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Monday, April 30, 2012

Prez coolly discusses danger of watching Seals

  Sure, I don't like the guy.
  I have to say, though, that somebody should be embarrassed by the pyrotechnics of our current POTUS's celebration of himself and his ability to say yes while golfing to a mission long planned by our military.
  I mean, if you have to tell people how great you are.
  In the picture Shenandoah posted below, you might notice that the tiniest little head with the big ears skulking in a golf shirt and jacket belong to the *cough*Commander in Chief*cough cough**.
  You can watch all the videos over here as Brian Williams and Barack Hussein Obama stroll the previously secret Situation Room to talk about Barry's most glorious moment of ordering the death of a criminal, using liberal comparisons to,oh, say, basketball. "It was not a slam dunk YET....." 
  All while the cameras roll. And the two bobbleheads preen for them, fluffing their peacock tails for all to witness the beauty.
  It's enervating to watch the square jawed bubbleheaded truly determined steely eyed broadcaster interviewing the quietly coolly confident young Prez stroll through the previously secret area, pointing to this seat where he sat while the Seals risked their lives, his little pencil head poking up above his collar, to the tv he watched the maneuver on, to the clock he watched during the "longest 40 minutes of his life," cuz, you know, his life could all change in a moment.
  Or something.
  We've seen this cool cockiness before; swatting a fly while sitting coolly during an interview, coolly singing a melodic tune to his lovers, later airily claiming he hadn't been nervous or practiced the melody, contrary to other reports.
  You get the picture.
  Or maybe you don't. 
  So here's the promo:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about 
  Now that we have that really scintillating new Obama theme revealed and we can see that the Obama campaign has admitted MSNBC as its official network, maybe we can dump the whole "Hope and Change" thing.
  Sadly, Forward is being subjected to ridicule in the conservative Twitterverse. Don't those naughty monkeys have anything else to do?
  And it's going over real well in the real world too, what with its long history and all.
  Hey, if they think that means we're going to drop the whole Winning The Future--WTF-- stuff, they're nuts.
  So here it is.

Who Killed Cock Robin...?

"Who killed Cock Robin?
I, said the Sparrow,
with my bow and arrow,
I killed Cock Robin."
Who Killed Cock Robin is an English nursery rhyme dating back to the late seventeen hundreds.  

Somehow, I was reminded of this old tale while listening to the Anointed One's propaganda machine belch forth, with unabashed humility, credit for the demise of the late Sheik Osama bin Laden.  

According to Obama's BS machine, the diminutive boy-figure shown in the corner of the above photo, dressed in a golf shirt covered by a jacket, having just been summoned from the golf course, was witnessing the Seal 6 Team operation in Abbottabad, Pakistan -- an "operation he had just ordered."

Well, according to people in the know, the Anointed One was anything but -- in the know, that is.

Uber blogger, Ulsterman, reported shortly after the event last year that things didn't go down quite like the Anointed One claimed. His updated piece confirms suspicions.  It was actually Leon Panetta who planned and ordered the operation without the Anointed One's knowledge.

Read here and make up your own mind.

Update #1 (4/30/12):

The Mailonline is running a story tonight that quotes a Navy Seal regarding the mission:

"The operation itself was great and the nation felt immense pride. It was great that we did it. 
‘But bin Laden was just a figurehead. The war on terror continues. Taking him out didn’t really change anything as far as the war on terror is concerned and using it as a political attack is a cheap shot. 
‘In years to come there is going to be information that will come out that Obama was not the man who made the call. He can say he did and the people who really know what happened are inside the Pentagon, are in the military and the military isn’t allowed to speak out against the commander- in-chief so his secret is safe."
Update #2 (5/1/12)

"The killing of Osama Bin Laden was in fact a Coup within Obama WH."

Ulsterman Report's latest update on the ongoing resistance to give the fraud we have elected to the Presidency credit for the Seal Team 6 mission to kill Obama.

Obamacare: YOU are your own doctor!

  And so once again we have this administration jacking up health care prices and cutting their own contributions.
  Just as we have seen the government decreeing that regular breast exams are not necessary, nor are colonoscopies, and only certain medications are available for such conditions as asthma, we now have the government, which controls both pharmaceutical decision making and access to health care, decreeing that they are going to loosen prescription requirements for certain drugs.
  Think you need a doctor?
  Peh. No, ya don't. Just diagnose yourself.
  Then when you decide (if you're aware enough to suspect you have something like high cholesterol) you need the drugs to treat high cholesterol, you won't have to go to the doctor for a script!
  Instead, you can just pay for it yourself.
  That way, your insurance won't have to pay for it!
  And THAT way, Medicare doctors won't have to actually SEE patients who are suffering from various illnesses because they've become their own doctors!
  See how that works?
Under the changes that the agency is considering, patients could diagnose their ailments by answering questions online or at a pharmacy kiosk in order to buy current prescription-only drugs for conditions such as high cholesterol, certain infections, migraine headaches, asthma or allergies. 
By removing the prescription requirement from popular drugs, theObama administration could ease financial pressures on the overburdened Medicare system by paying for fewer doctor visits and possibly opening the door to make seniors pay a larger share of the cost of their medications.
  Ha! Little did you know that when that monstrous health care law was passed, what they were really going for is making YOU your own DOCTOR! 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Watch President Obama's comedy routine

It's the whole POTUS thing.

