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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Leftists call for more violence against the right

Will this be reported by other than Fox News? Actor John Cusack joins other actors who disparage over half the country's voters who support the ideas of the right wing. The MSM is constantly desperately seeking violence on the part of the right, but their behavior and the behavior of left wingers has been absolutely appalling. $100,000 for a Glenn Beck sex tape? And now MURDER? But, of course, this isn't the first time the left has called for or committed violence against with whom they disagree. Over at Fox News:

Actor John Cusack went on a caustic Twitter rampage Sunday evening, attacking former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Fox News.
Refresh your memory on all the violence perpetrated by the left. Go here. 

Bedbugs infesting Ohio cities!

This topic has been around for quite a while but is bursting onto the scene now because the bedbug population has exploded and they are winning the war against humans. Read over at The Blaze:

People can get bedbugs by visiting infested homes or hotels, where the vermin hide in mattresses, pillows and curtains. The bugs are stealth hitchhikers that climb onto bags, clothing and luggage.
After the bugs were discovered this summer in a Times Square movie theater and some upscale clothing stores, New York City began a $500,000 public awareness campaign.
Last week, the pest control company Terminix listed New York, Philadelphia and Detroit as the three most-infested cities, based on call volume to its 350 service centers. Ohio had three cities in the top 10.

A tradition of young boys

This has surfaced every now and then. A while back, soldiers discovered secret photographs of these "lovers" after the military emptied out a Taliban nest. In fact, this is what The Kite Runner is about. This is over at NR Online:
For centuries, Afghan men have taken boys, roughly 9 to 15 years old, as lovers. Some research suggests that half the Pashtun tribal members inKandahar and other southern towns are bacha baz, the term for an older man with a boy lover. Literally it means “boy player.” The men like to boast about it.
“Having a boy has become a custom for us,” Enayatullah, a 42-year-old in Baghlan province, told a Reuters reporter. “Whoever wants to show off should have a boy.”

Biden: QVC pitchman

I've often suspected Obama chose Biden as his second in command because he wanted to be sure his vice president never upstaged him: as a narcissist who always likes the camera on himself, Obama didn't think of what was best for the country, but rather what was most beneficial for himself politically. Unfortunately, Biden seems to be upstaging Obama in a negative way. Every time he opens his mouth, something ridiculous comes out. Though the MSM may say, "Oh, that's just JOE," It's hard to imagine such excuses being made for a Republican of like position. Read over at NY Post:

If the Obama administration wanted someone with little credibility to lose, who will say anything without a hint of shame or compunction, whose mouth habitually outruns the facts and common sense, it found its man.
Biden is still hawking his recovery summer, even as GDP growth slows to a crawl, and he'll still tout the marvels of the stimulus even if we dip into negative territory again later this year. He makes the late, great pitchman Billy Mays look restrained and rhetorically scrupulous by comparison.

A thoughtful essay about Beck

  Beck is driving these people crazy as they try to figure out what happened Saturday. They just don't get it. Groping to come up with something negative about the people who attended the rally and its organizer, this essay over at The Atlantic by Clive Crook is probably the most thoughtful, although Crook still just doesn't get what happened and seeks to degrade Beck because it seems to be liberal DNA to do so.
  Read the essay over at The Atlantic.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Portman surges: Fisher falls back on Bush

So Lee Fisher is taking the advice of The Divine One and blaming everything on Bush that has ever gone wrong in the world; oddly Portman is pulling ahead by long strides. Read about it over at The Blade.

