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Friday, August 28, 2015

Did Obama sign off on IRS misconduct?

Judge Emmet Sullivan of the Washington District Court has captured most of the attention concerning FOIA lawsuits against the IRS but today a second judge from the DC circuit has ruled that the IRS must disclose any White House requests for taxpayer information. Judge Amy Berman Jackson ordered the IRS to produce any documents pertaining to presidential requests for taxpayer information. Specifically;
All documents, including but not limited to emails, letters, telephone logs, and reports pertaining to any investigation by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration into the unauthorized disclosure of§ 6103 "return information" to anyone in the Executive Office of the President.
Cause of Action, a Washington watchdog group, first filed suit in 2013 pursuant to a FOIA request. The IRS located 796 pages of documents and produced 790 but refused to produce 6 pages citing of all things a concern for taxpayer privacy. Good try but no cigar. “This court questions whether section 6103 should or would shield records that indicate confidential taxpayer information was misused, or that government officials made an improper attempt to access that information,” the judge wrote in denying the IRS’s request to dismiss the case. The IRS has argued the existence of any request from the White House to peruse a taxpayer's tax information would violate the taxpayer's right of privacy.
Why the foot dragging? Are the DOJ lawyers merely probing the limits of Judge Jackson's patience who was appointed by Obama? It could be disclosure would implicate Obama in the IRS scandal. The law, cited in Exhibit 1 in Cause of Action's suit spells out exactly the procedure the White House must follow to obtain taxpayer information from the IRS.
Upon written request by the President, signed by him personally, the Secretary shall furnish to the President, or to such employee or employees of the White House Office as the President may designate by name in such request, a return or return information with respect to any taxpayer named in such request.
It is a fact that Romney donors had their tax information publicly disclosed during the campaign. It is also a fact that it is a crime to disclose taxpayer information. Obama did say he had a phone and a pen. If he used that pen to sign off on this he may want want to use his phone to call his lawyer.

All lives matter

Glenn Beck's deal this weekend with a Birmingham church choir. Wonder if they'll be accused of being racist.

Back and forth about Donald Trump

    I don't know what to make of Donald Trump. Personally I can't stand the guy; I've heard him repeatedly on Fox and each time, I couldn't wait until he got off.
  But then I hear him dress down Jorge Ramos or Bush and I laugh. And laugh and laugh and laugh. And it's not just because he's so anti-PC or rude.
  It's like watching a train wreck at night where no one dies but all you can do is say "ooo" at the fireworks and drama.
  Then again, I don't understand the appeal he has for so many die hard conservatives who can't stop talking about him and are as slavishly adoring as Obama's fans are. They don't care where he stands on issues or the fact that he's changed positions so many times that he can't even keep his current positions straight.
  Yet Donald Trump has certainly made the Republican field better, pushing the other candidates to reveal themselves and on some occasions, their cowardice regarding certain issues and making commitments to standing up against the Republican establishment, which I think conservatives despise more than Leftists.
   I don't believe for one minute that Trump's favorite book is the Bible: thus, pandering to a select group with lies to trick them into voting for you? Sounds familiar.
   We have a divisive extremely divisive man in the White House now. Do we really need another one?
  But then he puts one of those insufferable blowhards on the skewer and Donald Trump is the puppet master again, orchestrating a circus reality show of national proportion which somehow serves as a distraction from the nastiness of the world around us.
  And somehow that distraction seems to have a cleansing effect in a red pill kind of way.
  So back and forth I go.
  But at the end of the day, the real question is this.
  What in the world is Ted Cruz up to with The Donald?

A Trump movement?