What Would Romney Do?

Well, while I sit and listen to the continuing love affair of our entertainer (president Obama) in chief, I am again confronted with the question, ARE WE JUST THAT STUPID?
Now we have Bill Clinton going out and making comments on what Romney might or might not have done if confronted with the opportunity to "take out" Osama bin Laden   And what we get to listen to is all the "what if this or that happened?"
  Really? I know some people love to indulge in speculation and expand on thoughts and opinions, but I would rather just like to ask a couple of real questions.
  So... did the Prez make this decision in advance or was it something that just came up by chance?
       What did his advisers suggest he do? Who said what?
       What did our foot in mouth VP say to do? Did he advise against it?
       What would happen if you could have could time travel and kill Hitler before WWII, but the only    way you could kill him is if  you had to sacrifice your entire family and you had to kill him with a spoon?
        Now, I bet Romney wouldn't do that.
And I bet the Prez would do it and even be able to do it with a plastic spoon. 
See how easy that was.
      Now, what I would like to say about these hypothetical questions is that they are pointless. A long time ago I learned the hard way, not to answer hypothetical questions....with real answers. There are enough real questions in the world without wasting our energy on the land of make believe.
What really happened on the decision day about Osama bin Laden?
      So,  Joe Biden is the 2nd in command.
      He was faced with a real question
      He gave a real answer... "don't  do it"
      He advised against the move against Osama.
      He was selected by Obama
      He is a heartbeat away from the Prez
      He wouldn't kill Hitler with a spoon either
      Ok, except for the Hitler thing, those are real comments about real things that happened. I know we can judge people by what they say they would do or wouldn't do, but the truth is that in so many areas of life, we really don't know until we are "IN" the situation.
  So I will give credit that someone made the right decision when it came to "offing" Osama, but give me a break about what others may or may not have done. We already know that Biden said "No"... that is real. And it is real that he was in the position of helping to make the call.
  So if this becomes more of a Political debate rather than a commentary on what really did happen, then I believe Obama needs to get a new running mate and fire most of his advisers. And we will really need to look at how much of this was a pondered decision or a request for permission.
  Remember, someone else did this... they had him... they were ready to go... make the decision, for God's sake all we need is permission.... the Navy Seals weren't asking him to come over and help....and bring your plastic spoon too. They just needed the "GO" order.
   Now, I'm done with this for now, but if I am forced to relive this again and go into the land of "what ifs" then here is the real answer to the Hitler scenario.
     Biden..... wont go
     Obama .... he says he will go ... but should have known that in time travel the plastic spoon will disappear. (energy advisers should have known about messing with the space-time continuum)
 Now what's going to happen......
     Romney goes...... and kills Hitler.....thank God for the SILVER SPOON!!! AMEN

Saturday, April 28, 2012

WHCD: the glitterati appear on the Red Carpet!!!!!

   YAhoo is covering the White House Correspondents' Dinner like it's the Academy Awards.       
  Like feed, comments from watchers, red carpet flashes.
  What's wrong with this picture.
  They're supposed to be objective journalists.
  Breathless, "The President!!! The President!!! The President!!"
  And Hollywood! Hollywood! Hollywood!

Obama's new ad incites terrorist activity

  The new Obama ad featuring Clinton questioning if Romney would have ordered the bin Laden killing is creating a kerfuffle for a number of reasons.
  • How does Clinton know what's in Romney's mind? How do Dems know what Romney would have done?
  • Doesn't it seem somewhat ironic that Bill Clinton, whose wife's campaign ran the infamous red phone who do you want to be answering emergencies at 3 in the morning ad, is doing the reverse here in this ad?
  • Didn't Obama himself excoriate Republicans for "exploiting" 9/11? What's different about the killing of bin Laden?
  • Why is Obama, who notoriously panders to our enemies, using this particular killing without thinking of the consequences?
  • Doesn't this shamelessly exploit the efforts and risk of the Seals?
  Let's be honest. The only risk to Obama was political.Why are these people making such a big deal out of a political risk?
  A gutsy call? Political risk? 
  Let's be realists here.  A lot of other people had a lot more risk that took guts than the smallest figure in the room in the official White House photo released to the public.
  And most important of all, doesn't the Obama campaign worry that, given the anniversary of bin Laden's death next week and all the increased chatter about terrorist activity, gloating over killing bin Laden will further inflame al Qaeda to make a statement on that date?
  Can you say major backfire if that happens?
  And why would you be so selfish as to even take the risk?
  Yet in the ultimate hypocrisy the Democrats were the first to leap to warn Republicans not to use 9/11 in Bush's reelection bid.

  Here the highly unstable Keith Olbermann rants about why talking about 9/11 was wrong, WRONG by the Republican party, Giuliani, McCain, Bush, et al.