Evil, evil, evil

  As another blogger asked, whose honor needs to be restored, when Huffington Post offers $100,000 for a sex tape, phone records, or anything that will remove Glenn Beck from the landscape?
  If you watched any of the Sharpton rally versus the Beck rally, you saw a marked contrast in attitude, focus and content. The Sharpton rally was filled with victimism and demands for more gimmes. The Beck rally was focused on God and country.
  Now the left is moving on Glenn Beck, even though his rally was not racist, was not homophobic, was not sexist or even political.
  The scandal today was an article written by Beau Friedlander for the Huffington Post, which was posted until afternoon. Apparently the editors panicked when the article began to reverberate around the web, changed the label of the article from "politics" to "comedy" and then eventually took it down.      
  The fact that Friedlander uses the term "teabaggers" ought to give you a clue what the article is like but, truly, it must be read to be believed, it is so evil in its intent. 
  Thought HP took it down, the New York Observer has posted a copy. You can read it in its entirety here. 
  Commentary about the article can be found here at New York Observer, here at Free Republic, and here at Doug Powers.
  Here is the personal profile of Beau Friedlander. Note that he is a publisher, educated at Columbia, University of Oxford and Bennington College. Quite the pedigree, it becomes obvious that an education does not necessarily guarantee character or intellect.

EPA vs the bedbugs: Who will win?

Well, at this point, it looks like the bedbugs are winning, to Governor Strickland's dismay. Read over at The Daily Caller:

But why are bed bugs back? Though they’ve been sucking humans’ blood since at least ancient Greece, bed bugs became virtually extinct in America following the invention of pesticide DDT.
There were almost no bed bugs in the United States between World War II and the mid-1990s.
Around when bed bugs started their resurgence, Congress passed a major pesticides law in 1996 and the Clinton EPA banned several classes of chemicals that had been effective bed bug killers.
But, hey, who really cares? The EPA knows best, as we all know. 

King and queen, the military and justice

  This is something we've suspected all along. A total disregard for money, for appearances, for concern for others...over at a gossip website called Showbizspy they are reporting on a new National Enquirer column about the subject. Read it here.
  Meanwhile, The One's total disregard and lack of concern for the military is surfacing over at Commentary, where Rubin dissects a NY Times article:

This was a man not only unprepared to be president but disposed to shirk the most important aspect of the job. It is a measure of his hubris and stubbornness that he has refused to, as Feaver succinctly puts it, “embrace” the role, that is, to commit in word and deed his full attention and effort to leading the country in war. He doesn’t want to be a wartime president? Well, sorry — he is.
The only comfort one can draw from this appalling portrait is that perhaps, just perhaps, after November, when his dream of transforming America is crushed by an electoral blow-back, he will belatedly do his job.
The New York Post has an article about the lack of interest in pursuing justice in the Cole case. Once again, "the king" has decided what is true and what is not, what is justice and what is not and what deserves his limited attention and what deserves nothing:
"It seems like nobody really cares," says Gloria Clodfelter, whose 21-year-old son died in the Cole bombing. Like the KSM trial and Obama's stance on the Ground Zero mosque, the decision to suspend the al Nashiri proceedings has nothing to do with justice and a lot to do with politics. The shame is that, once again, those who suffer are the families of those killed by terror, not the terrorists themselves

Rise up and be counted!


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Christianity is the WHITE MAN'S RELIGION?

In a breathtakingly racist argument, a white left winger argues with a black tea partier that he should not be a Christian and he should not be siding with tea partiers/Republicans. The left winger's knowledge of history is incredibly bad. Wow. This video is from the Beck rally:

Eyewitness report on yesterday's event

You KNOW which event. Read this column by Kevin at Hillbuzz, who was sent to DC through the help of donations from Hillbuzz readers. Kevin is an important and distinctive voice. We need to listen to him:

I keep coming back to what’s the most awesome thing I saw yesterday:  and it was the simple fact that scores of rally attendees brought GARBAGE BAGS with them, along with all their coolers and bags of goodies, so that they could not only make sure they took out all the trash they created that day, but also had EXTRA garbage bags to make sure that NO ONE AROUND THEM made a mess, either. 
This, of course, is in stark contrast to the way Obama supporters left the National Mall after his Inauguration, where they turned the Capital into the set of a post-apocalyptic, Mad Max-styled, WALL-E distopia.  I will never in my life forget that image of the Obama cultist in a wheelchair, surrounded by mounds of trash, with tumble weeds of garbage, in a sea of refuse and chaos, with the Smithsonian Castle behind her in the distance.  On his first day in office, his followers created an indelibly prescient image of what his presidency would be, and what it would do to this country.  Obama’s supporters showed their true colors that day, with the filth they left behind them after they assembled to celebrate their Lightbringer. 

