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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Did Freddie Gray have spinal surgery a week before he was arrested?

  "We should be strategic in the way we riot," claims Marc Lamont Hill over at CNN. Apparently waiting for the facts is ancillary to getting more money for the Democrat run cities that have been such a mess in the last 60 years.
  Just so you know:
  The new OUT word: "thugs."
  The new IN word: "Just call them n****s.
  I guess. I didn't say that. I wouldn't say that. But the racists out there would because the word thugs has now apparently joined the Hall of Fame of racist code, y'all, even if Obama's anger translator missed the latest racist word of the day meme.
  And, btw, documents are floating around out there claiming that Freddie Gray had spinal surgery 8 or 9 days before the incident where his spine was severed riding in the police paddy wagon.
  Extensive coverage here at the Fourth Estate, with more expected at 6 pm tonight, Wednesday:
EXCLUSIVE: The Fourth Estate has been told that Freddie Gray’s life-ending injuries to his spine may have possibly been the result of spinal and neck surgery that he allegedly received a week before he was arrested, not from rough excessively rough treatment or abuse from police.  
The Fourth Estate has contacted sources who allege that Freddie Gray received spinal and neck surgery a week before we was arrested, and was allegedly receiving a large structured settlement from Allstate Insurance.  The surgery is allegedly related to a car accident in which Gray was involved.
  We'll see if this information which appears to be documented surfaces in the MSM for a while, just so we can strategically riot to get what we want. 
UPDATE: The spinal surgery rumor appears to be just that. A rumor.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Christian organization stands in the gap for persecuted American Christians

  You know, it's been disheartening that the crowd fundraising websites are miserably liberal, even GoFundMe which supported the Memories Pizza fundraiser by standing up to the loon bullies who hate Christians.
  So that's why it's especially delightful to see that Franklin Graham at Samaritan's Purse is a man who's standing in the gap, using his organization to raise funds for persecuted America.
  If you'd like to contribute to the Christian bakers who've lost everything and have been unjustly fined $135,000 for declining to make a gay wedding cake, go here.

Liberal Mayor accelerates civil unrest

  The mayor of Baltimore is really something.
  First she announced that they've given the protesters in Baltimore  "who wished to destroy space to do that.”
  Tonight she claimed she didn't say that and that the news media was responsible for the "blatant mischaracterization of [her] words" and using the "negative images" of her city in their reports. She "never said anything like that," she adamantly claimed after an afternoon of "clarifying" her words, because she has been employing "best practices" of peaceful protest.
  THEN she invited Al Sharpton to come to her city to "call for peace."
  Do these people not know we have the internet and cameras?

  Meanwhile liberals are claiming that Baltimore is rising (#Baltimorerising), that "protesters" are "just communicating," and that protesters are "rising up to seek justice...."
  While there's little doubt that the death of Freddie Gray looks very bad for the police, behaving this way is no excuse.
  Who is protesting, anyway?
  Do we really know who yet?
  Meanwhile the agony of watching Shep Smith wail about this continues.
  AND a mom who's being called Mom of the Year catches her son at the riots.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

White House Correspondents SUPPORT the White House

  Once a year (or maybe every 3 years or so), I'll tune in to the White House Correspondents' Dinner just to watch the truly glamorous (although somewhat flabby and very decadent) divas who cover the politicians who are somebody by virtue of our votes however acquired.
  Tonight's the big night. 
  CNN and cSpan are covering it extensively; so far I've heard D. L. Hughley claim on CNN that Michelle Bachmann says such horrible things that there' s no way evah that the horrifyingly realistic House of Cards could even incorporate the  terrible horrible things that Michelle Bachmann has said.
  I mean, who would believe it, y'all?
  Apparently the comedienne who's emceeing is a totally rad female who hasn't rehearsed her speech because, like, then it wouldn't be spontaneous, ya know? She's gonna go with the flow.
  I"m sure that will go well and not be the least bit sycophantic.
  She is accompanied by a fella wearing a tux and an ornate beaded head band of some sort who tots agrees with her.
  CNN is referring to it as "DC's GLAMOROUS Weekend" and, really, that fella with the ornate beaded head band is quite so.
  I should add that the 5 CNN studio commentators sitting over the shag carpet are dressed fabulously in sparkly shiny duds; sadly, in the crowd are lots and lots of fleshy arms that should never ever be exposed to the world on any camera.
  On cSpan, the vice president of the WHCA Christi Parson claimed that this dinner should be watched because it shows how much that White House correspondents support the political elite.
  Considering only John Kasich is there of the probable Republican candidates, one can only agree.
  I must say, Barry's lookin' pretty old and done tonight.
  Well, now that I've had time to think about the speeches, they were pretty bad. That comedian stank and Obama's was petty and mean-spirited and typical of a narcissist whose self-deprecation involves only attacking others.
  That whole riff on a "bucket" list was demeaning not only of the presidency, but of this country. The man has contempt for all who did not worship him and the values we hold dear.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day!

