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Friday, April 29, 2011

Big baby bans journalist

  In another remarkable display of pique, petulance and fascism, the most transparent administration in history, who had to be heckled into releasing his birth certificate, is now banning reporters who videotape things this most transparent administration doesn't like.
  Mmmm, like videotaping protesters.
  Because it's a secret that lots of people don't like this administration and if video got out of the protesters, um, people would know.
  And that would be bad.
  And let's be sure to punish people we don't like.
  Because then everyone else will like us, right?
  What's the purpose here for bullying US citizens?
  Whew. What a week. 
  We had the baby on stage crying about having to release his birth certificate rather than letting some underling do it, mocking US citizens for wasting time and then polluting the skies by jetting back to Chicago to appear on a women's talk show to again mock US citizens, and then jet back to more parties costing people $35000 to attend.
  And he's going to run his campaign from Chicago. Why? He likes the Chicago style.
  Which is thuggery.
  What's next.
  We've banned cookies in cafeterias, oil production, journalists.
  Banning bloggers?
  Or maybe movies you don't like?

Unionists prepare stickers to help tea partiers identify shopping items

  So it's all over the news that union members are preparing stickers (quite nice looking little things that must have cost a pretty penny to produce) to slap on products they've decided need to be banned. Why? Because their companies' owners donated to the Walker campaign. Just as many unionists have threatened to kill politicians they didn't like, threatened to boycott people who wouldn't do what they want, the unionists do not like the manufacturers of Sargento foods and Johnsonville Sausage.
  An appropriate response to this bullying tactic, oddly reminiscent of the kind of behavior the government eschews in schoolhouses, would be to support the bullied.
  Don't you think?
  Wisconsinites, get out there and buy everything you can find with one of those stupid stickers on it. 
  So look for the union label, tea partiers, and BUY up all those products rather than boycott them!
  Your mission, Wisconsin tea partiers, is clear!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

These people are running our country?

  Hey, I don't know much about monetary policy. Or the Fed. Or all this QE2 stuff.
  As an outside observer who actually works for a living, though, this is how I interpret what QE2 actually is.
  QE2=print more money=trouble
  We went from $850 billion in circulation to FIVE TRILLION DOLLARS in circulation? Are you kidding me?
  Then Bernanke has a press conference yesterday and says this, from the Guardian:
After all, the Fed can't create more oil. We don't control the growth rates of emerging market economies. What we can do is basically try to keep higher gas prices from passing into other prices and wages throughout the economy and creating a broader inflation which will be much more difficult to extinguish.
  Are you kidding me?
  How can you, the Bernank, keep gas prices from passing into other prices and wages?
  Let's see. 
  Availability of gas influences travel.
  Travel influences vacations, food that comes into our houses, transportation of goods from one place to another....
  Doesn't that just about cover everything that significantly affects our lives?
  Flying, driving, vacations, what we eat, driving to work, how much we can buy.
  Again, as an outside observer, it seems like Bernanke is stating something absolutely absurd.
  How can HE influence gas not influencing price increases due to transportation costs?
  And these people are in charge of our government?
  Then over at AP/Yahoo, we're treated to the information that Obama is calling for more oil production from the Middle East.
  That is, more dependence on foreign oil.
  So let me get THIS straight.
  We're not allowed to pump oil here because {----} and 7 rigs have pulled out of the Gulf to move to Brazil or somewhere but speaking of Brazil, the American taxpayer is paying for oil drilling in Brazil from which our only benefit will be that we'll be allowed to buy it.
  But we're going to beg the Saudis to pump more oil, thus putting Obama into a subservient position again, bowing to the king.
  Meanwhile Obama continues to call oil companies' tax breaks subsidies.
  What's the difference? One is giving taxpayer money to a company and the other is saying, hey, you don't have to pay such and such because we need what you've got. (Or supposedly we need it for dumb stuff like ethanol.)
  And these people are in charge.
  But I repeat myself.
  On a side note, my eyes are still bleeding from having watched the video over at Weasel Zippers from a San Francisco Easter get together blaspheming the Christ. I wouldn't want to stand next to any of these people. Warning: some really, really bad nudity. Only watch if you have a strong stomach and are sure of your place in heaven.
  Well, off to the silliness of work, rather than a fund raiser or an appearance on Oprah.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What the birth certificate REALLY revealed

  Donald Trump was hilarious claiming victory over the birth certificate; Obama, OTOH, was more supercilious and condescending than usual in his press conference. 
  Ok, seriously. 
  Is he thin skinned or what? Was he po'ed or what? Heh.
  Looking imperiously from side to side, pausing dramatically between proclamations, arching his brows and his chin to the crowd of loving completely objective journalists, The One declared that all the birth issues were "silliness" and a "waste of time" because there were so many more "important things to do," so much "important stuff to do" rather than "sideshows and carnival barkers."
  Then he got on a jet and flew to do Oprah's show, his jet excreting tons of carbon and polluting the air for the purpose of...clearing the air?
  The real issue is the way Trump jumped immediately and opportunistically to claim victory; it was an impressive display of oneupmanship, a skill that is sorely lacking on the part of the right. This opinion isn't shared by many left wingers.
  Though the Krauthammer crowd decries Trump, it's important to note that Trump is inoculating upcomers from criticizing The One. More cries of racism emanated from the usual parties today, but it's really really tiresome. They're wearing it out.
  Before the 2012 election.
  They're wearing out the racist meme.
  Donald Trump is serving quite a purpose.
  Now if only some other REAL candidate will step up and show the kind of intestinal fortitude the Donald has shown.
  Meanwhile (amidst the raging that EVERYONE has to show a birth certificate for jobs, for passports, for retirement and pension plans and questions about why he took so dang long to show it) The One's cult following are disappointed because the certificate revealed that his birth was not an immaculate conception, as some wag pointed out on the internets somewhere.
  Now that The One has established once again that it's imperative that we are civil to each other again, we'll assume that he's also talking about himself (HA!) and will play nice too.
  For once.

