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Friday, April 26, 2013

The Boston bomber: what is Obama hiding?

  As we noted in this post and this post many questions surround the Boston bombing and the behavior of the Obama administration concerning the questioning and intelligence regarding the perpetrator Tsarnaev.
  We asked then and now: if the administration wants to encourage conspiracy theories, this is the way you would do it. Why?
  Of course, once Judge Marianne Bowler arrived et al the DOJ lawyers to administer Miranda rights, Tsarnaev shut up, naturally, closing the spigot on the interrogation info Tsarnaev was spilling to the FBI, who were surprised and shocked by the DOJ's behavior.
  Already Leftist politicians are lining up to protect their endangered pet causes, including shoving through another unread poorly written immigration bill and pushing more people to become beholden to the government by receiving government welfare from other workers.
  Massachusetts governor Deval has slammed shut the welfare records of the Tsarnaev family citing "privacy" reasons, though the parents are not even residents (the mother is wanted in Boston for theft) of this country, one is dead and another is imprisoned for terrorism.
  What privacy do these individuals deserve, given that they have defied this country's laws and abused its citizens? 
  Is there no end to the "benevolence" of Leftists toward criminals and against upstanding citizens?
 The justice who intervened in the Tsarnaev bomber's questioning by the FBI is Marianne Bowler, whose only international appearances to speak have been in Islamic countries.. She was approved by the Muslim Brotherhood to speak in Egypt post Morsi and is "versed in Islamic sensibilities."
  The Obama "rush" to keep Islamic terrorists from speaking isn't unusual; the idea that terrorism still exists is anathema to Obama because it defies his contention that he has defeated terrorists, as he extolled himself at the DNC convention.
  It's gone beyond conspiracy theory. Intelligent people must ask: What is the Obama administration hiding?

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