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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Elementary teacher charged for death threats

  This is pretty incredible. The very graphic and descriptive death threat that was delivered to the Wisconsin lawmakers who voted to bust the unions (can we see why now?) was written by an early elementary teacher. Her name has been released. Full details and links over at Gateway Pundit:
A 26-year-old woman was charged Thursday with two felony counts and two misdemeanor counts for allegedly making email threats against Wisconsin lawmakers during the height of the battle over Gov. Scott Walker’s budget-repair bill.
  If this is where we're at, when "professionals" such as teachers, even new and unimpressionable ones like this young lady, feel it's unacceptable to behave like this, then it's obvious that the culture needs to change. 
  It's weird that Wisconsin is taking all the heat for this, millions of union dollars are pouring in, and yet many other states are sailing right through, doing it.
  Like Ohio.

Joe Klein: lizard brain Republicans

  In this new and remarkable stage of civility, Joe Klein over at Time Magazine, in a column called American Embarrassment, the dinosaur turned chameleon in this new digital stage, hates Republicans. No, I'm sorry. DESPISES Republicans.
  In a reminder to those of us who are not as enlightened as the liberal faction of this country which is, by the way, shrinking every day, Mr. Klein is currently really, really upset at the prospective candidates for the Republican presidential nomination.
  What's to worry about, Joe? Your guy is a shoe-in, right? No reason to freak.
  And, seriously, we're not embarrassed by our current Prez, who values himself, basketball, parties, himself, arugula, being on tv, working out, himself, and, well, that's about it. It's sure not America he values.

They are the most compelling argument I've seen against American exceptionalism. Even Tim Pawlenty, a decent governor, can't let a day go by without some bilious nonsense escaping his lizard brain. And, as Greg Sargent makes clear, Mitt Romney has wandered a long way from courage. There are those who say, cynically, if this is the dim-witted freak show the Republicans want to present in 2012, so be it. I disagree. One of them could get elected. 
  If you're like me, you are only familiar with the term "lizard brain" in relation to that bitter little lizard Janeane Garafolo, which loves to call Republicans just that.
  So here's a little video to educate yourself, since you undoubtedly, since you are reading this, possess a lizard brain yourself.

  Got that? YOU, Republicans/conservatives/libertarians, are the source of most negativity, fear and anger in this country.
  Here, dear reader/s, is a good example of what they think of the lizard brain conservative. Arianna, that brilliant strategist, thinks you're a lizard too.
  Just look at the search.
  Perhaps you, like me, are devastated.

Morning roundup-March 30

Even if you don't agree with pro life positions, you have to admit this is pretty disgusting behavior. Why would you need to use fetal cells for something this stupid? LifeNews:
A pro-life group that monitors the use of cells from babies victimized by abortions is today highlighting a biotech company, Senomyx, which it says produces artificial flavor enhancers using aborted fetal cell lines to test their products.
The group Children of God for Life is calling for a public boycott of major food companies partnering with Senomyx
  Companies including Pepsi are standing behind this company. They deserve a boycott.
  As does HBO.
  You can tolerate free speech that is disgusting. You don't have to pay for it. HBO is pretty much a dinosaur, anyway, as there are so many ways to get programs you enjoy without paying for HBO's tired format.
  But that HBO tolerates the disturbing chauvinism of Bill Maher with regard to women and religious folks is truly disturbing.
  This man needs help. Daily Caller calls on him to be fired. Since it doesn't look like that's going to happen, cancel.
HBO “Real Time” host Bill Maher’s recent foray into sexism — employing the terms “dumb twat,” “bimbos,” and “cunt” in describing Rep. Michele Bachmann and Gov. Sarah Palin — is completely unacceptable and should not be allowed to be part of our country’s national dialogue. That is why The New Agenda, a national organization devoted to improving the lives of women and girls, is calling on Time Warner, owner of HBO, to immediately cancel Bill Maher’s show and terminate his employment
  Gateway PUndit has video of Van Jones and the whole blame America first crowd, blaming America first the day after 9/11.
  How, especially on that day, could you stand in front of a crowd and blame America for 9/11?
  This behavior reveals what is in the heart of Van Jones. Knowing this, it also reveals what is in the heart of Barack Obama, who esteems Van Jones greatly enough to fawn over him and hire him into a position of power over the American people.
  Our president's energy speech to Georgetown the other day is full of prevarications. 
  For one thing, since when won't "drill, baby, drill" work? Why are these people always saying that it'll take at least 10 years to get more oil so why bother to set it up now? Why are the taxpayers paying to set up a company to drill in Brazil, buy THEIR oil, but not work on finding our own? And is it true that America sits on some of the largest reserves in the world? 
  And are you serious? You smartie students at Georgetown laughing at the idea of drilling, as if it won't solve our energy problems?
Now, here’s the thing -– we have been down this road before. Remember, it was just three years ago that gas prices topped $4 a gallon. I remember because I was in the middle of a presidential campaign. Working folks certainly remember because it hit a lot of people pretty hard. And because we were at the height of political season, you had all kinds of slogans and gimmicks and outraged politicians — they were waving their three-point plans for $2 a gallon gas. You remember that — “drill, baby, drill”
– and we were going through all that. (Laughter.) And none of it was really going to do anything to solve the problem. There was a lot of hue and cry, a lot of fulminating and hand-wringing, but nothing actually happened. Imagine that in Washington. (Laughter.)