Optically it's all about The One

  It's hard to figure how Andrew Malcolm stays employed by the LA Times because of his consistent, biting, insightful commentary about the current administration.
  This article is one of the most incisive written yet about what's wrong, optically and politically, with this administration.
  Here's a sample from the LA Times:
What the White House issues are photos of a tieless, laughing Obama, feet up on the historic Oval Office desk, chatting on the phone system that he complains is so decrepit.
What the public sees, while it frets over stubborn unemployment and soaring gas prices, is a diffident Democrat who takes a 17-vehicle motorcade of SUVs and limos to be seen looking at clean-energy cars.
  Excellent, excellent, excellent. There's much more that just really makes sense, unlike Milbank.

President too complex for public to understand

  If you want to read truly insipid drivel, travel on over to the current Dana Milbank article at the Washington Post entitled, "Obama: lost in thought." 
  Words cannot express how sycophantic, how banal, how mealy mouthed, how utterly brown nosing this article is.
  If you can stand the stink long enough to read it, go ahead but go forewarned.
  If not, let me give you a rundown. 
  Right leaning anybodies are stupider than left leaning anybodies.
  The reason people can't figure out Obama is, quote: "There’s too much going on in the poor guy’s head."
  In that one sentence you understand about Dana Milbank and his ilk.

  •   Milbank's making excuses again for an incompetent so-called leader.
  •   Milbank's invoking victimhood for the incompetent so-called leader by claiming Obama's a victim of high intelligence and complex thinking, unlike Bush who had "one universal organizing principle that dominates all others," [yeah, America's a great country] which therefore gives Obama a disadvantage because he's just soooo smart. Bush was too simple, Obama's too complex. Got it?
  •   Milbank's willing to throw any kind of crazy line out there which, unfortunately, reveals his own stupidity.
  •   Milbank himself is trying to rationalize how the Adored One can be making such absolutely foolish and inane decisions in the process of ruining this country.

  And, of course, Milbank quotes three academics, who promptly chime in that, yes, yes, Obama is simply misunderstood because he's just too smart, too complex, and that's a disadvantage in politics. 
  Yes, all other scheming, dastardly, conniving, selfish, malevolent politicians are just too simplistic to understand The One, who hovers over them like an angel, undisturbed, no drama Obama.
  That this is hogwash to anyone but the most, um, simplistic individual seems to be incomprehensible to Mr. Milbank.
  Let's sum it up this way.
  THIS is Dana Milbank:
  THIS is the President of the United States, summed up in pictures.
  Here is the brilliant Mr. Obama solving problems:
Here he is at work.
Get the picture?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Violence as a tactic, passport madness and unanswered questions

  Violence is a tactic, according to those who advise students at University of Missouri. Justification for such a tactic can be found here. "Militancy" is nothing to eschew when fighting capitalists.
  How do these people justify their behavior? They see anything regarding profit as something to be destroyed.
  One has to wonder if this money loonies existed before YouTube brought them to light.
  They fancy themselves as warriors for the common man, using violence to fight for dignity against poverty and hunger which is imposed on society by capitalists.
  Getcher passport now, if you need one, because the government might be asking you some questions for which you have no answer, like who was there when you were born. Sound absurd? See the proposed questionnaire here. We're from the government and we're here to help.
  Hey, you know what? People would stop asking questions if you'd start answering some of them. Start being more transparent. Start doing your job instead of destroying everybody else's. Like the whole "Creator" thing.
  Who ARE these people, the 47% of population that approves strongly or somewhat that the guy in office now is doing a good job?
  I got an idea. Obama could call up his friends the Saudis and ask them to pump more oil, because that's the position he's put us in by funding oil drilling in other countries and not ours.
  Shouldn't that World Apology Tour have done SOME good?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Morning roundup: some morning in late April

  It's so great to know that, after attending numerous DNC fundraisers over the weekend and golfing, the president returned to DC to attend an Easter egg hunt on the White House grounds with 30,000 people.
  On this sacred Christian day, My bad, it's today. The Obamas and their 30,000 guests played basketball and tennis, ran obstacle courses and yoga-ed their way through this day, which is in keeping with Michelle Obama's Let's Move campaign.
  You'll recall the Let's Move campaign commercials, which reveal much about this administration. They commercials are based on deceiving your children into moving more than they ordinarily would and lying to your children (which should work about once unless you have really stupid kids) about what they're actually doing. Also the administration thinks that Hispanic kids are fatter than white kids which would explain why no English is spoken or written in a Let's Move commercial until the very end when the Let's Move logo is revealed.
  USA Today has more on the Obamas' Easter holiday, er, commercial, er, campaign event, er, PHOOEY.
  Anyway the Hindus were happy yoga was included.
  The unions have lost California? Even in Europe, they've figured out it can't last.
  Huh. We'll see.
  Like I said, the class warfare is turning on its major proponents.
  Sheesh. Obama's now involved in more warfronts than Bush ever was. Imagine a military endeavor without asking Congress, putting a hit out on a foreign leader and actually telling people about it and bombing an Arab leader's compound.
  I thought if you still had the body parts you're transvestite rather than trans gender. When did that change?

