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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Palm SPRINGS? How about Palm Hoses, hoses everywhere!

    As a frequent visitor to Palm Springs, California, I can say unequivocally that there are few or no restrictions on the use of water.
  Again, as we see every time we are here, water run off is in the streets and sidewalks. A number of  desert homes have green grass yards which are obviously being frequently watered, not to mention businesses--though golf courses whose livelihoods depend on green grass are  who waste buckets and buckets of water.
  Governor Moonbeam Brown has declared that the nation's breadbasket farms will not suffer from water restrictions, which makes sense, but that food prices in the US will rise because of the drought.
  Governor Brown complains that people are not conserving water in their homes and may attempt to fine people who take showers longer than 5 minutes (????).
  Of course, the same government who freely throws money away and to constituents and encourages citizens to avoid critical thinking by depending on the government is now finding that, yeah. The sheeple mentality they've been encouraging does not redound for the good of the many or even the one.
  And the GAIA religionists have emerged in packs, claiming fracking and meat eating are partly responsible for the water shortage, not to mention the global warming alarmists.
  Of course, there really are two Americas, as the privileged class of Wall Street protesters have claimed. There's the America that takes whatever they want for themselves and this includes both lower and upper classes and then there's the hard working America that pays for it all, exemplified here in this article from The Guardian concerning the water shortage:
In Los Angeles, whose residents use an average of 265 litres per day, an academic study found that the most affluent neighbourhoods used up to three times more water than others. In wealthy southern cities such as Malibu and Newport Beach, where people have large front lawns, consumption was more than 560 litres per capita in January.
Stephanie Pincetl, director of the California Centre for Sustainable Communities, told The Los Angeles Times: “The problem lies, in part, in the social isolation of the rich, the moral isolation of the rich.” The rich, she said, were “lacking a sense that we are all in this together”.
  Some people have been screaming for years that measures needed to be taken to prevent the water shortage in dry years, but, as is so often the case with Leftists, the idea of saving and storing up has been and is mocked. Leftist and sometimes Republican philosophy seems to be to spend it all now, on illusory and temporary pleasures that keep the sheeple pacified.
  Remember this? Obama mocking drilling for oil, as if it's not a plan and the development of solar "power" is?

  And remember when Obama said, "If we actually started drilling 5,10 years ago the same timeframe anti-drillers use “that will take too long”, as if solar power would have made a faster resource? As we have come to see from so many politicians, it's all about power and money.
  More here on the elitists who want everyone else to conserve, whether airplane flying or water usage. 
  Out here amidst the carefully watered green lawns of the elite, the Governor is quoted as saying that showers longer than 5 minutes may be fined, up to $500 a day.
  And then there are the smart meters.

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