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Friday, September 19, 2014

I heard the news, today, oh boy

  Here's your morning cheer up. 
  While New Yorkers spend their time lining up for the new iPhone, our military serve their country cheerfully.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Terrorists apprehended at our border September 10: do Democrats care?

  The revelation that terrorists were apprehended at our border on September 10 is shocking, yet most of the traditional media and Democrats are uninterested in this story, just as they are not interested in what happened in Benghazi.
   Nor are they interested in the testimony forthcoming from 5 individuals who have revealed State Department lack of concern for the welfare of the Americans stationed there.
  Nor are the press and Democrats interested in the subsequent purging of State documents regarding Benghazi that might prove damaging to Hillary Clinton's future presidential prospects.
  This Megyn Kelly interview describes the incident of Middle Eastern terrorists at our border and DHS unwillingness to acknowledge the capture, even as we arm our Border Patrol agents with cameras to protect the illegals entering the country.
  Gateway Pundit has more. 
  To say that the Democrat party and their ilk are uninterested in the security of this country is an understatement. Indeed, many of their policies encourage bad or illegal behavior.
  But likewise, where are the Republicans--other than the few like Chaffetz--warning of the dangers of this unparalleled invasion of our shores?
  Where are the ads--like the 30 second ads the NRA runs--warning of the lower wages we can all expect with the influx of the cheap labor Democrats and the Chamber of Commerce want to import through mass illegal immigration?
  Where are the warnings about the massive long term debt we are accumulating?
  Instead we hear Obama's people say that Obama has lowered the debt more than any other president, even though he's the one that ran it up higher than all presidents through Clinton.
  The people who are running this country are living in a fantasy, a dream world in which there are no consequences, long or short term, for consistently bad behavior.
  They do not and will not face reality. Instead they make it government practice to hide the truth from the very people they are hired to defend and protect.
  Instead secrecy has become the hallmark of the Democrat party. 
  You can bet they'll backtrack if and when another 9/11 happens. Suddenly Democrats'll be the party who've always been worried about national security, even though they've actually encouraged this dangerous environment.
  And in case anyone thinks the Democrat party has a "hawk" in Hillary Clinton's possible presidential run, let me remind that the Clintons are well known for obfuscating and covering their tracks, including the event of Sandy "Burgler" repeatedly entering the National Archives to steal damaging documents in his underwear to protect the Clintons' reputation.
  That kind of behavior continues to this day.
  State Department is and was a mess under Hillary, notwithstanding her erroneously translated "reset button" with Putin. Yeah, that worked out well.
  Sharyl Atkisson, the unwelcome CBS reporter who is now part of The Daily Signal, broke the story that one weekend Hillary!'s State Department purged Benghazi documents to protect her, regardless government regulations for transparency. Ignoring the illegality of what they were doing, her employees were "ordered" to destroy any documents that reveal the truth:
“She told me, ‘Ray, we are to go through these stacks and pull out anything that might put anybody in the [Near Eastern Affairs] front office or the seventh floor in a bad light,’” says Maxwell. He says “seventh floor” was State Department shorthand for then-Secretary of State Clinton and her principal advisers.
“I asked her, ‘But isn’t that unethical?’ She responded, ‘Ray, those are our orders.’ ”
  Democrats and the press are also uninterested in the burgeoning State Department scandals, including a commitment to pedophilia and prostitution:
According to the documentary, Higbie’s court filings and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaints reveal a major scandal in the Clinton State Department, including interference with investigations of drug use, sexual assault, and pedophilia on the part of senior officials—including at least one U.S. ambassador. 
  This story of State Department misbehavior regarding drugs, sexual abuse and sexual escapades has been out there for well over a year.
  Yet nothing.
  Instead we have Democrats on camera either silent or raging that any questions exposing such behavior are disrespectful and untrue. Whistleblowers are ostracized and punished.
  And as far as protecting our borders go, apparently interest in security will occur only after the fact.
  Then they'll find another "burgler" just as Bill and Hillary Clinton did to steal damaging documents, rewrite history and run commercials about how much they really care about the future of this country.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Connecticut Tea Parties show Joe Visconti the door