New EPA regs to slam Ohio

  As if we don't have enough to worry about, new EPA regulations will drastically affect the state of Ohio with regard to the coal industry and heating homes in Ohio. Read Ken Blackwell over at Daily Caller:
Even with 14 million Americans out of work and an economy still searching for light at the end of the tunnel, the EPA is poised to enact a series of back-door mandates that will stifle economic growth. And with the speed that this runaway train is traveling, people in states like Ohio should be scared of the “train wreck” headed towards a town near you
  Where is John Galt?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Why you should see Atlas Shrugged

  It was the year 2016 and we were all finally equal.  
  Having heard about Atlas Shrugged for years but not having read it, I wasn't sure what to expect when I see it this weekend.
  Atlas Shrugged is pretty clearly an indie film, which often have a different feel, different audio, different filming, different plot lines, different approaches.
  This isn't disconcerting, particularly since many of the film locations are not only believable, but gorgeous. Well, at least gorgeous when the scene is depicting the rich as opposed to the poor, who are prowling the streets looking for government handouts from the "Ministry of Welfare." Mainstream America looks like a cross between the 30s and Mad Max.
  The actors are fairly effective, particularly the Hank Reardon character, although some of the dialog is a bit stilted, as if lifted quickly from the book, rather than glossing a script to adapt to movies.
  Believe it or not, these essential film elements seem secondary.
  The film is most remarkable because it is set in 2016, written over 50 years ago, and feels spookily contemporary, considering the incidents of the last year and a half.
  Who would have thought that in only a year and a half the feds would have taken over industries, paid people's mortgages, encouraged insurrection, furnished new furnaces and appliances for some (certain) people, forgiven credit card debt, taken over even student loans and on and on.
  Several laugh out loud moments in the film weren't planned comedic moments, but rather guffaws of familiarity.
  For example, scheming and nefarious political leaders pass a bill called the "equalization of opportunity" act, which means, of course, that everything is dumbed down so government can control the outcomes of certain businesses to their own advantages. 
  Everything and nothing is for the public good. Later it is explained that the primary reason a promising company closed was because workers were paid for their "need rather than their contributions." The company went bankrupt.
  An academic is confronted about a "truth" of which he was knowledgeable. He responds, "Which truth?" which underscores the shifting sands upon which the culture is built.
  Selfishness is common, but not acknowledged. A liberal progressive asks his brother for money for his progressive foundation, but asks that the check be made out to himself because if the foundation saw the brother's capitalist moniker on the check they'd be distressed to know their money had its roots in profit. Of course, they'd take the money but it might be uncomfortable.
  "Who is John Galt" is described pretty well in the Wikipedia entry; he represents fierce individualism and smaller government.
  The most recent and sickening example of dangerous federal intervention in private business is the Boeing situation where the NLRB is trying to force the private company out of building a new plant in a right to work state and back into the union controlled  state of Washington where they had already had union trouble. 
  From the Washington Examiner:
Can federal bureaucrats tell a private company where to build a factory? 
Members of President Obama's National Labor Relations Board think they can. In a decision that even the New York Times is describing as "highly unusual for the federal government," Lafe Solomon, who was appointed to the board by Obama, filed a complaint on behalf of the NLRB on Wednesday seeking to force the Boeing Co. to build an assembly line in Washington state instead of South Carolina.
  Of course, the feds have found some "unlawful employer speech" they want to prosecute; the unions in Washington wanted, of course, more than the company was willing to offer. The WSJ says, "The talks broke down because the union wanted, among other things, a seat on Boeing's board and a promise that Boeing would build all future airplanes in Puget Sound."
  Has the federal government grown too big?
  We all know it has.
  Mark Steyn gives us  a great example over at NRO. He crossed over from Canada to Vermont and had his children's chocolate Kinder eggs confiscated, with a $300 threatened fine and a $250 seized egg storage fee.
  NRO, Steyn first quotes the government and then comments:
The Food and Drug Administration has issued an import alert for Kinder Eggs, because they are a confectionery product with a non-nutritive object imbedded in it. As in years past, CBP, the Food and Drug Administration and CPSC work in close collaboration to ensure the safety of imported goods by examining, sampling and testing products that may present such import safety hazards. Last year, CBP officers discovered more than 25,000 of these banned chocolate eggs. More than 2,000 separate seizures were made of this product.
Let’s see – CBP, FDA, CPSC. I’m impressed it takes a mere three agencies from the vast alphabet soup of federal regulation to keep us safe from the menace of confectionery products with non-nutritive embeds.
  Three federal government agencies are involved in preventing chocolate Kinder eggs from entering the country.
  One might ask a different question of our politicians.
  Where is John Galt? 

So if you're a fattie

You'd better be Hispanic, because otherwise you won't be able to understand this commercial to "Let's Move" because it's not in English.

Why doesn't Obama take his job seriously?

