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Monday, November 30, 2015

Why the secrecy about the Colorado Springs and Minneapolis shootings?

What do we call people with the physical attributes of one gender who identify with the opposite gender? Apparently the Huffington Post thinks they have trapped Ted Cruz in a gotcha moment when he describes Colorado shooter Robert Lewis Dear as trans gendered. Wrong. Ted Cruz does not say anything off camera he will not say on camera. Dear identified himself as an “unaffiliated female”  on his voter registration not Ted Cruz.

Something is beginning to smell. Four days after the shooting the public does not know the name of the victims because the autopsies have not been completed? What does cause of death have to do with a person's name?
Another story that is falling apart is the mysterious shooting of Black Lives Matter demonstrators in Minneapolis by supposed "white supremacists, one of whom turned out to be Asian. It has been reported that five demonstrators were shot but only three hospitalized all with non life threatening injuries. From Yahoo News:
"Prosecutors must decide by noon on Monday whether to charge four men held by Minneapolis police in connection with the Nov. 23 wounding of five people protesting the fatal police shooting of an unarmed black man. A judge on Wednesday gave the Hennepin County Attorney's Office until midday on Monday to make a decision on charges against Allen Lawrence Scarsella, 23; Joseph Martin Backman, 27; Nathan Wayne Gustavsson, 21; and Daniel Thomas Macey, 26."
How is it the prosecutor has yet to charge the alleged offenders? The FBI is supposedly aiding in the case and after a week they have yet to bring charges. Are we hearing the whole story?

Marco Rubio's "dark money" machine

Certainly Marco Rubio is going to hear much about the Conservative Solutions Project in the next debate if not sooner. Rubio has quietly and quickly become the king of "dark money". While all candidates have Pac's and SuperPacs Rubio has taken it one step further. The Conservative Solutions Project which has purchased over $8 million in television air time is a 501 (c) (4) just as are most Tea Party groups. Under the law they can be formed to promote  “social welfare,” but not simply promote a single candidate.  CSP is promoting Rubio but as a 501 (c) (4) is not required to reveal its donors. What CSP is doing is tantamount to the Perrysburg Tea Party spending money on behalf of, God forbid, John Kasich.
Evidently CSP is brazenly ignoring tax law knowing that there will be no consequences until after it files its tax returns and the primary is decided and in the meanwhile it is keeping its donor list private. Who are these people? They could be anyone from Mark Zuckerberg to La Raza.

Read more here, here, here and here.

Waiting for Trump to flame out?

We have heard a number of commentator and politicians on cable television announce that Trump's floor, that is the 25% to 30% he has held in most polls, to also be his ceiling. Supposedly he cannot get above his present numbers and will eventually implode. Sound logic or wishful thinking? Probably the latter. Supposedly an establishment candidate will eventually emerge and vanquish the star of reality television but what candidate is that? It was thought to be Bush and then Christie but now it's Marco Rubio.
If all the other candidates were eliminated Rubio would take Trump. Not according to the Economist / YouGov poll of 2000 Americans. They paired several candidates against Trump and against one another and if Trump is going to lose it will be against someone who has yet to announce.

Donald Trump 57% Marco Rubio 43%
Donald Trump 60% Ben Carson 40%
Donald Trump 57% Ted Cruz 43%
And my favorite.
Ted Cruz 55% Marco Rubio 45%
One poll does prove inevitability. The candidates do not run in a national primary rather they must concentrate on winning state elections. A poll of the general population is not as predictive as a poll of registered voters much less a poll of likely voters still one must question what polls the talking heads on cable news are using to support their opinions.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Trump up 5 points since Paris attacks

Post the Paris attacks Donald Trump is up five points in the Huffington Post average of polls. He holds a commanding lead over Ben Carson with 35.1% to Carson's 13.9%, a lead of 21.2%. Only 2 other candidates score in double digits. Marco Rubio scores 12.6% and Ted Cruz gets 11.4%. The Huffington Post tracts 223 polls from 33 pollsters. The Real Clear Politics average of polls shows a similar albeit less pronounced bounce for Trump and a simultaneous decline for Carson.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Ted Cruz moves into second place in Iowa

In a dramatic move Ted Cruz has moved into second place in Iowa just 2 points behind Donald Trump. The latest Quinnipiac poll shows Trump at 25, Cruz at 23, Carson at 18 and Rubio with 13. No one else is in double digits. While that move is encouraging winning the Iowa caucuses has been a dead end for the last two winners, Rick Santorum in 2008 and Mike Huckabee in 2004.

Listen to Bobby Fischer cheer 9/11

Relative to Muslims cheering the 9/11 attack listen the former world chess champion Bobby Fischer's uncontrollable glee at the death of almost 3,000 Americans. Although Fischer lived in Queens as a youngster he played at the Marshall Chess Club in lower Manhattan which is probably less than a mile from ground zero. He was a demented, despicable bastard.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Democrats haul out the wheel chair to ambush Ryan again

  I wish I could be even somewhat amused by Obama's frantic desperation to hold on to his power; unfortunately his manipulation and overreaching will have serious consequences to my life and yours, as we watch him roll out over 2,000 new regulations that will cost Americans many, many dollars.
  It's apparent at this point that Obama does not care how these regulations--or any of the other executive orders he's issued--will affect the average American family.
  As the rich Democrats hide behind their gated walls in fabulous communities occasionally venturing out to go to a dinner that costs hundreds of dollars or visit their private physicians, the rest of us Rubes can just go eat worms, I guess, because we're never going to get the truth out of that bunch, even if we waterboarded them.
  Now you might recall that DEMOCRATS stole over $716 billion dollars a year from Medicare to deposit into the--as we expected--floundering Obamacare. (Of course, the Democrat media machine went into overdrive denying that fact but the very creation of the presidential appointed IPAB Board proves it, again as the media machine seeks to poo poo its importance through mockery and derision.)
  Because we all trust Obama to make the right decisions for all Americans, right?
  What's interesting now is that Ohio Democrats are figuratively out with their fake Paul Ryan and phony wheelchair trying to peddle the idea that any budget adjustment at all will damage Medicare.
With control of the House majority securely in his hands, Speaker Paul Ryan can’t wait to enact the infamously dangerous budget cuts he’s been touting for years.
He wants to slash Medicare benefits and end the Medicare guarantee that millions of American seniors depend on!
Americans can’t afford to sit back and let it happen. Add your name to tell Speaker Paul Ryan: Leave our Medicare ALONE!
  When in reality, we know that the Democrats are the ones who've cut Medicare and imposed rules that require booting old people out of hospitals because they're too expensive.
  Because die quickly.
  You know. Like presidential advisor Ezekiel Emanuel has always advised
However, other things are rarely equal—whether to save one 20-year-old, who might live another 60 years, if saved, or three 70-year-olds, who could only live for another 10 years each—is unclear." In fact, Dr. Emanuel makes a clear choice: "When implemented, the complete lives system produces a priority curve on which individuals aged roughly 15 and 40 years get the most substantial chance, whereas the youngest and oldest people get changes that are attenuated (see Dr. Emanuel's chart nearby). 
  It seems Orwell knew his subject matter well. The Democrat Party of Hillary's lies, Obama's divisiveness and Emanuel's medical ruthlessness has mined Lucifer's insidious gems in Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals."