  The Daily Beast has an article on the back operations of places like Soros's Media Matters. It's pretty revealing. They really do just sit there with hundreds of tvs running waiting to pounce on something they can misconstrue into "news."
  I made up my mind about Libya.
  Get out. No lives lost for that worthless cause.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Win through the courts when you can't win elections

  Unions in Wisconsin are hoping to defeat public elections through the judiciary. The Supreme Court in Wisconsin has an important election coming up next week. There's a lot of controversy tonight over an ad that Kloppenberg, the sympathetic to the unions judicial candidate has running through a third party. Watch the confrontation here:

  Kloppenberg is complaining about outside donations, even while receiving 3 million dollars in outside donations herself. From Red State:
We have covered extensively how the liberals in Wisconsin are trying to overturn the results of last year’s elections by funding a massive campaign to oust conservative Justice David Prosser in favor of liberal assistant AG Joanne Kloppenburg (see herehere, and here). One of the things we have covered extensively is that Kloppenburg is the beneficiary of a massive $3 million advertising campaign sponsored by outside Democrat and union groups who hope that she will overturn the recent legislation on collective bargaining for public employees. 
  Professor Jacobsen is disturbed that Sumi, the activist judge who is trying to shut down the voters' decision to elect Republicans, seems to be creating offenses for the state attorneys involved in the case. 
  He's also concerned that not enough is being done to support Prosser by Republicans:

Please join me in helping the effort.  Donate here.
Update:  Here is the plan: 
We are buying every available airtime slot on Wisconsin TV - statewide - to run this ad. We need your help, urgently. With so little time we have to raise as much money as we can, so we can purchase this airtime for the TV ad. You can now donate to our Wisconsin State PAC.
And thanks to a commenter for this link to a National Review editorial:
Wisconsin supreme court justice David Prosser went to bed one night a respected former prosecutor, and woke up the next morning the target of a $3 million union-run smear campaign, falsely accused of being an enabler of pedophiles. That is what you get when you oppose the political machine that has been fleecing taxpayers in Wisconsin and elsewhere for a generation. Or, as in the case of Justice Prosser, when they suspect you might merely stand in their way and do your job.
  Throw in a couple bucks. This one's important. 

The well deserved awards just keep pilin' up

  First ya gotcher Nobel Peace Prize for being in office for, what was it, nine days? Well deserved award, wouldn't you say?
  And now that we are in a dumb war kinetic military activity   guilty of use of military force in concert with our allies, it would seem that PEACE prize was really well deserved.
  At least that is what it would appear given all the liberal support and sycophancy being espoused on the news channels lately.
  Now another well deserved award.
  An award, mysteriously postponed, then rescheduled secretly in private at an undisclosed location for what?
  For transparency.
  For being out in the open and up front. 
  Easy to see through.
  That sort of thing.

