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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Haha! Black Trumpsters mock Hillary's no-show supporters

  At some point in the near future, I'm going to write about the funny stuff that has happened in this campaign. 
  There's a load of it, but, for tonight, I"m just going to post this video of Black Trump supporters whooping it up across the street from a Clinton office in Florida. 
  They find it quite amusing that only 8 people showed up for Hillary so the hooting begins. Personally I find this HILARIOUS, given the smug, self satisfied, contempt the media and Hillary show for the average working stiff of all colors.
  I also found it despicably hilarious that both Republicans and Democrats were on the Hill today mocking a Wells Fargo big wig for fraud and deceit.
  I mean, seriously?
  How can they stand their own smell, I wonder.
  The video is from the great Jim Hoft and this link is to DC Whispers, who claim Hillary is giving up in Florida because Trump has a double digit lead. 
  She's been dumping loads of cash--MILLIONS-- in Florida and Ohio with commercials, she has Hollywood & the media pushing her on to the public, she has a loyal incredibly cultic staff who will do whatever she wants and still she's not FIFTY POINTS AHEAD, you might ask?
  I dunno.
  It's a mystery.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Just WHO is meaningless in this political season?

  So Krauthammer says the online polls are meaningless. Utterly.
  Well, how about the turnout Trump saw in Florida last night? Does that count? This isn't a standing room only thing. This is a "thousands of people standing outside watching" thing.
  Is THAT meaningless?
  Or how about raising $18 million in 24 hours?
  Is THAT meaningless?
  I watched part of that Trump Florida speech last night.
  You can't watch one of his rallies, listen to the roar of the people in the background (we rarely get to SEE the size of the rallies) and doubt that a fire has been set in this country that will not be put out.
  We have known they all (media, DC snobs, politicians) lie to us.
  Why would we start believing them now?
  But look at this Never Trumper's tweet. More NOT to believe?
  We might remind folks Reagan was ridiculed his entire campaign and time in office. I'm not suggesting Trump is Reagan. 
  I AM suggesting it's time to let go of folks like this. It's time to work to lift up who we've got and surround him with the right people who care about this country enough to do something about the problems we are facing.

Hillary's Uphill Climb

In 2010 the Tea Party movement served notice that it was not to be dismissed as a radical fringe group by capturing 63 House seats. Just to make sure the point was well taken it also retired 6 sitting Democratic Senators and over 700 state legislators. By 2014 the Senate moved into Republican control. For a variety of reasons the Tea Party has lost much of its awe but the trend toward the center right begun in 2010 has not abated.
 It's wildly amusing to watch CNN commentators explain away Trump's success as temporary in, for instance, Iowa where he holds 4.8% edge in the RCP average. "Obama carried it twice. Hillary needs to do a little work there but it will come home". Don't bet your lunch money on it. In spite of Obama and Hillary's war on coal Hillary has a better chance of carrying Kentucky.
"Trump is wasting his time campaigning in Colorado."
Really? His odds are better there than in Ohio.
 In a little noticed post from February of this year Gallup proclaimed that for the first time in the history of its tracking poll there are more Republican than Democratic states.
In 2009 Obama could count on 29 solid Democratic states and McCain could console himself with the knowledge that 4 states were solidly behind him. In addition to being a weaker candidate than Obama Hillary faces a much less friendlier map. She has 11 solid Democratic states while Trump has 12 solid Republican. When leaner are included it gets worse. Three state lean Democrat 8 lean Republican. The poll finds 16 states to be competitive which is 6 more than Obama had to worry about. While the Democrats still maintain a 43 to 40 percent edge over Republicans nationally it does not help their cause that the majority is concentrated in California, Illinois and New York.
The below graphic shows the partisan advantage for each state.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Post debate conclusions