Democrat: It's time for a change

  The last few years have been really, really depressing when it comes to watching the implosion of the Republican Party and the explosion of the Democrat Party. Did I mention I will never vote for a Democrat again?
  Here's an encouraging development: Carlyle Begay, Navajo Arizona Democrat Senator, has switched to the Republican Party. Now, it's not that the Republicans have all the answers.
  It's that if more good leaders see the Republican Party as the party of opportunity and self empowerment, maybe we can get rid of the dopes who are currently in office.
  Watch and be encouraged.
  For a change.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Free markets do work. We will soon see $1 per gallon gas and $10 smartphones.

To update my previous post Fox News released the results of its poll after I had posted that the ABC / Washington Post poll and both polls showed Trump leading second place Carson by 10 percentage points. In a nutshell both polls show Trump, Carson, Rubio and Cruz as the only candidates in double digits and the Fox poll is a bit kinder to Cruz.
It is Sunday so please indulge me as I venture from politics into areas that may have an even more direct effect on your personal life than next year's election. To keep this blog remotely relevant requires me to reads volumes of news daily and much of that leads beyond the realm of politics. While most readers would not have needed the Psychic Friends Network to predict Charlie Sheen's AIDS, had they thought about it, there is more important if less salacious news to deal with.

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Energy prices have been an interest to me for some years because of the roll of energy in the economy and because the prices of gasoline, heating oil, natural gas and electricity eat up a large chunk of the average American's income. I would argue that the $140 per barrel of oil was the primary driver of the 2008 crash. Idiotic lending rules and a Federal Reserve that assured the nation that everything was fine right up until the crash of course contributed but there was a precedent. The 1973 OPEC oil embargo brought about a severe recession and helped curtail the political career of one James Earl Carter, brother of pop celebrity Billy Carter, and who in the midst of the Iranian hostage crisis was attacked by a giant swamp rabbit. Hostages, embargoes and giant rabbits have always been the bane of American presidents.
Moving from energy prices in general to gasoline prices I predict we will see $1 per gallon gas soon. Maybe not everyone will see it but some will. Early today Gas Buddy reported that gas was selling for $1.38 in nearby Henderson, Kentucky. ( If you don't have this app on your phone or computer you should follow the above link. Gas prices often vary as much as 20 cents within in a few miles.) A quick look around the nation show gas selling for $1.96 per gallon in Minneapolis, $1.59 in Perrysburg, $1.89 in Fargo North Dakota, in close proximity to the Bakken Shale, and $1.58 in Midland, Texas, the trading hub of the Permian Basin. There a number of reasons for the wide disparity in prices such as state taxes and proximity to refineries and pipelines but I predict that soon parts of the country will see $1 gas.
Dollar per gallon gas! What next? How about a $10 smartphone. Soon Walmart will market just that. It uses a low-end Qualcomm Snapdragon chip and there’s no front-facing camera, so selfies are going to be a challenge. Also it runs an older Android OS, has a small 3.8 inch display and with the TracFone service will not give 4G service. It is however, superior to the original iPhone and offers WiFi networking. This begs the question, how long will consumers pay up 60 times this price for an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy? Unlike expensive gasoline, the aforementioned premium phones do have some snob appeal but free markets can diminish that pretty quickly. The macroeconomic effect? The next president will be able to boast that the balance of trade with China and North Korea has been significantly reduced. Now if we can just figure how to get cigarettes back to a quarter per pack.

Trump up by 10 in ABC / Washington Post poll

Click to enlarge

Despite several missteps and sundry slander campaigns on the part of the media Donald Trump has extended his lead over Ben Carson and the rest of the GOP field in the ABC / Washington poll released today. Notice that only 3 candidates, Trump, Carson and Rubio are in double digits. Increasingly Trump seems to be viewed by Republican voters as the only candidate who would make a difference. For example 42 percent of Republicans say they trust Trump to handle terrorism and 47 percent rate him as best for the economy In terms of personal attributes, 47 percent see Trump as the candidate best able to bring about needed change in Washington.
In the Real Clear Politics average of polls Trump has 26.2 percent followed by Carson with 21.6 percent. Rubio gets 11.8 percent, Cruz, 10 percent and the inevitable Jeb Bush who raised $147 million gets 5.8 percent. I guess some things are not for sale.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Another reason why people think Obama is a Muslim

Nasty things those Freudian slips!
Notice relationship between the words "Muslim community " and "we".

"And so, I think on the one hand, non-Muslims cannot stereotype, but I also think the Muslim community has to think about how we make sure that children...

I am surprised C-Span had the brass to point this out and even more surprised that the post, Did President Obama Just Admit He Was Muslim? is still up there.

Friday, November 20, 2015

OMG I agree with Chris Matthews

Remember when your mother told you it's always in the last place you look? Certainly most of us looking for coherent thinking would never tune in MSNBC but as Mom said it in the last place you look. In the past week most of us consumed news like binge eaters on pregnane steroids, watching television with one eye and the Twitter feeds with the other. That compulsion drove me to MSNBC, that, along with Fox News' idiotic fair and balanced debates which one might think were produced by the WWE. I wouldn't go so far to call Fox News hell but purgatory? Maybe?
When domestic politics are discussed on MSNBC the tone ranges from subdued to crestfallen. Yes, they continue to defend Obama against all criticism both foreign and domestic but it's more like apologia for a parent or spouse who drinks too much. Obama has been a great disappointment and the prospect of 8 years under Hillary may in their minds be better than 8 under Kasich or Pataki but a great deal less the the bubbly hope and change that was so intoxicating in 2008. Listening to Chris Matthews, it is evident that the thrill up his leg has abated. He has reverted to his old heroes, JFK and Tip O' Neal.
Occasionally an objet d'art is found in the flotsam and jetsam of MSNBC reportage and opinion and Matthews makes a point that Republican critics of Obama's Syrian refugee program should. What sort of moral slackers are these people? To Matthews they are tantamount to deserters. They don't care enough about their own country to fight for it. Why should Americans die for Syria when Syrians will not? ISIS is taking the country from people who would rather flee to the West and what do we think of people who will not fight for their country?

