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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Trump up by 10 in ABC / Washington Post poll

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Despite several missteps and sundry slander campaigns on the part of the media Donald Trump has extended his lead over Ben Carson and the rest of the GOP field in the ABC / Washington poll released today. Notice that only 3 candidates, Trump, Carson and Rubio are in double digits. Increasingly Trump seems to be viewed by Republican voters as the only candidate who would make a difference. For example 42 percent of Republicans say they trust Trump to handle terrorism and 47 percent rate him as best for the economy In terms of personal attributes, 47 percent see Trump as the candidate best able to bring about needed change in Washington.
In the Real Clear Politics average of polls Trump has 26.2 percent followed by Carson with 21.6 percent. Rubio gets 11.8 percent, Cruz, 10 percent and the inevitable Jeb Bush who raised $147 million gets 5.8 percent. I guess some things are not for sale.

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