I was a little surprised when my friend said with no indication of jesting said that he would like to have one of those Trump caps. The ones that say, "Make America Great Again". We have been down some very dusty roads together over the last 30 years and shared some good times too. What the hell, I thought as I logged on to Amazon. It's the least I can do. I ordered him a "Make America Great Again" cap. I did not order one for myself but that day may come.
The exciting thing about Trump is that he is exciting. I actually relish his press conferences. Hell yes, he's bombastic and he can be testy and sometimes seems to complain too much but he is never dull. Yes, I'm aware that he tries to include Mexico and China in every answer. I'm aware that he has yet to spell out what in the federal budget he would cut, how he feels about the EPA Clean Power plan to cripple the country and will he back Republican efforts to defund Planned Parenthood but sooner or later he will be forced into a decision on these issues well before the Iowa caucuses. I am also aware that others in the field have switched positions on a variety of issues and if trying not to keep too many balls in the air is Trump's tactic it is wildly successful. Popular pundits who get paid big bucks to know about politics sagacious state that he has tapped into something. Oh please. Remember when your mother would take you to the doctor who would stick a thermometer in your mouth and listen to your chest with his cold stethoscope and then tell your mother "There's a lot of that going around" before giving you a shot of penicillin? Political analysis is about that deep when it comes to Trump. As of late Trump has taken up the pundits' theme as he claims he is part of an undefined movement. He may be right. No one knew that the anti Vietnam War protests were much of a movement until a little known senator from Minnesota, Eugene McCarthy won 42% of the vote in the New Hampshire primary essentially driving a sitting president into early retirement. Trump maybe be leading a second wave of anti-establishment angst that produced the Tea Party in 2010 which would qualify for tapping into something.
Don't give that "he's all style and no substance" cant. I wish to hell someone else would try to cultivate that style. Why is Jeb Bush trailing Trump by 21 points in the latest Quinnipiac poll? Because he is self righteous, boring ,pedantic and looks like he just swallowed a fly. He is Obama in white face.
Donald Trump tells the people what they want to hear? Better than John Kasich telling the people his dad was a mailman six times in 15 minutes or Rick Santorum's recounting his grandfather's sorry career as a coal miner for two primary cycles. By all means tell people what they don't want to hear. Tell them that you were an Eagle Scout in every speech. Tell them you dad was a bartender. Tell them how you overcame the temptation to do drugs. Then wonder why you are at 2 percent in the polls.
But how long can he keep this act up? Who knows? Chris Christie was able to keep it up for a good four years. Just bluster. Zero accomplishments. In that Quinnipiac poll Trump, Carson, and Fiorina take 45% of the vote. One percent prefer someone else and 11% don't know. That means the remaining 14 candidates, all professional politicians, share just 43 percent. Why? Because those three have something to say. Something that hasn't been focus group tested. Something that challenges the power elite's claim to legitimacy. Something that seems heartfelt.
Ted Cruz and the Donald are set to appear at an event organized by the Tea Party Patriots, the Center for Security Politics, and the Zionist Organization of America to oppose the Iran nuclear deal. A few more bold steps such as this and I may order that cap.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Trump surges in New Hampshire

Aside from headline that Donald Trump is leading the Republican pack with 35% is the fact that Jeb Bush is tied with Scott Walker at 7% and both of them trail John Kasich with 11 % and Carly Fiorina with 10%. Here is the breakdown of the PPP poll.

Trump 35
Kasich 11
Fiorina 10
Bush 7
Walker 7
Carson 6
Christie 4
Cruz 4
Rubio 4
Paul 3
Perry 2
Graham 1
Pataki 1
Santorum 1
Gilmore 0
Huckabee 0
Jindal 0
Notice that the non politicians, Trump, Fiorina, and Carson get 51% of the vote. Clearly Republican voters are fed up with their party and traditional politicians but that dissatisfaction probably runs deep in the Democratic as well. Unfortunately the Democrats do not have a non politician in the field to test that hypothesis.

Clinton Fatigue

This is undoubtedly the best political ad so far this season.

Obama's bear market?