Just how big was that crowd?

I have a feeling Glenn and his crew are going to have a great deal to say about this. Apart from the absurd guess of 86,000 people by ABC, take a look at the figures over here at Pajamas Media by Driscoll. Of course, if you're going to guess the size of a crowd, you ought to measure it at its peak, not at the beginning or end of a rally.
Over 120,000 people watched on Facebook and who knows how many watched c-Span.

Compare the rallies

On one hand, you have the Obama inauguration, where as far as the eye can see, 100 tons of trash lay after the participants left. Over at Fox News:
The scene looked more like the leftovers of a massive college frat party. 
Heaps of plastic bottles, food wrappers, soda cans, and newspapers, which blanketed the National MallWednesday morning, were a stark contrast to the stateliness and splendor of President Barack Obama's inaugural ceremony a day before. 
One hundred tons of trash were collected by city and federal sanitation workers, according to Department of Public Works public information officer Linda Grant.
  This behavior is typical of liberals and so-called environmentalists who preach one thing and have a different set of rules for themselves than you.
  Now look at this video. This is typical of conservative gatherings.
  What does this say about character? What does it say about integrity? 
  No word yet on the mess left from the Sharpton (of Tawana Brawley hoax fame) rally, which was attended by about 3000 people. We'll see.
  Witness the difference.
The hate spewed at the Sharpton rally did not compare at all to the positive reinforcing message delivered at the Beck rally, yet all around the news and blogosphere is mockery, derision and hate toward what happened yesterday. Trolls invaded the Facebook, c-Span and Special Ops foundation comments section. Twitter was alive with derisive jeers and hate, hate, hate. 
  Yet these haters accuse conservatives of the very conduct of which they are guilty.
  Huh. This video shows it all.
  Again. What does this say about character?

DSO: Good luck with that

  The Detroit Symphony Orchestra is an excellent example of what's wrong with negotiations in this country. The BASE salary for a musician is $105,000 a year. In DETROIT. The UNION has  rejected the 28% cut that is being proposed to keep the symphony running. In addition, two brand new buildings have been built recently to house the symphony; though there is an endowment upon which the symphony has been living, that is obviously being diminished rapidly. 
  Few businesses which have previously sustained the symphony through donations can afford to continue donations.
  DSO currently has a 10.3 million dollar deficit.
  Musicians have pension plans and health care; from their calendar found here it's difficult to tell how many working days are required of the musicians, but there are numerous opportunities around the city and they seem to be quite active. It's hard to imagine, however, that all the musicians put in the usual five day a week, 40 hours a week work weeks that must Americans put in.
  While it is true that musicians are highly skilled, their salaries are to be envied by most Americans. The fact that they are not willing to take a pay cut that will still keep their pay ABOVE the average American's pay is discouraging.
  IOW, what planet do these people live on? The city is broke. The state is broke. Businesses have no extra money.
  They play violins. And clarinets. And drums.
  But they want to continue their salaries even when their organization is drowning in debt and extinction is near.
  In prosperous times, it is great to pay musicians for the beauty they bring into our lives. But how many people can afford symphony tickets now at $50-60 a concert? In addition, their website is horrendous, filled with errors and "inactive" pages.
  So good luck with that. 
  We wish you luck and hope you can stay, but survival is survival.
  Detroit. A beautiful, horrible decline in pictures.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