  Well, now that our POTUS has blown another few thousand gallons of jet fuel to make another expensive statement about saving the earth, I thought it'd be appropriate to wish YOU all a Happy Mother Earth Day!

Democrats don't like gas and fuel and water and....what DO they like?

  I ran into a young guy at the gym a few years ago. He was a liberal so he mocked my concern about national debt and terrorism on a global scale. 
  I saw him not too long ago; he had graduated from college with great debt and was working at a local coffee shop, complaining that none of friends except one had been able to find jobs appropriate to their major courses of study.
  Today we saw the president and an engineer who claims to be a scientist who really, really cares about the environment burn a whole lot of jet fuel to do a photo op in Florida claiming we all ought to quit driving cars.
  It's ok. He loves the smell of jet fuel.
  Then we find out that all those condescending philosophical grandees over at MSNBC who want all of US to pay more taxes don't pay their own.
  Sharpton, Harris Perry, Reid, Toure, not to mention Geithner who ran the IRS, Tom Daschle, Charles Rangel, McKaskill....don't pay their taxes.
  Ah, well.
  The ugly truth is that, though most jobs at McDonald's arent meant to provide a 'living wage' for adults, today's college graduate will be lucky to get one there, considering that the robots are coming.
  Democrats don't like manufacturing. They don't like CO2. They don't like providing water. They don't like nuclear power, coal plants, oil and gas or fracking or farms unless they're organic...I could go on.
  What do they like?
  They like YOUR tax money.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Rally at Hood Park, April 18, 2015

  Well, there's bad news and good news about today's rally at Hood Park.
  The bad news is that there weren't very many people there.
  The good news, which far supersedes the bad news, is that the people who spoke today represent a great deal of hope.
  Because many of them were young, young enough to be concerned about the future when we old geezers will be long gone.
  Ron Johns spoke of individualism as opposed to collectivism, reminding the group that the original ideas of individualism date back to 1776, unlike contemporary Leftist thinking.
  Another impressive young speaker was Nathan Wirebaugh, who spoke representing Turning Point USA, whose mission is to educate today's youth concerning"fiscal responsibility, limited government, and free markets." Turning Point USA is active all college campuses.
  What's important is that these young people recognize that conservatives need to clearly articulate their message that big government intrudes unnecessarily into all our lives with dangerously tight tentacles that squeeze citizens tighter and tighter. I was encouraged that not only were over half the speakers young, they really know what they are talking about and have focused on the mission of spreading the message of freedom.
  Now if only the adults in the Republican Party (currently the Democrats Lite) will be able to do as well as those speakers did today. Many of us have given up on the Democrat Party, I'm sad to say.
  There's reason for hope, I learned today.

Rally TODAY in Perrysburg April 18-BE THERE

T.E.A. ( Taxed Enough Already) Party
Hood Park--Perrysburg
Saturday April 18, 2015 at 12 noon

sponsored by
     It has been six years since our first Tax Day Rally.  Hard to believe that we started this in 2009 and still are "Taxed Enough Already"!
      Please join us this year on Saturday April 18, 2015 at 12 noon at Hood Park in Perrysburg. Bring your signs, enthusiasm, patriotism and be prepared to get motivated by great speakers.
     Show everyone in NW Ohio that the Tea Party movement is not dead but growing.


