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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Healing and unity? They think you're stupid

  Take, for example, the Buffett rule.
  This administration has admitted that it will raise a few billion dollars, like enough for parties for Obama's various czars.
  It won't balance any budgets or fix any deficits.
  So why are they doing it?
  Playing right into the class warfare meme that the Occupiers have been preaching for the last year.
  For me, I think the greatest disappointment in this president is that he is pitting Americans against each other, particularly racially.
  I didn't vote for him and I believed his policies would have a drastic effect on this country, but, once in a while when he was first hired, when listening to his rousing oratory, I had a glimmer of hope that maybe he wouldn't be as bad as we all feared.
  That maybe he would encourage people, rather than lash out at them.
  He has proven to be the most corrupt administrator in history.
  He has proven to be the most divisive and dishonest politician imaginable.
  Now Victor David Hanson has summed up how stupid they really think you are in this little piece over at NRO. In a series of contrasts between the public Obama and the real Obama, Hanson paints a picture that is not only revelatory but devastating.
  Read it here:
How about healing and unity — as in the no-more-red-America-or-blue-America sermons of the past? For the answer to that we turn to the imprompu “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” “Get in their faces,” “tea-baggers,” and “punish our enemies.” Or consider Obama’s private call to Sandra Fluke and his later quip that he did not wish his daughters to grow up in a world in which a Rush Limbaugh defames women — without much cognizance that his own campaign affiliates had gladly accepted $1 million from the misogynist Bill Maher, or that he now de facto owned the comments of his celebrity supporter, who had said far worse things about women than had Limbaugh — but without commensurate presidential rebuke.

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