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Monday, November 16, 2015

Michelle Malkin takes it to the bleachers with Sold Out.

Thank God for Michelle Malkin! She and her co author, John Miano, have exposed in Sold Out the ongoing abuse of the much abused H1B visas program. I had the good fortune to catch Malkin and Miano on CSPAN's Washington Journal Friday. I encourage you to watch as much of the hour long video below as you can. Notice that the outraged calls come from viewers of all political persuasions, Democrats, Republican and Independents. Several calls begin with "I didn't think I would ever agree with you but.." Malkin has hit a home run and it is timely. Please view this clip.

During the video clip Malkin mentions a program that allows foreign, low skilled, non farm labors to steal jobs from Americans. I am happy to document one of those abuses.
Even the the MRE's that feed the military are processed and packaged in part by foreign workers. I would like to direct your attention to this local news story. Please notice who was injured and their destination.
"Deputies say he was taking Haitian workers to Ameriqual in Evansville when the overcrowded van had a massive tire blow out and rolled one and a half times."
Ameriqual Foods is an independent food processor. Mismanagement has taken its toll but at different times it processed for Gerber, Tyson, Kraft, Frito Lay and Hormel to name a few. At one point Dan Quayle sat on its board. I've heard that they did not get an MRE contract this year which does not surprise me but the company was founded for the primary purpose of manufacturing MRE's and the private contracts were just icing on the cake.
Evansville, Indiana does currently enjoy an unemployment of 4.2% but wages have been declining for sometime. Whirlpool and Zenith are gone as are dozens of small machine and motor shops that serviced the coal industry. In short it's not a boom town. Statistics lie. How the hell does Ameriqual manage to hire foreign workers? Not that many years ago a few construction workers  would go to Florida to pick oranges in the winter but that is gone. Not only did we give away those jobs we are giving away the few jobs that remain in this town.
Again, thank God for Michelle Malkin!

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