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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Radiowaves flooded with PSAs

  The radio airwaves are SATURATED--I would say some days NINETY PERCENT of the ads--with government ads, PSAs and the like admonishing us out here in RadioLand to do all kinds of things.
  Here's the text of one of the worst ones. It's badly "rapped" in a breathy, Mom voice:
Don't do drugs you'll end up like a thug and you'll make your mother sad and you'll make your father mad. Don't do drugs, drugs are bad. Don't do drugs, drugs are bad. Don't tow that line you'll think itÆs just one time and start doing crack and you'll have a heart attack don't do drugs, drugs are bad. Don't do drugs, drugs are bad, and you'll make your mother sad. You know, thereÆs a better way to talk to your kids about drugs. Learn how at Brought to you by the Partnership and
  Imagine it. It's hideous.
  Or don't.
  The EPA is also out in full force, with lots of sad children's voices complaining about asthma and how not even one child should suffer from asthma. "I feel like 
  That'd be great, if it were possible.
  But as with all things politick, the EPA has a different purpose behind the ads, and that's to defend their own policies, enforce new more radical policies and basically get more of your money to justify their own existence and threaten yours.
  Here's a TV ad they're running. Note the metaphor of a "fish out of water," something I'm sure a 5 year old would think of himself.
  This is a common tactic with those who want to use children to get you to do what they want. Tugging on the heart strings. Making you feel guilty for driving.
  Heart attacks caused by smog will be next. I mean, we've hit up the little kids pretty hard with the EPA ads. Now let's hit up the elderly.
  Really, we're all becoming terribly cynical these days.

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