8/28 coverage

It's pretty interesting watching the c-span coverage of the 8/28 rally; however Facebook has the video that the rally is showing on the Jumbotrons at the rally. It's nice to keep a window open on the computer and watch the c-span coverage to get an idea of the crowd size and reaction.
  Glenn is going to cry. Oops. There he went.
  Yesterday he said to pray for him that he didn't cry THE WHOLE TIME.
  The place is full, he says, as they are keeping track of numbers. We should have numbers at some point.
  Glenn has direct descendants of Native Americans who greeted the first Europeans. He also has direct descendants of Mayflower passengers. Rabbi Lapin is there too.
  TEXT sowf to #85944 to donate $10 to the college funds of fallen soldiers' children.
  Sarah Palin is introducing military heroes. What amazing stories these men have, all for country.
  The loons over at Media Matters are going nuts, claiming it's all "political." Everything Beck says and does is political; inviting Christian speakers and conservatives to speak or voice Christian ideals and principles makes it off limits and "political," rather than stating the "correct" position of progressive/liberal causes such as abortion and denying prayer at community events. 
  C.L. Jackson Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church, Houston, endorses Glenn Beck and his mission. Is awarded the medal of FAITH. Says he was at the original MLK rally and what an honor it was to be there again today. Called Glenn Beck a son of God. Jackson quit school in the 10th grade but went on to achieve high levels of education because God wouldn't let him stop. Thanks Glenn for inviting him. 
  106 THOUSAND people watching on Facebook.
  Tony La Russa, St. Louis Cards manager to introduce award for HOPE....a commitment to honesty, integrity and truth. Albert Pujols is the winner.
  Pujols is a committed believer who has established a foundation for individuals with Down Syndrome. He has a foundation in the Dominican Republic. He dedicates his life to Jesus Christ.
  Honor for CHARITY awarded by Raoul Guttierez, retired Texas judge, to present award to Mr. John M. Huntsman whose granddaughter is being married at exactly this time, received by Emma Houston. Huntsman: "Glenn Beck is one of America's most trusted and honored citizens."
  From Instapundit:

A READER PHOTO FROM WASHINGTON: Reader Tom K. is at the Glenn Beck event in DC and sends this picture. He writes:

Your namesake’s event is overwhelming in the number of people here. Accents and flags from every corner of the USA but not a single protest sign in sight. If CNN finds an angry protester, that might be the lone one.
The photo attached can’t do justice to the magnitude of the turnout. The only imagery I can conjure is the protest scene in “Forrest Gump” with many more added.
I can’t wait to hear the MSM’s description of the turnout.
Something along the lines of “Scores gathered near the Lincoln Memorial today . . . ” Somebody try to get me an overhead shot.
And concluding with the most stirring song in the world, Amazing Grace.

Health care plan's consequences revealed daily

This website is keeping watch on all consequences of the disaster created by the Obamacare plan. Here's a sample with Mitch Daniels:
"I note with special sadness that first and foremost amongst the bill’s consequences will be the probable demise of the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP). This program is currently providing health insurance to 50,000 low-income Hoosiers. With its Health Savings Account-style personal accounts and numerous incentives for healthy lifestyle choices, it has been enormously popular and successful. Obamacare’s expansion of Medicaid, soon to cover one in every four citizens, will not only scoop up most of HIP’s participants, but will also cost the state between $3.1 and $3.9 billion over the next decade. It is hard to see how my successors as governor will be able to avoid a steep state tax increase to pay for it. Meanwhile, our medical device companies and small businesses will shed jobs as they wrestle with the taxes and penalties levied to help finance Washington’s 'reforms.'"
The website is called Obamacare Watch

Follow 8/28 rally on C-Span and Facebook

Go HERE for Facebook. Streaming live NOW.

Watch on C SPAN at TEN O'CLOCK!

Live report: lllottts of peeps!!!

Mosque to get public funding?

  The hot rumors going around Washington are that the Divine One isn't interested in running for a second term. 
  This is evidenced by:
1) a total lack of interest in working rather than partying  
2) a propensity to golf in the midst of a disastrous economy  
3) a desire, almost, to stick his finger in the eye of a suffering people by repeated insulting acts of excess such as MO's trip to Spain in such a bad economy  
4)  repeated acts of injury against the name of this great country, disrespect of our allies and an alliance with our enemies  
5)  repeated and injurious acts against the will of the American people, intended to inflame the hearts of patriots and endanger the country.
  Now we have word that the mosque in NYC which is so vehemently opposed by citizens may be funded by your taxpayer dollars. In addition to the discovery that, while American citizens cannot have a cross in their own communities, American taxpayers are funding the repair and rebuilding of mosques and minarets around the world. Rather than drawing funds from the UN or oil wealthy countries who seem to disappear in the face of need, American taxpayers' purpose, according to the DOJ, is to preserve the cultural heritage of these countries. 
  And, yet, do we not preserve our own?
  Though government dollars are not to be used to fund religious organizations, particularly internationally, ("USAID funds may not be used for the acquisition, construction, or rehabilitation of structures to the extent that those structures are used for inherently religious activities."), the DOJ determined that it was justifiable in the face of religious structures that were "culturally significant."
  So the Mojave Desert cross which commemorated the deaths of American soldiers isn't "culturally significant?"
  The memorial crosses posted at the side of Utah roads to commemorate the deaths of state troopers are not "culturally significant," but mosques in other countries are?
  Where is the religious tolerance, on which we are so frequently lectured, to our own traditions? The countries from which many of the NYC mosque proponents originate do not tolerate Christians or Jews, do not allow the infidels to even travel the road to Mecca, do not allow churches or synagogues to be built in their countries, yet those who oppose the building of what they perceive as a victory mosque a block or two away from 9/11 are bigots, regardless of what happened nine years ago?
  Read about the latest fiasco over at Reuters.  

