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Friday, November 21, 2014

Hey, Obama. It may be Friday but Sunday's comin'

  If I were more cynical, I might actually enjoy Leftists beclowning themselves daily. 
  Unfortunately, I'm not. I'm just an old fashioned patriot who wants to leave a strong and healthy country to my grandkids.
  One would hope at some point the American people would wake up. That may indeed be happening but it sure is painful getting there.
  Take, for example, the fact that Leftists have discovered another tax they like: taxing rainwater.
  As if that idea weren't ludicrous enough, Maryland has decreed that churches can avoid paying that tax by preaching a government approved message of "environmentalism."
  This government action is yet another inducement for churches to abandon their biblical missions to take up the propaganda of the Leftists in charge, as in the Houston mayoral attempt to subpoena and then govern the topics of the sermons of the city's pastors.
  These attempts at controlling thought and behavior are almost always described with Newspeakian terms, such as the POTUS's designation of illegal immigrants as "Dreamers." 
  What kind American can reject a child termed a "dreamer" especially if that someone is cute, little and defenseless, like the toddler the immigration shill hauls out every time he tries to make a point about flooding this country with more illegals and how mean you are if you don't agree with him?
 Or the illegal who is hard working and sincere, as Obama exemplified in the person of Astrid Silva in his speech last night?
  And what about a racist charlatan tax dodger like Al Sharpton becoming a primary presidential advisor?
  You have to wonder how boobs like Josh Earnest and his boss can go out there and lie, day after day, smirking at the stupid rubes who pay their exorbitant salaries?
  There's Luis Guttierez who smooth talked an English speaking audience about Obama's immigration move, then later spoke in Spanish demanding reparations from American taxpayers for the long wait they've had to endure to be made legal. It's not over, Guttierez said, and Obama better get ready to do even more than what he's promised publicly. This is payback for having to wait for what is rightfully theirs.
  And, of course, there's more to come, as clearly immigrants both legal and illegal, will flood the market with cheap labor and enable those immigrants to receive the earned income tax credit back from taxes they never paid.
  Never mind that the feds have monkeyed with the job stats to make it appear that more people are working or that their pay is far lower than a prosperous economy would allow while illegal immigrants use their "golden tickets" to take even the low paying jobs.
  Never mind that Mexico has decided to tax Americans entering Mexico to work while we take more of their citizens to take our jobs.
  Never mind that Mexico's immigration policy--along with many other countries' policies--is so restrictive that you can go to prison for two years if you're caught as an illegal in Mexico.
  And so on we go. 
  Pouring billions into other countries, releasing all Gitmo detainees to go back into the field to kill, encouraging race riots in places like Ferguson ("stay the course" Obama told the Ferguson communist protesters) , trading enemy leaders for a single deserter, working to free the mentally ill who bring trouble on themselves like Matthew Todd Miller, printing money and pursuing absolutely worthless causes like Swedish massages for rabbits and accumulating enormous unsustainable debt liabilities.
  This is depressing.
  The truth is for the American people to wake up--yes, even the illegals who are here--the situation will have to get pretty bad and threaten the self interests of those involved.
  Like our poor.
  How will flooding the market with cheap labor affect them?
  We'll have to see.
  It's clear that Obama is drunk with power. Has anyone ever said no to Obama?
  And he clearly believes in payback.

  It may be Friday but Sunday's comin', Mr. Obama and your Leftist cohorts who don't believe in much of anything when it comes to the Constitution or what the American people want.
  Sunday's comin.'
  You saw a little of it last election. 
  There will be more; Republican gains have been enormous in past days. Enormous, at local, state and federal levels. 
  And when even Union presidents have turned on Democrats, do they honestly think the Democrat party is thriving?
  I've said it before. The Republican bench is deep and thriving; the Democrats' bench is not. Only the aging shrill Hillary Clinton sits on that bench, waiting in the wings to pick up where Obama leaves off.

  Yet conservatives have more diversity, more courage and more political canniness than what we are seeing from the Democrats' bench who boo God and are trying desperately to replace God with their empty headed nonsense.
  Even the Leftist voters in Oregon got the message that illegals shouldn't get even a driver's license. If a Democrat state can transform suddenly to a Republican one, anything's possible.
  Take heart, my friends. Stay calm and strategize. Keep the pressure on the Republicans. Let's not waste our energy on anger. That is exactly what Leftists want.
  The world--and reality--are closing in on Leftists and Obama. His pathological need to be on top, to control the lives of others is leading him down dark paths.
  We won't be going with him.


  1. The Hispanics will get their reparations in the form of earned income tax credit as soon as they get their Social security numbers

  2. Oh, I think they're gunnin' for a lot more than that. The interesting thing is...I don't think he can issue SS numbers with congressional input. How's THAT gonna work.