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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Marine visits bombing victim

  You may have heard of double amputee Marine Sgt. Gabe Martinez who visited 2 Boston bombing victims.
  Martinez stepped on an IED in Afghanistan; his story is here. He hopes to become a prosthetist.
  Newsmax has more on Martinez's visit to the hospital.
  Here's the video:

Monday, April 29, 2013

Tim Tebow ....Hmmmmm

    I am not trying to find a conspiracy under every bush but what is the deal with the Tim Tebow haters. I have watched this young man and know that the pressure on him and any young quarterback is enormous but you must admit his faith and lifestyle seems to encourage people to be more cruel and hateful than if he was some drug dependent womanizer.
   Tebow was no fluke college quarterback but he like many of his kind may never make it in the pros, but that is to be measured on the field.  The standards are different, the expectations are greater, the competition incredible, but that fact that you are a Christian should not draw such a prejudicial disdain. I don't know how this story is going to end for Tim Tebow, but I am sure glad his life is no longer linked with a franchise is such disarray as the N.Y. Jets. He deserved better and  I hope and Pray he he gets the chance to show the public what he can do..... or not... but at least to be given the chance that his courage and reputation deserve. Amen.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The separation of Church and State

I have been thinking about this for a long time(since I am a "baby boomer") and have some historical perspective to what is happening today. I remember when most people felt it OK to talk about their faith and good and evil for what it is. I remember that it was OK to share your convictions about your faith (however some perhaps were more forthright).
    Then we became enlightened and started the "60s" questioning of everything. So in an effort to be more "FAIR" and open minded Christians were admonished to shut up. Keep you faith and values to yourself! And you may remember this phrase, "DON'T IMPOSE YOUR FAITH ON ME."
That was partly due to some people talking about "your body is the temple of the living God" so you shouldn't smoke, drink or do anything to excess, engage in fornication and the list went on.
     So "shut up and keep your opinions to yourself." In addition it seemed to be very vogue to invoke the term, "separation of Church and State" anytime anyone in politics started to talk about their "faith" and connected it to their values.
     Now insert the State as the Church. Political figures feel it is their opinion that should be the "Law of the Land" and the "should not do" has been replaced by "shall not do" for a Mayor, Governor, Congressman or President hath proclaimed it.
    This now includes how Thou Shalt Not Call a murdering, vile, piece of chicken crap, bomber a Radical Muslim Jihadist Extremist - TERRORIST. Even if the person(s) and their whacked family say and do everything to support that notion. WE MUST TRY TO UNDERSTAND WHY THEY HATE US.
   Well in the name of our new god, "POTUS", just wait and see the labels and insults fly if the next act of TERROR comes from anyone that went to Church once or has voted conservative in their history. The words "RIGHT WING CHRISTIAN  FUNDAMENTALIST TERRORIST" shall be shouted from top to bottom, to be "FAIR". Thus saith our lord and new god. We no longer need to worry about "separation of church and state"..... the state has become the church. We shall not trust in God.
      Enough is enough. We need to open our mouths and say what we believe, everyone else does.
  Harrison Bergeron, where are you now?

Friday, April 26, 2013

The Boston bomber: what is Obama hiding?

  As we noted in this post and this post many questions surround the Boston bombing and the behavior of the Obama administration concerning the questioning and intelligence regarding the perpetrator Tsarnaev.
  We asked then and now: if the administration wants to encourage conspiracy theories, this is the way you would do it. Why?
  Of course, once Judge Marianne Bowler arrived et al the DOJ lawyers to administer Miranda rights, Tsarnaev shut up, naturally, closing the spigot on the interrogation info Tsarnaev was spilling to the FBI, who were surprised and shocked by the DOJ's behavior.
  Already Leftist politicians are lining up to protect their endangered pet causes, including shoving through another unread poorly written immigration bill and pushing more people to become beholden to the government by receiving government welfare from other workers.
  Massachusetts governor Deval has slammed shut the welfare records of the Tsarnaev family citing "privacy" reasons, though the parents are not even residents (the mother is wanted in Boston for theft) of this country, one is dead and another is imprisoned for terrorism.
  What privacy do these individuals deserve, given that they have defied this country's laws and abused its citizens? 
  Is there no end to the "benevolence" of Leftists toward criminals and against upstanding citizens?
 The justice who intervened in the Tsarnaev bomber's questioning by the FBI is Marianne Bowler, whose only international appearances to speak have been in Islamic countries.. She was approved by the Muslim Brotherhood to speak in Egypt post Morsi and is "versed in Islamic sensibilities."
  The Obama "rush" to keep Islamic terrorists from speaking isn't unusual; the idea that terrorism still exists is anathema to Obama because it defies his contention that he has defeated terrorists, as he extolled himself at the DNC convention.
  It's gone beyond conspiracy theory. Intelligent people must ask: What is the Obama administration hiding?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fear not

