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Friday, October 31, 2014

Good-bye Senator Landrieu

Can I help that the voters who elected me three times are racists?

I never cared much for Senator Mary Landrieu but up until now I respected her political instinct. In the best case scenario she survives Louisiana's jungle primary only to lose to Bill Cassidy in December and now it's to call the voters racists? It's like being down 1 run in the ninth with two outs and she takes an 3 & 0 pitch to the shortstop.
The latest poll, the USA Today Suffolk Poll has Landrieu trailing Cassidy by 7 points, 48% to 41%. Her approval rating is 38% and Obama's approval rating is 36% in her state and now it's time to piss off the voters? We'll miss her bright eyes and sweet smile.

Obama's embarrassingly stupid war on argon

President Obama has called for  “sensible, based in science”  measures to combat Ebola. It's too bad he doesn't demand as much from the EPA.

What were they thinking? Under proposed regulations argon, an inert gas and the third most common gas in the atmosphere will not longer be allowed in pesticides. By definition an inert gas cannot combine with any other element to form a compound toxic, or otherwise. This is embarrassing. It's almost like taking the water out of ice. By volume argon composes 1% of the atmosphere not the mere .03% CO2 level the agency and the Democratic Party are wring their hands over.
WASHINGTON - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is requesting public comment on a proposal to remove 72 chemicals from its list of substances approved for use as inert ingredients in pesticide products.
“We are taking action to ensure that these ingredients are not added to any pesticide products unless they have been fully vetted by EPA,” said Jim Jones, Assistant Administrator for the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention. “This is the first major step in our strategy to reduce risks from pesticides containing potentially hazardous inert ingredients.”
EPA is taking this action in response to petitions by the Center for Environmental Health, Beyond Pesticides, Physicians for Social Responsibility and others. These groups asked the agency to issue a rule requiring disclosure of 371 inert ingredients found in pesticide products. EPA developed an alternative strategy designed to reduce the risks posed by hazardous inert ingredients in pesticide products more effectively than by disclosure rulemaking. EPA outlined its strategy in a May 22, 2014 letter:!documentDetail;D=EPA-HQ-OPP-2014-0558-0003 to the petitioners.
Many in the scientific community thought they were being spoofed when told of this regulation. Now they speculate that the EPA is allowing scientific illiterate NGO's to the write regulations which it rubber stamps.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Is Obama the source of the infamous "chickensh*t" comment?

  We've been wondering why the White House is so uninterested in finding the source of this comment, especially considering how many anonymous sources have been outed and per/prosecuted by this administration.
  Just wondering if the Pompous One is the source, considering the nature of our macho poseur in chief and his total lack of defending any democratic interests around the wall.
  The comment has caused quite a stir politically and those of us out here in the Heartland sniff a greater scandal than what's being actually reported by the Leftist media.

Is Obama stopping Keystone Pipeline to help Arab countries?

