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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sen. Schumer's retreat


The young lady was right on the money when she angrily exclaimed to the late Senator Arlen Specter, "You have awakened a sleeping giant." As of November 4 the giant was still awake and creating mayhem in Democratic precincts. Realizing that the giant is not apt to imbibe Sominex anytime soon Senator Chuck Schumer, in a speech at the National Press Club, questioned the timing, if not the shady methodology and the damage done to the taxpayers by Obamacare.
"After passing the stimulus, Democrats should have continued to propose middle-class-oriented programs and built on the partial success of the stimulus, but unfortunately Democrats blew the opportunity the American people gave them," Schumer said. "We took their mandate and put all of our focus on the wrong problem—health care reform."
Right! They were talking when they should have been listening. Of the 60 senators who voted for Obamacare 28 are gone and Mary Landrieu's impending defeat will make 29. Some have interpreted Schumer's admission to a tactical mishap as an invitation to Hillary to distance herself from Obamacare but it is more than that. It is a plenary dispensation for Senate Democrats to vote to save their political lives when Mitch McConnell brings up the repeal of Obamacare over and over again.
It would one thing if the mea culpa had been issued by a rank and file senatorial half-wit such as Barbara Boxer or Chris Coons but Schumer is second in command of senate Democrats. And he is smart. Damned smart! with a Phi Beta Kappa key and a perfect 1600 SAT score. He reasons that too many Democrats have fallen on their swords for the sake of Obamacare. He can hear a code blue for the Democratic Party. Aside from the grief Democratic Senators seeking reelection in 2016 will get for voting to repeal or not to repeal Obamacare consider the needle Hillary must thread to placate the Sandinista wing of her party which is adamant in its defense of Obamacare in the primaries then attract swing voters in the general election with videos of Jonathan Gruber reminding them that Obamacare is good enough for stupid people.
No Republican will win his party's nomination with anything less than the promise of unconditional repeal of Obamacare. A promise to keep the parts that work ( whatever they may be ) and fixing the remainder will not sell. This puts Hillary in the losing position of running on Obamacare to please the party base and alienating moderate voters. Schumer can see some real advantages to repealing Obamacare and the sooner the better.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Obamacare provides employers a $3,000 incentive to hire illegals rather than Americans

Illegal immigrants covered under Obama's proposed amnesty will benefit from a $3,000 annual incentive to hire them rather than native born Americans. This is because employers with more than 50 employees must soon provide health insurance for their employees or pay a $3,000 per employee fine. Under the terms of the amnesty illegals will not be eligible for coverage under Obamacare hence no fine. American workers struggling to hang on in highly completive, labor intensive industries such poultry processing will see their jobs added to the list of "jobs that Americans refuse to do".
They have been sold out by the Democrat Party and the AFL-CIO, which rather than protect American workers has elected to become a willing vassal to the Democratic Party.
It's not that these hard working citizens have been treated any better by the Republican Party. This perverse, $3,000 incentive to hire non Americans would have also hit them had not House Republicans refused to pass the Senate' comprehensive immigration reform bill. When the bill was passed by the Senate, Senator John McCain, one of the bill’s GOP authors, acknowledged the problem and vowed to change it before it became law. Yeah, sure he would have. Were Senators Lamar Alexander, Kelly Ayotte, Jeff Chiesa, Susan Collins, Bob Corker, Jeff Flake, Lindsey Graham, Orrin Hatch, Dean Heller, John Hoeven, Mark Kirk, Lisa Murkowski and Marco Rubio just as devious as Obama or merely just as stupid as McCain?

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Obama: "I just took an action to change the law."

Every damn time Obama goes off script he makes a fool of himself and sometimes he inadvertently speaks the truth. The White House position had been that he had not attempted to change immigration law but merely set deportation priorities through a tortured interpretation of prosecutorial discretion. While being heckled in Chicago the Great Communicator let the cat out of the bag with, "But what you are not paying attention to is the fact that I just took an action to change the law." 
If you prefer to skip the presidential stuttering and stammering that admission comes at about 2:30 into the clip.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Michael Brown: 45 nanograms of THC in his system

  Michael Brown had so much THC in his system, he would have been arrested in Colorado which allows 5 nanograms.
  According to the evidence presented to the grand jury , Frank Beckmann who has read the documents, reported today that Michael Brown's THC level was 45 nanograms.
  The marijuana spin machine is hard at work trying to prove being that high made no difference (activist Rev. Charles Williams said, "If he was that high, how could he have harmed anyone" on WJR this morning).
  But to have smoked that much marijuana may have had more to do with Brown's death than his defenders admit.
  And how interesting that people are burning buildings, screaming and throwing rocks at cops complaining about "police violence."
  "We want police violence to stop," the protesters scream, in between burning buildings, cars and looting businesses.

Black activist: 300 lb man is "boy"

  Lotta stupid, irresponsible stuff being said in the light of the Ferguson nightmare, especially on MSNBC, where the commentators are openly deriding the rule of law, criticizing the decision and echoing Obama claiming our system of judicial and legal checks and balances are structurally unsound and needsrepair.
  One meme the Left has drilled their automatons to say is that there is a "war on Black boys."
  So I guess if you weigh 300 and are 6 feet 5 inches tall and 18 years old you are a "boy." A 300 pound giant who attacks a
  I feel equally disgusted when the right refers to soldiers and "kids" and "boys and girls."
  Frankly, it infuriates me.
  Presumably because we are living longer, we can now comfortably refer to large, accountable human beings as "kids" because at 18 they are further away from 90 than most of us.
  Never mind that in other countries and in our past, those "kids" were married and had babies by that age. Now they just have babies but are themselves called "kids," like Michael Brown's mother who is only 15 or 16 years older than her son.
  This is all part of the infantilization of the culture and the encouragement of dependence on the smart people who know a lot more than we, the idiots, know.
  This infantilization and contempt of the common man is no better exemplified than in Bill Maher's latest most outrageous statement that he agrees with the contemptible Jonathan Gruber that Americans are stupid.
 MAHER: I'm bringing this up because this guy, Jonathan Gruber, he's an M.I.T. professor who worked on the Obama health care plan. Big controversy because they found a tape of him basically saying that the American people are stupid because he -- a lot of tapes -- because what he was saying to get the bill passed we had to do a lot of sleight of hand or else they would not have voted for it. If we called it a "tax" -- even though it was a tax -- you have to basically slip a pill in the dog's food in a piece of ham to get the dog to eat the pill. I agree, and I've heard nobody else in America say that. Everybody on the left and the right: "Oh, how could he call American's stupid?
Jonathan Gruber, you have met your soulmate. How is this even controversial, I have no idea.
  Several things are going on here.
  First, Maher and Gruber are actually calling Democrats--their own constituency--stupid because conservatives knew EXACTLY what tricks were being played to get the thing passed.
  Second, just because you are uninformed you are not stupid.
  Third, that's really nice. You get people where you want them--uninformed, dependent--and then you make fun of them for being stupid. 
  Let's not forget that Barack Obama met with the protesters and is alleged to have said: "Stay the course" to the activists.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Obama does little to quell unrest after Ferguson decision

  Now that we've heard the grand jury's verdict on Ferguson, we are treated to an Obama lecture on "progress." How bizarre to watch a split screen of the Lecturer in Chief on the right and hoodied anarchists in Ferguson blowing a car up and the streets filled with smoke and destruction.
  Though Obama couches his language as a need for "peace," his message is hardly veiled.
 that 1) people are right to be angry  2)  they have a right to protest   3) "communities of color aren't just making these problems up"  4)  America has a problem with the "law applied in discriminatory fashion"  5) this is an "opportunity to seize the moment."  6) there is deep distrust of the police by the Black community.
  Now what do all these comments mean?
  Though he limply decries violence, Obama is again using this situation as a wedge issue to take advantage of racial unrest.
  What a shame this man has been.
  He could have brought so much in the way of healing, health and good will to this nation and yet he continues to grind the racial unrest issue.
  Meanwhile Sharpton's goons will be on the streets. 
  Holder will be lurking waiting to either slink away because of the lack of evidence or challenge Wilson on a federal basis.
  MSNBC will be shilling for the grievance industry, regardless the evidence.
  And race relations will get worse.