  And let's not even bring up exploiting the Tucson shootings in which they not only used murders to further their own causes, but they accused innocent parties of having incited the murders with no proof whatsoever.
  Then they went on to deplore the lack of civility among Tea Partiers and Republicans, while calling Republican women names like the C word.
  So you've already taken the risk of calling out al Qaeda by celebrating bin Laden's death.
  You're inciting more terrorist activity, not to mention ignoring the people who actually committed the act.
  If anything happens next week, you own it, Obama.

FLOTUS & VP: egos run wild

  By now you've heard FLOTUS's fantasy that she'd like to just sneak out of the White House and just keep on walkin.'
  Uh huh. Did she hear the cheers from his detractors when she said that?
  Does she realize that's our goal next January?
  Once again, this family, the First Family, is moaning and groaning about the trials of being in the 1%. In fact, they're in a no percent population since they're the most privileged people in the universe.
  Just keep walkin,' Michelle. Keep walkin.' It's fine with us.
  Then we  move over to Joe  Biden, jewel of the Obama crown.
  He said this to an audience:
Vice President Biden ordered supporters to "pretend you like me" after mocking them as "dull as hell" at a campaign fundraiser in Washington on Friday. 
The vice president was speaking to Turkish and Azerbaijani donors about the potential of the region as a democratic and economic force when he noticed he wasn't getting much of a reception. 
“I guess what I’m trying to say without boring you too long at breakfast – and you all look dull as hell, I might add. The dullest audience I have ever spoken to. Just sitting there, staring at me. Pretend you like me!" Biden said.
  Dull as hell.
  Pretend you like me.
  Absolutely brilliant. 
  Please. No one shut Biden or FLOTUS up. 

Petty Prez exalted by Hollywood

  I read this last night. You'd think at some point the outrage would go away.
  Exhausted, we should give up on buffoons who look contemptuously on the mass of Americans who disapprove of what's going on in DC and Hollywood.
  Politico: "Why Obama is Hell on Hollywood"
  Now, mind you, this is a serious headline.
  They really think this.
  Glenn Thrush laments for all those overpaid Hollywood chumps the lack of material they have in "NoDrama Obama."
  Apparently the insiders at Politico, DC and Hollywood can find no fault in the petty prez.
  I repeat.
  This is what these people REALLY think at Politico and in Hollywood:

There are no new wars, no major scandals, no glaring personal flaws, no marriage on the rocks — just the depressing din of partisan warfare and unsatisfying compromise. 
Obama, the most catalytic public figure since Reagan, is, like the inscrutable Gipper, a screenwriter’s nightmare. He’s hermetic. He watches a lot of ESPN, shoots hoops, plays golf. Loves, loves, loves Apple products. He eats dinner with his family almost every night and has been known, his friends say, to urge Air Force One pilots to step on the gas to keep Michelle and the girls from waiting.
  Got that? No NEW wars. No scandals? 
  And do NOT compare him to Reagan.
  The guy doesn't WORK. He parties and golfs and shmoozes his adoring followers, all the time systematically dividing Americans by race, class and gender.
  The article gushes about the tv show "The West Wing" and how current young politicians model themselves after the TV characters.
  AND how they associate the White House and its official duties with what Hollywood did on THAT TV SHOW!
   Thrush says with the absence of anything to mock Obama with is such a disadvantage that "Hollywood is mining Washington for all of the things Obama hates — the pettiness, the obsession with trivia, the mindless worship of the news cycle and good, old idiot ambition."
  Because Obama's not PETTY??
  This is the pettiest, most divisive so-called LEADER we've ever had and yet Hollywood can't think of anything, ANYTHING that would reflect his leadership style, which is to bully anyone who disagrees with him by using the force of law, the force of the IRS and the force of mockery. Destroy reputations!
  Or, in the words of an Obamabot, CRUCIFY the opposition.
  But Hollywood can't see that.
  Instead, they naively make movies called "Bully" because that's a subject near and dear to the heart of NoDrama Obama.
  Because he thinks it inoculates him from being accused of being a bully himself, which is exactly what he is.
  But this is SOP for this administration, like hiring guys who don't pay taxes to be in charge of money. 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining...

Obama owns this *MoFo*

  The country has been inundated lately with delusional persons who seem to think the laws of this country are applicable to everyone but them.

  This really classy Fort Pierce individual screamed lots of swear words in front of a school bus. During the altercation with some other woman about something, this individual screamed this at the cop who tried to calm her down:
"[FWORD]  you [NWORD]. You can’t tell me what to do. Obama owns this motherFWORDer!” 
  Exactly what MoFo'er Ms. Epps is referring to is unclear. 
  Is she talking about the school bus?
  Is she talking about Fort Pierce?
  Is she talking about the legal system?
  Is she talking about the US of A?
  Is she talking about herself?
  While all of these items may be true, it would certainly help if the inarticulately entitled among us would be clearer when screaming invectives at the local arresting authorities.
  How else are we to organize our marches, petitions and committees against abuse?

