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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Ben Carson goes off the rails. Endorses TPP and Puerto Rican statehood

The Fox News debate is figuring to be a real barn burner. Putting aside the issue of Politico having the temerity to fact check his book Dr. Ben Carson may be in for a long evening. Carson has displayed a conspicuous reticence to take a positron on substantive issues and probably with good cause. Today his campaign announced his support of the Trans Pacific Partnership and according to BuzzFeed tomorrow he will endorse statehood for Puerto Rico at an event with Ricky Rosello, a gubernatorial candidate for the pro-statehood party on the island.
It's just what the country needs, a bankrupt state that is $73 billion in debt. This position aligns him with Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush who have already endorsed the plan and puts him opposite of Trump and Cruz. Hillary also favors statehood for the failed territory.
According to the Wall Street Journal blog Carson agrees with Obama on TPP.
Now, a day after the White House posted the text of the TPP deal online, Mr. Carson’s campaign said Friday that he supports the final product.
Mr. Carson, spokesman Doug Watts said, “believes the agreement does help to level the playing field in key markets and is important to improve our ties to trading partners in Asia as a counterbalance to China’s influence in the region.” Mr. Watts said Mr. Carson is “now inclined to support TPP, with reservations.”
As I wrote in an earlier post, Jimmy Carson?  increasingly when I hear Ben Carson's voice I see images of Jimmy Carter.

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