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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Obamacare lie number three

Obama told the American three lies about Obamacare. It became clear as ACA was implemented that no, you really cannot keep your doctor. That was scored as the lie of the year by the Washington Post's Politifact. Then there was the matter of $2500 the typical American family would save on health insurance premiums in a calendar year. Instead premiums went up for about every demographic and more than doubled for an unfortunate few. Deductibles of $12,000 for a family of four became common place as insurance carriers sought to minimize the increases in premiums.
Yesterday the Congressional Budget Office shot down Obama's false claim that Obamacare "would not add one dime to the deficit." It will add more than a dime and the cost will unsustainable. As the CBO sees it, it will cost the US taxpayer $50,000 for every person insured under Obamacare. View Table B-1 in the report. From 2015 to 2025 expenditures for Obamacare will total $2.026 trillion but revenue from the new taxes associated with Obamacare will total only $634 billion or about $50,000 per new insuree.
Under the best of circumstances 24 to 27 million will get insurance from Obamacare from when the law took effect in 2012 to 2025 but that will still leave over 30 million without insurance.

There is not doubt that Obamacare will be repealed. The question is will it happen before or after the country goes bankrupt.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Leftist cultists went BONKERS this week!

  Oi, what a week for exposing the pixie lands in which Leftists reside.
  We started it with the faux and completely fantastical "state" of the union speech with both Republicans and Democrats sucking up to the prancing poseur of the White House. 
  As always, the "queen of the aisle hogs" (who also has the distinction of being the stupidest person in D.C.) had planted her large derriere in a seat early to be able to kiss Obama as he entered the chamber, but not as early as the simpering Engel who seated himself 12 hours before the event. (Do they wear diapers?)
  His people expect him to be on camera, he explained.
  Across the auditorium, Democrats seated themselves beside a a parade of frauds and criminals, including 
  • an illegal alien
  • a Colombia student who, when her allegations of rape were proven false, hauled around her mattress on campus for a year
  • A ditzy blonde (think Julia and Pajama Boy) who "wrote" Obama a "letter" about how much his policies have helped her, without mentioning that she was an operative who had long been in the belly of the Democrat Beast. 
  • Democrat toadies intent on currying favor with FLOTUS's creepy and intrusive health initiatives.
  Mostly, though, I loved the content of the prancing poseur's speech: condescension rolled down his nose like a 4 year old on a slide. 
  Like the aging harpy he has become, he scolded (again!), stomped his feet and complained that if you don't want to give away your hard earned money to differently abled young and healthy non-workers, you're just not American as he defines it anyway.
  He is The One. Bow down. Just don't let the unicorn's horn poke you in the butt while you're down there. 
  Besides, Santa Barack is going to give away billions of dollars to every one of his constituents but NOT YOU if you think he's irresponsible with money, even if he has spent more than all the previous presidents combined.
  So there!
  But there was more to this week than soaring speechifying and lectures about who we are by a community activist Rocky.
  Follow up interviews were conducted by hard hitting Fruit Loop journalists, whose IQs reflect the Fruit Loop IQs in the Obama administration, pushed him hard on policy.
  Just kidding. I have long contended Obama has appointed obviously inferior individuals in his administration to make himself look better by contrast. I mean, who WOULDN'T look better than Dumbo? This is obviously true with his choices in interviewers.
  Personally I wouldn't have been so disgusted with the lame ass and exceedingly awful Fruit Loop interviews if Obama subjected himself to real interviews by real journalists, like maybe people who actually have the cajones to question him about issues that matter.
  I mean, what super power doesn't Obama want? Besides, it's insulting. We already know he is the epitome of super powers.
  Moving on, this week we had 1700 personal jets flying into Davos to complain about global warming and how people like me--you know, we retired folks who waste energy blogging on laptops they keep plugged in and who drive SUVs--need to cut back on energy usage because WE polluting the planet.