Obama: crucify Romney donors

  Our POTUS is turning out to be a real creep.
  Michelle Malkin has been saying, "Quit calling Obama likeable. He's not a nice guy either."
  And, man, is she right.
  Kimberly Strassel at the WSJ writes today of the current Obama intimidation policies of picking and freezing a target. Who's his campaign picking? Romney donors. Hey, Nixon did it and we all know whose hero HE is:
Try this thought experiment: You decide to donate money to Mitt Romney. You want change in the Oval Office, so you engage in your democratic right to send a check. 
Several days later, President Barack Obama, the most powerful man on the planet, singles you out by name. His campaign brands you a Romney donor, shames you for "betting against America," and accuses you of having a "less-than-reputable" record. The message from the man who controls the Justice Department (which can indict you), the SEC (which can fine you), and the IRS (which can audit you), is clear: You made a mistake donating that money.
  Here's the Obama website (which has nothing to do with honesty) where all the terrible things these Romney donors have committed, like moving workplaces to more profitable environments.
  Which would obviously be offensive in an Obamaworld because they want to have their unions run all businesses, both federal and private.
  But these tactics are all part of the Obama routine. 
  He smiles and bows and sings for the adoring crowds, absorbing their screams and accolades while his minions run the office, write more regulations and threaten anyone who won't comply with his/their demands.
  Gone viral yesterday was the EPA administrator's calm discussion of how he gets gas and oil companies to do what he wants: he treats them like the Romans treated their adversaries.
  March into a town, pick 5 random guys and crucify them. 
  After that, the EPA administrator, who previously has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in government grants, laughingly says everyone in the town will be more cooperative.
  Presumably that's if the Alinski freeze and ridicule your opponent tactic doesn't work.
  That viral video was taken down by YouTube yesterday.
  Now caught, rather than be fired, that EPA administrator has apologized for his "choice of words," which is SOP for this administration when they get caught.
  Oh, gee, I'm really sorry I used the threat of crucifixion against American businesses.
  I mean, sure. Hire a guy to watch the money who doesn't pay his taxes.
  Don't make your federal employees pay their back taxes which add up to billions of dollars. (Why isn't it a requirement if you work for the government you have to pay your damn taxes like the rest of us?)
  Hell, even Obama's own Oval Office aides owe almost a million bucks in back taxes! But that's not a requirement to work for such a cool president!
  Because in an Obamaworld, we can make a new rule that everybody should pay more taxes using as an example a businessman who doesn't pay HIS taxes!
  So here we are playing politics with the same philosophy across the board.
  Just as the EPA administrator revealed his policy of DIScouraging oil and gas cultivation in these United States, Obama has revealed his own campaign tactic.
  Crucify the opposition so anyone considering siding with Romney will be more cooperative.
  If Ronald Reagan was the Great Communicator, this president is the Great Divider.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

EPA: Crucify Them

So much for strong, fair, law enforcement. Al Armendariz, Administrator for the South Central Region of the EPA has a new enforcement policy. Crucify them!

“It was kinda like how the Romans used to conquer those villages in the Mediterranean. They’d go into a little Turkish town somewhere, they’d find the first five guys they saw, and they’d crucify them. And you know, that town was really easy to manage for the next few years.”

Then he applies this tactic to twenty first century America:

“You make examples out of people who, in this case, are not complying with the law. Hit them as hard as you can and make examples out of them. There’s a deterrent factor. Companies that are smart see that, they don’t want to play that. And they decide at that point that it’s time to clean up.”


OWS's violent unicorn?

  Are these people completely unhinged?
  Here is the new violent poster for the OWS May 1 strike. Granted, violence and its ilk go along together with the OWS movement.
  But to so obviously demonstrate their pansy type of violence....Geez, there's so much wrong with this.
  With a UNICORN?
  It reminds of this, the new fascination of people formerly known as men for My Little Pony.

"Cool" Prez endangers country, business

  Best video so far.
  Even Jake Tapper gets into the act with this headline:
Republicans Look to Undermine the President’s Coolness and Likeability
  Note they are "undermining" his assumed coolness and likeability, as if their whole campaign is negative. 
  Then there's the WaPo headline:
Barack Obama is cool. Mitt Romney is not. What does it mean for 2012?
  Here's the truth.
  This country is in a mess. We are financially overwhelmed, about to be taken over in a number of areas not the least of which is education. Unions are threatening the very freedom and well being of this country.
  Communists and atheists are suing, demonstrating and trying to destroy the fabric of the country, including religion. Openly communist.
  The government is squeezing its citizens for more taxes, infringing on the rights of individuals to such an extent that you can get thrown into jail if you disagree with a cop or a TSA agent or if you film a cop on the street.
  Our government is employing drones to fly the skies. They're patroling the internet, hoping to gain control of it. Destroying one after another businesses.
  And we have a president who goes on a comedy show and rants with crazy eyes as the comedian raps.
  We have a president who heads for the golf course or vacation every chance he gets.
  We have a president who mocks and ridicules those who disagree with him, threatening to bring a gun to a "knife" fight.
  We have a president who appeases the likes of Putin, Iran and Al Sharpton. One who won't take seriously real threats but threatens the Bible toting gunlovers.

