ... it would make a lot of global poor richer, wouldn't it?
Then the old socialist, Sanders, lets it be known he is an American first.
Sanders: It would make everybody in America poorer — you're doing away with the concept of a nation state, and I don't think there's any country in the world that believes in that. If you believe in a nation state or in a country called the United States or UK or Denmark or any other country, you have an obligation in my view to do everything we can to help poor people. What right-wing people in this country would love is an open-border policy. Bring in all kinds of people, work for $2 or $3 an hour, that would be great for them. I don't believe in that. I think we have to raise wages in this country, I think we have to do everything we can to create millions of jobs.
No. It's not the right wing that advocates for open borders it's Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerberg. One would ruin the country to maintain political power and the other because he evidently has not yet made enough money. In spite of his political dementia Sanders is an inveterate populist. If Sanders wants root out corruption he should follow the money. The mutual love between Washington and Silicon Valley is downright scary.
Sanders: You know what youth unemployment is in the United States of America today? If you're a white high school graduate, it's 33 percent, Hispanic 36 percent, African American 51 percent. You think we should open the borders and bring in a lot of low-wage workers, or do you think maybe we should try to get jobs for those kids?
I think from a moral responsibility we've got to work with the rest of the industrialized world to address the problems of international poverty, but you don't do that by making people in this country even poorer.
Klein: Then what are the responsibilities that we have? Someone who is poor by US standards is quite well off by, say, Malaysian standards, so if the calculation goes so easily to the benefit of the person in the US, how do we think about that responsibility? We have a nation-state structure. I agree on that. But philosophically, the question is how do you weight it? How do you think about what the foreign aid budget should be? How do you think about poverty abroad?
Sanders: I do weigh it. As a United States senator in Vermont, my first obligation is to make certain kids in my state and kids all over this country have the ability to go to college, which is why I am supporting tuition-free public colleges and universities. I believe we should create millions of jobs rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure and ask the wealthiest people in this country to start paying their fair share of taxes. I believe we should raise the minimum wage to at least 15 bucks an hour so people in this county are not living in poverty. I think we end the disgrace of some 20 percent of our kids living in poverty in America. Now, how do you do that?
What you do is understand there's been a huge redistribution of wealth in the last 30 years from the middle class to the top tenth of 1 percent. The other thing that you understand globally is a horrendous imbalance in terms of wealth in the world. As I mentioned earlier, the top 1 percent will own more than the bottom 99 percent in a year or so. That's absurd. That takes you to programs like the IMF and so forth and so on.
But I think what we need to be doing as a global economy is making sure that people in poor countries have decent-paying jobs, have education, have health care, have nutrition for their people. That is a moral responsibility, but you don't do that, as some would suggest, by lowering the standard of American workers, which has already gone down very significantly.
Then why did he vote for the gang of 8 bill? I never thought men such as Eugene Debs, Bob La Follette or Bernie Sanders were bad people but I certainly think there were and are terribly wrong. The notion that government should run the economy assumes that people in government have the competence to do so. In a market economy decisions are made by millions of bright, half-bright, and stupid people not a few hundred thousand unimaginative bureaucrats. Bernie Sanders may be wrong headed but he is not stupid. Klein, on the other hand...

The difference between a socialist and a Democrat?

Even vivacious and cerebral Debbie Wasserman Schultz has trouble explaining the difference between a socialist and a Democrat.

Oh happy day! IRS Commissioner John Koskinen could be held in contempt of court.