The following evening Matthew was back on the same subject. He remarked that the Vietnamese refugees were welcomed into the US because they had fought along side of Americans but the Syrian refugees have yet to fight along side of anyone. It's a compelling point and when one sees the tempest tossed Syrians damning Europeans for their bad cooking and slow WiFi one wonders why the hell any country would want them. Maybe they deserve our scorn more than our pity.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

I remember when we had a president

It is no understatement to say that Barrack Obama is a danger to the republic. The Russians know that while Putin may be an autocrat he at least has their best interests at heart. We are not so lucky. Twice before the petulant, pouting prima donna from Chicago has put the well being of foreigners above the safety of Americans. Owing to his personal decision to pull American troops out of Iraq he has allowed the ascendancy of ISIS. Then the supple spined semi-retired president publicly underestimated its danger up until the very day it killed or wounded almost 500 French citizens. Now the country is asked to suck it up and invite 10,000 potential terrorists to share in the American dream.
He doesn't give a damn that Americans have died on his watch. Did he invite the family of James Foley to the White House? How about the families of the 4 men who lost their lives in Benghazi when the country declined to come to their aid? No, but he did honor the white trash parents of Bowe Bergdahl and allowed papa Taliban to praise Allah in the Rose Garden. If, God forbid, ISIS is able to carry out a successful attack on the homeland do not expect the families of the fallen to ever see the inside of the White House.

A year ago Americans were asked to dare all for his political agenda. When Ebola threatened he refused to impose travel bans on the West African nation infected with the menace notwithstanding the fact that the first fatality in the nation had come from Liberia, exposing 43 people to the disease on the way. Instead of travel bans the country got an Ebola czar and a politicized CDC.
A non politicized CDC may have traced the outbreak of HEV68 in Colorado and other clusters to the illegal immigrant children DHS had declared to be refugees and placed in public schools but once again the well being of Americans ranked below the whims of the undocumented.
Today Americans are supposed to put aside their all too justified fears while potential terrorists are settled in their midst. Even if one did trust the President their is ample cause not to trust the government with anything important. We have a Secret Service that drinks and whores around and sends lewd pictures to minors, an EPA that pollutes pristine rivers, a VA that allowed thousands to die awaiting treatment, a ATF that ships guns to drug gangs, a DEA the uses prostitutes paid for by drug gangs and the silly son-of-a-bitch says we have nothing to worry about. An intemperate soul might call him an idiot or a traitor.

Zounds! Trump mocks fat protester

I have to admit Donald Trump has made politics fun again.Yes, he mocks "seriously overweight" protesters and good for him.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ouch! The Carson campaign gets it really wrong.

Is this the image the Carson campaign wants to convey? When a top Carson advisor speaks candidly about the candidate's obvious lack of foreign policy expertise the Carson campaign implies he is senile. Duane R. Clarridge, a former C.I.A. agent and adviser to Ben Carson was quoted in a New York Times story. “Nobody has been able to sit down with him and have him get one iota of intelligent information about the Middle East,” He also said Mr. Carson needed weekly conference calls briefing him on foreign policy so “we can make him smart.”
That was his explanation as to why Carson made the strange and obviously incorrect statement that the Chinese were involved in Syria. Carson claims his source was a retired intelligence agent in the Middle East who made the spurious revelation in a private phone call.
Okay everybody gets bad information from time to time and surely the campaign was aware of Carson's limited foreign experience so why not let the public forget the faux pas? Instead the campaign decide it was better to impugn Clarridge's mental faculties in the Business Insider.
"Mr. Clarridge has incomplete knowledge of the daily, not weekly briefings, that Dr. Carson receives on important national security matters from former military and State Department officials," Doug Watts, a Carson campaign spokesman, told the Business Insider in an email.
"He is coming to the end of a long career of serving our country. Mr. Clarridge's input to Dr. Carson is appreciated but he is clearly not one of Dr. Carson's top advisors. For the New York Times to take advantage of an elderly gentleman and use him as their foil in this story is an affront to good journalistic practices."
Ouch! Then why the hell is he on the payroll? Watts not only dissed a fellow aide but also opened up the campaign to the criticism that it hires incompetent advisors one of whom is in his dotage.

Will the courts decide the Syrian refugee resettlement question?

It was amazing how quickly Republican governors came together on question of resettling Syrian refugees. It took only one day to get 25 states on board. While practically everyone on cable news and social media agrees that refugee resettlement is a federal prerogative only Jim Geraghty at National Review Online has researched the law. Granted Geraghty is a writer, not a lawyer, but the text of the The Refugee Act of 1980 makes it clear that the states do have a significant roll.
(2)(A) The Director and the Federal agency administering subsection (b)(1), shall consult regularly (not less often than quarterly) with State and local governments and private nonprofit voluntary agencies concerning the sponsorship process and the intended distribution of refugees among the States and localities before their placement in those States and localities.
(B) The Director shall develop and implement, in consultation with representatives of voluntary agencies and State and local governments, policies and strategies for the placement and resettlement of refugees within the United States.
(C) Such policies and strategies, to the extent practicable and except under such unusual circumstances as the Director may recognize, shall-
(i) insure that a refugee is not initially placed or resettled in an area highly impacted (as determined under regulations prescribed by the Director after consultation with such agencies and governments) by the presence of refugees or comparable populations unless the refugee has a spouse, parent, sibling, son, or daughter residing in that area,
(ii) provide for a mechanism whereby representatives of local affiliates of voluntary agencies regularly (not less often than quarterly) meet with representatives of State and local governments to plan and coordinate in advance of their arrival the appropriate placement of refugees among the various States and localities, and
(iii) take into account- (I) the proportion of refugees and comparable entrants in the population in the area, (II) the availability of employment opportunities, affordable housing, and public and private resources (including educational, health care, and mental health services) for refugees in the area, (III) the likelihood of refugees placed in the area becoming self-sufficient and free from long-term dependence on public assistance, and (IV) the secondary migration of refugees to and from the area that is likely to occur.
Then the kicker.
“With respect to the location of placement of refugees within a State, the Federal agency administering subsection (b)(1) shall, consistent with such policies and strategies and to the maximum extent possible, take into account recommendations of the State.”
Of course that is subject to legal interpretation and that's what federal courts are for. If a restraining order can stall or possibly shut down Obama's illegal amnesty program it would seem that a suit filed by the states could also stymie this latest abuse of executive power.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Michelle Malkin takes it to the bleachers with Sold Out.