MSM slants news, headlines

  So here's the Yahoo headline, written by "The Cutline" Yahoo blogger who wrote about the abhorrent media policies of The Daily Caller and then posted the 5 year old picture of Martin instead of the tattooed 17 year old picture:
Murdoch admits to phone-hacking ‘cover-up’
  Now what does that sound like to you? To me, it sounds like he engineered a cover-up of reporters' hacking into someone's personal cell phone. 
  But let's look at what Murdoch actually said:
News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch testified Thursday to the U.K. committee on media ethics that there was indeed a phone-hacking "cover-up" at News International—led by "one or two very strong characters"—and that he had "failed" to uncover it. 
"Someone took charge of a cover-up, which we were victim to and I regret," Murdoch told the Leveson Inquiry in London on his second straight day of testimony. "I also have to say that I failed ... and I am very sorry for it." 
Murdoch, though, insisted the cover-up was not engineered by the company's top executives. "There was no attempt, by me or several levels below me, to cover it up," Murdoch said. "We set up inquiry after inquiry, we employed legal firm after legal firm. Perhaps we relied too much on the conclusions of the police."
  This is why the media has lost credibility. 
 Murdoch admits that someone in one of his many organizations did participate in a cover-up. He himself did not.
  Yet that is exactly what this writer is trying to make you think.
  Here is a more thorough rundown of the choice the NYT makes with regard to what is "news" and what is "not news," just as Stableford chooses a completely false and misleading headline. 
  Tom McGuire is a blogger, not paid by Yahoo, but he got the real story right.
  I used to scoff at self publishing.
  Obviously now it's much more likely the truth comes through those sources rather than the huge conglomerates who pay people to write stories, headlines and essentially decide what's news.

Knockout Punch Argument of the 2012 Presidential Election

There have been other versions of this concept / graphic, but this one is by far the most attractive seen yet.

Found at Doug Ross

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Obama: clown

  I've been thinking about this all day. Granted, I can't stand the guy so I'm really no judge. I guess.
  This isn't funny. Did anybody think this was funny? He'll bludgeons his opponents with anything he can. 
  What's next. The fun house? The circus? 
  We can hope.
  And wow. Is al Qaida watching?

Congratulation, Tom Smith!

I came across Tom Smith, the former coal mine operator who founded his local Tea Party chapter last December. I was impressed with his background. He deferred college to run the family farm after his father became ill. Later he worked as a coal miner before betting that family farm on a mining venture of his own which made him wealthy. In 2009 he co founded the Indiana-Armstrong Tea Party Patriots group in 2009 and served as chairman until this summer. Yesterday Mr. Smith overcame the party endorsement and the gubernatorial backing of his primary challenger, Steve Welch of Chester County and became the Republican candidate who will retire Senator Bob Casey. Congratulation again, Tom Smith!

Occupy Detroit's confused message

  Today the Occupy movement funded by the unions was supposed to march on the GE shareholders' meeting at the Renaissance Center in Detroit. The union promised to bus in 2 or 3000 marchers, funded by themselves, and launch the "99% Spring."
  Of course, Detroit has courted big spenders and big business because the city is dying. Indeed Quicken and Chrysler have both announced plans to work in Detroit.
  Yet here we are with the union bosses threatening those businesses with scenes like the ones they've been punishing the city with lately; the unions protested Gov. Scott Walker's appearance a week or so ago.
  Nolan Finley worried about this behavior in the Detroit News, openly wondering why businesses would want to relocate to Detroit when faced down by the bad behavior of union bosses, who are more interested in perpetuating their own success than any company's or shareholders':
But if massive numbers of raucous demonstrators disrupt the GE meeting, it will be a disaster for Detroit. 
Other business gatherings will avoid the city like the plague, hurting the convention business and killing jobs. 
More broadly, it will affirm that Detroit is still in the clutches of militant unions, hostile to business and a lousy place to plant money.
  Interestingly, though several buses showed up with union protesters (primarily SEIU), it looks like the brakes were put on regarding the size of the crowd.
  Imagine this.
  GE paid no taxes on many billion dollars of profits last year. Geoffrey Immelt, head of GE, is President Obama's top economic advisor.
  Payne at the DEtroit News also wonders what Bob King, president of the UAW, is thinking, in planning to protest the Democrat-happy GE:
The rally has horrified a Detroit Democratic establishment which fears a black eye to a near-bankrupt city already struggling to attract business. Though King’s antics have been telegraphed for weeks , a top Democratic source says that the party is frantically trying to discourage King’s 99 Percent Spring troops (which last week occupied Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s speech in Troy). Funny, though – the party raised nary a peep last fall when the Occupiers marched on Comerica Bank and DTE Energy, Detroit’s largest utility. The image of the UAW rampaging in front of Democrat-friendly corporations like GE and GM, apparently, hits too close to the bone. 
   So the unionists who showed up today, though fewer in number than originally planned, marched around the building and blocked the street so cars could not get through.
  Apparently the Democrat machine suddenly realized that these unionists were marching on Democrat leaning companies and it didn't poll well in the first place. Again, Detroit News:
Detroit — The United Auto Workers will join other labor unions and activist organizations on Wednesday in what is being billed as a major protest aimed at disrupting General Electric Co.'s annual shareholders meeting — part of a nationwide effort, called the "99 Percent Spring," to jump-start the Occupy Wall Street movement. [SNIP]

