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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Civil "servants' blow YOUR dollars

  There's an excellent and funny post (like, sick funny) over at the Baltimore Sun about the widening GSA scandal and the appropriateness of so-called "civil service." It's always amusing that the biggest moochers on the government teat (aka civil "servants") think they're the biggest sacrificers, dedicating their lives to "serving" the public.
  Well, they do "serve" the public, depending on if you consider crap a desirable product. 
  We've seen the taxpayer funded clowns performing for YouTube bragging about wasting government money; we've seen $823,000 blown on a Las Vegas trip where they handed out iPads and hired "mind readers." We've had wild parties. People who rented tuxes courtesy taxpayers.
  Government employees received bonuses for planning that lavish Vegas trip. 
  115 GSA iPods are missing.
  Now it looks like the recently fired woman who headed the GSA wasn't the worst offender, if you can believe that.
  Jeffrey Neely apparently likes Hawaii a lot, since he excused himself from work and sent himself there courtesy for ten days for an hour ribbon cutting ceremony, courtesy taxpayer dollars. Neely took 131 trips in 43 months.
  Ho hum. And another contractor has just been charged with bilking the government of $1 million. 
  Oh, yeah, I know what you're saying.
  You're making excuses for this waste, saying that well, but look. We're talking about it now so that means it's no secret and that means government waste is being exposed.
  This is part of the "civil servant" culture.
  And these people are going to be in charge of health care.

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