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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Devious Democrats, unprepared Republicans

  The Democrat Party is the party of lies.
  One big fat lie after another.
  Unfortunately the Republican party is Democrat Lite without the spine.
  It's amazing how quickly Republicans cave once the party of the aggrieved get their game on, which takes about two seconds from the moment any comment which can be construed as fodder is emitted from a Republican's mouth.
  Of course, if you're Barack Obama, you can claim there are 57 states and corpsemen are attending your military ceremony but only old bloggers humped over a laptop on a couch will make a note of it.
  And if you're toothy Joe Biden, you can get handsy with any old chick without the feminist brigade descending on you, shrieking shrilly that you're being a condescending ogre who's objectifying women.
  It's about time slo mo Repubs like Pence figure out that the Soros Screamers are also always sitting, waiting, waiting, waiting humped over their laptops prepared to be offended.
  Please, people.
  Quit listening to the consultants and Karl Roves out there. They don't win elections. 
  The only reason Republicans won last election was because old people like me and Hoosierman actually left the comfort of the homestead to vote because we don't want to leave today's children the astounding debt the nation's politicians have bartered to various interest groups in exchange for votes.
  The corruption runs deep these days. 
  It's about time we had a few articulate politicians who can actually make the case for conservatism, unlike the obsequious buffoons we have in office now, who apparently have gotten all tuckered out running from their limos to the cameras to "the club."
  Politicians like Pence need to do their homework.
  Quit being so lazy and unprepared.
  Pretend you're a Boy Scout, for gosh sakes.


  1. I was surprised and disappointed the state senate caved so quickly.

  2. Do we have NO ONE who can articulate the conservative argument? This is unbelievable. You'll get slammed as a Republican or conservative no matter what you do, so why not at least MAKE THE ARGUMENT?