  The liar politician AlGore who has made millions and millions on his flawed erroneous AGW computer models has made the very practical proposal that we "spend" ninety trillion dollars redesigning all the cities in the world to rid ourselves of the plague of automobiles and the like. This plan was supported by former Mexican President Calderone, who is known for cleaning up a country frought with crime and poverty.
  Another billionaire eagerly jumped in to claim that y'all need to lower your expectations about what to expect from life, notwithstanding the two nannies he flew in on a private jet to watch his kiddies so he could chide retirees for having their tvs and radios on all day. He owns lots of mansions; frankly, I lost track after two.
  Now if you're a retiree lying on the couch, looking at your laptop while eating Cheetos, you should know that these ideas have been promulgated not just by ANYBODY but by "the 40 heads of state and 2,500 billionaires, businessmen, CEOs, rock stars, assorted royals and politicians." 
  Thus, you should be impressed that they have nothing but your best interests at heart.
  IBD notes that it ain't cheap to fly to and stay in Davos:
It's pretty obvious that people who can pay $40,000 to attend Davos and fork over $43 for a hot dog, $47 for a burger or $55 for a Caesar salad — all actual prices at this year's World Economic Forum — would seem to be in a poor position to lecture the rest of us.
  I don't know about you, but I buy the best hot dogs Churchills has to offer. They run about a dollar apiece and I feel guilty paying that. $43? Not gonna happen, even if I'm a millionaire. They couldn't have settled for lunchmeats from the frig on their personal jets?
   In fact, even liberals got into Davos bashing. Sure. You're off the reservation, Jon Stewart. Not.
  Back at the ranch, Leftists are concerned that Megyn Kelly is making headway with even the "MainStream"Media as a star so the knives have come out. 
  Because she attacks both blacks and whites for their bad behavior, especially when it is anti-social. 
  And, see, those New Black Panthers who attempted to block voters are no threat to anyone, right? Because they haven't stirred up trouble in Ferguson, right? Or been caught endangering lives?
  See, they're no threat because Eric Holder's "Justice" Department dismissed charges against them in the voting intimidation case?
  The attention paid to the New Black Panthers is all BOGUS, George Soros's stooges squeal, like little piggies who've got caught in the gate.
  What's the big deal that the NBP had a plot to murder the Ferguson Police Chief AND its DA, a Democrat who was trying to do his job?
  Because Senator Obama, who marched with the New Black Panthers, that's why. So they must be ok.
  Inciting riots? No problem. 
  Megyn Kelly is a racist for pointing it out and FNC is obsessed for reporting on it. 
  After all, the fact that yet another racist, anti-law, murderous cultist mob is on the loose should be ignored, just as the rest of media ignores racist, anti-law, murderous cultist mobs as long as they're Leftist and not elderly Tea Partiers who undoubtedly want to ransack the town and steal your savings.
  Oh, wait.
  Let's not forget this week's shock and horror that Boehner invited the Israeli leader to speak to Congress without telling the Obama White House, because the Obama White House is all about following protocol and not offending people, eh?
  Oh, and the offense of referring to the "no-go" zones in France and England and Fox's slobbering groveling apologies?
  Huh? Before I went to France last summer, I was warned about the no-go zones
  I even looked them up on the internet.
  Now the media is all about gushing that they don't exist. That it's a lie and besides, you're making too big a deal out of the insignificant problem of mobs of racist, anti-law, murderous cultist mobs roaming the streets?
  Then why do people say some areas in England and Germany are patrolled by Sharia police?
  Because they are.
  To justify saying this is no biggie, Leftists view actual evidence of these patrols, the burning of cars and Paris suburbs, the crime areas that are labeled "sensitive urban zones" as "phenomena."   
  These "phenomena" include actual "sharia courts,"  actual "vigilante sharia squads" and the, um, actual "sensitive urban zones."
  Yes, the loonie bins are getting fuller and fuller these days.
  And this week was an exceptional one. YEAH!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Money can't buy you love

One thing that money can't buy - loyalty. Rebel Tea Party congressmen who voted against John Boehner for Speaker did not have any qualms about biting the hand that feeds them. Given more time they may have chewed it off at the elbow. Of the 25 congressmen who voted against Boehner 19 had taken campaign funds from the Speaker's super pac, Freedom Project.