The union now seems to be dialing down its plans under pressure from political leaders who worry the demonstration could become a major embarrassment to a city and state struggling to attract business and investment, according to sources familiar with the situation.
  I wonder what it must be like to take orders like this, to become a union drone, to learn how to protest and argue with the police and to conform like some mindless zombie. And to have MSNBC try to find someone who actually drove their on their own in actual protest rather than arrive on a comfy union bus.
  Oh, wait, we have video of what that's like to be like that.
  Right here:

If I Wanted America to Fail...

Please, take four and a half minutes of your time to view this short video.  

Then, think about it.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Obama: Michelle and I "got poor together"

  Fox Nation, quoting Barack Obama:
President Obama, in an attempt to court college students during an official event in Chapel Hill, NC, said the following:"Michelle and I we've been in your shoes. Like I said, we didn't come from wealthy families" 
"Now check this out, I'm the President of the United States...We only finished paying off our student loans about 8 years ago. 
Obama on young folks with student debt: "I didn't just read about this...when we married...we added up our assets and there were no assets"
  The Tax Prof, Barack Obama's income. Note the year 2004, when they were making a mere $207,000.

Jodi Kantor, The Obamas:
Even the president made uncomfortable jokes about why his wife needed so many things. Behind the scenes, aides said, the Obamas were concerned about money: the president’s books could only sell so many copies, and it would be years until he could write more and the first lady could write her own. From vacation rental homes big enough to accommodate the Secret Service to all the personal entertaining they did at the White House, their lifestyle had grown fearsomely expensive.
  Jim Geraghty, NRO Campaign Spot:
President and Michelle Obama’s combined adjusted gross income in 2009: $5,505,409.
President and Michelle Obama’s combined income in 2010: $1,728,096.
President and Michelle Obama’s combined income in 2011: $789,674.
The Obamas’ combined adjusted gross income for 2008, their last year before moving into the White House, was $2,656,902. 
    Obviously, these people have suffered. They can relate to the...99%. 
    A college student writes:
Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner reported in his column, February 21, 2012, that the Obama’s had taken 16 extended vacations since he took office. The Obama Hawaii Christmas vacation cost the taxpayer $4 million. His wife spent $10,000 a night while vacationing in Spain. On President’s Day she and her two daughters went on a Vale ski trip. This is all funded by the taxpayer. It would not be an issue if Obama was paying for them out of his own pocket; however, it is on the taxpayer. Obama and his wife are living the highlife and we are paying for it. 
It is not just the vacations and golf trips; it is the elaborate parties he throws at the White House. Every Wednesday night there is an outrageous party with all the trimmings and celebrity guests and the taxpayer is funding it.
When I have to sacrifice just to make ends meet, I find it utterly offensive that this president can flaunt his excursions and lavish lifestyle that is being paid for by us. 
  More here

Dems start to turn on The Prince

  Some interesting things going on in the blogosphere. Some Democrats, mostly ones who aren't running again, are coming out against Obamacare, now that SCOTUS might vote it down and now that it has continued to be unpopular, even as we find out it's costing a fortune that we don't have.
  This woman, who apparently thought Obama would honor the "promise" not to include taxpayer funded abortion, has changed her mind. OOO, I shouldn't have supported it, she says crying alligator tears:
"I would have never voted for the final version of the bill if I expected the Obama Administration to force Catholic hospitals and Catholic Colleges and Universities to pay for contraception,” Dahlkemper said in a press release sent out by Democrats for Life in November. "We worked hard to prevent abortion funding in health care and to include clear conscience protections for those with moral objections to abortion and contraceptive devices that cause abortion. I trust that the President will honor the commitment he made to those of us who supported final passage."
  Huh. How is it that WE all knew out here that he would never keep that promise?
  Joe Manchin, "conservative" Dem, isn't sure he'll support Obama. 
  And Investors Business Daily has a rundown of other Dems who are "jumping ship," including Artur Davis, who sounds like he should switch to the Republican Party.
  We already referenced CNN anchor Don Lemon's chiding of Obama for not taking responsibility.
  But the most spectacular blowup belongs to SNL comedian Jon Lovitz, who is really really ticked about Obama's constant references to being successful.
  Warning... VERY blue language.

At some point, you have to take responsibility...

  The web is abuzz today with Don Lemon's (CNN Black recently outed news anchor) talking points about Barack Obama's lack of taking responsibility for this stinky economy, the numerous regulations, the lack of responsibility BO takes for just about anything like the GSA and the Secret Service.
  Meh. Personally I think it's just a shot across the bow of Barack Obama's ship so he doesn't lose because he's so narcissistic and can't seem to figure out where his, um, arm is.
  Watch and decide for yourself, remembering that it's all a psy ops campaign.