I was wondering how long it would take District Judge Emmet Sullivan to lose patients with the IRS. On July 1, Judge Sullivan ordered the IRS to begin turning over, on a weekly basis, to Judicial Watch the 1800 Lois Lerner emails it has recovered. The first deadline came and went while the IRS stonewalled. Judicial Watch reports that after Sullivan's ruling it was approached by the IRS lawyers who suggested a different schedule for releasing the emails. Judicial Watch agreed but stipulated that the IRS had to advise the court of that change which the IRS did not do.
Sullivan ordered a status hearing Wednesday after Judicial Watch complained his earlier orders were not being followed by the Justice Department, which is defending the IRS and he was not happy. After the hearing he issued something called a minute order which reads in part;  Officers of the Court who fail to comply with Court orders will be held in contempt.  Also, in the event of non-compliance with future Court orders, the Commissioner of the IRS and others shall be directed to show cause as to why they should not be held in contempt of Court. 
He would actually lock up honest John Koskinen? Probably yes. Appointing Judge Sullivan to the federal bench was one of the few things Bill Clinton got right. He is not bashful about exercising judicial power. He ordered the Bush White House to preserve all emails during the Valerie Plame-Scooter Libby dust up and he set aside the conviction of Alaska Senator Ted Stevens and appointed a special prosecutor to investigate the DOJ prosecutors. Koskinen may want to cultivate a modicum of humility if he has to appear before him.
This is not the only case where the Obama administration could see one of its minions doing time. Judge Andrew S. Hanen has accused the Homeland Security Department of a marked lack of enthusiasm when it come to complying with his orders. After Hansen blocked Obama's executive amnesty DHS issued more than 500 temporary amnesty documents anyway. On August 19, Secretary Jeh Johnson and four other top immigration enforcement officials must appear in a Brownsville, Texas, courtroom to explain why they should not be held in contempt of court.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Jeb Bush Funneled $50 Million to Planned Parenthood

I'm sure in the upcoming Republican debate someone will raise the subject of Jeb Bush's cozy relationship with Planned Parenthood and I doubt if being able to say “It’s Pro-Choice or No Choice” in Spanish is going to get him off the hook. Seriously is the man in the right party? He is pro amnesty, pro Common Core, and now we find more pro choice than he has let on. As a director at the Bloomberg Foundation he funneled $50 million to Planned Parenthood and other "reproductive health" organizations. From the pro life website Life Site:
Until the eve of his presidential campaign, Jeb Bush was director of a philanthropy that gave tens of millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood and financed its advocacy of "unrestricted access to abortion" around the world. The charity also approved money to global abortion providers while he sat on its board.
In 2010, Jeb was named one of the founding directors of the Bloomberg Family Foundation, established as a tax-exempt foundation to advance the vision of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. He resigned from the board at the end of 2014 to prepare his presidential campaign.
While a Bush spokesman has responded to concerns by saying that Bush would not have voted on every initiative of the foundation, a pro-life leader told LifeSiteNews it "stretches credibility" that Bush was unaware of the foundation's pro-abortion work, given the centrality of such work to the foundation's mission, and its scope.
Just yesterday18 House Republicans told the leadership that they cannot and will not support any funding resolution that contains any funding for Planned Parenthood which means a possible government shutdown and today we find that the man who would be president doled out $50 million to the same corrupt, baby killing, fetal tissue trafficking, cabal. Maybe he should run as a Democrat. He certainly has the moral qualifications.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Shocker! Trump leads Bush in Florida

This poll coming out of Florida must have shaken the Republican establishment like a sonic boom. Jeb Bush trails Donald Trump by 6 points; 20% to 26.1%. Jeb Bush is losing in his home state and fellow Floridian Marco Rubio is in fourth place behind Scott Walker. The poll breaks down thus:

Donald Trump 26.1
Jeb Bush 20
Scott Walker 12.2
Marco Rubio 9.7
Ben Carson 4.5
Ted Cruz 4.2
John Kasich 4.1
Rand Paul 3.3
Not sure / Someone else 15.9

St Pete Polls .org is not exactly the gold standard in polling however they have had a good run in recent elections. From the Florida Squeeze;
"We’ve previously been critical of aspects of the polling business on this site, including the work of St. Pete Polls. However, in the most recent high-profile Florida elections, the March Special Election in Congressional District 13 and the Democratic Primaries for Governor and Attorney General, St Pete Polls were almost spot on. Polling is a fluid business and methodologies and styles of pollsters often change through time.
In the David Jolly-Alex Sink Special Election St Pete polls nailed the turnout model and the result. Being a local Pinellas firm, perhaps that was an easy one for them, but two statewide Democratic Primary races would be difficult for even the most seasoned polling firms typically"