Thank God for Michelle Malkin! She and her co author, John Miano, have exposed in Sold Out the ongoing abuse of the much abused H1B visas program. I had the good fortune to catch Malkin and Miano on CSPAN's Washington Journal Friday. I encourage you to watch as much of the hour long video below as you can. Notice that the outraged calls come from viewers of all political persuasions, Democrats, Republican and Independents. Several calls begin with "I didn't think I would ever agree with you but.." Malkin has hit a home run and it is timely. Please view this clip.

During the video clip Malkin mentions a program that allows foreign, low skilled, non farm labors to steal jobs from Americans. I am happy to document one of those abuses.
Even the the MRE's that feed the military are processed and packaged in part by foreign workers. I would like to direct your attention to this local news story. Please notice who was injured and their destination.
"Deputies say he was taking Haitian workers to Ameriqual in Evansville when the overcrowded van had a massive tire blow out and rolled one and a half times."
Ameriqual Foods is an independent food processor. Mismanagement has taken its toll but at different times it processed for Gerber, Tyson, Kraft, Frito Lay and Hormel to name a few. At one point Dan Quayle sat on its board. I've heard that they did not get an MRE contract this year which does not surprise me but the company was founded for the primary purpose of manufacturing MRE's and the private contracts were just icing on the cake.
Evansville, Indiana does currently enjoy an unemployment of 4.2% but wages have been declining for sometime. Whirlpool and Zenith are gone as are dozens of small machine and motor shops that serviced the coal industry. In short it's not a boom town. Statistics lie. How the hell does Ameriqual manage to hire foreign workers? Not that many years ago a few construction workers  would go to Florida to pick oranges in the winter but that is gone. Not only did we give away those jobs we are giving away the few jobs that remain in this town.
Again, thank God for Michelle Malkin!

Are Democrats hiding the debates from the public?

Of course it's deliberate. The DNC is trying to hide gaffe prone and inevitable nominee Hillary Clinton from television viewers. Consider that while the DNC could boast that 8.5 million viewers tuned into its debate on a Saturday night a week previous 9.4 million views tuned into Saturday Night Live to watch Donald Trump. The next two Democratic debates are also scheduled for potentially low-viewership weekends: the Saturday night before Christmas, and the Sunday night of the Martin Luther King Day weekend, during the National Football League playoffs. What, nobody thought of a 10 PM Thanksgiving Day debate to keep people home from the Black Friday midnight rush?
One might conclude that the DNC is trying to avoid a very embarrassing comparison of enthusiasm level between the two parties.

Republican Fox News 24million Democratic CNN 15.3 million
Republican CNN 23 million Democratic CBS 8.5 million
Republican CNBC 14 million
Republican Fox Busi. 13.5 million
Total 74.5 million 23.8 million

Cruz surges as Carson fades in New Hampshire

The latest Gravis poll coming out of New Hampshire shows Ted Cruz in second place behind Donald Trump. An interesting facet of the story is this poll was conducted on November 11 and released 4 days later. Polling was done prior to the ISIS attacks in Paris, the Democratic debate, and Trump's horrendous 95 minute rant in Iowa. Trump has scored higher in previous Gravis polls but Ted Cruz is definitely rising as Ben Carson recedes.

11/11 Gravis Poll 10/6 Gravis Poll
Donald Trump 29 32
Ted Cruz 12 5
Marco Rubio 10 8
Chris Christie 8 3
Jeb Bush 8 8
Ben Carson 7 13
John Kasich 5 10
Rand Paul 5 2
Carly Fiorina 4 8
Bobby Jindal 1 0

Saturday, November 14, 2015

2 weeks--what's next in terrorism?

  A Russian airliner mysteriously brought down.
  An attack in Beirut that killed at least 43 people.
  Several attacks in Paris that killed 129 and wounded hundreds others.
  And Bernie Sanders fights over focusing on terrorism in the Democrat debate held tonight, the debate that no one has heard about?
  What are they hiding?
  And now a revelation that ISIS has smuggled thousands of fighters into Europe, ready to murder more people?
  How long will the media continue its delusional "reporting"?
  How long will the Democrat AND REPUBLICAN parties ignore reality?

Watch this.
And then remember the man in Beirut who saved hundreds, if not thousands, by giving his own life.

Democrat debate tonight?

  Does anyone realize there's actually a debate tonight on CBS? At 9:00?
  And wow.
  Let's just hide Hillary's debating skills, eh?