Although I expected a market sell off today, having checked the Asian markets before going to bed, the initial 1000 point drop did surprise me. The Shanghai composite index is presently down almost 5% as of 9:30 PM EST so the US markets face another challenge tomorrow. It could be that all the mania is a technical correction as some Wall St. sages suggest or it could be a harbinger of the inevitable collapse of China's much adored economy. When Obama visited that reactionary police state in 2009 he did encourage more internet freedom but at home he and many in the business community who should have known better spoke in hushed whispers of awe of that ever so remarkable economic engine of growth that escaped the worldwide recession. Fortunately for China it had not developed a Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac which played a key role in undermining our own credit markets and also it had the good sense to shoot dishonest and inept bureaucrats so it prospered as the US declined and appointed more dishonest and inept bureaucrats. China was after all the world's largest producer of solar panels, an accomplishment of which Democrats and Obmabots could only dream.
It could well be China has had its day in the sun. In June of 2011 in a post entitled China Will Get Old Before It Gets Rich, spelling out some of the structural challenges facing China.
If indeed China can maintain its annual 7% growth rate it is game over for the US. While China has not gotten itself involved in the inter-generational Ponzi schemes that are Social Security, Medicare, and defined benefits public pensions it too has problems of its own making. Beijing’s one-child policy, introduced in 1979, was largely effective—though it had the abhorrent side effect of encouraging a disdain for female infants, a prejudice that has led to abortion, neglect, abandonment, and even infanticide. Applying mainly to urban couples of Han descent, the policy reduced population growth in the country of 1.3 billion by as much as 300 million people. There is price to pay for this radical social engineering. By 2015 there will be more older than younger Chinese workers. Males outnumber females 120 to 100. Roughly 30 million Chinese men will not be able to find wives. Within a generation the average Chinese worker will be older than the average American worker.
It is now 2015 and the young, energetic work force is no longer young. As its workforce ages one wonders how China will treat maternity. It will need all hand on deck to assemble iPhones and solar panels and it will need to reproduce to keep that workforce viable. Maybe a two day maternity leave will be the norm but an aging workforce is just one of many problems China must address and soon. Its banking system, over which the government exerts such control as to give Elizabeth Warren orgasmic tremors, has no deposit insurance. No FDIC. Most of its loans are to government companies. If many government companies fail, then banks fail and the depositors lose everything.
The state controlled banks lend almost exclusively to state controlled companies so the few entrepreneurs who can raise cash from friends must compete with subsidized state run companies. Intellectual property rights are all but nonexistent. Real pollution, not the made up carbon dioxide bs, is a serious menace to public health. There is no heavy rail transportation in much of the country and Obama's beloved high speed rail is priced well beyond affordability for most Chinese. There is very little domestic trucking or roads to drive on and virtually no domestic air transportation. Although China has made immense progress since the days when it could not even feed itself it is still a developing country. It cannot reform its banking system or its industry until it reforms its government and until then it can only go in one direction. Down.
Developing countries go belly up pretty frequently with little impact on the global economy but China is to big to fail in the Dodd-Frank meaning of that phrase. Its demise will bring real tears and may not bode well for the US economy.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Democrat War on Black Americans

  Here's another video from yet another frustrated Black mother who has had it with the Black Lives Matter crowd who repeatedly venerate thugs and criminals who are taken down by police. This week, the "mourning" was for a repeat criminal who was shot dead because he shot at police when they tried to serve an arrest warrant on him.
  The trigger for Peggy Hubbard's video was that also this week, a 9 year old girl was sitting on her mother's bed doing her homework when a "stray" bullet killed her while another "stray" bullet wounded her mother. Her grandmother held her in her arms as she died, begging her to "just breathe. Just breathe."
  Imagine your child cozying up in your room, on your bed~safe and secure~while she obediently surrounds herself with her books, paper and pen and does her homework for the last time.
   Yet no Black Lives Matter protesters mourned this child, who will never graduate, never marry, never have children or be a grandmother herself.
  Peggy Hubbard has some thoughts on the subject. Note that the video is NSFW, filled with cuss words, appropriately so, to my mind.
  I might quibble with Ms. Hubbard in several areas.
  ~White people do care about the incarceration and death rates of young black males, and not just because their violent behavior spills over to the white community.
  ~Just as her contention that all lives matter applies to everyone, Ms. Hubbard's admonitions regarding incarceration apply to all races.  You did it, you claim it, don't expect everyone else to feel sorry for you and come visit you in prison.
  ~If more families were like Ms. Hubbard's, we'd all be better off. As she says, she and his father told her son that you will face consequences for the choices you make, not us. They taught their son how to behave while he chose a different path, contrary to what he'd been taught.
  ~Black Lives Matter is funded by a white dude named George Soros, even though Leftists are squealing that Soros can't control the foci of all the many dissident groups he funds. Fomenting hatred has spawned hateful protesters who stormed a Soros office, demanding they be paid the $5000 a month they were promised and starting the Twitter hashtag #cutthecheck.  I'm not saying this means that illegal behavior is not the responsibility of the person who committed it; by pointing out the Soros connection, I'm saying that there is a War on Black Americans in this country and it's being encouraged by white Democrats, who believe the hatred empowers their own notion of a less free, more controlled country. Controlled by them, of course.
  ~The Democrats who are encouraging this War on Black Americans do not want truth and honesty such as having to show ID to vote; they want to manipulate the system to their own advantage, cheating and intimidating so they can win. Since they enjoy a monolithic vote from a minority which never seems to grow primarily because of abortion, Democrats can do whatever they want to this minority and not be held accountable.
  ~The government giveaways to single mothers help control the behavior of both black mothers and fathers, as they are dependent on the government to "provide for" their children, rather than take that responsibility on themselves. It's a slippery slope.
  ~ Democrat ideals are perfectly on display at the various Democrat run cities around the US: Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, Washington DC. Not much more needs to be said than that, though Colonel West sums it up here. Democrats consistently encourage positions that work against the public interest of black Americans.
  So here's Ms. Peggy Hubbard who has already has over 5 million views, speaking eloquently from her heart:

From my heart!
Posted by Peggy Hubbard on Thursday, August 20, 2015

Obama looks "goofy" riding his bike

  Here's a treat we haven't seen before: adoring video of a skinny Obama wearing a space helmet cycling on Martha's Vineyard, escorted by an angry faced but considerably sturdier Michelle.
  The reporter does the unforgivable, laughing affectionately and murmuring, "He looks so goofy with that helmet on." Check out the happy family photo shots from the Daily Mail.
  Yeah. We noticed. Before.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Why don't we see more of Trump on television?

One wonders if there is not a conspiracy in the media to kill the Trump phenomenon. Yes, death by overexposure. If you are a normal cable news junkie chance are you have digested about 3 hours of prime time Trump just this week. The rally in Mobile was carried by Fox, CNN, and MSNBC. Sweet Home Alabama! This guy gets more prime time face time than Bill O'Reilly, Anderson Cooper and Rachel Maddow without dropping a dime just because he has the nerve to say anchor baby. Earlier in the week segments of his press conference were copiously featured on all three cable networks and his town hall was so exciting that Mica called Joe to tell him to tune in. Joe was already watching so she called her parents and guess what? They were already watching.
Trump is the best thing to happen to CNN since Malaysia Airlines flight 370 went missing and if he can do for manufacturing what he has done for cable news America will be selling Ronco Ready Grills in Hong Kong. Network television is also sharing in the Trump bonanza. Two weeks ago Michael Calderone wrote on the Huffington Post, " Trump called into four public affairs shows Sunday: CNN’s “State of the Union,” NBC’s “Meet the Press,” CBS’s “Face the Nation” and ABC’s “This Week." On Monday morning, he did phone interviews with NBC’s “Today” and MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”
The entire Republican field has not and cannot raise the kind of cash necessary to purchase one quarter of the air time Trump has been given free gratis. Media critics may not be comfortable with this symbiotic relationship but advertisers drive the bottom line not pundits.
The latest Reuters / Ipsos poll shows Trump with a commanding 32 to 16 percent lead over second place Jeb Bush. For now the Donald driving the media to the bank. He may not be a prophet but he is very profitable.

Sell the post office to someone who can run it

I have advocated for some time that everyone who pays federal taxes, not those who file just to collect earned income welfare should receive one share of Amtrak stock and one share of Post Office stock. As soon as someone managed to buy up a controlling interest in each entity they could operate it as they saw fit. Obviously the group or individual who would buy up the stock would be doing it to earn a return on the investment meaning the new management would do all that it could to please customers and earn loyalty through price and efficiency. Today I'm more adamant than ever in that opinion for a very personal reason.
A neighbor called today to tell my wife that the reason the neighborhood did not get mail delivery yesterday was because the letter carrier had seen a menacing dog in the area therefore mail delivery was suspended on two blocks for that day.
No one is that goddam stupid! I yelled at my wife.
Oh yes they are. A call to the post office confirmed the preposterous policy but offered the consolation that I was welcome to come into the post office and pick up my mail. Forty-four cents for a letter and they can't deliver it because someone saw a dog somewhere? Hell I'm in the neighborhood 24/7 more or less I haven't seen the dog but evidently the threat is in the eye of the beholder. I perceive the homeless looking postal workers I see to be more menacing than any dog. It would not be the end of the world if Fed Ex or UPS took over the USPS.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hillary trails 8 of 11 Republicans in North Carolina