ALL Area Conservative groups will be represented

*Nathan Wirebaugh
(Turning Point USA)

*Tom Waniewski
(Toledo City Council)

*Ron Johns & Kelly Market
(UT College Republicans)



Annual Tax day Tea Party rally
Saturday, April 18, 2015
Noon - 2 p.m.
Hood Park
105 W Front St.
Corner of Front an Louisiana
Perrysburg, OH 43551
northwest ohio conservative coalition

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hillary stopped at OUR Chipotle

    What I find most implausible about Hillary's stop at Chipotle in Maumee which is OUR Chipotle (unless you count the new one in Rossford) is how she FOUND it.
  That particular Chipotle is very, very small and tucked away on a strip of 4 or so stores like NailsRUs or something. I mean, seriously.
  You'd really, really have to be LOOKING for an out of the way place to buy a bean burrito to stop there.
  I mean, it's stuck in a puzzle perpendicular to a car dealership and a big ole Meijer store.
  Which is odd, considering that she's on a tour to meet people, listen to their gripes and get to know America.
  So it's easily surmiseable that Hillary! wasn't the least bit interested in talking to people in Northwest Ohio, unlike the claim of some folks on FB who breathlessly lamented that Maumee residents are the losers for not recognizing royalty when it comes to town, notwithstanding in a Scooby limo van.
  Even the New York Times noted inexplicably that--for this listening tour, at least-- "Mrs. Clinton’s aides have kept the details of her trip fairly guarded, partly for security reasons...." and have told no reporters until someone complained they spotted her in a gas station in Pennsylvania.
  Which begs the question: What the heck is the purpose of a cross country ride across middle America if you don't stop?
  But then, a look at her get-up answers all questions.
  Hillary! is not interested in middle America.
  She was trying not to be seen.
  The only thing missing in this security camera photo is a long blonde wig, something with which I'm sure Hillary is all too familiar.
   So she makes a dash cross country, just as she did a few years ago in another attempt to pretend to care about the f***ing little people, to proclaim that free college and other stuff is in the offing if she wins; these are items she discussed with several students as others were locked in their buildings for security purposes.
  In a press release from the Democrat party, we were told that "On first trip, Hillary to have conversations with everyday Iowans," but apparently those conversations were not intended for these everyday Iowans who are forced to watch mournfully from their classroom windows:
   She hasn't been very well received so far, though Taranto wonders if Hillary! had to take a potty break in Indiana without attracting attention because the Hoosier state still has cooties.
   Meanwhile in a particularly shameful display, reporters stampeded like buffaloes with their heads down when Hillary!'s Scooby van arrived at her real destination.

  Unfortunately for the esteemed candidate and her admirers, more reporters than voters (22, to be precise) were present at the carefully orchestrated event, which might indicate why no one pointed out her identity at Chipotle.
  Her One of her problems is that she isn't believably friendly, and particularly not in front of a crowd. She's "better" in front of a planned, choreographed, controlled event.
  Hillary! does not project energy, in spite of the suspiciously "refreshed" face she presents to the world: instead, she projects a certain enervating shrill whineyness, an entitled aura that commands a goosestep of the fawning parties around her.
  And, for sure, I bet no one ever mentions cankles, thunderous thighs or the effects of a bean burrito in the Scooby van.
  I bet they just roll the windows down.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Hillary: past her prime

  I was in an airport when Hillary! announced her candidacy.
  Oh, wait.
  I guess she technically announced her candidacy for the presidency when she recorded her commercial to announce her candidacy. Um. On social media.
  Anyway I was in an airport which means I missed all the excitement about 1) her malfunctioning YouTube page 2)  a disastrous "typo" claiming to "fight children"  3)  her claim that she's "getting ready to do something"  4)  "tweeting" an announcement rather than doing a live announcement  5) her video announcement in which she appeared strangely washed out and drained.
  Hillary's taped declaration that she's planning to do something was choreographed carefully and "incidentally" preceded by a gauzy Photoshopped spread of Clinton's daughter Chelsea "opening up" in Elle magazine while Bill's head appeared on the cover of Town and Country.
  Lots and lots of gushing press about Bill having a third term and Hillary being such a great politician is being vomited on a country who has seen far too much of Hillary Clinton.
  The fact is that Hillary is a terrible candidate. She's got a bad case of Meanabetes, is condescending and arrogant, high handed with the press and secretive.
  She's shrill. She's self centered. She's narcissistic.
  All of which we've been witnessing for the last six years. Can we take more of it?
  Hillary does not have the charisma the current POTUS apparently has, though some of us are inured to his charm
  And the fact that cultural psychic SNL saw fit to mock her the same weekend she "announced" by video is a warning shot that she will not receive the same immunity Obama has.
  Though the press will push for her to win and attack any Republican who dares challenge both her and them, ignoring Hillary's shortcomings is like ignoring a naked Madonna in the room.
  Which brings me to a, um, touching metaphor.
  For us oldies, Coachella is some big concert venue out in the desert, which is where I happened to be a couple days ago when the fans started arriving.
  So apparently Madonna surprised Drake with a passionate French kiss, to which he responded by passionately wiping his mouth in apparent revulsion.
  After watching the video of Drake's response, I sorta wonder if this is the way America will respond to the kiss of an old broad who's way past her prime and trying desperately to appear hip.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Another disastrous Obama week

