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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Bevin wins in Kentucky while Kasich proclaims himself the Good Shepherd in Iowa

I suppose we should offer our congratulations to Kentucky's new governor, Matt Bevin. Congratulations Matt. With 94% of the precincts reporting the race has been called by AP. Bevin leads with 52.2% of the vote to Jack Conway's 44.1%. This makes Conway 0 for 3 in congressional and statewide races. He lost to incumbent Rep Anne Northup  in a 2002 bid to represent Kentucky's 3rd congressional district. He lost again in 2010 to Rand Paul for US Senate and now to Matt Bevin for governor.
Putting aside my personal opinion of Bevin this election is noteworthy. With his election the GOP now controls 34 governors mansions. It held 14 after the 2008 elections after which Democratic operative James Carville predicted that the GOP was destined to become a regional party confined to the deep South. Bevin will become the only governor that I am aware of who has consistently aligned himself with the Tea Party from the beginning of his political career although I suspect the depth of his principles.
To the North Ohio Governor John Kasich is talking like a man in need of a Prozac fix. John, I am the Good Shepherd, Kasich warned an audience at Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa about bad shepherds.
“If you have a flock with no shepherd, or a bad shepherd — say the shepherd’s like drinking during the day — what happens to the flock?” Kasich asked. “But when the shepherd is strong, then the shepherd can guide the flock to good outcomes.”
Wow! Saint John Kasich will lead us to good outcomes! Not quite the Promised Land but close enough for government work! And we are his flock? Considering that the latest poll out of Iowa, the Gravis poll shows him at 3% he may want to take a day off to get drunk.


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