George H.W. Bush's amnesty and the four Pinocchio lie

The Washington Post asked " Did Did George H.W. Bush really shield 1.5 million illegal immigrants?"
The answer is a resounding no, earning the White House and all of its sycophants in the media four Pinocchios.
To put Bush's amnesty in context it made the third page in the New York Times. The Post fact checker concludes;
Indeed, the 100,000 estimate that the INS gave on the day of the announcement might have been optimistic. Fewer than 50,000 applications had been received before the policy was superseded by a new law. The numbers generated by that law — a little more than 140,000 — further indicate that the universe of potential applicants was much smaller than 1.5 million, especially given that the law eased restrictions even more.
In the end, 200,000 amounts to about 6 percent of the illegal immigrant population at the time, not 40 percent. Small wonder the White House prefers the larger number.
To recap, the White House seized on a single news report, which cited an estimate much higher than any other news organization. Meanwhile, officials ignored other contemporaneous reporting using much lower figures — as well as the actual outcome of the policy. That’s worthy of Four Pinocchios.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Obama: Absolutely not legitimate for future presidents to follow my lead on executive action.

This interview says as much about George Stephanopoulos as it does Barack Obama. To let stand in effect, Obama's position that only he has this power; not future presidents is journalistic malpractice.
“How do you respond to the argument, a future president comes in, wants lower taxes. Doesn't’t happen. Congress won’t do it — he says I’m not going to prosecute those who don’t pay capital gains tax.”
Obama seems to think that since most people comply with the tax code the prosecutorial discretion argument does not apply so no executive action would be justified. Following this logic if most Americans would quit paying taxes then a president would have the executive authority to nullify the capital gains tax under the aegis of prosecutorial discretion.
Saturday Night Live did not share Stephanopoulos' trepidation. The video below is remarkable in that there no partisan counter balance. It flatly asserts in a satirical tone that Obama has usurped congressional power.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Emails confirm White House attack on Sharyl Attkisson

How sweet it is! Emails obtained by Judicial Watch confirm exactly what CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson told Laura Ingraham in the video below. That video was posted on this blog on October 4, 2011. Listen as Attkisson tells Ingraham that a woman ( Tracy Schmaler ) at DOJ screamed at her as did a man at the White House ( Eric Schultz ).

The email obtained by Judicial Watch reads;
  • On October 4, 2011, Holder’s top press aide Tracy Schmaler tells White House Deputy Press Sectary Eric Schultz, “I’m also calling Sharryl’s [sic] editor and reaching out to Scheiffer. She’s out of control” Schultz responded, “Good.  Her piece was really bad for the AG.”
    Schultz also detailed to Schmaler that he was working with a journalist (Susan Davis, formerly of the National Journal) to target Rep. Darryl Issa (R-CA), the House Republican leading the charge on Fast and Furious:
    “And I sent NJ’s Susan Davis your way. She’s writing on Issa/FandF and I said you could load her up on the leaks, etc.”
    (Davis authored a critical profile of Issa a few weeks later.)
Susan Davis has moved on to USA Today and the National Journal has very recently removed her post. Aside from the outrage that should follow from the revelation that DOJ conspired with the White House to deep six an objective reporter this email doesn't make Bob Schieffer look good either.

Nancy Pelosi has highest unfavorable rating in congress

Let's face it. John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are very unpopular unless you grade on the curve. Compared to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi they are rock stars. This is according to a recent Rasmussen poll.

Favorable Unfavorable
Joe Biden 40% 48%
Harry Reid 22% 55%
Nancy Pelosi 31% 58%
John Boehner 31% 54%
Mitch McConnell 32% 47%

Hey, Obama. It may be Friday but Sunday's comin'

  If I were more cynical, I might actually enjoy Leftists beclowning themselves daily. 
  Unfortunately, I'm not. I'm just an old fashioned patriot who wants to leave a strong and healthy country to my grandkids.
  One would hope at some point the American people would wake up. That may indeed be happening but it sure is painful getting there.
  Take, for example, the fact that Leftists have discovered another tax they like: taxing rainwater.
  As if that idea weren't ludicrous enough, Maryland has decreed that churches can avoid paying that tax by preaching a government approved message of "environmentalism."
  This government action is yet another inducement for churches to abandon their biblical missions to take up the propaganda of the Leftists in charge, as in the Houston mayoral attempt to subpoena and then govern the topics of the sermons of the city's pastors.
  These attempts at controlling thought and behavior are almost always described with Newspeakian terms, such as the POTUS's designation of illegal immigrants as "Dreamers." 
  What kind American can reject a child termed a "dreamer" especially if that someone is cute, little and defenseless, like the toddler the immigration shill hauls out every time he tries to make a point about flooding this country with more illegals and how mean you are if you don't agree with him?
 Or the illegal who is hard working and sincere, as Obama exemplified in the person of Astrid Silva in his speech last night?
  And what about a racist charlatan tax dodger like Al Sharpton becoming a primary presidential advisor?
  You have to wonder how boobs like Josh Earnest and his boss can go out there and lie, day after day, smirking at the stupid rubes who pay their exorbitant salaries?
  There's Luis Guttierez who smooth talked an English speaking audience about Obama's immigration move, then later spoke in Spanish demanding reparations from American taxpayers for the long wait they've had to endure to be made legal. It's not over, Guttierez said, and Obama better get ready to do even more than what he's promised publicly. This is payback for having to wait for what is rightfully theirs.
  And, of course, there's more to come, as clearly immigrants both legal and illegal, will flood the market with cheap labor and enable those immigrants to receive the earned income tax credit back from taxes they never paid.
  Never mind that the feds have monkeyed with the job stats to make it appear that more people are working or that their pay is far lower than a prosperous economy would allow while illegal immigrants use their "golden tickets" to take even the low paying jobs.
  Never mind that Mexico has decided to tax Americans entering Mexico to work while we take more of their citizens to take our jobs.
  Never mind that Mexico's immigration policy--along with many other countries' policies--is so restrictive that you can go to prison for two years if you're caught as an illegal in Mexico.
  And so on we go. 
  Pouring billions into other countries, releasing all Gitmo detainees to go back into the field to kill, encouraging race riots in places like Ferguson ("stay the course" Obama told the Ferguson communist protesters) , trading enemy leaders for a single deserter, working to free the mentally ill who bring trouble on themselves like Matthew Todd Miller, printing money and pursuing absolutely worthless causes like Swedish massages for rabbits and accumulating enormous unsustainable debt liabilities.
  This is depressing.
  The truth is for the American people to wake up--yes, even the illegals who are here--the situation will have to get pretty bad and threaten the self interests of those involved.
  Like our poor.
  How will flooding the market with cheap labor affect them?
  We'll have to see.
  It's clear that Obama is drunk with power. Has anyone ever said no to Obama?
  And he clearly believes in payback.