Friday, August 27, 2010

Blue states deny soldiers votes

So Congress votes that states must mail off to soldiers their ballots to vote so that they receive them in a timely manner and are able to return the ballots in keeping with deadlines. Then blue states decide that they can't possibly meet the deadlines to mail out the ballots in time, even though they are violating the law. Obama's justice department has decided to grant waivers to five blue states who will, oddly, benefit politically if they do not have to count soldiers' votes. Read about it at Pajamas Media by former DOJ attorney J. Christian Adams:

Worse yet, these same Justice Department officials told multiple officials that once a MOVE waiver was granted, it might be permanent, carrying over to the 2012 presidential election, despite express statutory language to the contrary. Such staggeringly bad legal advice came from both political appointees as well as career attorneys in the Voting Section. So embarrassing was the position, that senior political DOJ appointees retreated from the position once Senator Cornyn heard about it.
The apologists for the waivers and lack of DOJ enforcement cite the fact this is a “transitional year,” a term that appears nowhere in the law. They say the waiver provisions contemplate a “late” primary. But every state with a late primary could have done something about it to comply with MOVE.
Florida did. Georgia did. Vermont did.
It was simply a question of legislative priorities, and states like New York, Massachusetts, and Colorado did nothing to fix the problem.

8/27 report on the ground

From HillBuzz guys, who were sent by readers of the Hill Buzz blog. Read it here:
But, Great Merciful Zeus, when I got to the WWII Memorial, and saw all of these Restoring America attendees there, paying their respects to the Greatest Generation, and looking out at the mall being prepared for the rally, I teared up. I tingled, in the way Chris Matthews does when he looks at the current “president’s” pants.  This ENERGY flowed through me and I thought about all that was sacrificed by my grandparents’ and their peers to win the fight against Hitler and the Emperor and preserve freedom and liberty in this world.  
  8/28 will be on GB's Facebook page found here, so you can watch it live.
  You can join Insider Extreme for one month for 10 bucks and watch 8/27 live HERE. Be sure to read the details before signing.

Stabber not responsible: Rush and Newt are

  This is almost too bewildering. Over at the New York Daily News, you can read how the 21 year old lefty who stabbed the NY cabbie after asking, "Are you Muslim?" is NOT responsible for his behavior. Instead he is susceptible to alcohol and whatever demons accompany his drinking. The drink did it. Not the man who wielded the knife. In fact, he is not a hatemonger.
  Reading THIS column, you will find that the cause of the crime is Rush and Newt? Why? Well, they preach HATE. (Do these people actually listen to Rush and Newt?) The truth is that HATE is defined as the following: Hate: Anything I, as a liberal, do not believe. 
  To translate this even further, what we must realize that this is 1984, not 2010. The government gets to determine what is and is not crime; in addition, they can anticipate who will actually commit crimes in the future. Just hope you're not on that list. 

Powerline reasons: Who's stupid?