  Having watched and reflected on the first 2016 debate, I have to say again I am absolutely fed up with the media's contemptuous disregard of voters.
  First, if we ignore the issues, I have to say Hillary's attitude was exactly what we've grown to expect from not only the MSM, but the D.C. area which is thriving above most of the rest of the country.You can actually track the average income by train line.
  A one bedroom house goes for almost $400,00. In fact:
As the Washington Post noted, Washington, D.C. “also has a staggering average per capita income of $74,733 for each of its 632,323 residents, which is 79% higher than the national average of $43,725.”
  So you can see why the Hillary crowd which includes IT people, Wall Street, journalists, the MSM not to mention the GOPe want to keep things the way they are. They have no clue what's going on out here nor do they want to find out.
  Because, see, Hillary, Lester Holt, Brit Hume and Dana Perino have no idea--forgotten or never knew--what it's like outside the privilege of D.C.
  That's why they have contempt for Trump, the billionaire, and for you and me.
  Now, I haven't been the biggest Trump fan in the world, but last night just convinced me that these people do not want to know anything about real life or us.
  Hillary's contempt, snobbery and innate superiority were on full display last night and it runs deep within the elite snobs who are the grandees of the circuit.
  To be honest, I despise them.
  Was Trump perfect last night? No. Did he answer every question perfectly? No. Could he have hit more good points to snag Hillary Yes.
  Does this matter to me?
  He isn't perfect. He isn't a politician. He doesn't have a perfected line that has been found spotless by the media.
  He hasn't been sitting in DC for 30 years perfecting that crap.
  I kept triggering back to Romney each time Trump smarted off at Hillary and it was good.
  No other Republican would have handed it back to Holt and Clinton the way Trump did.
  And speaking of Holt, didn't we all expect him to cheat his way through the debate? Admittedly we would have accepted Holt's duplicity if he had treated Clinton with the same iron claw that he did Trump.
  But he didn't. Instead Holt questioned, requestioned and asked the tough ones of Trump, saving his career and Clinton's.
  Again, Clinton looked better than usual, her face plumped and polished, scorn showing clearly on her face as Trump gulped water somewhat nervously.
  But then, that's what we've grown accustomed to seeing. 
  We all know no one, no one would have seen Hillary's seizure if a bystander hadn't grabbed it on his phone.
  She's a Manchurian candidate, one who will do anything to win.
  Including receive the questions in advance, as the Baltimore Gazette suggests?
  Wear an undercover mic?
  Who knows?
  All I know is she's a cheater and I wouldn't put anything past her.
  I also know Mr. Adaptability will figure her out.
  We can only hope their over confidence will grow.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Trump won

  I don't think I can even watch Fox tonight, after watching Lester Holt make a fool of himself and try to trick and fact check Trump repeatedly.
  It's so obvious what's going on: rotten questions for Trump, nothing for Hillary. Audience applause for Hillary even after admonishment.
  Trump's lines were funny. Hillary's not so much. She had a creepy clown smile that weirded me out.
  I'm fed up.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Hillary's email coverup is a "joke"

  Remember the brouhaha when Trump said, "So the press says I could go out into the street and kill someone and my supporters would still support me?"
  Remember when "the press says" was cut out of the video to produce a different comment?
  Examining the FBI Hillary doc dump this weekend, the WAshington Examiner learned this:
Employees at Platte River Network, the firm tapped to manage Hillary Clinton's emails in 2013, sent emails describing the 'Hilary [sic] coverup [sic] operation' after Clinton's staff asked them to begin wiping emails in Dec. 2014.
  When queried about it, this happened:
The unnamed employee told FBI agents that his reference to the "cover-up" was a joke.
  People Hillary hires to "clean up" after her think the law is a joke, which is probably true when it comes to Hillary's respect for the law

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Watch as Hillary's ugliness emerges

  There are lots of rumors out there about Mrs. Clinton and what the heck is going on with her: there're the unfocused eyes, there's the mental health issue, there's the fact that she needs support for 2 steps and then there's the fact that she seems to be needing a guy with a laser light so she can focus without falling over. 
  Watch the laser.

  But this next video, this video...yikes. One of the things she says is, "Why aren't I 50 points ahead?" but to me, the most remarkable thing about this video is the naked hatred and ugliness in this woman's face, voice and demeanor.
  This voice.....
  This looks like crazy town to me.

  Yesterday Trump was in Toledo; he's not only playing to yuge audiences but many more watch online. 
   I watched a video of a Hillary rally the other day that had only 10,000 views, while just watching Trump in Toledo (not counting the folks who were there and the folks watching on networks or other channels than the Right Side Broadcasting YouTube channel) were 20,000 people.
  I want to watch the debate just to see what happens.
  Her voice is kinduva "naughty dog" voice: "You naughty dog! Why did you do that in here? Go outside to do that!"