But now, this is what the Lord says—
    he who created you, Jacob,
    he who formed you, Israel:
Do not fear, for I have redeemed you;
    I have summoned you by name; you are mine.
When you pass through the waters,
    I will be with you;
and when you pass through the rivers,
    they will not sweep over you.
When you walk through the fire,
    you will not be burned;
    the flames will not set you ablaze.
For I am the Lord your God,
    the Holy One of Israel, your Savior;
I give Egypt for your ransom,
    Cush[a] and Seba in your stead.
Since you are precious and honored in my sight,
    and because I love you,
I will give people in exchange for you,
    nations in exchange for your life.
Do not be afraid, for I am with you;

Isaiah43: 1-5

Questions about federal competency & mysteries surround Boston bombing

  Mysteries swirl around the Boston bombing; rather than transparently tamp the conspiracy theories, the federal government continues to inspire them by their behavior.
  Here are a few so far:
  • 1. If the Russian government warned our government multiple times that the older Tsarnaev brother was involved with terrorist elements, why was that information not enough to red flag him? Napolitano complains that "nothing came back on him" after careful research but wasn't a foreign government's red flag enough to at least put him on a list?
  • 2. Why was Tamerlan allowed to travel outside the country to a terrorist region for 6 months after the red flag warning was issued?
  • 3. Any American who left the country for 6 months would raise red flags, particularly to such a war torn area; why wasn't that warning applied to Tamerlan, even without the Russian warnings?
  • 4. Why didn't law enforcement agencies share information? Is the wall prohibiting intelligence agencies from sharing informationJamie Gorelick so famously instituted during the Clinton years and which impeded investigation into al Qaeda still in effect? If so, WHY?
  • 5. How did Tamerlan Tsarnaev finance his Russian trip? How did he pay 6 months' expense of staying in a foreign country, not to mention airline tickets? Who paid for the Mercedes the men drove?
  • 6. Is there a connection between the mysterious 20 year old Saudi national Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, first suspected and now deported in the Boston bombing and the mysterious unannounced and unscheduled meeting Obama  had with the Saudi foreign minister and with whom John Kerry had a open closed door meeting? Why was Alharbi scheduled to be deported for security reasons?
  • 7. Did the First Lady of the United States visit Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, who was a person of interest at the time?
  • 8. Why did Janet Napolitano refuse at first to answer questions about Alharbi, claiming he wasn't a person of interest?
  • 9. Why was Tamerlan, who was placed on the classified federal government watch list of the National Counterterrorism Center and requested by the CIA, allowed to fly? Supposedly a name misspelling prevented the authorities from catching the terrorist, but all flyers have been required to have their airline ticket names match exactly to their government issued ID. This rule was implemented for international flights in late 2010. Tamerlan traveled to Russia in 2012. Did Tamerlan have an additional ID or was this another case of federal incompetency?
  • 10. Does Tamerlan's wife, who was apparently not living with him, know more about his activities? Where did the men do the dastardly work of building bombs, as their apartment does not appear to be the source?
  • 11.Why was a man who was young and healthy enough to win numerous wrestling contests allowed to stay on welfare? Why didn't he work? We learn his wife worked 80 hours a week (presumably to get away from him) which bounced them off welfare but there seems to be no evidence he even tried to gain work. Was this a result of Obama's federal guidelines encouraging persons to go on welfare?
  • 12.Did the taxpayers, therefore, finance the bombing or at least lay the groundwork for it during his visits to Russia?
  • 13. Why did no one notice that the entire Tsarnaev family entered the country with the claim of seeking asylum from persecution but, after receiving welfare benefits, immediately returned to their "dangerous" country of origin?
  • 14. Why did the Department of Justice stop the questioning of the surviving Tsarnaev brother, who was said to be "singing like a canary" about his officially determined al Qaeda connections? What possible reason could the DOJ have for preventing him from telling what he knows about his connections, the origin of his activities and other plots that may be in the works? Why did the DOJ choose to surprise the FBI by this action and not inform them?
  • 15. Why do the media and Hollywood dimwits continue to push for gun control using the Boston bombing as justification when the Tsarnaev brothers used homemade bombs? Only a single gun was recovered, but guns were not used in the attack, yet these ridiculous people do not seem to understand that in circumstances such as the Watertown search for the bomber citizens might want to own guns for their own defense, given that the police were busy answering hundreds of phone calls and couldn't possibly be everywhere at once, even though there were thousands of law enforcement officers in the vicinity. How does any of this make any sense?
  • 16. As taxpayers, why are we not allowed to know all the money and resources we have paid into the support of the brothers who bombed Boston? Why is the Massachussetts Department of Transitional Assistance allowed to keep secrets concerning terrorists?
  • 17. Why does the press insist on showing young pictures of Jhokar and referring to the 19 and 26 year old MEN as boys? 
Of all these questions, the most curious one is the question of why the DOJ would stop questioning Tsarnaev. 
  UPDATE: And why did Deval Patrick shut down any inquiries to the welfare status of the Tsarnaevs? But then, we know why. It is an angering circumstance that makes Left wingers and the established politicians look really really bad..