  What a week last week was. 
  We witnessed the Prancer in Chief parading in front of cameras, scolding Republicans and Americans once again for defying his dictates, hugging a teary eyed affectionate Communist dictator apparently in solidarity and once again, as if he never gets tired of it, bashing the US at an international summit while claiming to be a student of history and aggrieved from past US behavior.
  Oh, and the Communist claimed Obama is "honest," apparently oblivious, ignorant or blind to the many Obama lies chronicled by observers.
  And naturally, our Leftist media has hauled out the tired accusations of racism and Mean-abetes if you disagree with the impressive liar.
  We all know these are dangerous times. Obama's weakness and Islamic pandering are energizing America's enemies while alienating our friends and democracy seekers around the world.
  What's most astonishing is Obama's complete lack of hiding what he's doing.
  But then, someone who promised the likes of Putin that he'd be able to swing more deals once he's re-elected is likely to do anything, especially with polls showing conflicted opinions around the US.
  All anyone needed to know about Obama is documented, especially here
  These really are hateful people running our country, but none so ignorant as Marie Harf, who continues to, like, embarASS herself repeatedly in front of the world and, like, even with family friends on FaceBook
  And whaddya mean, Americans are stranded in Yemen? That isn't the OBAMA administration's problem because Yemen is a success story of how well the Obama terrorist plan is working.
  Unfortunately, many people around the world are worried she's right about that. Obama's Islamic sympathies are by now well documented, despite what the New York Times ninnies (highly educated!!!!) may write.
  What causes most concern is that so many Americans, especially those who should be trying to hold any administration responsible are unwilling to do the work that needs to be done to learn the truth.
  We will see if the next administration is so privileged.
  Though our special relationship with England appears to be over, undoubtedly partially due to  behavior like this, perhaps we should engage in a campaign to post sad pictures saying "We're Sorry" the Prancer in Chief is screwing things up so badly.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Obamas take Christian murders seriously. SERIOUSLY.

    It'd be interesting if the Obamabots tried to do something like this to certain other religions.
  Personally I am disgusted and angry that Obama would post the following photo on the White House website "celebrating" the holiest day of the year.
   Though the size of his ears have been mocked by those who dislike Obama, I'm actually infuriated (as is the purpose of this photo, I suppose) and the absolute intentional mockery of Easter, which is held in high esteem by Christians around the world.
 And, yes, the sexual imagery is pretty obvious. Why else would Obama stage a picture like this at the Washington Monument?
  Taken April 21, 2014, this picture illustrates, I think, exactly what's wrong with Obama. His intent appears to be to change the definition of Christian, confuse the lines between right and wrong, take the side of the aggressor while claiming the righteously aggrieved need to "stand down."
 Let me be clear that I do not begrudge him his light hearted moments, but it just seems like this is not only all the man is capable of, but that he intentionally goes out of his way to offend Christians (their traditions, their holidays, their beliefs, their spirituality and principles) while ingratiating himself with their sworn enemies.
 Though murder of Christians and destruction of holy sites by Islamists have been going on for years, this year it has been particularly egregious. 
  In sharp contrast to Obama's flippant disregard for a religion held dear by millions, Christians around the world mourn the lives that have been taken by Islamic terrorism.
  In a piece entitled "He descended into hell," Leslie Eastman at Legal Insurrection details the agony of the church.
  Again, can you mentally and spiritually juxtapose these two pictures? Does it seem like the weight and fate of the world--and especially the Christian world--sit on the shoulders of the man standing next to the Easter bunny?
  Let's pose for a family picture in short dresses and forget about the trials of the world! 

Palm SPRINGS? How about Palm Hoses, hoses everywhere!

