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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Questions about federal competency & mysteries surround Boston bombing

  Mysteries swirl around the Boston bombing; rather than transparently tamp the conspiracy theories, the federal government continues to inspire them by their behavior.
  Here are a few so far:
  • 1. If the Russian government warned our government multiple times that the older Tsarnaev brother was involved with terrorist elements, why was that information not enough to red flag him? Napolitano complains that "nothing came back on him" after careful research but wasn't a foreign government's red flag enough to at least put him on a list?
  • 2. Why was Tamerlan allowed to travel outside the country to a terrorist region for 6 months after the red flag warning was issued?
  • 3. Any American who left the country for 6 months would raise red flags, particularly to such a war torn area; why wasn't that warning applied to Tamerlan, even without the Russian warnings?
  • 4. Why didn't law enforcement agencies share information? Is the wall prohibiting intelligence agencies from sharing informationJamie Gorelick so famously instituted during the Clinton years and which impeded investigation into al Qaeda still in effect? If so, WHY?
  • 5. How did Tamerlan Tsarnaev finance his Russian trip? How did he pay 6 months' expense of staying in a foreign country, not to mention airline tickets? Who paid for the Mercedes the men drove?
  • 6. Is there a connection between the mysterious 20 year old Saudi national Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, first suspected and now deported in the Boston bombing and the mysterious unannounced and unscheduled meeting Obama  had with the Saudi foreign minister and with whom John Kerry had a open closed door meeting? Why was Alharbi scheduled to be deported for security reasons?
  • 7. Did the First Lady of the United States visit Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, who was a person of interest at the time?
  • 8. Why did Janet Napolitano refuse at first to answer questions about Alharbi, claiming he wasn't a person of interest?
  • 9. Why was Tamerlan, who was placed on the classified federal government watch list of the National Counterterrorism Center and requested by the CIA, allowed to fly? Supposedly a name misspelling prevented the authorities from catching the terrorist, but all flyers have been required to have their airline ticket names match exactly to their government issued ID. This rule was implemented for international flights in late 2010. Tamerlan traveled to Russia in 2012. Did Tamerlan have an additional ID or was this another case of federal incompetency?
  • 10. Does Tamerlan's wife, who was apparently not living with him, know more about his activities? Where did the men do the dastardly work of building bombs, as their apartment does not appear to be the source?
  • 11.Why was a man who was young and healthy enough to win numerous wrestling contests allowed to stay on welfare? Why didn't he work? We learn his wife worked 80 hours a week (presumably to get away from him) which bounced them off welfare but there seems to be no evidence he even tried to gain work. Was this a result of Obama's federal guidelines encouraging persons to go on welfare?
  • 12.Did the taxpayers, therefore, finance the bombing or at least lay the groundwork for it during his visits to Russia?
  • 13. Why did no one notice that the entire Tsarnaev family entered the country with the claim of seeking asylum from persecution but, after receiving welfare benefits, immediately returned to their "dangerous" country of origin?
  • 14. Why did the Department of Justice stop the questioning of the surviving Tsarnaev brother, who was said to be "singing like a canary" about his officially determined al Qaeda connections? What possible reason could the DOJ have for preventing him from telling what he knows about his connections, the origin of his activities and other plots that may be in the works? Why did the DOJ choose to surprise the FBI by this action and not inform them?
  • 15. Why do the media and Hollywood dimwits continue to push for gun control using the Boston bombing as justification when the Tsarnaev brothers used homemade bombs? Only a single gun was recovered, but guns were not used in the attack, yet these ridiculous people do not seem to understand that in circumstances such as the Watertown search for the bomber citizens might want to own guns for their own defense, given that the police were busy answering hundreds of phone calls and couldn't possibly be everywhere at once, even though there were thousands of law enforcement officers in the vicinity. How does any of this make any sense?
  • 16. As taxpayers, why are we not allowed to know all the money and resources we have paid into the support of the brothers who bombed Boston? Why is the Massachussetts Department of Transitional Assistance allowed to keep secrets concerning terrorists?
  • 17. Why does the press insist on showing young pictures of Jhokar and referring to the 19 and 26 year old MEN as boys? 
Of all these questions, the most curious one is the question of why the DOJ would stop questioning Tsarnaev. 
  UPDATE: And why did Deval Patrick shut down any inquiries to the welfare status of the Tsarnaevs? But then, we know why. It is an angering circumstance that makes Left wingers and the established politicians look really really bad..

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