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Frack Nation: tonight at the Maumee theater

  Don't forget that Frack Nation will be showing tonight at the Maumee Indoor at 7 p.m. sponsored by the Toledo Tea Party.
  Below the poster you can watch a clip from Newsbusters which includes audio of liberal lawyer Alan Dershowitz being interviewed by Steve Malzberg, regarding the hypocrisy of the Left's glorification of certain liberal causes and/or violent persons. 
  Robert Redford's film "The Company You Keep" is making a splash with the liberal media. What's it about? Glorifying the violent terrorists of the Weather Underground.
  How timely is this film, considering what the country has gone through the last few months, particularly last week.
  These are the same Che shirt wearing celebrities who flounce around in their thousand dollar wardrobes and taxpayer funded Volts.
  Show your support by coming out tonight to watch the film FrackNation which exposes the lies of the Left regarding fracking and the potential it has to support the American economy.
ALAN DERSHOWITZ: Oh, it’s more than hypocrisy. Look at Kathy Boudin is now teaching at Columbia. And Angela Davis has had a distinguished career teaching. Ayers and his wife. These are all people who were terrorists. 
MALZBERG: Would you agree no difference between them and this kid [Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev]?

Monday, April 22, 2013

Tobin: Please don't do that.

For a good time, call Mike Tobin. Chest guards might help.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The quest for "diversity" reaps what it has sown

  All week I've resisted blogging to avoid politicizing horrific events like the shootings at Newtown and the Boston terror attacks. As a fairly mild mannered blogger with relatively few readers, it seems obscene to even this blogger to take political advantage of situations that caused such agony and despair.
  Leftists are especially good at twisting every life and political circumstance to create fear, more regulations and dissension in the public mind. 
  In the interest of "diversity," Leftists have encouraged hatred against whites, against conservatives, against traditional morality and against America itself.
  The Boston Marathon murderers exemplify Leftist theory in its most extreme form.
  After the bombing, one Leftist American led with this headline: Let's hope the Marathon bomber is white
  This same Leftist went on to write that conservatives were "pretending" to "care" about the people who were wounded: the evidence? 
  Just look at the word "Taxachusetts" conservatives so frequently use. Yeah, that's proof conservatives hate people, particularly Leftists and um, Taxachusetts.
   In fact, Leftists, including NPR, were so eager to blame white Americans--preferably Tea Partiers--that they spread lots of hate around the web and on tv about the Boston attack being on tax day. 
  Some Leftists were even sympathetic to the bombers' emotional plight which led to their desire to accomplish a monstrous attack on an 8 year old, 2 beautiful young women and a host of Americans' limbs.
  This would be the same bomber who partied 2 days after he blew people up. He tweeted too.
  One was a successful athlete and married father of a little girl.
  Meanwhile Obamabots in the press went to work making sure they made the most of Obama's big opportunity to "shine" during "tragedy."
  Obama himself scrambled to get in front of the cameras, frequently referring to himself as the one who directed all the search activity to find the criminals, just as he did with bin Laden when he wiped out terrorism, declaring we needed to "speak to the hopes" of the terrorists. 
  Apparently unforeseen to Obama was the fact that those hopes included killing and maiming as many Americans as possible, one at a time.
  Taranto has some of the "mainstream media" hate toward conservatives listed here.
  Yet they defended Obama, whose limits were tested by the Boston crisis, unlike Fort Hood. An NPR talking head said of Obama's public speeches about Boston:
"This was Obama the orator, a man who is famous for his ability to give a speech that, even in a time of mourning, can bring a crowd roaring to its feet.
  Jonathan Capehart at the WaPo agonized, wondering"How much grief can we and Obama take?":
How many times has President Obama had to do this? How many times has he had to console a grieving community and a shocked nation? How many times has he had to use his way with words to make sense of tragedy? How many times have we watched a man who keeps his emotions firmly in check be unable to hold back his anger and sadness over the loss of life and injury with each incident? And how many times has his raw expression of empathy or outrage or both tapped into the nation’s mood and spirit? 
  Nice of Capehart to reference "we" in there because, really, all the suffering is about Obama, who keeps his "emotions firmly in check" so much so that his cold unfeeling demeanor has been exhibited repeatedly when announcing sympathy for victims' families (such as in the Fort Hood "workplace violence" incident); that demeanor changes when challenged about gun control for the American public. 
  Then he exhibits petulant, snippy, vicious behavior toward his opponents, accusing them of nefarious and selfish motives.
  Elizabeth Warren rushed to the microphones to make clear that Obama, who initially would not refer to the bombings as terrorism, had called them, as if Obama the Camera Shy deserved a doggie biscuit for doing the photo op part of his job.
  In speechifying after the capture of suspect #2, Obama managed to refer to himself again, noting that "I" had told the FBI et al to do their jobs, as if they didn't know that. 
  The two criminals, murderers--repeatedly referred to as "boys" by the press and their idiot father--were given the best America has to offer: an exclusive school to attend, a comfortable lifestyle, opportunities unimagined in other countries, even attending a mosque that was subsidized by the government. 
  One also received a scholarship that was celebrated by an encouraging community.
  The FBI graciously dismissed the problem that a foreign (Russian?) government had advised that the elder brother had ties to an extremist group and then that he spent 6 months abroad (in Russia?), a fact that would have put a red flag on any American citizen, foreign born or not. 
  Yet the FBI did not deem it significant that this same supposedly flagged individual was not booted from the country even when he assaulted his girlfriend. 
  The "boys"' mother repaid America by becoming a thief, her younger son so depraved he literally ran over his brother with his car to evade police.
  In pursuance of "fairness" and "diversity," the Left has become a bizarre cartoon, disloyal to everyone and everything remotely attached to the American Dream. They have disengaged citizens, especially newly minted citizens, from not only the social contract, but the very decency that most Americans generally exhibit toward one another.
  James Taranto criticizes the diverse Left for its "thuggish" behavior:
In an effort to overcome this close division, the left has resorted to a kind of thuggish majoritarian rhetoric in which a putative minority is demonized in the hope of uniting the majority against it. The most well-known example is the Occupy Wall Street effort, which made a scapegoat of "the 1%" in the hope of unifying 99% of the population against it. Another example is "white males," a minority by definition, whose demonization is supposed to unite women and all other ethnic groups.
As we noted yesterdayBloomberg View responded to its failure with an editorial calling into question the basic American system of government. Citing a slightly more conservative estimate of "more than 80 percent of Americans [who] support expanded background checks," the news service asserted: "If the nation's laws fail to represent the views of the overwhelming majority of its people, representative democracy becomes a shallow and unsustainable exercise."
Multiculturalism is pernicious in many ways, but perhaps its only virtue is that it is self-limiting because the identity coalitions on which it relies are inherently unstable. The left's desperate attempts to conjure up a 90% or 99% supermajority are reflections of weakness, not strength. 
  By tearing people apart, Leftists do a disservice to the country and American citizens. Can they bring people together?
  Of course not.
  Fear is the way to control people, something in which Leftists excel. 
  In essence, our "differences" are what people like the Boston bombers feed on.  
  They are the blossom of "multiculturalism."
  Personally, I prefer the USA chants.