News coming from North Carolina is all bad news for Hillary. Public Policy Polling which is headquartered in the Tar Heel State states;
Clinton trails 8 of the 11 Republican hopefuls in hypothetical match ups, although most of the margins are close. The strongest performers against her are Ben Carson who leads 47/40 and Marco Rubio who has a 45/41 advantage. Carson and Rubio have been the strongest performing Republicans in the general election in all three of the polls we've done since the debate.
Doing the worst against Clinton are Rand Paul who trails 44/40, Chris Christie who trails 40/39, and Jeb Bush who ties Clinton at 42. In between, all with leads of 1-3 points over Clinton, are Carly Fiorina (42/41), John Kasich (41/40), Ted Cruz (45/43), Mike Huckabee (46/44), Donald Trump (45/42), and Scott Walker (44/41).
Although technically North Carolina is still classified as a swing state that is the result of a single election. Prior to 2008 North Carolina was a typical red state. In 2008 it went for Obama, retired Republican Senator Elizabeth Dole replacing her with Kay Hagan and elected Democrat Bev Purdue as governor. Since that aberration Republicans have won every major election and the state went for Romney in 2012. Taken with the results of a recent Quinnipiac poll showing Hillary losing to a host of Republicans in Colorado, Iowa, and Virginia it appears the finely tuned Clinton machine is slinging oil by the quart.
Turning to the Republican primary Donald Trump widened his lead to 24%, Ben Carson placed second with 14% and Jeb Bush grabbed 13% to show.

Donald Trump 24%
Ben Carson 14%
Jeb Bush 13%
Ted Cruz 10%
Marco Rubio 9%
Carly Fiorina 6%
Mike Huckabee 6%
Scott Walker 6%
Rand Paul 3%
Chris Christie 2%
Rick Santorum 2%
John Kasich 1%
Rick Perry 1%
All others <1%
Undecided 3%
Trump has a net favorability rating of + 7 with 47 % having a favorable opinion of the Donald and 40% an unfavorable. Ben Carson has the best favorable ratio with a 66% /11% while Chris Christie has the worse at 23% / 55%.

Black votes matter

I tried to make the point in a previous post that the results of the Republicans losing the Hispanic vote is nothing compared to the Democrats losing the black vote. By losing the black vote I do not necessarily mean the Republicans must win it, just that black voter turnout decline. Notice that in 2008 and 2012 that the black voter participation rate was higher than that of whites. Also notice that in 2010 and 2014 the black rate was markedly lower than the white rate. Two explanations are plausible. One, blacks do not care about down ballot races as much as whites do or the higher turnout in the presidential elections was due to Barack Obama being on the ballot.
The traditional Democratic Party composed of blacks and northern white ethnics, commonly referred to as the white working class is no more making the party extremely dependant upon the black vote.

From the 2008 to the 2012 presidential elections Democrats maintained their core coalition but in 2012 but their support among both white working-class and middle-class voters began to shrink. After getting 40 percent of the white working-class vote in 2008, Obama got only 36 percent in 2012. And after winning college-but-not-post graduate voters and middle-income voters in 2008, he lost both groups to Mitt Romney, by 51 percent to 47 percent and 52 percent to 46 percent, respectively. Now the Party of Jefferson and Jackson finds itself in a position that it wins or loses at the whim of black voters who it seems hell bent on alienating.

Ask yourself if the speaker in this video is more or less likely to turnout for Hillary in the 2016 election.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Trump has We Be Sisters. What does Bush have?

It's not surprising that Donald Trump's flamboyant persona would resonate well in the black community but Lysette "Diamond" Hardaway and Rochelle "Silk" Richardson of We Be Sisters have taken that adulation to an art form. These ladies are a scream and they scream and they laugh at their own jokes and in the end they make a hell of a lot of sense. They explain their motivation and their enthusiasm for Trump to Dana Loesch of Blaze TV but notice that in this video and in all of their videos the underlying theme is they want what is best for the country. These ladies want no part of parochial interests. To them it's all about America, first last and always. They view Donald Trump as the man who can best bring the American dream to everyone. In another day they would be in a Norman Rockwell painting.

The Stump for Trump duo introduce themselves on their website thusly and that is all the personal information they will reveal.
WeBeSisters is the creation of biological sisters Diamond and Silk. We are Democrats who want to see America be great again and that's why we be on the stump for Trump.   Before you go asking the nonsense question, let us give you the straight up answer... NO, we are not paid by Mr. Trump or anyone connected to his campaign!  
The only insight into their personal lives I can discern is that Silk likes chardonnay and margaritas. A WHOIS search reveals "Registrant Name: Registration Private Registrant Organization". They can be contacted through there website or a Fayetteville, North Carolina post office box.
When former Dunkin' Donut employee turned MSNBC host, Steve Kornacki tried to pry into their personal lives it resulted in this video.

My favorite video is this one when Trump announced his immigration plan.