Great timing, left wingers, on Paris suicide terrorists

  As the fallout from the Paris attacks continues, it'd good to pause a moment and actually think about where our country is, politically and philosophically.
  As the Obama administration tries to force out any mention of God in our government and armed forces, we can hear the sonorous voice of John Kerry in our ears declaring yesterday before the carnage that for terrorists, "your days are numbered. You will be defeated."
  Everyone knows that isn't true.
  ~~~Enter one Barack Hussein Obama, who is not the least bit interested in doing anything but sending James Taylor over to France to sing "You've got a friend" which would really help if the French really did have a friend in Obama.
  Obama made the unfortunate declaration that ISIS has been contained yesterday just before the attacks. This is in addendum to his sending less than fifty special ops in to Syria and spending $500 million to train, like, Syrians who dropped their guns and ran at the first sign of trouble.
  I don’t think they’re gaining strength,” Obama responded. “What is true is that from the start, our goal has been first to contain and we have contained them. They have not gained ground in Iraq, and in Syria they’ll come in, they’ll leave, but you don’t see this systemic march by ISIL across the terrain.”
“What we have not yet been able to do is to completely decapitate their command and control structures,” he admitted. “We’ve made some progress in trying to reduce the flow of foreign fighters and part our goal has to be to recruit more effective Sunni partners in Iraq to really go on offense rather than simply engage in defense.”

  Perhaps this will be the moment when so many Americans wake up to what an incompetent boob we have as a "leader."
 ~~~All over FB are pacifists crowing for "peace" and "love," as if this attack somehow reflects badly on the victims.

  ~~~Already Leftwingers are complaining that Americans should not own guns for self defense because Paris. Apparently my ability to defend myself would have prevented the Paris attacks.
  In fact, the wealthy privileged victims of racism at American universities are busy bitching that all the attention has moved from them to the victims in Paris.
  Lots over at The Right Scoop. Here's one:

   ~~~Over at Salon where they apparently do not believe in actual evil, the disgusting Chauncey Devega decries "the right's" use of violent language. Oh, and apparently only the Right uses "violent language against their foes." You may have heard of Devega, who tries to find racism under every bush and rather violently disparages Ben Carson using phrases like " weak, symbolic, petty, token descriptive politics" and one who has "has repeatedly channeled ugly and grotesque anti-black sentiments and beliefs about the agency, freedom, and intelligence of the African-American community."
  Because Devega has contributed so much to society, he undoubtedly feels capable of judging Carson's life and politics.

  ~~~~Then there's AlGore's stupid, lame and ill timed Global Warming 24 hour concert which was in anticipation of the stupid, lame and ill timed Global Warming Summit which is/was to be held at the end of this month.
  After only 5 hours poor Gore had to cancel his concert. Imagine the waste of all those dopes flying in on private jets, burning all that stinky jet fuel for nothing.
  Yes, young Left wingers have really bad timing, both before and after the carnage in Paris.
  Way to go.
  Here's hoping our rich/poor college students have found a safe space from actually hearing the news today.
UPDATE: ANDDDD a Bloomberg group declares they were victims of "gun violence." Apparently Islamic extremism is just poor understood bumblers.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Islamists ruin AlGore's 24 concert proclaiming global warming worse than terrorism

  Yes, AlGore says that global warming is the most dangerous thing the planet faces.
  It's not the least bit ironic that Islamists have attacked Paris in numerous places, no doubt ruining AlGores (very profitable) message that we have more to fear from a 1/4 percent drop in temperatures in the next 100 years than from anything else.

College stupidity exposed in riots

  I have watched every moment of the last week's college drama with both fascination and disgust, like observing a serpent of great beauty slither across the floor. I can't take my eyes awya.
  If you've been busy, you might have missed the b.s. but, man, it's all coming together.
  This is the age of Obama, coming to fruition, even to the
  From unsubstantiated accusations of racism and bias to spoiled rotten millionaire kids of any color (microaggression alert)  doing the stompy foot thing,'s really, really incredible what's happening.
  Be still, my friends.
  This is, essentially, a good thing.
  Does anyone actually LIKE the young woman Cavuto interviewed? The young WOMAN who wanted a lot of free stuff but didn't know how they'd pay for it? (can you say MATH?)
  It's worth watching Little Missie Keely, especially considering this video has gone viral.
  More importantly, however, there are several important details to consider:
  •   First, colleges are ruled, and I do mean ruled, by Leftists. These Leftists have absolutely denied any ideological diversity on their campuses, so much so that black female conservative Christians like Carol Swain are fearful for their very existence. So who's in charge of these miserable existences governed by theLeft? Well, obviously, the Left is protesting the Left. Which confirms the historical fact that a) socialism b) communism  c) totalitarianism  has never ever worked. Anywhere. Ever. The whole one percenter business Little Missie is protesting only gets worse. So they're protesting themselves.
  • Yes, it's true this will most likely get worse ala Geraldo's FNC admonition but hopefully not so bad that people are executed on campus, but getting worse means that the slightly conservative students on campus are more likely to veer hard toward conservatism after observing this debacle. And, yeah. Maybe they'll actually be James O'Keefe type activists. YEAH!
  •   The Left is exposing its rotten core for what it is. Who would EVER want to send their kids to such a cesspool, including talented athletes who say that these campuses are "out of control."
  Make no mistake. The more rot of the Left is exposed, the better the world in the long war against totalitarianism.
  This mess is the blooming of my generation's careful instruction of the young.
  Yes, they're stupid, young skulls full of mush.
  But the professors who have carefully inculcated this greed, resentment and envy into the young skulls full of mush are getting exactly what they deserve.
  They have filled themselves with destroying the Lives of Others.
  And now they are getting exactly what they deserve. 
  Several commentators have mentioned the 1969 film "Wild In the Streets" in which the country is taken over by people who are all under 30, banishing those over 30 to barb-wired prison camps.
  It's pretty interesting, though I still think Idiocracy is more like where we're headed, considering the number of old people who got us where we are.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Sometimes the apple does fall far from the tree.

Evidently white privilege isn't what it used to be. Eric Butler, father of Jonathan Butler, the Mizzou hunger striker who inveigh against white privilege and hungers and thirsts for justice, took home $6,685,500 last year. How much did your dad make?
From a post at;
Butler did not respond to a World-Herald reporter’s requests for interviews. His parents declined to comment. They traveled to Missouri on Monday. A family friend described the family as incredibly humble and low profile.
Butler has said in news reports that his paternal grandfather, an attorney helping the poor in New York City, was a big influence. So were his parents: Eric is a Union Pacific executive and Cynthia is a former educator who runs an advocacy program. They founded Joy of Life Ministries in their basement, and it has grown into a church now based at 56th Street and Sorensen Parkway.

It's hard find fault with the family. Yes, they are successful on a grand scale and would rank in the much maligned 1 percent but what sort of a people are concerned about their neighbors' eternal salvation? They did not simply write a check to build a church. They serve as pastor and co pastor and that is not the end of their eleemosynary endeavors. Mrs. Butler is currently Executive Director of the Purpose Driven Advocacy Center, which provides tutoring, advocacy, and life-advancement services to the community.
