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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Rally at Hood Park, April 18, 2015

  Well, there's bad news and good news about today's rally at Hood Park.
  The bad news is that there weren't very many people there.
  The good news, which far supersedes the bad news, is that the people who spoke today represent a great deal of hope.
  Because many of them were young, young enough to be concerned about the future when we old geezers will be long gone.
  Ron Johns spoke of individualism as opposed to collectivism, reminding the group that the original ideas of individualism date back to 1776, unlike contemporary Leftist thinking.
  Another impressive young speaker was Nathan Wirebaugh, who spoke representing Turning Point USA, whose mission is to educate today's youth concerning"fiscal responsibility, limited government, and free markets." Turning Point USA is active all college campuses.
  What's important is that these young people recognize that conservatives need to clearly articulate their message that big government intrudes unnecessarily into all our lives with dangerously tight tentacles that squeeze citizens tighter and tighter. I was encouraged that not only were over half the speakers young, they really know what they are talking about and have focused on the mission of spreading the message of freedom.
  Now if only the adults in the Republican Party (currently the Democrats Lite) will be able to do as well as those speakers did today. Many of us have given up on the Democrat Party, I'm sad to say.
  There's reason for hope, I learned today.

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