Hillary's in deep trouble

  I don't know what to think these days. I can't stand Trump but he makes me laugh. I can't stand Hillary but she makes me laugh, for different reasons.
  I'm sick of the Republicans who don't make me laugh but happy that Trump is bringing up issues that the others won't bring up.
  The prospect of a First Lady who wears $200,000 gowns--bought with money her family actually earned--is amusing.
  The idea that Hillary Clinton hired a small Democrat hack firm to care for her server and routing it through their servers which were stored in the bathroom of their loft apartment in Denver is so ludicrous that it's inconceivable.
  Listening to talk today, it's posited that any government email is sent and received inside a system that isn't connected to the internet and that any government email cannot be sent to an outside email system because all non-government servers ie or are rejected unless some government authority intervened specifically to make that possible.
  IOW, did Obama approve Hillary's server?
  Today, Hillary would not answer the question if she ordered her server wiped: instead she indicated that, meh, she had turned it over to the authorities and it was their problem now.
  Once again, her arrogance was breathtaking and yet somehow I laughed loudly when I heard her verbally flip off the reporters, not because she meant to be funny but that her attitude absolutely stank like a skunk loose at a garden party, especially when she marched out imperiously, indignant that anyone would dare question her.
  This thing is so deep it can't be measured yet: the FBI says they can retrieve the material, maybe more than the emails, a problem when you hire a two bit IT company.
  Today she specified again that the emails were not "marked" classified or top security, raising the specter that her aides had wiped some of the specifications, yet some have been discovered.
  And let's not forget the weekend  "basement operation" her aides conducted in September 2014:
She told me, ‘Ray, we are to go through these stacks and pull out anything that might put anybody in the [Near Eastern Affairs] front office or the seventh floor in a bad light,’” says Maxwell. He says “seventh floor” was State Department shorthand for then-Secretary of State Clinton and her principal advisers.
“I asked her, ‘But isn’t that unethical?’ She responded, ‘Ray, those are our orders.’ ”
A few minutes after he arrived, Maxwell says, in walked two high-ranking State Department officials.
  I mean, GEEZ, as long as we're doomed, we might as well laugh, eh?
  And, GEEZ, it's so bad for her that even MSNBC is turning on her, acknowledging she's a liar. 
  I mean, GEEZ, the world is coming to an end. 
 UPDATE: Sorry about the auto play. Sheesh. Here's the same thing: 

Are the Democrats trying to throw the election?

Other than that was there anything else that makes you think Adolph Eichmann was not a decent man? Hillary's Democratic rivals seem to have taken the opposite tack. They nitpick about the particulars aspects of her free college for everyone plan or carp that she is not really serious about raising minimum wage but simply cannot address the subject of her secret server and the hazards to national security her actions may have caused. Are these guys serious candidates or just shills recruited by the Clinton campaign the give the voters the perception of a meaningful primary election campaign? Are they too afraid to speak to the obvious scandal that will soon engulf their party. Afraid of whom? Bill Clinton? Barack Obama? Are they afraid to antagonize Hillary voters or donors? One has to conclude they are not serious candidates.
Do a Google search of Bernie Sander, Martin O'Malley, Jim Webb along with Hillary email and you will find nothing except Lincoln Chafee making the concession that Mrs. Clinton’s ethics are something “we should be talking about.” How courageous! He's a regular rabble rouser.
Watch Martin O'Malley refuse to comment on Hillary's email server even when asked.

Yes, let Hillary's lawyers answer the questions. They may eventually get their day in court but in the meantime do not expect Democrats to admit their probable candidate is a felon. Pathetic cowards!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Trump's remarkable immigration reforms

Ann Coulter may have been indulging in hyperbole a bit when she compared Trump's position paper on immigration to the Magna Carta but it is bold. Up until today Trump could be criticized for failing to be specific about his immigration reforms but no more. No one is preventing the other Republican candidates from putting their immigration plans to paper and until they summon the courage Trump has every right to call them wusses. Like many in the blogosphere I have been critical of Trump but that aside it's time to critique the plan not the man and in my estimation the plan is not wanting.