There is a famous historical precedent for the offspring of the well to do going off the deep end. I'm sure the Butlers know Bill Ayers' father was Chairman and CEO of Commonwealth Edison.

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Trump leads by 15 in New Jersey

It's understandable that Trump would be a favorite in the Northeast but when he doubles Ben Carson in New Jersey in the well respected Quinnipiac poll it's noteworthy. Keep in mind this is Chris Christie's home state.

Bush 4%
Carson 16
Christie 8
Cruz 7
Fiorina 4
Gilmore -
Graham -
Huckabee -
Jindal 1
Kasich 3
Pataki -
Paul 1
Rubio 15
Santorum 1
Trump 31

Dean of the University of Missouri's School Journalism praises gutsy photographer

Just in case you missed the video I'll post it.

Dean David Kurpius, Dean of the University of Missouri's School Journalism, had warm praise for the photo journalist Tim Tai, the exceptionally calm but forceful photographer in the video. In a statement he released he writes; "The Missouri School of Journalism is proud of photojournalism senior Tim Tai for how he handled himself during a protest on Carnahan Quad on the University of Missouri campus".
He also let it be known that anarchist Assistant Professor Melissa Click was not a member of his faculty and seems to suggest she may face consequences for her rabble rousing.
"Also, for clarification, Assistant Professor Melissa Click, featured in several videos confronting journalists, is not a faculty member in the Missouri School of Journalism.
She is a member of the MU Department of Communication in the College of Arts and Science. In that capacity she holds a courtesy appointment with the School of Journalism. Journalism School faculty members are taking immediate action to review that appointment."

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Privileged rich white media mock Carson's life story

  Well, Hoosierman and I are going to have to disagree about Ben Carson. While I am not a diehard idol worshiper of any person--either seeking office or a non-divinity-- and so my position that Carson is a good candidate for the presidency is, like gender for Leftists, shall we say unpunningly--fluid.
  Unlike Trump, Carson has integrity and an inspiring life story; a close examination of the incidents of the past weekend reveals that the Politico hit piece fell apart.
  It's true that Carson is a political novice and thus has fallen into a number of traps. He's got to learn the art of speaking without dropping chum in the water that cause the sharks to jump.
  I don't support his positions supporting the TPPP or Puerto Rico statehood; what I do believe is that Carson has the intelligence, the integrity and the patriotism to do what is right for America. Do I think when he gets into office he would follow through with some of these Obaman disasters? Who knows, but I certainly have more confidence in Carson than Trump or Hillary.
  Now that he tongue lashed the media, he needs, to quote the Clintonites, move on, at least to avoid the appearance of whining.
  My problem is that I am so sick and tired of the media deciding who gets to run on the Republican side and distorting the lives of any conservatives or Republicans that I can't even tolerate the news anymore. 
  What infuriates me the most is seeing this privileged, rich, often white reporters looking down their noses at a guy who was a poor BLACK kid from Detroit who went on to achieve great successes in a much touted career, one that the media is trying to destroy so that their rich white privileged next in line candidate can win.
  It's infuriating. Infuriating. 
  Let's just take CBS's John Dickerson, for example, who gamed Carson this last weekend and whose biography on Wikipedia says this. Dickerson is:
..native of Washington, D.C., Dickerson is a son of C. Wyatt Dickerson and Nancy Dickerson Whitehead. He has three sisters and one brother and grew up in Mclean, Virgina at Merrywood, a sprawling 49 acre estate with a 36-room Georgian-style mansion, high on a leafy bluff overlooking the Potomac River.[2]

He graduated from Sidwell Friends School in 1987, and holds a degree in English with distinction from the University of Virginia. On Her Trail,[3] Dickerson's book about his relationship with his late mother Nancy Dickerson Whitehead, a pioneering television newswoman, was published by Simon and Schuster in 2006.
  This is where Dickerson grew up; let's just say the estate was a mirror image of Detroit, eh?
   So, yeah, it really pisses me off when I see people like this taking over the reins of the news media which is made up of only 7 percent Republicans condescending to people like me and Carson.
  The elite media are so disconnected from us and reality that they can never, ever understand the motivations and lives of old middle class bloggers like this one.
  That said, the winnowing process that is happening for the Republicans will take care of this, even turning up a vice presidential candidate or, better still, a doctor who could run HHS in the next administration as we watch Obamacare fall apart.
  It just really frosts me that these wealthy privileged mostly white elitists of the MSM have the gall to look down on the likes of Cruz, Rubio and Carson.
  Another thing.
  I was really satisfied to see Carson blow up at the media. 
  I hope it happens more often, though I don't want to see anyone get stabbed. Heh.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Speaking of Obama's legacy

The fact that over 900 Democratic state legislators have been voted out is frequently mentioned on cable news. That number comes from a Larry Sabato post at Politico. Sabato excluded the one term presidencies of Jimmy Carter and Bush 41 and focused on the 8 two term presidencies since Roosevelt - Truman. Notice that Obama has been exceptionally hard on down ballot candidates. Not only did he lose the record 913 state legislators he also lost a record setting 69 congressional seats and euthanized the political careers of 13 senators. That's change you can believe in!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Ben Carson goes off the rails. Endorses TPP and Puerto Rican statehood

The Fox News debate is figuring to be a real barn burner. Putting aside the issue of Politico having the temerity to fact check his book Dr. Ben Carson may be in for a long evening. Carson has displayed a conspicuous reticence to take a positron on substantive issues and probably with good cause. Today his campaign announced his support of the Trans Pacific Partnership and according to BuzzFeed tomorrow he will endorse statehood for Puerto Rico at an event with Ricky Rosello, a gubernatorial candidate for the pro-statehood party on the island.
It's just what the country needs, a bankrupt state that is $73 billion in debt. This position aligns him with Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush who have already endorsed the plan and puts him opposite of Trump and Cruz. Hillary also favors statehood for the failed territory.
According to the Wall Street Journal blog Carson agrees with Obama on TPP.
Now, a day after the White House posted the text of the TPP deal online, Mr. Carson’s campaign said Friday that he supports the final product.
Mr. Carson, spokesman Doug Watts said, “believes the agreement does help to level the playing field in key markets and is important to improve our ties to trading partners in Asia as a counterbalance to China’s influence in the region.” Mr. Watts said Mr. Carson is “now inclined to support TPP, with reservations.”
As I wrote in an earlier post, Jimmy Carson?  increasingly when I hear Ben Carson's voice I see images of Jimmy Carter.

Jimmy Carson?

Let me part company with my blogging partner regarding Ben Carson.
First, I'm not sure anyone but we conservatives partisans are paying attention to the Carson story. Second, I certainly don't think it's a threat to his political future and third when someone writes a book he is responsible for its content.
To the first point, there is news and then there is real news. Will anyone in the Iowa caucuses remember or care why Dr. Carson did not go to West Point? Politicians do stupid thing when they are trying to sell books such as telling people they left the White House destitute but most of that foolishness quickly drifts to the back of the public's consciousness. A few of us partisans do remember Obama's 57 states blunder and there was considerable coverage of his "words-just words" plagiarism of Deval Patrick but most voters forgot. Yes, charges of plagiarism did sink Biden's presidential hopes in 1988 but until someone shows me a picture of young Dr. Carson with Donna Rice sitting on his lap I do not see this story going very far.