Friday, April 19, 2013

It always ends this way

Doesn't it?
Saddam in a hole.
bin Laden crouched in front of a 16 inch tv in a ratty room. 
Hunched in a dry docked boat, carted out on a gurney.
Sayonara, baby. May you go through the hell you put people through.

3 images that depict today's horror in Boston

And this is the photo from Twitter of someone's backyard.
From Lee Stranahan
You'll note that the little boy circled in blue is dead. His sister on his right had her leg blown off and the mother standing next to him has severe brain damage.
The bastard is wearing a white hat.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Obama: it's always about me!

  Can Obama make the Boston Marathon massacre about him?
  Oh, yes, he can!

  See, that's what the gun control failure was about: Obama's pout that he didn't get his way. He thinks he's king and has difficulty dealing with the reality that many Americans don't like him or his executive orders.

Boston sings national anthem

  Have seen or heard this event? It's Boston Bruin fans responding to the attack on their city by lustily singing our national anthem.
  Rather than disparage our country, Bruins' fans pick up where the singer stops. It's pretty emotional and amazing.
  God bless America!

Will Saudi national--previously suspected-- be sent home?

  The behavior of the media--in particular the Leftist media--has been abominable in the last few days as we've witnessed the carnage in Boston.
  In the rush to blame Tea Partiers, there was no hesitation or professionalism.
  What's curious right now is that the 20 year old Saudi who was suspected as the perpetrator has been cleared but is being deported from the country after Obama met with the Saudi foreign minister in an unannounced event.
   In addition, John Kerry's meeting with the Saudi foreign minister suddenly became a "closed" event, causing consternation in the press, who were (this time) suspicious of the change:
"This was just a scheduling change on our part," Ventrell said.
That met with a skeptical reaction from journalists, who had been advised that the meeting would include a so-called "camera spray" at the top of the session.
"Are you really trying to say that this [meeting was moved from a] camera/photo op to being closed, for scheduling reasons? Is that seriously your answer: that because the secretary was tired after 10 days on the road and is going to the Hill tomorrow?" the Associated Press's Matt Lee asked. 
"What I'm saying is he has a very tight schedule here in the building and elsewhere," Ventrell said, he said the fact Kerry met with Al-Faisal amidst that busy schedule reflects the importance of the U.S. Saudi-relationship.
  So let's get this straight.
  While it's obvious that once again Obama is eager to not let a "serious crisis go to waste," all this sure is curious timing. Perhaps it will turn out to be all unrelated.
  But one point must be made.
  If you were eager to get the conspiracy rumor mill churning, this is sure the way to do it.
UPDATE from The Blaze. What is true? Hard to tell but isn't that the point of transparency?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Police: We're exempt from the law

  From NRO, we learn of the action of the Texas Temple Police Department who chose to arrest an American soldier bearing a rifle on a hike with his son to earn his Eagle Scout badge.
  The policemen are arrogant, abusive and ignorant of the law.
  Here's the video:

  As Cooke at NRO concludes, the police are using the excuse (in this case) of "rudely displaying" the weapon but in reality, after confiscating the weapons, the police fool around dangling the victim legally until he agrees to have his guns confiscated permanently in exchange for the charges being dropped.
  Interesting technique and not the first transparent attempt to circumvent the law in order to confiscate legal weapons.
Particularly chilling is the officer’s telling Grisham that a police officer is “allowed to” carry a weapon, but that Grisham is not — despite Grisham’s having a permit. “We’re exempt from the law” is not a phrase you want to hear from law enforcement in a constitutional republic.
  What's sad to me is the sound of this soldier's young son sobbing as he continues film per his father's others, his father's assurance to the boy that he was going to be fine and to call his mom.
  This is where we are in our country today. A few power hungry abusive individuals are using their positions to determine how we run our lives, how we defend ourselves, if we even deserve to keep the money we've earned by trading our time for work.
UPDATE: The Blaze wonders if there's more to the story here. Also it appears this soldier is in a "war of words" with Michael Yon, intrepid war photographer.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Lady Thatcher at her best, outwitting squirrels

  This is priceless video of Margaret Thatcher being interviewed by a superficial Swedish ducky who thought she'd get her interviewee to behave  badly like a child and then have everyone laugh at her later.
  This is the classic "do you prefer boxers or briefs" stupid question that's become de rigeur these days; in addition, you have the problem of interviewers being completely incapable of asking either intelligent questions or piercing Tim Russert style followup questions.
  The lady was not only a lady but a brilliant leader.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Obama: I'm creating an outside "legal REGIME" to detain "threats indefinitely"

  I have never agreed with Rachel Maddow, but she's absolutely right in much of this commentary, which I'm sure is lighting up talk radio today.

  The problems with this alarming speech after watching Maddow's highlights are:
1. Obama wants to create a new "legal regime" outside the current one.
2. He introduces the prospect of indefinite PROLONGED detention without any hearing or traditional legal structures.
3. Much of what Obama complains about with Bush's administration he's not only continued but indeed advanced.
4. Obama himself has used the weapon of "fear" as no other president in modern memory, though he complains it was true of Bush.
5. Obama complains about "tainted" evidence which would prevent the government from convicting terrorists. Is this code language for lack of evidence
6. Obama says his administration is already "reshaping" the "standards that apply" for those who "fall into" the category of "prolonged detention." What does that mean?
7. Obama magnanimously claims it won't be the decision of "one man," yet we already know that he's got a KILL list which only he approves.
8. We already know that law enforcement agencies are targeting sheriffs around the country who have publicly said that will not enforce gun seizure laws. 
9. Is this the "civilian security force as "strong, well-funded and powerful" as the army" he promised in 2008 to create? One can only imagine an army of ACORN militants ready to investigate, condemn and punish those with whom they disagree.
  In this speech, Obama scorns the Bush administration for "straying" from American principles, yet fails to mention that he has pretty much continued every Bush policy. 
  Where does he differ as far as liberty goes? Nowhere except to be worse than W in abridging our freedom.
  Now let's imagine this. Already FOIA documents have revealed that the IRS-- not DHS or FBI--searches your emails and digital communications with abandon, never worrying about such petty legal documents as warrants.
  When the highway patrol is sending lists of CCW permit owners to "federal authorities," is it cause for alarm? Everything's digitized, eh?
  In New York, somehow magically the government knew a man was on anti-anxiety medication and snatch his guns and pistol , an action that was revoked today with the explanation that, after the uproar, it was "a mistake."
  Section 9.46 of the NY SAFE Act is the section mental health professionals and others are concerned could lead to some persons not seeking mental health and/or the snatching of weapons. 
  With the digitization of medical records and the easy access anyone in positions of state and federal authority seem to have to citizen records, even this so-called "mistake" and the language that may have inspired it does not portend well for the future.
  Release your medical records to the public to damage a reputation, regardless of the HIPAA laws? Or even deny a medical procedural request because of your publicly listed party affiliation? 
  Another problem with Obama's casual "patriotic" speech is the problem of who gets to determine who and what poses a "threat."
  We already know that Christians who "take the Bible literally" and "evangelicals" are targets of DHS as possible threats and army presentations have labeled  Christians and Catholics as extremists.
  Do we REALLY think Obama is after real terrorists when he's shifting millions of American dollars over to hot spots like Egypt and Syria? $450 million tanks and fighter jets to Egypt? $400 million to the Palestinians? 
  One hardly thinks the POTUS who easily defies American law will have trouble creating his own brand of "enemy" of the US.
  Personally I don't like conspiracy theories or inflammatory language but this is scary, scary stuff.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Congress...Are You Serious?

Next week, a United States Air Force Academy cadet will once again turn over a cup to signify that another "hero" has passed.

76 cups upside down...4 remaining.

This "tradition " has been going on for 71 years and this will be the last time these few brave gentlemen will be together in one place, at  one time. For you see, there are now only 4 remaining of the original 80 men who took off on a cold wet April 18th day knowing that they had insufficient fuel to reach a safe destination. Knowing full well that this may be their final mission. But take-off they did. From the deck of the aircraft carrier Hornet, right into history.