And kudos to Trump for releasing a position paper that is readable. At a mere 6 pages it's a model of Chesterfieldian concision. It eschews socispeak, does use nouns as verbs, is written at about a eighth grade reading level making it accessible to Democrats but what it lacks in pedantic bilge and platitudes is more than compensated by its substance. It lays out the 3 principles of reform.;
1. A nation without borders is not a nation. There must be a wall across the southern border.
2. A nation without laws is not a nation. Laws passed in accordance with our Constitutional system of government must be enforced.
3. A nation that does not serve its own citizens is not a nation. Any immigration plan must improve jobs, wages and security for all Americans.
I love point 3, "Any immigration plan must improve jobs, wages and security for all Americans" and if Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio or John Kasich feel differently they should tell the voters.
Next Trump spells out exactly how he would make Mexico pay for the wall.
Mexico must pay for the wall and, until they do, the United States will, among other things: impound all remittance payments derived from illegal wages; increase fees on all temporary visas issued to Mexican CEOs and diplomats (and if necessary cancel them); increase fees on all border crossing cards – of which we issue about 1 million to Mexican nationals each year (a major source of visa overstays); increase fees on all NAFTA worker visas from Mexico (another major source of overstays); and increase fees at ports of entry to the United States from Mexico [Tariffs and foreign aid cuts are also options].  We will not be taken advantage of anymore.
Maybe not every item will prove doable and of course all items would require congressional approval but as much can be said for about any plan submitted by any candidate. Democrats can call it blackmail, I prefer hardball but again where is Hillary's position paper?
There is a section on the rule of law and the constitution.
America will only be great as long as America remains a nation of laws that lives according to the Constitution. No one is above the law. The following steps will return to the American people the safety of their laws, which politicians have stolen from them
Triple the number of ICE officers.
Nationwide e-verify.
Mandatory return of all criminal aliens.
Detention—not catch-and-release.
Defund sanctuary cities.
Enhanced penalties for overstaying a visa.
Cooperate with local gang task forces.
End birthright citizenship.
The plan makes it clear that immigration policy must be to the advantage of American workers not American employers. It would raise the prevailing wage on H-1B visas noting " More than half of H-1B visas are issued for the program's lowest allowable wage level, and more than eighty percent for its bottom two. Raising the prevailing wage paid to H-1Bs will force companies to give these coveted entry-level jobs to the existing domestic pool of unemployed native and immigrant workers in the U.S., instead of flying in cheaper workers from overseas." Taking a swipe at Marco Rubio it states " Mark Zuckerberg’s personal Senator, Marco Rubio, has a bill to triple H-1Bs that would decimate women and minorities."
The plan would also end the J-1 visa jobs program for foreign youth and establish an inner city resume bank for low income American youth. Lastly the plan would raise the standards for admission of refugees and asylum-seekers and moderate future immigration. " Before any new green cards are issued to foreign workers abroad, there will be a pause where employers will have to hire from the domestic pool of unemployed immigrant and native workers."
The Republican Party has to be totally out to lunch to reject this plan. One might grouse that birthright citizenship is a creation of the courts and could not easily be undone but by and large this bold, radical plan is commonsensical to the average voter. Meanwhile I eagerly await the Donald's position paper on tax reform.
 Update: From Senator Jeff Sessions;
"This is exactly the plan America needs. Not only would the plan outlined in this paper work, but more quickly than many realize. Most importantly, this plan reestablishes the principle that American's immigration laws should serve the interests of its own citizens.
For too long, "immigration reform" plans in Washington have served the special interests at the expense of working Americans. By contrast, this plan puts the needs of working Americans foremost, and develops an effective strategy for improving their wages and job prospects. Crucially, this plan includes an emphasis on lifting struggling minority communities, including our immigrant communities, out of poverty -- by preventing corporations from bringing in new workers from overseas to replace them and drive down wages. When the labor market is oversupplied, it tilts the balance of power away from workers and towards employers.
In combination with a smart, fair trade policy this proposal would reinvigorate the middle class. Polling shows this plan will appeal broadly to all segments of the electorate: prioritizing the just demands of loyal, everyday Americans who have been shunned by a governing elite."

Tricky Prickly Hillary emerges from the shadows to promise more disappearing messages

   A hopeful UK Telegraph headline highlights the robotically executed and scripted crazy talk speech we featured yesterday of Hillary mocking the American people's concern about her deceitfulness and illegality regarding her federal communications as an State Department employee of the American people. 
  She's opened a Snapchat account (to which her admirers cheered) and bragged, "I love it. I love it. Those messages disappear all by themselves," indicating what kind of "transparent" administration she would run if elected.
  The Guardian writer thinks that Hillary "steals the show" at this Democrat lovefest which is nothing new for the Clintons considering they stole furniture from the White House when they left, probably because they were "flat broke." Headline:
Hillary Clinton steals the show at Iowa Democrats meet  
Former Secretary of State delivered the best speech of her presidential campaign at the Iowa Wing Dings dinner
  The left wing sychophants at the Telegraph titled this vindictive animatron speech as "the best" she's ever given, accompanied with no apparent awareness or animus by this photograph:
Getty Images
  Sorta reminded me of the Democrat controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton's ethics when working against this guy:
    Anyway you may remember this 2008 Obama ad featuring a 1984 style anti-Hillary. It's pretty remarkable, not only considering that Obama has turned out to be the phattest Newspeaker in American history but also in its accuracy in depicting Hillary still today.

