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Friday, April 3, 2015

Politics and religion

  A favorite topic of atheists is how religious people abused the populace years ago in the Crusades, the Inquisition, the burning of political opponents. Perhaps this argument is even used to justify their hatred of all things spiritual or religious.
  An historical look indicates that politics and religion have indeed been irrefutably intertwined, often to the detriment of the average supplicant, who gets caught between the conflict of "I just want to be a better person" and the "you WILL be and do what the state/religious authority says."
  At the root of this abuse are, of course, power and money, which are always at the root of abuse.
  Leftists have been working hard at destroying the western view of the world, including the traditional Judeo Christian way of looking at life and even judicial system.
  Rather than the Western linear view of life (crimes deserve punishment, there is a beginning and an end to all things), Leftist academics in particular have sought to supplant the eastern view, which is that all matter is circular (reincarnation, karma, chi); thus even the idea of a proper punishment for bad behavior is not only diminished but sometimes erased in the hope that kindness and charity will set the errant fellow or Lena Dunham female on the right path to respecting the rights of others. 
  Leftists seem to believe that the evil errants will eventually succumb to the "why can't we all just get along" philosophy that so burdens our culture these days. It's a phony substitute for justice, just as the phony religions of ecoterrorism, cultural fixation, animal worship, paganism and "humanism" (another ironic name) have supplanted true spirituality.
  Thus we have the peculiar juxtaposition of the so-called "intellectual" who is also a naif and awfully mean, to boot.
  Fancying themselves as intellectual is how these vile human beings justify ruining people's lives if their viewpoints are divergent from the herd.
  How, one wonders, can such hatred and illogic be housed in one individual?
  And yet here we are.
  One who fancies himself an intellectual leader rushes to the microphone to affirm that indeed, an agreement to agree to meet has. Been. Achieved. and you'd better not question his judgment because he's really, really smart, has asked all the right questions and received all the right answers, even though none of that is true. Indeed, the opposition managed to get to the cameras first to declare they weren't changing any of what they were doing, regardless the news reports flowing from the White House like methane gas.
  A liar negotiating with liars for an unverifiable agreement that will undoubtedly work to the detriment of all of us, even the "intellectual" "naifs" is really, really good news, eh?
  Well, I should retract the use of the word naif.
  These world "leaders" are not naifs.
  They're mendacious two-faced underhanded narcissistic poseurs whose only goal is their own self glorification and the destruction of the United States of America and Israel.
  There's really no question anymore which side Obama, who wants to visit Iran before he leaves office, is on.
  Only a true naif could believe he loves this country as much as we middle Americans.

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