  Weasel Zippers: Obama attends 6 West Coast fundraisers, tapes episode of Oprah, attends 2 more fundraisers and then goes GOLFING.
  A great deal of ambivalence on this. On one hand, does it limit the damage by his not being in DC? Nah. Probably not, since someone else is obviously running the show.
  But it's pretty extraordinary that he seems to feel no compunction at all to even appear to be doing his job.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rant, whew

Drinking with Bob from Instapundit. I'm exhausted watching him.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

21A certain man from Cyrene, Simon, the father of Alexander and Rufus, was passing by on his way in from the country, and they forced him to carry the cross. 22They brought Jesus to the place called Golgotha (which means The Place of the Skull).23Then they offered him wine mixed with myrrh, but he did not take it. 24And they crucified him. Dividing up his clothes, they cast lots to see what each would get.
25It was the third hour when they crucified him. 26The written notice of the charge against him read: THE KING OF THE JEWS.27They crucified two robbers with him, one on his right and one on his left.a 29Those who passed by hurled insults at him, shaking their heads and saying, “So! You who are going to destroy the temple and build it in three days, 30come down from the cross and save yourself!”
31In the same way the chief priests and the teachers of the law mocked him among themselves. “He saved others,” they said, “but he can’t save himself! 32Let this Christ,b this King of Israel, come down now from the cross, that we may see and believe.” Those crucified with him also heaped insults on him.
The Death of Jesus
33At the sixth hour darkness came over the whole land until the ninth hour. 34And at the ninth hour Jesus cried out in a loud voice, “Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?—which means, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”c
35When some of those standing near heard this, they said, “Listen, he’s calling Elijah.”
36One man ran, filled a sponge with wine vinegar, put it on a stick, and offered it to Jesus to drink. “Now leave him alone. Let’s see if Elijah comes to take him down,” he said.
37With a loud cry, Jesus breathed his last.
38The curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom. 39And when the centurion, who stood there in front of Jesus, heard his cry andd saw how he died, he said, “Surely this man was the Sone of God!”

Good Friday, here in pictures around the world.

Wonkette **WINNING** (not)

  So it looks like Wonkette lost on the whole Trig Palin debacle. Honestly that was one of the worst, most despicable things over run on Sarah Palin. The whole Louis CK thing (Opie and Anthony show, you remember them) is horrible too. After posting a mildly scolding comment over at the Youtube CK video, the immediate responders posted vile defenses of the audio trashing Trig and Palin.
  So far 12 23 companies have dropped Wonkette.
  Althouse said ignore it; don't give the diseased any more attention or traffic than you can.
  Nuh uh.
  This was particularly despicable (do I have enough adjectives?). Putting politics aside, to attack a child for being disabled is unspeakable. 
  The argument these really funny people have been making is that Sarah Palin used her child as a prop by holding him in public. Apparently the alternative is for her to hide him away the way people used to treat mental retardation. 
  And their heroes Barack Obama and his wife never use THEIR children for props, have they?
  People like the Wonkette writers feel free to ridicule youngsters like Trig Palin because their commitment to abortion is so strong that they mock the very birth of a defective human being. In addition, using the child as political ammunition isn't wrong because he shouldn't have been born in the first place. 
  This is what the culture of death breeds. It's also where we're headed with Obamacare. The "death panels," so mocked by liberals, are real. 
  It'll be called achieving cost benefits, health care financial control, or the Independent Payment Advisory Board.
  But the goal of all of it is the same goal a German had a few years ago. Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, had similar purposes.
  Imagine what the "artist" was thinking when he Photoshopped all those little Trig pictures together. 

Bad losers

  Kloppenburg lost by almost 7500 votes after declaring she had won by 200 votes. Two hundred were enough for her then but not now. 
  Al Franken won in Minnesota by 312 votes, many of which were cast by felons. Al Franken's team fought like crazy to make sure ALL the votes were counted, including the felons.
  Now Kloppenburg is demanding a million dollar recount, paid for by the taxpayers. 
  That sounds about right. 
  Let's get down to the most intellectually persuasive argument against Kloppenburg.
  She's blinky and oily voiced. 
  And she lost by over 7,000 votes.
  You gotta love the response when someone asks if her if she thinks she won...really.
  It's pretty obvious that she knows she didn't win.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

More outrage: free loans, a *WINNING* escort and a white woman rapper. Ugh.

  Who can trust the press anymore.
  CBS refuses to release the complete audio of Obama speaking candidly thinking he was off mic.
  Editorials are frequent love letters or pleas to the current administration.
  The journalistic world GASPS when one local reporter dares to ask The One a question that is OUT OF ORDER because it's honest and piercing. When The One rips him for interrupting him (which the reporter did not), no one questions.
  Now that Obama has called for an 18 month campaign for the next election, the press having already laid the groundwork by mocking and ridiculing every Republican/conservative candidate individually has moved on to mocking the whole "weak" slate of candidates altogether.
  So Obama's running back and forth across the country between golfing, parties and telling the base that he needs to print more than the $5 trillion he's rumored to have ordered printed since he took office, so what does the AP do?
  They say this over at Yahoo in article entitled: Obama to supporters: I understand your frustration:

Obama's mixing of politics and policy on this West Coast swing is a harbinger of things to come as he balances campaigning with the duties of the presidency.
White House aides insist the president is only involved in the reelection campaign from a distance at this point. But with fundraisers and campaign-style town hall meetings quickly becoming staples in his schedule, it's clear Obama is already in re-election mode.
  I'm not going to say it. I'm not going to say what if Bush....I'm not going to say it.
  Add to this the fact that Obama's team has again determined they will NOT be transparent in revealing the amount of  money they take in from supporters and they will also NOT stop foreign contributions through unsecured credit card donations, just as last time.
  Would the press get on that please?
  Nyuh. Didn't think so.
  Interesting that Mr. Satire over at Wonkette has backed off his meanness, proving me right. Money is worth more than Steuf's precious *Satire! Winning! Duh!** because they're willing to half apologize when their advertisers drop them.
  More outrage. Sigh. Twirling the straw lazily in the coffee cup. Government employees getting interest free loans and not paying them back? No biggie. They're GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES, after all! American royalty!
  Speaking of royalty, Charlie Sheen got a police escort at 80 mph the other day. THERE'S NOTHING TO CUT! THERE"S NOTHING TO CUT! THERE"S NO CRIME IN DC!!!! It's too bad the dim bulb had the temerity to brag about it, which means that it's under investigation, which will undoubtedly come to nothing.
  Imagine this.
  The President's name is a low plant with many branches. Unemployment rate (after changing the method of calculation which went unchallenged) is over 8.8%. Many people have given up even looking for work, or are underemployed.
  McDonald's is hiring and all over the country, fights break out. Thousands of people line up just to get jobs that pay minimum wage.
  If the president's name was a low plant with many branches, do we honestly think the lines would be ignored by the news media? 
  Would the comparison between these current lines and the 1930s lines of the Great Depression not be drawn immediately?
  Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
  But since the current president's name rhymes with llama, no such comparisons. (The headline about the McDonalds hiring carries the word "hope!" Seriously??)
  In fact, if the current president's name was a low plant with many branches, wanna bet some smart dog would even go out with a BLACK AND WHITE camcorder and film the lines, slap historical footage up and compare the two?
  Wanna bet?
  Oh. Good idea. 
  We have citizen journalists now, after all, who'll do what the MSM won't.
  What is it with these guys trying to rap all of a sudden? Ugh. First Code Pink and now the EPA. Lose it, bubs. I post them here for your mockery, ridicule and cruel observations.
  Let's be honest. In general, white women shouldn't try rapping. Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm, no.
  And natural rappers need to avoid government lyrics. Just sayin.'
  First the EPA:
  And now the flat voiced, untimed incredibly white Code Pink:
  Ah, life is good. Fools will be fools running the government and the rest of us are off to work, pumped with caffeine to make it through the day.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Any treatment of Trig is ok; it's satire, ya know. Satire.

  So the hot story tonight is the despicable post over at Wonkette about Trig Palin and the consequent Twitter war which resulted in several advertisers pulling their adverts in response. Hopefully more will pull their money. 
  The editor mocks the 3 year old, calling him a retard, claiming Todd Palin raped his daughter and she's the real mother of the child and not Sarah Palin.
  The final video on the blog posting they get from some dumb Opie show is absolutely vile. (Did I use that adjective already? It was vile.)
  Fun stuff like that. 
  You can read a rundown here at Gateway Pundit. Particularly meaningful is the column Gateway links to at Mediate. 
  Let's get something clear.
  1. The reason liberals feel so inoculated, so free to make incredibly tasteless, racist, sexist and retard jokes is that they feel superior to the rest of the world and everyone should not only know that, but that they don't really mean it. You know, like they threaten to kill you but you're not supposed to ask the police to defend you from them because of course, they didn't really mean to scare you.
  They can set the rules that nobody else can use the word "retard," but liberals use it and call it "satire," especially if they use it against someone they hate like Palin or Bush.
  We make the rules. You follow them. We violate our own rules but it's okay. We're good people.
  2. Liberals like the Wonkette editor feel free to mock "retards" because they are strong believers in abortions for all; they simply can't understand someone who chooses to have a special needs child where there are so many other options nowadays.
  IOW, Trig should have been aborted. Not born. He had no right to life. Thus, any treatment of him is acceptable.
  3. A guilty conscience is involved and defiance. The shame is indicated by the fact that hundreds of equally disgusting comments were pulled from the blog post and the author's name was pulled. Obviously something struck the author as imprudent for him to pull his byline. But the rebellious and mean-spirited response to Mediate's Christopher and the fact that the damn column remains up indicates he's not willing to admit he was wrong, wrong, wrong.
  4. That said, now that some advertisers have pulled their dollars, we'll see how capitalistic Wonkette really is. Because when it gets right down to it, it's all about money. 
  5. AND...the big complaint over at Wonkette is that Palin is using the child Trig as a "political prop," even though today Obama was hauling out the usual victims of illness, including asthmatics and cancer victims. Yet a woman holding her son at a rally is using him as a "political prop." 
  Isn't it interesting how all these liberals scream about the lousy few bucks you and I make and how they want to redistribute it to make life FAIR (which it never will be), but when it comes to THEIR availability to money, everything changes. Indeed, it really is all about money.

Professional grade equipment

Funny ad from Echo chainsaws. If only.

