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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Kill a Cracker for Trayvon

This recently published video from the New Black Panthers is openly calling for a race war and the killing of white people.

Soooo, the questions that need to be asked might be:

1.  Is the Justice Department and, specifically, Eric Holder, going to arrest these people for inciting violence and promoting murder?  No!

2.  Why has the Anointed One remained silent?  I am sure that if he had an older daughter, Michelle Williams would be just like her.

3.  If there were such an entity called the New White Panthers, and they produced this race-baiting call to arms against blacks, would they have been arrested?  Faster than you can say "fast and furious!"

Never ceases to amaze this student of history how one sided this administration is when it comes to race.  The election is rapidly becoming a race based vote, rather than what it should be; a vote based on the economy, jobs, heath care and energy.

The Anointed One is squarely behind this New Black Panther BS as is evidenced by his silence and the need for a race-based distraction from his abject failures.


  1. Old Malike was on Beckmann today, advocating for civil disobedience in Detroit over the city council's decision to take the general manager's agreement.

    It's all about "power" he said, over and over.

    Ain't that the truth. You drive yourself into a financial hole and then you expect the state to bail you out.

  2. This is a typical case of someone with an alligator mouth overriding his
    hummingbird ass.

    The same holds true for all of these New Black Panther dudes and dudettes. If they had half a brain they would know that they are highly out manned and over gunned and that they will ultimately be the loser in any "war." Which is as Darwin intended, I guess.

  3. I'm waiting eagerly to hear what he had to say yesterday. There doesn't seem to be much out there about it.

    He truly is an ass.