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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Another disastrous Obama week

  What a week last week was. 
  We witnessed the Prancer in Chief parading in front of cameras, scolding Republicans and Americans once again for defying his dictates, hugging a teary eyed affectionate Communist dictator apparently in solidarity and once again, as if he never gets tired of it, bashing the US at an international summit while claiming to be a student of history and aggrieved from past US behavior.
  Oh, and the Communist claimed Obama is "honest," apparently oblivious, ignorant or blind to the many Obama lies chronicled by observers.
  And naturally, our Leftist media has hauled out the tired accusations of racism and Mean-abetes if you disagree with the impressive liar.
  We all know these are dangerous times. Obama's weakness and Islamic pandering are energizing America's enemies while alienating our friends and democracy seekers around the world.
  What's most astonishing is Obama's complete lack of hiding what he's doing.
  But then, someone who promised the likes of Putin that he'd be able to swing more deals once he's re-elected is likely to do anything, especially with polls showing conflicted opinions around the US.
  All anyone needed to know about Obama is documented, especially here
  These really are hateful people running our country, but none so ignorant as Marie Harf, who continues to, like, embarASS herself repeatedly in front of the world and, like, even with family friends on FaceBook
  And whaddya mean, Americans are stranded in Yemen? That isn't the OBAMA administration's problem because Yemen is a success story of how well the Obama terrorist plan is working.
  Unfortunately, many people around the world are worried she's right about that. Obama's Islamic sympathies are by now well documented, despite what the New York Times ninnies (highly educated!!!!) may write.
  What causes most concern is that so many Americans, especially those who should be trying to hold any administration responsible are unwilling to do the work that needs to be done to learn the truth.
  We will see if the next administration is so privileged.
  Though our special relationship with England appears to be over, undoubtedly partially due to  behavior like this, perhaps we should engage in a campaign to post sad pictures saying "We're Sorry" the Prancer in Chief is screwing things up so badly.

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