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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Just WHO is meaningless in this political season?

  So Krauthammer says the online polls are meaningless. Utterly.
  Well, how about the turnout Trump saw in Florida last night? Does that count? This isn't a standing room only thing. This is a "thousands of people standing outside watching" thing.
  Is THAT meaningless?
  Or how about raising $18 million in 24 hours?
  Is THAT meaningless?
  I watched part of that Trump Florida speech last night.
  You can't watch one of his rallies, listen to the roar of the people in the background (we rarely get to SEE the size of the rallies) and doubt that a fire has been set in this country that will not be put out.
  We have known they all (media, DC snobs, politicians) lie to us.
  Why would we start believing them now?
  But look at this Never Trumper's tweet. More NOT to believe?
  We might remind folks Reagan was ridiculed his entire campaign and time in office. I'm not suggesting Trump is Reagan. 
  I AM suggesting it's time to let go of folks like this. It's time to work to lift up who we've got and surround him with the right people who care about this country enough to do something about the problems we are facing.

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