If it's BS, it must be the SOTU

  So I did my duty, rushing home from a meeting to listen to yet another SOTU speech. (I hope there are no state of the union speeches in Heaven.)
  Regardless the party and maybe because of my advanced age, I have to say the whole thing sure is a farce.
  Of course, this year I watched it with Glenn Beck MST3k style. (If you don't know what MST3k is then, well, you've been deprived and you're probably a teenager which means you're not reading this blog anyway so.)
  Watching it became almost tolerable with the 3 jokesters screaming their objections to the lies being told last night.
  For example, a favorite Obama word is "fair." 
  After launching into another diatribe about fairness, Obama started listing all the new things he wants to give away. 
  That's fair, right? 
  That I should have worked hard all my life, paid for 2 degrees for myself and 3 degrees for other family members, saved for my twilight years and then am compelled to give free child care, free college and put millions of able young people on government handouts, reminds me there is nothing "fair" about a byzantine tax system that punishes those who work hard, play "fair" and are successful.
  That, regardless the last election, around 500 pampered elites in Washington, D.C. should determine the direction for the 316 million people of this country is galling, and reminds me of the situation faced by Americans during the runup to the American Revolution, so well depicted in the Broadway musical "1776."
  In it, Caesar Rodney, representative from Delaware, is depicted dying of cancer, impatient with the typical theatrics which accompany politics, even in those most distressing days. He must return to sign the Declaration, making it complete. Arguments ensue, and Rodney collapses, saying this:
Caesar Rodney: [a brawl has broken out] Stop it! Stop it! This is the Congress! Stop it I say! The enemy's out there!
John Dickinson: No, Mr Rodney, the enemy is here!
Caesar Rodney: No! I say he's out there! England! England closing in, cutting off our air! There's no time!
[suddenly very weak]
Caesar Rodney: No air...
  Though the writers here took artistic license (Rodney did not die until 1784), this scene has recurred in my mind time after time.
  It is not England this time that is closing in, cutting off our air.
  It is Islamic terrorism that is closing in and it is our own decadent government that is cutting off our air, regulation by regulation, law by law, tax by tax.
  Obama is a mean spirited, dangerously delusional man who can't resist consistently jabbing anyone who disagrees with him, such as the smallness he displayed last night when he cocked his head, narrowed his eyes, and disdainfully "reminded" Republicans that he won both presidential elections.
  Some of us have doubts about the accuracy of many of those votes, though considering much of the American electorate are more concerned with watching cat videos and updating their Facebook statuses than taking the time to learn that there are three branches of government in this country, many of the electorate still see Obama as something he is not.
  As usual, Obama's focus is to reward the underachievers, the angry activists and the aggrieved. Ultimately what he's done is reward the top 1 percenters in this country.
  Let's be honest.
  A favorite Leftist meme is that the poor need more, more, more. 
  It isn't "fair" that the top one percent have so much money and stuff, while the cat video people have less.
  Yet according to the Tax Foundation, the top 1 percent--often the most productive in our society-- pay far more than they ever have:
The top 1 percent of taxpayers pay more in federal income taxes than the bottom 90 percent. As you can see in the chart below, this is a stark change from the 1980s and early 1990s. But since the early 1980s, the share of taxes paid by the bottom 90 percent has steadily declined.
In 1980, the bottom 90 percent of taxpayers paid 50.72 percent of income taxes. In 2011 (the most recent year the data is available), the bottom 90 percent paid 31.74 percent of taxes. On the flip side, the top 1 percent paid 19.05 percent of taxes in 1980 and now pay 35.06 percent of taxes. 
  So who's paying their "fair share" of taxes? It sure isn't the "bottom" 90 percent.
  Ironically, while millions of middle class workers dropped OUT of the work force, the one percenters have profited more than anyone under Obama's policies.
  Daily Caller:
The nation’s top one percent of income-earners took in 95 percent of the income gains since the Great Recession.
Despite President Obama’s highly-touted stimulus and other economic policies advertised as economic restorations, the administration has emboldened the very target of Obama’s most recent State of the Union speech: inequality.
  Obama claims the state of the union is strong, that we have reached a "turning point" and the "shadow of crisis" has passed, which apparently means that the economy is good, all those people who are out of the work force really aren't and that there's no threat to the homeland from terrorism.
  More lies will be outed from this year's SOTU today.
  That pretty much sums up the state of our union.
  It's built on lies.

