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Saturday, April 25, 2015

White House Correspondents SUPPORT the White House

  Once a year (or maybe every 3 years or so), I'll tune in to the White House Correspondents' Dinner just to watch the truly glamorous (although somewhat flabby and very decadent) divas who cover the politicians who are somebody by virtue of our votes however acquired.
  Tonight's the big night. 
  CNN and cSpan are covering it extensively; so far I've heard D. L. Hughley claim on CNN that Michelle Bachmann says such horrible things that there' s no way evah that the horrifyingly realistic House of Cards could even incorporate the  terrible horrible things that Michelle Bachmann has said.
  I mean, who would believe it, y'all?
  Apparently the comedienne who's emceeing is a totally rad female who hasn't rehearsed her speech because, like, then it wouldn't be spontaneous, ya know? She's gonna go with the flow.
  I"m sure that will go well and not be the least bit sycophantic.
  She is accompanied by a fella wearing a tux and an ornate beaded head band of some sort who tots agrees with her.
  CNN is referring to it as "DC's GLAMOROUS Weekend" and, really, that fella with the ornate beaded head band is quite so.
  I should add that the 5 CNN studio commentators sitting over the shag carpet are dressed fabulously in sparkly shiny duds; sadly, in the crowd are lots and lots of fleshy arms that should never ever be exposed to the world on any camera.
  On cSpan, the vice president of the WHCA Christi Parson claimed that this dinner should be watched because it shows how much that White House correspondents support the political elite.
  Considering only John Kasich is there of the probable Republican candidates, one can only agree.
  I must say, Barry's lookin' pretty old and done tonight.
  Well, now that I've had time to think about the speeches, they were pretty bad. That comedian stank and Obama's was petty and mean-spirited and typical of a narcissist whose self-deprecation involves only attacking others.
  That whole riff on a "bucket" list was demeaning not only of the presidency, but of this country. The man has contempt for all who did not worship him and the values we hold dear.

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