  It may be Friday but Sunday's comin', Mr. Obama and your Leftist cohorts who don't believe in much of anything when it comes to the Constitution or what the American people want.
  Sunday's comin.'
  You saw a little of it last election. 
  There will be more; Republican gains have been enormous in past days. Enormous, at local, state and federal levels. 
  And when even Union presidents have turned on Democrats, do they honestly think the Democrat party is thriving?
  I've said it before. The Republican bench is deep and thriving; the Democrats' bench is not. Only the aging shrill Hillary Clinton sits on that bench, waiting in the wings to pick up where Obama leaves off.

  Yet conservatives have more diversity, more courage and more political canniness than what we are seeing from the Democrats' bench who boo God and are trying desperately to replace God with their empty headed nonsense.
  Even the Leftist voters in Oregon got the message that illegals shouldn't get even a driver's license. If a Democrat state can transform suddenly to a Republican one, anything's possible.
  Take heart, my friends. Stay calm and strategize. Keep the pressure on the Republicans. Let's not waste our energy on anger. That is exactly what Leftists want.
  The world--and reality--are closing in on Leftists and Obama. His pathological need to be on top, to control the lives of others is leading him down dark paths.
  We won't be going with him.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Fox was a far better watchdog on the Obama

Media critic David Zurawik of the Baltimore Sun writes that Fox News is number one and the reason is simple. Courage.
I think one of the reasons for this latest evolution of ratings dominance might be that Fox was a far better watchdog on the Obama White House than any other TV news organization. It took the heat and the blowback from an administration that showed an enmity for the press not seen on Pennsylvania Avenue since the dark days of Richard Nixon, but it stayed the course. And now with viewers seeing the contempt this administration had for them and the truth, they respect what Fox did the last six years.

In the early days of 2009 the Obama administration declared war on Fox News. In October of 2009 it announced that the network would no longer be able to conduct interviews with officials as a member of the press pool. The pool which is a five-member group consisting of ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox News and NBC organized by the White House Correspondents Association informed the White House that its membership is not subject to oversight by the government.
In 2010 Obama Justice Department tapped the phone of Fox News correspondent James Rosen and also the phone of his parents. To obtain the warrant for the wiretaps the DOJ had to swear before a federal judge that Rosen had conspired in espionage. This was done with the full knowledge and consent of Attorney General Holder and is something not seen since the days of Richard Nixon and Daniel Ellsberg.
A generation from now the Obama White House will rightfully be viewed with shame and contempt but returning to the gist of Mr. Zurawik's post, Fox News kicked ass in the election night ratings. Fox's audience share about equaled the shares of ABC, CNN, and MSMBC combined. For the week Fox was not just the number one news channel it was the number cable channel beating out Nickelodeon and ESPN.

Overall 25 to 54 Key Demo
Fox News 6.6 million 1.8 million
CBS 5.4 million 1.5 million
NBC 4.2 million 1.5 million
ABC 3.1 million 1.1 million
CNN 1.9 million 912,000
MSNBC 1.6 million 566,000

For an encore Fox followed up with “The Man Who Killed Us ama Bin Laden.”  It drew 3 million viewers the first night and 3.37 million the second night, making it the most successful documentary in Fox News history.
For my money Fox could do even better. As a part of the Fox media empire it has local reporters spread though out the county as do the big three networks. It could do spectacular reporting of local stories, Matt Drudge style, that interest many but never make national news. It could hire Sharyl Attkisson to head up an investigative division that would track government corruption at all levels along with private sector shady business deals. On the other hand it's not doing too bad without my advice.

"Drunk Girl" apologizes for deception

And she is a lady! Actress Jennifer Box apologized for her role in "Drunk Girl". She says the role was pitched as a light hearted stunt not a social experiment. Further more; “And for the record, every male seen in this video were nothing but perfect gentlemen [sic].”

Have you been GRUBERED?

  Fox's hilarity has reached new levels with their soft plushy toy Jonathan Gruber, tossing him in the air, throwing him as a chew at the dog, running him through the washing machine...
  If you've missed updates on Gruber, you might be interested to know he's become a verb. And a noun. And an adjective.
  Eg. "Let's gruber him."
  Eg. "Good heavens! We don't want another gruber in the news!"
  Eg. " Don't go all gruber on me!"
  Summing it all up, WATCH this!

Landrieu trails Cassidy by 21%

Tuesday was a bad day for Mary Landrieu. Her chief excuse as to why Louisiana voters should not send her packing has been that by virtue of her chairmanship of the Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee she could better bring jobs and economic growth to the Pelican State. To demonstrate that she was indeed a person of consequence she managed to convince Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to allow her to bring her Keystone pipeline bill to the floor.
Her opponent, Congressman Bill Cassidy, introduced the same legislation in the House were it passed by a vote of 252 to 161. Tuesday Landrieu's measure came up 1 vote short in the Senate.
Tuesday the Gravis Poll released the results of its November 17 poll showing the corpulent senator trailing Cassidy by 21 points, 38 to 59 percent. Have a good day, Senator.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Net neutrality is a tax scheme

Now the intent behind net neutrality becomes clearer. It's a tax scheme. According to FCC Commissioner Mike O'Reilly, speaking at a Washington seminar on net neutrality, the law requires telecommunications companies to pay into the FCC’s “Universal Service Fund” and would likely require the same of Internet companies. But O'Reilly says history clearly shows that the fees would quickly be passed on to customers, just like they are now on monthly phone bills.
Whatever happened to the constitutional provision that all revenue laws begin in the House? It was ceded to agencies such as the FCC years ago. Congress mandated groups that could be taxed and agencies enhance their revenue by expanding the groups until every consumer is paying a fee for the privilege to use a phone or to access the internet. The FCC evidently thinks the country need more Obamaphones. Why does the FCC think it can get away with this? They think as Jonathan Gruber does. Americans are stupid. More.

Quantitative Obfuscations?

The Economist terms it Fedspeak. If you want to understand what the Federal Reserve is saying you had better increase your word power. The chart shows the escalation in pretentious verbosity under the last three Fed chairmen. After its regular Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) policy meetings the Fed states changes in policy in response to its evaluation of economic data. Fed watchers have noticed that the language has become stilted to the point that the economic gobbledygook issued under the notoriously verbose Alan Greenspan are now models of concision.
Two employees of the Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis quantified the expansive prose using the Flesch-Kincaid grade level index which evaluates how difficult a passage is to read based on sentence length and the number of syllables per word. The reports issued during Greenspan's watch averaged 13.6 meaning they were suitable for a college sophomore but twice during the 2008 to present time span the reports scored a 20 suggesting one needs four years of post graduate study just to read a Fed report.