Joni Ernst is no Sarah Palin

The kindest thing I can say for Sen. Joni Ernst's rebuttal to Obama's state of the union sermon is that   it was shorter and slightly less tedious. Rather than offer an alternative to Obama's failed policies and broken promises, Joni recalled riding the school bus with bread wrappers over her shoes.
We are thrilled beyond words to know you drove a tractor and worked at Hardee's. All that is fine for the campaign but your a big girl now, Senator, for chris sake put some meat on the table. And we are ecstatic you'll be working to balance the budget but god dammit we want to see the blue prints of a budget that balances this year not some go to hell Paul Ryan pipe dream the gets there in 10 years.
Ernst began by thanking Obama for sharing his ideas and then stated rather than responding to a speech she would like to talk about our priorities and then proceeded to talk about the GOP's priorities. She condemned Washington's penchant for talking points instead of real solutions and droned on the next 7 minutes with the same shopworn GOP talking points we have endured for the last 6 months. Jesus! Get a speech writer, lady!
What would have liked to have heard is that it is within the Republicans' power to repeal Obamacare. It was passed with 51 votes as part of the budget reconciliation process and can be repealed with 51 votes as part of budget reconciliation. The easiest way to rein in out of control bureaucracies is to eliminate them. There is no reason to fund the EPA of the NLRB if they insist on being an extension of the Democratic Party.
Give us Sarah Palin!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Should the Tea Party be green gouging the public?

To update my How Green is my Tea Party! post it appears that our heroine,  Debby Dooley,  is either a party to or a victim of one of  "one of the great corporate welfare scams of modern times" according to Stephen Moore at the Daily Signal.
Moore make the point, as I did, that  laws requiring utilities to purchase solar generated power results in other ratepayers actually footing the bill.
"A sunny day with below-normal energy demand may lead to a surplus of electric power. The homeowners can sell this unneeded solar power at a tidy profit to an unwilling buyer at full retail cost — a level often four times the wholesale rate."
But it does not stop there. Solar companies are being sued in both Louisiana and California for deceptive sales practices and congress is looking into the scam as well. Rep. Paul Gosar has written the FTC asking if the booming solar leasing market — a “new industry with a limited track record and little regulatory oversight — poses a “considerable risk” to homeowners.
The good news is the 30% tax credit expires in 2016 so this scam is probably short lived. Typically the solar firms install the solar panels with no up front cost to the homeowner and take the tax credit themselves.
Readers are urged to read the Daily Signal post and Tea Party members should ask Tea Party Patriots why it allows one of its national coordinators to shill for these fly-by-night entrepreneurs.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

How Green Is My Tea Party!