    As a frequent visitor to Palm Springs, California, I can say unequivocally that there are few or no restrictions on the use of water.
  Again, as we see every time we are here, water run off is in the streets and sidewalks. A number of  desert homes have green grass yards which are obviously being frequently watered, not to mention businesses--though golf courses whose livelihoods depend on green grass are  who waste buckets and buckets of water.
  Governor Moonbeam Brown has declared that the nation's breadbasket farms will not suffer from water restrictions, which makes sense, but that food prices in the US will rise because of the drought.
  Governor Brown complains that people are not conserving water in their homes and may attempt to fine people who take showers longer than 5 minutes (????).
  Of course, the same government who freely throws money away and to constituents and encourages citizens to avoid critical thinking by depending on the government is now finding that, yeah. The sheeple mentality they've been encouraging does not redound for the good of the many or even the one.
  And the GAIA religionists have emerged in packs, claiming fracking and meat eating are partly responsible for the water shortage, not to mention the global warming alarmists.
  Of course, there really are two Americas, as the privileged class of Wall Street protesters have claimed. There's the America that takes whatever they want for themselves and this includes both lower and upper classes and then there's the hard working America that pays for it all, exemplified here in this article from The Guardian concerning the water shortage:
In Los Angeles, whose residents use an average of 265 litres per day, an academic study found that the most affluent neighbourhoods used up to three times more water than others. In wealthy southern cities such as Malibu and Newport Beach, where people have large front lawns, consumption was more than 560 litres per capita in January.
Stephanie Pincetl, director of the California Centre for Sustainable Communities, told The Los Angeles Times: “The problem lies, in part, in the social isolation of the rich, the moral isolation of the rich.” The rich, she said, were “lacking a sense that we are all in this together”.
  Some people have been screaming for years that measures needed to be taken to prevent the water shortage in dry years, but, as is so often the case with Leftists, the idea of saving and storing up has been and is mocked. Leftist and sometimes Republican philosophy seems to be to spend it all now, on illusory and temporary pleasures that keep the sheeple pacified.
  Remember this? Obama mocking drilling for oil, as if it's not a plan and the development of solar "power" is?

  And remember when Obama said, "If we actually started drilling 5,10 years ago the same timeframe anti-drillers use “that will take too long”, as if solar power would have made a faster resource? As we have come to see from so many politicians, it's all about power and money.
  More here on the elitists who want everyone else to conserve, whether airplane flying or water usage. 
  Out here amidst the carefully watered green lawns of the elite, the Governor is quoted as saying that showers longer than 5 minutes may be fined, up to $500 a day.
  And then there are the smart meters.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Politics and religion

  A favorite topic of atheists is how religious people abused the populace years ago in the Crusades, the Inquisition, the burning of political opponents. Perhaps this argument is even used to justify their hatred of all things spiritual or religious.
  An historical look indicates that politics and religion have indeed been irrefutably intertwined, often to the detriment of the average supplicant, who gets caught between the conflict of "I just want to be a better person" and the "you WILL be and do what the state/religious authority says."
  At the root of this abuse are, of course, power and money, which are always at the root of abuse.
  Leftists have been working hard at destroying the western view of the world, including the traditional Judeo Christian way of looking at life and even judicial system.
  Rather than the Western linear view of life (crimes deserve punishment, there is a beginning and an end to all things), Leftist academics in particular have sought to supplant the eastern view, which is that all matter is circular (reincarnation, karma, chi); thus even the idea of a proper punishment for bad behavior is not only diminished but sometimes erased in the hope that kindness and charity will set the errant fellow or Lena Dunham female on the right path to respecting the rights of others. 
  Leftists seem to believe that the evil errants will eventually succumb to the "why can't we all just get along" philosophy that so burdens our culture these days. It's a phony substitute for justice, just as the phony religions of ecoterrorism, cultural fixation, animal worship, paganism and "humanism" (another ironic name) have supplanted true spirituality.
  Thus we have the peculiar juxtaposition of the so-called "intellectual" who is also a naif and awfully mean, to boot.
  Fancying themselves as intellectual is how these vile human beings justify ruining people's lives if their viewpoints are divergent from the herd.
  How, one wonders, can such hatred and illogic be housed in one individual?
  And yet here we are.
  One who fancies himself an intellectual leader rushes to the microphone to affirm that indeed, an agreement to agree to meet has. Been. Achieved. and you'd better not question his judgment because he's really, really smart, has asked all the right questions and received all the right answers, even though none of that is true. Indeed, the opposition managed to get to the cameras first to declare they weren't changing any of what they were doing, regardless the news reports flowing from the White House like methane gas.
  A liar negotiating with liars for an unverifiable agreement that will undoubtedly work to the detriment of all of us, even the "intellectual" "naifs" is really, really good news, eh?
  Well, I should retract the use of the word naif.
  These world "leaders" are not naifs.
  They're mendacious two-faced underhanded narcissistic poseurs whose only goal is their own self glorification and the destruction of the United States of America and Israel.
  There's really no question anymore which side Obama, who wants to visit Iran before he leaves office, is on.
  Only a true naif could believe he loves this country as much as we middle Americans.