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hillary and her half billion solar panels

  It's not the rank hypocrisy that bothers me.
  You know, the whole  "I'll fly on a luxury plane that burns 347 gallons of gas an hour and costs almost $6000 to rent to get where I'm going while you all ride your bikes home" mentality.
  We're comin' after your trucks! Ride a bike, you fat rummy!
  (And we'll take your guns and your kids and your barbecue grills and your neighborhoods and whatever else we think we want until we ruin it. Then we'll retreat into our guarded enclaves...)
  So you probably guessed I'm on Hillary's case again. Oy, will I never learn to love the smartest woman in the world.
  The Daily Mail, a British newspaper, is on top of it, as usual, since American news outlets seem rather timid when it comes to covering Hillacrites, I mean, Democrats.
  So what can be more enriching to the soul than to see Ms. Cankles lecturing us all on getting more exercise, her plump aged carcass propped up in front of all those bicycles that you're supposed to ride since you can pretty much guarantee you'll never see her riding one. 
  One doesn't have to wonder if Ms. Maternal Midriff will be showing off her upper arms with gym videos from her workout area, which presumably is well stocked with wine, cheese and lots of nuts.
    Preparing the way for a fantabulous American tax to be rendered to our very special politicians who will dole it out to some of us in the cities and the rest of the world, Hillary's taken Obama's baton of an elite's nag that climate change is our greatest enemy.
  Certainly we should not think that the country that posted an image of our current POTUS committing suicide by treaty is an actual threat. Death to America!
  No, I'm not really bitter about all that hypocrisy stuff.
  It's nothing new; it's a disease the one percenters suffer, a disease that isn't catching, I understand unless you are a regular at those fantastic parties where you get to complain about how hard you work to pay the mortgages on your houses.
  What I'm bitter about is that Hillary is actually proposing that she'll magically install half a billion solar panels in American homes by the end of her first term and that somehow, that's going to make a hill of a difference.
  The "government," which isn't really, really good at making money but rather printing it, will provide the incentives to pay for these half billion solar panels and all the other Hillary promises. That and "market based incentives."
  Leftists claim her proposal is "modest."
  Notice I'm not mentioning that she flew off in that fancy fuel burning 19 person seat jet after making this proposal. 
  Apparently she's dumped the Scooby van for faster accommodations.
  Back to my bitterness.
  See, I live in Northwest Ohio where we're lucky to get 73 sunny days a year. There are a number of other reasons not to be too crazy about the idea of the government installing solar panels on my house.
  For one, they're expensive. For another, they don't last all that long. And another is that they absolutely require back up energy. Oh, and they're not very efficient or reliable.
  But the primary reason this makes me angry is that solar panels are not so good for the environment.
  Did I mention they're ugly?
  Oh, and did you know you have to get on your roof to clean them? 
  Once a year? 
  Alternatively, the government suggests you could buy them and place them on your neighbor's house or rent a high lift platform to wash them. Hey, while you're up there, you could clean the baby trees out of your eaves troughs.
  Too old to get up on the roof, you say? 
  Fraid you might fall and break your neck?
  Then by all means, the government suggests you "Hire the neighborhood, out-of-work, out-of-school, teenager to get up on the roof" who is undoubtedly unlicensed and uninsured, at least with regard to falling on your solar panels. 
  For sure, Obamacare will cover the kid's broken back and his/her/its lifetime of disability payments.
  And did I mention they're really really bad for the environment, just like Priuses?
  But that whole environment thing is just hooey, right? Even though it's believed that "producing electricity by solar panels releases more greenhouse gases than producing electricity by gas or even coal."
  Because it's feel-good imagery we're after.
  Isn't it.
  Ms. Cankles flying in her 347 gallons an hour jet to get to the next campaign stop to convince people to ride bikes rather than, um, fly.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Carly, Walker and Cruz rock out the week