  I really don't see how anyone can observe the actions of our current POTUS Obama and not think that he is, at the very least, more sympathetic to the welfare of other countries--many run by Islamists--rather than the welfare of the people of the United States.
  The threat of bringing Ebola to this country through non-citizens and at a cost of half a million dollars per individual exemplifies the lack of concern this administration has evidenced. Sure, the Psaki flack claimed first that it didn't exist and then that some mid level flunkie wrote it and it's been tabled.
  Still, why would someone write this and circulate it in the first place? 
  From the beginning of Obama's apology tour, we can look back and see how he has kowtowed to Muslim leaders in deference rather than act like the leader of the greatest nation in the world.
  Every informed voter remembers this image:
  In fact, Obama routinely bows to other world leaders, in deference, one presumes, to the countries that are greater than the US.
  Time after time, we've seen our current POTUS Obama either ignore the aggressive actions of Muslim countries or acquiesce to their wishes.
  Who can forget the rioting young people screaming for freedom in Iran, even calling out Obama's name for help? And who can forget Obama's silence in the face of their demands for help?
  Meanwhile, courageous Muslims like the doctor who helped our current POTUS Obama locate Osama bin Laden--a major reelection selling point--- sit and rot in jail.
  There is very little loyalty in our current POTUS other than for cronies who further his cause and bow to him the way he bows to world leaders.
  Some wags have even labeled Obama's apologies for America as an intentional humiliation of a once great though now diminished country. ("We're arrogant," We've made wrong decisions," "we sought to dictate our terms," blah blah blah.)
  Now I might pose a question concerning Obama's intentional lowering of America's profile in the world and, certainly, his intentional lowering of our economic output by encouraging millions and millions of cheap laborers to illegally enter the country.
  So I ask this.
  Is Obama intentionally stopping completion of the Keystone Pipeline--not just to pacify his "environmentalist" extremist base--but in deference to the Saudis, who have repeatedly expressed concern that OPEC's grip on the oil market is weakening with American oil output?
  One might remember that American oil is just about the only business sector keeping the American economy afloat.
  Even (al) Reuters notes that the Saudis are worried about the increase in American output:
Saudi Arabia has privately told the oil market that it is willing to allow prices to slide as low as $80 for a year or two, in a move seen aimed at U.S. producers. Kuwait and Iran have since said that they have no plan to cut production. That is putting pressure on companies like Continental Resources and EOG Resources whose share prices are unraveling.
  You might notice gas prices decreasing; you can understand why when you read the above quote. Falling prices are intentional, an effort to squeeze out the burgeoning American market and prevent American independence.
  In 2013 in an article entitled "Top Saudi investor says US energy boom could doom kingdom's economy," the urgency of the coming Saudi bust was revealed:
Our country is facing a threat with the continuation of its near-complete reliance on oil, especially as 92 percent of the budget for this year depends on oil," wrote Alwaleed, who owns seven percent of the voting shares in News Corp, the former parent company of Fox News. "It is necessary to diversify sources of revenue, establish a clear vision for that and start implementing it immediately."
  We've often decried Obama's lack of leadership around the world which is why the whole globe is spinning off its axis with wars and rumors of wars.
  But in this, we must ask.
  Is Obama propping up Arab oil rather than let the American oil industry flourish?
  It's certainly not unreasonable, given his preference for global interests rather than American.

Shocking income inequality! Rep. Alan Grayson's wife on food stamps!

Peachy, a congressman worth $26 million has a wife on food stamps. Affable Congressman Alan Grayson who gained national attention with his speech claiming the the Republican's solution to health care was "die quickly" has been going through messy divorce and it seems there just isn't enough cash to feed his family so Mrs Grayson applied for and received an EBT card. Grayson claims he is a victim of bigamy. The dear wife never bothered to divorce her ex. After 29 years and 5 children he just now discovered the awful truth? Gimme a  break!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Kaci Hickox is a CDC plant

At first Kaci Hickox seemed to be a sympathetic character, a giving and selfless idealist caught up in a classic philological conflict between individual liberty and the public good. It appears now that she is nothing but a goddam plant from an administration that cannot be trusted. It gives the public cause not only to question the Obama administration's credibility and competence but also its ethics. What the hell does this administration think it's doing?
Kaci Hickox may be a nurse but she is a bit more. She is an employee of the CDC. According to her alma mater, University of Texas, Arlington she pursued a two-year postgraduate fellowship in applied epidemiology with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Las Vegas after she was rejected by Doctors Without Borders. Eventually she was accepted by Doctors Without Borders but as of late her Linkedin profile has been scrubbed as the web site Fire Andrea Mitchell discovered.

It is known that Hickox did teach a session called “Contact Investigation of Health Care Personnel Exposed to Maternal and Neonatal Tuberculosis in Clark County, Nevada in 2013 as this document proves.
Is her charade an attempt on the part of Obama, CDC, et al to undermine local quarantine regulations? Why? What else are we not being told? Such as the where abouts of our much heralded Ebola Czar, Ron Klain. Many in the media have noticed the absence of Dr. Tom Frieden since he lost all credibility but Klain has yet to utter a single sentence in public.
Was Hickox's entry into Newark airport chosen to set up a confrontation with Governor Chris Christie? Did Christie smell a rat and pass her off on Maine?