Flying fish lips doesn't like charter schools

  The following video is, frankly, pretty hilarious. The Washington Times reporter asks this guy his name and he, being typically liberal, gets hysterically angry, whispering loudly so as not to disturb his mayor's speech, complaining about how biased the reporter is.
  What's his anger about? He's against school vouchers for little kids to escape the rotten DC school system.
  There's something disconcertingly oily about him. It's like his lips are flapping outside the car window as the car flies 80 mph; sometimes it feels like only his lips are on the camera, like a gasping fish.
  Plus he's a low fast talker.
  Very unctuous. Very unctuous. Only angry. Angry unctuous.
  It's probably not fair that I mock him.
  Cuz that wouldn't be nice, considering he's stupid.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Trumped up interest

  Okay, so this whole fascination with Donald Trump is ridiculous. It's quite clear that Trump's so-called candidacy is being flamed by the 24/7 media desperate to start the presidential campaign, take the focus off the Bumbler in Chief, plump up their lean segments with screaming invective and mocking ridicule of Republicans who might support  the Trump line.
  Everybody's got the right to change their mind about issues, but Trump's changed his mind on a few too many issues very recently, which certainly looks like expediency to court the right wing and tea party vote. 
  Some conservatives have actually supported this candidacy, which triggers more mocking laughter.
  The truth is nobody's running yet and PLEASE let's keep it that way for a while. 
  Why burn a candidate out a year before the race? 
  Why start the really vicious fundraising this early? 
  Why start inundating the air waves with political pap and propaganda 18 months before the election?
  Until somebody's actually running, (Herman Cain notwithstanding) there is no opponent yet!
  Since Obama started running already, one might assume that he's nervous. That he wants to get out front early before any real candidates emerge.
  IMHO, Donald Trump's appearance on the scene is, in a sense, not bad because he is serving to throw side issues into the mainstream conversation. 
  Why shouldn't the birther issue be answered? 
  Why shouldn't people have to verify their citizenship for an office that requires them to be citizens of this country? 
  The very fact that we have someone now in office  who HASN'T verified his citizenship and who has consequently caused so much turmoil proves the point that citizenship should be routinely verified. 
  We all have to do it to get passports and pension papers, so it shouldn't be that big a deal to have a presidential candidate do it.
  That the MSM should act so shocked!! shocked! that the American people might question his citizenship when they have to prove their own every day is whooey.
  This is all sound and fury, signifying nothing.

A new breed...

  A new breed of conservative is upon us. Having read and admired Breitbart's latest book, nothing surprises me (I think) anymore about what's happening in politics today. This video is a great example of the evolving conservative mindset and culture. 
  Quite rad, if I must say so myself.

He doesn't like being questioned....

Bwahaha! The interview Drudge linked to is pretty hilarious. You actually have a reporter actually questioning the president of the United States, kinda like they used to do with the previous president of the United States. This just proves what thin skin this man has; it's hilarious and if reporters really wanted to make a name for themselves, they'd start to ask some tough questions to make Dear Leader squirm a little bit. Watch it here. Enjoy (as the oily say).

Reality check-the loonies are running the country

  It really amazes me when people like Nancy Pelosi say things like the radical right wing is running the Republican party. 
  The truth is that RINOs are running the Republican party.
  The radical right wing that Pelosi objects to is made up of mild mannered accountants and grandparents and teachers and former union workers who are going nuts thinking their grandkids are going to live in the third world country The One is trying to make it into.
  It's so interesting that no one in the news media realm (not the blogosphere), both conservative and liberal, is really talking about the fact that the loonies are running the show right now.
  •   Corn for ethanol rather than food while people starve even though the godfather of corn Algore has renounced its utility?
  •   Screaming obscenities at 14 year old girls at rallies?
  •   Calling female politicians the "c" word and other really, really nasty obscenities? And doing it with impunity?
  •   Stampeding state houses, defecating in them, marking the walls, marching for days and days because you have to pay a few bucks for your pension instead of having the taxpayers pay it for you?
  •   Having taxpayers pay for people's purchases of houses, cars, refrigerators, home insulation?
  •   Taking over the nation's auto makers, banks and health care system?
  •   Lying, lying, lying using Orwellian language to describe your various contradictory positions on stuff like, oh, I dunno, signing statements? Bargaining in good faith and then denying the deal?
  •   Hiding who comes to visit the big shots in the White House? Or scheduling lobbyists to meet next door, rather than the WH to cover up your shenanigans?
  •   Redacting whole FOIA documents, after holding them for a year and half?
  •   Repeatedly and consistently blaming the guy before you for just about everything, even using the whole toilet paper roll?
  •   Claiming Israel's historical and religious holiday is reflected in Muslim uprisings?
  •   Sneering at the prospect of the US economy losing its S & P positive rating?
  • The First Lady having secret service snatch citizens' phones so they can't snap shots of her wolfing a burger?
  • The President golfing, golfing, golfing in response to tragedy, chaos and suffering?
  What's next? 
  Mother Earth having personal rights just like human beings in a not too transparent attempt to replace the fail of global warming in the attempt to redistribute income?
  Naw, that'd be too far fetched.

Glenn Beck on the grill-'fess up and take your medicine

  Glenn Beck is a busy man. He's also funny and articulate.
  But, as the Daily Caller writes, he or his staff have a problem not attributing ownership of various stuff floating around the web.
  The Caller's article is a must read. Here's a sample:
Publisher Andrew Breitbart has seen a number of his stories surface on various Beck media properties over the past few years. While he describes himself as “grateful for the many times he has credited me and my sites,” Breitbart says that “sometimes he also uses other peoples’ work without crediting them, making it appear as though it were his own.
  Bloggers are punching back, having grown tired of having their stuff stolen without attribution. 
  Here's an example over at Riehl. There's more over there.