  I've long admired the work and writing of Clarice Feldman, whose insight into the political machines that run our country is unsurpassed in wisdom and clarity which is probably why when I read this article I couldn't agree with her more, partly because of respect and partly because this is exactly what I've been thinking.
  Carly Fiorina has proven herself over and over to be articulate, clear thinking and administratively agile. She now stands at 7 in the polls for the FNC debate; Feldman, whom I follow on Facebook, feels Carly's presence in the primary debates is essential for many reasons, not the least of which is her skillful ability to slug Hillary Clinton right in the kisser.
  Feldman also commends Walker and Cruz for incidents with the press this week, ending with this at AT:
This week, Fiorina, Walker, and Cruz capitalized on the public’s disdain for the policies of an unpopular president and the strong desire of voters for a return to more sensible, practical policies and forthrightness. I think they like what they are hearing from candidates like these.
  Feldman cites Barone and Cost regarding the splintering factions in the Democrat party, the Cost article being a must read. (I followed Cost's meticulous and accurate analyses in the HorseRace Blog at RealPolitics during the Bush elections. He is currently a writer for The Weekly Standard.) 
  Cost feels, given the right nominee, the Republicans have a decent chance to take back the White House:
So although there is no acute crisis, Americans do not think the nation is in good shape, and because most people are skeptical of Obama’s domestic and foreign policies, they have soured on him. His approval ratings are not the lowest presidents have seen, but he has fallen under 50 percent more consistently than any of his predecessors.
Though Hillary Clinton is increasingly dominating the political spotlight, the president’s standing will affect the 2016 contest. Clinton is scurrying leftward to keep Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley from winning the progressive vote, but in so doing she risks alienating the middle of the country, which has tired of activist government. And it is quite likely that, as his former secretary of state, Clinton will be seen as Obama’s successor, thus bearing the burden of his unpopularity.
 These last few weeks have been unbearably revoltingly disgusting, considering the Planned Parenthood videos, the Iran deal and the perpetual race baiting committed by the likes of Obama, Sharpton and the the racist Democrat machine.
  The lying liar Clinton is just an extension of the Obama machine, though rumors are circulating that the Obama machine is at the root of the the two inspectors general who are calling for an investigation into Clinton's emails:
The news that two inspectors general from the Obama administration want the Justice Department to investigate her handling of classified material is a potential game changer. For many Democrats, it will serve as final proof she is ­fatally flawed. 
Her standing will further erode, turning her coronation plans into a long, hot summer. The drip, drip, drip of details will produce new polls showing a bleeding of support, which will entice other candidates into the race. Look for Vice President Joe Biden to jump in soon, and lefty Sen. Elizabeth Warren might also take the leap.
  Personally I'd like to see Hillary as the Democrat party candidate; Ann Coulter said it the other night: Democrats are just looking for an excuse to dump the old broad, but, hey, she's the next in line.
  Imagine the vitriol the Clinton machine will unleash on anyone who dares run against her. Ha. 
  Conservatives have a strong bench of solid candidates, notwithstanding the current fascination with Trump who, I admit, made me laugh the other day when he scornfully turned away an petulant accusation by a Telemundo reporter.
  Trump's a wild card, for sure, and he could play the Perot if he decides to go third party.
  Right now, our side looks pretty solid, regardless the "clown car" accusations from the party that boos God, sells baby body parts and ignores the deaths of American soldiers even while lighting the White House green for a Muslim holiday and rainbow for gay marriage, moments after a Supreme Court ruling.
  You've come a long way, baby.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Ted Cruz does not take prisoners in his Senate speech.

Astounding! I have admired Ted Cruz since he was solicitor general of Texas when I first began to follow his career but never so much as yesterday. John McCain and Lindsey Graham delight in sticking their fingers in the eyes of conservatives and then boasting about their "maverick" credentials. They seem to think it's courageous to make common cause with the Democratic leadership to keep the money and power flowing to Washington but let us separate the steers from the bulls. I have never heard any Senator of either party flat out call his party leader a liar but Ted Cruz did exactly that. This guy is positively fearless! He does not stop with McConnell but makes it clear that his own party is part of the corruption and slave to big donors and lobbyists. He speaks of waitresses and coal miners who don't have lobbyists to do their bidding. He tells how Republican leadership has worked with Harry Reid to keep their precious Obamacare exemption in place. He spills gallons of Republican blood all over the floor. He make the compelling point that the Senate's behavior is no different under McConnell than it would have been under Harry Reid. We have heard many echo the Senator's complaints on the campaign trail but never the Senate floor.
One senses that he is indeed angry. He is speaking from his gut and not to the gallery. I think I have found my presidential candidate.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Iranian "deal" explains Obama mindset