Sauls become Pauls with remarkable frequency. I quit attending my local Tea Party group when an old line environmentalist began attending and eventually dominating the meetings. The Tea Party, as any dynamic movement does, attracts a few "true believers". That is the term the longshoreman philosopher, Eric Hoffer used to describe compulsive adherents to mass movements in his 1951 classic, The True Believer: Thoughts On The Nature Of Mass Movements. It's one of the most insightful books one could read. According to Hoffer the zealot perceives his life to be controlled by an external villain such as a government, a religion, or an economic structure. The cause is secondary to the movement as the adherent feeds off the movement to obtain "self-renunciation". His loyalty is suspect as causes seem almost interchangeable. He is, in Hoffer's words "a guilt ridden hitchhiker who thumbs a ride on every cause from Christianity to Communism.
Atlanta Tea Party cofounder Debby Dooley seems to fit the Hoffer model. she has partnered with the Sierra Club to form the Green Tea Party coalition. This group's latest project is the repeal of a Florida law that prevents solar companies from installing leased solar panels on residential rooftops.
“This is about energy freedom. Energy choice!” explains Dooley. “We want to allow green energy companies to compete in the market. Let the market decide what’s best. It’s pro-consumer!”
Actually Dooley is asking the government, not the market, to do what's best for SolarCity and the residents who sign up for this fleece the ratepayer scheme and the public be damned. Under the plan SolarCity or a competitor would lease and install solar panels on private homes. The home owner could then sell the power through a meter plan back to the utility, pay SolarCity its cut and live happily ever after.
“People are hypocritical when they say, “Ooooh, Solyndra. Look at the subsidies solar receives!’” says Dooley. “But they’re silent on the subsidies coal and nuclear have received since the 1940s.”
What subsidies has coal received since the 1940"s?
So Dooley sees herself as a green Joan of Arc. She inveighs against the monopoly power of utilities ignoring the fact that the concept of a natural monopoly was argued before the Supreme Court the century before last. The court reasoned that the public was ill served by competing power companies stringing redundant wiring throughout the community and building redundant power plants. No one argues that this is best of all possible worlds but no one has come up with a better scheme either.
So what would Dooley do? Force the utilities to allow her and her followers to use their lines. And who would pay for the maintenance and tree trimming on the lines. The utility and ultimately the ratepayers. This is a free market?
Solar power is literally a fair weather friend. "Oh we don't want to compete all the time", she would argue, "just when it's advantageous to us. We'll be there during peak demand when the utility could sell the most electricity and bug out after sundown". In the event of a hurricane will the solar home crowd be recruiting the hundreds of out of state workers to repair the grid? Don't be silly.
This queen of solar power and friend of the Sierra Club is also National Coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots who have refused to take a position on the matter. They are one of the two national organizations that was too busy to help Dave Brat roll Eric Cantor. Maybe they will want to merge with the Sierra Club.

Friday, January 16, 2015

John Kerry, hard at work embarrassing this country again

  I'm so embarrassed.
  And worried.
  John Kerry's performance today in Paris.
  Instead of showing solidarity by actually being in Paris during the whole touchy-feely unity rally (and why should they? They don't BELIEVE that Islamic terrorists are wrong and responsible for their behavior.), John Kerry showed up, speaking French, with James Taylor singing "You've got a friend."
  See, the joke is on Europe, who mocked Bush and wanted someone in charge of the most powerful country on the planet more like them.
  Well, they HAVE someone more like them, only worse.
  The joke is also on US, because we have to live with the consequences of people like John Kerry representing our country, holding hands, singing and acting like a prancy reindeer closing his eyes as JAmes Taylor sang "people will take your soul if you'll let them, " all after people were murdered in Paris.
  The idea that anyone would fear or even respect a great power like this country is long gone.
  Dear God.
  John Kerry closes his eyes while James Taylor sings, " When you're down and troubled and you need a helping hand and nothing, whoa, nothing is going right. Close your eyes and think of me and soon I will be there to brighten up even your darkest nights."
  After acknowledging that he "wanted to express to [Paris] personally the sheer horror and revulsion that all Americans felt for the cowardly and despicable act, the assault on innocent lives and on fundamental values,"  yeah, Kerry acknowledged that the whole Paris massacre was a bummer but, hey, France has to know You've Got a Friend.
  If you can watch, here it is.