As I've written before and as all Tea Party members know, there is no test for membership and no copyright on the label. To be a Tea Party candidate all one must do is state that he or she represents the values of the Tea Party. Two recent "Tea Party" candidates that come quickly to mind are Richard Mourdock and Matt Bevin. Mourdock could best be described as a social conservative with a penchant for big government conservative solutions. Matt Bevin ran a hedge fund and did a superb job of concealing his true political convictions. Both candidates enjoyed the backing of some Tea Party members which only divided the party.
Connecticut's so called Tea Party candidate for governor Joe Visconti is a snake oil salesman of the first water and it looks as if the Connecticut Tea Parties have united to ride him out of the movement. A scathing FaceBook post reads;
Perhaps this is truly the most important point for you to consider. For five years we have stood together, rallied together, protested, plotted and planned together. We’ve grown from a few dozen to several thousand strong. We’ve moved from the street corner into the political process. We are now members of Town Committees, Boards of Education, Boards of Finance, City and Town Councils, State Representatives, and even a State Senator or two. We have managed to work our way into every level of politics and government. We have changed the conversation in this state in a profound way. Since 2010 every single political conversation has had to consider our ideals, our goals, our message. One of our steepest learning curves over these years is that we have to both keep our energy and our supporters focused on principle and avoid flaming out over singular elections. If we have learned anything over the last five years, it’s that this is a marathon, not a sprint.
We will get into the Governor’s Mansion in due time. We must live to fight another day, but your candidacy is tearing us apart. Consider what is happening on social media. We are sniping at each other in full view of the public. Friends and allies are no longer speaking in civil tones, if they are speaking at all.
And then the Dear John moment!
While we admire and respect your efforts, and those of your dedicated volunteers, if you continue in this race, you do so without the support of the majority of tea party, conservative and grassroots groups. We all stood together for over five years now. Today, we are standing together against your candidacy in this race.
Bravo! Right through the heart! That's about as clear as a non endorsement as one could ask for and reflecting a united Tea Party it is signed by everybody who is anybody in the Nutmeg State's Tea Party movement.
  • Tanya Bachand, founder, New Haven Tea Party
  • Bob MacGuffie, founder, Right Principles
  • Art McNally, AKA Joe The Voter Woodbury, Former Member of the Hartford Tea Party
    Dale Dauphinais, Chairman, Quiet Corner Tea Party Patriots
  • Jen Ezzell, founder, 2nd District Tea Party Patriots
  • Pamela Kurtz, founder, Brookfield Tea Party
  • Robin and Stan Emond, co-founders, Southington Tea Party
  • John Beidler, co-founder, Southington Tea Party
  • Cheryl Lemos, founder, Stratford Tea Party
  • John Pepper, founder, Cheshire Tea Party
  • Jerri MacMillan

I read the news today oh boy

President Petulant: If I were an adviser for ISIS

  It's nice to know Obama could pull himself away from the golf course long enough to grant an interview to one of his sycophants in the press.
  It appears that all the sniping (most of which hasn't been particularly vicious) about Obama's foreign policy, vacationing ("It's always a challenge when you're supposed to be on vacation" which means that, for Obama, it's always challenging) has really gotten to President Thin Skin I was raised by grandparents who worshiped me.
  He granted an audience to some slobberingly loyal NYT reporters (who then outsourced the writing to another NYT reporter who wasn't even at the interview????).
  The interview is, as such political events go, hackmanship on display, served with a great big huge plop of extra sharp cheddar cheese of self-pity.
  So indecisive that he can't won't make up his mind about anything, a pattern he established when he was a senator in Illinois, Obama took potshots at his critics, claiming that he's being martyred for being "deliberate" and "careful" in not rushing to war.
  “Oh, it’s a shame when you have a wan, diffident, professorial president with no foreign policy other than ‘don’t do stupid things,’ ” guests recalled him saying, sarcastically imitating his adversaries. “I do not make apologies for being careful in these areas, even if it doesn’t make for good theater.”
  The information culled for this article came from "a group of foreign policy experts and former government officials.......and a separate group of columnists and magazine writers for a discussion on Wednesday afternoon.Apparently Obama was the "relaxed" talker, regardless other political stars like Biden being in the room, described as " peace"...."calm and confident, well versed on the complexities of the ISIS challenge and in no evident rush to end the discussions" which certainly comes as no surprise for those of us who've been objective about Obama's proclivities.
  Obama revealed that he's pissed at the French and any critics who dare challenge him:
It was clear to the guests how aware Mr. Obama was of the critics who have charged him with demonstrating a lack of leadership. He brought up the criticism more than once with an edge of resentment in his voice. 
  Resentment? How big of him. What gravitas. What a big brain Obama has, who's bored with the world around him, as Valerie Jarrett once complained.
  But to me what was probably most shocking about this interview is Obama's statement about giving advice to ISIS.
If he had been “an adviser to ISIS,” Mr. Obama added, he would not have killed the hostages but released them and pinned notes on their chests saying, “Stay out of here; this is none of your business.” Such a move, he speculated, might have undercut support for military intervention.
  What leader thinks like this
  What great leader sees his or her enemies--in this case the most evil of evil--in terms of having "advisers" who would even think of returning hostages with pinned notes on their chests?
  And what American president could even envision himself--in thought or interview--as an "advisor to ISIS"?  It almost sounds like a statement of identification with ISIS rather than outrage against ISIS.
  This is a serious statement of foreign policy?
  These comments by Obama are followed immediately by assurances that Obama is not a "softy." Whoo, no, he's not a "softy."
  Why would anyone think he is?
  Could it be the KICK ME signed pinned on his back that's revealed his "softyness" to ISIS?
UPDATE: So I ask myself if Obama would have advised this?
  "If I were an adviser for Hitler,I woulda said, Hey don't gas all those Jews.Pin a note on 'em instead. Yeah, that'll do it."
  "If I were an adviser for Che Guevera, I woulda said, "Hey, prolly don't use those firing squads to murder your opponents. Pin a note on your opponents instead. Yeah, that'll do it."
  "If I were an adviser for Stalin, I woulda said, "Hey, why you usin' massacres to run Russia? Pinning notes on your enemies is much more effective. Yeah, that'll do it."
  "If I were an adviser for Ted Bundy, I woulda said, "Yo, Ted! You think about puttin' post it notes on those chicks instead? Yeah, that'll do it."