  How to explain the disastrous Iran "deal" which seems to only be a "deal" for Iran?
  In all regards, the Obama administration has bowed and deferred to the Iranians, who still crow "Death to America," and "We will trample on America" even while snickering as they sign the "deal."
  (A point of clarification to the Obama administration: a "deal" is "an agreement entered into by two or more parties for their mutual benefit, especially in a business or political context.")
  The US and indeed the world gets NOTHING from this "deal" except more terror; instead we give US taxpayer DOLLARS to this rogue state with no deadlines, no way to tell what they are doing with their nukes, no way to even know where the nuclear material is stored.
  In fact, the "deal" specifically excludes the US from participating in the checks and specifically allows Iran to not indicate where 
  The absurd Obama went on the Daily Show to justify it and build support among the uninformed, his favorite audience. 
  Meanwhile the toothless Republicans sit by and do nothing except flail with their little t rex arms.
  A close relative explained to me why he thought the "world" should have nuclear bombs, not just the US. 
  He sneered when he said it, laughing derisively that America had no right to hog all the nukes. Consequence was immaterial. Who are we, he complained, and how was it equitable that we have so much power?
  Since then, I have had similar conversations with other Leftists who believe that--in all fairness--America needs to be taken down at least a notch and distribution of power through nukes is the way to do it.
  And why not, according to the delusional Left? 
  They're the ones who think paying hamburger flippers $15 an hour will raise standards of living when the opposite is actually true? 
  They're the ones who believe the government should raise the capital gains tax out of fairness, even though it brings in less money
  They're the ones who think aborting human life is a woman's "right," even while begging on television in teary ads that homeless dogs and cats deserve the right to life. Indeed, selling baby body parts is good for science.
  After all, Leftists boo people who believe all lives matter.
  They're the ones who booed God.
  So why not give nukes to people screaming, "Death to America"?
  It makes perfect Leftist sense.

Does the Quinnipiac poll foretell another wave election?

Click to enlarge

The latest Quinnipiac poll released today paints a dire future for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. As you can see from the graphic Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Joe Biden all lose when matched against Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, or Scott Walker in the states of Colorado, Iowa, and Virginia. The margin of error in all three state polls is +/- 2.8 so one can impute a degree of certitude in the wider margins. Bear in mind that Obama carried all three of these states in 2012 and then something happened. In 2014 Cory Gardener retired incumbent Mark Udall in Colorado, in Iowa State Senator Joni Ernst defeated the favorite, Rep. Bruce Braley to capture the seat held by Tom Harkin since 1984 and in Virginia a former GOP state chair, Ed Gillespie who had never run for elective office came within an eyelash of beating Mark Warner. If we see such lopsided results in the future polling of battleground states it may portend the third wave election in six years.
Another point of interest, the Hispanic vote, seems not to be that interesting after all. Colorado was one of four states in which the Hispanic vote was crucial to Obama's 2012 election ( Florida, Nevada, and New Mexico were the other 3 ) yet Scott Walker who has staked out a relatively strong "secure the border" position trounces Dame Hillary by 9 points which is better than Jeb Bush who only bests her by 5.
Missing from the poll was Donald Trump apparently because Quinnipiac does not view him as a competitive candidate. "The worst favorability ratings for any Democrat or Republican in the presidential field belong to Trump: 31 - 58 percent in Colorado, 32 - 57 percent in Iowa and 32 - 61 percent in Virginia." Trump can console himself with the fact that Colorado voters view him more favorably than Chris Christie whose favorability rating is underwater 22 - 52 percent.
The media in general tend to view Hillary's dismal numbers as a function of the loss of trust by the voters. She indeed is viewed as someone not to be trusted. In Colorado 62% of the voters do not trust her as compared to 34% who do. In Iowa the numbers are 59% to 33%, and in Virginia it's 55% to 39%. Funny how that works. She avoids the press as if she has something to hide and all of a sudden the voters think she has something to hide but it's deeper than that. First, she is an abysmal candidate who has been on the national stage too long. She is past her "sell by" date. Second she is paying the price for Obama's excesses. The public is not happy with the present state of affairs. It is concerned about border security, It was not pleased to see Congress pass the TPP, it does not trust Iran and it is tired of the racial strife that has been orchestrated by the radical left and the White House. Obamacare did not live up to its billing and household incomes are flat juxtapose a roaring stock market. Other polling has shown substantial majorities favoring further investigations of Benghazi and the IRS. The Democratic Party has run out of credibility but it's worse than that. The generation that has run Washington for the last 3 decades has overstayed its welcome. It's destined for the scrap yard. If the next round of polling in battleground states repeats today's expect to see plenty of fresh faces inside the Beltway in 2017.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