So who's next to bolt the Democrat plantation?

  Hoosierman posted this video a couple days ago; the statements of these men are both remarkable and courageous.
  Reports are claiming Black and Millenial are defecting from the loyal Democrat camp. I find some of this hard to believe.
  For example, there have been several instances of Black Democrats walking out of Obama speeches at Democrat rallies; yet they were AT the rallies. What does it mean? I'm guessing they will still vote for an all Democrat slate but have lost respect for Obama. Obama himself isn't on the ballot, though it's true his policies are. 
  Still. They were AT the rally and the walkouts do not look like intentional statements, other than "we're done with the liar."
  But let's be honest. Obama policies of swamping the economy with cheap immigrant labor and debilitating the job market will hurt Black families the most.
  This isn't the first tremor in the Democrat state. There've been others. For quite a few months.
   This Black grandmother is particularly interesting.

  I might make an anecdotal note here that all the radio programs I listen to have had more than the usual number of Black callers, supporting bolting the Democrat party.
  Then there's the case of the Rev. Corey Brooks who has bolted the plantation and was viciously threatened and robbed because of it.
  Considering that even architecture is now considered racist, maybe reasonable people of all skin colors are getting sick of it.
  Now to the Millenials. Well, they might be more interesting. Not too long ago, I spoke with a young man who graduated from college a couple years ago. Of his group, he said, only one friend was significantly employed. My young friend was a barista at a coffee house.
  Considering how many of them are living at home, just surviving, I'm thinking may be legitimately off the reservation.
  But you can't beat Democrats with a few extra votes. You have to get beyond the cheating margin.

Democrats sell their souls in hope of a few dishonest wins

    As we watch Democrats roll in the mud before the next election, cheating, lying, stealing and pushing illegals into the voting booth, we can be really glad when this whole mess is over.
    It's difficult watching what's happening, worrying about the consequences of the irresponsible and destructive behavior of the current wackadoodles in charge of running our government.
  Frankly, it's appalling to watch the voter fraud going on around the country. There are absolutely no boundaries in the Democrat party these days: pass out to illegal aliens locations of states that don't require IDs to vote? or photo IDs?
  No problem.
  Faulty voting machines that mysteriously flip over from R to D when people try to vote?
  No problem. Just a glitch. Or 50.
  This is Chicago. Of course!
  This is Maryland. Of course!
  Obama, who has a tendency to joke about real problems, says "I mean you can only vote once, this isn't Chicago now," laughing. Hahahaha! We should joke about the IRS too!!! HAHAHAHA!
  Let's even encourage eager activists to go fish through garbage in dorms in Colorado, to fill out the ballots and mail them in?
  Do it! It's patriotic!
  (I'm not even linking to the sources for most of these incidents: if you don't know this is happening, you're a low information voter and I'm not wasting my time on you.)
  The only way that I can justify in my mind this kind of behavior by any political party is that much of the country is going to hell (quite literally) and this is separating the chaff from wheat
  The really really nasty partisans who simply will not accept the truth of the motives behind actions like Obama's desire to overwhelm our systems with new Medicaid recipients, more racial animus, more welfare, foreign Ebola patients, more illegal aliens eligible for all public services, 34 million new workers who will drive down wages, demands that every neighborhood which does not have enough Black people in it (according to the last corrupt census Obama's people did) build public tenement housing, and drive our long term debt and obligations up and up and up....well, they can just keep on that road to hell.
  As I said, quite literally.
  As for me, I'm not.
P.S. About that housing issue, here's a quote from the NY Post:
After a delay, the administration’s final “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” regulation is now expected to be announced in December. Originally scheduled for finalization in October, the new Housing and Urban Development Department rules will force all cities and suburbs to accept subsidized housing in the name of racial diversity, superceding all local zoning ordinances.
  How this will be accomplished without input from any other entities than the Obama machine is unclear.
  And also unfair.