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Monday, November 24, 2014

Obama does little to quell unrest after Ferguson decision

  Now that we've heard the grand jury's verdict on Ferguson, we are treated to an Obama lecture on "progress." How bizarre to watch a split screen of the Lecturer in Chief on the right and hoodied anarchists in Ferguson blowing a car up and the streets filled with smoke and destruction.
  Though Obama couches his language as a need for "peace," his message is hardly veiled.
 that 1) people are right to be angry  2)  they have a right to protest   3) "communities of color aren't just making these problems up"  4)  America has a problem with the "law applied in discriminatory fashion"  5) this is an "opportunity to seize the moment."  6) there is deep distrust of the police by the Black community.
  Now what do all these comments mean?
  Though he limply decries violence, Obama is again using this situation as a wedge issue to take advantage of racial unrest.
  What a shame this man has been.
  He could have brought so much in the way of healing, health and good will to this nation and yet he continues to grind the racial unrest issue.
  Meanwhile Sharpton's goons will be on the streets. 
  Holder will be lurking waiting to either slink away because of the lack of evidence or challenge Wilson on a federal basis.
  MSNBC will be shilling for the grievance industry, regardless the evidence.
  And race relations will get worse.

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