Monday, November 17, 2014

This is not a fight the Republicans should run from

Remember it was your congressman who wanted to run for office not you. Now with the impending constitutional crisis brought about by executive amnesty it is his burden. It is not his place to complain about his lot but rather to protect and defend the constitution as is his sworn duty.
Hey buddy, if you didn't want to work you shouldn't have hired out. Just because your Democratic colleagues are willing to scrap two hundred years of fidelity to representative government and embrace autocratic rule does not give you leave to do the same. This may be the biggest moment of your career. Don't blow it.
Yesterday, the Republicans on the Sunday talk shows conducted themselves with poise and conviction. They did not address the merits of executive amnesty but instead addressed the constitutionally mandated separation of powers and checks and balances. Call it seventh grade civics if you will but the greater public still maintains a reverence for the legal process even if it has gone out of vogue in the Democratic Party.
Several commentators wondered aloud if this was not a contrived event orchestrated by grandmaster Barack Obama when as soon as the Republicans snatch the gambit pawn they are beset by a devastating counter attack, destroyed with Morphyesque precision, and cast forever into the dustbin of history to the thunderous applause of Sandra Fluke, Wendy Davis, Alison Lundergan Grimes, and right thinking women everywhere. In your dreams, Bob Schieffer. A tactical genius Obama is not. He bumbles from crisis to crisis. He has been outplayed by every opponent from Assad to Karzai. He is boorish and overbearing but never clever.
I would hope his executive order would be followed by a joint press conference by Mitch McConnell and John Boehner. They should address the matter in constitutional terms forgoing a critique of Obama's order. The should make known their insistence on a short term continuing resolution that has language blocking the amnesty. They should also state that that Obama is operating under the delusion that his party won the recent elections, that he can no longer govern, and that an intervention is in order.
When the new Congress convenes the leaders should force the Democrats to vote on the issue executive amnesty. They can bring multiple resolutions to the floor until the voters back home know where each member stands. All major appropriation bills will be passed but spending bills will be broken into two month increments. Large amounts of each bill will be ear marked for specific spending leaving the administration as little discretionary spending as possible. Departments and agencies that have not complied with all subpoenas that may have been issued by the committees of the House and Senate should not expect to see any funding. All funding bills should prohibit spending for administrative leaves. All regulations created or proposed by the sundry agencies must be altered to comply with congressional prerogatives as a condition of funding.
Lastly the Republicans should blow up the regulatory regime. This could be done by including in the language of all spending bills language from the 6th amendment that guarantees " the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime ( or civil infraction ) shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defense.” That should jam up agency intimidation for years.
This fight is winnable. The Republicans are at a modern zenith of power. They control both houses of Congress, have a nominal advantage in the Supreme Court and control 68 of 99 state legislative bodies while the Democrats control the fewest number of state legislatures since 1860. Obama is making a terminal tactical blunder.

Gruber comments drive support for Obamacare to all time low

No one should be surprised support for Obamacare as tracked by Gallup has hit an all time low. Americans have long been skeptical of ACA"s benefits but Jonathan Gruber's recent comments has renewed outrage relative to the law's secret and fraudulent inception. Gruber's comments achieved a double whammy. They drove approval to a record low and disapproval to an all time high.
Almost all support comes from Democrats who support this turkey to the tune of 74%. Support among independents is 33% and among Republicans 8%.

Obama pledges $3 billion to fight global warming

Like all good liberals Barack Obama is very good at spending other people's money. The big hearted mensch was good enough to pledge $3 billion of the $7.5 billion the UN would like to smear to underdeveloped countries to mitigate the effects of climate change. Good luck with that. His magnanimous gesture may be just an empty gesture as funding must get past Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee Senator Jeff Sessions with whom he has just picked a fight over his proposed amnesty for illegals. He will be lucky to get bus fare to Arlington. Notice China has not pledged one dime to this green graft transfer of wealth.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

BTW, Whatever happened to Eric Cantor?

Dave Brat's election to Congress was barely noticed by the national media. His primary victory over then House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, however, sent shock waves through the Republican Party. He ran a remarkable grassroots campaign with the backing of the Richmond Tea Party while both the national Tea Party groups set out that election. The scholarly economics professor from Randolph–Macon College walked to victory in general election. Virginia's 7th congressional district has a R+11 PVI (partisan voter index), meaning it is heavily Republican. The challenge was winning the primary and the issue Brat chose was immigration. His victory over Cantor seems to have hit the House leadership like a vein full of testosterone.
Suddenly Speaker John Boehner is promising to go to the wall to stop Obama's planned amnesty. He promises he will "fight it tooth and nail". Mitch McConnell, on the other hand, is playing it coy. He says that he will not be shutting down the government and the press appears not to notice that his statement is irrelevant. On December 11, the date by which Congress must pass a continuing resolution to fund the government, Senate Republicans will still be in the minority. Stopping amnesty is up to the House and for the present it sounds as if the continuing resolution will contain language that will stop amnesty. If Obama refuses to sign the CR then it is on him.
One can imagine the angry phone calls and emails representatives will receive if Obama attempts to circumvent Congress and the will of the people. The pressure on Republican congressmen will be horrendous. Eric Cantor's fate will serve as a poignant reminder to think twice before ignoring the folks back home. Well done, Congressman Brat!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Jonathan Gruber: Democrats are stupid. WE, otoh, saw this coming.

   By now, anybody who's politically aware knows about the Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber who blabbed on tape the real thinking behind passing the onerous, destructive and disastrous health care bill some refer to as the Affordable Care Act.
  The first time I saw it was last weekend and when it surfaced early this week, I thought, good. It's about time people see with their own eyes what we hateful Tea Partiers have known all along.
  But let's be clear, as the President of the Untied States is known to say.
  The people Democrats were lying to and who Democrats think are stupid is other Democrats.
  Republicans were never on board with hijacking the health care system. It was Democrats and the uninformed that Leftists had to lie to to get the thing passed with any kind of enthusiasm at all.
  So the fact that a second tape has emerged is really only icing on the cake and verification that Democrats really do think their voters are the stupid ones.
  But I guess I would amend that a little.
  I personally don't think Democrat voters are necessarily stupid.
  I think they're uninformed and trained to be sheeple.
  The result of years of Democrat training that the government should and will take care of them has culminated in the trusting marshmallowy Democrat underlings ruled by their overlords, the privileged class.
  And make no mistake.
  That privileged class cares more about its own perks and lifestyle than it does about Americans'. They just want to make sure their voters get just enough freebies, handouts and preference in governance that the sheeple will come back for more, baaaing that they have needs. You're from the government! Please help!
  (On a side note, this is probably why people are buying luxury bomb shelter condos. They know Leftists have mucked up the world so much that anything can happen.)
  Anyway, let's go easy on Jonathan Gruber, architect of Obamacare.
  He's just saying what we Tea Partiers out here already know.
  Democrats do think Democrat voters are stupid.
  That's also why they hate Tea Partiers. We haven't fallen in line.
  Anyway here are the videos, the first one to surface and then the second, which is even more damning because it underscores these were not "inappropriate or "misspokes" but rather the philosophy behind the law.

  Gruber is no stranger to the realities of the Affordable Care Act. In 2012, he acknowledged that the lawsuit that has advanced to the Supreme Court (and could possibly know out Obamacare) is unfair to citizens who live in states that did not approve Obamacare will unfairly target those taxpayers to support the lifestyles and health care of others. From the New Republic:
So you’re essentially saying to your citizens, you’re going to pay all the taxes to help all the other states in the country. I hope that’s a blatant enough political reality that states will get their act together and realize there are billions of dollars at stake here in setting up these Exchanges, and that they’ll do it. But you know, once again, the politics can get ugly around this.
  Add this to the pile of ugliness which represents Democrat motivation for passing the law and a true ugliness emerges.
  Zeke Emanuel's assertion that 75 is the age we all should die.
  The admission that many of the tenets of Obamacare are lies.
  The acknowledgement that the IPAB board will lead to lives being decided by the government and not doctors.
  The push to make young people pay more and to cut off medical care other than "palliative" care for those under 5 and over 60, admitted by Ezekiel, Krugman and Reich.
  The philosophy behind the law has been and always will be this:
  "We're going to let you die."
  And that, my friends, is a quote.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Obama arrives in Asia wearing WHAT?