It's tme to tell the RNC how you feel

To keep current as a blogger I am on the mailing list of a number of political organizations, both major parties, and a small army of elected officials. As one might expect I am continuely beset with requests for campaign donations which I generally ignore. Finally, today I thought I really owed it to myself to tell the Rince Pribus and the RNC exactly how I felt. You may want to go through you inbox and do the same.
Please save your correspondence for those who care. I will not be voting Republican in the future as they have proven to be just as duplicitous as the Democrats. Midway through the election they have yet to keep a single campaign promise. I did not donate to and vote for Republican candidates for the purpose of passing TPP, a treaty so secret that only Congress and the lobbyists who seem to write the legislation are privy to. You want to be bipartisan? Go to Barack Obama and the DNC for donations as you have put their interests ahead of those who have put you where you are.
Congress has it in its power to balance the budget yet has refused to do so. Americans are shot to death by foreign nationals in their hometowns abortion advocates traffic in fetal body parts on television and all the public hears is inane prattle about the need to reach across the aisle to keep the money flowing. In spite of promises not to raise taxes Congress toys with the idea of a one time tax on foreign profits to fund the precious highway trust fund while the Senate contemplates taking money from the Social Security trust fund to build more bike paths and squirrel tunnels and to fund mass transit in 6 of the wealthiest SMSA's in the country.
Regretfully I must tell you to go to hell. Enough is enough and you have reached the limit. Again, go straight to hell.
Try it once. It will make you feel better.

Senate Republicans intend to rob Social Security to fund highway spending bill.

There is not much in Republican leadership to admire these days as it searches ways to fund the highway transportation bill. It dare not raise gasoline taxes and if the fund is not shored up in the next week or so it may no longer fund highway building and repairs. The House plan pushed by faux Tea Party Rep. Paul Ryan would levy a one time tax on  unrepatriated corporate earnings thereby setting a dangerous precedent that could force American corporations to register in countries with a saner corporate tax code. The U.S. is one of the few industrialized countries that even taxes foreign earnings. Bear in mind how many Republicans have pledged to cut the federal budget without raising taxes.
As bad as the House bill maybe it is infinitely better than the Senate version. The Senate bill would sell off 101 billion barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. We no longer need petroleum reserves? Is it because of the nuclear arms bargain Obama made with Iran or are we just overstocked? That would raise $9 billion if the federal government sells the oil between 2018 and 2025 but only if it can get $89.10 per barrel. That's an iffy proposition but not the chief cause of my vexation..
There is very little reporting on another source of funds. The low life Republican who we voted for are looking toward Social Security as another source of funding. The Hill calls it a "tweak" to Social Security. How benign! raid one trust fund to shore up another trust fund. And who pays for it? The segment of the driving public that drives the least. Under the propose legislation a fugitive from justice would lose Social Security benefits. This is an update to the CUFF act that was recently gutted in Martinez v. Astrue and Clark v. Astrue with one prime difference. Under that law the money recouped from so called fugitive remained in the Social Security trust fund, not spent to build bridges to nowhere.
By law, the revenues received by the Social Security Trust Funds are reserved exclusively for the purpose of paying benefits to the American people and covering associated administrative costs. Americans understand this arrangement and overwhelmingly support it as a vital element of the program’s status as an earned right benefit. Personally I would rather see a felon spending his SS check on hookers and drugs than see one more damned bike path.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Will Rick Perry and John Kasich make the first debate?