These are the remaining survivors of the famous Doolittle Tokyo Raiders. Brave men who, when the carrier task force was spotted by a Japanese patrol boat 160 miles from their intended launch point,  scrambled into their planes and set out on their journey. A journey that far exceeded the ability of their aircraft to make a safe landing in free China.

Next week will be the 71st reunion of the survivors of the Doolittle Raid. While there are still 4 alive, only 3 will be making the trip to Eglin Air Force Base where they learned to fly B-25's off a rolling, pitching carrier deck. Learning to take off a fully loaded bomber in around 400 feet. Allowing the United States to strike the Japanese mainland in a mission that showed the true character and will of a people that had been attacked at Pearl Harbor less than 6 months prior.

So, surviving WWII vets and historians will reunite with their brethren next week to celebrate the lives and the accomplishments of these brave men.

It's too bad our Congress can't take a little time out from their precious schedules to help immortalize these men. Maybe the President can offer up some space on Air Force One or the Vice-President can find some extra room on Air Force Two to help Congress meet and talk to some real-live heroes.

Yes, I am being sarcastic, but the irony is real. There are two bills that are stalled in committee: Senate Bill S-281 and House Bill HR-1209.

The bills are non-partisan. There hasn't been an outpouring of resistance to the passage of this Legislation. You haven't seen Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid or House Speaker Jon Boehner making the rounds of the Sunday shows wringing their hands on how this is going to hurt the country.

These two pieces of Legislation that you probably have never heard of  authorize the striking of 6 Congressional Gold Medals  for the survivors of the Tokyo Raid. Five of the medals were going to be presented to the remaining survivors, (one has since passed away) and one was to be presented to the National  Museum of the United States Air Force to be included in it's exhibit of the event.

Total cost: $30,000.00

In addition, the legislation authorizes the striking of bronze medals for sale to collectors to help recoup the cost of the minting. For once, a true revenue-neutral program coming out of Washington.

Unfortunately, the House bill went to Committee in March and still languishes there and the Senate bill was sent to Committee in February with no action. How can this be?

Tonight, the President of the United States hosts a party with A-list attendees. They will be wined, dined and entertained. Also tonight, 71 years ago, 80 men were preparing for a daring raid on an enemy who had, up to now, kicked the snot out of the United States.

Is it really that difficult to honor those few men who remain and also pay tribute to those who are gone.

Stalled in Committee...Are you Serious?

Monday, April 8, 2013

12 reasons conservatives should be optimistic

  Ok, this is a joke, right? Reince Preibus and Michael Steele feuding about who's the worst best RNC chairman?  
  I've sat silently while the RNC announced they had done an "autopsy" of the election and why Romney lost. 
  What idiot thought up that word in the advent of losing to the Chicago Jesus? An autopsy? Why don't you just pronounce the Republican party dead, which is the immediate conclusion the press and Leftists cackled?
  The RNC is a rootless, soulless organization. The whole Rockefeller branch looks down on the rest of us because they have more money, private gun toting security guards and drink martinis with their little fingers in the air.
  Both parties have corrupt individuals as evidenced by the latest attempt by Democrats in NYC to bribe willing Republicans' collusion to win the mayoralty as Bloomberg exits. 
  The stink of Democrats is worse than Republicans, as Leftist politicians run wild over the country, trying to seize our 401Ks, control our bodily habits, tax everything in sight and indoctrinate our children into something far worse than socialism.
  But if you're reading this, chances are you're a high information voter and you already know this. It's even hard to listen to Rush these days, who seems to have been overwhelmed by the negativity and the rudderless Republican bureaucracy.
  This morning John Bolton, former ambassador to the UN, spoke about the death of Margaret Thatcher today.  Beckmann asked about the gloomy economic environment and the mess that Leftists are making of society, creating an unsustainable debt and a generation of dependent zombies.
  Bolton responded that, yes, the problems are great indeed but Thatcher herself--practically alone--turned England around, pulling it out of the socialist mess, even laying the foundation for the decision not to convert monetary policy to the euro.   
  Thatcher was all about freedom; those are the kinds of leaders we need, not the sycophantic puppets queueing up to run for president in 2016. We need independent thinkers who will not toady to those who want to control every aspect of our lives.
  I believe leaders like this are rising up, fighting the Republican establishment, some even converting from the Democrat plantation. 
  To be honest, I haven't seen the kind of passion for independence and the love of freedom in my long lifetime. See, when you have it so easy, you take it all for granted. 
  We now know we are in an internecine war to bring those fundamental values back to this country. If Romney would have won, I am convinced many of us would have fallen back asleep.
  It's all about freedom.
  There are good things on the horizon and positive signs that we are not doomed, as many say. Some of it will entail dumping the nightmarish regulations and bureaucracies Leftists have created. This has been done before. We can do it again.
  So here are my 12 reasons for remaining optimistic. Agree or not, I can tell you that I cannot live happily with the drumbeat of anger and negativity.