Time was I would get push back from commenters for hitting Beck. What some may not have realized is, he has always been known as a content thief out here. That, as much as anything else, turned me off to the guy early on.
Then, there's the book mill, as if anyone could write several books a year, while doing radio and TV full-time. The Tea Party, a 9/11 event in Alaska for which he put out ticket prices. I don't know that there's anything, or anyone, this guy hasn't tried to cash in on. If he turns into a televangelist, or whatever, now, it may be right up his alley. Judging by the reduction in push back and buzz about him, he may always have a niche, but I doubt he'll ever be as relevant as he, unfortunately, once was after he leaves Fox
  Glenn Beck seems like an honest good guy.
  He hasn't responded well with this. He's joked about it and fluffed it off, like it's no big deal.
  As a blog and news junkie, I personally noticed that he was doing this, as stuff that surfaces around the web daily would show up on his show with the logo scrubbed.
  That's not right. 
  I predict, sadly, like any other media personality, Beck will see the error in his ways and that this will damage his money machine and act really sorry soon, just like Oprah did when she discovered her fans weren't too happy about that Little Pieces novel that was a phony.
  He's losing his reputation over this. 
  And it's not helping the conservative cause.

Glenn Beck on the grill-'fess up and take your medicine

  Glenn Beck is a busy man. He's also funny and articulate.
  But, as the Daily Caller writes, he or his staff have a problem not attributing ownership of various stuff floating around the web.
  The Caller's article is a must read. Here's a sample:
Publisher Andrew Breitbart has seen a number of his stories surface on various Beck media properties over the past few years. While he describes himself as “grateful for the many times he has credited me and my sites,” Breitbart says that “sometimes he also uses other peoples’ work without crediting them, making it appear as though it were his own.
  Bloggers are punching back, having grown tired of having their stuff stolen without attribution. 
  Here's an example over at Riehl. There's more over there.

Time was I would get push back from commenters for hitting Beck. What some may not have realized is, he has always been known as a content thief out here. That, as much as anything else, turned me off to the guy early on.
Then, there's the book mill, as if anyone could write several books a year, while doing radio and TV full-time. The Tea Party, a 9/11 event in Alaska for which he put out ticket prices. I don't know that there's anything, or anyone, this guy hasn't tried to cash in on. If he turns into a televangelist, or whatever, now, it may be right up his alley. Judging by the reduction in push back and buzz about him, he may always have a niche, but I doubt he'll ever be as relevant as he, unfortunately, once was after he leaves Fox
  Glenn Beck seems like an honest good guy.
  He hasn't responded well with this. He's joked about it and fluffed it off, like it's no big deal.
  As a blog and news junkie, I personally noticed that he was doing this, as stuff that surfaces around the web daily would show up on his show with the logo scrubbed.
  That's not right. 
  I predict, sadly, like any other media personality, Beck will see the error in his ways and that this will damage his money machine and act really sorry soon, just like Oprah did when she discovered her fans weren't too happy about that Little Pieces novel that was a phony.
  He's losing his reputation over this. 
  And it's not helping the conservative cause.

Monday, April 18, 2011


The Mountain from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.

Prosser/Kloppenburg campaigns prepare for recount?

  Though it is unlikely to yield differing results, the Kloppenburg Supreme Court Justice campaign is raising funds to demand a recount, which will be paid for by the taxpayers of the state of Wisconsin. Prosser is also raising funds to pay for legal fees as the lawyers and recounters fight it out. JS Online.
  This isn't a done deal yet, but Kloppenburg has to make her mind up by Wednesday. It appears that's the way she's headed, rather than let the voter count stand.
  So this is the way it works. The voters make their case, and the other side tries to find a way around the public will.
  Althouse has a compelling video that juxtaposes the two sides in Madison: the adversarial, noisy and vicious opposition that union members (one of whom might be a Chicago cop) mounted against Palin et al, while the tea partiers courteously let the union members have their thrilling bad poetry session for themselves.
Now, my question is: What is the argument that making that noise was a worthy and good thing to do? I know these protesters believe they are the good people with the right values. So explain this to me. Now, any crowd is diverse. Maybe there were respectful anti-Palinistas. Maybe the local Madison folk were polite and the rude ones were from out of town, perhaps Chicago. Maybe the letter "C" on that man's hat stood for Chicago. CPD. Chicago PD. I don't know. You tell me. Anyone could have a CPD hat.
  Hey, Madison, too bad about that loss. 
  Like Wonder Woman said, Walker was just saving your stupid jobs.

Morning roundup: April 18, 2011

  Sneering laughter aside (talkin' to you, Bob Schieffer), it's become difficult if not impossible to tolerate the MSM. 
  Why is it if an opponent to liberalism says something, it's uncivil? If a liberal screams the F word, throws up a middle finger, threatens to kill a conservative, bangs cowbells while a conservative speaks, screams, writes or speaks racial or gender invectives, it's no big deal? Why is that, Bill Maher?
  Okay, I broke my own rule and linked to that vile stuff. Sorry. 
  It's probably because my brain is drained.
  But there's much to be thankful for.
  Hard as it is to believe, even San Francisco had/has Tea Parties.
  So one of the fleebaggers Tea Partiers are attempting to recall has criminals defending him. We know this because the recall office against him was broken into yesterday and many things were stolen, including petitions.
  Unfortunately for fleebagger Hansen, the recallers still have enough signatures.
  Na na nee boo boo. 
  Didn't Goodwin vote for Obama? He says O's living in a fiscal fantasyland. Really?
  This article over at the Washington Examiner is great; it talks about how the real Obama is mean, which is true, but that people are finally beginning to see it and probably will be seen moreso because he wants to be reelected, God only knows why.
  It seems a number of former fans are becoming disillusioned with The One.
  Michael Barone puts his finger on the problem. President "Whatever" might become uncomfortable as the GAO will be doing research on why and who has received the numerous waivers from having to initiate Obamacare. Why do they all seem to be unions and Democrat supporters? Why?
  So, as usual, when there's grief, tragedy, tornadoes, The One reaches out to those suffering by....going golfing.
  Yeah. That's it.
  On a side note, if we're lucky, we'll all have to wear burkas soon, like in London.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Atlas is shrugging