  What the heck is Obama wearing when he arrived in China? Fox & Friends called it "Star Trek" fashion but it looks more like Kenya fashion to me, only not as cool.
  Apparently our still self-assured though beaten POTUS hasn't learned his lesson about chewing gum either because he's chomping his cud again in the video FNC just showed which hasn't hit the internet yet.
  We were in France during the 70th D Day anniversary in June; the French were shocked, shocked that Obama would actually chew gum vigorously as the Queen of England arrived and as the French National Anthem was being played.
  Apparently the incident was covered here, but I can tell you there that this scandal was everywhere because of its disrespect of a world leader.
  Apparently there was no reason for our self-obsessed to take a Selfie when meeting the Chinese dude.
UPDATE: Yeah, I guess it's the traditional doofus suit these guys wear for a group photo. Yowza. Can't wait to see that
 UPDATE 2: And BOOM! There ya go! Stuck with the wifies...from Zerohedge, we see the respect according to the Doofus in Chief in China. You could think of this as funny but, in reality, it's a big,um, scary that our country's leader is viewed with such derision. Open season, unfortunately.
AND.....even USA Today has noticed the disrespect the gum chewing Obama shows toward others not himself.
 AT LEAST, ditch the baggie mom pants. SHEESH.
Gannett-CDN photo

The Democrat Party has become the Decrepit Party

  After the 2012 Republican National Convention, I wrote this:
  You might have noticed quite a few minority speakers on the Republican stage; well, you wouldn't have noticed those minority speakers if you were watching MSNBC because they cut away to their talking heads every time an Artur Davis or a Mia Love took the stage. At least that's what Newsbusters says....[SNIP]
  I actually heard the word "love" over and over. I heard a call for leadership. A call for action. A call to save our country from the vast caverns of debt our leaders have led us into.
  Some of the racist howlers claim that Republicans can't just "throw a brown face" into their convention and pretend that they're diverse.
  Yet their speakers last night were very diverse, even if MSNBC was reluctant to disclose that fact.
  But, the squealers will squeal, those rascally Republicans had to dig hard to find those "brown faces."
  Uh, no.
  They did not.
  While it is true that many in the Republican audience are white (though statistically DNC delegates are wealthier many of whom are white), those who are leading states are not!
  See, because I actually watched the RNC Convention, I processed the fact that the Republican bench is deep, wide and diverse.
  Admittedly I'm deeply partisan when it comes to loving this country, individual rights and despising big unwieldy unaccountable government, but I also sporadically watched and wrote about the reprehensible DNC convention here:
The point of a convention is to ramp your people up. The point of a convention is to BE partisan.
  These people are nasty. This convention is filled with hate, abortion and lies.
  I understand partisanship; it's what elections are about.
  But this is ugliness. A great example is in the video below of Ted Strickland and his mean little snipes about Romney. 
  I mean really? 
  Rich people making fun of rich people for being rich?
  Rich people who live in mansions mocking other people's mansions?
  Wealthy insulated politicians who give little of their own money voluntarily to the needy deriding the motives and impugning the character of a wealthy insulated politician who gives millions away?
  Now, I've never claimed to be objective.  I'm also not a Republican.
  But watching the disparity between those two conventions should have revealed to even the most inartful observer that there's a problem with decrepit ideals and "champions" of those "ideals."
  At last those inartful observers--the Democrats and the media but I repeat myself--have figured out that the Democrat Party---the Decrepit Party--has Hillary Clinton and the ever hopeful and perhaps vice presidential candidate Hispanic Julian Castro sitting on the sidelines waiting to enter the 2016 race.
  Noah Rothman writes about the Democrat party's prospects:
In two consecutive midterms, Republicans have decimated the Democratic Party’s bench of talent, not just on the federal or statewide level but farther down the ballot as well. The GOP now controls 69 of the nation’s 99 legislative chambers, a dramatic reversal, according to Washington Examiner columnist David Freddoso, from 2008 when Barack Obama’s party controlled 62 legislative chambers. The GOP now has the total command of state government – both chambers of the legislature and the governor’s mansions – in 23 states, while Democrats command the levers of government in just seven states. In addition to the Republican Party’s 31 governorships, the GOP enjoys the allegiance of 32 lieutenant governors offices and 29 crucial secretaries of state.
The Democratic Party’s farm team outside of the coasts and some enclaves in the Deep South and the Upper Midwest has been all but wiped out. The party, as The Washington Post’s Dan Balz observed in a must-read column, is at risk of being seen as a rapidly aging one.
  We hear this after every election: the weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth, the copious lachrymose articles about how this or that wing of politics will never ever EVER govern again and are they dead forever. ....
  Don't fall for it.
  Leftists never ever EVER go away. They've creeped the universities, the entertainment industry, the media complex and they're always hungry for more.
  But it is true that their party--the Decrepit Party--has an aging, Botoxed face.
  The energy is on the Right these days, as more minorities begin to see what Leftists have done to them, culturally, economically and spiritually.
  We need to keep the pressure on the Republican Party....not just to win, but to preserve independence and freedom.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

It's not wrong when politicians do it

Why was Speaker John Boehner's campaign so expensive? Federal Election Commission records show the Speaker raised  $16,975,430 and spent $16,553,510 as of the last reporting of October 15. By comparison Sen. Mitch McConnell ran a statewide race in Kentucky spending $25,056,485. Outside spending in that race boosted the cost to an estimated $100 million for both candidates.
Sixteen million dollars should buy a lot of favors which is what the Speaker is doing. He is contributing to the campaigns of other Republicans. His spending is up sharply from 2010 when he spent $9,876,911 but down from 2012, a presidential election year, when he unloaded a cool $21,197,801.

Representative District Metro Area Spent
Steve Chabot 1 Cincinnati $435,429
Brad Wenstrup 2 Cincinnati $806,519
Joyce Beatty 3 Columbus $537,246
Jim Jordan 4 Lima $968,670
Bob Latta 5 Bowling Green $670,219
Bill Johnson 6 Marietta $1,688,194
Bob Gibbs 7 Avon $464,155
John Boehner 8 West Chester $16,553,510
Marcy Kaptur 9 Toledo  $436,460
Mike Turner 10 Dayton $769,380
Marcia Fudge 11 Cleveland $466,708
Pat Tiberi 12 Columbus/Mansfield $2,150,891
Tim Ryan 13 Akron $680,493
David Joyce 14 Richmond Heights $2,160,110
Steve Stivers 15 Columbus $1,482,089
Jim Renacci 16 Cleveland $1,013,707
All data was obtained from Open Secrets.Org

Saturday, November 8, 2014

In the best of company

"Oh, come on, John, you'll really enjoy yourself," my friend Mark pleaded. "Besides Dad has some questions he wants to ask you."

Finally I relented and agreed to leave at 6:00 AM and ride 60 miles to Dubois County, Indiana. Some months ago I had accompanied my friend to see his dad and in the course of conversation helped him arrange his computer desktop and filing system to better manage his Ebay business. Since then we've talked of switching him to a database program to post and track his online inventory. This gentleman is worthy of a post all by himself. Widowed and in his mid 80's he is by his own account a semi-retired CPA, meaning he only works during tax season. He maneuvers about with the aid of a walker and works like a fool on his second career as an Ebay merchant. He has the rare ability to distinguish at a glance things of value and things that will sell and the two not the same. "Nothing we have on our site is worth anything," he avows. But it does sell. He has 600 items on Ebay and as he said not worth anything. He traffics in old train schedules for the nostalgic, odd pieces of glass or porcelain that are not antiques but merely eye catching, unique, and rare. Each of the 600 items has a brief description and usually a photograph which must be posted online. Orders must be packed and delivered to the post office. He keeps a lot on his plate! Not technically challenged in the least he knows his way around Windows 8.1.

