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Thursday, November 19, 2015

I remember when we had a president

It is no understatement to say that Barrack Obama is a danger to the republic. The Russians know that while Putin may be an autocrat he at least has their best interests at heart. We are not so lucky. Twice before the petulant, pouting prima donna from Chicago has put the well being of foreigners above the safety of Americans. Owing to his personal decision to pull American troops out of Iraq he has allowed the ascendancy of ISIS. Then the supple spined semi-retired president publicly underestimated its danger up until the very day it killed or wounded almost 500 French citizens. Now the country is asked to suck it up and invite 10,000 potential terrorists to share in the American dream.
He doesn't give a damn that Americans have died on his watch. Did he invite the family of James Foley to the White House? How about the families of the 4 men who lost their lives in Benghazi when the country declined to come to their aid? No, but he did honor the white trash parents of Bowe Bergdahl and allowed papa Taliban to praise Allah in the Rose Garden. If, God forbid, ISIS is able to carry out a successful attack on the homeland do not expect the families of the fallen to ever see the inside of the White House.

A year ago Americans were asked to dare all for his political agenda. When Ebola threatened he refused to impose travel bans on the West African nation infected with the menace notwithstanding the fact that the first fatality in the nation had come from Liberia, exposing 43 people to the disease on the way. Instead of travel bans the country got an Ebola czar and a politicized CDC.
A non politicized CDC may have traced the outbreak of HEV68 in Colorado and other clusters to the illegal immigrant children DHS had declared to be refugees and placed in public schools but once again the well being of Americans ranked below the whims of the undocumented.
Today Americans are supposed to put aside their all too justified fears while potential terrorists are settled in their midst. Even if one did trust the President their is ample cause not to trust the government with anything important. We have a Secret Service that drinks and whores around and sends lewd pictures to minors, an EPA that pollutes pristine rivers, a VA that allowed thousands to die awaiting treatment, a ATF that ships guns to drug gangs, a DEA the uses prostitutes paid for by drug gangs and the silly son-of-a-bitch says we have nothing to worry about. An intemperate soul might call him an idiot or a traitor.

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  1. I can remember when we had a president but it seems like a long time ago. I'll settle for Jimmy Carter at this point. If we can channel Richard Nixon with a ouija board, I'll take that spectacle for a president. FDR, for all of his excesses, was never hesitant to protect his countrymen.

    Idiot or traitor, Obama is the worst!