Teach children not to hate liberals

I'm sure the voters who sent Rep. Vanessa Summers to the Indiana state house must be so proud of her insights into racial prejudice. She accused the 18 month old son of a fellow representative of being bigoted because he shied away from her. Actually the kid can't stand liberals.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Devious Democrats, unprepared Republicans

  The Democrat Party is the party of lies.
  One big fat lie after another.
  Unfortunately the Republican party is Democrat Lite without the spine.
  It's amazing how quickly Republicans cave once the party of the aggrieved get their game on, which takes about two seconds from the moment any comment which can be construed as fodder is emitted from a Republican's mouth.
  Of course, if you're Barack Obama, you can claim there are 57 states and corpsemen are attending your military ceremony but only old bloggers humped over a laptop on a couch will make a note of it.
  And if you're toothy Joe Biden, you can get handsy with any old chick without the feminist brigade descending on you, shrieking shrilly that you're being a condescending ogre who's objectifying women.
  It's about time slo mo Repubs like Pence figure out that the Soros Screamers are also always sitting, waiting, waiting, waiting humped over their laptops prepared to be offended.
  Please, people.
  Quit listening to the consultants and Karl Roves out there. They don't win elections. 
  The only reason Republicans won last election was because old people like me and Hoosierman actually left the comfort of the homestead to vote because we don't want to leave today's children the astounding debt the nation's politicians have bartered to various interest groups in exchange for votes.
  The corruption runs deep these days. 
  It's about time we had a few articulate politicians who can actually make the case for conservatism, unlike the obsequious buffoons we have in office now, who apparently have gotten all tuckered out running from their limos to the cameras to "the club."
  Politicians like Pence need to do their homework.
  Quit being so lazy and unprepared.
  Pretend you're a Boy Scout, for gosh sakes.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Social Security Disability Insurance will go broke next year.

What will we do when Social Security goes broke? Who knows but we will have a real life preview in 2016 as the Social Security Disability Fund will be tapped out. And during an election year too! President Obama has obdurately refused to address any long term fiscal problems and now as his former pastor would say "the chickens have come home to roost." What will happen, assuming we follow the law, is every recipient will see his or hers monthly stipend reduced by 20% putting the average recipient below the poverty level.
For those who truly cannot work the cut will be devastating but 1 in 20 Americans are not disabled even though that many may be able to convince a federal bureaucrat as much. Since 1991, the recipiency rate has doubled. With increasing numbers of DI recipients come rising costs, roughly doubling real (inflation-adjusted) spending on Disability Insurance since 2000. What started out to as a noble program to help those with specific disabilities was amended (reformed was the word used by the proponents of the change) to a subjective definition of disabled. It has morphed into early retirement schemes or long term unemployment benefits and now it is broke and it cannot be fixed with a pen and a phone unless Obama has $267 billion in his hip pocket. That is the projected shortfall over the next 10 years. Then there is the Medicare looting. After a 2 year wait the newly disabled are eligible for Medicare further straining a fund that was targeted by Obamacare for $700 billion in cuts.
One remedy that should certainly produce outrage if not gunfire is "reallocation" favored by the administration and some in congress. Under reallocation monies would be shifted from Social Security Retirement which is slated to go belly up in 2036 to today's deserving needy who have milked the their own fund dry. Congress could increase the employers contribution to DI. It did in1994 when Congress reallocated a portion of the payroll tax revenues from the Social Security program to the Disability Insurance program. Despite a 50 percent increase in the DI payroll tax rate since 1994, the DI trust fund once again faces imminent insolvency. Does any congressman think he can increase payroll taxes on a population that has seen real wages decline for 20 years?
Maybe the Clinton Foundation will spring for a loan.