On extreme warmongers, deniers and partiers

  From Daily Caller, Kaus:

Hey, Arianna! Andrew Breitbart called Van Jones a “punk.” Bill Maher called Sarah Palin a “cunt.” Which one did you ban again? 
  The judge bars Wisconsin law from taking effect, even though it was done legally. Tied up in court for a while, looks like, but Walker ordered union dues not withdrawn by government anymore.


  Have you watched "Waiting for Superman" or "The Lottery" yet? You need to. If your school is doing well, you'll suddenly develop an energy for what's happening in inner city schools. The system isn't set up for kids to win. It's set up for teachers to keep their jobs. So why did our president, whose children attend a private exclusive school, travel the world, and are more advantages than all children in our country, CUT the government grant that allowed several DISadvantaged children to attend his daughters' school?
  Now Captain Lightning in a Bottle has decided to cut any chance for charter schools for inner city DC  kids. NRO:

But here’s what vouchers did achieve: graduation rates of 91 percent, 21 percentage points higher than the graduation rates of students who applied for a D.C. voucher, but did not win the lottery. Considering the difference a high-school degree can make — high school graduates earn about $10,000 more annually than high school dropouts, and have significantly lower unemployment rates — any program that helps students make it to graduation is worthwhile.
If the Obama administration is serious about helping low-income kids — and not kowtowing to the teachers unions — they should reverse their position on vouchers pronto. Vouchers aren’t a partisan issue. Democrats like California Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Newark mayor Cory Booker have come out in favor of vouchers. President Obama could show his dedication to policy outcomes, not political friends, by doing the same.
  ANd the mysterious Ulsterman has another *secret* report out about Obama, how he's going to win again and who can beat him. *Obviously this column cannot be verified.* FWIW, here's a paragraph. It's a long article, but it rings with truth. Newsflavor:

Obama can’t think on his feet, and he has not real instinctive quality for leadership because he’s been programmed since day one of his adult life.  He waits for the script and delivers his lines – and that’s it.  And while he’s waiting for the words, he spends time playing golf and watching ESPN, right?  As ridiculous as that sounds, that is exactly how this administration functions.  A campaign is different though because Obama gets to take the same basic script and go to new locations, so it gives the appearance of someone working hard.  He is much more comfortable in that environment – go to one supportive crowd to another, avoid any real questions, smile, nod and wave, and then go off to the next location.  Where other candidates get tired of that grind, Obama embraces it.  It’s what he is good at – it’s perhaps the only thing he’s good at.  Great candidate, horrible leader.  And America appears poised to give him another term.  People will elect the candidate, and shrug off the lack of leadership.  Is that a troubling reality? Hell yes it is – but it’s the truth too, now ain’t it?  And the Obamateam knows this…they know it, and they are prepared to take full advantage of it.  And why shouldn’t they?
  One thing's true. The Commander in Chief is a partier himself, having headed off to a $31,000 plate dinner at Harlem right after declaring his cause justified in invading Libya.  
  Another thing that's interesting about this article, though, is that the WH insider decides that his pick for the guy who can beat Obama is....Trump. Instapundit and wife agree. Not sure about all that.
  People are asking. Has the Tea Party given up?
  Um. No.
  We're just waiting to see how our candidates do. What do they expect us to do? March on DC every day? Not gonna happen. We got jobs, y'all. Plus we'll see how they do and then we'll go after 'em with a removal instrument.
  The truth is that the political observers are frightened and shocked by the union protests, as if they're comparable to the Tea Party protests. While it's true that those people have converged on their state capitols making horrendous scenes, once the bills are passed and **people see what's in 'em** and school districts, etc., become solvent, by the next election some of the taxpayer anger and confusion will have passed. We'll see.