The big daddies at Powerline take down Egan at the New York Times in "Who's Stupid?" An excellent read, go here:
Lately there has been a rash of news stories and columns decrying the stupidity of Americans, mostly based on a finding by the Pew Research Center that 18 percent of Americans think that Barack Obama is a Muslim. Predictably, the New York Times joined the pile-on with this column by Timothy Egan: "Building a Nation of Know-Nothings." Egan focuses, however, not on Americans in general, but on Republicans:

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mosque developer has suspicious funding

So how did the 2002 waiter become a real estate mogul who had $45 million to put down for the Burlington Coat Factory/future mosque? His associate says he is not to be trusted. Wonder why. Read over at My FoxNY.
With credit super tight, and prices plummeting, he paid $45 million for a 12-story commercial building in Chelsea that sold three years earlier for $31 million.
El-Gamal, the waiter turned mogul, plunked down another $5 million as down payment on the Chelsea building.
"Something's up with that deal," Ken Brandman said. "Unless someone gave him a lot of money, or he won the lottery, than somebody else put up the money." 
So why are so many leftists reluctant to discover the origin of this money? 

A remarkable video exemplifying contrasting viewpoints

God bless America! This video perfectly exemplifies the differences between conservative and liberal positions. In this case, the example is citizens' positions on the NYC mosque. Watch this and you can see what conservatives face. Warning: foul language uttered by a foul man.

Dems afraid about POLLS?

They're afraid of the polling but apparently not of the actual facts of the miserable economy? RECOVERY SUMMER? Read at Politico:

In conversations with more than two dozen party insiders, most of whom requested anonymity to speak candidly about the state of play, Democrats in and out of Washington say they are increasingly alarmed about the economic and polling data they have seen in recent weeks.
Meanwhile, the Obamas eat cake lobster, lobster, and more lobster... 

Cash for clunkers drives up used car prices

Why? Because the 'used" cars that were turned in for the Cash for Clunkers (many of which were not clunkers) had to be destroyed. Read Houston over at Gateway Pundit:

Now a report on Edmunds Daily, a car shopping advice service website, is saying that used car buyers are seeing an average of $1,800 more on their purchases. On larger-sized autos it’s even higher.
Now middle and lower class Americans are almost $2,000 behind before they even decide to try and buy a used car.
Once again we see that Barack Obama is murder on the wallets of America’s middle and lower classes. Everything he does costs honest, average citizens thousands of dollars lost from their family income.
If you'll recall, perfectly good cars were destroyed as part of the program. Here's an example:

More violence from leftists

Again and again, it's been proven over and over again anecdotally that leftists react violently when their will is opposed, although the media tries to make it seem that it is the right by skewing details or omitting the truth about the perpetrators. Now, again, Dick Armey's Freedomworks has been forced to move to a secure building because of all the violent threats against their group. Note that Fox News is also in the secure building. One might assume that the left is, um, violent by nature when they don't get what they want. Read the whole thing over at US News:
One of Washington's principal supporters of the Tea Party movement, former GOP Majority Leader Dick Armey's FreedomWorks, has been receiving death threats and profanity-laced phone calls as it gets involved in the fall elections. The number and intensity have reached such heights that the organization is leaving its downtown location near the FBI and moving to a high-security building near the U.S. Capitol.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More left wing violence blamed on tea partiers

It appears that the Carnahan office bombing that was blamed on tea partiers, primarily because they are the first to be blamed in any difficult situation, was really perpetrated by a disgruntled Carnahan staffer. Report over at Gateway Pundit:
The suspect who firebombed Rep. Russ Carnahan’s office last week was reportedly a disgruntled progressive activist employed by democrat. An unnamed source familiar with the case released the information. Suspect Chris Powers reportedly was upset because he did not get paid so he firebombed the Carnahan finance offices at 2 in the morning.
You might also have heard about the cabbie who was stabbed in NYC, which was immediately blamed on the right wing. Politico explains how "odd" the situation is:
But as often at the intersection of politics and violent crime, the story doesn't appear to fit any easy stereotype: The alleged assailant, Michael Enright, is — according to his Facebook profile and the website of the left-leaning media organization Intersections International — a student at the School of Visual Arts and a volunteer for Intersections, which recently produced a statement of support for the Park51 project and is funded by the mainstream, liberal Collegiate Church of New York. 
This is typical operation on the part of left wingers. Everything is blamed on:

  • talk radio
  • Fox News
  • right wing journalists
  • tea partiers
  • ignorant and underinformed voters
  This is, of course, not in any particular order. The shovel ready excuses are whipped out as soon as (before) they are needed.  
  This is not to say right wingers are not capable of violence; anyone is capable of violence. The point is that the right is first to be blamed because they are ideologically separate from the MSM and democrats, which makes them convenient scapegoats. 