  And really, what's not to love about this woman? 
  She's about as warm as pet rock and about as close to human as one can get without actually being human which is a tv show about vampires and such who try real hard to be human.
  Now that I think about it, Hillary should actually watch that show. Maybe she'd learn something.

Trump will lose the Hispanic vote. Who cares?

One cannot read the mind of Donald Trump. It is assumed that he wants to be president but is he, like Lindsey Graham, running simply to advance a policy position? Graham's message is the country needs a stronger defense posture and Trump's appears to be the country need fewer foreign imports and fewer foreign workers. When the Donald told Chuck Todd that all illegal immigrants had to go he staked out the boldest and most courageous position the GOP could possibly take. Expect all hell to break loose when those remarks are reported later today but when all is said and done Trump will have moved the GOP's position dramatically to the right and to a position from which retreat is all but impossible. Yes, Jeb Bush and John Kasich can sputter and fume but considering that Trump's polling numbers in some polls is double their combined totals to little avail. They will eventually issue voluminous position papers which no one will ever read as they try to maintain relevancy because that's what politicians do but Trump owns that position and like it or not so will the Republican Party. Should Trump eventually flame out as expected he will have succeeded in his mission because Cruz, Walker, and others will find it to their benefit to hold that red line.
Expect unmitigated joy from Democrats, the Hillary camp, and the Washington media. Trump has just ceded the Hispanic vote. So what? Unless the Democrats can turn out the black vote with the intensity it did in 2008 and 2012 without Obama on the ticket winning the Hispanic vote is meaningless. The elections of 2010 and 2014 suggest they cannot. In the most recent election Democrats carried 90 plus percent of the black vote in both Maryland and Illinois but it was a small black vote and at the end of the evening both states had done the unthinkable and elected Republican governors. A low black voter turnout also figured in Michelle Nunn's defeat in Georgia. Republicans do not have to carry the black vote they simply have to make black voters angry enough to stay home as Romney, with the help of Chris Christie, did to white Republican voters in 2012.
News flash! Black neighborhoods are not bastions of liberalism. Blacks may be loyal Democrats but intuitively they are more conservative than many whites. Yes, those who need EBT cards and Obama phones will be there on election day but many will not.
When I was 12 years old I carried papers in a black neighborhood. After these many years I'm still in contact with two or three of the kids I met then. Although it's risky to extrapolate too much from the few opinions I glean from conversations with these men I think it's accurate to say open borders and gay marriage are not winning issues amongst the brothers and they are not reticent to give Obama credit for advancing them. If they stay home on election day do not attribute their absence to apathy. Quite the opposite! Even I was a bit surprised when my wife got a call from the wife of one of those men who does mentoring work in his church. She wanted to know what radio station Rush Limbaugh was on. The Democratic Party is so beholden to black voters it needs to win 90% of a heavy black vote to win.
Yes, but the Hispanic vote? The all important Hispanic! The Republicans will lose it. If Hispanics wanted to control national elections than they should have migrated more homogeneously. In the 2012 elections the Hispanic vote was pivotal in only 4 states; Colorado, Florida, Nevada, and New Mexico for a total of 49 electoral votes. Had Romney carried all 4 of those states, which he did not, he would have still lost. It was the white vote that eluded Romney.
If Trump's real mission is to change the direction of the Republican Party on immigration he has probably already won.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Trump on Mexican Illegals: "They have to go."

NBC released this preview of tomorrow's Meet the Press.
Donald Trump will probably succeed in driving the media cycle again this week. One has to admire his abruptness. "Chuck, either we have a country or we don't have a country". As president Trump makes it clear that he would reverse Obama's executive amnesty. He is speaking not only of the order that is now tied up in a Brownsville, Texas court but also the "Dreamer" amnesty.


The last time Trump addressed the immigration problem Jeb Bush found his remarks to be "extraordinarily ugly." Since then Jeb's polling numbers may aptly be called "extraordinarily ugly". Both the CNN / ORC and the Suffolk polls show him treading water at 5% in Iowa  although he does marginally better in two other polls.