Mitt Romney was hurt by stories not germane to his career such as giving someone a haircut and strapping his dog to the roof of his car but the governor elect of Kentucky was caught at a cock fight less than a year ago. The assertion that he was brain washed killed the presidential chances of the senior Romney but who remembered the lust in Jimmy Carter's heart and his idiotic Playboy interview on election day? Usually, but not always, voters tune out the media static.
To the third point, where the hell is Ben Carson's head? Yes, he is a nice guy and a brain surgeon but Jimmy Carter was also a nice guy and a nuclear physicist and increasingly when I hear Ben Carson's voice I see images of Jimmy Carter. Yes, Carson is bright and likeable but that does not excuse him from the obligation to hire good editors. Carson is the only person I have ever heard use the term "full scholarship" in conjunction with West Point. Cadets secure congressional appointments to military academies. No one pays tuition. I have no doubt that a recommendation from General William Westmoreland to Carson's congressman at that time, John Dingell would have got the job done but why could not Carson have written that?
Carson's life and career are remarkable enough but he seems compelled to embellish it with melodrama. Maybe he did have a Saul to Paul conversion when he locked himself in the bathroom to pray and maybe his conscious is more demanding than ours and he sees his past as evil when the rest of us would see it as pretty good for a teenager. By all accounts he was conspicuously polite and academically gifted and if that is the worse that can be said about him must we deal with his redemption? If he must peddle this redemption narrative why can't he cop to smoking marijuana like Jeb Bush rather than telling us he almost stabbed someone who doesn't want to back up his story. In short I blame Carson not Politico for any damage this event has done to his candidacy.

Friday, November 6, 2015

The "Caining" of Ben Carson

  I was away from much of the news today so I was/not surprised to see that the despicable news media is going after Ben Carson for.....lying.
  While I wouldn't be surprised to discover that Trump pushed this story, what I find most un-effing-believable is that the people died because of Hillary's neglect of her duties to increase security.
  She lied to the Congress "What difference does it make" when they asked if a video was responsible for the attack in Benghazi or if it was a terrorist attack.
  Yet in her latest salvo to Congress, she admitted that she had emailed her daughter and an Egyptian politician that she knew it was a terrorist attack.
  She lied about her emails.
  She's a liar. Everyone knows it but because Democrats understand that lying is part of the Democrat playbook, no one cares.
  So how do we try to destroy Ben Carson because he is trustworthy and Hillary is not?
  We dig out every aspect of his life and try to make him out a liar. Just as the WaPo sent 6 reporters to Alaska to ferret through Sarah Palin's email, they're sending reporters digging through excrement to try to find something.

  Can you imagine?
  There are no expectations for Liar Hillary.

  Yet Ben Carson has to try to convince the country he tried to knife a kid when he was in grade school.
  So let's pick at Carson's contention that he was offered a "scholarship" to West Point even though WP is free--technically no scholarship.
  Even though West Point advertised it as a "full government scholarship." 
   Does anyone seriously doubt that West Point officials would NOT court the top rated ROTC candidate BLACK candidate from DETROIT?
   What's so disgusting to me is that Neil Cavuto, a talking head I've grown to trust, said repeatedly that Carson looks bad, Carson should withdraw, it appears Carson lied, even while Jeb Bush defended Carson. 
  This has happened repeatedly on FNC lately: pushing the RNC talking points. Apparently Cavuto was quoting Westmoreland's widow, who surely would know, right? I mean, she married Westmoreland in 1947 and is how old now and for SURE remembers Westmoreland's 1969 schedule?
  I'm not defending lying.
  What I'm saying is that the liberal culture that:
  • votes for a black guy who still won't release his grades and uses somebody else's social security number
  • votes for and applauds a vice-president who's a plagiarist--liar
  • votes for and applauds a liar at whose hands 4 men died from her neglect and then lied about it. Did I mention she lied?
  • cheers and celebrates a liar who molested an intern in his office, lied about it and continues to be unfaithful to his wife who pulls him out of her closet when she needs his endorsement
  • knows that their leader is lying when he says, "you can keep your doctor" and is now silent about the consequences of the monstrous act passed
  • calls boys girls and girls boys and threatens to fine schools won't don't agree
  • trades a traitor for 5 terrorists
  • makes a deal with terrorists, even while those same terrorists are shouting "Death to America" in the streets and dragging another a Hussein effigy through the streets
  • pushes the narrative that a white woman who "identifies" as black IS black 
  • actually believes Hillary applied to be a Marine in 1975 
  • ignored Obama's sketchy history, including his relationship with Bill Ayers and lack of history regarding his time in academia
  THAT liberal culture is now trying to invalidate a black man's contention that he was once a bad kid and that he was offered a spot at West Point.
  He's lying, they claim, and should DROP OUT OF THE RACE.
  Geraldo Rivera claims HE"s been stabbed and it's too fantastic to believe that Carson tried to stab another kid. 
  Maybe Carson should just say he identified as a child thug, that he identified as a top contender for West Point because why would West Point want the top ROTC student who happened to be black in Detroit in 1969?
  After much criticism, Politico now has retreated slightly and says Carson never EVEN applied. 
  Which of course is what Carson said all along.
  I'm so mad now I could spit. I'm so mad I'm not even going to proofread this post. And that's mad.
  Ben Shapiro has the best rundown so far:
This is a textbook example of a left-wing media hit. Politico would never editorialize about any Democrat who issued such a response to a factual inquiry in this manner. Politico won’t even conclude that Hillary Clinton lied about her attribution of the Benghazi attacks to a YouTube video despite email evidence that she knew Benghazi was a terrorist attack entirely unrelated to a YouTube video.
  Just remember. If you're black, you'd better toe that line
  This will backfire. I guarantee it.
  We're sick of this.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Did Matt Bevin just write the new Republican play book?

I confess to having given up on Matt Bevin. I certainly didn't see this one coming and why should I have? Here is a guy who skips fund raisers, doesn't begin running campaign ads until late September, fights with his own party. He then loses the support of the Republican Governors Association which temporarily quit running ads in Kentucky. Besides that he does weird things. The Daily Kos wrote:
But Bevin is an unusually fucked-up piece of work: On Sept. 25, he personally stopped in at Democratic Party headquarters in Frankfort to complain about a nearby billboard that reads, "You still can't trust Matt Bevin"—and, Democrats say, he even yelled at the receptionist. This is not made up. This is Matt Bevin. And maybe, just maybe, Republicans have had enough.
Wrong, evidently the Republican voters, if not the national party, and independents loved it. It sounds like something Donald Trump would do!
Two polls taken just weeks prior to the election had Bevin losing to Conway by 5 points. A third poll called the race a tie but Wednesday morning showed Bevin winning by 9 percentage points. In retrospect Jack Conway did not run a typical Democratic campaign either. When Alison Lundergan Grimes took on Mitch McConnell both Bill and Hillary Clinton all but took up residence in the Bluegrass State but not this time. They are as toxic as Barrack Obama. And Obamacare?