1. Our local grassroots movements of cheerful warriors have by no means disappeared. Though these organizations do not necessarily meet with the deadening regularity of, say, a club, they are still active and indeed further embedded into the culture, as you can see by the post below which lists NWOCC activities. All politics are local and we've seen more interest than previous years in running for office, representing the country and pushing for a return to prosperity.
  Sure, Tea Party candidates have not all succeeded nor should they have. They aren't politicians and the birth of any movement like this without the big money of unions or George Soros or the RNC behind it will have its problems. Still an enormous amount of money has been raised by the grass roots, dollar by dollar (I know because I helped raise it, watching $5 and $10 donations come in daily) and Tea Party candidates have prevailed in numerous races. This is a remarkable achievement for people who have no bonds except the love of freedom!

2. Obamacare's tanking. This isn't a cause for celebration per se but rather an opportunity to present something that will transform health care positively. Obamacare is unworkable, dastardly expensive, economically ruinous and unnecessarily intrusive. Even Democrats are "rethinking" their support for various aspects of this boondoggle. This will only worsen, some pushing for at least partial repeal. Going into the 2014 elections, Democrats will be riding its stinking coattails.
  The government is far behind in its deadlines, and small businesses are bailing on adopting Obamacare. This issue requires conservatives to speak up. From NRO:
As enacted, Obamacare appears untenable, and its problems are not cosmetic but fundamental. It cannot be fixed while remaining Obamacare, which means that the practical steps and the political coalition necessary to meaningfully reform it are the same ones necessary to repeal and replace it. Being clear about that — and offering an eventual alternative and some interim steps that could be taken while President Obama remains in office — would help bring that coalition to power. So the defeatism of some on the right regarding Obamacare is, in our view, simply not warranted.
  3. This country needs reform, it needs energizing and it needs the freedom to produce. Do people actually think the sad situation of an uninspired weakened over-regulated work force is going to get magically better? The economic situation worsens as the unemployment rate drops. Why? Because so many millions of people have dropped out of the workforce, primarily in the 25-54 earning age group. Something's going to have to change. Everyone knows this. It's inevitable. And, once again, unsustainable.

4. Americans are voting with their feet, figuratively speaking, with regard to television news. Try as they might, CNN has had to revamp its programming because it continues to fall in the ratings. MSNBC has turned into jokesville, kindergarten, Dumb by Design (be sure to read the Ace link), picking up the most perverted slanderous wingnuts they can find to chatter on the TEEVEE, espousing such endearing ideas as "we have to get rid of this idea that our children belong to their families" because, uh, instead they belong to the state
  Can you say Hitler Jungen? Huh. Yeah, that'll go over real well with the average American.

5. Though Leftists are acting like they have carte blanche to do whatever they want because they are currently the ruling elite, this is not so. Americans still identify with conservative positions more than liberal; in addition, grassroots conservative organizations are fighting back, such as the Bowdoin College expose.
  No longer can teachers and professors expect to get the free ride of mocking conservatives in class; the internet, twitter and the ubiquitous cell phone are making it easier to expose the academic rot. 

6. Leftists are truly beclowning themselves, as I predicted. Overconfidence has swelled their brains to extend opinions and information about absurd topics of which they know nothing. "Lawmakers" Robyn Kelly, Joe Salazar , and Diana "they'll run out of magazines" DeGette are prime examples, not to mention Joe "new world order" Biden and the O himself, who's gunning for our retirement accounts, a threat that was also spun back in Clinton years. They're making fools of themselves and they haven't yet realized it, though even the lame media swerves between crickets and embarrassed throat clearing.

7. Does Hillary seem inevitable to you? Does your head ache thinking about the Dragon Lady returning to power only more virulently? Do you gag at the thought of the inarticulate anointed but incredibly boring Chelsea Clinton running for office? 
  Let's remember. The bomb of Obamacare was originally conceived under Hillary, who was secretive  and impervious to all complaints. 
  She has Banghazi "what difference does it make" to deal with, and she couldn't get the nomination last time. Yes, it's more likely than before that she will get the Democrat nomination, but she's not a shoe-in. She's a shrill harpy who will reveal herself.
  What we're seeing is media hype as they move from the anointed Obama to the next in line out of sympathy and a desire to make right the wrongs they did by rushing to Obama's side of the race.
  From the Free Beacon:
And while Clinton’s fans, like speculators in a Tulip bubble, would like us to believe that “this time is different,” they have yet to provide any good reason for why that is so. Clinton is “tested,” they say. She’s been through this before. It’s her turn. But wasn’t it also her turn eight years ago? And hadn’t she been through two U.S. Senate elections before 2008? And isn’t the wife of Bill Clinton going to be “tested” on a fairly regular basis? 
The gussying up of Clinton’s standing is one of the silliest political exercises of our time. The argument for her inevitability is a stilt house resting on achingly fragile assumptions. The first is that past performance does not indicate future results. But Hillary blew it before. Explain to me why it’s certain she won’t blow it again?
8. All the laws passed by Leftists and their Republican cronies have not changed the reality of a bad economy but they still are not buying into reality. These people believe in unicorns, a fact that is becoming increasingly evident. From Powerline:
Funny thing about modern liberals.  They think simply passing a law or declaring something is as good as achieving the deed.  The fuel efficiency standards for cars won’t take effect—if they are actually implemented at all—for another ten years.  Mercury has been falling for years because of technology improvement; the Obama EPA’s mercury rules—on the drawing board since the Clinton administration—were yanked last year and are still on the drawing board, and will take years to take effect if and when they are finalized.  And the reduction in carbon emissions are entirely the result of changes in the marketplace (can you say “fracking”?) that Obama had nothing to do with. 
9. Demographics favor Republicans, or at least conservatives. Those mean-spirited folks like the intolerant h8ter who destroyed the pro-life display on Ohio State's campus are bent on not having children. This is not true for Christians, whose religious ethos values the idea of children and family. IOW, the h8ters are aborting themselvs in record numbers. In addition, 60% of governors are Republican and the House is solidly Republican.