  It really has been amazing see the pretzel twists these warmongers (aka hawkish chickens) are twisting themselves into to justify their war in Libya. 
  Well, they all take their marching orders from the same hive, don't they. 
  Fox News is extreme. Conservatives are extreme. Tax cuts are extreme. Wanting to save the country's finances and heritage is extreme.
  Well, they're sure making it extreme, aren't they.
  Listen to it here:

  Ghadaffee must go.
  Or stay.
  We remain vigilant.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

SB 5 gets a makeover

  There's been lots of consternation on the part of teachers regarding SB 5. Some of the bill doesn't make sense. Apparently some changes took place today in the regulations of the bill, including softening the language regarding currently tenured teachers (they're grandfathered) and retaining sick leave that has been contractually accumulated over the course of a career. 
  One would hope those teachers reluctant to endorse any change whatsover would be willing to see the positives in some of this bill, in addition to the fact that it is designed to save the pension systems of the people who will need it most in years to come, as the baby boomers enter retirement.
  This is an excerpt from State Rep Jim Buchy District 77:
The bill does not end collective bargaining.  It will put responsibility of maintaining a strong academic program and balancing a budget on the school administrators and school board.  As a cost saving measure, all public employees will be required to pay a minimum amount of their health care insurance.  The Columbus Dispatch reported savings to the government if SB 5 were to pass could be as high as 1.3 billion dollars.  
Administrators will no longer be able to participate in an act called “pension pick-up, or pick-up on the pick-up”, which is sometimes a way to hide salary increases.  The threat of striking, which is rarely used in Ohio’s public sector work-force will be replaced with an arbitration process that includes a procedure for solving labor disputes,  the specifics are expected to be addressed in the amendment process.  
The step schedule for teachers is struck from the Ohio Revised Code in Section 3317.13 and replaced by a locally controlled performance-based pay structure.  SB 5 establishes pay ranges for other public employees which do not include a step schedule.  Public employees other than school employees will receive pay increases based on a merit-pay system established locally.  This bill does not provide for the pay cut of any current public employee.  
Rumors and messages you may receive that indicate employees will receive a specific pay cut are not accurate and a true answer to that question can only be answered in negotiations where employees will be represented by their union which will be able to negotiate on wages, terms and conditions.  The bill does address sick leave.  
The cut in sick days will not be significant to most public employees and teachers will also retain the allowance of three personal days.  At this time the bill allows public employees to accumulate leave and cash it out for some pay upon retirement. Employees who currently have tenure or receive tenure prior to the effective date of this bill will be grandfathered in.  In the future employees would not be eligible for continuing contracts but will be eligible for up to 3 year contracts.  Tenure will ensure older employees are not fired because of their costs to the school.  
The bill will remove last in, first out (LIFO) provisions, which are currently in Ohio law.  This will ensure the best and most capable public employees are always on the job.  These modifications will revolutionize the collective bargaining process in Ohio and provide public employers what they need to operate on a thinner budget.  As the bill changes feel free to contact my office with any questions. 
  Another significant change that took place today was the removal of the fair share fee, which tends to be pretty minimal. This is the amount of dues the union can deduct for political purposes. Columbus Dispatch has several articles about SB 5's fast track to be signed into law on April 6, put into a referendum and voted on in the fall by the public.
* Allow the government employer to continue to deduct union dues from a worker's paycheck, but no longer could it take out money the worker wants to give to the union's political action committee. 
  Also the Democrats are saying that this bill will have a "disproportionate impact the bill would have on women and African-Americans," according, again, to the Dispatch, available here.
  In fact, de Rugy at The Corner suggests that pension deniers better understand that people are trying to save the pension systems, not destroy them.
I always find it surprising that the people who really believe that state employees should get very generous  pensions from state governments aren’t the ones who are sounding the alarm about the upcoming pension crisis. I would assume that they understand that reforming the pension system today is key to preventing some rather dramatic consequences in the near future when states run out of money on their pension plans — which 8 states are scheduled to do by 2020. No matter what data you look at, you can see that many state pensions — led by Illinois and New Jersey — have underfunded their liabilities for years, which means that when their pension plans run out of money, these states will have to either raise taxes dramatically, cut non-pension spending massively, or alter their pension formula for current employees. The question of whether states will be allowed to change the benefits for current retirees will depend on the courts, but the reality is that when there is no more money, there is no more money.