Kentucky was one of the few states that actually ran a competent Obamacare exchange. Governor Steve Beshear expanded Medicaid to the glee of national, if not Kentucky, Democrats. The media assured the nation that Kentuckians were wild about Obamacare. Bevin ran on the promise to junk the exchange, Kynect, and roll back the Medicaid expansion. John Kasich could have told him that was a sure way to lose but, no, Bevin was too head strong to talk to.
Democrats could live with the loss of another governor, in fact they should be quite used to that by now, but what does this portend for 2016? Possible disaster. Kentucky voted for Bill Clinton twice but now he is too toxic for local television. Obama, who lost more than 40% of the primary vote to undeclared in the last presidential primary here is still probably more popular than his policies which the Democrats want to expand upon. If this Kentuckian orneriness catches on nationally it's going to be a bleak November for Hillary and the Democrats.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Bevin wins in Kentucky while Kasich proclaims himself the Good Shepherd in Iowa

I suppose we should offer our congratulations to Kentucky's new governor, Matt Bevin. Congratulations Matt. With 94% of the precincts reporting the race has been called by AP. Bevin leads with 52.2% of the vote to Jack Conway's 44.1%. This makes Conway 0 for 3 in congressional and statewide races. He lost to incumbent Rep Anne Northup  in a 2002 bid to represent Kentucky's 3rd congressional district. He lost again in 2010 to Rand Paul for US Senate and now to Matt Bevin for governor.
Putting aside my personal opinion of Bevin this election is noteworthy. With his election the GOP now controls 34 governors mansions. It held 14 after the 2008 elections after which Democratic operative James Carville predicted that the GOP was destined to become a regional party confined to the deep South. Bevin will become the only governor that I am aware of who has consistently aligned himself with the Tea Party from the beginning of his political career although I suspect the depth of his principles.
To the North Ohio Governor John Kasich is talking like a man in need of a Prozac fix. John, I am the Good Shepherd, Kasich warned an audience at Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa about bad shepherds.
“If you have a flock with no shepherd, or a bad shepherd — say the shepherd’s like drinking during the day — what happens to the flock?” Kasich asked. “But when the shepherd is strong, then the shepherd can guide the flock to good outcomes.”
Wow! Saint John Kasich will lead us to good outcomes! Not quite the Promised Land but close enough for government work! And we are his flock? Considering that the latest poll out of Iowa, the Gravis poll shows him at 3% he may want to take a day off to get drunk.


Sunday, November 1, 2015

CNBC and Republican whining about debates is really too much

  Spare us all the wailing and moaning about that lousy CNBC debate.
  Everybody knew going in that Republicans never get a balanced chance at debates or anything else.
  Everybody knew that that idiot Reince Priebus caved last election when he set up the stupid debate schedule years ago.
  I specifically remember the controversy, particularly radio hosts, raging over the anointed hosts the LAST time around when the discussion went for THIS presidential election.
  And the CNBC angst over the public reaction to their clumsily clownish handling of the debate is really precious, particularly considering that the CNBC guy in charge of the debate is a former Clinton staffer.
  Idiot Priebus complained in 2013 that, "that our primary process is way too long. I think our calendar needs to be looked at. I think our debate calendar needs to be shrunk. I think we had way too many debates with our candidates slicing and dicing each other and I think they had to wait too long to get to the convention" and "I would have more say over the moderators, more say over the debate partners. I would limit the debate to a reasonable amount."
   Ed Morrissey wrote about the inequity and structural debate problems facing Republicans waaaay back in 2013:
Instead of beat-the-buzzer formats with as many as a dozen candidates on stage at once, the RNC chair should look into formats that have only two or three candidates discussing issues at a time, with a moderator chosen for either neutrality or statesmanship within the party rather than to promote a media outlet's own reporters. The candidates could rotate through the discussions over a series of events, and the RNC could invite broadcasters to air the debates themselves or have reporters attend them.
  I'm sure I could find articles predating 2013 by decades if I cared to waste the time, like this article by Byron York from 2013:
So who should conduct the debates in 2016? "That's a tricky question," says Fleischer. "Putting on a proper live debate is no simple matter, and usually the people who are good at it are the networks or the cables. So it's something we've got to work through and talk through, to figure out how the debates are going to be reflective of what a Republican primary voter thinks." In the end, the party might decide to assign a few debates to organizations that did not conduct them in 2012.
  They need to learn how to play the game, although not dirty like Democrats. One of their problems is that they want to be liked by the establishment. 
  There's never going to happen
  Another problem: establishment Republicans do not articulate the issues or make the case for their positions. Instead they simply Democrat Lite themselves into obscurity.
Suffice it to say that mainstream Republicans are getting what they deserve. 
  It's just pitiful to watch. I'd like to suggest they all--abusive newsmakers who call themselves journalists and fawning prancing Republicans--need to get their act together, but you know how that goes.

Nov 3, 2015 voting in Perrysburg, Ohio

  The following opinions are of this blogger alone, not any particular group.
  In the State of Ohio, several issues will play a significant role in the direction our state takes.
  Issue 1 would move Ohio from redistricting every 10 years to possibly every 4 years with the addition of 2 members of the minority party to help determine "fairness."
  This would make redistricting more "bipartisan" and put "less politics" in Ohio redistricting. My feeling about that is meh. That's what Democrats always say when they are not in control. I have reached the cynical conclusion that Republicans, partly from being the stupid party, always get screwed whether by their own desire to be "bipartisan" or by the Democrats who never ever ever try to make things more "bipartisan" when they have control so Issue 1 is already decided in MY mind.
  You can run all the touchy feely ads you want on Issues 1 & 3 and I will still vote a big red NO.
 From Ballotpedia re: Issue 2:
Voting yes would likely prevent Issue 3 from taking effect, and allow the Ohio Ballot Board to regulate future ballot measures dealing with monopolies.
Voting no would leave current laws unchanged. Board review would not be implemented.
  Issue 2 was added by lawmakers as balance in case Issue 3 passes.
  From Ballotpedia on Issue 3 which will legalize marijuana:
Voting yes would legalize the limited sale and use of marijuana and create 10 facilities with exclusive commercial rights to grow marijuana. 
Voting no would leave current laws unchanged. Possession or use of marijuana for any reason would remain illegal.
  Ohio Rising says that this bill "Takes away the right of employers to decide if they will allow the use of marijuana of employees" which looks to me like it would make it very, very difficult for certain industries to function well, even health care and caregivers. 
  So for me personally, it's a NO on 1, YES on 2 and NO on 3.
  Perrysburg School Board has a 2 spots open: Val Hovland and Jarman Davis are my personal picks.
  Three levies are on the local ballot: school renewal levy, the township's renewal levy and a refuse services levy. YES on all three.
  Perrysburg City Council: Jonathan Smith, John Kevern, Becky Williams. Yes, I know there are 4 openings. That's who I'm supporting.
  And, yes, my voting record does tend grumpily toward Republicans. They aren't doing much right nationally these days but at least they're not *yet anyway* socialists or closet commies.
   Wood County Republicans are different; I feel they have integrity and care about personal liberty.