10. The global warming scam is being revealed as such. For school children who have grown up believing they are responsible for damage done to the planet, this is a startling change which will only serve to further disillusion them as young adults from believing the absurd theories that have been foisted off on them, all with an eye on the government stealing more of workers' earnings. As they realize that the burden of debt will be visited on their futures and that much of the propaganda they've been taught in schools is not in their best interests, some will change. They too will focus on freedom, the most precious state of mankind and they'll realize that we've had malicious dummies running the country.

11. Red states have gained throughout the economic decline we've experienced since Democrats have had primary control. Betsy McCoughey, whose invaluable work on Obamacare has exposed its flaws from inception writes this at the NY Post:
Red states are rising. But blue states, shackled with exorbitant union demands and pension obligations, high taxes and anti-fossil-fuel policies, are sinking.Americans are fleeing these Democratic bastions, uprooting their families and resettling in areas with economic opportunity. 
That mass migration means ever more power for the GOP, which already controls 30 state governorships. As more people move, the GOP will dominate Congress and the electoral college. The biggest mistake the GOP could make now would be to abandon its current policies in the wake of recent electoral losses. 
Folks are voting with their feet to live in areas that are low-tax, pro-business and allow job-producing fossil-fuel production.The Census shows that from 2000 to 2010,Americans fled Democratic-controlled East Coast, West Coast and Great Lakes states.
12. I guess last I would say that the behavior, particularly online, of Leftists has become absolutely abominable; even the condescending media elites have noticed.
  The technology online solution to bullying behavior is to remove anonymity, to make everyone use their real names to post any comment whatsoever; is that a good thing? Probably not, considering there's little enough privacy left these days and the bullies of the Left are so whacked out that nobody would want to post anything contradicting them. And once again, the hackers will always find a way while the honest folks will be the ones to get screwed.
  The Left's bullying has reached outrageous proportions. Consider this. All conservative persons who are considered protected classes if they're Democrats--women, minorities, disabled--are viciously targeted for not just their beliefs, but for their existence even though they are highly accomplished in their respective fields.
  Like Sarah Palin, former governor. Her son Trig, who's developmentally disabled.
  Dr. Ben Carson, eminent physician.
  Herman Cain, mathematician, businessman, Master's in computer science.
  Mia Love, mayor of Saratoga Springs.
  Allen West, Colonel, U.S. Army.
  Bobby Jindal, Governor.
  It's sickening when you think of the way these people have been treated but they are too many minority and Tea Party candidates on the conservative side for the Left to win this argument anymore. 
  Make no mistake. The Republican bench is deep with excellent dedicated people. Not so the Left.
  Now Twitchy has been covering the absolutely vicious treatment the Rev. Rick Warren's family is being treated in their time of grief, piggy backed today by the absolute evil treatment the death of the magnificent Margaret Thatcher has inspired in England and here, including partying, drinking and celebrating her death and calls in America for the deaths of Cheney and Bush. 
  Even Dem operative Donna Brazile got in on the act, asking "Okay, what did the  do to advance Great Britain and the world? Did she leave lasting footprints for women in politics?"
  What hypocrites these Leftists are proving to be. Women's rights? Gay rights? Minority rights? Only if they stay on the liberal plantation.
  I conclude with the conviction that we must stay vigilant. Trende at Real Clear Politics say this:
Since the 2012 elections, there’s been an extended debate over the strength of the current Democratic majority and the future viability of the Republican Party. I’ve long argued that these postmortems are overwrought, and nothing about the results altered that. After all, the demographic changes in that election were more attributable to a surprisingly large number of white voters staying home (fewer whites voted last year than in 2004, despite steady growth in absolute numbers) than to any rapid growth in minority votes. The GOP performed about as well in November as we would have expected given the state of the economy; in fact, the exit polls suggest that the GOP actually fared quite well on key policy questions, demographic changes notwithstanding.
  In short, the amount of hyperbole and hand wringing done by pundits, consultants and RNC officials is ridiculous and short sighted. These people are not leaders, they're bureaucrats and technocrats.
   There's much to be thankful for; never give in.
 Never give in--never give in--never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.