We met him at his home. Mark had brought him a 32 inch smart TV to serve as a monitor for his laptop which could be switched to watch Netflix movies when times were slow. We set that up for him in about 30 minutes and he drove us to our intended destination, a conspicuously prosperous looking corn farm. All farms in Dubois County look conspicuously prosperous. Until World War I the county was almost completely German speaking, settled by a sturdy no nonsense population that knew the biblical admonition " By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground," was not mere speculation. It produced a way of life that produced some very real temporal rewards.

The, by invitation only, strictly stag, affair had but one purpose, to make turnip slaw. Something about the German temperament does not lend itself to multi-tasking when there is serious work to be done. That does not mean that the 20 or so assembled gentlemen, most of them in their 80's, took themselves seriously, just that they kept working while they talked. The owner of the farm introduced himself and told me he was glad that I could make. I of course thanked him for the invitation and complemented on his nice spread. This gentleman was all grace! He thanked me and added he was pretty proud of his place. He knew that I knew that his prosperous farm was the result of a lifetime of hard work.

With pleasantries exchanged we got to work. Mark, his dad and I were relegated to an entry level position along with half a dozen others. We peeled the turnips. I didn't know the entire country produced that many turnips in a single year. The turnips were then shredded and mixed with white vinegar, water, sugar, and horseradish to produce what Dubois County considers gourmet fare. It is good and I have a gallon of it in my refrigerator. I could have taken 5 gallons without raising an eyebrow as we churned out a huge production. The talk was small and topical, ranging from vision problems to the price of beef. When one gentleman asked if everyone was pleased how the elections turned out it elicited a unanimous"yes". After the work was done we adjourned to another area of the huge pole barn for dinner. The sauerkraut didn't surprise me. It was the best I have ever eaten. It was cooked with copious pork ribs and neck bones, I think.

I'm glad I decided to make the party. It was a part of Americana few will see or even care to see, just happy, hardworking men doing what they do best-work. Men who faced life and carried away a piece of the American dream for themselves and their families and in the twilight of their lives have few regrets.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Dems sacrificed moderate Democrats for Obamacare

  Well, as we look at the electoral map from election 2014, we can see that much of the country has turned red, at the local, state and federal levels, much to the surprise of Leftists everywhere.
Map from National Journal
  Could it be because of all the name calling of American voters from Leftists? Via Weasel Zippers, we can revisit the lovely names Leftists have called Republicans/conservatives since Obama was elected:
 Enemy, paranoid, greedy, Bible-thumping, gun-toting, fear-mongering, racist, sexist, bigot, birther, redneck, homophobic, xenophobic, global-warming denialists, anti-science, Neanderthal, barbarian, terrorist, hobbits, member of the Flat Earth Society, Nazi, bully, Yosemite Sam hillbilly, beer-toting, pot belly, church going, small-minded, whack-job, Evangelical, gun nuts, wing nut, knuckle-dragger, clueless, Teabaggers, narrow-minded, evil, redneck freaks, judgmental, backwards, sick, anti-intellectualist, slut-shaming, slimebuckets, forced-birther, neocons, Zionist, neo-Confederate, wild nasty hard-right fringe, extremist, sewer rats, wacko birds, bitter clingers, misogynist, you suck, Obamaphobic, chirper, white nativist, crazies, creepy azz cracka, unpatriotic, white grievance, dumb, cracker, white devils, rabid, squealing political pigs, anarchist, fanatics, extortionists, lemmings, gangsters, murderers, banana republicans, fakers, ideological crusader, Cruzites, anti-government idealoges, fraud, Taliban, arsonist, suicide bombers, suicidal lemmings, spoiled children, hostage takers, overlords, Jihadist, blowhard, religious fanatic, freedom fiend, kidnappers, Jesus freaks, dangerous, troglodyte, from the Planet of the Apes, resurrection of the Confederacy, lemmings with suicide vests, anarchy gang, idiots, wife abusers, frightened white people, right-wing loonies, tea-hadist, tea-tards, segregationist, freaking retarded, morally disgusting, Confederate flag-waving, breeders, Robert E. Lee lovers, Southern white radicals, losers, violent rapist, blathering idiots, climate change deniers, way crazy, racist killers, rabid animals, Cro-magnon, cave dwellers, narrow-minded, toddler, headless chicken brigade, monkeys, morons, virus, teapub, Christofascists, healthcare repealers, gun-crazed, wide-eyed creatures, bed-wetting kidult, climate fool, Trotskyite radicalists, Dixiecrats, willfully ignorant fucksticks, anti-Obama, Huns, nutcases, pseudo-militia of gun-toting nutcases, lunatic, and radical terrorist
  Ah, yes, the mindset of the Leftist. One feels the urge to reach for the alcohol wipe after encountering Leftists in their natural state.
  While we can watch in wonder that Leftists like Al Sharpton and Barack Obama are still in denial that the country has turned on the most brilliant  POTUS evah,  we might consider this.
  Many more Blue Dog and moderate Democrats existed in the Congress before Barack Obama arrived on the scene; Democrats willingly sacrificed them when they built their coalition to pass Obamacare. Many of those Congressmen were hesitant and even unwilling to sign onto Obamacare, yet allowed themselves to be used by Leftists and sacrifice what they claimed were their own principles.
  This was a deliberate attempt to take over the health care system, knowing conservative and more moderate Democrats would be booted by the electorate after having fallen from favor.
  The fools apparently didn't count on the absolute abdication of responsibility of the POTUS and his clown car of college drunks, Lurch, and creepy ventriloquist dummies.
  This was not simply a midterm shift: this election was an absolute denunciation of everything Obama represents.
  Then Obama appeared at a news conference and airily claimed he'll be willing to work with people whose ideas are similar to his
  In the wake of that disastrous news conference, many wags are wondering just what Obama meant when he claimed he "heard" the 2/3 of voters who didn't vote.
  You'll recall the Obamas' push for Black voters to get to the polls, Michelle even going so far as to call their acolytes lazy for not voting. 
  Uh huh. 
  Michelle then went on to generously declare that she was giving her sycophants followers permission to eat fried chicken after they voted.
  So what did Obama actually mean when he spoke to the 2/3 of voters who didn't vote?
  My personal feeling is that he was digging at those who did vote, implying that if the real troops had showed up with their real feelings of love for Obama, Republicans would have been trounced. 

