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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Media meme: not-yet-candidate Mitt has no Black supporters

  Well, we won't count Herman Cain, who has said he supports Romney, because he's not a real Black Americans. He's not authentically Black. He's unctuous because he doesn't toe the line.
  But now CNN asks if Romney is just "kissing off African Americans" because no one (including Cain, who apparently doesn't exist) has yet endorsed him, even though Romney's not the Republican candidate yet.
  The truth is that most conservatives are not thrilled with Romney. We won't necessarily flood the auditoriums to go see him or talk excitedly to our friends if he visits town.
  But we sure as heck will send him money. We sure as heck will GOTV for him. He's a good man. Not very conservative, but a good family man who's seen real success in life, a success we all would like to experience. He's an excellent organizer and businessman, just what the country needs right now.
  And hopefully someone who won't try to divide people by class or race or anything else.
  CNN has taken up the Daily Beast and the NY Times memes, the obvious implication being that Romney is. Well. Of course.
  A racist.
  See, this is what they do. Somebody starts a gossipy, unsourced or fatuous meme about Republican/conservative/Tea Party 1) sexism  2)  racism   3) ageism   4) cheapness  5) desire to murder children and soft fuzzy kittens   6) classism
  Then the rest of them pick it up and run with it.
  Really. Get a new playbook, guys.

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