Big Brother is here, now. His name is Barack Obama

  Hey, this is the New America.
  Black Hawks have been circling in Chicago, just like Iraq. "Heavily armed men" were seen, ready to drop from the copters to the buildings and ground in a raid.
  The Prince is claiming sanctions against Syria and Iran for punishing folks who use social media to protest, but here in AMERICA he continues to encourage snitching, through his "Truth Teams" and ""? Why? Sanctions prepared for Americans who protest?
  Meanwhile the newly established "security perimeter" will prevent protestors from getting within eye view of The Prince. It has also been reported by one family that they were required by the Secret Service to move from their yard into their house when The Prince passed by.  Out of eye view.
  HOWEVER, we find out that the drones that previously toured Iraq will now survey the United States. For what?
  For spying? For photographs? For weaponry? You'll note that the most information on this spying utility is coming again from a paper in the UK, not the US.
  Europe has plans to set up a satellite that will snitch on the most users of "carbon emissions," including autos. This is pretty scary, because the goal is to use something like the Kyoto Treaty to bind countries into redistributing their wealth to "developing" countries, who are under no such obligation to bind their own industry or steal from their taxpayers.
  How long before that technology is part of the US, given the proclivities of the current adminstration?
  For all his bluster about privacy, the POTUS has proven to be the least transparent, the most invasive and the most controlling of any administration in previous history.

Pssssst! Can Ya Keep A Secret?

An $8 Billion Dollar Trick!

Obama has a political slush fund at HHS (Health and Human Services Department).  These are taxpayers dollars that Obama has redirected to help him win reelection in November.

According to an article in the New York Post yesterday, the Anointed One will try to use these funds to delay certain provisions in Obamacare until 2013 when he is no longer accountable to the voters.  

The theory is that if senior voters start suffering from the slashing of Medicare Advantage reimbursement rates prior to the election it will be impossible for the Anointed One to get a second term.

Ya think?

Why are union workers supporting antiwork Occupiers?

  Many dark clouds hang over this country. Years ago, the red threat was something children grew up with. Now, the red threat is a reality.
  People who declare themselves Communists, not even just Socialists, openly parade themselves in protests, at the head of national unions and in front of cameras to persuade citizens that Communism, Communism is the way for our government!
  Trumka is a good example. He scorns the salaries of CEOs of companies who actually make products while he himself as CEO of the AFL CIO makes 8 times what the average worker makes. Where Trumka goes, violence follows.
  Discoverthenetworks describes Trumka's relationship with Communists this way:
Trumka, Sweeney and Chavez-Thompson also rescinded a founding AFL-CIO rule that banned Communist Party members and loyalists from leadership positions within the Federation and its unions. Instead, the "New Voice" triumvirate welcomed Communist Party delegates to positions of power in the Federation. And the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) declared itself "in complete accord" with the troika's new AFL-CIO program. "The radical shift in both leadership and policy is a very positive, even historic change," wrote CPUSA National Chairman Gus Hall in 1996 about the Trumka/Sweeney/Chavez-Thompson takeover.
  Trumka boasts that he is at the White House 2 or 3 times a week and speaks to someone in the WH every day! Though he dodges the question of being a Communist himself, he has encouraged their participation in unions and the Occupy crowd, which is financially supported by the unions.
  So that 60 year old machinist who works away numerous hours to support his family is paying his union days to support the lice ridden, law breaking, filthy, work hating bums that are encamped in slimy public property around the country.
  And, for sure, what the heck is this about unions supporting the occupy movement who try to avoid work at all costs?
  That's going to be about as productive a work effort as the Portlandia women's store:

Monday, April 23, 2012

Eric Holder Gonna Do Time?

Eric Holder, Justice Department Attorney General, after testifying numerous times before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee may soon be charged with contempt of Congress.  The word on the street is that an indictment will be coming down in a matter of weeks.

Implicated in the ATF's selling of weapons to the Mexican drug cartels through legitimate gun dealers in Arizona, Holder has stonewalled the committee for a year refusing to hand over tens of thousands of documents related to the trafficking of these weapons.

Over 300 Mexican and at least two US Border Patrol deaths have been attributed to this action which has since been dubbed Fast and Furious.

Holder denies any knowledge of Fast and Furious, however leaked emails and other testimony tell a different story.  The real question is whether or not the Boy Prince had knowledge.  I am not a betting man, but if I was, I would bet that he knew.

In my world, these people are losers

  The Occupy movement is planning big things for May 1; they're also active in cities around the country, including Portlandia, er, Portland.
  Here's video of the small number of filthy individuals emulating the 60s hippies who like to say reprehensible things to cops, including intelligent comments like, "You're a f#$%ing pig!"
  In Toledo, our very own Occupiers, who held a funeral for their occupation, are planning several festivities for May Day week; here's a pdf of the fun festivities they're planning, which include street theater and presumably mimes, feminist bookstore promotion and lots of LGBTQA information. I think I got that acronym right, as it's becoming increasingly difficult since they keep adding more letters.
  Lots more planned by the productive individuals of the Occupy/Communist/Unionist/anarchist movements in this country. You can see some of it here.
  Here's the video evidence of just how absolutely wonderful these people are.
  And how few.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Did Dems steal votes in 2008?