  This was Obama's ego talking--again--in its incessant need to find himself always the center of attention.
  Byron York puts it this way at the Washington Examiner:
Everyone knew, going into Tuesday's voting, that Democrats were desperate to re-assemble the vaunted Obama coalition of 2008 and 2012. If that combination of minorities, women and young people came to the midterm polls in the same numbers they did in presidential years, Obama's party would do very well.
But that didn't happen — a result the president does not seem prepared to fully acknowledge. Facing the reality of a huge Republican victory, Obama spoke at his post-defeat news conference as if the voters who supported him in '08 and '12 had made a sort of virtual trip to the polls in 2014, delivering a silent but more powerful message than the one sent by Americans who actually turned out.
  I guess I would disagree with this assessment.
  The truth is this election was the end result of Leftists renouncing all conservative or moderate principles, even in their own party.
  The media and Democrats but I repeat myself have suddenly discovered compromise and working together, just as they did after the last election where Democrats got trounced. This sort of rhetoric always surfaces when Republicans win but when Democrats win, it's all about "I won. Deal with it."
  Again, we will note the devolution of Leftist behavior. It certainly hasn't been pretty watching the last few years as the Obama people have absolutely pushed out reason, decorum and decency, not to mention the law and living within the social contract.
  I suspect it's only going to get worse in coming days.
  And did anyone else notice the declaration that, now that more Republicans have been elected to the House, John Boehner can start ignoring the Tea Party?
  Really? With new members like Mia Love, we're going to ignore the Tea Party? I don't think so.
  No, Leftist Democrats did this to themselves when they willingly and knowingly decided to sacrifice (something they're really good at when it comes to others, not themselves) the more moderate wing of their party to the alter of Obamacare.
  I have no sympathy for them. 
  Not that I ever did.

Republicans elect a new crop of future national candidates. Democrats have Hillary.

Meet Saira Blair

It's no reflection on this 18 year old college freshman whose spunk is to be admired but when it's gotten to the point that a Republican can run a campaign out of her college dorm room it's time to stick a fork in the West Virginia Democratic State Party. This is not the same West Virginia that sent Democrat Robert Byrd to the Senate for a lifetime.
Bear in mind that Senators elect Cory Gardner, Joni Ernst, and Thom Tillis began their careers in state legislatures, the minor leagues of national politics. Nationally, Republican gains in state legislatures may total as many as 300 when the elections are certified.
Republicans took the majority in nine chambers–winning the Colorado Senate, the Maine Senate, the Minnesota House, the Nevada House and Senate, the New Hampshire House, the New Mexico House, the New York Senate and the West Virginia House. They will control a minimum of 64 of 99 state legislative bodies with the possibility of hitting 66.
Update: From Reuters "The number of states with Republicans in control of both legislative chambers came to 27 ahead of the election and has now edged closer to the high mark of 30 in 1920. By contrast, Democrats will control the lowest number of state legislatures since 1860."

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Obama's goal: "get stuff done"

  The intellectual Obama repeatedly used the word "stuff" in his press conference following the tsunami election on November 4, 2014.
  The word "stuff" appears to be an Obama favorite, indicative of an Ivy League education and an acutely keen academic mind.
  Getting stuff done is apparently an extension of Obama's foreign and domestic organizing principle of "Don't do stupid stuff," which is reportedly a euphemism for yet another profoundly intellectual Ivy League terminology of the word "shit."
  This organizing principle of Don't do stupid stuff appears to be a scholarly parallel with Obama's leadership philosophy of leading from behind.
  These organizing principles are also evocative of Obama's plan to defeat ISIS, cleverly stated as We don't have a strategy yet.
  The Ivy League education Obama received apparently includes variant spellings of the word RSPECT and the pronunciation of the word CORPSMAN as CORPSEMAN, which may have been inspired by a mesmerizing teleprompter misspelling.
  Obama's vaunted Ivy League education was also apparently given short shrift in terms of geography or even the number of states included in the United States.
  Yet simple facts seem to elude the 44th President of the United States, whom conservatives despise simply because he's so brilliant, such as the difference between the number "12" and the number "10,000."
  One might wonder if Obama received a Special Olympics degree, but since he mocked such a degree we doubt it.
  More erudite Obama insights can be found here.
UPDATE: I see the dam has been unleashed by comedians other than I.

Bully Obama: more sympathy for terrorists than the needy

  Recalling Bob Beckel's promise that there would be an October surprise, I noticed Sergeant Tahmooressi was returned to his country on the last day of October.
  Those involved in Tahmooressi's return say Obama had absolutely nothing to do with the soldier's return; I just find it interesting that the event fell within the all important October Surprise month.
  Publicly Obama has expressed absolutely no interest in Tahmooressi and his unfair imprisonment in Mexico, letting him sit in prison for months.
  OTOH, we also learn that Obama and his Iranian Valerie Jarrett type folks have eagerly sought the release of Gitmo detainees; because Republicans control the purse, Obama hasn't been able to completely close Gitmo so it appears he's going about it the back way, creating a "new review system" which has led to releasing the criminals back into the wild.
  Obama, who bragged to sycophants that he is "really good at killing people" with drones,  does not like the fact that the US is holding any Muslim terrorists.
  Indeed, many of the terrorists who've been released are suspected of going directly back into the war.
  Obama's people have been so eager to get those terrorists back into the field that they were, in a time of war, willing to trade five top level terrorists in exchange for what our soldiers say is a deserter.
  Even The Daily Beast had an article expressing shock that such criminals were considered eligible for release:
According to a 2008 Pentagon dossier on Guantanamo Bay inmates, all five men released were considered to be a high risk to launch attacks against the United States and its allies if they were liberated. The exchange shows that the Obama administration was willing to pay a steep price, indeed, for Bergdahl’s freedom. The administration says they will be transferred to Qatar, which played a key role in the negotiations.
In the initial statements released about the deal, the White House declined to name the detainees who would be leaving the Cuba based prison Obama has been trying to close since his first day in office.
  In June, 2014, 12 terrorists were released from a small prisoner in Afghanistan.
  In June of 2009, Obama set free the current leader of ISIS, the vicious butchers he labeled "JV."
  In fact, we've repeatedly seen this sympathetic treatment of lawlessness and murderers while exhibiting indifference to the suffering of Americans from the "cool" Obama, who Monday was eager to slam Michael Jordan's criticism of Obama's golfing ability.
  In the face of all the problems in the world right now and on the eve of what most knew would be a seismic election, Obama had the time to slap down a celebrity for slamming his golfing ability.
  Yet when it comes to loyal soldiers like Tahmooressi, the plight of American Christians or the fate of foreign nationals who've supported the US's military endeavors such as Dr. Afridi who located bin Laden, Obama's sympathies always lie with the lawless, the murderers and the gang members.
  His administration may publicly disparage bullying (note the link....written by Valerie Jarrett), but his administration's bullying of the American public has been positively Orwellian.
  When you look at the long, long list of Obama originated conferences and administrative endeavors to stop bullying, any rational human being must reach the conclusion that these conferences are a cover for some really nasty bullying and beating of political opponents.
  It's a simple mathematical equation when it comes to the President of the United States:
  Sympathy + mercy for terrorists = deluded bully
  Uninterest + cruelty for American citizens=deluded bully
  I might remind my readers that Tahmooressi wasn't the first American soldier to be imprisoned in a Mexico under ridiculous charges.
  Our terrorist sympathizing POTUS ignored Jon Hammar too.
  And why shouldn't he?
  After all, apparently Hammar was in the wrong country's armed forces.
  If he'd been fighting for a JV team or the other side, Obama would make sure he'd be released, no matter what he'd done.