Perrysburg April 15 Tea Party Rally

It was really cold and really rainy, but the Perrysburg contingent of Tea Partiers were faithful on April 15, 2011. Conservatives are active and well in this part of the country. At the rally, various issues were discussed, including those listed below. If you are interested in any of these issues, email this blog. (

One of the purposes of the Gathering yesterday was to increase the number of workers that we are going to need as we expand our influence in NW OHIO. If one of the categories listed below pushes your hot button get in touch with the representative via their email and GET INVOLVED..... email the people below and let them know that they can count on you!
  • Voter registration
  • Voter fraud
  • the Sovereignty Amendment
  • the NWO Conservative Coalition
  • the Health Care Freedom Amendment
  • Teachers who would like to see citizenship and patriot values reinstituted into the public school

The landscape, Spring 2011

  As Tea Party rallies took place across the country, union and special interest thugs were out with their bullhorns, children screeching profanity, and uplifted middle fingers.
  Cruise the usual websites, particularly conservative, and the evidence is there. Personally I am too sickened to link to such behavior or show video, although I'm glad that others are exposing it for what it is. The behavior exhibited by these cretins, some of whom call themselves professionals, is too uncivilized.
  It is indeed disheartening that so many Americans can be so dim witted not to see that Judgment Day is comin' with regard to finances, and that pensions are simply underfunded to pay out the kinds of dividends promised.
  It is also indeed disheartening to see that these same patriotic Americans, to whom Tea Party dissent is unAmerican, are willing to resort to almost any measure to get what they want: viz., their stuff. 
  Their money. 
  Their pensions. 
  Their perks.
  Their cheap or free health care. 
  Their way of life.
  This, even while the other Americans who pay their wages suffer, unable to meet their own mortgages or pay their gas bills.
  Rather than being interested in creating wealth, union workers are often more interested in snatching it from others by their work, which entails providing a service, not a product.
  These patriotic Americans are eager and willing to punish those few persons in this country who are financially successful in business by divesting them of all they can and will earn.
  So irrational is the thinking that these patriotic Americans don't seem to realize that rich resourceful people have options; they don't have to hang around here.
  As usual, the media is out trying to slam Tea Partiers and those who are trying to ameliorate the problems by ridiculing various aspects of personality, skin color, gender or intelligence.
  The media slams the entire Republican field, even though only a few candidates have actually declared interest. While many decry starting the campaign too early, media persons are taking advantage of The One candidate field by ridiculing his opponents, declared or not.
  They're doing the ground work for 2012.
  Even the fatties can't seem to understand that the reason Trump is at the top of the polls is that he is refreshingly pointed in his criticism of the absurd Chauncey Gardiner we have in office we have now, unlike many of the other apparent candidates.
  They prefer not to acknowledge that Trump is an amusing 18 month distraction for the giddy and foolish press who giggle like mean schoolgirls (wearing knee sox) at anyone who dares challenge The Lightbringer, Captain Lightning in a Bottle, The One.
  Meanwhile the chicanery at the White House continues.
  It's altogether depressing.
  Well, maybe, and maybe not.
  The Democratic base is riled up, although they're still managing to cover it, unlike the Republican base, who are holding their stupid legislators to account.
  A whole passel of unpaid bloggers are riled up enough to expose the chicanery and detail the flaws.
  The Tea Parties continue.
  Conservatives are far more vocal than before.
  The nuts are being exposed.
  A few heroes are rising up:
It's ironic to watch so many so called establishment Republicans who seem to want to be leader of the free world dance their way around the more serious political battles of our time. They criticize, they pontificate, or editorialize, yet from ObamaCare to a budget deal, they're also careful to not too directly engage. The same can be said of them for what has played out in Madison, Wisconsin over the past month.
Whether it's talking about death panels, or blood libel, to now showing up in Madison - that's not former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. As I said to a friend and colleague tonight, wherever the current battle is, that's very often where you can find Palin. One of the first requirements for leadership is to show up out front. No one will ever accuse Palin of not doing that. Doing so also has an interesting side benefit for any would be leader. When you lead, people tend to follow and support you, even if not at first.
  Again over at Verum Serum, the unionization of the USA is exposed for what it is. He says the unions are Winning, DUH! 
  He means, sorta like the Charlie Sheen type of Winning! Duh!
  As the desperation increases, the bad behavior increases.
  Does that sound like they're winning?
  Mmm, don't think so. 
  When you're screaming the F word, banging pots and pans at a 14 year old speaker, it's pretty obvious that whatever you're doing isn't working and, like a degenerative Thomas Harris series that started out with an interesting storyline but deteriorated to unspeakable perversion, the liberal union movement has passed its time.
  These people are mourning its death. It lasted for 40 years; the idea of living without it is inconceivable.
  The death of the all powerful union is imminent. 
  People are going to have to adjust.
  Just sayin,'