Friday, September 12, 2014

Obama's devil horn picture reveals crumbling devotion

  Informed voters knew what was coming with the election of Barack Obama but wow. Watching the empire crumble has been really, really embarrassing and painful.
  In fact, it's hard to watch or listen to news reports or even go to sleep without worrying what the Obama clown machine is going to do next.
  I think most hard working citizens have given up in exasperation watching relatives, neighbors and mooches around the country collect undeserved disability, welfare benefits, supplements for this and that, expanded free phone programs, $800 billion worth of "stimulus" programs that weren't job ready haha isn't that funny.
  The last couple weeks have been excruciating really.
  And now we have the unbelievable debacle of Obama striding up to the camera and giving a buffoonish speech which had very few elements of truth or reality in it.
  Not to mention his crooked flag pin which caused a Twitter uproar and the traditional media halo which has somehow turned into devil horns recently. Note:
  John Kerry's pronouncement that we don't need to get into "war fever" over the bombs we're dropping around the world. 
  Mind you, I have no problem with dropping bombs on the filthy perps who beheaded those Americans. 
  It's the incitement Kerry is engaging in similar to Obama called ISIS "JV." If you want to really, really dare them to keep it up and worse, just incite the sympathizers of these monsters by claiming airily you're not really at war with those you are bombing.
   John Kerry. You know. That peacemonger who works for the Nobel Peace Prize winner.
  Then ask the White House spokesman what victory looks like, only to have him respond by smirking and retorting smugly, "I didn't bring my Webster's dictionary with me" as if this question was completely irrelevant and outrageous.
  As Instapundit says, we are in the best of hands.
  The fancy pants elitist worms are turning, it appears, as (in addition to allowing the devil horns silhouetted on the back of The Prince's head) the MSM and its minions are turning on their Prince.
  For example, there's David Frum in The Atlantic:
Qua speech, Barack Obama’s address Wednesday on the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria was surprisingly terrible: a disorganized mess, insincere and unconvincing. To appreciate just how bad and bizarre it was......
  And Yale professor (et tu, Bruce?) Bruce Ackerman in the NY Times who apparently hasn't been shocked at Mr. Obama's previous flouting of Constitutional law:
But for now the president seems grimly determined to practice what Mr. Bush’s lawyers only preached. He is acting on the proposition that the president, in his capacity as commander in chief, has unilateral authority to declare war.
In taking this step, Mr. Obama is not only betraying the electoral majorities who twice voted him into office on his promise to end Bush-era abuses of executive authority. He is also betraying the Constitution he swore to uphold.
  And thinly veiled Democrat shill Karen Tumulty at the Washington Post:
Both Cole and Richardson were surveyed in the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll and represent one of its most striking findings: the degree to which the president’s approval has slipped among key parts of the Obama coalition — the women, youth and Latino voters most responsible for putting him into office.
Women surveyed said they disapprove of Obama by a 50 percent to 44 percent margin — nearing an all-time low in the poll. It’s almost the reverse of the 55 percent to 44 percent breakdown for Obama among female voters in 2012, according to exit polls.
  Not to mention Maureen Dowd, who actually had the audacity to criticize Obama for his golfing behavior.
  Unlike Rush, I do not believe Obama knows what he's doing. Yes, he's getting much of what he wants simply through autocratic commands, but he's also in danger of doing Jimmy Carter damage to the Democrat party, a comment orange Chuck Todd made recently.
  What's so astounding is that Obama would prance up to that podium and announce that he's bombing Syria, has supporters (9?) and then we find out it's Albania. Or whatever.
  He has lost support around the world. Our allies do not trust Obama. I believe they trust America, but not its current leadership.
  Indeed, Obama was formerly a master of the theater of politics, Greek columns aside.
  Now, he's just a bit player on an ever shrinking stage.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

NRA ads ROCK! The Left squees!!!