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Entitled at Yale: revealed

  Speaking of entitled privileged rich kids, take a look at this video just linked from Legal Insurrection from last fall's Yale University's cry bullies who took this Yale professor to task for his wife's comments that Yale students (the entitled privileged rich kids among us) not get too exercised over other students' Halloween costumes.
 Nicholas Christakis is a physician who had served 2 months in capacity of "Master" of a house Yale owns.
  Combine this video with other reports emerging from college campuses and you might want to make sure your kids end up as plumbers and electricians who will make real money and not be tainted by the stink that is the college campus today.
  You gotta love the finger snapping from this crowd; I'm pretty sure if one of them gets a professional sports contract for 100 million dollars, he/she/it/ze would not stand at attention for the National Anthem.

  Here's another **inspiring** example of what we are fostering on college campuses. Prospective freshman roommate Ashly wrote the 2 roommates whom she had not yet met, demanding the the upper bunk, desk by the window, etc. When her prospective roommates didn't respond quickly enough, Ashly went off, later explaining it wasn't really her fault because she has "anger" issues and is a "ticking time bomb."
  Actually this behavior isn't new: it's reached the work place.This attitude has been carefully fostered by the radicals' sixties professors who run the universities and who outnumber Republicans at least 5 to 1, if not 100 to zero.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The stink of today's Democrat party

  Hillary's stiffened collapse on Sunday has triggered an avalanche of theories, primarily as a result of her shrouding her campaign in secrecy: the internet has taken off with speculation that she has a body double, that she has Parkinson's, that she has a colostomy which resulted in a small metal object dropping from her pants, and that her replacement is being discussed and that her "pneumonia" was not pneumonia.
  At this point, wow. Is any of this possible because Hillary is such a LIAR?
  Well, we'll let our reader/s speculate on that.
  Meanwhile never Trumper Brit Hume, who used to be a FNC favorite, has taken the place of the ever study Greta Van Susteren, who has chosen the option of wiggling out of her contract. Greta is still available on FB; her words are always worth considering.
  What's most astounding to me is that so many establishment Republicans are still so anti-Trump, some even endorsing the execrable Hillary Clinton, whose sorry ass is being dragged half dead across the finish line.
  Look, Trump isn't the ideal candidate but he certainly doesn't compare to the "Weekend with Hillary" we're promised if she gets in.
  She has had every advantage a candidate can have, including press manipulation and distortion, Hollywood fawning, millions of dollars from around the world and utter corruption to boost her sagging ratings. 
  We might note that Chris Cuomo of the New York political family and CNN "journalist" said "We can't help Hillary any more than we have."
  The truth is she's vicious toward the average American, just as Obama has been vicious, dividing people into those of whom they approve and those whom their rabid and blind followers are supposed to hate. 
  While we in the deplorable basket are subjected to repeated slurs, we are not supposed to respond in kind,even in view of utter corruption of all we hold dear in America.
  Now Trump has proposed a child care tax credit which sent the Never Trumpers into a frenzy, claiming that only the wealthy could afford nannies so the proposal would only benefit....yada yada yada.
  This is simply not true: the proposal will include offsetting the cost of care for a family's elderly members.
  Personally I'm not in favor of writing more tax laws that complicate the mess we have already; the federal tax code is almost 75,000 pages long now.
  But let's be honest here: any code that is that long benefits those who can afford tax preparers so anything that benefits working families is a relief.
  The best thing would to be trash the whole code, rewrite it and make it as simple as possible.
  If you're honest, you have to admit that Democrats are dishonest and working hard to benefit their favored constituencies, which include people who are here breaking our laws, so if this law would favor working families, why not.
  Open the borders with no boundaries whatsoever? 
  Import low wage workers? 
  Openly encourage law breakers? 
  Mock people of faith? 
  Work to destroy way of life and government? 
  Let lying liars cheat to vote by not requiring ID? 
  Encourage victimization of women and minorities? 
  Ridicule patriots? 
  Laud millionaire athletes who disrespect the National Anthem?  
  Disrespect our history, our law enforcers, our traditions?
  Yeah, that's today's Democrat party.
  And this explains Donald Trump. He's far from perfect or even ideal, but he's not Hillary Clinton and he is willing to encourage patriotism and the laws of this country.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

HOLY COW..Hillary collapses.