New bus from Ohio added to 8/28!

OHIO: UPDATED 8/28 BUS INFO:  57 and counting!
NEW BUS as of Monday 8/23:      Please forward and help fill the buses!
Dr. Scott Davis has been able to get more buses that will travel down 80/90 and will stop and pick up passengers..
It will begin in Indiana at Mishawaka and will stop in Elkhart, Angola and Toledo. 
More stops can be arranged by calling Dr. Scott Davis at 269-699-8116.
These buses are from a different company (Go Ground Options)
and all info and registration and payment can be made after 12 noon on Tuesday at
The cost is $135 due to the late date reservations.
Another bus that will travel down I-94 in Michigan so please forward this to any Michigan Patriots who may still be looking.
***********Do not confuse this with his 9-12 bus trip on the same website.
You can still go with him on Sept 10-12, 2010. Go to for more info.

Your taxpayer dollars: rebuilding mosques around the world

AP has a story of how YOUR taxpayer dollars are being spent: not only are you sending the America hating NYC promoter imam and his wife around the world on our dime to cultivate "good will" amongst other Muslim countries, you are also paying six million dollars to restore mosques and minarets around the world, supposedly in the vain hope that "they" will at last love us, really love us. Read over at Fox News.

19 % Dems believe in the "evil eye"?

As Thiessen says over at the Washington Post, you can find 20 percent of people anywhere who believe in almost anything. Of course, it was tremendous news when it was revealed that almost 18 percent of Americans believe Obama is a Muslim. Wonder if this will be as provocative a point as that, causing as it did liberal media commentators to wax eloquent about the evil internet, the stupidity of conservatives and the transparency of Dear Leader. More over at the Washington Post:
It turns out that 36 percent of Democrats claim to have communed with the dead, and that 19 percent believe in casting a curse on someone using the "evil eye." Think about that: According Pew, more Democrats believe in the "evil eye" than Americans believe Obama is a Muslim.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wow! Obama's a loser?

This video over at Pajamas TV is absolutely enlightening and fascinating. Lots of dish on Hollywood, which hosts make the most money, how little money there is in Hollywood nowdays...why LA was so mad at Obama the other day and why Hollywood perceives Obama as a....loser??? Here's the link over.
  Keith Olbermann makes 7 million dollars a YEAR? Seriously? Isn't that, like, two million dollars a viewer?

NY state tests bash Christians, exalt Muslims

In a not too subtle influence, students were required to answer test questions in the way history revisionists prefer: against western civilization and for eastern. In the most recent attempt to revise history and bash Christianity, students were required to answer this way. Otherwise, of course, they'd be marked wrong. New York Post:
The passage reads: "Wherever they went, the Moslems [sic] brought with them their love of art, beauty and learning. From about the eighth to the eleventh century, their culture was superior in many ways to that of western Christendom."
Meanwhile, an excerpt listing the common procedures used by Christian friars to introduce the religion in Latin America stated that "idols, temples and other material evidences of paganism [were] destroyed," and "Christian buildings [were] often constructed on sites of destroyed native temples" -- and built with free Indian labor, to boot.
No mention of the Hagia Sophia which was originally a Christian church upon which a mosque was built in victory.  No mention of the Temple Mount, upon which the Dome of the Rock was built.

Where's my congressman?

Clint Howard, out of the closet!

More bright ideas of the government

Great idea. Let the government decide who is going to commit a crime. What could possibly go wrong? ABC:
Developed by Richard Berk, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, the software is already used in Baltimore and Philadelphia to predict which individuals on probation or parole are most likely to murder and to be murdered.
In his latest version, the one being implemented in D.C., Berk goes even further, identifying the individuals most likely to commit crimes other than murder.