Trump's pathetic attack on the heroism of Sen. John McCain will damage his standing in the polls as it well should but it's doubtful that his polling numbers will be too low to preclude him from the first primary debate sponsored by Fox News. Fox has yet to disclose the fine points of the rules. For instance, will all national polls be used to measure the candidates or will some be excluded.? Will the averages be rounded?
In all probability Bobby Jindal, Carly Fiorina, Lindsey Graham and George Pataki will be watching the debate on TV. Chris Christie and Rick Santorum would make the debate if the decision were made today but just a slight fluctuation in the remaining polls could see Rick Perry and or John Kasich move either or both of them into the home viewing audience. The Real Clear Politics average of polls looks very competitive.
1 Jeb Bush 15.4%
2 Donald Trump 14.2%
3 Scott Walker 9.0%
4 Rand Paul 6.8%
5 Ben Carson 6.6%
6 Marco Rubio 6.4%
7 Mike Huckabee 5.8%
8 Ted Cruz 5.2%
9 Chris Christie 2,6%
10 Rick Santorum 2.2%
11 Rick Perry 2.0%
12 John Kasich 1.6%
13 Bobby Jindal 1.4%
14 Carly Fiorina 1.4%
15 Lindsey Graham 0.4%
16 George Pataki 0.4%

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Rep. Justin Amash kills a bill simply by asking for a recorded vote.

Hats off to Rep. Justin Amash! When the trouble making Congressman from Grand Rapids asked for a recorded vote on a measure that would funnel money to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure and Breast Cancer Research Foundation House leadership folded and pulled the bill. Under the scheme a commemorative coin supporting breast cancer awareness would be minted and the proceeds funneled to Susan G. Inc. Conservative objected to the bill because of the foundation's support for the baby parts dealer Planned Parenthood.

Donald Trump leads in Suffolk University / USA Today poll

Donald Trump has surged to his first lead in a national poll. The Suffolk University / USA Today poll has Trump leading the field with 17% followed by Jeb Bush at 14% and Scott Walker at 8%. This may be the high water mark for his campaign. While 23% of respondents expressed a favorable opinion of him 61% felt the opposite. When asked the question "Do Trump’s comments make you more likely to vote for him, less likely, or no difference?" 15% replied more likely while 48% said less likely. The top 10 candidates are;

Donald Trump 17%
Jeb Bush 14%
Scott Walker 8%
Ted Cruz 65
Marco Rubio 5%
Ben Carson 4%
Mike Huckabee 4%
Rand Paul 4%
Chris Christie 3%
Rick Perry 1%

Planned Parenthood admits to trafficking in fetal tissue

Now the reason behind Planned Parenthood's opposition to a ban on abortions after 20 weeks becomes apparent. The organs would not be large enough to sell.  Dr. Deborah Nucatola, senior director of medical services at Planned Parenthood, tells actors posing as fetal tissue buyers that Planned Parenthood sells “specimens” for $30 to $100, indicating illegal partial-birth abortions are the preferred. She says this over dinner! Yech! This cavalier attitude toward human life is so repellent that it brings to mind horror stories from the Third Reich and Josef Mengele. Whatever happened to the promise to defund Planned Parenthood now that the Republicans control both house of Congress?

Update: Rick Perry responded to the above video.

“The video showing a Planned Parenthood employee selling the body parts of aborted children is a disturbing reminder of the organization’s penchant for profiting off the tragedy of a destroyed human life. It is because of stories like this that I signed legislation defunding Planned Parenthood in the state of Texas – to protect human life and the health and safety of Texans.”

Video: Watch Trey Gowdy flay DHS Sec. Johnson

There is little one can add to Rep. Gowdy questions and remarks. Just sit back and watch him shred Sec. Johnson.