  I have to admit every time one of these new NRA ads flip on the TV, if I'm out of the room I pop back in to watch because they are so compelling.
  They appeal to the better part of our natures and face down the tyranny we face from the nanny staters, fascists and would be kings.

  Of course, the Left is furious about the NRA's "despicable" new ad campaign, The Daily Beast citing several anecdotal incidents where people have been killed by gunfire either accidentally or criminally.
  They don't mention that the cities that have the strictest gun control have the highest rates of crime.
  Indeed, even the new Detroit police chief encourages citizens to carry guns, as it makes their work easier. By the time you call the police, you won't be able to protect yourself.
  The Left also doesn't cite the number of incidents in which citizens carrying guns protect the public against criminals, who always mysteriously seem to be able to get weapons for themselves regardless the law.
  Logically, Charlie Rangel claims that anyone wanting to legally own a gun in a place like Chicago where criminals and the innocent are murdered daily is "an insult to the American people’s intelligence for them [the NRA] to continue to do this.” 
  Actually, Charlie, it's not hard to see who's lacking in intelligence there. 
  The Left also sees these ads which point out hypocrisy, the need for self defense and the fact that the last thing tyrants do before they completely own you is take your weapons of self defense.
  Well, I'm sure old Charlie won't like Colion Noir then, an outspoken NRA proponent.
  There's this one :

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The most Fabulist POTUS evah gives a Fabulist speech

  Well, I watched the POTUS and his little echo-y speech tonight. I admit there is no way he could convince me he knows what he's doing.
  Two things were most astounding to me.
  First, he lies so easily, so fabulously, so completely that he makes it look like a learned skill, one everyone knows is happening but don't wish to emulate because, well, everyone knows he's lying.
  Like, what the heck was that business about how great our economy is. 
  And then there's the part about 
  Second, what was that detritus about ISIL(S) not being Islamic. Everyone knows it is. It's their name and they have many followers so, yeah, I guess they ARE Islamic.
Now let’s make two things clear: ISIL is not Islamic. No religion condones the killing of innocents, and the vast majority of ISIL’s victims have been Muslim. And ISIL is certainly not a state. 
  Which again amounts to a defense of a religion that needs more sensible peaceful leaders to speak out, leaders like Dr. Zuhdi Jasser.
  And this, which stuck in my craw, I must confess:
This is a core principle of my presidency: If you threaten America, you will find no safe haven."
  Does anyone believe that? that it is a core principle of his presidency if you threaten America? All they have to do is run through our border to a "sanctuary city", apply for welfare like the very healthy Tsaraov murderer brothers did.
   He lies one thing, then changes it a few weeks later, at the same time asking you not to remember what the very firm clear stands he's taken
   Then there's that disturbing notion that Obama, in his own Nobel Peace Prize way, is trying to get the mileage and backbone out of a speech that Prime Minister David Cameron did.
  THAT's another fabulist dream.
   And take a look at this black and white dramatic photo of our dear little POTUS before the speech released, of course, by Mr. Obama's personal White House photographer who's the only one allowed to photograph him on a regular basis with permission.'
   This is the way the photographers on the White House beat (not the official WH Photo) behave when they're allowed access for about 30 seconds, according to Keith Koffler from White House Dossier, who's noticed the cattle mentality more than once when it comes to the White House allowing them to actually do their jobs.
   All in all, I don't think it was worth watching. He's not sending troops in he says and instead will just drop bombs. 
  The boots on the ground will be the Free Syrian Army he scorned a few months ago. 
  Now how's that gonna work.
  I have concluded from his speech tonight that Obama is a fabulist whose words flow like honey out of his month.
  And I'm imagining those terrorists over there are laughing their asses off from watching it.
  We're safer now?
  That's like saying ISIS is a JV team. He's thrown down a gauntlet, daring them to prove their cavemanhood.
   Blessings and safety to all tomorrow, September 11, 2014.
  Keep your eyes and ears open, my friends.