  Did Democrats steal votes in 2008 in Ohio and Pennsylvania?
  Leaked emails say yes.
  And John McCain chose not to fight what was perceived as vote "manipulation," probably because of the Bush/Gore mess.
  Business Insider:
John McCain's 2008 campaign staff allegedly had evidence that Democrats stuffed ballot boxes in Pennsylvania and Ohio on election night, but McCain chose not to pursue voter fraud, according to internal Stratfor emails published by WikiLeaks. 
In an email sent on November 7, 2008, and titled " Insight - The Dems & Dirty Tricks ** Internal Use Only - Pls Do Not Forward **," Stratfor vice president of intelligence Fred Burton wrote: 
  Original article at Gateway Pundit.It looks like McCain was afraid of, gee, rioting. Who could imagine.
  Outrageous allegation , you say?
  Yet it would not be the first such inquiry. 
  Four Dems have had charges filed against them for election fraud to get Obama on the ballot.
  Hillary Clinton supporters declare to this day that she was cheated of the nomination by fraud; they even have a name: PUMAs.
  And even in this election Barack Obama does not use eVerify for campaign donations, thus leading 
  So is it possible Dems could have cheated in Ohio and Pennsylvania?
  The answer is obvious.
  WikiLeaks continues to gift.

Is White House out of control?

  I asked yesterday and I'll ask again today.
  Why are we hearing repeated questions, prompting one might suggest, from various public persons about White House advance staff being involved in the Cartagena Secret Service scandal.
  If you have EYES and EARS, it's pretty obvious that there are some levels of government that are completely out of control.
  What made them think that this behavior was acceptable? Why would they create a scene knowing they'd get caught. 
  So far, this is what we know, from The Week:
  One agent trashed his hotel room; Pley Club was a brothel. They boasted of their credentials to locals. At least one had a Facebook account. More than 23 women/prostitutes were involved. (Did they think this wouldn't get out?) An employee claimed they did cocaine.
  Today's New York Post wonders who's in charge in the White House. Why, the party animals, of course.
  Even when confronted, Obama feigned concern, rather than jump to conclusions, ala Cambridge Police/Trayvon/Zimmerman. Sure I'll be mad, he says casually with that weirdly aloof manner he has when he's trying to deflect criticism. But I'll wait to see what's true and what's not; that was something that didn't seem to bother him in racial incidents that easily inflamed the populace.
  Clarice Feldman had the best roundup of the past week of the Obama administration, which sure has been full of some really stinky boo boos.
As Don Surber notes: "Sadly, the economy still slogs along with gun sales as the lone bright sport."  Aware that this is not the kind of record you win re-election on, Obama's crack campaign stuff has --with the aid of their media lapdogs-- set up a series of diversions, each of which is  exploding in Obama's face like Wile E. Coyote's Acme exploding cigars. 
Last week the "Republican War on Women" disintegrated when DNC operative Hilary Rosen claimed Ann Romney, a mother of five, never worked a day in her life, so was an odd choice for Mitt's adviser. That was followed by the news that Obama paid the women on his staff 18% less than the male staffers and that Hilary Rosen was a very well paid corporate lobbyist with unprecedented access to the same white House Obama had pledged would not be influenced by lobbyists.
  Democrats are even coming out of the closet to declare what bad choices the White House has made, particularly regarding Obamacare, the dog that no American wanted but that Democrats fell on their swords to pass in a once in a lifetime partisan opportunity.
  So all those liberals gave up their seats for the "great cause" which no one wanted and meanwhile the Obamas and their ilk keeping dressin' up for their parties and partyin' down with the hoi polloi of Hollywood.
  FNC has been making a big deal about the big donors who aren't contributing to Obama (although no one's talking about the fact that Obama's accepting illegal unverified money for his campaign); now others are clucking about the financial advantages Obama has over Romney.
  Hey, chumps, it's April.
  All that money that has been donated to all the Republican candidates will now funnel over to Romney. 
  Why do y'all think Obama's been working the ropes so hard for all the cash he can lay his hands off this early?
  Everyone knows he's pretty much abdicated the throne of the presidency for parties, dinners and fundraisers. It's the Chicago machine at work.
  Left wingers are also making a fuss about the acrimony of the primary process. That's a joke. Does no one remember how Hillary Clinton was shoved out, declared racist and unlikeable, excoriated and shunned during Obama's primary season?
  The media is making a big deal about how "unloved" Romney is but this isn't exactly true.
  Sure, nobody's wild about Romney. That'd be like being wild about button down shirts or crew socks.
  But we are wild about Obama.
  What will drive this election is not enthusiasm for Romney; it's abhorrence for Obama. 
  And that will drive this election.
  Those puppies in the White House are overconfident; the MSM is arrogant and condescending toward conservatives.
  But what happened in November 2010 and to Orrin Hatch is a harbinger. 
  As far as flyover country's concerned, we're just hoping they all stay as out of touch as they have been. 
  November 2010. November 2012. 
  Yeah. We'll see.