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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Obamas take Christian murders seriously. SERIOUSLY.

    It'd be interesting if the Obamabots tried to do something like this to certain other religions.
  Personally I am disgusted and angry that Obama would post the following photo on the White House website "celebrating" the holiest day of the year.
   Though the size of his ears have been mocked by those who dislike Obama, I'm actually infuriated (as is the purpose of this photo, I suppose) and the absolute intentional mockery of Easter, which is held in high esteem by Christians around the world.
 And, yes, the sexual imagery is pretty obvious. Why else would Obama stage a picture like this at the Washington Monument?
  Taken April 21, 2014, this picture illustrates, I think, exactly what's wrong with Obama. His intent appears to be to change the definition of Christian, confuse the lines between right and wrong, take the side of the aggressor while claiming the righteously aggrieved need to "stand down."
 Let me be clear that I do not begrudge him his light hearted moments, but it just seems like this is not only all the man is capable of, but that he intentionally goes out of his way to offend Christians (their traditions, their holidays, their beliefs, their spirituality and principles) while ingratiating himself with their sworn enemies.
 Though murder of Christians and destruction of holy sites by Islamists have been going on for years, this year it has been particularly egregious. 
  In sharp contrast to Obama's flippant disregard for a religion held dear by millions, Christians around the world mourn the lives that have been taken by Islamic terrorism.
  In a piece entitled "He descended into hell," Leslie Eastman at Legal Insurrection details the agony of the church.
  Again, can you mentally and spiritually juxtapose these two pictures? Does it seem like the weight and fate of the world--and especially the Christian world--sit on the shoulders of the man standing next to the Easter bunny?
  Let's pose for a family picture in short dresses and forget about the trials of the world! 

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  1. As wacky as the Easter Bunny photo might be, it is so apropos. I am surprised that you know who would share a photo op with another luminary. In letting his guard down, the exalted one presents us with a composition that is very revealing. Let's hope that his confidant will be included in BHO's presidential portrait.