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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Black activist: 300 lb man is "boy"

  Lotta stupid, irresponsible stuff being said in the light of the Ferguson nightmare, especially on MSNBC, where the commentators are openly deriding the rule of law, criticizing the decision and echoing Obama claiming our system of judicial and legal checks and balances are structurally unsound and needsrepair.
  One meme the Left has drilled their automatons to say is that there is a "war on Black boys."
  So I guess if you weigh 300 and are 6 feet 5 inches tall and 18 years old you are a "boy." A 300 pound giant who attacks a
  I feel equally disgusted when the right refers to soldiers and "kids" and "boys and girls."
  Frankly, it infuriates me.
  Presumably because we are living longer, we can now comfortably refer to large, accountable human beings as "kids" because at 18 they are further away from 90 than most of us.
  Never mind that in other countries and in our past, those "kids" were married and had babies by that age. Now they just have babies but are themselves called "kids," like Michael Brown's mother who is only 15 or 16 years older than her son.
  This is all part of the infantilization of the culture and the encouragement of dependence on the smart people who know a lot more than we, the idiots, know.
  This infantilization and contempt of the common man is no better exemplified than in Bill Maher's latest most outrageous statement that he agrees with the contemptible Jonathan Gruber that Americans are stupid.
 MAHER: I'm bringing this up because this guy, Jonathan Gruber, he's an M.I.T. professor who worked on the Obama health care plan. Big controversy because they found a tape of him basically saying that the American people are stupid because he -- a lot of tapes -- because what he was saying to get the bill passed we had to do a lot of sleight of hand or else they would not have voted for it. If we called it a "tax" -- even though it was a tax -- you have to basically slip a pill in the dog's food in a piece of ham to get the dog to eat the pill. I agree, and I've heard nobody else in America say that. Everybody on the left and the right: "Oh, how could he call American's stupid?
Jonathan Gruber, you have met your soulmate. How is this even controversial, I have no idea.
  Several things are going on here.
  First, Maher and Gruber are actually calling Democrats--their own constituency--stupid because conservatives knew EXACTLY what tricks were being played to get the thing passed.
  Second, just because you are uninformed you are not stupid.
  Third, that's really nice. You get people where you want them--uninformed, dependent--and then you make fun of them for being stupid. 
  Let's not forget that Barack Obama met with the protesters and is alleged to have said: "Stay the course" to the activists.

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