And the loser is...Hillary

For some reason this post caught my eye:

Last white Democrat from Deep South loses Congressional seat

The red wave that swept Republicans into control of the Senate led to the defeat of the last white House Democrat in the deep South on Tuesday.
Georgia Rep John Barrow, a pro-gun, fiscally conservative Democrat, who was running for his sixth term, lost to Republican businessman Rick Allen.
The same night that the last white Southern Democrat serving in the House lost, South Carolina elected Tim Scott, an African American Republican, to the Senate in South Carolina. Scott becomes the first African American to be elected in the South and the first to start a full term since Reconstruction.
University of Georgia Political Science Professor Charles Bullock told CNN on Tuesday that thirty years ago virtually all districts in Congress from the deep south were represented by white Democrats, but with Barrow's loss "they've become extinct."
Some much for scholarship at CNN. Without too much thought I was able to come up with Congressman Steven Cohen of Tennessee's 9th congressional district who boasts of being his state's first Jewish congressman but white southern Democrats are a vanishing breed.
This post accentuates the political irrelevance of one Bill Clinton and by extension his beloved Hillary. What a magnificent anachronism! He and the spouse were in high demand on the campaign trail. They may be loved by the party faithful who are desperate for someone to love but for younger voters it must be like watching an Ozzie and Harriet episode on YouTube. The oldest of that precious 18-29 demographic who Democrats perceive to be key to their success would have been about 16 when the Clintons stole the White House furniture and left Washington. Millennials know what a  Lewisnsky is if not its derivation. The younger millennials probably confuse Bill and Monica with Wilbur and Fanne Fox.
Yesterday's election was hard on white Democrats in Bill Clinton's native Arkansas. It was a double whammy. Rep. Tom Cotton sent Senator Mark Pryor into retirement while Asa Hutchinson dispatched Governor Mike Ross. There are no Democrats, white or otherwise, in Arkansas' congressional delegation.
Bill and or Hillary campaigned for Alison Lundergan Grimes, Michelle Nunn, Mark Pryor, Mark Udall, Jeanne Shaheen, Mary Landrieu, Bruce Braley, Pat Quinn, Charlie Crist, Kay Hagan, Martha Coakley, and Anthony Brown.
Only Jeanne Shaheen won.
Going into 2016 the other 11 unemployed pols will owe Hillary a favor but aside from the obligatory $2,600 maximum contribution to her campaign there does not appear to be a ready way to repay the debt. Maybe if they could all campaign at once they could share a bus and hit the campaign trail like some weird vaudeville act.
Returning to the story the CNN got almost right, the Clinton's world is no more. Arkansas may be proud of the dynamic duo but it would not elect either of them. Alison Lundergan Grimes, Michelle Nunn, Mark Pryor, Mark Udall, and Mary Landrieu are the washed up children of washed up Democrats. The last thing their party needs is old blood.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

High Noon in America

  I've been basking all day. Alright, I'll admit I've been gloating.
  In fact, I made sure to listen to Glenn Beck, Pat and Stu's gloat fest, which was unsurpassed in glee when W won his second term.
   Mia Love is the first African American Republican woman to go to the House.
  The Republican South overwhelmingly voted to send the first African American Senator to DC.
  Traditionally blue strongholds went red yesterday. Indeed, with this election at least 32 of the 50 governorships, the most for Republicans since the 1920s, not to mention legislative slates in many states.
  And 67% of Oregon voters--one of the most liberal states in the country--rejected the idea of giving illegal aliens state issued drivers licenses.
  Republicans sent numerous women, like combat veteran Joni Ernst, to DC.
  I wrote a couple years ago that the Republican bench is far deeper than the Democrat bench as far as promising politicians whose skin color is not white. That would be, the Republican party, not the Democrat party, which is hanging its hopes on the lonely figure of Hispanic Julian Castro.
  As usual, the media and the Democrat party but I repeat myself are working hard to pump up Hillary Clinton's prospects, regardless the fact that just about everyone she promoted this campaign lost.
  The reaction to the 2014 elections is to blame the electorate as "grumpy" and "unhappy," as if cheer and happiness would lead to Democrat wins.
  But one of the most interesting memes emerging from this devastating Democrat defeat is the astounding supposition that, though Republicans won a great deal, the real winner of 2014 is Hillary Clinton.
  For Yahoo, Romano writes "How Hillary Clinton won the 2014 midterms" that the GOP underperformed in swing states!"
But here’s the thing: In politics, the easy answer isn’t always the only answer, and the winner of an election isn’t always the one who benefits most. Take a closer look at demography, geography and the road ahead for the parties, and it’s clear that the long-term winner of the 2014 midterms wasn’t the GOP at all. The long-term winner, in fact, wasn’t even on the ballot this year.
Her name is Hillary Clinton.
  Even tonight while I am writing this Mara Liasson and A.B. Stoddard are claiming that all the candidates she supported are now indebted to her and that Hillary wants to run against a Republican Senate and House. (!)
  And Anne Gearan at the WaPo writes:
he Republican takeover of the Senate could be good news for at least one Democrat: Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Clinton campaigned hard this fall for Democrats, working to boost the party’s effort to preserve its Senate majority — an effort that failed dramatically in Tuesday’s GOP midterm rout.
But many Democratic strategists said the switch to Republican control may have a silver lining for Clinton, helping her better define herself as she shapes a potential 2016 presidential campaign. By providing a convenient foil for her and other Democrats, a GOP-run Congress would make it less imperative for Clinton to highlight her differences with President Obama, these strategists said.
Obama’s damaged, lame-duck condition also makes Clinton the strongest Democrat left standing.
  This is just an unbelievable lack of logic.
  Ronald Reagan's theme was "Morning in America" and, looking back, Reagan's optimism and love for America made it a better place to live.
  Personally I'd rather have Morning in America with an optimist than High Noon in America with a gunslinging electorate fed up with lawlessness, mockery and fighting but if that is what it takes to clean up the mess Leftists have made of the country and the legal structure, I'll take it.
  I, like many other political wonks, am really tired today from staying up too late but I have to ask this.
  Leftists, didja really think there would be no consequence for your constant race and gender baiting? And this? You have this old tired politician to hang your 2016 hats on?
AP photo from WaPo

Chris Matthews-This is what I would call a wave.

It's official. Chris Matthews called the election a wave.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Neil Young: save my cars, not the Earth

  Ok, ok, ok, OKAY. This is hilarious!
  First we have the UN claiming we need zero emissions by the year 2100 which would be very practical advice because it would mean.....we all have to die!
  Then we discover that all the Rock the Vote stars who are mooning into the camera that we all need to vote....didn't vote!
  Then Lena Dunham threatens to sue Truth Revolt for quoting her book when called herself a "sexual predator" and describe her "sexual predator" behavior toward her baby sister.
  But hahahahha! Here's the greatest video clip EVAH!
   Watch this!
  Leftists have been caught so many times as being airheaded hypocrites.
  This is one of the most priceless videos I have ever seen in my life.
  Watch as Neil Young bows his head humbly as Charlie Rose introduces him.
   Watch as we fly quickly to a magnificent orchestral extravaganza video--conductor, 40 strings, Famous Old Stringy haired Hippie Neil Young with his greasy lips pressed to the microphone singing these lyrics:
End fossil fuel

Draw the line

Before we build one more pipeline

End fracking now
Let’s save the water

And build a life for our sons and daughters
  Now, you'd think by seeing that video clip that maybe Neil is against fossil fuel, fracking, pipelines SAVE THE EARTH!
  But wait! But wait!
  Look at the cover of his new book. You'll note Young has his head humbly bowed yet again. And here it is!
  Do you see what I see? 
  The title is A Memoir of Life AND CARS......
  And from Charlie Rose, first words out of Young's mouth....
ROSE: Neil Young has just published his second memoir, it is called “Super Deluxe.” In it he covers everything from his love of cars and painting to his crusade for Mother Earth.
  So I guess this means--once again--that that whole fossil fuel thing is all about YOU and not Neil Young. 
  How does he think he's going to run the dang things? He admits he has a "lot of cars....way way way too many."