Captain Lightning strikes again

Captain Lightning in a bottle gave a speech that was a "dog's breakfast."
Weasel Zippers.

Hope he enjoys his $30,000 dinner in Harlem. "It doesn't seem like a Harlem event."
But our cause is just. 

Maher is predictably boring

  Bill Maher has discovered another word for Sarah Palin, who's not been in the public eye much lately. Now he's calling her the *c* word. 
  That's because he's fearless, according to his admirers, meaning he's got a lot to lose by saying vile things about conservative women.
  He hates religious folk, hates God, hates patriots, hates conservative women...what does he like?
  Daily Caller:

Despite being criticized and even rebuked by the National Organization for Women, HBO “Real Time” host Bill Maher isn’t stopping with his slurs directed at female conservatives. And this time, he went after Sarah Palin once again.
  Bill Maher has gone over the edge. 
  Like many horror writers, he has to go further and further to get a thrill from his anesthetized audience.
  So in keeping with his philosophy that there's too much civility in politics, Maher continues sexually slurring women and NOW acts as if it's just an irritant, not prejudice or appalling social behavior.
  Well, too bad, Bill Maher, but your problem is that you're becoming predictable and boring.
  Not civil.
  Just boring.
  And you know we all hate to be bored.

We're all disabled and bored

  (tiny whiny voice)
  I don't wanna take that test. It's too boring.
  And I shouldn't have to take it, because even the President says it's boring.
  So I'm not taking any tests in school. I just find it doesn't, um, challenge me. Really you're just punishing me anyway.

  This is the way to true success in America. This is the way. Our President says this (AP):
 President Barack Obama said Monday that students should take fewer standardized tests and school performance should be measured in other ways. Too much testing makes education boring for kids, he said.
"Too often what we have been doing is using these tests to punish students," the president told students and parents" [SNIP]
"All you're learning about is how to fill out a little bubble on an exam and little tricks that you need to do in order to take a test and that's not going to make education interesting."
"And young people do well in stuff that they're interested in," Obama said. "They're not going to do as well if it's boring." 
  Why should they learn how to fill in a little bubble, after all? 
  And, hey, if students had to take the NCLB tests today, 82% would fail, our Education Secretary says, so we need to....change the test! Of course!
Education Secretary Arne Duncan told Congress today that his department estimates that 82 percent of America's schools could fail to meet education goals set by No Child Left Behind this year. Duncan urged Congress to fix the law before the next school year begins so that the schools and students most at risk get the help they need. 
  So, remember, those of you who strive to have your students take and pass tests in the way they have done for the past 100 years or so, don't let the little darlings get bored. Our goal isn't so that can just fill in a stupid little bubble, after all. Our goal is that they attend school. 
  And the kiddies are getting the best education possible. How do we know this? Our Education Secretary tells us 99% of American teachers are ABOVE AVERAGE. NYT:
Students asked his opinion of teacher tenure. He said attaining it should be much more rigorous. “I think we should reward excellence,” he said. “Today in our country, 99 percent of our teachers are above average.”
Nervous laughter followed the education secretary back out to his bus. 
  99%, huh?
  Them are some pretty high standards, there, bud
  [Nervous laughter.]

Monday, March 28, 2011

Hypocrisy reeks, Beckel style

"This war has just started. Ya shouldn't be criticizin' it while it's goin' on."
Har har har.
We all get the joke.

Hypocrisy reeks

  So one of the environmental enthusiasts admits that, at the cost of trillions of dollars, none of the global warming measures being taken (I mean, SERIOUSLY. Does anyone really believe George Clooney drives a smart car?) will decrease the temperatures. Washington Examiner:

“If we cut emissions today, global temperatures are not likely to drop for about a thousand years.”
 That’s not just in Australia, mind you. That’s cutting emissions worldwide.
Under continued questioning by Bolt, Flannery said: “Just let me finish and say this: If the world as a whole cut all emissions tomorrow the average temperature of the planet is not going to drop in several hundred years, perhaps as much as a thousand years because the system is overburdened with CO2 that has to be absorbed and that only happens slowly.”
  Now comes word that the European Commission plans on banning cars in Europe. The Telegraph:
Top of the EU's list to cut climate change emissions is a target of "zero" for the number of petrol and diesel-driven cars and lorries in the EU's future cities
Siim Kallas, the EU transport commission, insisted that Brussels directives and new taxation of fuel would be used to force people out of their cars and onto "alternative" means of transport."That means no more conventionally fuelled cars in our city centres ," he said. "Action will follow, legislation, real action to change behaviour."
  Let me just say this about that.
  Nobody believes you're going to do that, you Bozos. (Sorry, Bozo.)
  Jammie has noticed that the freaks in Wisconsin don't seem to have noticed that Cuomo just did the same thing to New York, yet no one's squawking. No protesting in the capitol. No violence. No screaming obscenities. No death threats:
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is being lauded for announcing a $132.5 billion spending plan that closes a $10 billion state budget gap. Yet it's casually noted that to get there he has chopped $1.2 billion in school aid while not raising taxes. [SNIP]
Both of these governors quite clearly understand that spending must be cut in order to avoid bankrupting their states, but we wonder why the reaction to both budgets are so different? In Wisconsin we recently witnessed a three-week temper tantrum by unions, yet in New York the reaction is mostly muted. Let's pretend roles were reversed and a Democrat proposed cuts to education in Wisconsin. Well, actually it happened just two years ago. In Wisconsin.

A few questions for Obama, now and then

  Having woken from a deep slumber to hear The One addressing an audience justifying his incursion into a third Muslim country, I cannot offer an informed opinion about most of the speech. 
  Let's face it, however. 
  Even if you haven't made your mind up about whether bombing Libya was right or wrong, some things are becoming pretty clear.
  A few questions for President Barack Hussein Obama now:
President Obama, do you know what you are doing?
Aren't you just backtracking now, justifying dropping bombs on Libya?
How do you justify dropping bombs when you opposed water boarding as torture, yet have no problem now dropping bombs and sustaining wars on three fronts?
  A few questions from the past about Obama's war:
What's our long term commitment?
What's our guarantee the country doesn't split into factions?
Have you made the case on Iraq Libya?
Is it time to start bringing our troops home?
Can we resolve the political disagreement that lies at the heart of somebody else's civil war?

Morning roundup- March 28

  Did you watch London on fire this week? Wondering where all that came from? All the anger, the hooded firebombers, the invaders?
  ANarchists have taken hold in the world again. One can only imagine the purposes behind these unhappy people, but there is a complete history here at Commentary magazine:

