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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Democrats don't like gas and fuel and water and....what DO they like?

  I ran into a young guy at the gym a few years ago. He was a liberal so he mocked my concern about national debt and terrorism on a global scale. 
  I saw him not too long ago; he had graduated from college with great debt and was working at a local coffee shop, complaining that none of friends except one had been able to find jobs appropriate to their major courses of study.
  Today we saw the president and an engineer who claims to be a scientist who really, really cares about the environment burn a whole lot of jet fuel to do a photo op in Florida claiming we all ought to quit driving cars.
  It's ok. He loves the smell of jet fuel.
  Then we find out that all those condescending philosophical grandees over at MSNBC who want all of US to pay more taxes don't pay their own.
  Sharpton, Harris Perry, Reid, Toure, not to mention Geithner who ran the IRS, Tom Daschle, Charles Rangel, McKaskill....don't pay their taxes.
  Ah, well.
  The ugly truth is that, though most jobs at McDonald's arent meant to provide a 'living wage' for adults, today's college graduate will be lucky to get one there, considering that the robots are coming.
  Democrats don't like manufacturing. They don't like CO2. They don't like providing water. They don't like nuclear power, coal plants, oil and gas or fracking or farms unless they're organic...I could go on.
  What do they like?
  They like YOUR tax money.

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