Suddenly, then, an ideological philosophy and political movement that had been thought of as a dusty oddity, a relic of the late 19th century, has returned to the fore with enough consequence that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently denounced terrorism “whether it comes from the right, the left, from al-Qaeda, from anarchists, whoever it is.”
What accounts for the new appeal of anarchism? There is one explanation for those attempting to blow up buildings and kill people and another one for those trying to muck about with the Internet. For the bricks-and-mortar anarchists, the 2008 financial collapse gave surprising currency to the idea that their seemingly anachronistic philosophy was actually the only left-wing alternative to an overweening European corporate statism that had failed so spectacularly. The cyberanarchists, meanwhile, have found a dream home inside the Internet, which, as a medium for social and economic interaction, has inspired a degree of antinomian romanticism not known since the first wave of anarchists terrified Europe more than a century ago.
  More background can be found at the NY Post on the London protests. Concerns grow that the US is the next target of the professional anarchists, combined with unions. 
  Los Angeles is trying to find a way to evaluate schools and teachers. If you'll recall, they are testing teachers' students at the beginning and end of each school year and publishing the results. 
  In a threat to teachers' jobs, one California district is utilizing technology more than teachers. "Hybrid" schools are the rage of the future, some say.
  Sorta like outsourcing, if you think about it.
  Video has been uncovered of Obama declaring to the party faithful that the easiest way to swell the ranks of progressives, the enabled, the greedy, those who want everybody else to pay for their stuff,  by doing exactly what we suspected---amnesty for all the millions of illegals in this country. Yeah, we knew it, but it's pretty awful to actually see it.
  Jay Cost, the wonder whiz kid who breaks down numbers, over at Weekly Standard has analyzed the details of the political environment for Obama's reelection. He says the deficit is the Achilles Heel:
Where, then, does all of this leave us? I’ll make the following prediction. If there is nothing that President Obama and his team can do to resolve the budget deficit problem between now and next November, and if it does indeed figure largely in the campaign, we should expect a highly negative reelection campaign from the president. Perhaps it will not be on the order of LBJ in 1964, but it probably will be more negative than what Bill Clinton put forth in 1996 or George W. Bush offered in 2004. Republican efforts to rein in the budget deficit will be cast again and again as the party's perfidious attempt to realize its 80-year dream of destroying the social safety net.
  Unable to win in the arena of ideas through rational thought and reason, the Soros based group Media Matters is digging in the garbage cans of Fox tv hosts and radio giants like Hannity and Limbaugh.
  One can only imagine what life is like for these people.
  Imagine working for a tv network, the most popular in the country, and being hounded by creepy protesters bearing signs and screaming at your house, taking covert pictures wherever you go and digging into your life to find some smut they can distort to discredit it.
  It's pretty darned appalling and a shame that any organization thinks that is the way to win an argument.
  It reveals the moral osteoporosis of their cause. 
  David Brock, a "former conservative," is at the bottom of this. The liberals are having a "boot camp" in smut discovery.
  Meanwhile ACORN recedes in the US but sets up offices internationally. The Blaze.
  Whoever thought ACORN was an organization set up to aid the American poor ought to be shaking their heads in shame. 
  It's a front group for communists.
  We remain vigilant.

"Join the Tea Party" exposed

The Tea Party Patriots are warning that an organization has set up shop claiming to be Tea Partiers but are primarily organized for their own financial benefit. KPHO did an investigation:
A tea party organization based in Mesa, Ariz., which has collected hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations, spent nearly half of its budget on marketing its own name, according to Federal Elections Commission documents.
Those records, obtained during a CBS 5 News investigation, also show the organization spent no money to directly support tea party candidates.

The website, is registered to a nonprofit corporation in Mesa. When CBS 5 News reporters contacted the director of that company, they were referred to a Washington, D.C., attorney, who said the personnel in Phoenix were too busy to sit down for an interview.
  Meanwhile the Tea Party Express is trying to help out in Wisconsin, where the fight for a Supreme Court judgeship may determine the fate of the law just passed there. They are in the fight of their lives. Money is pouring in from around the country to barrage voters and influence the judge's race and the recall campaign underway. Donations here at Tea Party Express.
  These are extremely significant races, yet Republicans (aka the stupid party, as Instapundit points out) haven't identified it as such. They're besieged in Wisconsin yet Republicans are nowhere to be found.
  It's time for the people to step up again.
  Real Clear Politics:
The only Republican strategy -- and money -- machine that really seems to understand the potential effect is the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) headed by Ed Gillespie, former national GOP chairman. The RSLC is so worried that it is making an unusual mid-cycle investment of money that it could have used in 2012.
Unions and the left are far outspending pro-business interests and the right on recall ads.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Captain Lightning deferred the 3 am call from Libya to Hillary

  Remember the commercial?   
  Be sure to read the funny (as in brutally amusing) comments over at Youtube under this video of Hillary's commercial touting herself as the preferred one to answer the presidential phone in times of emergency.
  This one from 2 years ago is particularly mauvais:
the only calls hillary will be answering are obama's calls telling her [WTF] to do next
  Ah, even then this clever commenter knew about Captain Lightning's WTF campaign. 
  Anyway Obama is taking no credit whatsoever for the incursion into Libya; indeed many wags have attributed to Hillary et al the decision to become involved, mocking the three "peaceful" women who started this "kinetic military action."
  Picture this: The One is sleeping it off after yet another a big party; the red phone rings but Captain Lightning in a Bottle, with memories of celebrity bootlicking dancing in his head,  was soundly immune from disturbance.
  Fortunately for the Al Qaeda rebels, Hillary was there to answer.